08 February 2016

Rediculous racial double standards of the retarded libtards

By Mike Smith

8th of February 2016

You have to laugh at the ridiculousness of the overly sensitive libtards out there who see a “racist” behind every bush. Look at these hypocritical idiots.

Two white male students went to a fancy dress party dressed as the tennis playing Williams sisters and were branded “racists”. Two female students went to a party dressed as black domestic workers and…branded racists.

Now another incident. Another blackface case at Stellenbosch

Two girls went to a stellar space party, painted themselves as purple aliens covered in glitter and…they were suspended, fired, an investigation was launched and they were branded as...you guessed it...“racists”.
Seems like in South Africa if you were born white you are automatically a "racist".

Xhosa face whitening: Concidered as Culture
Mshoza skin bleaching: Concidered as Fashion
Leon Schuster: Concidered as Comedy
Sun bathing: Concidered healthy until you overdo it
Afrikaans students: Racists
Afrikaans students: Racists
Afrikaans students: Racists

07 February 2016

Zuma: "Roep die Baas!" ...and a travel agent

By Mike Smith

7th of February 2016

This past week we have seen Jacob Zuma wanting to “Pay-back-the-money” he stole for his Nkandla palace after he, stupid that he is, painted himself into a corner.

Basically his advisers told him that, either he pays back some of the money and stay on to loot the state coffers for three more years, or he gets pushed out in a revolution which will also see the ANC be pushed out.

Even the dumbest of the dumb like Msholozi Showerhead, realized his time was up.

For Zuma the party is over

Of course, Zuma has no other choice than to hang on to power for as long as possible, because if he loses his position as the main pig at the feeding trough, he will quickly be relegated to the back, kicked to the curb and be slaughtered, seeing that 783 cases of corruption are still hanging over his head like the proverbial Sword of Damocles, held at the pommel only by a single hair of a horse’s tail.

Even hard-core liberals like polezno idiot, Jan-Jan Joubert ( I always wondered if his mum was a stutterer to give him the same name twice) agreed that Zuma’s honeymoon in office was over

Zuma is an embarrassment to the ANC who in itself is an embarrassment to blacks in South Africa, who in themselves is an embarrassment to blacks in the whole of Africa and in fact worldwide.

The only support Zuma still has comes from a few idiotic dingleberries and suckerfish who are still hoping that he might promote them to a lucrative cosy-spot in parliament.

One sees it, and this is what is getting me excited, in the defiance of the higher ANC members like, and I quote, “the Gauteng premier, David Makhura, who announced that he was appointing Paul Mashatile to his cabinet. The same Mashatile who had been banished from Zuma's cabinet after he spoke out against e-tolling, a project which the president has defended against all comers. It is clear that Makhura no longer fears Zuma.“

This “No longer fears Zuma” is what I was waiting for.

As I said last year when I elaborated on how a revolution takes place, when the pillars of support are pulled out from underneath the dictator, he will fall. When those people who once feared him, lose their fear and act in defiance, no dictator can hold on to his position. You pull the pillars of support out from underneath him he doesn’t even have the power to resign. He will simply FALL.

And this is what is going to happen to Zuma.

The man is desperate. According to the MSM, Zuma summoned top legal mind Jeremy Gauntlett SC, who charges about R50, 000 a day which the taxpayers will have to pay

The two men met, along with Zuma's usual legal team, including his attorney Michael Hulley, in January. Of course all Zuma’s lawyers are white.

“Gauntlett's appointment has irked black advocates, with Advocates for Transformation national chairman Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza saying this proved that the Presidency has no faith in black advocates.”

Noooo! For heaven’s sake. The president is no racist. Of course the president has trust in black lawyers, just as long as it does not concerns him and saving his own miserable black skin…then he quickly knows what to do…The same as what any desperate black man does when his fuck-ups have reached critical mass…”Ons roep die Baas!”

How pathetic. The toilet has been flushed. The turd is in the maelstrom on his way down the tube.

If I was Zuma I would not listen to lawyers and advisors anymore. I would cut my losses and get myself a really good travel agent who could recommend a dictator-friendly Caribbean island willing to take four wives, 21 children and a few corrupt Indian friends. Their days are numbered and I am sorry to say this…

No white man is going to save you this time Mr. Zuma.

Some good advice to Barack Obama...from a black man

By Mike Smith
7th of February 2016

T.J. Sotomayor, a black dude tells it like it is. Pulling no punches he tells Obama, "If you want to reduce crime, don't ban weapons, "ban niggers".

Couldn't agree more. However I doubt it if Obama will take the advice, because in order to spot good advice, one has to have a certain level of intelligence, which I believe he lacks.

05 February 2016

Veteran journalist upset about ANC friendly MSM

By Mike Smith

5th of February 2016

The other day, veteran journalisrt, Allister Sparks took the Mail & Guardian to task for their junk reporting that the DA leader Mumusi Maimane was taking leadership lessons from F.W. de Klerk. Both denied the allegations.

Can you believe what your read in the papers

This old liberal fart who used to be the editor of the Rand Daily Mail who brought down the Vorster government with the Info Scandal in the seventies, then lamented about how the Independent group of newspapers, formerly owned by Irish Billionaire Tony O’Reily, was sold to the ANC stooge, Dr. Iqbal SurvĂ© who had no background in journalism and also no money to buy the group, but was funded from the money the ANC took from the Government Employee’s Pension Fund.

Of course after Survé took over a purge of ANC critical editors and journalists started like the axing of Cape Times editor Alide Dasnois after she reported on how his Sekunjalo ompany was getting lucrative contracts from the ANC bypassing the tender process.

Next followed the appointment of ANC friendly, brown envelope journalists like Ashley Smith and Joe Aranes.

In the seventies Allister Sparks was worried about the Vorster Government who covertly transferred R64million from the Defence budget to the Department of Information to counter a worldwide propaganda campaign against South Africa by setting up The Citizen newspaper in SA and buying the Washington Star. Dr, Eschel Rhoodie was made the scapegoat for this project. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but won the appeal. He emigrated to the USA where he mysteriously died of a heart attack on a tennis court in 1993.

Today it is funny how these liberal journalists like Sparks seem to tolerate the BILLIONS, not millions, stolen by the ANC regime they wanted in power. An estimated R800 Billion has been stolen by the ANC since 1994.

I mean, we have been reporting on the media psyops and manipulation of reports by the MSM for years now. How is it possible that top journalists like Sparks only discover it now? Sparks fought his entire adult life against Apartheid and was elated when the ANC came to power. Useful idiot actually helped them to power.

These journalists are also fully aware of the media shutting down comments and thus further manipulating public opinion by shutting down dissent.
I am actually suprised that through all the lies and Manipulation People are waking up...mostly through Blogs like this one.

03 February 2016

ANC's racist witch hunts is all about emotions

By Mike Smith

3rd of February 2016

There appeared a very good article by Sydney Kaye on Politicsweb the other dayThe ANC’s old racist trick

Basically he said that the party uses the word for its emotional resonance, while making it mean whatever it wants it to mean.

Of course Kaye is right. To date I have never heard a satisfactory single definition of what a “racist” is or what the word means. Everyone seems to make up their own definition as it suits them. Especially the ANC.

The word is used purely for its EMOTIONAL response and when emotions take over rationality goes out the porthole. It is like the Salem witch hunts.

In Germany calling someone a “Nazi” causes extreme emotional distress. Don’t even think about calling a German person a “Nazi”. In fact the left-wing in the Bundestag calls everything to the right “Rechtsextrimisten” (Rightwing Extremists) to keep them in their place.

Likewise, as Kaye mentions, never tell Israelis that they are driving an Apartheid agenda against Palestinians or that they are guilty of a holocaust, because these are very strong and emotional words.

In South Africa, being found guilty of “Racism” by the mob (not a court of law) causes such strong emotions that it can see your career finished and you deserving the death penalty.

As Kaye says, “Similarly the ANC calls any political opponent or critic a "racist", because that word resonates in SA. Its use alone has the desired effect, which is not to debate but to delegitimise and demonise.”

But Kaye mentions a “new game in town”, where the liberal useful idiots in the media play along with the ANC and jumped on the “racist” bandwagon, like Liz Cowan I mentioned the other day whose definition of a racist is: "any person who is white".

Further… What is also clear is that the DA, other opposition parties, large corporations (Standard Bank and M-Net for instance) and the authorities are being led by the nose and reacting to the agenda set by the ANC, instead of confronting its irrationality when appropriate. Just because the ANC says that Chris Hart or Gareth Cliff's comments were racist doesn't mean they necessarily are, and shouldn’t mean those corporations are obliged to do acrobats to accommodate ANC opportunism.

That of course makes things much easier for the ANC, because any comment from a white person, deemed unacceptable, is automatically classified as racist by virtue of the colour of that person's skin, without having to waste time substantiating the accusation.

At the same time any comment (even clearly racist or blatantly hate-speech) made by a black person would automatically not be racist. That is because premises one: "white persons are racist" and premise two: "black persons are not white persons" lead to the conclusion: "black persons are not racist".

Kaye also mentioned the 20 000 mainly black opponents of the ANC who marched in Johannesburg. Presumably they cannot be racist for the reason set out above so perhaps "sell out" , another word with dreadful connotations, will have to do.

Yes…we all know what the ANC did to their “sell-outs”…Burned them to death with tires around their necks.

The rule of law becomes suspended once the word “racist” (or sell-out) is uttered.

Black boys say black girls stink; prefer white girls

By Mike Smith

3rd of February 2016

Here is a question:

If you smell a beautiful rose and make a statement from your observation such as, “Oh that rose smells nice”…Did someone teach you that it smells nice or is it a natural reaction?

Or how about sniffing a turd? Did someone teach you that it smells horrible or is it a natural revulsion?

Why then is this teenage black girl so shocked that four black boys in a posh private school said that black girls stink and that they would rather go out with white girls?

Who taught you to say black girls stink

Milli Bongela
See…she believes that the boys were told and taught in racist white elite schools, which she refers to as “the sausage factory of white supremacy”, that black girls stink. It is not just a natural observation. Evil whitey taught them to hate their own black girls.

Instead of this black girl and her friends going under the shower and washing themselves (using soap not muti) so they don’t stink, they condemns the education system. The very education system her black ANC brought in 1995. In her white hating haste and urgency she completely forgets that the parents are the primary educators of the children. Maybe she should start there looking for reasons.

Now she wants new schools. Schools where they can be taught “the value of communal history” and where “a black child can be taught about his or her history, language and exceptional intelligence”….

See? Right there…there where she said “exceptional intelligence”… THAT is where I stopped reading, barfed my coffee, hosed myself and tried to pull down that “BULLSHIT” sign that drifted past my brain.

Blacks and liberals and their nostalgia for Apartheid

By Mike Smith

3rd of February 2016

As the ANC’s misrule, theft and corruption increases on a daily basis, so the Nostalgia for Apartheid is rising exponentially.

I see the MSM regurgitated an article about Emeritus Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu who scolded and warned the ANC a year ago and told them that the ANC was worse than the Apartheid government.

Desmond Tutu says Jacob Zuma and the ANC worse than Apartheid government

Of course this is nothing new. From 1995 to 2013 the amount of blacks saying Apartheid was better doubled - a result which analysts attributed to crime and unemployment.

In 2013 a study was conducted by Afrobarometer in September and October on behalf of the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, Ghana's Centre for Democratic Development and Michigan State University, which found that one in five blacks gave the Apartheid government the thumbs up. In 1995 only one in ten blacks approved of the Apartheid government.

More SA Blacks Are Saying Apartheid Life Was Better

Experts like Professor Bob Mattes of Afrobarometer are talking about “a large minority of blacks who felt abandoned” and says the state should be worried at a growing "de-linkage" between ruler and ruled.

"They are not looking to go back to apartheid, but as time passes you tend to forget the negative things and emphasise the things that you had then and don't have now, such as law and order and jobs. Apartheid was a harsh, repressive, but seemingly efficient government which made the trains run on time."

Further…In 2013 the leading black academic Prof. Rabelani Dagada, PhD shocked attendees at a debate at Wits University when he declared ” It (Apartheid education) was far better in terms of quality than the education that our kids are receiving nowadays”

Of course he would know seeing that he got his education during the Apartheid era and none of the black academics and professionals in SA who got their degrees under Apartheid Education will admit that their education was “inferior”. Quite the contrary. They are extremely proud of their qualifications.

But it is not just the opposition to the ANC that says Apartheid education was better. The ANC themselves admitted it.

In a candid affidavit during a court case in 2013, the head of the Eastern Cape education department (Mthunywa Ngonzo) has admitted his department is an utter failure, with no decision-making capability, poor leadership and no financial controls.

Nothing works – Eastern Cape head of education

Due to the ANC’s rubbish racists policies of Affirmative Action, which Prof. Rabelani Dagada calls “Anti-white racism”, there were more than 7000 teacher vacancies in the Eastern Cape, of which about 2000 were filled with temporary teachers, some of whom were not paid last year.

But it is not just the recent critics of President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma who says that Apartheid was better.

The liberal twat and Polezno Idiot extrodinaire, Helen Suzman, said in 2004, when Dear Thabo was Prez, that democracy was better under Apartheid than under the ANC

Said Black Sash Helen…”This government spends 'like a drunken sailor'. Instead of investing in projects to give people jobs, they spend millions buying weapons and private jets, and sending gifts to Haiti."

Fortunately for her she never saw Zuma at the helm, because she died on New Year’s Day 2009. Zuma took office in May of that year. I wonder what she would have said today.

And then who can forget the illustrious ANC puppet Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini who said two months ago that Blacks are destroying South Africa

King praises Apartheid regime

“The National Party, he said, had built a powerful government with the strongest economy and army on the continent, but then came “this so-called democracy” in which black people started destroying the gains of the past.”

23 January 2016

To liberals, savagery in South Africa is the fault of whites

By Mike Smith

23rd of January 2016

It never stops to amaze me how liberals can ignore the savage behavior of blacks in SA. They turn a complete blind eye to the daily reports of Muti murders, black babies thrown away by their mothers on garbage dumps and in pit toilets. Brutal farm murders and so called “exorcisms”.

Sinithemba Dlamini was 14 years old in 2012 when she became a little withdrawn. Her aunts and cousins accused her of being possessed by demons and worshipping the Devil. So they planned an exorcism.

Now it might be true that some Christian denominations also practice exorcisms, but they use holy water and a cross. Below you can read how it is done in a South African township.

They first hit the girl with a broom, then tortured her for three days in a bizarre ritual before she died after her intestines were pulled out through her vagina.

And then they still ask us why we had Apartheid? Liberals see it differently. It was Because of Apartheid that the blacks behave like this.

“The four women convicted for killing their 14-year-old relative by pulling her intestines through her vagina are not remorseful for their actions, the Durban High Court heard yesterday.”

Four Exorcism ritual killers unrepentant

You can read here how this bizarre ritual was conducted, to confuse and drive out the Devil.

Girl’s gruesome murder shock

Girl dies after exorcism attempt

This is also not an isolated incident.

He pulled my vagina from his pocket and licked it

Mapula Malemone, 29,told Pretoria News about her ordeal with her ex boyfriend:

She said the attack happened while she was asleep. Their three children – a boy, 8, and two girls aged 6 and 4 – were asleep next to her.

“I don’t know how or why he did this to me. I just woke up to hear my children and neighbours screaming out loud. I couldn’t even speak or move,” she told the Pretoria News.

“The next thing, he came back and pulled out my vagina from his pocket and told me he now had my ‘nice thing’ with him and then he licked it.

“Thereafter, he put it back in his pocket and went on to boil water, telling me he was going to kill me,” recalled Malemone.

An then there was Johannes Kana and the Anene Booysen murder

The victim was disemboweled with a blunt object, possibly by hand, leaving over a metre of her small intestines protruding from her vagina and anus.

These cases were all what they have done to their own people. Imagine what they would do to us when they get the chance. But liberals believe the other way around. They believe that WE are responsible for this kind of behaviour in blacks. If we don't call them "savages"they will somehow stop behaving like savages.

22 January 2016

Sick of "Racism” yet? Expect a lot more before the elections

By Mike Smith

22nd of January 2016

Three weeks into the New Year and I bet you are just like me “gatvol” of hearing “racism this”; “Racism that”, blah, blah, blah…Racism bollocks!

It started with Penny Sparrow (who incidentally does not exist) calling black beach goers monkeys, then the F.W. de Klerk foundation calling blacks worse racists than whites, then the ANC calling Zuma critics, “racists”, the DA saying there is no place for racists in their party and they do not need racist voters, DJ’s and TV personalities getting fired, DA and ANC laying charges of crimen injuria and racism against each other, ad nauseam, ad infinitum….And the sensationalist leftist liberal media fanning the flames of “racism”, because it is emotional and sells papers.

According to the ANC’s paid praise singers and brown envelope journalists

Only whites can be racists

Blacks have never been and can never be racists

Problem is…None of these idiots can even define “racism” . They simply do not know what it is, but There is racism under every rock

That was why I was so glad when I heard that the ANC are taking four people to court for alleged “racism”.

Finally we will know what the court says “racism” is, but first they will have to tell us what “Race” is, because these exact lefties who see racism everywhere claim that race does not exist and is just a social construct. In other words “race” only depends on where you grew up.

Then when they are finished defining race and racism they will have to spell out the criteria they will use to judge if someone is a “racist” or not. Which of the say 25 criteria must you fulfill to be classed as a “racist”. All? 60%? Half?

Then they will have to decide if “racism” is a crime or a mental condition. Should you be punished for being a “racist” or treated?

In my opinion, “Racism” is anything a white person says that a black person does not like.

But we know that the aim of the ANC is not to eradicate racism. They love it. It is what brought them to power and has kept them in power. The ANC can never let go of racism, because it is the only way they can get anybody to vote for them. Play on emotional fears of racial oppression so they can win the next election.

Nobody in his right mind can vote for such a corrupt, thieving, lying bunch of incompetent Kleptocrats such as the ANC. They cannot govern, they cannot even run a bath, let alone a country, but race cards they can play. They are experts in that.

Who do they think they are fooling? Only the White Liberal Twats whom they want to join them in their fight against “Racism”.

The racist blacks in the ANC with their rubbish they call, the “National Democratic Revolution”, “Second Transition”, “National Development Plan”…It is all just masked racism and revolution against Whites same like their Let’s declare war on racism nonsense.

Seeing that only whites can be racists in their eyes, it is a declaration of war against whites.

It is not the first time the ANC and their troika members declared war on whites...

Ronald Lamola, deputy president of the ANC Youth League, in a speech at the Durban University of Technology called for the expropriation of white land without compensation.

“We need an act as forceful as war to bring it back to the Africans,” Lomola said.

After two black female farmworkers falsely accused four white farmers of gang rape Cosatu boss Tony Ehrenreich, declared war on whites and urged black people to beat them up and smash them…The SAHRC found him not guilty of hate speech.

In an obvious reference to the Communist leader of China, Mao Zedong and his “Great Leap Forward” (in which 70 million people were cold-bloodedly, murdered)…Zuma called for a “Giant Leap Forward”…in order to snatch the economy from white owned hands.

Zuma calls for Giant Leap

This is the president of the country who continuously sings his song, “Umshimi Whami” (bring me my machine gun) an Dubula Ibhunu (Kill the Boers).

Where are all these white liberal journalists condemning this kind of hate speech and racism towards whites? Why do they not call the rape, torture and brutal murders of whites by blacks “Racism”? No, calling someone a monkey…that is “racism”. That is sensationalist. That is blown out of proportion.

I cannot stand these White Liberals Twats like Max du Preez, Gillian Schutte, Liz Cowan and that “I-wish-I-had-fought-Apartheid-but-I-didn’t” idiot Caryn Gootkin with their little invalidations...you know the types...The ones who say, “You whites are all racists, but not me. I am the only white person who is not a racist.”

'I wish I had fought apartheid' — a white South African's big regret

White SA has to wake up fast

Liz Cowan says: “Most whites in South Africa are racist. Even those who profess not to be racist are racist. Unless it is especially blatant most do not even recognize racism – especially in themselves.”

Followed by their “Validation CV”... "Look at all the work I've done for blacks. I fought Apartheid!, I wrote a thousand articles against racism. I met Mandela. I voted for Obama. I married a black person. My family died in the Holocaust, Blah, blah, blah...I'm one of the good ones! I can never be a racist".

Ja…Invalidation by Racial Denial. They all suffer from Amy Biehl Syndrome. “I am a liberal white. Blacks won’t do anything to me. They will just kill the racist whites. And it is good when they do.”

Idiots are so dof they don’t realise that the blacks are not interested in their bullshit, political beliefs. They are white, therefore they are racists. All whites are racists. Racists carry an automatic death sentence. They all deserve to die. Hatred is wrong, but justified in only one case, hating “racists” is always good. Lynch them. Burn them at the stake.

The only time a liberal supports guns is when a “racist” needs to be killed and a “racist” is anybody who disagrees with them…but they preach tolerance and open-mindedness.

Further, these hypocritical white liberals NEVER have any racist thoughts. When they drive down the road and a black taxi cuts them off they just say, “Oh you naughty black man.”

And on the odd occasion that they might catch themselves harnessing a slight racist thought, then they have to share it with the whole world and confess it in an article where they pull their intestines out about how bad and racist the system is, how bad and racist the world is that made them like this.

Yes it is never them…If you ask them where they get all this “racism” from, then apparently, it is “imbedded in our society”.

Liz Cowan reckons: “Racism is in our psyche and in our blood. Centuries of conditioning have genetically engineered us to be racist: to genuinely believe that we whites are superior.”

It never occurred to her that whites could have become racists from observing the inferior, the savage and primitive behavior of blacks. No the blacks are never to be blamed. They are all good. It is the evil whites who think they are superior that is the problem.

Like the "root kit" on a computer, racism is hidden and operating without our knowledge. But it is there...hiding...waiting to just jump on us and attack us around every corner. Funny how they are the only ones who can see all this “racism” under every bush and live in constant fear of it. It is also called Racial Paranoia.

But you can never engage them in intelligent debate or discussion, because then you have that “shut-down-and-blank-stare” when confronted with facts. It is called Racial-Narcolepsy. All liberal fruit loops suffer from it.

But who are the ones who REALLY think they are superior? Especially superior to the “racist” whites who think they are superior to the Noble savages?

See...Liberalism works like this: Only liberals are credible sources of information. A steadfast refusal to let facts get in the way of their presuppositions seems to be in the DNA of liberals, yet they think they are brighter than anyone else. No matter how plausible what you say may be, it will be ignored if you're not a liberal and agreeing with liberal views. All one needs to do to be wise, intelligent, compassionate, open minded, and sensitive is to be liberal.

I once discussed this with a LWB who called me “stupid”.

I told her that if she believes that I believe that I am superior to blacks, and she believes she is superior to me, then surely she must see herself as FAR superior to blacks.

She said she doesn’t. She sees blacks and me as equals.

But I said, well if you still see yourself as superior to me and I am equal to a black then you still see yourself as superior to blacks.

She said, “No stupid!! We are AAALLLL Equallllll…..”

So I said, well if we are all equal, then you must be stupid too, just like me.

Racial Narcoleptic stare again…Don’t confuse a lefty with facts and logic. They will bitterly resent you for it.

At the same time that these liberal fucktards see themselves as superior to everyone else, they also hate themselves.

These self hating white liberal idiots believe the world unfairly advantaged them. All whites (another generalization) in Western societies enjoy advantages that non-whites do not experience, as "an invisible package of unearned assets".

In their minds no white person ever became successful without exploiting some black person.

Says Liz Cowan: “We have to accept that our superior economic freedoms today (ie our superior access to resources) have come at the expense of our black compatriots and continue to do so.”

And they feel guilty…Oh my goodness, do they feel guilty. So they want you to feel guilty as well. They want you to flog yourself, confess and wash feet ala Vlok style.

It is called collective “White guilt” and collective “White privilege.”

Where does it all come from?

It comes from an American Marxist feminist who thankfully croaked last year, Peggy McIntosh. She wrote an essay in 1988 called “Unpacking the invisible knapsack”.

After studying and investigating “unacknowledged male privilege”, McIntosh came up with some bollocks that males should feel guilty for being able to stand and pee.

But she did not stop there. Suddenly she saw privilege everywhere. McIntosh described white privilege as “an invisible weightless knapsack of assurances, tools, maps, guides, codebooks, passports, visas, clothes, compass, emergency gear, and blank checks”.

After this rubbish she came up with, “advantage systems” in society, including heterosexual privilege, age advantage, and ethnic advantage.

Now that they feel guilty for being born white and privileged they want everyone else to feel guilty as well. So they incessantly pull out their intestines in article after article. Stinging society like an annoying Gadfly. And if you disagree with them or do not feel their guilt, then you are an insensitive “racist”.

Shelbey Steele, a conservative black writer said that “White Guilt” is the same as “Black Power”. Of course he is right, but I have another view.

Whenever you hear “Collective” as in “Collective white guilt” then you can be sure it has a Marxist origin. It comes from, Critical Race Theory and offshoot of Marxist Critical theory that comes from the Marxist Frankfurt School.

See? That is all the word “Racism” is. It is a tool used by Marxists to hammer any opposition into submission so they can push their agenda without opposition. It is the last card they can play when loosing the argument.

A person who feels guilty does not fight back. He accepts his punishment. And a nation who feels collective white guilt, will collectively not fight back and accept their punishment.

All forms of Socialism/Marxism must have a victim class and an exploiter class in order to grow and organize. If the ANC does get everyone equal and does away with “racism” then they won’t have these two classes anymore and will be voted out.

20 January 2016

The Grand Apartheid comeback in Europe

By Mike Smith
20th of January 2016

Sometimes prison is a good thing for people making mistakes…because once they come out of prison they normally have a far better understanding of their wives’ needs, because they will know exactly how it feels to be a woman and shafted like a bitch.

That is how I sometimes feel about Europe and their “refugee crisis”. It is their prison bitch experience. If they come through this, they will have a much better understanding of what we went through in South Africa when the whole world had sanctions against us and shafted us.

Sometimes I have to remain focused that these are our kith and kin and not expel a cry of Schadenfreude when I see how these Europeans are scattering around like chickens with their heads chopped off trying to deal with these sand niggers invading their countries. Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Amusing it definitely is.

Just the other day I mentioned how Apartheid was making a comeback and how the Germans are putting up signs and preventing raghead “refugees” from entering swimming halls.

Mike Smith: The return of Apartheid in Germany

Latest is Denmark who is introducing a language policy into their bars and nightclubs. If you cannot speak Danish, German or English you are not welcome. Their excuse is…”If you have a group of guests that comes in and displays threatening behavior, then it presents some security-related challenges if you cannot enter into a dialogue.”

Danish nightspots bar migrants by introducing ‘language controls’

See? They still think they can “enter into dialogue” with these camel jockeys and talk reason to them.

This comes after…“Women in the Danish cities of Thisted, Sonderborg and Haderslev reported they were groped and approached with inappropriate offers from foreign men.”

What is the difference to the South African situation?

Come, let us be honest for a change…In South Africa we tried to keep the kaffirs out of Stellenbosch University with an Afrikaans language policy and they called us “racists”. Now what are they going to call the Danes trying to keep the sand niggers out with a language policy?

The Danes are far worse than we ever were during Apartheid.

At the end of last year Denmark started tightening the screws on migrants. It aims to strip refugees of valuables, including cash and jewelry, to cover the costs the country bears in connection with housing them. The recently introduced bill would allow Danish authorities to claim individual items whose combined value exceeds 10,000 kroner (€1,340, $1,450).

Hey? All we did was ask them to carry a pass. For that we were called “racists”.

These are the same Danes who supported the ANC and Swapo's PLAN terrorists against us during the Apartheid years and the Border war. I remember getting hold of a PLAN ratpack once. They had better food than us! All courtesy of Denmark.

There was a reason why we had segregated busses
But coming back to Germany… In the Southern German town of Regensburg they want to introduce women only zones in busses and women only taxis with women drivers

You can read the English translation here

However…Yesterday the city council rejected the idea of women zones

Gender Apartheid? Isn’t that what they have in Muslim countries under Sharia Law? It is exactly what these Muslims want. Separate sections for women.

Nevertheless, we also had no-go buss zones for blacks. They had to sit in the back or on the second storey. For that we were called “racists”.

Now that Germany wants to introduce no-go zones for desert dwellers and whites on busses what are they going to call that?

Like my former SA Sucks colleague Grumbleguts said to me yesterday. “Mike, anytime now your phone is going to ring for help about how to introduce Apartheid in Europe”.

Green countries were the only ones
who signed Apartheid as a crime
Laugh…its coming. In 1973 when the UN declared Apartheid a “Crime against Humanity” it was only the Communist Countries in Asia, the Eastern Bloc, Africa and Latin America that voted for it. The Western democracies like the USA, Canada, the whole of Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, never acknowledged, neither signed nor ratified the ICSPCA that Apartheid was “a Crime against humanity”.

Why not? Simple. They wanted to keep a back door open. They knew that one day they might be in the same boat as we were in and might have to introduce those exact same policies we introduced and they were so hypocritically against. We whites in South Africa should have patented Apartheid. In the future it is going to be in huge demand and we could have received royalties from it.

Look, Europe is the mother continent of us whites, so I don’t particularly want it destroyed by Jihadi terrorists, but the problem I have with Europeans (and Canadians and Australians, etc. ) is that back in the days when we had Apartheid, they actively demonstrated en masse against us, boycotted our sports and proudly boycotted our exported fruit and wine, but now when you mention the racist BEE, Affirmative Action, racist sports quotas and …brutal Farm Murders, they just shrug their shoulders and change the subject. They are not interested in the plight or genocide of white South Africans at all.

So it becomes very hard for us to have solidarity and sympathy with them during this “refugee crisis”.

I have always maintained that the reason why I inform Europeans and the rest of the world about the plight of the White South Africans is not to get any support or money for them. I just want the world to take note of it now, because in the near future a massive race war will break out in South Africa and nature will take its course. It won’t be pretty.

The rightful owners of South Africa will take their country back and chase the Noble Savages and the pet monkeys of the Europeans all the way back to the equator. Then the Europeans mustn’t ask “why?”

So maybe it is a good thing that Europe is experiencing their prison moment with the sand niggers now so that they have more understanding for us when our big moment comes. What I mean is this...When that race war comes, they must just stay the fuck out of our way, because we need to clean house and settle the score. We stop at the equator.