23 July 2014

"Freedoom" in Africa

By Mike Smith<br />

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23 of July 2014<br /><br />

Typo or on purpose? Nevertheless sums up what Mandela brought to us all in South Africa…Free Doom. <br /><br />

<a href="http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/T-shirt-typo-turns-heads-at-Mandela-bicycle-ride-20140722">T-Shirt Typo turns heads at Mandela bicycle ride</a><br /><br />

18 July 2014

Government is launching patriotism drive: “Unity”, ANC style

By Mike Smith

18th of July 2014

The ANC regime is wasting R34 million of taxpayers’ money on a useless propaganda and indoctrination campaign.

Government is launching patriotism drive

They want to buy SA flags (made in China), fly it at all the schools and make the kids all sing the (Nkosi sikilel’ iAfrika/Die Stem) national anthem . Arts and culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa (former police minister) said this was aimed at forging a national identity and unity.

I will tell you why, because Steve Hofmeyer sang only “Die Stem” at Innibos and at the Afrikaans Club in Adelaide, Australia and Mini-Me Mugabe, Julias Malema, called in parliament for the dropping of the “Die Stem” portion from the anthem.

Seems like the useless ANC is noticing that “unity” in SA is at its lowest level in 20 years and this is their “quick fix” to repair it…as usual throwing (taxpayer’s) money at the problem.

Let me be honest and tell you something.

I had twenty years to grow fond of their flag. I never did.

I had twenty years to learn Nkosi sikilel’ iAfrika. I never did. I still cannot sing it. I do not know the words. I know it is a black prayer meaning “God save Africa”, but I refuse to sing it and could not be bothered to learn it. I associate the song with Communist revolutionaries who sang it whilst burning their mates to death with the necklace method. Which demonic “God” did they honour in their prayers? Sorry, but he is not my God.

My flag is the “Oranje, Blanje, Blou” and my anthem is “Die Stem”. It is the only anthem I will sing and it is the only anthem my children will sing. It is the only flag I will ever stand attention to.

When the current abomination of an anthem is being played at Rugby matches or so, I cringe at the sound of Nkosi sikilel’ iAfrika. I find it revolting. It makes me want to puke. It is almost the same feeling a child gets when forced to call his evil stepfather “daddy” when he knows it is not his dad.

When I see that disgusting flag I want to spit on it. Puke on it, piss on it. Burn it. Rip it apart. I hate that thing with a passion.

The ANC had 20 years to build “unity”. They stuffed it up. They had their chance. They stuffed it up with songs like “Kill the Boers: Kill the farmers”, “One settler: One Bullet”, “Bring me my machine gun”, etc…They must not beg for unity now. It is too late.

They stuffed it up with their discrimination against whites with Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in sport and university entry, their marginalization of Whites, especially Afrikaners, their language, schools and universities,…They did everything in their power to drive South Africans apart, now they want to quick fix it? No.

I for one am not interested in the ANC’s “unity”. They can reff up and fuck off for all I care. I will continue to fly my flag and sing my anthem. They are welcome to do the same with theirs.

And just like Steve, I urge everyone to sing “Die Stem” and fly the “Orange, White and Blue”.

Why flight MH17 was shot down

By Mike Smith

18th of July 2014

Yesterday, four months after Malaysian airlines mysteriously lost a Boeing 777 (Flight MH370) in the ocean, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 crashed in the Donetsk area of the Ukraine where a civil war is currently raging between pro Russian separatists and the illegal Ukrainian regime. All 298 passengers and crew are dead.

Immediately accusations started flying (no pun intended) that the plane was “shot down” by a Buk-missile. These reports have not been confirmed yet. Question is: “If it was shot down, then by whom and why?”

At the moment nobody seems to have done it. The Ukrainians, the separatists and the Russians, all capable of doing so, deny that they have done it.

The Ukrainian regime immediately called it an act of terror and blamed it on two separatist of whom they have some bullshit recording admitting that they did it.

Aha…case closed. It was the seperatists.

However, as the old saying goes: The one who smells the fart first is normally the one who did the farting.

What would be the motive? Or was it simply a mistake? Maybe a false flag operation? What benefit is in it to take a pot shot at a civilian airliner with an expensive missile?

Unless there was somebody (or more) on board you would like to assassinate. Who might that have been? On flight MH17 was a group of AIDS conference attendees and the rest holiday makers.

Or did the shooters THINK there was someone else onboard? Was this an attempt to assassinate Vladimir Putin?

President Putin was on his way from Brazil, where he attended the BRICS summit, to Moscow.

The two planes, MH17 and Putin’s presidential plane look almost identical and intersected at the same point and same echelon as where flight MH17 was shot down. The presidential jet was there at 16:21 Moscow time and the Malaysian aircraft - 15:44 Moscow time,”

Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane was travelling almost the same route as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s jet shortly before the crash that killed 298

But why? Is it because Vladimir Putin stopped the NWO in Syria, Georgia, The Arctic and the Ukraine? What was discussed at that BRICS conference?

As always, follow the money…

BRICS establish $100bn bank and currency pool to cut out Western dominance

See? Two days before the plane was shot down, Putin and his BRICS buddies (including South Africa) were going to create a mega bank that would kill western banks and the US Dollar.

Further, Putin signed a deal with Cuba to reopen a Cold War spy base on the island in order to spy on the US.

Russia set to reopen Soviet-era spy post on Cuba

17 July 2014

The Anti-white male agenda of Hollywood

By Mike Smith

17th of July 2014

There is in my opinion no doubt that the Spawn of Satan who run Hollywood have an Anti-White-Male, Anti Nationalist, agenda and if you want to know who their whores are, look no further than the white actors and actresses who have adopted outside of their race.

In a previous article I have mentioned how Hollywood tries to change history, change culture, change religion, change Western morals, etc.

Mike Smith, When Political Correctness changes history

There I mentioned how Carthaginian General Hannibal will be played by Vin Diesel after Denzel Washington wasn’t interested anymore

I also mentioned how in the movie Thor they changed Heimdall, according to the EDDA and the Marvel comics, the whitest of all the Norse gods, into a black man played by Idris Elba and when people complained and threatened to boycott the film, he called them “Racists”.

Racists totally freak out over Idris Elba playing Norse god in “Thor”

In the Stephen Fry movie about the Dambusters, they changed the name of pilot Guy Gibson’s black Labrador dog from “Nigger” to “Digger”.

Dambusters dog to be renamed Digger for remake of iconic film... because N-word might offend Americans

There are many such examples, but the latest is going of the god Thor himself. Thor has become a girl.

Thor undergoes a sex change

That is right, Thor will now be portrayed as a woman in the next movie…

A female Thor is good – a feminine male superhero would be better

And that is not all…Captain America has been turned into a Black man…

After female Thor, a black Captain America from Marvel

What is next? Jesus in a Bikini and the Virgin Mary with a strap-on?

16 July 2014

The Cannibals who run South Africa: ANC councillors bust for Muti killings

By Mike Smith

16th of July 2014

I would like to see how the liberals explain this one. And to think we handed the country over to these creatures

Full Story Here

The Democratic Alliance is shocked at the arrest of three ANC Councillors and three prominent business people in connection with alleged muthi killings in Ficksburg.

The area was recently overwhelmed by a spate of gruesome killings with four people found dead, mutilated and executed. The Bloemfontein High Court heard today that the victims allegedly had their organs removed and sold by the accused. One of the victims, a pregnant woman was allegedly killed for the purpose of removing her unborn baby.

SA protestors and groups call for the eradication of Israel

By Mike Smith

16th of July 2014

Funny how all these SA terrorists now feel cocky enough to support their terrorist Hamas mates in Palestine.

EFF to shake up Palestine

An anti Israel/ pro Palestine march was held in Cape Town by the Muslim Judicial Council with posters that read: “Israel should be wipe (sic) out of the map” and “Netanyahu: Hitler's clone”, “Viva Palestine, Viva Hamas” and “Israel murders children in Gaza”…with the full support of the EFF.

They are also calling for the boycott of Israel and the Israeli ambassador to SA to be expelled adding their voices to Marxist trade union Numsa who also called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador

Marchers call for sanctions against Israel

Not a word of Palestinian rockets fired on Israel or the cowardly Hamas scum hiding behind women and children.

Just the other day I reported on how the ANC’s Jessie Duarte spread her lies about Israel and Palestine. She for instance mentioned that “Gaza is the most densely populated area in the world”…Utter bollocks!

This "fact" has been proven to be a disingenuous myth by, among other sources, the UN Statistics Division Demographic Year Book 2008, which lists the Gaza Strip as having a population of 4603/km², making it almost insignificant against more than 20 other cities and areas, including Calcutta (27418/km²), Mumbai (27209/km²), Athens (20235/km²), Singapore or even Tel Aviv(7524/km²).

Source: Why is it a crime for Jews to fight back?

Well I am glad the ANC, EFF and NUMSA are now showing their true colours so the world can see who and what they really are.

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. Proverbs 13:20


15 July 2014

Nadine Gordimer croaks

By Mike Smith

10th of July 2014

"When we all voted together, which was a great moment in my life, we thought everything would be alright. That was a childish idea."

Nadine Gordimer in November 2011, disillusioned about the New South Africa. Source


It is not nice to rejoice when somebody dies, but in the case of Nadine Gordimer I cannot help, but to make an exception. She ranks right up there with Mandela and Stalin on my list of despicable Communist scum.

Not surprisingly, the traitors, terrorists and Communists she so loved, helped and glorified all praised her as a literary genius and mourned her death.

Gordimer’s death saddens Wits University

De Klerk mourns Gordimers death

ANC lauds literary giant

Ahmed Kathrada remembers Nadine Gordimer

“What is so wonderful about this women and her writings?” you ask.

Let me tell you…

I wrote about it previously in two articles:

Having cake and tea with my friend Schadenfreude

Oh the pain of the liberals…When they have to admit that they wasted their lives

Dame Nadine Gordimer was knighted by the French, received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991, the Booker prize in 1976 and, although she was a failed student who never completed her degree, 14 honorary doctorates from mostly American and British Universities.

If you have never read her drivel, let me sum it up for you. Her writings are incoherent communist propaganda and hate speech against Afrikaners and other whites. The more she vilified Afrikaners, the more the world praised and rewarded her. You can read her description of the backward Afrikaner “De Beer” family in the Conservationist” for instance.

In "July’s People", blacks rescue a liberal white family in a revolution where blacks overturn the white government and go on a slaughter of whites. You can almost sense her excitement at the prospect of it really happening.

She wrote crap like her fictional school girl character Maureen who had her school case carried home by the family’s black servant Lydia. People read this nonsense and believed this is how life really was under Apartheid. The amount of damage she has done to the image of white South AFricans and especially Afrikaners is immeasurable.

The theme is always the same. Blacks are downtrodden good people. Whites are evil and backwards. Race mixing is good. Apartheid is evil. Communists are good, Conservatives are evil, ad infinitum ad nauseam.

Whenever I think of Dr. Jamie Glasov's excellent book, "United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror", an image of Nadine Gordimer drifts past my brain.

While she was writing her baseless, fictional diatribe and communist lies, her beloved Marxist terrorists in the ANC and SACP were torturing their own black people in death camps in Angola, Zambia, Tanzania, etc. In SA the ANC was throwing blacks off moving trains and murdering them with necklace murders. Amnesty International reported on it, but the world ignored it all, just like Nadine Gordimer.

Nevertheless, I believe that Nadine Gordimer eventually became disillusioned with the ANC she so proudly supported and helped.

For that I am grateful that she had such a long life…Greatful that she could see with her own eyes what happened after the hyenas took over the Pridelands.

Unlike her fictional liberal white “Smale” family, she was not saved by blacks. Blacks do not care if you are liberal or conservative. You are white and old and therefore a target. In 2006 she was attacked by three noble savages in her home. She was assaulted, robbed of jewelry and locked in a storeroom. Source

For a while Nadine Gordimer had her hate speech books banned by the Apartheid government. Something I also do not condone. It turned her into a martyr. They should have tackled her junk writings and exposed it for the communist propaganda it was.

Ironically her beloved ANC became ten times worse. The ANC tried to pass their Media Tribunal and Protection of information Bill that would see the end of freedom of speech in South Africa. Gordimer became disillusioned.

Gordimer SA freedom threatened

Info Bill a threat to freedom: Gordimer

Eventually she had to admit that the ANC was turning SA into something far worse than Apartheid Gordimer: ANC taking SA beyond Apartheid

When the South African education system and schools were collapsing before her eyes, she must have felt very sad. I mean what did she expect was going to happen under Marxist terrorists?

Gordimer: SA Education in a shambles

Nadine Gordimer was born from a mixed, Latvian and British Jewish family, educated at a Catholic school and eventually became a self proclaimed atheist.

I wonder what her comments would have been if she saw her beloved ANC siding with the terrorist enemies of Israel and vilifying Jews. ANC glorifying Hitler killing the Jews

Things are going to get a lot worse in SA. I think Nadine Gordimer would have been glad to have been spared seeing exactly how bad.

Nevertheless, Red Nadine is answering to her maker now and will join her buddies Mandela, Mao and Stalin soon…wherever that might be.

11 July 2014

The TEDS study: More proof that intelligence is genetic

By Mike Smith

10th of July 2014

Just the other day I was referring to Nicholas Wade’s new book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human history and how the latest evidence from the human genome project proves racial egalitarians and cultural relativist spectacularly wrong. Race is indeed biological and NOT a “social construct”.

There are other research and books that prove that intelligence is hereditary such as “IQ and the wealth of nations” or “IQ and global inequality” by Drs. Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen.

So it was with interest that I noticed a month ago the recent results of a World Economic Forum (WEF) report.

Out of 148 countries, South Africa has the worst mathematics and science education in the world

South Africa is behind the likes of Haiti, Lesotho, Chad, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Kenya.

SA came 146th in education in general.

Yes, the ANC with their Outcomes Based Education and Curriculum 2005 bullshit managed to destroy our once excellent education system in South Africa in such a short time. An education system that once produced top quality doctors, engineers, architects, etc.

Of course this was immediately denied by the ANC and the Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor said that science and math education is “progressively improving”.

Pandor: SA not at Maths bottom

However, a few days ago it emerged that in a national mathematics benchmarking survey amongst grade 9 pupils at almost 3000 schools countrywide, a shocking 96% of students achieved 50% or less.

The City Press reported that in 2411 schools, all Grade Nines scored between zero and 30 percent for mathematics. A total of 2805 schools countrywide were tested.

Dismal results in national maths assessment

Now bearing that in mind, take note of the Twins Early Development Study (TEDS) and their latest findings that skills in maths and reading are genetic. 13,000 pairs of twins are involved in the study.

Sure, children must still study. Genes alone are not going to make them pass, but overall these studies prove that there is a definite correlation between genes and intelligence.

This contradicts the simplistic theories and beliefs of racial egalitarians and cultural relativists that a child is born a “blank slate” and is ultimately purely the result of his environment.

All the facts and research shows that both race and intelligence are genetic, but like I said before. Liberals will deny it. They will ignore all the evidence that contradict their crackpot theories and beliefs and when you insist they look at the evidence, they will call you a “racist”.

Ironically they will add that YOU are the one who is “ignorant”, “stupid”, “narrow-minded”, “prejudiced”, “bigoted”, “biased”, “intolerant”, …in fact, everything THEY are.

10 July 2014

The "dumb c*nts" who sing "Die Stem"

By Mike Smith

10th of July 2014

When you want to see what years and years of alcohol abuse does to the female liberal brain then look no further than reformed alcoholic Elsabe Zietsman

A while ago this naked posing cabaret singer (won’t call her a star) sued KykNet for R250,000 for suggesting that her lifestyle was so bad that she was not fit to be a surrogate mother for her niece.

Now she has gone further with her vulgar behaviour.

Last week at the Innibos Art Festival Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyer sang the former South African National anthem ”Die Stem van Suid Afrika” (The Voice of South Africa) , a beautiful poem written by C.J. Langenhoven describing the beauty of South Africa and our dedication to our country.

Almost immediately he was attacked by the liberal media for it, most notably by Beeld Newspaper and Media24 Steve Hofmeyer attacked for singing Die Stem

Shortly afterwards self hating liberal Zietsman climbed on the Anti Afrikaner bandwagon and called Hofmeyer and the people who sang along “cunts” and “dumb cunts”

“Ek is jammer ek het die mense wat ‘Die Stem’ so saam met Steve gesing het d**e genoem. Ek is jammer daaroor, want ek bedoel eintlik hulle is dwase en dóm d**e.”

Translation: “I am sorry that I called the people who sang Die Stem with Steve Hofmeyer “cunts”. I am sorry about it, because what I actually mean is that they are idiots and Dumb Cunts.”

Hate shock after she nailed Steve Hofmeyer over Die Stem

She also accused Steve of sedition and insurrection and called his fans “stupid idiots”.

After that hate speech provocation, people started sending her a few hate tweets of their own wishing her to be raped and get aids, because it seems that is what she wants. Now she is a bit upset and wants to sue the people for crimen injuria.

So let me get this straight. It is OK for this hypocrite Zietsman to call people “dumb cunts” and “stupid idiots”, but then get upset when people do the same to her. Go figure.

Besides, there is NOTHING in “Die Stem” that is even remotely hateful, provocative or insubordinate at all. It is a poem about the beauty of the country.

On the other hand, the ANC sings “Kill the Boers: Kill the Farmers”, “One Settler: One Bullet”, “Bring me my Machine gun” and “We the members of MK have pledged ourselves to kill them, The AmaBhulu (whites)”, etc….

Where is Elsabe Zietsman’s condemnation of that? Nothing, but a deafening silence from her when blacks sing hateful songs about killing whites, but heaven forbid a white person sings about how beautiful his country is and how much he is committed to it.

Nevertheless, the more Zietsman and the liberal media make a scene about this, the more it will backfire in their faces. Steve already urged his fans to keep on singing “Die Stem” in open defiance and I fully agree. They should sing that song every time now…wholeheartedly…and while they are at it sing De la Rey too.

Here is Die Stem and below it Mandela singing about killing whites. You tell me which one is more offensive to whom.

09 July 2014

Cadre cruelty of the ANC: Thandi Modise and the cannibal pig farm

By Mike Smith

9th of July 2014

I simply do not understand how people can be so cruel to animals as former North West Premier Thandi Modise.

The horror of Thandi Modise’s cannibal pig farm

You must have absolutely no feelings, no compassion for living creatures, to do something like that.

She neglected her animals, stopped feeding them and giving them water for two weeks. They were drinking their own urine and the surviving 85 pigs started eating their 58 dead. 120 animals had to be put down.

The SPCA said it was the worst case of animal abuse they have seen in 20 years.

Her initial excuse was that she is a woman and is still learning how to farm. I mean how difficult can it be to feed your animals and let them drink?

"I am not a farmer. I am trying to farm. I am learning. But if you are a woman and you are learning you are not allowed to make mistakes."

She also tried to pass the buck and said she did not know her farm manager disappeared.

Hey? She doesn’t even know what is going on her own farm, how can you expect her to know what is going on in her province she governed or her country for that matter?

But what do you expect from a piece of Marxist terrorist trash who was trained at MK camps in Angola and Tanzania. She was not just a terrorist (for which she was sent to 10 years in prison), She was a Commander MK terrorist killing innocent people. So maybe it is a bit too much to ask her to look after her animals.

As usual the useless ANC defended her, saying the opposition was politicizing the issue and that it “smacks of racial undertones”.

ANC chief whip defending Thandi Modise

I hope the SPCA charges her and she goes back to prison where she belongs. In my opinion SHE should be starved of food and water for two weeks so she can feel what it is like.

The previous government should have hung all these terrorists then this would never have happened.

The amazing thing is these creatures still want to expropriate farms from whites? None of them can farm. Imagine what is going to happen to these animals all across SA.

Modise was attached to her pigs

Starving pigs forced to each other on Modise’s farm