20 August 2014

Farm attacks happen, because sheep do not fight back

By Mike Smith

20th of August 2014

Here is a tragic story telling us of the reality of South Africa for the last 20 years.

Couple and their 13yo daughter attacked in their home on farm near Kuilsriver

They were watching TV when around 21h40 the dogs started barking outside. Husband Leon Atterbury walked outside to inspect and saw nothing. He came back leaving the door open. At around 22h00 three men with balaclavas simply walked into the house and without saying a word started hitting the family. Atterbury was hit over the head five times with a piece of firewood. Wife Marie managed to hit the panic button to alert the armed response security company. She was held up with a knife against the throat. The couple was tied up and the attackers fled with cell phones, cash and a laptop computer. A plastic surgeon sewed up the five wounds on Atterbury’s head and the family is receiving counseling. Fortunately they all survived.

Several questions have to be asked and I want to apologize for maybe sounding a bit harsh, but this needs to be said. And remember, I am not speaking to the normal alert males out there. I am speaking to the twat-ass liberals.

Why did a man, with a wife and daughter, who knew the reality of the New South Africa walk out the front door at night without a firearm in his hand?

Why did he come back inside and not lock the door behind him?

Come on! FFS. We are not living in Rainbow La-la-land here!

Look, I was not there. Maybe he does not own a firearm, maybe he is a bit naïve…who knows? He will have to answer those questions to himself.

In this case he was fortunate. They all survived. What if the bastards raped his wife and daughter and killed them? Would he have been able to live with himself afterwards? No! He would for ever wonder, “What if I had a gun? Maybe I could have saved the lives of my family.”

Lt. Col Dave Grossman in his book “On Combat” explains the wolves, sheep and sheepdogs brilliantly. You can read it here.

On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs - Dave Grossman

Now I am sorry to say this, but when you as a South African man, especially on a farm, knowing about the farm murders in this country, walk out your front door without a firearm then you are nothing less than one of the sheep in your pasture.

When you do that, you are naïve and in denial. You are wishful and hopeful that the bad wolves will not come that day. Sorry, but as Dave Grossman puts it, “Hope is not a strategy. “

When the wolves come, they will rip you and your loved ones apart and if you are lucky to live another day, you will have to live with the consequences of your hope, denial and naiveté for the rest of your life.

Now maybe you have no problem doing that. Maybe you are a sheep who stand helplessly around and when the wolves snatch one of your loved ones away all you can do is bleat and “baa”.

If you are not, then you are a sheepdog. You protect your loved ones with everything you got. You are constantly alert and constantly armed, waiting for the day the wolves come.

I get a lot of guys who tell me that their wives will divorce them if they bring a gun into the house. They hate guns…until the day the wolves come to rip them apart. Such wives are fluffy-bunny liberals not worthy to protect anyway. They prefer to have a Chihuahua by their side when the wolves come. A real woman prefers to have a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler when the wolves come.

These fluffy-bunny liberals can make a lot of noise when the airbags on their cars don’t work in an accident or when the sprinklers in their children’s schools don’t work during a fire. Then they normally demand that heads must roll. However, they freak out when their husbands carry weapons to protect them when the wolves come. Go figure.

You should train your wife and daughter; simple and realistic. Teach them only two commands. “Go!” and “Come!”.

“Go!” means to go and find the best hiding place outside of the danger zone.

“Come!” means to move behind you, hold onto your belt and move with you.

You teach them this during light and dark, in the house and in the garden every day until they can do it in their sleep. You then train them every week to keep the training fresh in their minds.

You train them to find the panic buttons in daylight and the dark. You train them to dial 10111 on their smart phones when you stand over them yelling with a knife in your hand. I doubt it if they will be able to remember the code for their screen-locks, let alone type it in when the adrenaline is pumping. With the right conditioning you might just get it right. However, don’t be a victim.

You decide how much your loved ones mean to you. You choose whether you want to be a sheep or a sheepdog. The day that the sheep turn into sheepdogs is the day farm attacks will be history.

19 August 2014

Apartheid: The only peaceful answer to Ferguson, Missouri

By Mike Smith

19th of August 2014

Ten days ago an 18yo black boy Michael Brown was shot by a white cop, Darren Wilson and it sparked protest and looting in the town of Ferguson Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

The story goes that Brown, a suspect in a robbery that occurred shortly before, was shot at least six times after he tried to grab the officer’s weapon. Brown was 186cm and weighed 140kg. His nickname was “Big Mike”.

You can read the various accounts here: Michael Brown shooting

The black population of Ferguson believe that Brown was innocent and unarmed. So they went on a rampage because of the “racist” police and state.

Missouri Governor declares State of Emergency, curfews after riots and looting in Ferguson

People are apparently upset, because of the military style and attire of the police equipment and tactics. They are upset, because of the sensationalist, one-sided, lying liberal journalists and reporters being manhandled, tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets.

Now where have we seen this before? Aah yes!...Apartheid South Africa 30 years ago. My, how things can change and stay the same.

Our president, P.W. Botha, also declared a State of emergency with curfews, etc. when our Marxist agitated Noble Savages used “racism” to go on a murderous rampage and loot. Our police was also criticized and patronized for their military style and tactics and for manhandling lying liberal journalists exactly like in Ferguson. Ironically enough…the biggest critics were these white liberal Americans who are now experiencing the same from their own Noble Savages.

We also had our Marxist clerics in the form of Bishop Desmond Tutu and Alan Boesak, just like the Americans have Jesse Jackson. Back then they told us we were “stupid”, “backwards”, “narrow-minded” and “Jurassics”…They told us we were 30 years behind the rest of the world…And now?

Now we show them that we were in fact 30 years AHEAD of the world. What we experienced in 1984 in South Africa, they are only experiencing now in the USA, Britain, France, etc.

The people who introduced Apartheid in SA were not stupid. In fact most of them were highly educated academics and lawyers. They were not “backwards”, they were visionaries!

Apartheid was the fairest system that could ever be introduced in SA to keep the peace and when you look at the failure of the Multi-Culti hellhole of the New South Africa, then Apartheid and those who introduced it are fully exonerated.

As I mentioned in my Pandora series, Apartheid was never for export. It was a unique solution for our problems in South Africa, but God be my witness…The day will still come that the rest of the world will beg us White South Africans to show them how to implement Apartheid.

As for the rampaging Noble Savages in Ferguson, Missouri…I fully support them. I want to see more of their riots and looting. Every time they go on a rampage like that a few more liberals convert to our side. Never the other way around.

Also read this article:

Burn Ferguson, Burn
They are finally starting to wake up.

This is not the army. This is the Police

18 August 2014

Black Banker: Fuck the poor!

Skid from Mel Brooks’ “History of the World”

Leader of the Roman Senate: All fellow members of the Roman senate hear me. Shall we continue to build palace after palace for the rich? Or shall we aspire to a more noble purpose and build decent housing for the poor? How does the senate vote?

Entire Senate: FUCK THE POOR!

By Mike Smith

18th of August 2014

Just the other day I was commenting on the survey done by two universities and the government that blacks don’t trust whites in SA despite all the efforts of liberal idiots who vote for the DA to extremist leftists who vote for the ANC.

But the man in the street, your average Sipho, can trust his fellow blacks even less.

History has a funny way of repeating itself. Today whites are blamed for enslaving blacks when it is fairly well known that Blacks sold their own brothers into slavery, kept white slaves (Barbary slaves) and that whites also sold other whites into slavery. See the books: “They were white and they were slaves” and “White Cargo”.

Blacks are far worse at enslaving other blacks. Just look at what the ANC did to their own people in camps like Quatro in Angola.

Now today you have debt. The modern form of slavery. These rich bankers know this. To them “reckless lending” is not reckless at all. It is a calculated method to enslave the poor masses, exploit them and profit from their ruin.

It is just like the skid in Mel Brook’s “History of the world” where the Roman senate feels nothing for the poor.

If a white man does this it would be...”Oooh, Racist”…But what happens when a Black banker does it?

Take for instance Tami Sokutu who made tens of millions from exploiting the poor blacks when he was with the African Bank.

Fuck the poor! Is the message from a top executive at The African Bank

These are some of his quotes on the poor:

"F*** them, f*** them."

"I don't give a f*** about what South Africa says about whatever ... but I have never been a crook. And I don't want to be a crook."

Sokutu also boasted about owning six cars, including a Porsche, which he said was parked "somewhere in the world - I don't know where". He also owns a Hummer H2, a turquoise Bentley, a BMW M6, a Mercedes-Benz A-Class and a Mercedes S500. His Johannesburg car, the Bentley, stood in his double garage.

He said he lived lavishly with "no regrets" and borrowers should not have applied for loans if they knew they could not repay them.

Ex African Bank boss not remorseful

African Bank distances itself from Sokutu’s comments

This bastard did exactly what he was supposed to do and what was expected of him to do. He was lavishly rewarded and probably paid a bonus for doing a fine job and will be further rewarded in the future.

Funny enough, all these rich bankers and industrialists normally have a liberal agenda, claim to be philanthropists and champions of the poor, yet they are exactly the ones exploiting the poor.

15 August 2014

Cape Town to honour F.W. de Klerk

By Mike Smith

15th of August 2014

I see that Cape Town wants to rename part of the N1 Highway coming into the city from the neutral Table Bay Boulevard to the political F.W. de Klerk Boulevard.

Cape Town to honour F.W. de Klerk

Yeah, why not? It is about time we get a stretch of road we can pull the piss out of.

What will people call it? Pink Frikkie Paadtjie? Traitor Avenue?...I am awaiting your suggestions…

The sorry state of medical training in SA

By Mike Smith

15th of August 2014

In my Pandora series on Apartheid I mention how the Medical University of Southern Africa (Medunsa) during the Apartheid years was graduating approximately 200 black doctors per year. Doctors who were trained to world standards. Medunsa also pumped out hundreds of top class pharmacists, paramedics and nurses.

This past week we saw Medunsa closing its doors due to students going on the rampage and demanding certain lecturers to be fired, because they dared to fail students. They were also unhappy about the University being renamed after ANC struggle hero Sefako Makgatho. The campus was dissolved and the academic programme was suspended indefinitely. Later the university reopened.

Medunsa reopens campus ending strike

It was not the first time. In 1999 the university also closed down due to students’ fees being R56 million in arrears and students fraudulently claiming they could not afford the fees.

Medunsa closed down in 1999

Oh how the standard of education has dropped in SA. Students don’t want to pay fees, lecturers not allowed to fail students…Why bother reopening the University?

Rather close it and let the people who graduated there during Apartheid remember it for the fine institution it once was. Let them retain a bit of respect for their qualifications.

I say if you are going to keep it open, then by all means change the name. Open a drive-through like they have at McDonalds. Register at the front gate via microphone, tell them what qualification you desire, then drive through and collect your doctorate at the exit gate.

Or let us have a scratch-and-win. You hit the jackpot you get a doctorate, how’s that?

In South Africa blacks and whites do not trust each other

By Mike Smith

15th of August 2014

You tell liberals that race relations in South Africa were much better under Apartheid than now, they won’t believe you, but it is true. What did 20 years of forced integration, Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in sport and university entry, etc achieve? It drove the races of South Africa further apart than they were before.

In a new survey conducted by two universities and the government on 25,000 people… In (The New Improved) South Africa Blacks and whites do not trust each other

"73% of African respondents agreed while 44% of whites also agreed,"

Coloureds and Indians also agreed – 55% of Indians and 61% of coloureds.

"Black attitudes towards whites are hardening year on year while whites have softened."

The number of Africans saying they would never trust whites increased from 68% in 2009 to 73% in 2013.

Over the same period, the perception by whites had increased from 40% in 2009 to 44% in 2013.

Well done ANC. Patt yourselves on the back.

Premier of Mpumalanga: White and black cultures are different

By Mike Smith

15th of August 2014

Here is another example of a black man stating the obvious and getting into the news. According to the Premier of Mpumalanga David Mabuza "Black and white are different in terms of their culture and traditions".

I have no problem with that. The man is absolutely right…but I think the Looney Liberal Brigade, the Cultural Relativists and the Racial Egalitarians will get a fit if they hear that, because according to them all cultures and races are equal.

However it is the context that Mabuza used it in that drew my attention.

Old age homes are for whites: Mabuza

See, according to Mabuza, Blacks are superior, because they look after their old people until they die. They do not put their old people in old age homes like the morally inferior whites do.

Whites? Blacks? In general?

Why is there now a deafening silence from the Looney LB who is always quick to point out generalizations when whites talk about black behaviour?

But let us investigate this statement by Mabuza which he made in front of 1500 elderly people. How do black people REALLY treat their elderly? As far as I know, they rob their own elderly of their pension grants on a daily basis.

Blacks robbing the elderly

70yo black pensioner robbed of his grant by two black 23yo who broke into his house

More than 30 black pensioners schemed out of their grants by black crooks

In fact the news is full of black pensioners being robbed of their grants by fellow blacks on a daily basis

I wonder if Minister Mabuza is going to take his head out of his arse and start telling the elderly the truth. What a load of bollocks and claptrap this ANC moron spews.

But let us see how deep the rabbit hole goes, because I read in SA newspapers on a daily basis of how blacks rape their own grannies.

Blacks raping the elderly

Two elderly black Eastern Cape women (68 and 73) raped by blacks in separate incidents

26 yo black man raped 65yo granny at knife point

17yo black boy raped a 70yo black granny

ANC Women’s League decries rape of elderly

In that last report you will also read of an incident in which a 28-year-old woman was raped and killed in Ladysmith…"Her naked body was dumped in the bush. Some of her body parts such as eyes, private parts and intestines were missing when the body was found,"

There are 3600 women being raped in SA every day …What is the government doing about it?

Blacks Killing the elderly for being witches

84yo black woman stabbed to death by 26yo black man in Eastern Cape

Mob stabs and burns two suspected witches (67 & 62) to death in Eastern Cape

Two separate incidents: Black trios held after killing suspected black witches (60 & 65)

Robbing raping and killing their own elderly like that, not to mention the elderly white farmers being attacked on a daily basis. Some way blacks treat old people, hey Mabuza?

But let’s not stop there.

The illustrious Premier Mabuza forgot to mention that his superior black cultures and traditions also never had any mental institutions or prisons.

People with mental problems, even epilepsy are accused of having “evil spirits” and killed. Criminals are simply killed by a mob or beaten to within an inch of their lives.

But I agree with Premier Mabuza. White and black culture and traditions are totally different. That is why we had Apartheid.

14 August 2014

So Mandela was a “Freedom Fighter”, hey?

By Mike Smith

14th of August 2014

Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never mention that part to us, do they? George Carlin

Liberals call this “ordinary crime”; I call it terrorism

By Mike Smith

14th of August 2014

“Sex with a white woman is better”

Yesterday a white Afrikaans woman testified in court how she and her two teenage daughters were raped and brutally assaulted in their Rayton home by five racists black Zimbabweans in 2011.

The woman (37) testified that the one bastard called her “A rich white bitch” and told her that “sex with a white woman is better”.

The media never mentioned that it was a racist attack.

The girls and the woman had their hands tied behind their backs with electric cables and their underwear. They were beaten and kicked.

The mother was raped and her face beaten to pulp, because the rapists couldn’t understand how the infrared key of her Mercedes worked. The girls were also beaten with fists until their faces were a bloody pulp. They were burned with cigarettes and threatened to be raped with an electric hairbrush.

The bastards wanted money, alcohol, cigarettes and bank cards. What threat were they to the perpetrators? What resistance could these women give them? Why was it necessary to torture them for hours, if robbery was the motive?

Woman testifies about rape of self and daughters

”Sex with a white woman is better”

English version: Mother tells of daughter’s rape

Woman weeps as she recalls rape attack

One can only speculate about the sentence they will get. In my opinion justice will not be done. Imagine if this was your loved ones. These bastards should be taken out and shot like the rabid animals they are.

Ambushed on the N2 Highway

South Africa is supposed to have improved since the days of Apartheid, but it hasn’t. Back in the early 1990’s we had riots, hijackings and ambushes on the highways. What changed? Nothing!

Back then these terrorists used to put rocks and bricks on the highways or hang fishing knoches (lead sinkers) from the overhangs so that it would hit the car’s windshields. When the driver then stopped, he or she would be assaulted, robbed, raped or killed.

Nothing changed. They are still doing it.

Stabbing and robbery on N2 near Somerset West

The N2 between Somerset West and Cape Town has emergency phones every 500 metres or so, but they never work, because the blacks think they are tickey-boxes that contains money. So they get vandalized.

The poor young man (an electrical engineer) in the article above was stabbed and robbed. Nobody stopped to help him. The police put the phone down in his ear several times. When he tried to flag down a cop car they swerved to avoid him. Eventually his wife came to his rescue.

And you can forget about trying to call an ambulance. There are three ambulances serving the entire Cape Peninsula.

Farmer shot in face. Drives himself to police

This past Monday (11 Aug 2014) a farmer (Faan van der Merwe, 69) from the Zeerust area was shot in the face (below the left eye) by bastards who waited for him in his house for several hours. While they were waiting they drank his whisky and ate his meat from the fridge.

They shot him with his own .22 and it was also the only thing they stole and fled with. The farmer then drove himself 20km to the nearest police station.

Farmer drives 20km to police after being shot in face

He obviously knew that if he had to wait for an ambulance or the police he would be dead.

But look at the way the attack was carried out. What was the motive? Robbery? They had the .22 pistol already and could have left earlier. Instead they chose to wait several hours just to shoot the farmer in the face and only THEN left.

Now the corrupt and lying ANC regime and the liberal media tell us this is just “ordinary crime”. The motive is robbery. Yet in almost all these cases you see the same thread. These attackers wait several hours on the people. They torture people for hours. Robbery is NOT the primary motive. Terror is. That is what these attacks are. Terrorist attacks. They are part of an orchestrated and organized terrorist campaign against the farmers and whites in general to drive them off their land.

Prevent terrorism

Prevention is better than cure and as former US Attorney General, John Ashcroft said: “There is no priority higher than the prevention of terrorism”.

This terrorism on white South Africans needs to be stopped. If the government cannot do it or is not interested in doing so, then who should do it? That’s right…YOU!!

You have no other choice, but to exercise your right to self defence. You have a duty. You must protect your life and that of your loved ones.

How do you do it? You train. You learn to fight. You learn to shoot. You carry a concealed knife at all times. You carry a fire arm. You use ANY means possible to survive when you or your loved ones are attacked. Bulletproof your mind. Years might go by without you ever having to use your skills in a life threatening situation but when that day comes, be prepared for it. Do not become a statistic. Do not become a victim.

A few years ago a friend of mine (a trained martial artist) was stabbed in the back by a gang of car-jackers who ambushed him. His one lung collapsed. He fought back unarmed knocking two of them out and then drove himself 10 km through the city to the nearest hospital with a collapsed lung and a 20cm blade in his back. You simply have to. Otherwise you die. He survived, because he fought back.

Herein lays the big irony of violence and self defence. The better prepared you are for it, the least likely you are to ever encounter it.

13 August 2014

A black man about black men in South Africa

By Mike Smith

13th of August 2014

It is not often that a black man in SA has the guts to stand up and speak the honest truth about his raping and murdering brethren in this Godforsaken country, but Moeketsi Mosola is one. He is political director at Agang SA and the Chief Executive at SA Tourism.

I do not support collective guilt in any form and maybe liberals will accuse Moeketsi Mosola of generalization…you know…the old, “Ah come on; they are not ALL like that” mantra of the liberal brigade, but I think here he hits the nail on the head.

Funny enough. If I or any other white person said what he said, we would be accused of being “Racists”. Like I always say, “Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.”

I am ashamed to be Black and a man