03 September 2015

Stellenbosch: The Afrikaner's Armageddon

By Mike Smith

3rd of September 2015

I am sick of blacks and their monkey chatter they call language.

Now if you are a liberal then you probably almost had a heart attack, a stroke or you fainted after reading that statement. You probably snarled at the computer screen, calling me a “racist” and want to charge me for hate speech at the SAHRC.

Yet this is exactly what armed and violent black demonstrators did to students at Elsenburg Agricultural College. We are sick of Afrikaners and Afrikaans

They openly showed placards with the genocidal slogans, "Kill the Boer; Kill the farmer" and "One Settler; One Bullet".

Where is the outcry about that? It is blatant hate speech against a minority group of this country.

The college management had to get a court interdict against them to resume classes. How these bastards were allowed access to the college is still not clear. They are trespassing. Why are the police not arresting them?

In the mean time the siege of Stellenbosch University is continuing. The organization “Open Stellenbosch” with the little white snot nose, rich boy Dan Corder behind it, said that “21 White males on the council cannot have the final say on transformation at Stellenbosch”.

What kind of “transformation” is this? Blacks (in fact all races) are already allowed at Stellenbosch amongst thousands of coloureds whose mother tongue is ALSO Afrikaans. The university’s language policy gives equal status to English and Afrikaans, and postgraduate classes are in English.

You don't see Afrikaners protesting that UCT should open their doors for Afrikaners. You don't see Afrikaners shouting "discrimination" about UCT's English only policy to hold them out.

Even the media acknowledge it now…The revolution has started and Afrikaners are partying with closed eyes

The country has sky high levels of crime and corruption, infra structure are crumbling, the Rand is falling, unemployment the highest ever…but according to the ANC regime, Afrikaans and the people who speak the language at Stellenbosch are the biggest problems.

The writer of the above article says that the revolution against Afrikaners is a smokescreen to cover up the destruction of the country by President Jacob Zuma and his hyenas, start a fire point fingers at the “Boers” and cry “Racism”.

Yes, the old Scapegoat trick so over-played by the Communists already that it has become a cliché and the Rector and Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Wim de Villiers, is falling for it…swallowing this rubbish propaganda made by a spoiled child hook line and sinker.

Where is the President of the country condemning this hatred against Afrikaners? Clearly he is not the president of all the people of South Africa.

Nevertheless, make no mistake, the time for the Afrikaner’s Third Struggle has begun. The revolution against them is in full swing. Stellenbosch is the last outpost of the Afrikaner. It is a battle Afrikaners cannot lose. It is their Armageddon.

It is now time for the convocation, all the alumni and the student council…in fact every man and his dog, to fight back against the demons and powers of evil that have descended on Stellenbosch.

Those on the university council who do not have the wherewithal, the balls or the backbone to stand up and fight back against this Zombie scourge, should be kicked out forthwith blindfolded and put up against the nearest wall, for now is not the time for traitors and weaklings.

We stood against the mighty British Empire (twice), we stood against the mighty Zulu Empire, we stood against the mighty Communist Empire…we are still here and we will be here a thousand years from now. So help me God!

02 September 2015

Elsenburg and the media psyops

By Mike Smith

2nd of September 2015

Look at this headline from News24, your favourite psyops-against-whites news source.

WATCH: Elsenburg students whipped by EFF protesters

If you look at the video below you will see what happened. A bunch of uncivilized shitskins invaded the Elsenburg Agricultural College in Stellenbosch armed with whips to give the white students a hiding, but instead got their arses kicked and driven out.

The headline above however is ambiguous, because although the blacks literally whipped some of the unarmed white students, it could also mean that they gave them a hiding when in fact the reverse is true.

All these white students want to do is go to class and study, but no, these fucking boons and papvreters want to disrupt them.

This comes after a propaganda film in English made by English white student activist group Open Stellenbosch called LUISTER or “Listen” was shown two weeks ago full of black students with their anecdotes (no proof) of alleged “racism” they experience at Stellenbosch university and also in the town and that the university should drop its Afrikaans only stance.

Of course it is all bollocks. Stellenbosch is and always was one of the most liberal towns in the whole country.

Like a typical liberal jellyfish, Rector & Vice-Chancellor, Prof Wim de Villiers said; "I watched Luister with my wife and found it uncomfortable and disturbing"

How can this idiot call himself an intellectual? Can he not see how he is being played and manipulated like a spineless dead octopus?

Of course the demands are fully unconstitutional. But who cares? Who cares that there are already three English universities in Cape Town and within a stone throw of Stellenbosch (UCT, UWC and CPUT).

Where were the police to arrest these thugs at Elsenburg? Elsenburg is not even part of Stellenbosch University. What they are doing is unlawful and unconstitutional. This is not about the law; it is about using emotions to kill the Afrikaner and his language.

De Villiers told MP’s that the university’s language policy gave equal status to English and Afrikaans, and it wanted to provide 75% of its modules in both languages in coming years. Postgraduate classes are in English. But this is not enough for these protestors. They won’t rest until there is NO MORE Afrikaans at all and whatsoever.

I tell you what. Stellenbosch is the last domino for Afrikaans. They already destroyed the Rand Afrikaans University, Potchefstroom University and Pretoria University. Stellenbosch is a fight Afrikaners just cannot lose. If Stellenbosch goes, it will be the deathknell for Afrikaans and Afrikaners. They will go the way of the Dodo.

As for the boys at Elsenburg…Manne, julle het die reg om julself te verdedig. Moenie kak soek nie, maar vat ook nie kak nie. As hulle weer kom, dan BLIKSEM julle die hele lot van ‘n kant af...en nie soos gister nie. Ordentlik!! Op die Boere-manier! Maak ‘n voorbeeld van hulle. Donner die gespuis so goed dat hulle nooit weer eers sal oorweeg om te kom kak soek nie.

01 September 2015

Overcoming fear of the dictatorship

By Mike Smith

1st of September 2015

So far we have seen that there are three challenges at the beginning of a revolution.
  1. Breaking the habit of obedience
  2. Overcoming fear
  3. Building unity

So…The next question is:
How do you get people to overcome their fear?

When it comes to fear an animal might fear an immediate threat and act upon it when it arises, but one of our strongest survival abilities as human beings is the ability to see into the future and anticipate. We can fear something in the future. However, it can also hamstring us into inaction.

What do people fear?

People’s main fears are the fear of the unknown and the fear of isolation. Therefore we will concentrate on these two fears when facing the dictator.

Overcoming the pessimists

This ability to “see” into the future can have two outcomes; a pessimistic one and an optimistic one.

One of the biggest problems we sit with is not from the oppressor, but from ourselves or shall I say the negative pessimists amongst ourselves.

Note that I do not refer to them as skeptics. Healthy skepticism stimulating debate is good. Pessimism is not. It is like a slow poison amongst us...like a vampiric parasite sucking out our energy and morale.

These pessimists will deny that they are pessimists and will often call themselves “realists”. They are the people who, when you come up with an idea to defy the regime, tell you, “No, it will never work. No, you are crazy. No, forget it; don’t even try it. No, you are dreaming, etc”.

These are the people who are usually also the most scared…or they are doing it deliberately.

In fact this persistent negativism and pessimism comes from the Frankfurt School and is used quite effectively as a weapon by Marxist intellectuals who call it ”Critical theory”

The idea is to take anything from the capitalist society or anyone who supports it and then relentlessly criticize it to bring about a Marxist change.

If you want to know how effective this technique is then look at the way it was used extensively by the socialist Helen Suzman in the Apartheid parliament when she was for many years the only woman and the only member of the opposition in parliament.

No matter what the NP did, no matter how good they were to the blacks, she would always find fault with it. It was never good enough. They could never do anything right. Using psychology and linguistics she mercilessly and vindictively laid into the NP members. Unfortunately the gullible political dunces in the NP never realized what she was up to and fell for it.

Aung San Suu Kyi said in “Freedom from fear”:

“A most insidious form of fear is that which masquerades as common sense or even wisdom, condemning as foolish, reckless, insignificant or futile the small, daily acts of courage which help to preserve man's self-respect and inherent human dignity. It is not easy for a people conditioned by fear under the iron rule of the principle that might is right to free themselves from the enervating miasma of fear. Yet even under the most crushing state machinery courage rises up again and again, for fear is not the natural state of civilized man.”

So how do you neutralize the pessimists and critical theorists?

Critical theorists, just like all Marxists are serious people and like to be taken seriously. They don’t like jokes, especially not when those jokes are aimed at them. Therefore the most effective technique against them is the use of humour. Mock them silly.

Humor and “Laughtivism”

Political humor is as old as politics itself. Satire and jokes have been used for centuries to speak truth to power.

Srđa Popović the Serbian political activist and student of Dr. Gene Sharp, said that the only thing that could trump fear was laughter.

He coined the strategy of Laughtivism after he realized that most 20th century revolutionaries like Lenin, Mao, Stalin and Che, were all too serious looking on their pictures. He further said that, “Humour melts fear and fear is the air that dictators breath. Without the fear they cannot survive.”

Make a protest fun and people don’t want to miss out on the action. Humor communicates a positive image to the outside world that protestors are not angry young men (hooligans) or “terrorists” as the regime would have them believe. They are cool people.

Humor breaks fear and builds confidence. Humor attracts new members because it is cool and people (especially the young generation) want to be associated with cool.

These acts move beyond mere pranks; they help corrode the very mortar that keeps most dictators in place: Fear.

It was a bitter lesson for our dictator Jacob Zuma who surrendered and dropped a court case against cartoonist Zapiro

The ANC also exposed their extremely thin skin and how one can get under it when Brett Murray made his now infamous “The spear” painting of Zuma with exposed genitals and like the bunch of clowns they are came out with a ridiculous official statement calling on all South Africans to defend the president

They organized marches in Durban and Johannesburg in support of Zuma, complete with “rent-a-crowds” of about 2000 “supporters”.

A black man and a white man, independently acted to deface the painting, the gallery withdrew it and the City Press newspaper who published a picture of it apologized.

A leader of the Nazareth Baptist Church called for the artist to be stoned to death. In the first day of legal proceedings, the representative for the ANC, Gcina Malindi, began sobbing and was unable to proceed, causing the process to be adjourned and postponed and the television coverage of the event was suppressed. Later, the ANC sought to drop proceedings.

But that is not all.

When someone erected a small bronze statue of a naked Zuma looking like a Tokoloshe holding a sex toy on Table Mountain’s lion’s head, it was quickly destroyed. Nobody seems to know who erected it and who broke it.

One would think that governing South Africa should play a priority in Zuma and the ANC’s lives. Obviously not. Priority for them are cartoons, statues and paintings mocking Zuma and his regime.

That is exactly why we should use “Laughtevism” as a powerful tool against them. As you know, I have been doing it for years on this blog, but the time has now come to step it up.

Laughtevism is also “creating a dilemma” for the regime. People are normally ingenious and problems eventually can be solved, but give the regime a dilemma so that no matter which option they choose they lose…and victory will be yours. While the dictator is busy solving his dilemma you go on the attack.

Faced with a dilemma, the regime can either crack down on those who ridicule it (making itself look even more ridiculous in the process) or ignore the acts of satire aimed against it (and risk opening the flood gates of dissent). Indeed, when faced with an act of brazen mockery, oppressive regimes have no good choices. Whatever they do, they lose.

Also read Why dictators don’t like jokes

However, laughtevism is not easy. You need a long breath and something new every day. You need a reaction to every action of the regime.

An example of how to plan a “Laughtervism” stunt

First of all, try not to do anything illegal. You start with who you aim your joke at, for instance the regime, police or media and then plan your method back from there.

Let us say, Joe Bloggs phones up the media and tells them that coming Saturday morning at 10:00am, a corrupt ANC councillor will be slaughtered and burned to death in the centre of town.

Knowing the media, they will probably phone the police and alert them.

During the week, Joe Bloggs visits a local farmer and buys a pig from him. He gets his wife or girlfriend to sew a jacket for the pig and writes on it: “Corrupt ANC Councillor”. He also buys a few packets of pork chops which he gets his mates to carry.

Saturday morning he comes marching down the main road with his ANC pig on his way to the centre of town and his mates carrying a gas braai are taking pictures and filming it.

At the square he walks into the police and media and demand that the police arrest the “Corrupt ANC Councillor” for theft and corruption. If they refuse the pig will be “slaughtered”.

Now they are faced with a dilemma. Arresting the pig will make them look like fools. If they don’t arrest the pig, Joe will have “proof” that the police do nothing against “corrupt ANC councillors”.

They cannot arrest Joe. What for? Besides, arresting Joe and his mates will make them look even worse for then they are not only siding with “corrupt ANC councillors”, but also proving that they are every bit the brutal regime Joe said they are, harassing innocent people who are against corruption and government theft.

If the arrest is proved to be a false arrest, Joe can sue them and get the cops who arrested him suspended. If they attempt an arrest Joe let go of the pig and films the police chasing after it.

If the police just laughs and do nothing, Joe can mock-slaughter the pig and grill the pork chops for them or the media winning the day, because he would have gotten three birds with one stone: Mocking the ANC, the police and the media.

Laughter and fun are no longer marginal to a movement’s strategy; they now serve as a central part of the activist arsenal, imbuing the opposition with an aura of cool, helping to break the culture of fear instilled by the regime, and provoking the regime into reactions that undercut its legitimacy.

In the case of the arrested barrel in Serbia; what may have seemed like isolated acts of humor soon proved infectious, inspiring activists across the country. Before long, Otpor had transformed itself from a small student group into a national movement of 70,000 members. Once the barrier of fear had been broken, people were united and Milosevic could not stop it.

How to overcome the fear of sanctions and especially prison

Srdja Popovic wrote a manual on how to overcome fear of a dictator. It is called Making oppression backfire

Just like soldiers are trained and conditioned to overcome fear in life threatening situations, activists also need to be trained to overcome fear of the dictator and his goons.

Therefore an almost military approach needs to be adopted.

Basically you should identify exactly which fear it is you want to overcome and then plan for it accordingly. By identifying the fear and being properly conditioned against it and becoming familiar with it, your “fear of the unknown” will disappear.

Further, the “fear of isolation” can be overcome by the “No man left behind” strategy that Otpor! Also adopted.

Otpor debriefed all activists who were arrested within three days after the arrest. They gathered all information on conditions, interrogation and torture methods and questions of the police. Out of this they could prepare a training document for activists and plan for future arrests.

Further, before a demonstration they would gather the names of all activists and the names and numbers of ten people close to an activist like family and friends who should be contacted in case of the activist being arrested.

They would also identify all the police stations in the area where activists would most likely be held and how to get there.

If someone was arrested they would gather outside and besiege the police station with activists and lawyers supporting the cause to free the activists as soon as possible. Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends of the activists would swamp the police with calls about why their loved ones were in prison.

At the same time activists outside would demand to be arrested as well to flood the jail. The police simply did not have enough space for everybody and had to let them go and if they let one go, they must let all go or everybody stays.

Otpor! also had different coloured T-shirts for the amount of times somebody was arrested, with the coveted black T-shirt for anybody arrested more than ten times ensuring celebrity status. Soon, people WANTED and DEMANDED to be arrested. Once the fear of sanctions and prison was broken, the police were powerless and one of the strongest pillars of support for the dictatorship came crashing down.

31 August 2015

Give the regime a daily dose of disobedience and defiance

By Mike Smith

28th of August 2015

In the previous section on getting rid of a regime we looked at Why people obey dictators and we determined that obeying a tyranny is not natural. People obey, because of habit, being conditioned, fear, coercion, etc.

The question therefore is: How do you get people to actively disobey instead of just speaking out against it?

Many good people have assumed that if they denounce the oppression strongly enough, and protest long enough, the desired change will somehow happen. That assumption is an error. Resistance to tyranny is a moral duty and should be part of every person's daily routine.

Resistance to injustice is a moral duty.

Just the other day a member of the public asked a question online which made me think: Are we South Africans committing a crime by paying tax?

The crime we would be committing is, “aiding and abetting crime, corruption and extortion”.

Henry Thoreau used a metaphor in his essay Civil Disobedience, 1849 comparing the government to a machine: when the machine was producing injustice, it was the duty of conscientious citizens to be "a counter friction" (i.e., a resistance) "to stop the machine."

Thoreau was disgusted by slavery and he was opposed to the war the USA was waging against Mexico (1846-1848) that, if they would win, which they did, would enlarge the area where American slavery would be practiced. He saw his taxes as a means of supporting injustice and refused to pay poll tax. He was imprisoned for it, albeit only for a night, before his aunt paid the taxes against his wishes.

In his essay he exhorts people not to just wait passively for an opportunity to vote for justice, because voting for justice is as ineffective as wishing for justice; what you need to do is to actually be just.

This is not to say that you have an obligation to devote your life to fighting for justice, but you do have an obligation not to commit injustice and not to give injustice your practical support. Paying taxes is one way in which otherwise well-meaning people collaborate in injustice.

In a constitutional republic like South Africa people often think that the proper response to an unjust law is to try to use the political process to change the law, but to obey and respect the law until it is changed, but if the law is itself clearly unjust, and the law-making process is not designed to quickly obliterate such unjust laws, then Thoreau says the law deserves no respect and it should be broken.

The regime: False appearance of the strong fortress

To most people, the state and its apparatus appear monolithic and virtually indestructible like a medieval stronghold or fortress.

In the old days this strong appearance of the fortress was deliberate. It was designed to be impenetrable and to deter enemies from laying siege to it and trying to conquer it. It would just not be worth the effort and cost.

The classical strategy to take such a fortress was to besiege it by building rings of “circumvallation” and “contravallation” around it in what is known in military terms as Investment and then either scaling the walls or breaching it with siege engines and battering rams. The city's inhabitants would slowly starve and weaken, making it possible eventually to breach the walls and take the castle. These sieges tended to be quite long and bloody.

Over the centuries, however, certain enlightened strategists hit upon a different way to bring down the walls. Their strategy was based on a simple premise: the apparent strength of the fortress is an illusion, for behind its walls are people who are trapped, afraid, even desperate.

The city's leaders have essentially run out of options; they can only put their faith in the fortress's architecture. To lay siege to these walls is to mistake the appearance of strength for reality.

If in fact the walls are hiding great weakness within, then the proper strategy is to bypass them and aim for the interior. This can be done literally, by digging tunnels beneath the walls, undermining their strength, a conventional military strategy.

A better, more devious route is to infiltrate people inside them or to work with the city's disaffected inhabitants. This is known as "opening an inner front", finding a group on the inside who will work on your behalf to spread discontent and will eventually betray the fortress into your hands, sparing you a long siege.

For ten long years, the Greeks battered the walls of Troy to no effect; the simple gift of a wooden horse let them sneak a few men into Troy and open the gates from within.

When faced with the dictatorship in South Africa it becomes clear that the “Castle” is not impenetrable. In fact it has been infiltrated already. All the structures the dictatorship depends upon to remain in power are only held together by a few key civil servants who still obey the regime. Therefore it is extremely vulnerable. If these key people start to disobey and withdraw their support, the entire regime will come crashing down.

The termite strategy: Stopping Thoreau’s “machine of injustice”

“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.” Proverbs 6:6

The South African poet and intellectual genius Eugene Marais studied termites for ten years in the Waterberg area. Strictly speaking termites are not ants, but are also known as “White Ants” and Marais wrote a book called “The soul of the white ant” which was plagiarized by the Belgium Nobel Prize laureate, Jesuit and Socialist, Maurice Maeterlinck in 1926.

Marais came up with the theory of "organic unity" and saw termites not as individual organisms, but the colony as an organism in itself.

Termites are hardly visible from the outside. They take small bites and patiently bore through beams and supports. Their work goes by almost unnoticed, but not the results. These are individual organisms as part of a large organism, slowly weakening and bringing the structure down. Once you notice them, it is already too late.

The basic principle here is that it is easiest to topple a structure, a wall, a group, a defensive mind, from the inside out. When something begins to rot or fall apart from within, it collapses of its own weight, a far better way to bring it down than ramming yourself against its walls.

So imagine the key people on the inside of these government structures putting little spanners in the machine every day causing structural breakdown, not immediately, but almost unnoticed over a period of time.

Here you have two types of breakdowns. “Breakdown of commission” and “breakdown of omission.”

A “breakdown of commission” is an active act of sabotage to bring the system to a halt.

A “breakdown of omission” is the deliberate failure to act in order to prevent a breakdown.

Typical examples of “breakdown of commission” are to lose critical files or documents. Break the printer or scanner. Break the air conditioner, set off the fire alarm at critical times triggering an evacuation, etc.

Typical examples of “breakdown of omission” are to simply do nothing or waste time at critical periods. Spend double the amount of time on the toilet. Do everything at half speed. Be off-sick or simply do nothing when you can to prevent a crash.

Start with something small, low risk and grow from there. Point is that you will start to feel part of the resistance, part of the larger colony, part of doing your duty. It builds confidence, it gives you self respect and dignity knowing you are breaking the habit of obedience and defying an unjust regime.

Look at Batman. He first goes after common thugs, building a reputation and a name. Only then does he take on The Joker.

If your day is over and you haven't done your bit of disobedience and defiance, then it was a wasted day. Weakening these structures that support the regime is what we are after. Without availability of those sources of power, the rulers’ power eventually weakens and finally dissolves even if he has foreign support. The dictators’ power will die, slowly or rapidly, from political starvation.

29 August 2015

This RWC...flip the switch on Springbok Rugby

By Mike Smith

29th of August 2015

I had to laugh when I saw that former Springbok coach Pieter de Villiers attended the burning of the Bok jersey in an anti-white protest that there were too many whites in the Springbok team.

I fully agree. Burn the Bok jersey. I hate that piece of ANC trash it has become. The Springboks are chosen not on merit, but on the colour of their skins. They are forced to field blacks who are third or fifth best in their position in the country and whites who are the best in their positions are discriminated against. That means that the Springboks can NEVER again play with their strongest team. They will forever be playing with a handicap.

What an insult that must be to overseas teams like the All Blacks or the Wallabies knowing you are not facing the best from South Africa, but a mediocre Springbok C team. If I was the All Blacks I would refuse to play them. It makes a mockery of Rugby and the William Web Ellis trophy. How can you claim to be the Rugby world champions when you haven’t faced the full might of a proper Springbok team? How can you feel that you deserved that trophy when you know you played against the third best South Africa had to offer?

That is why I stopped watching the Springboks a long time ago. It is a farce. I refuse to support them as long as they have quota players.

Three weeks from now the Rugby World Cup will start in England. I won’t watch them on the TV. I won’t watch them in the pub. To me they are dead. I have flipped the switch on the Springboks.

There are far better sports than Rugby. When the RWC is on, you know where you can find me

28 August 2015

Mmusi Maimane: Cry Baby of the Month

By Mike Smith

28th of August 2015

Adressing members of the Democratic Alliance Students Organisation (DASO) at University of Cape Town (UCT), the lying bastard and DA leader Mmusi Maimane told the youngsters:

“The legacy of segregation is still alive. If you are black in South Africa, there is far less a chance of you getting into a tertiary institution like this than for a white South African.”

It is obvious that he has not heard of UCT’s racist policies and racist admission quotas that basically excludes whites from studying medicine there.

UCT urged to scrap race criteria

This is what the Sunday Times wrote:

“To stand a realistic chance to study for the MBChB degree at Cape Town, white pupils must get at least 90% in five matric subjects, 80% in the sixth and 80% in a national benchmark test that measures students' proficiency in academic literacy and maths.

“Indian pupils need at least 90% in four subjects, 80% in two subjects and 80% in the benchmark test. Coloured pupils need 80% in four subjects, 70% in two and at least 53% in the benchmark test to be considered for "probable admission".

“African pupils, on the other hand, who get 70%-79% in six subjects and at least 50% in the benchmark test stand a good chance of securing a place.”

Then this hypocrite they call “The future president of South Africa” went further:

“People who discriminate - in my humble opinion - should be in jail, not in (sic) campus,” he said.

Exactly! I fully agree! Put the whole UCT council and management in prison and when you are finished there, put the entire ANC in prison and when you are finished then jump into prison yourself you idiotic moron.

But that is not why he deserved the “Cry Baby of the Month Award”

He recalled a recent, minor car accident involving him and a white, female driver. Having caused the accident, Maimane said he approached the other driver sheepishly, wanting to apologise. However, according to the man the audience called the future president, the female driver began shouting at him angrily, speaking to him as if he were sub-human.

“I walked away feeling so, so inhumane…so inferior.”

Aaaah shame…poor Maimane…

Apartheid’s legacy still alive: Maimane

25 August 2015

How can the public respect Police like this?

By Mike Smith

26nd of August 2015

According to the useless ANC regime we have a “negative perception” about our safety. And therefore we have a "negative perception" of the police.

I kid you not, this is what they call 18,000 murders (officially) and 150,000 rapes (officially) a year. This is what they call the brutal assault, torture and murder of 4000 white farmers on their watch since 1994. It is all just a “negative perception”.

They want an aggressive media campaign against this “negative perception” of the police which they say was created by the media.

Now I must admit that I have never in my life seen a more biased, politically correct and liberal media than what we have in SA. Biased towards the regime that is and biased towards blacks.

Whenever whites complain about crime, the media calls them "racists". Pictures accompanying crime reports depict whites as the criminals and blacks as the victims when in fact it is the other way around. The small amount of crime of whites against blacks are so-called ”racist hate crimes”, but the far worse other way around black on white crime is, “just ordinary crime”. It is an orchestrated media psyops the media wages against white South Africans.

Nevertheless, the police are so corrupt, and violent that the public has lost all respect for it. They are involved in bank robberies, cash in transit robberies, extortions, bribes and untold brutality against civilians…and then complain that 60 of them were killed this year so far.

But why are they being killed? Let me show you…

Drunk cop in Pietermaritzburg
Take a look at this idiot, photographed by a white member of the public, passed out behind his steering wheel at 08:00 am with a bottle of Savannah between his legs. This is no "It is dry , but you can drink it" joke. Drunk cop caught napping

Read how two other men approached the vehicle and began slapping the policeman to wake him up. The man who took the picture said: “I thought they were going to beat him to death. The police officer only woke up when one of the men took the Savannah from between his legs and splashed it on his face.”

The policeman shortly afterwards started the vehicle and drove off. One of the men threw the bottle away.

Democratic Alliance MP Dianne Kohler Barnard said that the incident was horrendous.

“This police officer had a firearm on his hip. Anyone could have reached in and grabbed it. This officer must face a major disciplinary hearing. He is in charge of a firearm; he is in charge of you and me. Can you imagine if he had had to pull a citizen over, what could have happened?” she said.

Ward 36 councillor for the area, Vic Winterbach, said that a tragedy could have taken place with lives being lost.

“This is very concerning. A dangerous weapon in the hands of a drunken person. Police need to be setting the example. I’ve noticed officials breaking smaller bylaws like throwing plastic out of vehicles, but no matter how small the offence all police should uphold the law,” he said.

Founder and director of South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD), Caro Smit, said: “Another issue is that police officers are not good at following the rules of the road. We recently did a survey in Pietermaritzburg and found that four percent of police officers wear seat belts and if they do not follow the rules of the road, why should anyone else.”

Exactly! And these are not isolated incidents either:

  • In January 2013, Russell George of Prestbury arrested an alleged drunk police officer and locked him up in the back of his police van after watching him drive recklessly through the streets of Pietermaritzburg.

  • In March this year, a video of a policeman allegedly drunk behind the wheel went viral on social media. The man who filmed the video, Phil Tomlinson, questioned the officer on the side of the road in Durban, before the officer sped off.

You see, these guys think they are above the law. They drive drunk. They drive without seatbelts on. They throw their shit out of the windows…then they wonder why people don’t have respect for them.

But the most amazing part is that the useless ANC regime, instead of sorting out their equally useless goons, are going after the media who reports upon them.

But that is still nothing.

Black cop sodomising unconscious white man with his hand
A video emerged of black cops assaulting two young white guys for no apparent reason apart from the fact that they were alone and white. They slammed the one guys head into the tarmac a few times, kicked and punched him and then anally searched him on the ground, turned him on his back and then pulled his pants further down and fondled his private parts.

I would like a psychologist to explain this sick, perverted and barbaric behavior to me. We saw the same thing when Eugene Terreblanche was hacked to death in his sleep. The bastards also pulled his pants down and exposed his genitalia. Is this some kind of penis envy towards whites or is it an act of humiliation out of pure and unadulterated HATRED of whites?

Black cop sexually assaulting unconscious white man
Where is the Main Stream Media now with their outcries of “Racism”?? They don’t even report on it. Nevertheless this is the disgusting scum that we should have respect for? They want us to have sympathy with them when 60 of them get killed? I am trying really hard, but I fail to find as much as one ounce of sympathy for these bastards. In fact I spit on them. Like I always say, they know where they can go and find “sympathy”…in the dictionary. Somewhere between “shit” and “Syphilis”.

I hope these two white guys sue the living crap out of the police and that these bastards are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Fortunately the one had the wherewithal to carry a cell-phone/camera and filmed it all. These are exactly the kind of videos we should expose. Every time these bastards use this kind of brutality, they should be filmed and exposed. It converts another 100 liberals. It brings us ever closer to uniting against these Pigs.

We should all have dash cams and cameras inside the vehicle. Film the bastards when you get pulled over. Film them when they ask you for a bribe. Take their names and numbers. Write down or film their vehicle registration numbers. Sue them! Show them we will not take their corruption and criminal behavior.

The day is going to come that we will come face to face with these bastards. Then it is going to take a lot of discipline to hold ourselves back, especially when they turn violent. The blacks had their Sharpeville. Just show a few blacks the image of Hector Peterson and see what happens. It united them back then and is still uniting them now. We are going to have to face our Sharpville too. It will be the final nail in the coffin of the ANC and their goons, because it will unite us once and for all.

Watch; Shocking footage of police brutality in Fourways. Warning: extremely graphic images

The two cops caught shoplifting
But don’t think these are just black cops. Two female cops (one white, one coloured) were caught shoplifting a cellphone headset and USB modem at the Cradlestone Mall in Krugersdorp.

“F@#k you black people. You are always making a noise. I am coming back for you, I will get you,” the constable shouted at the staff who caught her.

Staff tell of how cops tried to bribe them

The best part for me was when the black shop assistant Danisile Xulu expressed her disgust in the police women, “When we realised they were stealing we weren’t scared of them anymore. It is disgusting how they are taking advantage of their uniforms,” she concluded.

You see? Once the public realized that these bastards were nothing but common criminals, they lost all respect for them and lost all their fear and that is what we want, because fear is the only power they have over us. When you lose your respect and your fear, you start to disobey and do not co-operate anymore. THAT is the start of the revolution.

24 August 2015

Why do people obey dictators?

By Mike Smith

25th of August 2015

Gene Sharp said in his book “From dictatorship to democracy” that overcoming the people’s fear and habit of obedience is a necessary prerequisite to destroy the dictatorship.Which brings us to the question…

Why do people obey dictators?

“With an understanding why people obey, we can more effectively promote collective disobedience to unjust laws. Also, understanding why people obey provides a powerful rebuttal to the belief that “obedience is natural.” Human beings are not genetically predisposed to obedience, but rather to living in communities, in a society in which good reasons are available for voluntary compliance with laws and conventions. But when compliance is forced and obedience is demanded by a government through threats and sanctions rather than by popular consent, obedience becomes less stable.“ – Non-violent struggle – 50 crucial points, pg36.

There is no one reason why people obey dictatorships rather a complex mixture of reasons. Make no mistake, the dictator knows all of them intimately and apply or make use of them religiously. His very survival depends on them. Habbit

To obey is not natural. As children we get taught and conditioned to obey those bigger than us, older than us and those having more authority than us. We obey our parents, our teachers, our lecturers, road signs, the police, etc. and so we also learn to obey the government, even when it turns bad.


A few years ago I wrote an article on the famous Zimbardo prison experiment and how people fall into and adapt to their roles in society. Those who were the “prison guards” became increasingly brutal and those who were the “prisoners” more subservient.

This leads to a condition called ”Learned helplessness” where people simply accept their fate, because they see no way out even when one is staring them straight in the face. I called it a “resistance to resistance”.

Just following orders

In 1961Prof Stanley Milgram of Yale University started a series of experimenets that became known collectively as The Milgram experiment

He later published his findings in a book called, Obedience to authority: An experimental view,1974

The Milgram experiment showed the surprising ease with which ordinary persons can be commanded to act destructively against an innocent individual by a legitimate authority. People feel absolved from guilt when ordered by an authority.

The instinct to bond with a strong leader

Dictators exploit a well-known instinct for most people to seek protection from a strong leader, according to Alice LoCicero, a Cambridge, Mass.-based clinical psychologist and researcher on leadership and terrorism.

"Our behavior is still affected by what went on thousands of years ago," LoCicero said. "It's easier to understand why it's adaptive and common for people to bond to powerful leaders. In Darwinian evolution, the people who bonded with the leader survived. That instinct got passed along."

LoCicero has studied terrorist leadership and victims of terrorism from all five continents. She says that in some cultures, it's important to show respect to leaders, whether it's North Korea's Kim family of dictators or just the local schoolteacher.

We also saw this phenomonen in Serbia during the Kosovo war where Nato rained down bombs from March 24, 1999 to June 10, 1999 trying to destroy the Serbian military machine. All it achieved in doing was strengthening support for Serbian dictator Milosevic. It reached an all time high.

Sedja Popovic mentions how it was the worst time for the Otpor! resistance movement who were about to depose Milosevic in a non-violent revolution. Even some of Otpor’s own members started instinctively cheering for Milosevic.

The “Personality Cult”

Most of the time the dictator is actually not strong at all, but will try to “appear strong” and will create a “Cult of personality” through careful control of information and propaganda.

Most dictators are actually insecure, paranoid and manipulating bullies and in fact weaklings.

This becomes very clear once they lose their power and are dethroned. Suddenly they break down and appear extremely weak. Examples are dictators Ferdinand Marcos, Erich Honecker and the former red terror Stasi Chief Erich Mielke who turned into bumbling idiot and were laughed out in the “Volkskamer” (people’s chamber) when he insisted “…But, but I love you. I love all people…” when it came out how they built the Berlin Wall and slaughtered people who tried to escape it.

More recently the ridiculous 5ft3 Kim Jong Il, who was a pudgy, vain, top nerd who bouffed up his hair to gain another inch or two built his cult of personality to create an idealized, heroic, and at times, worshipful image who, amongst other things, claimed to be a brilliant inventor as well as a super golfer who shot 38 under par his first time playing golf. His biggest legacy was the 1-2 million people he starved to death whilst enjoying a lavish lifestyle.

His son 32yo Kim Jong Un was described by his Swiss classmates as a shy child who was awkward with girls and indifferent to political issues. He likese basketball, computer games and during NBA star Dennis Rodman’s visit to the dictator Ryan Duffy of Vice Media observed that "the leader was 'socially awkward' and didn't make eye contact when shaking hands".

The 5ft 6in Nicolae Ceausescu gave himself such titles as "Conducător" ("Leader") and "Geniul din Carpați" ("The Genius of the Carpathians") and had a king-like scepter made for himself. Ceausescu’s birthday (26th of January) was the most important day of the year and everyone had to put up a happy face or be punished.

For years, nearly all official photographs of him showed him in his late 40s. Romanian state television was under strict orders to portray him in the best possible light, but who can forget his pathetic looking face at the attempted speeches on the eve of his overthrow when the crowd started booing and heckling him.

And who can forget the surprised face of Sadam Husein when he was dragged from the hole in the ground where he was hiding…His mug said, “Game Over”.

The last moments of strongman Muamar Al Gaddafi crying like a baby when he was dragged from the filthy drain pipe he was hiding in is another example of how truly weak these dictators really are.

In reality the dictator is not strong. He only looks strong until the last ten minutes. He is not installed by God. He might think he is a god but in fact he is Odin’s Mickey Mouse and Allah’s Daffy Duck.

“You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police ... yet in their hearts there is unspoken fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts: words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home, all the more powerful because forbidden, terrify them. A little mouse of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic.” ― Winston S. Churchill, Blood, Sweat and Tears

Distractions - Bread and circus

Since the times of the Romans, dictators have used this technique.

Panem et Circenses comes from Roman poet Juvenal's metaphor for people voluntarily (or democratically) giving up civic responsibility for a reasonably stable status quo.

When the people are well-fed and having fun, they will be too contented or lazy to protest against those in charge (they may even start to thank, adore, and praise those in charge), turning them into gullible lemmings and apathetic citizens who will leave the “Powers That Be” free to do as they please.

Sports such as football, Rugby, Olympic Games, etc serve as distractions to lead people away from political realities, misrule and corruption.

The GDR used the so called FKK (Freikörperkultur) or nudism as bread and circus. Drugs and alcohol can also be used like in USSR, GDR and China.

When a brave leader stands up to tell or show the people what is really going on, he is branded as a troublemaker out to ruin their (relatively) happy life — or worse, submerge them in fire and brimstone. When you are the only sane person, to others, you look like the only insane person.

Lies, propaganda and the blurring of the distinctions between Dystopia and Utopia

Reality is turned upside down. The regime will tell lies and half truths to create the impression that the current status quo they created is the best the country has ever seen or will ever see. The dictator is God and the totalitarian state is heaven. Successful countries in Europe or the West are made out as “corrupt”, “materialistic” or “rotten”.

This form of indoctrination usually starts early from kindergarten age and carried out throughout school and university so that sheeple genuinely believes this junk.

The regime also makes use of “Brown envelope journalism” where reporters are paid to sing praises of the dictatorship. In South Africa 2010, journalists Ashley Smith and Joseph Aranes of the Cape Argus were implicated in a scandal to further ANC Premier Ebrahim Rasool’s agenda, but the rabbit hole went deeper when in 2012, ANC spindoctor Chris Vick a former journalist who writes a column in Business Day – has riled editors with his accusations of widespread unethical behaviour by South African journalists. These include that some reporters have their stories written for them by public relations practitioners like him.

SA journalism plagued by payola

Jacob Zuma: "You have less rights,
because you are a minority"
Misapplied Democracy and the Tyranny of the Majority

“For the minority, what else is democracy than dictatorship?” – Anna Jae

The minority trapped in a “democracy” has no voice and is forced to accept whatever the majority decides no matter how bad those decisions are.

The minority then feels that the dictatorship is justified, because the majority supports it. So they just go along with the flow and accept the status quo.

The dictatorship’s friendship with big powers

The people feel that the dictatorship should be tolerated, because of the support from foreign nations or corporations.

In the case of South Africa you have BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and SA) in a partnership of emerging economies representing over three billion people. Almost half of the world’s population. No wonder South Africans feel powerless.

In SA there is also the perception that the ANC is supported by mining and industrial giants such as De Beers/Anglo American, Lonmin, Consolidated Goldfields and others.

As we will see, these associations are not guaranteed for the dictatorship to remain in power and can quickly change sides.


There are three ways the dictator uses fear. First there is the fear of him and his regime. Second there is the fear of someone or something else. Thirdly there is the fear of ourselves.

Fear as the tool of the “Saviour” dictator

All dictatorships make use of fear to rule and present themselves as the only saviours. Fear is not only the fear of “sanctions” (punishments) from the dictator but also fear from an imagined, manufactured or real “enemy”…I call it “creating and hating the scapegoat.”

Dictators long ago found that it is easier to unite people in common hatred than in common love. This fear keeps the society off balance and collectively paranoid.

People who are resisting the dictatorship are called all sorts of names and vilified. Hitler would call his opponents “Communists” and “Jews” whether they were or not.

Stalin would call opponents “Fascists” and “Anti-revolutionaries”. In general the Marxist opponents are called the “Bourgeoisie”.

In Iran the scapegoat is called the “Infidel”, “Zionists”, “Imperial war-mongers”, etc. Israel is known as “That Zionist State”.

P.W. Botha called his opponents the “Rooi gevaar” (Red Threat) and the “Swart gevaar” (Black Threat).

In South Africa under the Marxist ANC “fascists” made way for “racists” and the “Bourgeoisie” are the whites, the “Colonial Capitalists” who refuse to share.

The dictator presents himself as God or ordained by God to rule forever; His opponents are vilified as demons or the Devil. The dictator wants people to believe that he is their only salvation; The Saviour. The Messiah.

In Iraq Saddam Hussein was so convinced of his God ordained destiny to rule forever that he refused to accept that he would be overthrown in April 2003 even with American tanks rolling into Baghdad.

In South Africa the Dictator Jacob Zuma said that the ANC will rule until Jesus comes.

What is “The fear of sanctions”?

In short, “sanctions” are “punishments” and can be anything from being police beatings and torture, imprisonment, losing one’s job to losing family, friends, livelihood, etc. It can also be threats, coercion or even assassinations.

An animal normally only fears immediate threats, but people can imagine threats in the future.

Therefore, the purpose of sanctions is not so much as to punish the resisters, but to make examples of them so that the rest of the people are deterred from resisting in future as well.

The dictator uses the “carrot and stick” technique. Those who resist can expect the harshest punishment, those who obey are rewarded. We will see that this fear of sanctions is one of the most important to overcome.

Atomisation and the fear within

There is another very important fear that keep people obeying the regime and that is the fear of failure. The fear that “I am not good enough” to do anything. “I am alone.”

This “isolation of the individual is called “atomization”.

The control of information and dissent

In dictatorships like the East German GDR, Iraq and North Korea, dictators tightly control the flow of information and therefore control dissent. There's such total control that four people talking together can be seen as a conspiracy.

The media and state broadcasters are either directly controlled by the dictatorship or exercises self censorship out of fear of sanctions. Certain films are banned, certain music is banned.

Internet and social media is censored, regulated and/or spied on. Telephones tapped and books disappear from libraries.

“When governments try to tightly control the flow of information – Including information on the internet – They only show a fundamental misunderstanding of the Information Age. What governments and others who want to control information don’t understand is this – they are no longer in control of the information. Power is moving into the hands of individuals and away from the exclusive control of governments and corporations.” - Dr. Gerald L. Kovacich

The Armed forces and a climate of fear

The dictatorship uses the armed forces (police and military) to openly display weapons on street or carry out military parades in order to install a general climate of fear and hopelessness amongst the population.

The secret police creates a climate of distrust amongst the people so that even family members are too scared to voice dissenting opinions.


So we see that it is in the dictator’s best interest to keep the people atomised, keep them in fear and keep them from disobeying. He will use everything from threats, rewards, armed forces, propaganda, lies and distractions to stay in power.

He knows…If the people overcome their fear of him, unite and start disobeying him, he is in deep, deep trouble. In the next edition we will look at how to achieve that.

23 August 2015

The whole country is uniting against Zuma

"A prince need trouble little about conspiracies when the people are well disposed, but when they are hostile and hold him in hatred, then he must fear everything and everybody." – Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince, chapter XIX

By Mike Smith

23nd of August 2015

If you were wondering if a revolt against the ANC’s totalitarian junta is the right thing to do, have no doubt.

It is not just us who want Zuma gone. Everyone, from the very poor blacks in the townships of Port Elizabeth, the miners of Marikana right up to the top of the ANC want Zuma gone. Seems like a palace revolution is brewing inside the ANC.

More top ANC men want Zuma gone

"More top ANC leaders have turned against President Jacob Zuma as the battle for the presidency intensifies ahead of the party's Mangaung conference in December."

"Former top cop Bheki Cele has emerged as a key lobbyist for the "Anyone But Zuma" grouping in KwaZulu-Natal. ANC stalwart and former cabinet minister Pallo Jordan this week added his voice to those calling for change in the party."

At a remembrance of the Marikana Massacre three years ago, only the DA and the EFF turned up at Wonderkop. There was no trace of the government or the scared ANC. DA leader Mmusi Maimane told the workers:Zuma’s place is in jail

"President Jacob Zuma's place is in jail; he should pay back the money used to upgrade his home. The widows of our brothers who were killed have suffered enough and we will fight that they get compensated," he said.

"This ANC government is protecting one person - President Zuma - instead of protecting the people of South Africa."

It is clear from this article in the Sunday Times that South Africans are of all walks and life are now openly talking about withholding taxes and even open revolution.

Why pay taxes to thieves?

“The government admits we lose R30-billion a year to corruption, but our finance minister wants to increase taxes on an already overtaxed middle class to raise R27-billion over the next two years.”

“It is time for a middle class revolution.” – says fed up Dave Harris, Craighall Park

“Arrest the thieves and taxes will be safe.” -  Jack, by e-mail

I fully agree that Zuma should go, but I disagree with Beke Cele on “Anyone but Zuma”.

Eight years ago I wrote an article for SA Sucks called It was just time for a change

I can still remember how euphoric the whites were back then that Thabo Mbeki was replaced by Zuma and the folly of “just wanting a change.”…what if that change was worse? Nevertheless, prominent Afrikaners like  Steve Hofmeyer and Dan Roodt went to braai with Zuma. Dr. Johann Wingard (former chairman of the Volkstaat council) publicly attacked me on “Global Politician” and sang the praises of Zuma and his “University of Robben Island Education”. What an utter fool he must feel today. You can read his drivel here

Nevertheless, in my article I made a list of predictions. Half came true under Zuma so far, the other half is just a matter of time. I ended it with the words, “Bad just got worse!”

I was right. Zuma turned out to be ten times worse than Thabo Mbeki. So will Kgalema Motlanthe, a former MK terrorist who spent ten years on Robben Island be worse than Zuma. So will Cyril Ramaphosa, former trade unionist and committed Socialist be ten times worse than Zuma.

People should not get false hope when Zuma falls. Changing the top of the ANC will not make the ANC better. The entire useless ANC terrorist regime should go. They should be tried in a court of law and thrown in jail for all the Murder, rape, theft, corruption and mismanagement they have subjected South Africans to.