27 March 2015

Poo Protestors looting and on a rampage in Cape Town

By Mike Smith

27th of March 2015

“Vermin” is the only word to describes these savages.

City chaos erupts as poo protestors loot stalls

Look at this white man peacefully drinking his coffee at Starbucks in St Georges Mall walkway and being attacked and robbed of his bag by these ANC scumbags.

In the video below you can see how these criminals also robbed other vendors, mostly black and coloureds trying to earn an honest living.

This is the ANC’s NDR or National Democratic Revolution also known as “People’s War”.

The ANC lost the Cape at the polls so now they want to make the Cape ungovernable. The ANC will not rest until they rule the Cape again. They want the DA out and they are willing to steal, assault intimidate and murder to get control of the Cape. They cannot allow the DA or anybody else to run even one province, because then people will see how incompetent they run the other eight.

This Communist piece of trash, Andile Lili, the leader of Ses’khona People’s Rights Movement, also known as the “Poo Protesters” who dumped human faeces at the Western Cape legislature and Cape Town International Airport is a former expelled City of Cape Town, councilor, a former mountain guide and a shit stirrer of note, no pun intended.

Born in Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape, he grew up steeped in the history and tradition of the ANC and the trade union movement. His father was a shop steward at Murray & Roberts in Cape Town and chairman of the Cederberg ANC branch for ten years. Part of his childhood was spent in Cape Town but in 1985 his political activities at school prompted his father to send the ten-year-old Andile and his older brother back to the Eastern Cape. He was back in Cape Town four years later and in 1992 he was elected to the regional ANC Youth League executive. The following year he was recruited into the South African Communist Party.

So as you can see, he is a low class piece of Communist rubbish and apparatchik, lower than the turds he splashes about and my only regret is that he survived a suicide attempt last year in which he was shot four times. I just hope next time the assassin puts the gun between his beady eyes, before he pulls the trigger.

Funny enough he denies being part of the ANC and even blamed the ANC for his assassination, but the ANC loves him. Everything he does benefits the ANC and his supporters wear ANC T-shirts. Before the elections last year the ANC provided Ses’khona members with several thousand T-shirts with President Jacob Zuma’s face on them.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has described Ses’khona as a “syndicate of human rights violators” working from within the ANC. But though he is still on the party’s regional executive committee, Lili insists he has distanced himself from the ANC.


He and his fellow poo protestors are apparently upset that the shacks in Khayelitsha township do not have toilets. Even the apartheid government provided better toilets for poor people, he said.

How then? Do toilets fall out of the damn sky?

Who bussed tens of thousands of blacks into Cape Town to win elections in 1994? The ANC of course.

With no roads, no sewage or water drainage system, no running water or electricity lines, these blacks just illegally built wherever they pleased.

If you want to evict them to build infrastructure, they get upset and fling poo. If you don’t build infrastructure they also get upset and fling poo. So what are you suppose to do? You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

If I could have my way I would march the whole bloody lot along the N2, over Sir Lowry’s Pass and all the way back over the Great Kei River Bridge to where they came from…Then flatten all those illegal shacks on the Cape flats that is such an eyesore.

I could in any case never understand why whites must submit building plans and be subjected to building inspection when blacks can just build illegally wherever they want. Why the double standards? What happened to one law for everybody and everyone equal under the law?

Same with restaurants and pubs. Whites must have licenses to sell alcohol and be subjected to health inspection, but blacks in the township can run shebeens, have eateries and slaughter goats in their back yards with no licenses or inspections. Who are the REAL “disadvantaged” here?

That whole Khayelitsha is illegal and should be razed to the ground.

26 March 2015

Rhodes, George V...Is Van Riebeeck next?

By Mike Smith

26th of March 2015

Ah shame…poor liberals. Their fluffy bunny, rainbow Lala-land is being destroyed by their little pet Noble Savages faster than you can say “Rhodes”.

Just the other day I asked what comes after Rhodes? Now I see King George the V at the UKZN campus is taking strain and has been defaced with white paint.

End white privilege say students who defaced statue at UKZN

Yip…it is just a matter of time before Paul Kruger and Jan van Riebeeck’s turn come.

Liberals are now complaining about their beloved Noble Savages who are biting the hands that feeds them. They complain about the black students looking a gifted horse in the mouth…Liberals will never get it. Blacks hate them. Blacks do not trust them. No matter how much “good” they try to do, blacks will never acknowledge it.

There are lots of famous Rhodes Scholars who studied at Oxford. Edwin Hubble, Bill Clinton, actor singer Kris Kristofferson who stars as Wesley Snipes’ manager in “Blade” and of course Bram Fischer, Communist and Mandela’s lawyer. In fact the list of Rhodes Scholars read like a long list of Communists and Ultra liberals who have devoted their entire miserable lives to “uplift” the spear chucking Noble Savages.

Below is a letter that makes for interesting reading about where all Rhodes’ money went that he stole from the Boers. It doesn’t matter how much “good” it apparently did. It is blood money and will never bring anyone good fortune. The blood of 34,000 Boer women and children is on that money.

Rhodes donated millions for the good of South Africa

Start of quote:

Now that the Rhodes statue controversy is almost done and dusted, with Max Price stating that the statue must be moved, the next target by the anti-imperialist students of UCT must surely be the Rhodes Scholarship. This Scholarship allows for 2-3 years study at Oxford University with a stipend of 13,650 pounds per year for postgraduate students. They also stay in a residential college. Students have access to Rhodes House, a 20th century mansion with public rooms, gardens, a library and study areas etc. All this provided by the Rhodes Trust.

I’m sure, however, that the UCT students, in their fanatical endeavours to remove everything connected to Rhodes , will fight tooth and nail to have the Scholarship banned, and that any student selected will vociferously decline in lieu of his conscience and warped ideology.

It is strange though that Nelson Mandela saw fit to merge the Mandela Foundation with the Rhodes Foundation to form the Mandela Rhodes Foundation in 2003, that got a whopping R142 million from the Rhodes Trust. It’s also quite ironical that the mission school Mandela attended received a grant from the Rhodes Trust, as did the University of Fort Hare where he studied. At his treason trial Mandela was defended by a Rhodes Scholar, Bram Fischer. There is no doubt that these bigoted students will fight vociferously to have the Rhodes Trust removed from the Mandela Rhodes Foundation as the Mandela name cannot be tarnished by linking it to the imperialist racist, Cecil Rhodes.

A colonial racist who has done nothing for the black people of South Africa except donate millions of Rands to worthy causes, and fund and build schools and universities that they are attending quite sanctimoniously. Statues and trusts can be removed, but never history. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.


end of quote

25 March 2015

The Sangoma, the graves in KZN and the bullshit vilification of whites in South Africa

By Mike Smith

24th of March 2015

Welcome to the topsy-turvy, upside down, New (Improved) South Africa where the witches hunt the people, not the other way around like in the dark ages.

A black witch or “sangoma” by the name of Makhosi (title for a great sangoma) Bongekile Nonhlanhla “Mshanelo” Nkomo from Msinga saw a vision of tormented souls somewhere on a sugar farm in Dududu on Kwazulu Natal’s South Coast. These souls wanted her to help them and set them free.

Sangoma tells how she located KZN graves

Mass grave site discovered in KZN

OK…for a moment, just ignore your Bullshit-meter going past the red and about to explode, because these primitive savages take this seriously. They honestly believe this bollocks of a “vision” and ancestral ghosts and what have you. It is clear that they haven’t caught up with the 21st century yet.

KwaZulu-Natal premier - Senzo Mchunu and several provincial MECs have visited the farm and lo and behold, they have discovered three mass graves with a total of about 100 corpses.

The farm is called Glenroy Sugar plantation and reportedly owned by Illovo Sugar in KwaZulu-Natal. Government is also in contact with the previous owners - the Lindsay family. As far as I can establish the original owner of the farm, Walter Lindsay, died about 20 years ago and he sold the farm to the Illovo Sugar Group 26 years ago (1989).

As could be expected, the gun was jumped, knees were jerked, and without a shred of proof, assumptions were made., because if you want to beat a white dog it is easy to find a stick.

Cut a long story short - Immediately Apartheid (and the white man) was to blame.

Riveting! Heartbreaking as the tearful Premier Mchunu said, "It opens old wounds they had hoped to have healed after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission into apartheid-era political killings.”

Apparently there are the remains of what looks like a solitary confinement cell. (I am surprised they haven't found gas chambers).

Apparently there can be only three sources of the corpses:

  • the graves are of prisoners who worked on the farm,
  • victims of the apartheid government or
  • forced labour.

Apparently it is all bollocks!!

...But hey…never let a moment go by without vilifying white South Africans as evil slave owners who whipped and killed their black slaves, right?

Listen to this rubbish:

An elderly woman who would do seasonal work on the farm said that although she never saw any prison labourers, they knew there were prison labourers who were killed after the job was done.

“Growing up, we knew there were prisoners working there; they served their sentences there and when it was over, they would be dealt with and buried there.”

KZN burial site an open secret

And the poor dead farmer who cannot defend himself is now smeared and vilified, like all white people normally are.

An elderly man born in the area said the prisoners were “bought” by the farmer who was well known to the community.

Another woman described the farmer as “helpful but shrewd”.

“If you were short of food, he would give you a sack of mealie meal but take a cow from your kraal in return,” she recalled.

She said the farmer would employ local children to pull out the stubs of sugar cane, after it had been harvested, for a pittance.

How anybody can take this anecdotal rubbish seriously is beyond me. Actually not. It is probably one of the most laughable, amateurish attempts at Psy-ops I have seen in a long time, but it is aimed at the average IQ67 black proll and therefore it will probably be successful.

Private forensics consultant Dr David Klatzow, who holds a PhD in Medical Biochemistry, said the discovery had been a “disturbing one”. He said a number of unconfirmed reports of mass graves, filled with victims of “hit squads”, had emerged in recent years ago but no evidence had been found.

See? “unconfirmed reports” and “No evidence had been found”.

Local chief Mjokwana Mqadi said there had long been stories about killings on the farm. He believed they were folktales.


See? Again…stories and folktales.

Now it seems they are not even sure that the remains are human and the question is asked, “Why, eight months after the apparent discovery, has not one grave been exhumed?”

KZN graves: More questions than answers

What about the political violence between the ANC and Inkhata Freedom Party (IFP) in the early 1990’s?

“It had pitted Zulu against Zulu in a brutal contest for control of land and the people who occupied it. Massacre was met with massacre; savagery with savagery, with each killing creating an exponential momentum that threw all distinctions to the wind. Between July 1990 and July 1993, an average of 101 people per month –3,653 men, women and children in total -- were hacked, mutilated, shot, or burned to death, due to "politically related incidents" as they were euphemistically referred to.”

“More South Africans – almost 14,000 were killed in South Africa during the four and a half years following the release of Mandela in February 1990 and his inauguration as President of South Africa in May 1994 than had been killed in the previous 42 years of the apartheid.”


Why is it that nobody has asked if these graves and corpses are not maybe from that period of Black-on-black violence? It is not even mentioned in the MSM.

Dr Klatzow wants the place rigorously controlled and excavated scientifically.

HAHAHA...eight months after the discovery?? Good luck with that.

If they haven’t already, they will plant evidence to “prove” that it was the Apartheid police and remove evidence that could indicate it was ANC on IFP killings.

24 March 2015

The return of Apartheid - The Chinese experience in Africa

By Mike Smith

24th of March 2015

Like I have said so many times, “They will still beg us to show them how to introduce Apartheid.

Apartheid will make a comeback. In fact, Apartheid is alive and well and the more people get into contact with black Africans the more they will see that Apartheid is the only viable and fair solution to keep the peace unless you want to completely eradicate them of course.

The “Chinese Restaurant”, located at the junction of Galana and Lenana roads in Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya have banned blacks patrons after 17h00, insisting they pose a security threat to its clients.

Chinese restaurant in Kenya ‘locks out’ Africans after 5pm

Only a selected few government officials and personal friends of the owners are allowed. Taxi drivers and patrons who have proved their loyalty by spending about $200 are also allowed. The rest must stay out.

They took the decision after an armed robbery last year and recent warnings from the Chinese embassy over Al Shabaab’s increased threat.

I don’t blame these Chinese people. Apartheid is a protection system. Their reaction is only natural. In fact they can learn a lot from us whites on the southern tip of Africa who have been practicing the same thing since Jan van Riebeeck planted his bitter almond hedge from Kirstenbosch to Milnerton to keep the rest of Africa out of white territory.

I actually liked what the Kenyan senator Mike Sonko (a friend of the owners) said:

Kenyan senator says: respond to racism with love

He said: “Racism cannot be eradicated through retaliatory tactics. Let's not think that by closing down one restaurant we will have ended racism. Fellow Kenyans, do not respond to racism by being a racist yourself,"

Try telling SA blacks that.

Brutal racist attack on white teenagers by black mob in KZN

By Mike Smith

24th of March 2015

A video has emerged of a large group of black thugs beating up a small group of white teenagers, believed to be from Vryheid, outside a petrol station in Pongola.

The incident occurred at about 3.30am last Sunday and was filmed by a witness who asked for anonymity for safety reasons.

Watch: White teens attacked by black mob at petrol station

The blacks were beating the white teenagers with sticks and looking for pangas to continue the attack and the police stood and watched with their hands in their pockets.

At this stage it is unclear how the fight started. I am not sure what they were doing at a petrol station at 03.30 in the morning. Maybe they were underway and needed to stop for a pee. Maybe they stopped to fill up the car or buy cigarettes…Maybe they were even drunk, who knows.

What is clear is that these teenagers were totally unprepared. They had no weapons and were wearing sandals and slippers or were barefoot.

What stands out for me is their naiveté and downright stupidity.

I was also stupid once. I once ended up in a similar situation when I was a teenager (19). I was alone, totally unarmed and had an altercation with a black dude. After he pushed me and slapped be in the face I grabbed him by the chest and repeatedly punched him in the face until he was just a dead weight hanging on my arm.

Immediately I was surrounded. I still bear a scar on top of my head where a pregnant bitch hit me with a piece of 4x4 from behind that my knees buckled. I told her to stay the fuck away, but when she came in to hit me again I side-kicked her full in her stomach. It took the fight out of her and she didn't try again.

Within seconds I was surrounded by a mob and a guy with a garden spade came from the front and swung it sideways to hit me on my knees. Fortunately I managed to grab it and ripped it from him after which he turned and ran with me chasing after him. The mob chased after me and I could feel the stones hitting me in the back and felt one narrowly brushing my head.

At that stage the police arrived and the bastard took cover behind them. It took five policemen between us to hold me back and protect him. I was going to kill the motherf*cker.

What saved me that day was my training and mental preparedness. Although I was unarmed in the beginning, I quickly managed to arm myself with whatever I could get, but most of all, I was willing to use it to its full extent and in my mind was willing to kill if I have to.

That kind of mental preparedness does not come naturally. It only comes after years of training and self reflection.

Best of all is to avoid such areas of possible conflict in the first place, but in the new South Africa it can happen at any moment at any place. Teenagers like these and people in general should learn to organize themselves, arm themselves and learn to fight back with total brutality. Take no prisoners.

Most people don’t like to think about violence. Most people naturally shy away from such dangerous situations and try to avoid conflict. Me too, but when it comes I am prepared to meet it head on with full force.

I have played these kind of scenarios off in my head thousands of times before I found myself in one. I still do 24hrs of every day. I physically and mentally trained for it for years. Survival is brutal and you only get one chance. You have got to be more brutal than your attackers. You cannot have mercy. You cannot be nice. You have to be prepared to even kill women or children if they threaten your life. Whatever it takes, but you must survive.

There is no such thing as a fair fight. Most of the time you will probably be outnumbered. If you are not willing to be utterly brutal in such situations, you will go down and you will die. You will be ripped apart like a pack of wild dogs rip the carcass of an impala apart.

These teens can be lucky they are still alive. It is my opinion that if these teens were organized i.e. dressed correctly, armed, trained and most importantly mentally prepared, the outcome would have been a lot different. I hope they have learned their lesson. Next time be prepared

23 March 2015

What comes after Rhodes' fall?

By Mike Smith

23rd of March 2015

Last week I noticed some conservative bloggers and commentators, especially the Afrikaans ones, mention that they are indifferent to the tearing down of the Rhodes statue at UCT.

When one thinks about the atrocities of the likes of Rhodes and Milner in the Second Anglo Boer War then one can understand why, but my question was: “Where will it stop?”

Today it is Rhodes in Cape Town; tomorrow it will be Paul Kruger in Pretoria or the Voortrekker Monument for that matter.

Well…I did not have to wait long for an answer.

Out came Julias Malema with some remarks at an EFF rally in Langa (Cape Town Township meaning “sun”, Nyanga means “moon”) on Saturday, Human Rights Day, in memory of the Sharpeville Massacre and the Langa Massacre. You can watch the video at the bottom of this report.

Malema calls for the destruction of Louis Botha statue outside of parliament and all “apartheid symbols”

He obviously backs the destruction of the Rhodes statue as well, his only regret is that he didn’t come up with the idea first.

It is obviously illegal what he is doing. He is inciting criminal acts and violence, but he reckons he is not scared to be arrested. Why not?

Well, Malema is a puppet, an apparatchik of the Communist cabal at the top of the ANC. He says what the ANC wants to say, but cannot. Malema is the new Vavi and the EFF the new Cosatu, the muscles of the ANC/SACP/ Cosatu troika.

Vavi got too big for his boots…thought the tail could wag the dog. He became too obstreperous and refused to do what his Communist masters told him to do. That is why they framed him, smeared him and tried to get rid of him, but he clings like shit to a wooly blanket.

Malema is the new radical front of the ANC to keep the wild dogs in the Lumpenproletariat at bay. He is the new front scoop of the ANC bulldozer with the SACP as the driver.

Malema takes his queues directly from the top of the ANC. The ANC and the EFF are two sides of the Communist pincer. The hammer and anvil with the stupid prolls in-between. It is almost time for them to rejoin again.

Malema’s secret meeting with the ANC in Mozambique

Nevertheless…Continued Malema…

“Stop being crybabies. You brought down apartheid. You can’t fail to bring down the symbols of apartheid. It is your duty as a revolutionary.”

Malema’s comments were met with shrieks, applause and stamping….in typical, classical Chimpout style.

Continues King Louie, the King of Swing…

“And any symbol that reminds black people they’re inferior shall be confronted by the EFF. We are fearless.”

I think he should start by confronting himself, because if ever there was a symbol or proof of the inferiority of the Black man then look no further than Julias Malema and his IQ67 supporters.

So what about “The Symbols of Apartheid” they want to tear down?

Just watch…mark my words…After Rhodes and General Louis Botha’s statues have fallen, they will go after Jan van Riebeeck, Paul Kruger, the Voortrekker monument, etc.

Do I mind? Not really much. I normally make a point of visiting the Boer Women’s monument (Bloemfontein), Voortrekker monument (Pretoria) and the Bloodriver Monument (Between Vryheid and Dundee, KZN) once a year. To me these are holy sites. Visiting them is like a pilgrimage to me. Last time was about four months ago.

I got to the Women’s monument in Bloemfontein and I was the only white visitor there. Others were Indians and Arabs. The white women who work there were extremely unfriendly, refused me entry because I arrived at 16:30 and they wanted to close at 17:00. So I just took a walk around the main monument. It smelled of urine and excrement, probably from the black workers at the renovation/building section.

Seems like whites couldn’t be bothered to visit it anymore. Do they even care for the 34,000 women and children who died in the concentration camps?

At the Voortrekker Monument there were more Chinese than in Shanghai. Again I was the only white visitor there. When I later told the young white Afrikaans waiter at the restaurant in Pretoria that I was at the Voortrekker monument he told me that he has lived in Pretoria for 21 years and has NEVER been to the Voortrekker Monument.

So it doesn’t seem as if these symbols mean much to the indoctrinated youth of the New South Africa today. Why preserve them then? Why still bother?

Besides, they can tear it all down. After that they can start with the hospitals, universities, bridges, highways, airports, roads, and every other “symbol of Apartheid”. The whole of South Africa is a testament to the White man and what he accomplished

Go for it, Malema. Bulldoze it all down. Nobody will stop you. We do not have a Paul Kruger that can unite the Boers today. We do not have a Hendrik Verwoerd that can unite the whites of South Africa anymore. So carry on Malema. Have a field day. Don’t let a single brick on top of another. Smash it all down and grind to a powder. Every single house the whites have built in this Godforsaken country is a symbol of Apartheid. Break it all down. Give me chaos and destruction. Let the streets flow with blood, because that will be the day the white man of Africa will eventually wake the fuck up and bring order to the land again.

What you will never be able to tear down, you miscreant, are the symbols I carry inside of me. The pictures of how beautiful South Africa once was. All those symbols of Apartheid are burnt into the fibres of my heart and embedded into my soul. You cannot touch them Malema. I will take them to my grave. What will you take to your grave Malema?

As for the liberal white idiots at UCT who were cheering for the ANC and Communist scum, I hope you enjoy getting bulldozed by the monster you nursed and breastfed all these years.

20 March 2015

The Return of the Apartheid "Dompas" courtesy of the ANC

By Mike Smith

20th of March 2015

The Apartheid-era Pass Laws act of 1952 insisted that blacks over the age of 16 had to carry a passbook (internal passport). That policy ended in 1986 and to help it end LWB’s like Helen Zille and their Black Sash movement demonstrated daily against it.

Contrary to common belief that it was introduced to restrict black’s freedom of movement, the passbook known as a “Dompas” was there to protect the working rights of South African blacks. If blacks from other countries were simply allowed to infiltrate illegally into SA they could take the jobs away from our own local blacks. It also ensured that no illegal aliens could roam through white neighbourhoods and commit crimes.

For that same reason, European countries like Germany require that all their own citizens carry an ID at all times. Carrying a pass is nothing new. It is nothing sinister. It is perfectly normal. Any person visiting another country must have a passport and in most cases a visa.

So why was the Dompas so hated then? Because the irresponsible blacks kept losing it and would then be arrested. They simply didn’t understand how the pass could be good for them and protect their jobs so they were careless with it.

Blacks would get drunk, get robbed, lose the Dompas whatever…When a black was found by the police to not having his Dompas on him, he would be considered an illegal alien and be arrested.

One could argue that whites should also have been made to carry a pass then and the fact that they didn’t made it discriminatory. Problem was that at the time SA did not have a problem with illegal whites flocking into the country, but we did have a problem with millions of blacks who would flock over our borders every year into SA to take the mining jobs from our local blacks and drive the wages down.

The liberal whites like Helen Zille and the greedy Randlords of the Gold mines were against the Pass Laws not, because they were sympathetic to the blacks of South Africa, but because they WANTED the surplus foreign cheap black labour so that it would drive the wages of blacks down effectively making them slaves.

These bastard liberals and Communists told the simple blacks that the Pass Laws were “oppressing” them and the Blacks believed it, because what they experienced was being arrested everytime they didn’t carry the damn Dompas.

So now, today in the New Improved, Multi-Culti, Rainbow Nation of Arsezania we have open borders and Freedom of movement under Section 21 of the Bill of rights.

The result? Millions of blacks come over our border every year to take the jobs away from our local blacks and screw their women. So the local blacks get upset and every now and again you have chaotic and brutal xenophobic attacks by our blacks on foreign blacks. Proof of the failure of the Communist system and exonerating the Apartheid system with its Pass Laws. It worked so well that crime was low and it kept the peace.

Therefore the ANC re-introduced the proven Apartheid system that worked.

In the Western Cape town of Worcester, the local police recently implemented a green card system that forced informal workers to register with a station. Black labourers have to carry the card almost exactly for the same reasons as the Dompas. To protect the jobs of our own blacks from that of foreign blacks.

The funny thing is that the blacks were told by the lying ANC that it was a DA (opposition party) initiative when in fact it is a police initiative. The police fall under the ANC and further…they already introduced it in Gauteng. It’s got nothing to do with the DA, the local government authority or the provincial government.

In fact when the ANC introduced it Gauteng they were very proud of it and thought it was a splendid idea.

The cherry on top is of course that the ANC’s lackeys, trade unions COSATU is outraged about the green card system and called it “Outright racist”.

As could be expected, Helen Zille and her Randlord backers are still against the New Dompas, because they love cheap black labour. It fills their pockets to the brim. It would be interesting to see if she is going to dust off her Black Sash and demonstrate against it this time.

‘Dompas’ an ANC strategy - Zille

Dompas 2.0 Apartheids big comeback

Cosatu outraged by modern day Dompas

19 March 2015

Black lives matter?

By Mike Smith

19th of March 2015

…And white lives don’t?

By the egalitarian standards of liberals, the statement “Black lives matter”, is racist. Surely it should simply read “Life matters”…

This stupid, hypocritical and racist slogan was thought up by three black women activists: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi after the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Now if it is true that “Black lives matter” then to whom does it matter? Certainly not to other blacks.

If Black lives mattered to other blacks then why are they constantly showing us exactly the opposite? Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Congo, South Africa…everywhere one looks blacks are killing other blacks in their millions. They don’t even spare babies.

Look at this Noble Savage:

Man kills 3-day old baby after using her as a club to beat his girlfriend

Another source

A black Cameroon national living in South Africa, has been charged with the murder of his newborn baby after allegedly using the infant as a weapon to attack his girlfriend.

Alexander Forba, 32, snatched the infant from her mother and gripped the three-day-old baby by the legs to beat his partner like a club, a court heard.

Prosecutors told Pretoria Prison Court in South Africa that Forba then threw the infant to the floor of their apartment and continued to attack the woman until witnesses intervened.

The drunk bastard is believed to have flown into a rage after questioning whether he was actually the father of the child, police said.

Then there is this one…

Zimbabwe nanny gets 22 years for stuffing baby in a drawer

Or this one…

Mom strangles and bites 1 year old daughter to death


Blacks make up 25% of the population of New York and Hispanics 28%, but despite those population percentages, blacks make up 46.1% of the abortions, and Hispanics, 31.4%. While whites comprise 44% of the NYC population, they make up only 12.5% of total abortions in that city.

78% of all the abortions were done on blacks and Hispanics

Black female teens are four times more likely to terminate their pregnancies

In South Africa they either throw the babies on the rubbish dumps where they are eaten by ants or dogs or dispose of them in pit toilets.

Gauteng: Black baby found on rubbish dump eaten by red ants

Durban: Black baby found in garbage bag on side of road

Cape Town: 7 day old black baby found alive in wheelie bin with maggots all over him

Last week we saw a video of a black teenage girl (Ariana Taylor) beaten up by other black teenage gangsters at a McDonalds in Brooklyn, NY. And nobody came to her rescue. They planned the attack for two months and was revenge for an unspecified slight against one of their Ferguson pals.

You can watch the video here

Before you have sympathy with the victim read this:

Teen beaten by gang of girls in Brooklyn McDonalds brags about internet fame

Black lives matter? Not to other Blacks it seems. My only concern is this: If they can do that to their own, imagine what they are going to do to us when they get the chance.

18 March 2015

The hypocricy of music show sponsors and their liberal media lap dogs in South Africa

By Mike Smith

17th of March 2015

Don’t you just hate rap? I hate it with a passion. I won’t even call it music. It is just plain rubbish. However, it does give one a good insight into the minds of blacks and what they really want to do to us whites.

Take bi-sexual Voodoo Rapper Azealia Banks for instance who seems to be so full of hatred towards white people that it is spluttering and rat-tat-tatting out of her thick lipped gob with the diamond studded teeth at every opportunity.

In a recent interview with Playboy , she said that she hates whites, especially fat, white American, straight, males and she hates everything about America.

Makes you wonder why she hasn’t buggered off to Liberia or Sierra Leone yet.

She Tweeted about how she wanted to “Kill crackers in their sleep” and then called it “a Joke” and the liberal media did not even blink an eye. What she also mentioned wass how her older pedophile black boyfriend (43) used to beat her up when she was only 17…but she hates white males. Go figure.

Can you imagine if a white rapper like Eminem had to say how he would like to kill Niggers in their sleep? There would be a shit storm of mega proportions throughout the world. No…it is fully OK if Eminem raps about killing his white mother, but God forbid if he ever rapped about killing niggers.

Forget the Americans. I think there is just one thing I hate more than Nigger rappers and that is liberal hypocrites. But I am repeating myself...let me explain.

A few years ago in South Africa, songwriter Mbongeni Ngema, who wrote the Sarafina play, wrote an anti Indian rap song called Ama-Ndiya (the Indians) which was declared hate speech, because it portrayed Indian South Africans as selling fake shoes and exploiters and oppressors of blacks.

Nobody called for his sponsors to withdraw from concerts, etc. In fact he was given an honorary doctorate and voted as one of the top 100 South Africans of all times.

Twelve years later, another song (by AmaCde) did the same: Umhlab’ Uzobuya (The Land Will Return) also referred disparagingly to Indians, saying they are an “age-old problem” and should “go back across the ocean” or face “action”.

Nobody called for their sponsors to withdraw from concerts, etc…They called it A simple cry for help

For years now ANC members have done the same to the whites. They sing songs like “Kill the Boer; Kill the farmer”, “Bring me my machine gun” and “One Settler; One Bullet”.

When Isaac Mutant of rap band Dookoom sang “Larney jou poes” (loosely translated as Boss you’re a cunt) inciting hate speech against whites (especially farmers) and calling on black farm workers to go burn down the white farms, constitutional lawyer Piere de Vos made it off as “engaging in political debate” and “artistic expression”

LWB and black communist mattress Gillian Schutte (she is married to former MK terrorist Sipho Singiswa) went a step further when she almost orgasmed in the Mail & Guardian and said that white women secretly have “darkest, deepest, anxious fantasies” about having sex with the “unwashed body of the worker “…“the black murderer, rapist and wild man”.

She reckons that Mutant is a “Dark Prince”:… “the fantasies of aristocratic girls and good women trapped in the sanitised world of whiteness.”… and that his “physicality resonates perfectly with the quintessential literary construction of the dark man of the libidinous colonial fantasy – swarthy, dangerous, scowling, barefooted, vulgar, in your face, looking back at the world in poetic defiance.”

It is not white girl’s fantasies. It is HER twisted fantasies, but like liberals do…They always think others are just like them.

Oh, and she loves swearing . She loves being a foul mouthed “wench, peasant skollie” and the black man’s slut.

Gillian Schutte wants to be raped by Mutant

The rap tune itself is a vile combination of infantile swearing, stupid lies and distorted history that clearly smacks of ignorance and an absence of an education with lyrics like:

Bra, remember you came here in 1652

You a skollie too

You were fokken sentenced with a convict crew

You robbed and screwed the natives

Now who’s the savage?

The chorus underlines the anger of the song by repeatedly exclaiming, “Jou poes, my larney”

After that rubbish…Nobody called for Dookoom’s sponsors to withdraw…

...But just let a White man like Steve Hofmeyer, sing “Die Stem” (a poem about the beauty of South Africa) or saying that Blacks were the true architects of Apartheid then he is called a “Racist” and his sponsors withdraw from his shows.

Landrover and Pick & Pay pull out of concerts after Steve Hofmeyer saga

Bunch of hypocrites, all of them. Pick & Pay practices racist Affirmative Action against whites and even if Steve Hofmeyer was a KKK member, in their own Pick & Pay Code of Conduct on page 15 under discrimination they say that they should not discriminate against other people’s political affiliation.

Under “Harsh or cruel treatment” they say “Business partners must ensure that any form of physical or mental abuse, harassment, punishment, or the threat of these forms of abuse, is prohibited in the work place.”

…Yet they abuse and harass Steve Hofmeyer.

Jaguar and Landrover were originally part of British Leyland. In 2008, the two were bought by Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, and officially joined together as one company in 2013.

Hey? Owned by Indians…but practicing racist Affirmative Action in South Africa.

How do you understand that? They boycott Steve Hofmeyer about alleged "racism" to suck up to the very racist Blacks who want to kill Indians…So much for their “Social responsibility” bollocks.

17 March 2015

Solidarity's new "Bolek" attacks white whistle blowers and activists

By Mike Smith

17th of March 2015

I must admit, since the 1990’s when the old Mine Worker’s Union became “Solidarity”, I never trusted them and I will tell you why.

First of all, the name put me off. It reminded me too much of the Polish Solidarity movement of Lech Walesa, a KGB spy pretending to be in the opposition to Communism.

That is right. Lech Walesa was a Communist spy and tried to cover it up so he could get the Nobel Prize and become president. During his presidency of Poland he tried to destroy all the files that connected him to his traitorous past, but enough still leaked out to prove he definitely was a KGB spy codenamed “Bolek”.

Also read here about Lech Walesa

It was nothing new. It was called, “Controlled opposition”.

Lenin said, ““The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Thus whenever I looked at Solidarity/AfriForum and what they were up to I noticed a few peculiar things. They appear to be working very hard treating the symptoms, but never tackle the root causes of the problem namely the ANC and their absurd racist policies.

Sure they have the “Solidarity helping hand” scheme helping poor whites in SA, sure they tackle some Affirmative Action cases on behalf of a handful of whites, but they never attack the root causes namely the racist policies of the ANC.

In fact Dr. Dirk Hermann wrote a pathetic little booklet called “Affirmative Action: a guide to good practice”.

I have a copy of it (somewhere). It basically approves of Affirmative Action and offers the ANC a few tips on how to introduce it “fairly” so as not to upset the white Afrikaners. I mean, come on…whose side is he really on? “Fair Affirmative Action” is like saying there is “fair racism” or more accurately “gentle genocide”.

But every now and again, they drop their masks and you can see who is really behind Solidarity.

They were visibly absent from the “Red October campaign” in Pretoria and a few weeks ago they attacked singer/activist Steve Hofmeyer and called him a racist for singing “Die Stem” and pointing out the genocide of whites in SA.

Yes. Here is a rule of thumb if you want to know how accurate you are…Just get close to the truth and you will get attacked like you have never seen before.

Nevertheless, it is this rubbish from Solidarity’s Flip Buys that finally drew the line for me.

Flip Buys writes: “Give our children hope for the future”

According to Buys, the white South Africans who are raising the alarm about the ongoing genocide against white farmers and whites in general are depriving our youth of hope for a future in SA.

That is right…we (says Buys)…the ones with the “Hysterical racist screams (on Facebook)” and “Skewed panic-propaganda” of “White genocide and whites being excluded from the job market” are the ones who are going to drive the young people out of the country.

Not the ANC, not their racist policies of Affirmative Action, BEE, quotas in sport and university entry…not the horrific crimes like farm murders and torture, nor the corruption and mismanagement by the ANC…no…WE, the racist bloggers, activists and whistleblowers are the problem. We make the youngsters lose hope.

What an idiot. Since when is “Hope” a strategy?

Nevertheless, continues Buys with a metaphor about arriving at an accident scene.

We who raise the alarm are just like the people at a car accident crying and screaming about how much blood there is, but we don’t help to stop the bleeding…

…So what is Solidarity doing then? Stopping the bleeding?

Sorry, but no amount of Band-Aid plasters they stick on is going to stop the hemorrhaging caused by the accident either. What caused the accident? A drunk incompetent driver called the ANC.

You want to do something constructive Mr. Buys? Solve the root cause of the problem, don’t treat the symptoms.

Just to strike a nerve at the heart of the pious Afrikaners he selectively quoted from the Bible Haggai 2 (only the second part) “…Be strong, all you people of the land,’ declares the LORD, ‘and work. For I am with you,’ declares the LORD Almighty.

“Work”, Mr Buys?? Any fool can dig a moerse hole and fill it back up again and say: “Oh look I worked really hard today.” …Yeah, but what did you accomplish?