19 December 2014

Noble Savages fight to keep their virginity tests

By Mike Smith

19th of December 2014

You have to laugh at the primitive practices of the Noble Savages. There is nothing else you can do, because they will never change and will cling to these practices for at least another thousand years.

Check out this bollocks for instance:

Outcry over call to ban virginity tests

Virginity Tests? I mean seriously...It is the 21st Century for crying out loud. What is wrong with these stone age savages?

The ANC Women’s League’s (ANCWL) wants to ban the practice at the Zulu King’s annual Reed Dance.

Cultural activist and founder of Nomkhubulwane Cultural Institution Nomagugu Ngobese said the ANCWL should not put their noses where they didn’t belong.

Fine choice of words. Somehow I don’t think that came out the way she intended.

I am not sure how they do the testing and by whom it is done, but I suppose the torn hymen indicates “Naughty Girl”…”not worthy”…bollocks, etc.

Shame. Hard luck to the ones who have had the delicate hymen ripped through sports, etc. I suppose they should go down to the police station, make an affidavit and present that to the king. See how far they get and good luck to them. Better would be to just bribe one of the testers. Bribing is also part of their culture.

And what about the ones who had their hymens repaired in an operation? Believe it or not they do it and pay a lot of money for it. Why I do not know. To stroke the future husband’s ego maybe?

How utterly infantile and insecure a man must be to insist his future wife is a virgin. They don’t want the wife to know there is something bigger and better out there otherwise she might leave. I would rather want my future wife to stay with me, because she WANTS to be with me.

In fact these men hate their women. That is why they have cultural practices like Female Genital Mutilation and dresses them up in rolls of cloth so no other man can see them. I was speaking to a black dude the other day. He said that they are totally amazed at how white men can walk alongside their wives on the beach with the wives dressed only in bikinis. A black man would never do that. In his eyes a woman dressed like that is asking to be raped and she shouldn’t complain when it happens.

It is like those Arab terrorists who blow themselves up believing they will go straight to heaven where 70 virgins are waiting for them. Hey? Who wants 70 virgins? I would rather have 70 raving sluts! That is my idea of heaven. Besides it must be a bummer if you get up there and find out the Imam lied to you or you misunderstood. Instead of 70 virgins you find one virgin that is 70 years old!

Nevertheless. What is the virginity test supposed to prove? That she is a good girl? How does being a virgin change who or what a woman fundamentally is? Has it never occurred to them that a woman can be physically a virgin, but a total slut in her head? Those ones cannot wait to lose their virginities because after that it will be Party Time. Hee-ha! What does it help if she was a virgin on her wedding night, but turns into the village mattress straight afterwards? The mind boggles at the stupidity of these savages.

Further, why are only the women tested for virginity and not the men? How would they do that?...or can a man not be a virgin?

Where is the outcry from the LWB’s about women’s rights and women’s liberation? Ah, I see…it clashes with their belief that Black culture is good and White culture is bad. Cognitive dissonance again.

18 December 2014

The ANC brought you REAL "Bantu Education"

By Mike Smith

18th of December 2014

The ANC always said that Apartheid “Bantu Education” was inferior…

So they have had 20 years to fix the "problem"…

This is the result. Take a look at these shocking statistics:

92.4% of grade 9 students fail mathematics

A whopping 92.4 percent of Grade 9 learners in the Northern Cape achieved between 0 and 29 percent for mathematics in the recent Annual National Assessments (ANA).

In the Northern Cape, learners in Grade 9 obtained an average of 9.7 percent for mathematics, against the national average of 10.8 percent. The highest was in the Eastern Cape, where the average mathematics mark for this grade was 13.3 percent, while Limpopo recorded the lowest with 5.9 percent.

Only 2.5 percent of learners in Grade 9 in the province obtained more than 50 percent of maths, while 0.2 percent achieved more than 80 percent.

According to the ANC's Minister of Basic Education, they have made "massive strides".

A yes, the ANC with their “Liberation before education”, “pass one pass all”, slogans and their curriculum 2005, “New Maths” and what have you…The education system has hit rock bottom under the ANC.

Questions to ANC: Please tell me…How in God’s name are you going to build a future skilled labour force on a national average of 10.8% for mathematics? Where are you going to get your artisans, technicians and engineers from?

Answers: ”Ons roep die Geel Baas”

Question to the ANC: OK so you will get your skills from China, but that still doesn’t solve the unemployment issue with our own people who are illiterate and unskilled. What is your solution?

Answer: We’ve got 16million people on Social grants, we’ll just add a few million more

Question to the ANC: But that cost the hard working and productive taxpayers R109 Billion last year. How can this be sustainable when the list of people on grants gets longer every year and the list of taxpayers gets shorter? Surely a five year old child can see that this is doomed to failure?

Answer: Failure for whom? It is all relative. It might seem like a failure to you, but to us it is a total success.

You see people? The ANC is following antiquated rubbish policies from a bygone communist era that proved to be a failure. Communism has ruined EVERY country it has been introduced in…but it has kept the illegal regime in charge for a very long time.

The ANC is simply following a recipe to stay in power forever. That is all Communism really is. The ANC couldn’t give a toss about the people going hungry, the infrastructure collapsing or the education system turning out illiterate and unskilled people. They are just voting fodder. The name of the game is “Power Forever”. That is all that matters to them.

But we must be careful not to attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by sheer stupidity…and the ANC IS stupid. The ones we should be careful of are the Communist Intellectuals, the ANC’s puppet masters in the background.

15 December 2014

Day of the Vow - Geloftedag – Remember Blood River

By Mike Smith

16th of December 2014

Today like, every year, I will remember the sacrifices my ancestors made to create this beautiful country. I will remember the blood of my people that was spilled to carve out a home for their descendants at the southern tip of Africa. I will repeat the vow, I will sing “Die Stem” and I will remember Blood River.

From my innermost being, from the marrow of my bones, I will reject the Marxist philosophy of the New South Africa. I will forever and a day defy the Communist scum who are destroying my country. I will remember Blood River.

I will go on my knees and pray for a speedy return of God to this otherwise godless country run by the spawn of Satan. I will pray that my people will wake up and have a change of heart. I will pray that they will once again stand together like 16 December 1838. I will pray that they will remember Blood River.



A year after Mandela's death and the lies of his sainthood haven't stopped

By Mike Smith

15 December 2014

Today is exactly one year ago since Nelson Mandela was buried and the media is full of the bullshit about what a wonderful man he was.

I am sick and tired of it. Sick and tired of people like Mandela’s Nanny Zelda le Grange who endlessly sings the praises of God Mandela.

Zelda le Grange was Mandela’s personal assistant from 1996 to 2013 when the Marxist terrorist finally croaked and went to hell.

How any self respecting person could do the job she did is beyond me. There are some things you just don’t do, no matter how much the money.

Nevertheless she got very wealthy recently from her bestselling book “Good morning Mr. Mandela”, so I suppose that was the drive behind her all the time.

Zelda had the choice to write the truth about Mandela or to sing the liberal tune. She sang the liberal tune and sold her soul to the Devil. Money became her God, not Truth.

She recently did an interview with the Mail & Guardian’s Shaun de Waal (5th of Dec 2014, anniversary of Mandela’s death).

Zelda le Grange

According to her, both her parents were nationalists. She voted for the Conservatives and voted “No” in the 1992 referendum.

Zelda only has praise for Mandela and tells a little anecdote of how he wanted all the staff of a hotel in Kuwait fired, because someone stole a bar of soap from his room. According to her this shows how Mandela felt about theft and corruption.

According to Zelda, What Mandela considered important was “discipline, respect, integrity and honesty”.

Utter made up rubbish.

Zelda also uses that clichĂ© that today “the ANC has lost its moral compass”.

What moral compass, Zelda? The ANC NEVER had one. The ANC has always been and will always be a Marxist terrorist organization. Surely you are old enough to remember the Church street bomb? The Magoos Bar bomb? The Wimpy Bars, shopping centres and golf clubs they blew up killing innocent people? The necklace murders in the townships? The black people thrown off moving trains? The torture of the ANC’s own supporters in their gulag camps like Quatro? Please tell Zelda…what moral compass have they ever had?

David James Smith in his book “The Young Mandela” revealed Mandela as a wife beater and a womanizer. How do you feel about that Zelda? So much for a man of integrity.

Let me enlighten you further, Zelda. Mandela was a loser. As a law student at Wits University, Mandela failed his final exams three times and blamed it on racist whites.

In 1961, Nelson Mandela, together with the South African Communist Party founded the military wing of the ANC uMkonto we Sizwe (Spear of the nation) , an extreme terrorist organisation inside a terrorist organisation and started a terrorist and sabotage campaign against ALL South Africans irrespective of colour. Even foreign journalist called him an outright terrorist (Peter Lewis - Daily Mail)

Integrity? Kiss my ass Zelda.

Let me ask you Zelda, have you ever read the book “Rivonia Unmasked” – by Lauritz Strydom? Do you know about Mandela’s evil plot for South Africans called “Operation Mayibuye” (A Zulu word meaning, let it return, as in let the country return to the blacks)?

Allow me to enlighten you Zelda.

The goal of Operation Mayibuye was to unleash 7000 armed and trained Marxist terrorist onto the country, who would then recruit more members and launch sabotage and terror campaigns murdering millions of South Africans including blacks suspected of being collaborators or informers to the white government. Mandela himself in his hand written book “How to be a good Communist” suggested that these traitors’ noses be cut off. The country would then be plunged into chaos and under these conditions several communist countries would invade South Africa.

The charge sheet at the Rivonia trail listed 193 acts of sabotage in total.

Mandela and his mates were charged with the preparation and manufacture of explosives, according to evidence submitted, it included 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder and a ton of black powder.

The judge said it was enough to blow up the whole of Johannesburg.

During the trial Mandela refused to take the oath and lied about being a communist.

That, dear Zelda is what your wonderful Saint Mandela really was, so get your head out of your Liberal white arse and forget about Mandela's Honesty and integrity.

Let me tell you about the kind of failed politician Mandela was, Zelda.

You should know because you were holding his hand during the time.

In the book, “South Africa’s brave new world” by R.W. Johnson he states in Chapter Three how the ANC had high ideals to build a Communist “Eastern Germany in Africa” and how they would under the RDP programme build a million houses and create five million jobs.

Not a single RDP target was achieved and the programme ditched two years later. A complete failure for Mandela.

Mandela failed to deal with the ever increasing AIDS problem and failed to convince EU leaders about trade with South Africa.

The country was in a grip of violence and a crime wave was sweeping through South Africa, but Mandela was seen posing with the Spice Girls or Rev. Jesse Jackson or telling the Israelis and Irish how they should copy the SA “miracle”.

Mandela blocked an official inquiry to the Shell House Massacre where the ANC shot at peaceful Zulu demonstrators from the rooftop of their head quarters with AK 47’s killing 53 and 173 were injured.

He told the public that he gave the order to “defend Shell House if attacked, even if you have to kill people.”

Mandela took bribes from hotel magnate Sol Kerzner

A man of integrity and honesty, Zelda?

Why were his friends some of the most corrupt politicians in the world? Ghadafi, Castro, Yasser Arafat and the utterly corrupt president Suharto of Indonesia were only a few of his terrorist sponsoring buddies.

Mandela also showed what a champion of free speech he was during the TRC hearings when Genl. Bantu Holomisa outed how several high ranking ANC leaders accepted bribes from Casino mogul Sol Kerzner.

Mandela first lied and denied it, but eventually admitted to accepting a R2million bribe from Kerzner, but refused to apologise to Holomisa for calling him a liar.

Mandela was furious at the ANC women’s league for supporting Holomisa and ordered that all its funds be cut off except for regional official’s salaries. It was a blatant unconstitutional suppression of free speech.

Nevertheless, Mandela accepted further bribes from Kerzner to put pressure on and call off Christo Nel from prosecuting Kerzner.

I can tell you a lot more about Mandela, Zelda, but be my guest and read the rest here:

Source article: The True Legacy of the Terrorist Nelson Mandela by Mike Smith

You Zelda, have become just as deceitful and dishonest as your God Mandela.

14 December 2014

Rolene Strauss is Miss World

By Mike Smith

15th of December 2014

Congratulations to Rolene Strauss, Miss South Africa who was crowned Miss World in London last night.

Rolene Strauss is Miss World 2014

It is the first time in 40 years (since Anneline Kriel, 1974) that we have a Miss World. Penny Rey-Coelen won it in 1958 showing that SA has some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Rolene is an Afrikaans girl from Volksrust in the Eastern Transvaal and a medical student at the University of the Freestate. She will now have to suspend her studies for a year while she stays in London to represent South Africa and especially South African women. Tough job.

The Miss World pageant has always been controversial. Almost as soon as it started, feminists have complained that women are being exploited and shouldn’t wear bikinis. Here you see that liberal conundrum again. They want women to be successful, but women’s success means they are exploited.

At the same time the Miss World contestants have been known to utter the most politically correct drivel you have ever heard in your life. It seems to me that the only ones exploiting the pageant and the contestants for their own sick causes are the liberals and feminazis.

It is going to be interesting to see how Rolene Strauss is going to represent to modern South African woman to the world. It is difficult when you come from a country known as the rape capital of the world. A country where women amongst the black tribes has almost no rights, are bought with cows (Lobola) and young girls hunted down by older men and raped in a sick ritual called Ukuthwala.

Take this practice for instance: South African women 'dry' their vaginas with bleach to make sex more pleasurable for men

Don’t you just love it how the media creates the impression that ALL SA women do this when in fact we know it is a black cultural practice. Either the media is excluding white, Indian and Coloured women as South Africans or they are lying.

What about all the white women in South Africa being raped, tortured and killed by black men in South Africa?

Nevertheless it is going to be difficult for Rolene Strauss to stay politically correct when confronted with the realities of SA.

13 December 2014

Msholozi Showerhead says Apartheid to blame for Eskom woes

By Mike Smith

13th of December 2014

It was only a matter of time. I was actually waiting for him to say it, but now he has finally said it.

Zuma says: “Blame Apartheid for Eskom woes”

President Jacob Zuma says our electricity crisis has its roots in apartheid. He says back then the electrification of suburbs was racially structured which resulted in only white areas being supplied with power.

I wonder what else this lying piece of filth is going to flog out of the dead Apartheid horse. Maybe he should blame Apartheid that most of his brains ran down the inside of his mother’s legs.

What is the truth about Eskom and Apartheid?

It is absolute bullshit that townships didn’t have electricity. In fact they had massive floodlights about 20 meters high.

Eskom was founded by white South Africans in 1923, expanded to become one of the 7 largest electricity suppliers in the world and since the mid 1980’s it had a 20% oversupply of electricity even after it was exporting electricity as far north into Africa as the Congo. Eskom had so much electricity it could lure big industrial companies like BHP Billiton to Southern Africa to operate Aluminium smelters (Alusaf in Richards Bay and Mozal in Mozambique) with attractive electricity prices and long term contracts.

The Government is the only shareholder in Eskom. The ANC was warned by Eskom engineers during the late 1990’s already that SA would run out of electricity by 2007 and asked that the state should budget for the building of new power plants. Nobody ever listens to the engineers. The ANC scrapped the budgets and insisted that foreign private investors should be sought to invest in Eskom.

Obviously this meant that they expected bribes to be paid to the ANC top brass.

It is common knowledge amongst any foreign investors into South Africa that the starting bribe is 15% of the contract.

These companies were either not willing to pay the bribes or they lost interest due to the fact that they could see that running Eskom, where only about 20% of the consumers pay, would not be economically viable.

In 2006 the last of these investors resigned. Round about that same time Eskom ran out of electricity and the first load shedding started, because the ANC never built any new power stations, the existing ones were not properly maintained anymore and the skilled engineers and technicians had to leave the country due to the ANC’s racist policies of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment.

The ANC admitted that Eskom's failure was their fault and theirs alone. In 2007 President Thabo Mbeki apologized to South Africa for the Electricity crisis.

Mbeki apologises for SA power cuts

Eskom was right, govt was wrong - Mbeki

In 2008 in his State of the Nation televised speech, Thabo Mbeki again admitted that government was responsible for the crippling power outages in South Africa and actually said that, "This situation has precipitated the inevitable realization that the era of very cheap and abundant electricity has come to an end."

Government at Fault in S. Africa's Electricity Crisis, Mbeki Says

Can you see? Mbeki actually admitted that the Apartheid era Eskom supplied abundant and cheap electricity to the entire country. They, the useless ANC, stuffed it all up.

12 December 2014

Wife swapping in African culture

By Mike Smith

12th of December 2014

Wife swapping is probably something that happens in all countries I suppose, but is it part of the culture of the people? I don’t know, but I think it is rather a minority fetish rather than an imbedded cultural practice.

They say don’t knock it until you have tried it, so I am not going to knock it and besides, what four consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their own homes is their thing. One man’s kinks are another man’s kicks.

“Consent”…this is exactly where the problem comes in. If the women in game does not consent nor has any choice, then surely it is rape. So much for woman’s rights amongst African blacks. Where are the outcries from the LWB’s?

Amongst the black tribes of Namibia, it is a common cultural practice.

Known as Okujepisa Omukazendu - which loosely means “offering a wife to a guest” it has been practiced for generations but a legislator’s call to enshrine it in law has stirred debate about women’s rights and tradition in modern society.

The practice is more of a gentlemen’s agreement where friends can have sex with each others’ wives with no strings attached.

Is this Swinging with an African tribal touch? Or “rape”, as some critics see it.

The wives have little say in the matter, according to those who denounce the custom as both abusive and risky in a country with one of the world’s highest HIV/Aids rates.

These black tribes contend their age-old custom strengthens friendships and prevents promiscuity, but with HIV/AIDS around, they just want it regulated to ensure “Good Practice”.

Is wife swapping swinging with an African tribal touch?

Wife swapping fuels debate in Namibia

11 December 2014

The Ukuthwala debate - A liberal dilemma

By Mike Smith

11th of December 2014

It must be very difficult to be a liberal. Nothing ever makes sense in your mind. You constantly suffer from “cognitive dissonance” and go from one dilemma to the next.

Take this situation for instance:

Liberal nightmare: White lesbian mom sues sperm bank for getting black sperm

See? These same sex couples preach tolerance and understanding on the one side and then cry and get upset when they are at the receiving end of their liberal bullshit.

Another example is how these racial egalitarians and cultural relativists always preach how wonderful the black culture is and that all cultures are the same…at the same time they strongly believe in feminism and women’s rights…

However when you point out to them the repugnant black cultural practice of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) then they start biting bubbles, “Hm,hm..uh,hm, uh…”

Take feminism and Ukutwala (bride abduction) for instance.

As you know, I have condemned this practice many times over on this blog, but here it is again.

Normally and basically it works like this: A black man buys his bride from her family with X-amount of cows. This abhorrent practice is called “Lobola”. Starting price is around five cows. Further the man can have many wives, but the wife is not allowed to have many men. So much for equality of the sexes amongst blacks. At this stage the feminists should already be up in arms. They are not.

Nevertheless. If the guy thinks the price is too high or he doesn’t have the money, he gets his mates together, they kidnap the girl and rape her in a ritual ceremony. Now the man is obliged to marry her (what he wanted anyway), but the family will sink the Lobola price, because she is now “damaged goods” and they won’t get a good price for her from someone else.

Obviously the system is horribly abused by pedophiles. Older men (50+) raping virgin girls as young as 10-13 years old and marrying them. This is a crime against humanity. It's black culture.

Liberals cannot support some parts of the culture and ignore or condemn the others, but that is what they do. They tend to support the parts that are similar to their own white liberal culture and condemn the ones that are in conflict with it.

It is rather arrogant and racist for liberal whites to be paternalistic towards blacks and tell them how their culture should be, namely like white culture. When you point out to them that this is racist, they start biting bubbles again.

Just like it is racist to build schools and hospitals for blacks, because when you do, you say to them that they are incapable of doing it themselves, but that is exactly what liberals do all the time.

Coming back to Ukuthwala…Blacks do not want to give up their Ukuthwala.

Cultural group wants ukuthwala protected

“We unashamedly promote Ukuthwala,” chairwoman of the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious, and Linguistic Communities, Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva said in Johannesburg last week.

Apparently, Ukuthwala can result in a happy marriage .

Happy for whom? Probably the man, because the victims say it needs to stop

A girl who is abducted, raped and married at 13, 14 years old will have her school career cut short, she will be uneducated, unemployed and poor. She will start to have children who will also be uneducated and unemployed and poor. It is a vicious cycle.

It is black culture that makes blacks poor.

In the black culture, the parents often take the children out of the school when they are about 13, 14 and force them to go and work for them. The child must then bring his/her entire pay packet home and give it to the mother and should be glad if he gets a few rands pocket money from his parents.

Forced child labour is a crime against humanity. It is Black culture.

So eventually the man wants to get married, but he has no money for the Lobola cows, because his entire life he has worked and given his money to his parents who drank it out. So his only solution is Ukuthwala. Like I said, it is a vicious cycle. It keeps blacks perpetually poor.

But when you ask a liberal why blacks are poor, you will hear that it was due to the white man's Apartheid and colonialism oppressing blacks.

I spoke to a liberal German woman the other day. Apparently she is a practicing Buddhist, a feminist of note, a tree hugger and an animal rights activist extraordinaire.

So after we discussed reincarnation, the I-Ching, the Japanese tea ceremony, Yoga, etc, I asked her how she, as a feminist, felt about the subservience of Buddhist women towards their men and the Chinese practice of feet binding. Immediately that vague stare that you see in the cornered liberal’s eyes came out.

I also asked her how she, as an animal rights activist, felt about the annual slaughtering of dolphins in the bay of the Taiji village in Japan, their whale ships slaughtering thousands of whales a year, their belief in Rhino horn making men potent, wiping out sharks to get shark fin soup, cracking open the skull of a live monkey and eating his brains out with a little spoon (which I personally witnessed), etc…blank stare.

I saw her again after that. She is still the same. No amount of truth will change a hardcore liberal. It is an exercise in futility. The only cure for their rabid, mental illness is a bullet to the brain.


10 December 2014

"Sorry sir, I just have to go and start the generator"

By Mike Smith

10th of December 2014

It never stops to amaze me how the ANC and their propaganda machine never let a single moment go by without taking a sideswipe at white South Africans especially Afrikaners.

I was checking out the Eskom Website when I saw the video of the Olympic swimmer Ryk Neethling sharing tips on how to save electricity.

Now there you have it. Thank you ANC! Now we know who the culprits are, the wasters of precious electricity…all those rich whites with Afrikaans accents (like in the video) who own swimming pools and actually pay for their electricity.

The problem is not the millions of blacks in the townships who illegally tap electricity nor is it the pathetic black management who ran the power stations into the ground. It is also not the blacks stealing copper cables…No, it is the White, Afrikaans capitalist dogs…

A few months ago I wrote an article telling you Why Eskom was on the verge of collapse .

In it I mentioned how I was in Pakistan a few years ago and the power in a Carpet dealer went out and how somebody had to go and switch the generator on in the back.

I was sitting in a posh Boland restaurant the other day talking to the young waiter when the power went out. The poor lad sighed embarrassingly, tried to smile and told me “Ekskuus oom, ek moet gou die generator gaan start.” (Sorry sir, I just have to go and start the generator).

To me it was clear that the country was now worse than that stinking and corrupt shithole, Pakistan.

Three years after my last visit to Pakistan in 1996, Pakistan had a military coup when Pervez Musharaf arrested the utterly corrupt Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. I wonder if the same might just happen in South Africa. I certainly hope so. Nevertheless Sharif made a comeback in 2013 and is now again in power.

However...The collapse of Eskom is an engineered one.

Eskom has a monopoly on power delivery, which makes it illegal for anybody else to provide electricity to the country. Breaking Eskom’s monopoly So we are barred from finding our own solution.

There are many reasons for the collapse, but basically Eskom has been stolen into bankruptcy.

The bread roll analogy

Think about it like a village bakery baking bread rolls.

It is the only bakery allowed in town, because the mayor and the city councilors have a majority share in the bakery.

The manager and staff give 80% of the rolls away free of charge and steal the income from the 20% that do get sold. On top of it the bakery has signed contracts with big restaurants (mines, neighboring countries) to supply bread rolls at below cost price, which they cannot deliver and knew they could not deliver even before they signed the contracts.

Further, the ovens of the bakery, the dough mixers, etc. are all falling apart from old age and lack of maintenance or the 80% non paying people steal the equipment which reduces production of bread rolls even further.

So the management’s explanation of the problem is that the people (who are paying for their bread) are simply eating too many bread rolls.

The solution is to ration the paying customers to two bread rolls per day (load shedding), whilst the ones getting it for free and the big restaurants that are getting it at below cost price are still getting their endless supply of rolls with no rations.

Further, the management hikes the price of rolls to the 20% paying customers and spends millions on bullshit advertisements where Ryk Neetling tells people to eat less bread. In fact he tells them that they have too much money that is why they are the problem.

Not only that. All the competent bakers and staff have been chased out of town so things in the bakery are falling apart at an exponential rate.

It is flipping ridiculous.

That Eskom is still functioning at all, is a miracle. It must be the only company in the world that goes to extreme lengths to tell their customers NOT to buy their product.

Eskom and the government as the majority shareholder are holding the public, the mines and the entire industry at ransom through the sabotage of public property. The destruction of the power stations and power lines is nothing but sabotage and it is worse than using bombs. They should all be tried and hanged. Swung from the yardarm, hung drawn and quartered or simply put in front of a pit and shot in the back of the head. I could have included shocked in an electric chair, but we don’t have the electricity for it now do we?

…But like I said before. Don’t take anything the ANC does at face value. They love the public to think they are stupid and incompetent.

We might think they are incompetent fools, but behind them are Communist Intellectuals for whom everything is going exactly according to plan.

In "Government by deception", Jan Lamprecht explained it at the hand of the “three hills”.

The Communists see everything in life as a battlefield. In their minds they are always at war. They basically have three hills to conquer on the South African battlefield namely the political one, the military one and the economic one before they can create their Communist Utopia (Hell Hole).

The political and military hills they have conquered already, the only one that is still largely outside their grasp is the economic one.

Now we see how they are using Eskom as a weapon to bring the South African (for now still largely capitalist) economy to its knees and eventually destroy it. Only then can they, like their God, Karl Marx in his poem "Human Pride", walk triumphantly through the ruins of their kingdom and feel equal to God. (published in "World Revolution" by Nesta Webster, pg. 167)

Communism has another strategy. A dangerous game that they play. By threats and coercion the inner core Communists hopes to make a fortune out of Big Business capitalists.

It will be interesting to see how the Big Business capitalists will react to this challenge. They want their gold and other minerals. As usual they will bribe and appease as much as they can. They will try to work with the ANC and show them a win-win situation…until the ANC overplays their hand that is and Big Business decides to get rid of them. Then you will see the South African version of the “Arab Spring”.

There is many a slip twixt the cup and the lip and my prediction is that we will see a classic “Problem, Reaction, Solution” scenario from the ANC and Big Business.

The ANC creates the “Problem” which is the collapse of Eskom. There is an outcry from the public (The Reaction) and then they provide the “Solution”, power plants at astronomical costs where the ANC regime’s gangsters are paid from spin-off deals that the taxpayer is funding.

A classic Communist pincer movement. Big Business is the “Anvil” and the “ANC/Eskom” is the “hammer”…and in-between is Joe Public being smashed to pieces.

09 December 2014

I declare this “Wack a liberal day”…No wait. Let’s declare 2015 “Wack a liberal year”

By Mike Smith

9th of December 2014

Recently, since Steve Hofmeyer’s tweet, I have noticed a wriggling upsurge in LWB activity as they scramble over each other to grovel in front of their worshipful Noble Savages, pull out their own intestines in self hate and flagellate themselves over their imagined “White Guilt”.

Latest is LWB extraordinaire, Helen Zille in her article Make sure racists don’t speak for you which she specifically addresses to “white racists”. Isn’t this tautology? Is there another kind of racist Hellen? Helen Zille should go and have a debate with this guy

Read her article if you want, but I suggest don’t bother.

Anyway. The first eight paragraphs are about isolated attacks of whites on blacks. I have NEVER heard or seen Helen Zille write that much about the racist black attacks on whites in South Africa especially the thousands of farm attacks and the 3000 plus farm murders in South Africa where whites are often brutally tortured for hours and nothing stolen.

According to Helen Zille, these few incidents indicate “a deeply disturbing trend”, yet the thousands of farm murders do not. No there is no trend there…

If 3000 lawyers or 3000 architects or even 3000 prostitutes get murdered, you would quickly hear that there is a trend, but just let 3000 white farmers get murdered and…”No, there is no trend there…it is all ordinary crime”.

You can only laugh at the idiocy of this fruit loop, old bat. Remember she was the one who ordered and paid a Ghostbuster to come and rid her Leeuwenhof home of evil spirits

Nevertheless. Look closely at what Zille is doing. She is elevating herself to a moral high ground by distancing herself and the DA from “those evil racist whites”. Not those few in her example above, in general. In her mind whites are all racists. Only the ones who worship at her feet and that of her beloved black Noble Savages are not.

Helen Zille then said that these racists are like this, because liberals like herself (“We”, “Us”) have allowed them to get to this point. She would rather have people like Steve Hofmeyer and Dan Roodt gagged.

The end of her diatribe is one of total fear and a bit of “Shjoe!” relief. She fears singers and authors like Steve and Dan Roodt might just steal her supporters and at the same time she feels relieved that only 5000 voted for Roodt in the last election.

There are many LWB’s like Zille in SA. Look at this blue haired idiot – one Laura Shortridge.

Even as a white traitor I am still white

Laura is a self admitting “spoiled white brat” who openly in the MSM is allowed to say how much she hates white people inciting racial hatred. Every now and then someone wants to know why I hate white people

And how about this half-wit? What feminism has taught me about my white privilege

I actually don’t mind what they say. It gives one an insight into the psyche of these creatures and an opportunity to wack them over the head.

There are many authors, real academics like Dr. Jamie Glasov (United in hate: The left’s romance with tyranny and terror) and Dr. Gedaliah Braun (Racism, guilt and self deceit) or Dr. Michael Savage (Liberalism is a mental disorder) who perfectly describe them.

You see…at the core of liberalism and its offshoots like gay rights, feminism, environmentalism, etc lies self destruction.

Liberals hate themselves so much that they want to destroy themselves (imagined white guilt), but before they do so they want to destroy everyone like them and they think we are all like them. They are the worst racists, because they hate their own race and will actively work towards the destruction of their own race.

Look at this Afrikaans LWB Adelé Le Roux, lawyer of Paarl Media, who wants to see Dr Dand Roodt in prison. It is personal. She supports a psycho Afrikaner, Johan Pienaar, who has been harassing Dr. Dan Roodt for years saying that anybody who is an enemy of Dan Roodt is a friend of hers. White Afrikaners attacking other white Afrikaners who support Afrikaans

Hey? Isn’t this the mind of a seriously disturbed person? You have to get rid of them; ostracise them, before they destroy us all. They poison society.

This is what Dr. Gedaliah Braun said in his book:
Racism, guilt, self hatred and self deceit page 159.

“For years I have heard conservatives call liberalism a mental disease and have generally viewed this as hyperbole. Recently, however, it has occurred to me that people like Michael Savage, the talk show host, are right. For if the essence of liberalism is self-hatred – hatred of one’s race, of one’s sex, of one’s ‘sexual orientation’, of one’s religion, of one’s ethnicity, of one’s nation(ality), indeed, even of one’s species (vis a vis ‘animal rights’) – and if the essence of such self-hatred is taking the enemy’s side and being against one’s own interests – then what better measure of mental illness could there be than acting in furtherance of one’s own destruction? Think about it. If suicidal impulses makes an individual ‘sick’, then surely it makes a society, a people and a race just as sick – and just as certainly, doomed.”