01 July 2016

SABC journalists turning against the regime

By Mike Smith
1st of July 2016

Following the censoring of violent protests against the ANC misrule at the SABC public broadcaster and the resistance of a handful of six investigative journalists and their suspensions by the autocratic Big Boss of propaganda Hlaudi Motsoeneng , some journalists showed their solidarity and picketed outside the SABC in Johannesburg and Cape Town this morning in what they called, “Black Friday at the SABC”.

Black Friday protests at the SABC

Hlaudi Motsoeneng is abusing his power: Vavi

Journalist Thandeka Gqbele said the sun is setting on journalism at the SABC

Three teams of lawyers are standing by to defend the six suspended journalists.

Anyway I have stopped watching SABC a long time ago. Three years I think. I just cannot stomach that amateurish propaganda crap any more. Non-mother tongue reporters trying to speak English or Afrikaans. How embarrassing. Why can’t they just employ Afrikaans people to speak Afrikaans, English people to report in English and Zulu people to speak in Zulu? No man…rubbish. Just switch it off.

Nevertheless, two thoughts… I find it hard to gather sympathy with any of these journalists. For years we pointed out the misrule, the censorship and the corruption of the ANC. These journalists were our enemies. They called us “racists” and what have you…And now? Kry vir julle. The rightwing was right all along, not so?

Secondly, you will remember how I pointed out a year ago how Gene Sharp mentioned certain critical turning points in the revolution. One of it was when the armed forces turn against the dictator. Another was the journalists turning against the regime. That time has now arrived. What you are witnessing is the start of a major turning point in the fight against the ANC. The ANC will still discover that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

Defacing election posters. Army doing the ANC's dirty work

By Mike Smith
1st of July 2016

You know what I find amusing? Watching how the ANC uses the army and taxpayer’s money to wash EFF election posters off a wall, but when someone goes and puts a "Voetsek jou naai" (“Fuck off you fuck”) poster over Zuma ‘s face on an ANC poster, they get all upset and wants to launch a full investigation...of course with taxpayer’s money.

ANC investigating defaced 'tsek' Zuma posters in Fish Hoek


Racist double standards in adressing racism in the New South Africa

By Mike Smith

1st of July 2016

It never ceases to amaze me...this hypocrisy of the useless Marxist trash known as the ANC and their sycophantic,  arsecreeping sidekicks and praise singers in the media.

Take this report about Andre Slade. Racist KZN guest house owner faces charges and possible Sars probe

See? Media, ANC and liberal twats; Judge Jury and Executioner.

He is a “racist” (fuck knows what their definition of it is), condemned to Hell and put in the economic and personal electric chair. Hung drawn and quartered by a hysterical leftist mob for exercising his individual rights, the same rights the constitution GAURENTEES and the corrupt scum in the ANC are supposed to uphold.

These individual rights include his personal freedom of association, his freedom of religion, his freedom of expression, his freedom of movement, etc.

FUCK THE FEELINGS OF THE MASSES. The constitution does not protect feelings. It protects RIGHTS!!!

Who is going to explain to these idiots that in a Western Democracy the Constitution does not protect the rights of the majority, but the rights of the minority and the smallest minority is the individual. That is it. What is there not to understand?

So what did the ANC do? The MEC for Economic Development and Tourism in KwaZulu-Natal, Sihle Zikalala opened cases of tax evation, operating a business illegally and crimen injuria at Mbazwana police staion, against racist guest house owner Andre Slade on 29 June 2016.

The first two I can understand, but Crimen Injuria? What a bullshit charge. South Africa must be the only dumbass country in the world with such a dumbass law. Like a policeman once told me, “Whenever you don’t know what case to lay against somebody you lay a case of Crimen Injuria”.

Extremely difficult to prove. How are you going to prove someone’s feelings were hurt? Take his word? See if he breaks out in tears? What utter bollocks. Libel is a different story. It is a genuine criminal offence. But Crimen Injuria? Get outa here.

My advice to Slade is to “NAAI them!!” Lay counter charges. They have trampled all over your constitutional rights. They have slandered and libeled you. No seriously, “PIEL them!”

In the mean time you have the (mis) ruling ANC with the legislated racial discrimination of AA, BEE and quotas for sport and university. You have the President of the country singing “Dubula iBhunu” or “Kill the whites”.

You have the racist extremist EFF leader declaring war on whites.

Five months after lecturer at Law at UNISA, Benny Morota called white students “cockroaches” he remains unpunished

Morota said on 7th of January 2016 on Facebook, “I hate white people and they must go back wherever they come from or alternatively to hell.”

When a certain Harald Sitta asked him if he was serious he hit back with, “idnt entertain white cockroach like yourself…idnt understand why you interfere in my black business…Fuck you pink white murderer…Enjoy the blood wealth of our people, your time to pay with your white skin is emmenent (sic)”

There is NOTHING in the English media about it at all. The university reckons the investigation is in the starting phases. Aaahhh yes...and that is where it will stay.

The former leader of the opposition DA party Helen Zille was told by coloureds in Pretoria ”Voetsek (Fuck off) you white bitch”

Nothing came of it!

Look at this guy Musa Mkhonza…glorifying blacks killing whites (sent in by a reader):

Where are the media and the ANC about this??? Hey? Bunch of racist hypocrites. Double standards by idiots professing “Equality”. Do they really expect anyone to take them seriously?

29 June 2016

On the 3rd of August, Vote Cape Party.

By Mike Smith

29th of June 2016

Following Brexit some people are making satirical jokes about the possibility of a Cexit or Cape Exit.

They reckon we should charge the Valies and Freestaters for Visas to visit the Cape, etc.

I just love it. The more people discuss it, laugh about it, cry about it and celebrate a possible independent Cape the better.

However there are some people who take it quite seriously. Like I for instance. But who am I?

Far more important is the fact that important people like R.W. Johnson and Steve Hofmeyr added their voices for a “Wexit”

Wexit, Cexit EsCape…name it what you like, as long as it happens. Tweeted Steve: “If Wexit happens I’m there tomorrow.”

Hofmeyr added: “Brexit did it. Brits leads (sic) the way to self-determination.”

Jack Miller of the Cape Party
Of course, after my 2007 article where I first called for an Independent Cape, the Cape Party was started by (now 31 year old) Jack Miller who is also the leader.

Further, according to Wiki, the constitutional law scholar and Afrikaans moffie with a string of black boyfriends, Prof. Pierre de Vos, however, has said that the Cape Party could not secede without a revolution. As the constitution has created a unitary state, he has said that threatening the unity of the country would be treason.

Well I have heard clap trap like that before. Cyprus for instance was a British Colony from 1914 until 1960. When the Brits annexed it, they ruled the island with an undemocratic constitution and imposed heavy taxes on the Cypriots. However the Cypriots wanted “Enosis”. Union with Greece and actively seeked it from the Greek King Paul, The UN and the UK.

Hard arse Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill refused the Cypriots independence and warned them that any attempt will be regarded as treason and traitors will be shot. He did not calculate or reckon with the formidable Greek resistance General George Grivas who secretly entered Cyprus in November 1954 and began immediately the formation of his guerrilla organization EOKA.

On 1 April 1955 with a declaration that he signed as DIGENIS (meaning “Two Blood”) and a number of bombings against various targets in the four major cities and military installations, he announced the beginning of his campaign for Self Determination and or Union with Greece.

On the 6th of April 1955 Sir Anthony Eden became the new British Prime Minister and said that Cyprus will NEVER be independent.

A year later on the 15th of March he repeated this to the House of Commons and declared that Britain will stand fast of Cyprus. UK to stand fast over Cyprus; Sir Anthony Eden gets confidence vote

During the struggle, the British colonial administration had offered a reward of 10,000 British pounds plus passage to anywhere in the world for information leading to the arrest of Colonel Grivas. They could never catch him. He was a Greek hero. In 1960 Cyprus defeated Britain, became an independent country...and invoked the wrath of the world’s NWO elite.

After the military ousted the traitor Archbishop Makarios in 1974 Turkey retaliated by invading and seizing a third of the island, the historic Mediterranean island remains split in two till this day…As divided as Berlin before the Wall came down, Cyprus is still bristling with troops and espionage bases and remains permanently policed by the United Nations.

The Cyprus Conspiracy: America, Espionage and the Turkish Invasion

If enough people in the Cape want independence it WILL happen. If it takes a revolution then so be it. About time people start fighting for their freedom.

Besides the ANC as a revolutionary organization knows that when the Cape Rebels stand up, there is no way they can stop them. If these guerrillas start targeting isolated police stations, army basis, rail roads and electrical pylons, ANC politicians, ANC offices, statues of Mandela and the other ANC scum, all hell will break lose, but it will lead to independence…Not only that…

Cape Independence will serve as a catalyst for other independent aspiration. The Boers, the Zulu’s, The Indians will all feel that if the Cape could do it then they can do it as well. Bye, Bye ANC.

The DA does NOT support an Independent Cape. In fact most of the people in the DA supported the ANC to come to power. Today they still want to be part of the ANC run South Africa. Stuff the DA.

On the 3rd of August 2016 there will be a thundering Tsunami of support. Return the Cape to Independence: Vote Cape Party

28 June 2016

A proposal for Jacob Zuma he cannot refuse

By Mike Smith

28th of June 2016

So get this, Zuma steals R246 million to build his Nkandla palace and only has to pay back R7,814,155.

This is encouraging large scale corruption and theft.

If I know that I only have to pay back 3% of a sum I steal and effectively get to keep 97%, I would steal a lot more than Zuma.

This is setting a precedent. More people are going to steal now, because if Number One, Msholozi Showerhead, can get away with it then why not the rest of us?

In fact, I would like to propose a challenge to the illustrious President (yours not mine) of the New (improved) South Africa on behalf of all the tax payers whose money he stole:

R246 million – R7,814 155 = R238,185 845

Now, President Zuma, here is the proposal…If you can pronounce R238,185 845…listen properly…you get to keep the money. All of it. You fail and you pay back every last cent of the R246 million. Deal?

26 June 2016

Brexit, the rise of Nationalism and an Independent Cape

By Mike Smith
26th of June 2016

Three days after the Brexit and you know what? My car still starts in the morning, I still have food in my fridge and Armageddon has not come to Britain or Europe. In fact life goes on pretty much as usual...despite all the intimidation, bollocks, rubbish threats and round the clock propaganda of the left the last few weeks.

They are sulking big time these lefties. They don’t like to get spanners in the works of their NWO plans. Concentration of power is the biggest enemy of liberty. Brexit has set them back at least two decades so they are pulling out all stops now.

In the UK they have now started a petition to have another referendum

See? The lefties are only interested in “Democracy” when THEY can win.

The rest of the leftist clowns in Europe are still peeved and shell-shocked. They want Britain to go as soon as possible. Foreign ministers of Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg met in Berlin on Saturday and said in a statement that they wanted Britain to quickly invoke the article in the EU charter allowing it to start negotiations on departure.

However, politicians and media in Germany fear that this could just be the first domino to cause several other nations to pull out of the EU. Germany's contribution to the annual EU budget could greatly increase by some €3 billion (US$3.34 billion) once Britain leaves the group.

Recent polls conducted in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary indicated that up to 40 percent of the population in these states could ‘want out’ of the EU.

Source: More countries want referendums on EU exit

In the Netherlands Geert Wilders of the PVV (Freedom Party) called for a Dutch referendum and Marine Le Pen of Front National in France did the same.

Said Wilders, ““The Dutch would like to be in charge again of their own budget, their national borders and their immigration policy. We should have a referendum about a 'Nexit' [Netherlands exit] as soon as possible,”

Marine Le Pen even adorned her Twitter page with a British flag, calling Brexit a “victory of freedom.”

Denmark's populist anti-immigration Danish People's Party (DF) also declared the need for a “stay-or-leave” referendum.

Jimme Akesson, Leader of the Sweden Democrats, the country’s anti-immigration party that has the support of some 17 percent of the population said, “We demand that Sweden immediately starts to renegotiate the EU deals we have made and that the Swedish people will be able to speak up about a future EU-membership in a referendu.,”

Italy’s right-wing Northern League was even more enthusiastic, with party leader Matteo Salvini tweeting: “Long live the courage of free citizens! Heart, head and pride fighting lies, threats and blackmail. Thank you, UK, now it's our turn.”

That’s as Italy's opposition 5-Star Movement, the country’s second most popular political establishment, swore to push for its own proposal for a referendum on whether to remain in the union.

Brexit also gave rise again to the aspirations of the Texas Nationalist Movement. They want Texas to secede from the USA. Brexit. Why not a Texit?

Indeed. Why not?

So why can the Cape not secede from the corrupt ANC run South Africa? I think that Cape referendum is long overdue.

25 June 2016

Biology lesson from ANC Youth League to young children

By Mike Smith

25th of June 2016

Look at this disgusting behaviour in front of young children. Isn’t this just typical?

This happened at the ANCYL youth month rally in KwaZulu-Natal. And then they ask us why we had Apartheid.

ANCYL’s Gyrating Monkeys

23 June 2016

Brexit: The United Kingdom not so United anymore

By Mike Smith

24th of June 2016

I am so glad to see the British Isles did what the Ice Age did naturally 6,500 years BC; Separate from Europe.

Don’t get me wrong...the Brits are a strange bunch, no doubt about that. I mean they love to eat horse feed, sip tea at three and chase after foxes with horses although mopeds have been invented a long time ago, but this time a bit of sanity prevailed. They Brexited!

I hope the first thing they do now is to close the borders, because that was the only reason for the damn referendum in the first place namely the useless EU’s inability (or refusal) to deal with the Islamist invasion of Europe.

Brexiting was the only way they could close the borders and have some control over who comes into their country. If they stayed in the EU they would have been swamped by fundamentalist Islamists.

The UK paid £50 million a day to be in the EU and what did the EU do with that money? Built flats and paid it out as grants to terrorists posing as “refugees”. Crazy.

I am actually relieved it’s over. The total self destruct madness and deranged lunacy of the left the last few weeks were staggering. Every time I saw a European leader (I use the term lightly) like Angela Merkel plead with the Brits to stay in the EU I involuntarily started gagging and almost threw up. Not to mention the crocodile tears over the LWB Jo Cox. Thomas Mair should be knighted for ridding this world of a deranged liberal twat whose black dick fantasies would have been the cause of future terrorist attacks and the deaths of British citizens.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if the Scots and the North Irish now hold more referendums to exit the UK and rejoin the EU independently. Soon there will be no more United Kingdom.

As far as I am concerned I hope to see more countries leaving the EU and that toilet seat of Satan in Brussels destroyed.

The toilet seat of Satan in Brussels.

22 June 2016

Who will restore the order in the Rainbow Nation?

By Mike Smith

22nd of June 2016

Last week the brother of Thabo Mbeki, Moeletsi Mbeki exposed South Africa’s hidden civil war

Apart from the SABC refusing to broadcast violent protests, exactly how hidden is it? In 2014 City Press reported that there are on average 32 service delivery protests a day

Amidst the tribal clashes and violence in and around Pretoria ANC ministers have set up a war room

Moeletsi Mbeki is right. SA is at war. A power struggle within the ANC. A war of ANC factions against the ruling ANC class of Zuma

It can only get worse and who knows where that is going to lead to? Experts are saying worse protests will come after the elections

As the country is going tits up, the silence of the liberal idiots in the West, The UN, etc, who wanted the ANC in power is deafening. We told them the ANC cannot govern and they would destroy South Africa. They called us “racists”. What do they have to say now? What do they expect us to do?

It still boggles my mind how the Western World could ever turn against us whites in South Africa and support the Marxist ANC scum.

Surely it could not have just been our gold and other minerals. Do they have control over those minerals today? The ANC have closed most of the mines already and took over the rest under the guise of BEE.

Surely it could not just have been Apartheid. Other countries had the same or much worse human rights abuses. India with their “Cast” system, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries with their gender Apartheid. Australia with their reserves for Abbo’s and the USA and Canada with reserves for Indians, Segregation in the USA, etc, etc.

Besides White South Africans always actively supported the West.

In the First World War, South African whites totaling only 1.25 million, sent 150,000 white soldiers to the aid of the Western Allies in places like Palestine, Egypt, East Africa, Flanders, the Somme, Delville Wood, etc.

21 Years after the peace of Versailles World War II broke out. This time, a white population of no more than 2 million contributed 280,000 soldiers, all volunteers, fighting in East Africa, the Western Desert, Italy (Battle of Casino, Monte Stanco, Valley of the Po) while some 45,000 air force personnel fought in practically every theatre of the war.

On top of that the white farmers of South Africa produced fantastic amounts of food for the Allied nations while the manufacturing industries produced thousands of armoured cars, bombs, explosives, etc.

When the United Nations called upon member states to prevent a Communist military invasion of Korea, South Africa was one of only fourteen countries (out of more than eighty) to heed this appeal.

During the critical time of the Berlin Airlift South African pilots and air force personnel contributed more than their share to save the Germans.

During the 1963 Cuban Crisis, South Africa was the ONLY country in the entire Africa to send a message of unqualified support to President Kennedy. At the same time, the ANC’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Luthuli sent a message of support to Fidel Castro.

For 71 years (1919-1990) South Africa administered Namibia for the UN and fought a 23 year proxy war (1966-1989) on the Angolan border on behalf of the Western World against the Communist empire to uphold that UN Charter.

During the Cold War South Africa successfully defeated the Marxist insurgency of SWAPO/PLAN as well as the conventional Communist forces of the Cubans, the East Germans, the Russians and the MPLA without them ever touching base in Namibia.

South Africa showed the world how to defeat the ANC Marxist terrorists by hunting them down everywhere in the world and terrorizing terrorists into submission. What makes these feats more remarkable is that South Africa did all of this with economic sanctions and arms embargoes from the UN and the entire Western World against her.

Boer General Jan Smuts sat on the British war councils of both World Wars, was the father of the League of Nations, wrote the preamble to the UN Charter and was the only person to sign the charters of both the League of Nations and the UN.

There can be no doubt that South Africa (and Rhodesia) showed a willingness and an ability to play their parts against Communism and in the defence of the Free World.

It is a sign of the morality of the West that whilst South Africa sustained many casualties, killed, missing in action, wounded, etc in defence of the Charter of the United Nations…most of those countries who did not heed the UN’s call to defend Korea against Communism used that same Charter to make South Africa out as the “Skunk amongst Nations” and bring her to her knees, because of a dislike of her domestic policies.

When we had order in this country they sold us out. Betrayed us…put the Communists in charge of Rhodesia, Namibia and eventually the last domino, South Africa. Now that South Africa is going up in flames, where are they? Where are the USA, the UK and the UN who wanted this scum in charge? Is this what they wanted all along, chaos and anarchy, so they could come in under the cover of “restoring order”? How else do you explain their fucked up logic and abominable decisions to throw us to the wolves?

21 June 2016

Pretoria Burning

By Mike Smith
21th of June 2016

Pretoria is burning. Apparently the blacks are upset that the useless ANC has nominated Thoko Didiza (a Zulu woman) as executive mayoral candidate for Pretoria instead of current mayor Kgosientso "Sputla" Ramokgopa (a Pedi).

Thoko Didiza held the post of Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs from 17 June 1999 to 22 May 2006 and Minister of Public Works from 22 May 2006 to 25 September 2008 when Mbeki resigned she handed her resignation in as well, but later crawled back to Zuma.

However, Ramokgopa has been very critical of Zuma and called on him to resign and therefore is being kicked to the curb by the Msholozi gang.

It was in her post as minister of Agriculture that Didiza went on Afrikaans Radio station RSG with a message to the white farmers just before Christmas and tearfully pleaded in her rubbish propaganda advert that the white farmers should please not evict their black workers so close before Christmas, yadda, yadda, bullshit!

I still cringe whenever I think of that advert.

The Blacks of Pretoria are saying: They can’t bring a Zulu to govern over Tswanas, Tsongas, Vendas and Pedis and They will vote DA if Sputla is replaced by Ramokgopa

On Monday night 20th of June at least 19 buses were set alight and City of Tshwane (Pretoria) workers had to be withdrawn from several townships for their safety. The N1 near Hammanskraal and the Darspoort tunnel in Pretoria West have been blocked by protestors.

Residents have chased away journalists, saying they don't want media in the area.

Foreign nationals’ shops have been looted and plundered whilst the police are standing by doing nothing

Of course the SABC has censored any footage of the events and refuses to read newspaper headlines about it. Last I checked…the DA couldn’t stop smiling.