11 July 2014

The TEDS study: More proof that intelligence is genetic

By Mike Smith

10th of July 2014

Just the other day I was referring to Nicholas Wade’s new book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human history and how the latest evidence from the human genome project proves racial egalitarians and cultural relativist spectacularly wrong. Race is indeed biological and NOT a “social construct”.

There are other research and books that prove that intelligence is hereditary such as “IQ and the wealth of nations” or “IQ and global inequality” by Drs. Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen.

So it was with interest that I noticed a month ago the recent results of a World Economic Forum (WEF) report.

Out of 148 countries, South Africa has the worst mathematics and science education in the world

South Africa is behind the likes of Haiti, Lesotho, Chad, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Kenya.

SA came 146th in education in general.

Yes, the ANC with their Outcomes Based Education and Curriculum 2005 bullshit managed to destroy our once excellent education system in South Africa in such a short time. An education system that once produced top quality doctors, engineers, architects, etc.

Of course this was immediately denied by the ANC and the Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor said that science and math education is “progressively improving”.

Pandor: SA not at Maths bottom

However, a few days ago it emerged that in a national mathematics benchmarking survey amongst grade 9 pupils at almost 3000 schools countrywide, a shocking 96% of students achieved 50% or less.

The City Press reported that in 2411 schools, all Grade Nines scored between zero and 30 percent for mathematics. A total of 2805 schools countrywide were tested.

Dismal results in national maths assessment

Now bearing that in mind, take note of the Twins Early Development Study (TEDS) and their latest findings that skills in maths and reading are genetic. 13,000 pairs of twins are involved in the study.

Sure, children must still study. Genes alone are not going to make them pass, but overall these studies prove that there is a definite correlation between genes and intelligence.

This contradicts the simplistic theories and beliefs of racial egalitarians and cultural relativists that a child is born a “blank slate” and is ultimately purely the result of his environment.

All the facts and research shows that both race and intelligence are genetic, but like I said before. Liberals will deny it. They will ignore all the evidence that contradict their crackpot theories and beliefs and when you insist they look at the evidence, they will call you a “racist”.

Ironically they will add that YOU are the one who is “ignorant”, “stupid”, “narrow-minded”, “prejudiced”, “bigoted”, “biased”, “intolerant”, …in fact, everything THEY are.

10 July 2014

The "dumb c*nts" who sing "Die Stem"

By Mike Smith

10th of July 2014

When you want to see what years and years of alcohol abuse does to the female liberal brain then look no further than reformed alcoholic Elsabe Zietsman

A while ago this naked posing cabaret singer (won’t call her a star) sued KykNet for R250,000 for suggesting that her lifestyle was so bad that she was not fit to be a surrogate mother for her niece.

Now she has gone further with her vulgar behaviour.

Last week at the Innibos Art Festival Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyer sang the former South African National anthem ”Die Stem van Suid Afrika” (The Voice of South Africa) , a beautiful poem written by C.J. Langenhoven describing the beauty of South Africa and our dedication to our country.

Almost immediately he was attacked by the liberal media for it, most notably by Beeld Newspaper and Media24 Steve Hofmeyer attacked for singing Die Stem

Shortly afterwards self hating liberal Zietsman climbed on the Anti Afrikaner bandwagon and called Hofmeyer and the people who sang along “cunts” and “dumb cunts”

“Ek is jammer ek het die mense wat ‘Die Stem’ so saam met Steve gesing het d**e genoem. Ek is jammer daaroor, want ek bedoel eintlik hulle is dwase en dóm d**e.”

Translation: “I am sorry that I called the people who sang Die Stem with Steve Hofmeyer “cunts”. I am sorry about it, because what I actually mean is that they are idiots and Dumb Cunts.”

Hate shock after she nailed Steve Hofmeyer over Die Stem

She also accused Steve of sedition and insurrection and called his fans “stupid idiots”.

After that hate speech provocation, people started sending her a few hate tweets of their own wishing her to be raped and get aids, because it seems that is what she wants. Now she is a bit upset and wants to sue the people for crimen injuria.

So let me get this straight. It is OK for this hypocrite Zietsman to call people “dumb cunts” and “stupid idiots”, but then get upset when people do the same to her. Go figure.

Besides, there is NOTHING in “Die Stem” that is even remotely hateful, provocative or insubordinate at all. It is a poem about the beauty of the country.

On the other hand, the ANC sings “Kill the Boers: Kill the Farmers”, “One Settler: One Bullet”, “Bring me my Machine gun” and “We the members of MK have pledged ourselves to kill them, The AmaBhulu (whites)”, etc….

Where is Elsabe Zietsman’s condemnation of that? Nothing, but a deafening silence from her when blacks sing hateful songs about killing whites, but heaven forbid a white person sings about how beautiful his country is and how much he is committed to it.

Nevertheless, the more Zietsman and the liberal media make a scene about this, the more it will backfire in their faces. Steve already urged his fans to keep on singing “Die Stem” in open defiance and I fully agree. They should sing that song every time now…wholeheartedly…and while they are at it sing De la Rey too.

Here is Die Stem and below it Mandela singing about killing whites. You tell me which one is more offensive to whom.

09 July 2014

Cadre cruelty of the ANC: Thandi Modise and the cannibal pig farm

By Mike Smith

9th of July 2014

I simply do not understand how people can be so cruel to animals as former North West Premier Thandi Modise.

The horror of Thandi Modise’s cannibal pig farm

You must have absolutely no feelings, no compassion for living creatures, to do something like that.

She neglected her animals, stopped feeding them and giving them water for two weeks. They were drinking their own urine and the surviving 85 pigs started eating their 58 dead. 120 animals had to be put down.

The SPCA said it was the worst case of animal abuse they have seen in 20 years.

Her initial excuse was that she is a woman and is still learning how to farm. I mean how difficult can it be to feed your animals and let them drink?

"I am not a farmer. I am trying to farm. I am learning. But if you are a woman and you are learning you are not allowed to make mistakes."

She also tried to pass the buck and said she did not know her farm manager disappeared.

Hey? She doesn’t even know what is going on her own farm, how can you expect her to know what is going on in her province she governed or her country for that matter?

But what do you expect from a piece of Marxist terrorist trash who was trained at MK camps in Angola and Tanzania. She was not just a terrorist (for which she was sent to 10 years in prison), She was a Commander MK terrorist killing innocent people. So maybe it is a bit too much to ask her to look after her animals.

As usual the useless ANC defended her, saying the opposition was politicizing the issue and that it “smacks of racial undertones”.

ANC chief whip defending Thandi Modise

I hope the SPCA charges her and she goes back to prison where she belongs. In my opinion SHE should be starved of food and water for two weeks so she can feel what it is like.

The previous government should have hung all these terrorists then this would never have happened.

The amazing thing is these creatures still want to expropriate farms from whites? None of them can farm. Imagine what is going to happen to these animals all across SA.

Modise was attached to her pigs

Starving pigs forced to each other on Modise’s farm

Israeli offensive in Gaza

By Mike Smith

9th of July 2014

I see the Israelis have called up 40,000 reservists in a major offensive (Operation Protective Edge) in the Gaza strip. 1,500 troops have already been mobilized.

Israel readies 'ground assault' on Gaza, calls up 40,000 reservists

Terrorist Hamas is as usual deliberately hiding amongst Palestinian civilians.

Netanyahu: Hamas deliberately hiding behind Palestinian civilians

Old story, just like the ANC terrorists used to hide behind women and children at Sharpeville(1960) and Soweto(1976). It is called “People’s War” where they deliberately invite attacks against civilians so they can use the dead for propaganda purposes to recruit ten more idiots. Cannon fodder for their psycho “cause”.

What exactly is that cause? To establish a country called Palestine in the place of Israel? What for? The Palestinians already have a country. It is called Jordan.

See, people think that the Gaza and the West Bank is the only little sections of land the poor Palestinians have. Bullshit! In German the West Bank is called “Westjordanland” (Western Jordan land) which is a more apt description of what it actually is.

It is just like in the time of Apartheid South Africa with the Bantustans or Homelands.

The Tswanas already had a country where they could piss off to called Botswana, but they wanted more, so we gave them Bophuthatswana. The Sothos already had a country called Lesotho, but they wanted more, so we also gave them QwaQwa. The Swazis already had a country (kingdom) called Swaziland, but they wanted more, so we also gave them KaNgwane. The Xhosas already had Transkei, but we also gave them Ciskei.

Every time these insurgents encroached on our territory we gave them another slice of our country until we gave them everything and now sit with nothing for ourselves. The strategy was idiotic. Our government should have done what it was mandated to do: protect our borders and keep these foreigners and insurgents out. Till this day I do not understand what their problem was. They had the best army on the African continent yet failed at the most elementary job they had to do. No, they allowed them in to come and plant bombs in our shopping centres and bars.

At least the Israelis are thinking in the right direction. They built a 700km wall around the West Bank. I don’t know why we still need Gaza and the West Bank. It should be dissolved, flattened and the Palestinians relocated to their home country Jordan.

Jordan is full of Palestinians just like them, with the same culture, same language, same religion, same everything.

Gaza and the West Bank are just terrorist nests from where radical Islamist and cowardly terror organizations like Hamas launch rockets and suicide bombers against Israeli civilians. They get children to throw rocks at the Israelis, then hide their snipers behind the children to take out Israeli soldiers or police. Cowardly scum.

The Israelis should end Hamas’ rule of terror. Most Palestinians do not even support them, but Hamas, just like the Marxist ANC, does not tolerate opposition and deals with dissidents very harshly. They murder their own people they pretend to fight an Intifada for.

The Israelis should learn from the South African example. Never surrender even an inch of your territory to terrorists and insurgents. Push them out and keep them out. It is the only way you will have lasting peace. God, if only we did that 20 years ago…

07 July 2014

The South African Slow War

By Mike Smith

7th of July 2014

The Urban Dictionary defines a Slow War as a war that is only visible when the big pattern is revealed over time. If you could play the seemingly-isolated events of a Slow War in speeded-up time, its real nature would be visible.

A Slow War is the opposite of the Blitzkrieg. A war so slow that you hardly notice it. A war so slow that those waging it can deny that it is actually happening. Under the fog of war they hide it as “ordinary crime”. The end result is still the same as the Blitzkrieg. Total annihilation of the enemy.

War has changed a lot over the last 100 years or so. We have seen chemical warfare in WWI, Blitzkrieg in WWII, Nuclear War. Cold War, People’s War, to name but a few.

The Slow War is also a strategy of the USA against the world. Little steps at a time, ever coming closer to the goal of world domination. You see it in their war on drugs in South America, their involvement in Africa under “Africom”, their military bases strewn all over Europe, etc.

A microcosm of this is the Slow War against whites in South Africa.

If the whites were told 20 years ago that they would have to give 50% of their farms away to blacks, you probably would have had a war.

If white South Africans were told 20 years ago that their Afrikaans schools and universities would be forced to become English and taken over by blacks, you would have had war.

If you told Afrikaners 20 years ago that their language would disappear from television, you would have had a war.

If whites were told that they would be forced out of the civil service in their hundreds of thousands and replaced by incompetent blacks, you would have had war.

If you told whites 20 years ago that the names of all their towns and streets would be replaced with the names of Marxist terrorists, you would have had war.

If you killed 4000 white farmers en masse 20 years ago and robbed, raped, tortured and murdered another 40,000 whites in their homes, you would have had a war.

If you told whites 20 years ago that they would be handing their beautiful country over to incompetent thieving Marxist scum who would steal their tax money in the billions, you would have a war.

Yet all of this, and a lot more, happened in the 20 year reign of the ANC. Where is the war?

The war is one-sided and it is waged by a tyrannical regime against a 10% minority of the population in South Africa who is not fighting back, because they cannot see the war.

The most amazing part is that so many whites (mostly misanthropic liberals) refuse to acknowledge it. It is only a few right thinking whites who are able to speed the events of the last 20 years up and see it for what it really is.

The ultimate question is, “How do you fight against such a Slow War?”

I often get the other type of Slow War deniers. Those who say that, “Wait, when the time comes, we will fight. At the moment there is no fight yet.”

Exactly when is that time? These are the ones who do not even realize what kind of war is being waged upon them. They have not made the paradigm shift yet. They are still expecting a Boer War or Border War when the enemy has changed its tactics long ago.

Whilst the quicksand slowly sucks them under, they wait for some event where the black hordes will descend upon the whites and murder them in their thousands. An event that might never come. Meanwhile the slow war continues and one day they will wake up, look out the window and ask, “Where have all the white South Africans gone?”

Congo 1963: A case study in atrocity

By Mike Smith

7th of July 2014

The following is an excerpt from Lt.Col. Dave Grossman’s book “On Killing” and a case study of African atrocity. Warning, not for sensitive readers.

This is a first hand account of the psychological response of a Canadian soldier who was confronted with the vilest possible aspect of atrocity while serving in the UN peacekeeping force sent to the Congo in 1963. It is not pretty. It was written under the nom de plume Alan Stuart-Smyth. Colonel Stuart-Smyth served twenty-three years as a UN peacekeeper, progressing in rank from private to full colonel. Wounded twice, he was awarded the UN medal, a mention in dispatches, the Canadian Decoration, and the Distinguished Service Order. After retirement in 1986 he was offered, and accepted, a professorship at a major American university, where he taught criminology for two years.

Case Study:  

Source: On Killing
As I approached the building the sound of moaning, punctuated by deep laughs, was clearly audible. The rear of the church contained two small dirty windows at eye level, through which I looked.

Although the interior of the church was dark by comparison with the blazing outdoors sunlight, I could pick out the forms of two naked black men torturing a young white woman whom I assumed to be a nun or teacher.

She had been stripped naked and was stretched out in the aisle of the church, arms pulled tightly over her head by one of the rebels, while the other knelt on her stomach and repeatedly touched her nipples with a burning cigarette. She had burn marks on her face and neck as well. Uniforms of the Katangese Gendarmerie were thrown over the back of a pew, and female garments were scattered near the door. A . . . carbine lay in the aisle beside the young woman. Another rifle had been left leaning against the wall near the uniforms. There appeared to be no one else present in the church. . . .

On my signal we burst into the cathedral, our weapons on full auto.

"Stand still," I bellowed. "U.N. troops; you're under arrest." I didn't want to do it that way, but damn it, I was still a soldier, and subject to Queen's Regulations and Orders.

The rebels bounded to their feet to face us, eyes staring wildly. I carried a Sterling 9mm SMG [submachine gun] . . . which I levelled at the two naked men. We were no more than 15 feet apart.

The one who had been holding the nun's arms was visibly shaking with fear, his eyes flying uncontrollably about the room. In a second they rested on the rifle lying in the aisle. The nun had rolled onto her stomach, clutching her breasts and rocking from side to side, moaning in pain.

"Don't be a fool, man," I cautioned. But he did it anyway.

In a burst of panic he emitted a loud, piercing wail and dove for the rifle. Landing on his knees he grabbed the weapon, and turning his terrified face to mine, attempting to bring his weapon to bear. My first burst caught him in the face, the second full in the chest. He was dead before he fell over, a body missing most of its head.

The second terrorist began to wave his arms frantically up and down, like a featherless black bird attempting to take flight. His eyes kept flitting back and forth between the muzzle of the Sterling and his own weapon, which was leaning against the wall a good 10 feet away. . . .

"Don't do it, don't do it," I ordered. But he emitted a loud "Yaaa . . . ," and scrambled for the rifle. I warned him again but he grabbed the weapon, worked the action to place a round in the chamber, and began to swing the muzzle toward me.

"KILL HIM, GODDAMMIT," screamed Cpl Edgerton, who had now entered the church behind us, "KILL HIM, NOW!"

The rebel terrorist was now fully facing me, desperately at- tempting to swing the long barrel of the bolt-action rifle across his body to align it with my chest. His eyes locked on mine — wild, frantic eyes surrounded by fields of white. They never left mine, not even when the powerful SMG rounds tore into his stomach, walked up his chest, and cut the carotid artery on the left side of his neck. His body hit the floor with a thud, blown apart by the blast of the Sterling, and still the eyes remained riveted to mine. Then his body relaxed and the eyes dilated, blind in death. . . .

Prior to Okonda, I had not killed a human being. That is, I did not know for sure that I had killed. When one is firing at moving, shadowy figures in the confusion of battle one cannot be certain of the results. At Bridge 19 I had killed many men when I detonated the charges, blowing an enemy convoy to kingdom come, but somehow the incident was not psychologically close. They were a long way off, and the cover of night hid their shapes and movement, their very humanity. But here at Okonda it was different. The two men I killed were practically within arm's reach, I could see their facial expressions clearly, even hear their breathing, see their fear, and smell their body odor. And the funny thing was that / didn't feel a damn thing! . . . [Stuart-Smyth's emphasis]

There had been two nuns at Okonda: the young one we saved, and the older one we didn't. When I first entered the church I was standing slightly behind the altar, and off to the left side. From that position I couldn't see the front of the altar, a rather large affair made of rough-hewn wood with a cross towering above it. Perhaps it was a good thing I could not, for the rebels had used the altar to butcher the old nun.

They had stripped her naked, but had not assaulted her sexually, probably because she was elderly, and obese. Instead they sat her upright with her back to the altar, and nailed her hands to it in apparent mimicry of the crucifixion. Then they cut off her breasts with a bayonet and, in a final act of savagery, drove the bayonet through her mouth into the altar behind, impaling her in an upright position. Evidence of a struggle showed that she had not died instantly from the bayonet wound, but had probably succumbed to the loss of blood from the wounds on her chest. She had a white man's penis and testicles shoved partially in her vagina. Her severed breasts were not present.

We found the owner of the male genitalia tied spread-eagle in the middle of the village compound, with the nun's breasts attached to his chest with sharpened sticks. . . .

Before we departed Okonda the young nun asked to meet the soldier who had saved her life. She was clothed now, and had cleaned up a little bit with the help of our medic. I was surprised how young she was early 20s or younger. . . . She required a number of sutures in her vagina, and would need burn treatments as well. I didn't admire her decision to remain in enemy territory when she was given ample opportunity to leave, but I did admire her spunk. When we met she looked me in the eye and said, "Thank God you came." She had been badly beaten, but not defeated.

As for me, I had turned 19 only two days previous, and still suffered from the native upbringing of a good Christian family. I lost a lot of that upbringing at Okonda. There was no honor here, no virtue. The standards of behavior taught in the homes, churches, and schools of America had no place in battle. They were mythical concepts good only for the raising of children, to be cast aside forever from this moment on. No, I didn't feel guilt, shame, or remorse at killing my fellow man — I felt pride!

— Alan Stuart-Smyth

"Congo Horror"

Of course this was not an isolated incident.

02 July 2014

Resistance to resistance - Learned helplessness and the psyche of White South Africans

By Mike Smith

2nd of July 2014

In the history of genocide and atrocities we often see people not fighting back.

Whether it is the Nazi holocaust, Stalin killing 20 million Russians. Mao killing 70 million Chinese in his “Great Leap Forward” or the Hutus massacring the Tutsis in Rwanda…The story is always the same. Millions of people are slaughtered without fighting back or even fleeing to improve their situation. Rather it seems as if they simply accept their fate.

The same can be said of people in Communist hellholes such as North Korea and the former GDR. Sure some tried to escape and were successful. Most of them probably wanted out, but stayed even if the opportunity was there to escape.


It is a question I have often battled with, because it is difficult for a sane mind to grasp the psychology of the victims of atrocity.

If genocide is the macro scale, then the micro scale would be the battered wife of bullied child. We see an almost identical situation. The woman being abused by her husband for years doesn’t fight back or flee to improve her situation.

The same goes for the child being bullied at school for years. He/she doesn’t flee or fight back and simply accepts the situation.

In South Africa, I see that same kind of mentality amongst the whites. They are openly discriminated against and marginalized with institutionalized racist laws and policies such as Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, racial quotas in universities, sports teams, etc. White farmers are brutally killed in their thousands, white people’s houses are being broken into and the occupants brutally maimed and tortured for hours, raped and killed, often with nothing stolen…yet they do nothing.

The whites in SA, especially the Afrikaners, see how their schools, universities and language are being destroyed. Yet they do nothing. There is a depressive, lethargy reminiscent of a deer staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck. Why?

This “battered wife” syndrome is actually called Learned Helplessness and was discovered by US psychologist, Dr. Martin Seligman.

What he did was probably not so nice, but he defends it by saying the discovery led to the saving of human lives.

Basically he shocked some dogs in a cage through the wire grid they were on. He found that the dogs would at first try to avoid the torment, but when they realized that nothing they did would change their condition, they would curl up and simply accept their condition.

He found that dogs that in the beginning were given the chance to escape by jumping over a small gate would do so. Those who were tied down in a harness and who had no chance of escape would simply accept their fate.

The interesting part is that the dogs who originally escaped, if put in the cage again, would forever try to escape again and would NEVER accept their condition and would escape again at the first opportunity.

However, those dogs that originally could not escape and accepted their fate would remain so and even when given the opportunity to escape won’t do so.

Funny how this exact behavior can be observed amongst South African whites too.

Some SA whites have adopted Stockholm syndrome and are actually in love with their captors, expressing positive feelings, empathy or sympathy with them, sometimes defending them or identifying with them.

Others have accepted their roles as prisoners and their meted out punishment from the “guards” in a bizarre gigantic Zimbardo Prison Experiment

Fact is that most of the whites in SA do not even know that they are suffering this condition of Learned Helplessness. If you point it out to them, they will attack you.

You would expect people who are being oppressed to take up weapons and resist their oppressors. Why don’t they? I have noted down ten main reasons.

1)They are concerned about their family members and dependents. Any action by the fighter will put them at risk.

2)A Lack of firearms and ammunition.

3)A lack of funds.

4)Hope for an easy solution and a belief that the situation will resolve itself if ignored long enough.

5)A lack of good and respected leadership who can organize and encourage individuals.

6)A lack of motivation due to Learned Helplessness.

7)A lack of initiative. Waiting for somebody else to make the first move.

8)A perceived lack of support and a belief that “Nobody is going to help me if I start”.

9)A lack trust. Who is a government spy or who will rat me out if I start?

10)A fear of prison or death.

If people are made aware of their psychological condition, they can be conditioned against it. Dare I say cured? If these “resistances to resistance” can be carefully analyzed it can be overcome. It will be the first steps towards finding a solution to our oppression.

Then the time will come where one person will just say, “Stuff it. I had enough. Let’s go. Let’s get the show on the road. Let us rise up and throw this yoke of Communist oppression off our shoulders”.

26 June 2014

Three Noble Savages arrested in SA for beheading and eating a dog (while it was still alive)

By Mike Smith

26th of June 2014

I wonder how the liberals (especially the animal rights activists) are going to explain this behavior.

Three arrested for beheading and eating dog

Two Nigerian men and a South African woman in Klerksdorp cut the head of a dog off with a serrated bread knife whilst it was still alive, ate pieces of the meat and stored the head in a fridge for later consumption.

Inspector Suzette Kotzé of the SPCA said the Nigerian men believed that dog meat could prevent diseases like malaria.

"They also believe that by eating dogs, they cannot get attacked by witches, or be poisoned," she said.

I have travelled extensively through Africa. I have seen dogs being eaten by the locals with my own eyes.

Now when you mention this to liberals, you will get the standard responses: “It is not all of them”…”Not all of them eat dog”…etc…

Not so:

Meet Bassey Umoh, restaurateur who owns a dog eating restaurant in Abuja Ngeria called “South Africa”. He has been selling dog meat for the last 30 years.

Dogs dinners prove popular in Nigeria

'Improves your sex life'

Dog meat lover Chibuzo Eze says he eats dog meat because "e dey protect person from all those nyama-nyama disease them" - it gives you immunity from different diseases.

Beke Nnkwo says he was introduced to the cuisine as a cure for malaria.

Bassey Umoh the restaurant owner also eats the meat he sells.

"Eating dog meat gives you a special protection against the most potent juju (charm)," he claims, reeling off the benefits of dog meat.

"Dog meat also improves your sex life. And if you eat dog meat, you cannot be poisoned."

Bassey Umoh says his cuisine is in high demand although his business is not doing so well because dogs are becoming scarce now in Abuja.

"Everybody is eating dog meat openly now, that is why dogs are scarce," he says.

Another popular dog-meat spot is "Zimbabwe", an open-air joint next to a small river on the outskirts of Abuja.


Can someone please remind me again why we had Apartheid?

Young white man beaten and kicked to death in Spur Restaurant

By Mike Smith

26th of June 2014

For those who do not know, “The Spur” is a franchise or chain of family orientated steak houses in SA. One of the few places you can still take your kids to. It is disgusting that this kind of thing is happening at a family restaurant, but I almost had the same experience.

About two years ago I was sitting at such a Spur restaurant in Kimberley (Mohawk Spur) with a German lady. This is the same one who told me she would show me she would walk, woman alone, through a South African black township at night and nothing would happen to her. She smokes so we were in the smoking section.

When we entered the smoking section there were two fairly well dressed black gentleman in there already. As we were looking at the menus they ogled her and one came up to ask her for a light, ignoring me.

Immediately and instinctively I raised my eyebrows as I disgustingly looked the guy up and down. I didn’t say a word. My eyes and body language told him to “fuck off!” She smilingly handed him her lighter and I looked at her in amazement.

The guy saw that I was very upset, started to apologize and crawled back to his table. They left shortly afterwards.

I was as furious as I was astonished and gob smacked. We had a similar incident a week before on a Cape beach. I briefed her many times on the situation in South Africa.

I explained to her (again) that the guy HAD a cigarette lighter otherwise he would not have been in the smoking section to start off with. The trick is to ask a lady for a light so she can open her handbag and see what is in it to steal. They would then grab and run or hit you, grab and run. Sometimes they will wait outside and follow you until they can rob, rape and kill you. It is simply a reality in SA. We locals know it, but tourist think we talk shit.

These criminals are opportunists who will take advantage of any sign of ignorance or weakness. In SA you don’t give them half a chance. You tell them to get lost. You go out in groups especially at night. I still cringe sometimes when I think what would have happened if she was alone. SA is not the place for naïve liberal Europeans.

She didn’t believe me. She told me I overreacted. The guy just wanted a light. Yes…sure.

I must admit. Afterwards I thought about it and maybe she was right. Maybe I was overreacting, but see the reports below. Now I feel exonerated.

Six dine further in Spur after kicking white youngster to death in smoking section

Tragic death after six-man assault

Bradley du Preez (20) was taunted in the smoking section of the Little Eagle Spur at the Lemon Tree mall in Alberton by four men and two women who threw him with a spare rib bone. An argument and scuffle followed and the restaurant staff asked him to leave. Bradley paid his bill and then, on his way out, flung a bottle (other reports say a half filled beer glass) at them and the four males proceeded to assault him, hitting and kicking him to death. The two females remained seated. The men casually returned to their seats and continued eating and drinking. The restaurant owner locked the doors to prevent them from escaping. The six were very aggressive and refused to pay. Everything was caught on camera.

It was hidden away on page 12 of the Afrikaans newspaper “Beeld”. Only the local paper the Alberton Record ran with it. They were granted access to the video. It is not available to the public, because it is part of the court case.

This is the report after the newspaper viewed the video. CCTV footage reveals deadly assault

Was this a senseless racist killing or a drug hit?

The names of the suspects are: Julian Lopez, Ruddy Pholo, Lyll Mkandala, Cisely Molete, Gbadamosi Gbenga, en Ryan Pillay. The name Pillay is an Indian name. Lopez is the mother of one of the accused (not sure which one) and could be Spanish, Portuguese or coloured. The rest sound all black.

Numerous narcotics were found in a car used by the six suspects.

According to this report, five of the suspects were known to Bradley du Preez and his family.

Spur Assault: Employees tried to rescue Bradley

A family member of Bradley made contact with the RECORD stating that the five, known to the family, have not only been told by Bradley’s father that they are not welcome in their home, but that they also have prior convictions.

All I know is that if this was a case of six whites kicking a black, Indian or coloured to death, it would be front page news all over the world and called a “racist attack”.

Some self defence advice

Rather go out in groups, even if it is to a family restaurant. Isolated the hyenas will tear you apart.

Carry a firearm, be trained in its usage and be willing to use it in self defense.

If you are unarmed, isolated and outnumbered do not fight. Rather walk away to live another day.

If fighting is inevitable, fight with the ferocity of a tiger and use any makeshift weapon (bottles, ashtrays, etc) that will give you leverage. Be prepared to kill if you have to, but stay alive.

Never, ever turn your back on your attackers. Any animal will get an instinctive chase-and-kill instinct if you do that. In war, most soldiers are killed when running away and the opposition chases.

Don’t be a naive liberal. Nobody will think you are a good person. It will get you killed in Africa.