24 March 2010

Appeasement - The long term strategy for Afrikaners by their own leaders

By Mike Smith

Cape Town, 26 January 2008

In Rapport Newspaper of 20 January 2008, Flip Buys from Solidarity announced their ten point plan to solve all South Africa’s problems.
I read it with boredom. There is nothing new in there. Linking with other organisations; Linking with the Afrikaner Diaspora, talking to the government about crime…Same-old, same-old.

It is however point number ten that caught my attention. Flip Buys ends with a statement that sums up the entire Afrikanerbond, Solidarity, Afrikaner Intelligentsia strategy for the Afrikaners in the long term.

Afrikaners please take note. This is the strategy that is planned for you in the long run by all those clever economists, union leaders, business people, Dominees, Bankers and academics. These are the bosses that you work for and who is determining the future of your people.

Flip Buys says, “While we are fighting for our own people, we should not ignore the terrible poverty of other (read black) communities and to also help there where we can”.
He finishes with a quote from Dr. Anton Rupert, “Nobody can sleep safely when his neighbour is hungry.”

Now that quote has some serious Socialistic overtones, but what bothers me is that it is clear that Flip Buys is spinning the same propaganda as is coming from the ANC. He makes the assumption that Afrikaners are rich, Blacks are poor and if Afrikaners wants to live safely and happily they (2 million) must appease the black masses (40 million).

He says that Afrikaners should not ignore the terrible poverty of other communities, but he totally ignores the more than one million poor Afrikaners in South Africa; almost half of his own people. I am not sure how he plans on “fighting for our own people” and helping “other communities” at the same time.

This strategy of appeasement is totally flawed and can never work. It is in direct contrast to the original ideas of the Afrikaner Broederbond that was founded in 1918 to uplift and strengthen the Afrikaner.

Let us look logically at this strategy of appeasement. It works like this. The blacks want what the whites have, but they don’t want to study for it or work for it. They have this entitlement culture where they simply “Demand” and we must give. They use their aggression and numbers to intimidate whites into giving. We must share everything we have, but never what they have. Blacks want half of what we got, and then half of what we got left, until we have nothing more to give. What then? What is going to happen when we have nothing left to give and appease the blacks with? We will become expendable and of no use to the blacks. The cow has been milked dry, let’s slaughter it!

I will tell you what has been happening. Whites have gone into debt with banks in order to appease blacks. Today in South Africa if your bank balance shows ZERO, you are considered rich, because whites pay the maid and the gardener from their overdraft. In their minds they feel responsible for these blacks and their families, but forget about their own families.

This strategy of giving to blacks and appeasement leads only to one destination; the inevitable poverty of whites and their subsequent annihilation. You simply cannot keep on giving.

Flip Buys and his Afrikaners should get their priorities in order. Since when is it the responsibility of Afrikaners or whites in general to uplift Blacks? Whites should start looking after their own and only their own. Do business only with your own race and give charity only to your own. Forget about appeasing blacks. If they come to attack and steal from you, kill the bastards. Let the message go out, that there will be no more giving to blacks and any attacks will be met with maximum force.

Let the blacks look after themselves. They can go and ask Cyril Ramaphosa and Tokyo Sexwale for charity. If they are so good let us see how they uplift themselves. In South Africa they have everything on their side. Black Economic Empowerment, Affirmative Action, Sport quotas…what more do they want? I think it is time that Blacks show us now what they are capable of, because all blacks are doing is proving racists right!

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  1. Anonymous8:22 am

    Whites must be the only race on this planet that have nobody that truly represents them, and ONLY them.

    The pretenders to the white throne must be weeded out.
    If blacks needed electricity, technology, AK47's, mining & industry, clothing, then they would have invented it themselves.
    And for the love of F*CK stop paying taxes to these morons!!