10 June 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 18 – Hypocrisy at The United Nations

By Mike Smith
10th of June 2010

In an excellent article Citizen Kane, occasional contributor to the South Africa Sucks blog gave an accurate account of who and what the United Nations Organization actually is, namely a communist front.

I will therefore not duplicate what he mentions in his article, but simply underline it. What I want to highlight in this article is the hypocrisy of nations uttered at this communist platform against South Africa and how South Africa was turned into “A skunk amongst Nations” as Les De Villiers mentions in his book by the same name.

Les de Villiers who has a masters degree in linguistics was a journalist and diplomat in Canada and headed the South African Information Services in the USA for five years.

What irked him the most was the double standards of nations represented at the UN general assembly and the hypocrisy with which they slagged off South Africa and its human rights situation.

It was in 1960 that the Afrikaans Newspaper, “Die Burger” first took stock of South Africa’s position in the world and called it, “Die Muishond van die wêreld” (The skunk of the world).

It was Cicero who said, “When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff”.

Judging from how SA was treated at the UN from 1946 to 1994 it is clear that the UN had many students of Cicero.

At the end of WW2 Jan Smuts led the SA delegation at the San Francisco Conference where the UN was found. Like I have mentioned before, Smuts was one of the main writers of the UN charter. He also served as Chairman of the General Assembly. Smuts was well respected as a statesman during both war and peace.

In Article 2, paragraph 7 of the UN Charter it is stated clearly that the UN shall not intervene in matters which were essentially within the jurisdiction of any member state.

Great was Smut’s surprise when at the very first UN General Assembly in 1946, India insisted that the condition of Indians in South Africa be discussed. This is the same India who has a caste system of discriminating against their own people and who have major issues with Pakistan over Kashmir.

Smuts found himself up against a stonewall of prejudice at the very organization he helped to create. At first there was only 51 states and from Africa only four, South Africa, Liberia, Ethiopia and Egypt.

After WW2 Africa was still mainly colonial, but during the fifties and sixties, Britain, France, Portugal and Belgium left Africa and the Communists took over almost all of their former colonies.

Today there are 53 African states out of 192 nations represented at the UN and they all have the same vote as western countries. Out of the world’s 195 countries only three are today not members namely, Kosovo, Taiwan and The Vatican City.

Basically the UN is run by the Africans. Even Henry Kissinger admitted it, because the Blacks only have to open their mouths with a loud tribal howl and an automatic two-thirds majority occurs, thanks to the support from the Communists and the Asian bloc.

With this two-thirds majority, the African states rammed through dozens of condemnatory resolutions against Apartheid and South Africa and got Apartheid declared as a “Crime against humanity” in1976. Up until today, the UN General Assembly has not made any findings, nor have apartheid-related trials for crimes against humanity ever been conducted.

In 1971 Communist China was welcomed as a member of both the General Assembly and the Security Council at the expense of Taiwan (Nationalist China).

Communist China with a record of killing 25 million of its own citizens and till this day guilty of gross human rights abuses with a string of gulag death camps, forced abortions and killing 3000 pro democracy demonstrators at Tiananmen Square, is one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council. In 1972 they joined the pharisaical choir to get South Africa expelled from the UN.

If Apartheid and South Africa did not exist, they would have invented some other “Whipping boy”, because how else could they have ignored what was going on in Ireland, Vietnam, Nigeria, etc?

During these days at the UN it used to become customary for the African nations to stage mass walkouts every time a South African delegate mounted the podium. This is a testimony to the tolerance blacks have to viewpoints differing to their own. Their argument was that blacks in South Africa led a “subhuman existence”.

But then, in 1961, the then foreign minister of South Africa, Eric Louw presented a factual comparison of the living conditions of blacks in South Africa compared to other African states. He proved that Blacks in SA had a higher per capita income, better educational opportunities, far superior medical and social services and altogether a higher standard of living than anywhere in Africa.

How did the blacks respond to the truth? The Black African states engineered a motion of censure against him (first of its kind) and his speech was struck from the record.

Even “The Washington Post”, who regularly criticized South Africa, noted: “Nothing that South Africa has done and nothing that its representatives said, justified the mob-like censure which the United Nations visited upon that country and its Foreign Minister, Mr Eric Louw.”

In 1973, The Mauritian ambassador, Radla Kirshna Ramphul piped up and said that South Africa could not be heard in the General Assembly until her credentials were approved and it became impossible for South Africa to fully participate in the UN.

The next year, 1974, Bouteflika of Algeria took the presidential chair of the UN. Pik Botha, Foreign minister of South Africa who led a multiracial delegation mounted the rostrum to make a brief statement. Bouteflika’s moustache twitched in disdain and he refused to recognize the presence of Botha, Botha responded by not congratulating him on his election to the presidency. It was clear…South Africa had no friends at the UN.

In 1974 came the call to have SA expelled from the UN. They voted 93 to 23 (14 abstaining) that SA was not fit for membership.

“Voor in die koor” (in the front of the choir) was the Ugandan Foreign minister Elizabeth Bagaya, representing a country run by a cannibalistic dictator Idi Amin who became synonomous with oppression of blacks (the Lango and Acholi people) and the indiscriminate execution of dissidents. Between 100,000 and 500,000 people were brutally murdered in Uganda at the time. She hardly batted an eyelid in listing the alleged “Crimes” of South Africa.

In that very same assembly, sat the Indians who gave Smuts such a hard time in 1946, seemingly unaware that Amin expelled all the Indians from Uganda. Nobody had the guts to object to this macabre performance. That nobody burst out laughing is beyond me.

When India, Pakistan and Ceylon(Sri Lanka) were taking on Jan Smuts over their brethren in SA, he offered to pay for their repatriation to their home countries. A small group from SA took him on on his offer as an advance party, but soon returned telling their fellow Indians in SA to stay where they were, because conditions in their motherland were unbearable. Indians in South Africa at the time enjoyed a per capita income six times higher than that in India and towards the end of Apartheid on par with and sometimes higher than that of whites.

These same Indians and the rest of the world who were slagging South Africa off about Apartheid at the UN seemed to be unconcerned about the 900,000 refugees who were fleeing religious persecution in India and Pakistan during the 1960’s. They cared little for the 500,000 Indians thrown out of Burma, tens of thousands expelled from Uganda, or the thousands victimized in Kenya and Tanzania.

Ten years before that Indonesia slaughtered tens of thousand of women, men and children of Chinese background, Many African countries have done worse, yet China and Russia, operators of their own Gulag Archipelagos voted to expel South Africa.

Only the United States, Britain and France prevented the expulsion of South Africa in 1974, mainly because they realized that similarly Arab countries could gang up against Israel and expel the Jewish state.

But the General assembly eventually had the final word, before the year was out they voted 91 to 22 (19 abstentions) to suspend SA from its deliberations. The Arabs supported the Africans in exchange to hold back on the Palestine issue. Barely days after the suspension of SA, the terrorist leader of the PLO, Yassar Arafat rocked up at the UN. He was welcomed by the Africans and the Arabs as a hero and Israel’s freedom to speak at the UN was restricted.

In 1967 the UN Human Rights Commission decided to establish a special unit to investigate “allegations” of cruelty against prisoners in SA jails, while in Saudi Arabia according to the Anti-Slavery Society’s report to the UN, slaves were still sold. The Society estimated that King Feisal and wealthy members held thousands of slaves.

Gerald L’Ange of the “Johannesburg Star” was their when the resolution was adopted to throw SA out of the UN, but he said the Commission was thrown into discord when they had to deal with complaints of gross violations in eight countries. These complaints included mass tribal killings in Burundi, detention of 55,000 political prisoners in Indonesia, torture of hundreds of dissidents in Brazil, suppression of political rights in Iran, forged marriages in Tanzania, interrogation by torture of thirty people by the British Army in Northern Ireland and discrimination against Indians in Gyana.

L’Ange pointed out that these eight cases were drawn from a list of 7,000 violations. When a proposal to investigate these cases more closely was made, it met stiff opposition from the Soviets, who obviously had a lot to fear about the treatment of their prisoners in the Gulags.

In the same Burundi, who was mouthing off about racism in South Africa, the Tutsis were killing off thousand of Hutus. The retaliation in 1994 would lead to a genocide that the UN did not, could not and did not want to stop.

The killings in the Sudan mounted to 100,000 a year. The Biafran war in Nigeria lasted 30 months and 2 million were killed and 5 million ended up in refugee camps…What did the UN do? The UN chose to be observers.

But when eleven rioting black mine workers were shot at a mine in Carletonville, South Africa, Kurt Waldheim immediately launched a full enquiry into it.

But it was not only the Africa countries who were voting against South Africa.

Prior to 1974 Portugal was always a friend of SA, but suddenly leftist post coup Mario Soares who capitulated Guinea Bissau and Mozambique to Communist forces rose in the General assembly and fiercely attacked South Africa in his “Volte-Face” (total change) speech under great applause of the Africans. At that stage, South Africa was handing blacks self rule (over a long term peaceful period) to full Black independence under democratic principles. Mozambique was plunged into a civil war that killed almost a million people and displaced 5 million.

At the General assembly of 1962 the Soviet Foreign minister, Gromyko, speaking from a home base littered with labour camps and harsh prisons, described South Africa as, “The veritable private domain of slave owners”. The soviet minister’s speech just happened about the same time of the erecting of the Berlin Wall, that trapped the East Germans under a Communist yoke, and South Africa giving full freedom and independence to the Xhosas in Transkei.

In true Orwelian New-speak, freedom has become slavery and peace has become war.

Israel for many years supported many of the black states and even donated money to the Organisation for Africa Unity (OAU). Then came the Yom Kippur War against the Arabs and overnight all of Black Africa severed ties with Israel. Her only real friends proved to be the USA, the Netherlands, Portugal and South Africa.

For Israel it was a rude awakening. Yosef Lapide, who wrote for the Tel Aviv newspaper “Ma’Ariv” had this to say about Black African states:

“Well, the so called liberated African states are, with a few exceptions, a bad joke and an insult to human dignity. They are run by a bunch of corrupt rulers, some of whom, Like Idi Amin of Uganda, are mad according to all the rules of psychiatry. I feel unburdened when I say this; I wanted to say this all these years, and all these years I had the feeling that we fool the public when, for reasons of diplomacy, we donot tell them that the majority of black African states are one nauseating mess”

Lapide found that “The lowliest of Negroes in South Africa has more civil rights than the greatest Soviet author; The most oppressed negro in South Africa has more to eat than millions of Africans in “Liberated” countries.”

He further added that “The most rabid White extremist in South Africa will not treat Negroes in the way Negroes treated-and still treat- Whites in the Congo, in Uganda and in other African states.”

Lapide goes further, “The people advocating “progress”, who were so worried about the rights of the majority in South Africa, have never raised their voices for the majority in Hungary or in Cuba, in Red China or in Egypt.”

“In half a dozen states-including Ethiopia-thousands of persons die every day of hunger, while the rulers travel by Cadillac and steal food that is being sent to aid their subjects.”

“Only in the sick minds of “progressives” do the babies die of starvation with a smile on their lips, because the ruler who starves them to death has a black skin.”

“For the life of me, if I must choose between friendship with Black Africa, as it is today, and friendship with a White state that is orderly and successful, and contains a blossoming Jewish community, then I prefer South Africa. The only pity is that we waited until the Blacks threw us out.” – end of quote.

Tja, such was the disillusionment of Israel…

However, no mention of the UN attack on SA would be complete without mentioning the Nordic Countries who also stepped to the front of this holy Black crusade against South Africa.

The Whites in the South African government thought that they had an opportunity to present some facts to reasonable white people…

How wrong they were.

The South African government extended an invitation to the Nordic countries to visit South Africa at a time convenient to them, with every facility to go where they pleased and to meet whomever they wished. It was declined rather curtly. The African Nations were obviously not the only ones who lived in fear of hard facts about the South African situation.

In 1973 Black African terrorist gathered in Oslo, Norway under UN auspices to plan strategy. A year later the “Special Committee on Apartheid” went on an expensive junket to publicize its efforts and to meet with anti-apartheid elements in churches, schools, universities and labour unions throughout Europe.

Nevertheless, the Latin American countries, dubbed the African countries in the UN the “Aplandora” (the Steamroller). The UN is only a platform for black communist propaganda.

In 1974 West Germany also applied for admission to the UN. She soon found out who exactly runs the show at the UN. West Germany was told to toughen her stance against South Africa if it was serious about being allowed in on the first vote. Chancellor Willy Brand obliged in his maiden address of the UN general assembly. He promised to support the UN resolutions aimed at getting rid of “The anachronistic remnants of Colonialism”…

In countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada it became fashionable for politicians to slag South Africa off just so they could win votes. At the UN every man and his dog was against us.

We have to remember these lessons learned in those days when we are serious about having a country of our own one day. The UN will never allow a strong independent nation state to exist, let alone a white one, despite what the Charter says. Let us look at the Katanga episode as a Case study in point. The story is told in the book, “The Fearful Master: A Second Look at the United Nations” by Edward Griffin.

When The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) received independence from Belgium on 30 June 1960 Patrice Lumumba, a Gin drinking, dagga-smoking piece of communist scum became the prime minister and he told the King of Belgium at the official handover, “Nous ne sommes plus vos singes (We are no longer your monkeys)”…

Six days later black soldiers mutinied against their white officers and attacked numerous European targets. Armed bands of mutineers roamed the capital looting and terrorizing the white population, raping and killing as far as they went. This caused the flight of thousands of European refugees to Brazzaville and Stanleyville. Belgian troops had to intervene.

Another six days later on 11 July 1960, with the support of Belgian business interests and over 6000 Belgian troops, the province of Katanga in the southeast declared independence as the State of Katanga under the leadership of Moise Tshombe.

Tshombe was an educated accountant and successful businessman. He was pro-Western, pro Capitalist and a Christian and hated Communism.

Now comes the interesting part. Tshombe asked the Americans for help to restrain the communist forces. The communist Lumumba, went crying at the UN and the UN took his side, passed a resolution (143) with the support of America and Russia, and the UN troops were sent in to chase out all the Belgian and mercenary troops and to use force to prevent the secession of Katanga. Katanga was loaded with minerals and the richest part of the DRC.

Within a few weeks, thousands of UN troops arrived in the DRC. Belgium pulled its troops back and left the DRC to the mercy of the communist Lumumba and the UN troops.

The UN troops did almost nothing to stop the carnage against whites and the people of Katanga. They did not bring peace or control…they mostly stood by and watched as the country was being destroyed and how it came more and more under Communist control.

Tshombe restored calm and peace in Katanga. His foreign affairs minister said they wanted Katanga to be a bastion of Anti-communism in Africa. Tshombe himself said that he abhors Communism and that he would never change.

It infuriated the UN Security council so much that shortly afterwards they attacked Katanga. Initially the UN had a few successes, but then the Katanga forces hit back and drove the UN back.

Clearly frustrated the UN used mercenaries to start a terror campaign against Katanga civilians. Murder, arson, torture, rape and plunder was used to subdue the Katangese. 90% of the houses destroyed by the UN were civilian buildings. Children and adults were indiscriminately bayoneted and entire hospitals destroyed.

Amazingly, Katanga held out two years against the UN barbarians and prevented the capitulation of their country to Communists. The UN troops regrouped and were kitted out with new equipment, airplanes, helicopters. American dollars paid for everything and all the military hardware were American.

29 December 1962, the UN launched a second assault on the freedom and independence loving country of Katanga. A month later as the UN invasion reached its peak, Moise Tshombe told his brave soldiers, “Men, in the last two and a half years you fought three times like heroes against the enemy, but now the enemy masses are just too much. Shortly after that the last flame of hope, freedom and independence died in the Congo.

And so we can mention many instances in Cuba, Nicaragua, Hungary, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia and Rhodesia where the UN handed power over to communist regimes. In the 65 years of existence of the UN, it has never once acted against the communists. Terrorist organisations like SWAPO were given observer status in the UN even before they became the government of Namibia. Not only that, SWAPO, the ANC, ZANU-PF and many other terrorist organisations are directly sponsored by the UN.

South Africa was the last domino to fall, before the rest of the West would be tackled directly. “Day X”...the day of a one world totalitarian government is fast approaching. When we were under a total onslaught in South Africa, friends were few. Today many who were against Apartheid are laughing and dancing on the graves of 3000+ white farmers, they are ignoring our plight for help all over the world, but those same people should realize that their day will come...when they will feel how it feels like to lose your country, being powerless and watching helplessly how your country is being destroyed.

Anybody who has dreams of an independent white homeland in Africa, should bear in mind that the UN had a full scale Battle-plan of ground, air and sea invasions worked out to attack White South Africa.

The “Chicago Tribune” wrote on 24th of July 1965 that a 170 page Battle Plan with the title, “ Apartheid and United Nations Collective measures” was compiled by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It detailed a ground invasion with 93,000 troops with air and sea support after which the country would be handed over to a Black government and be under an international trustee control. It would be a 30 day Blitzkrieg and would cost US$ 94,537 000. They even worked out the casualties on both sides and the amount of wounded.

On the hand of this evidence it is clear that the United Nations is not, nor has ever been a friend of Whites in South Africa and in the event of a future racial war or war for independence we will not only be up against the Blacks, but we will have to reckon with the UN supporting them as well.

…/to be continued


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  3. The new Africa is becoming the old "Dark Continent" again. No where on that god-forsaken land does democracy exist---from the Pigmy Huts to the Sudanese Tent the land is cursed.

    The UN is a joke and a very bad one. Lets face it, its controlled by third world nations that lean toward extreme socialism if not communism and I see little that will change that. And with the current U.S. administration in the hands of what appears to be a communist the UN will have its way.

    Came your way via Sarah's blog!

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      Oh come ON siuth Africa was an ACTUAL apartoied statr! Nowadays it's cue idiot voice hey let's go blame israel-FOR EVERYTHING!

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    Thank you for writing these articles. Even though the liars appear to be winning, the truth will vanquish the lie in the end. Keep writing. Some whites, unlike the first poster here -4:39, are waking up.

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      I use to be very liberal. My parents use to tell me apartheid is wrong. They told me that there should be freedom for all and only then will there be peace in South Africa. I used look down on people with a conservative political view. Now, after years and years of reading newspapers, looking at photos of brutal farm murders and watching corrupt politicians crippling South Africa, I find that my eyes are being opened. What Mike is writing is the truth and I just hope people's eyes are opened before it's too late.

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      Guess Mike has opened your eye's but not with out the help of the kaffir's.


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    Mike, thanks so much for all your hard work and honesty in these articles. I have been trying to piece together the missing links and you have provided that for me. For years I have been trying to explain to people (in the USA) about our country and the perils it faced as well as the truth behind the lies but have fallen short on some of the details. I commend you for taking the time and effort. It has been invaluable to me as I am sure it's been for others. Thanks a ton.

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