31 August 2011

The raw naked Noble Savage in all its glory

Schools 'under evil spell'

26.08.2011 | Frank Maponya

Pupils collapsing during prayers

PUPILS at two Limpopo schools are living in fear following allegations that an evil spell has been cast on them.

During yesterday's visit to Masegela, Sowetan experienced a scary situation in which parents had gathered with leaders of various churches in the area to assist the school with prayers to cast off the evil spells.

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More pupils 'faint at cursed school'
31.08.2011 | Frank Maponya

THE situation remains unchanged at a Limpopo primary school after more pupils collapsed yesterday.
Sowetan received a call from a Pastor Motebejane of Nkowankowa yesterday.
He promised to get "people with powers" to chase away the evil spirits from the schools.

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Sipho at it again. Those crazy things blacks do

By Mike Smith
31st of August 2011

This one came from “The Sowetan” yesterday. I have nothing more to add apart from the usual, “Phuqing typical….!!!”

Man accused in court of raping a goat
30.08.2011 | Sapa


A man appeared in the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday for allegedly raping his goat, North West police said.

Zacharia Tivane, 41, would remain in custody until his next appearance on October 21, Sergeant Kelebogile Moiloa said.

Tivane was arrested on Sunday morning and charged with bestiality.

His 48-year-old wife and teenage son heard the goat screaming, at their home in Madidi village near Klippan, and went to investigate. They allegedly saw Tivane raping the animal. The woman called the police.

The product of the black’s scorched earth policy against white farmers

By Mike Smith
31st of August 2011

Last week I reported on the return of the scorched earth policy against white farmers, but this time it is not the British but the blacks setting white owned farms on fire and killing their livestock.

Nevertheless, more than 300 white owned farms were deliberately set on fire by blacks in the North West area. Tens of thousands of livestock cattle burned to death. Some were unfortunate to survive the ordeal.

Below is a picture of a bull, burnt but still alive. His eyes melted away. His body covered in 100% burn wounds. He was standing dead still. His body was burnt so bad that it was too painful to move. The unfortunate animal had to be put down.

The grass destroyed and the entire farm burnt to ashes as far as the eye can see.

The question has to be asked, “What is next…Concentration Camps?”

30 August 2011

Great African Inventions

By Mike Smith
30th of August 2011

Received this from a reader…Shame…they try really hard…

Sunday Times now backpedalling on "Facebook Racist" report

By Mike Smith
30th of August 2011

Last Sunday, 28th of August 2011 the Sunday Times of South Africa ran a front page report on some “Facebook Racist” which I with the help of some readers exposed very quickly as a three year old story.
The original article in the Sunday Times can be found at this link or this url…


My report can be found here

Shortly after my report appeared online other online news sources followed suit and also reported that the article was already three to four years old Like this one in Beeld or these ones...

”Racist” Facebook pic three years old
Rightwing “Hunter” paid child to pose

Some comentors even reckon that the picture is photoshopped and a buck was erased and the picture of the boy put in its place. I am not an expert in photoshop so cannot say.

Be that is it may, the students responsible for the pic at the University of Potchefstroom (UNW) were disciplined back then and one was expelled. It is old news.

I was totally disappointed and disgusted in this gutter trash reporting of South Africa’s leading Sunday newspaper. Note how in the one link above they brand the guy in the picture “Rightwing”…implying that when you have conservative or rightwing political beliefs you are a “racist”.

So if you want to be a good guy and not a “Racist” then you should have leftist beliefs. Again I wish to remind people that Hitler was a leftist, so was Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot and Fidel Castro, etc...

There is NO evidence that the guy in the picture is “Rightwing” at all. Where did SAPA and IOL get that “Fact” from?

Further, when a one year old white baby Marzaan Kruger was blinded by fist blows from two “Brave” black warriors none of the MSM papers branded them “Racists”. When Blacks killed the Potgieter family and picked up little Wiillemientjie Potgieter (2) by her hair and fired a shot into her head from behind, none of the MSM newspapers branded it a “Racist attack”.

I cannot believe that experienced and supposedly professional journalists such as Editor Ray Hartley and the reporter Werner Swart could run such an old story on the front page of the Sunday Times.

I wonder what their modus operandi was. In my opinion the report was poorly researched, sensationalist, irresponsible and inciting racial hatred. In a country where a white minority is already discriminated against through BEE, Affirmative Action, quotas in sport and university and constantly vilified for “Apartheid”, this report can only contribute to fan the flames of hatred towards whites.

The MSM would never put the pictures of Willemientjie Potgieter and baby Marzaan Kruger up after they were killed or assaulted by the blacks, because first of all it will make blacks look like murderous savages and secondly, it might just inspire a psycho to go do stupid things.

The Mail & Guardian reports that editor Ray Hartley is now backpedalling after other journalists like liberal Max du Preez and Politics Web’s James Myburgh also slagged off the shoddy and irresponsible reporting of the Sunday Times.

Fortunately we have a Press Ombudsman in South Africa where we can report such junk journalism. It is called The Press Council of South Africa

If you feel as strongly about this mater as I do then kindly contact the Press Ombudsman and express your disgust with this blatant vilification of Whites in South Africa. It is this kind of junk reporting that we can do without. It is such trash journalism that leads to blacks feeling entitled to steal from whites, rape, torture and kill whites. Do it for Willemientjie Potgieter...Report the Sunday Times before another Willemientjie gets killed.

19 Police and Home Affairs officials arrested for corruption at border post

By Mike Smith
29th of August 2011

What do you do when the sheepdogs do not do their job and let the wolves into sheep pen?

How can the police even pretend to be fighting crime when our border posts are like Swiss cheese and the officials from the Department of Home Affairs and the SA Police make R10,000 a day each by letting in illegal aliens, who are mostly uneducated, jobless and only coming into to South Africa to live a life of crime?

The local blacks believe that these 3-5 million illegal aliens in a country with an official unemployment rate of 30% steal money from South Africans, they steal jobs from South Africans and they steal the local’s women or infect them with AIDS. No wonder the local blacks get so upset and go on violent xenophobic rampages as we have seen in 2008 and 2009.

The South African Institute for Race Relations back then directly blamed President Thabo Mbeki and the policies of the ANC and I fully agree.

In 1975 South Africa built a 120km state of the art electrified fence between the Kruger National Park and Mozambique to keep these illegal aliens out who were fleeing from their Mozambican “Socialist Paradise” into the “Apartheid Hell” of South Africa. In 2002/2003 Thabo Mbeki gave Vali Moosa instruction to tear the fence down supposedly to let the elephants migrate freely, but knowing full well that it would cause massive influx of Mozambican criminals.

In 2006 the police arrested Annanias Mathe one of the worst serial killers, serial rapists and serial robbers the country has ever seen. 51 charges of murder…eventually found guilty on 64 charges including rape, attempted murder and God knows what else. Annanias Mathe is a Mozambican.

Below is a report on how 19 police and home affairs officials were arrested at the Lebombo border post on charges of corruption. This is  just ONE border post. Imagine how it is going at the others...

“One of the suspects - a home affairs official - had been arrested at 08:00 and already police had removed hundreds of rand from her pockets, which she apparently accepted as bribes that morning since the border had opened”

Officials arrested for alleged corruption

Nineteen individuals were arrested for allegedly soliciting money at the Lebombo Border.

30 August 2011 | Nicolene Smalman


NELSPRUIT - Police and home affairs officials got the surprise of their lives on Friday when a huge task team descended on the Lebombo Border Post where some of their colleagues were arrested for alleged corruption.

Nineteen individuals - six police and 13 home affairs officials - were arrested for allegedly soliciting money at the border. They were apprehended after an investigation by the police, home affairs and the national prosecuting authority.

According to sources on the scene, some of them have been making up to R10 000 a day by accepting bribes from foreigners whose passports are not in order.

Six of the suspects were arrested at the border while the others, who had been off-duty, were apprehended at their homes. Lowvelder accompanied the police on their operation at the border Friday morning.

The jaws of tourists travelling to and from Mozambique dropped as the suspects were cuffed and taken away. One of the suspects - a home affairs official - had been arrested at 08:00 and already police had removed hundreds of rand from her pockets, which she apparently accepted as bribes that morning since the border had opened.

The home affairs officials were served with suspension letters that same morning and a disciplinary process will commence in 14 days. Mpumalanga’s provincial commissioner, Lt Gen Thulani Ntobela, has yet to make a decision with regard to the police officials in terms of the SAPS disciplinary regulation.

The suspects appeared in the Komatipoort Magistrate’s Court yesterday.
At the time of going to press, Lt Col Leonard Hlathi could not divulge their particulars.

29 August 2011

No Bad Blood between Zuma, Malema

By Mike Smith
29th of August 2011

Of course their isn't any. When Zuma went up against Thabo Mbeki, Julias Malema was Jacob Zuma's biggest supporter. Remember how he use to say, "We will kill for Zuma?"

There is no way that Zuma will now let him down. Zuma came to power with the full support of the ANC Youth League and the ANC Women's league.

This chastising exercise is not fooling anyone. Least of all me.


Muti Killings in South Africa: What blacks do not want whites to know

By Mike Smith
29th of August 2011

In the past I have reported on the subject of Muti Killings many times. Muti is the Zulu word for medicine, but black South Africans believe that the most powerful Muti are the ones that contain human body parts.

It is a nightmare for white liberals, racial egalitarians and cultural relativists who cringe when you mention this. They want to pretend as if these are isolated incidents, because they cannot face reality that their beloved noble savages are in fact nothing but uncivilized beasts.

Blacks hate it when we find out about it and hold up a mirror to them so they can see their superstitious backwardness and primitive savagery.

Yet the truth is there for all to see…All one has to do is spend five minutes searching “Muti Killings” on the internet.

Here is just one link on Muti Murders …look at how they say that 70% of blacks believe that human body parts makes the muti stronger…hence its popularity and the massive market for it. Remember that the Sangoma serves a community. If they did not believe in the muti, they would not buy it and there would be no market. The fact that the market exists tells me that the blacks are all into strong muti with human body parts.

Look also how they say that Muti Murders are shrouded in a “Code of silence”. Despite that there are almost daily reports in main stream newspapers on Muti murders and on Youtube you can watch videos about it.

In 2008 a study came out about Trafficking body parts in South Africa and Mozambique and the the full study can be downloaded in pdf format at the link provided.

It found that Muti killings is a way of life in rural areas in South Africa

“Between the two countries, 19 different body parts were mentioned as missing from bodies. They included heads, female genital organs, breasts, tongues, ears, eyes, hands, legs, lungs, guts, skin, arms, jaws, lips and fingers.”

Here is a link to educate you with several resources at the bottom Muti Killings . Note how they mention the killing of 30 Albinos per year alone as conservative estimates. What about all the other black children being killed literally daily?

The BBC on Muti Killings
Sky News on Muti Killings

“A recent survey in the country showed that a staggering 80% of the population believed in Sangomas.”

Blacks make up 80% of South Africa’s population. That means just about 100% of blacks believe in Muti and Sangomas. Each one of these links provide spine chilling accounts of organ harvesting while the victims are still alive.

CNN on Muti Murders
“There are no statistics for the number of muti murders in South Africa and estimates vary from one a month to 300 a year, according to Gerard Labuschagne, commander of the South African Police Service's investigative psychology unit.”

South Africa is the only country in the world with a specialized Muti Murder unit
As Dr Labuschagne says, there is a moratorium on crime statistics. Nobody knows for sure how many people get killed like this every year.

What do they believe this Muti can do? Here are some excerpts from the articles above…

• “Two men and a woman recently appeared in Khayekutsha Magistrates’ Court, outside Cape Town, charged with killing a baby and frying her intestines to make muti to help them to find a job.”

• But the sangomas also specialise in making potions for everything from the removal of evil spirits to increasing income, bringing good luck, boosting fertility, passing examinations and preventing cars from being hijacked.

• A traditional healer will describe what body parts are needed — testicles for virility, breasts for luck or a tongue to smooth the path to a girl’s heart — and how they are to be harvested. The parts are obtained while the victim is alive, supposedly to increase their potency.

• …a case in Bloemspruit where a woman who wanted to fall pregnant went to a sangoma and was advised to wear a belt with children's fingers and penises hanging from it. She was made to drink a concoction she believed contained human blood and fat and she was given a piece of flesh which she believed to be a human organ, perhaps a heart. She sliced small pieces from the flesh each night and fried them on a stove.

• Fellows related stories of fishermen in Mozambique who use children's belly buttons in their nets to improve their catch. It is also believed that children's body parts bring more luck and prosperity than those of adults.

• For those who still believe in this gruesome tradition, each severed body part has a different function: lips in a potion will help promote the popularity and importance of a person; genitals will cure infertility; a human arm planted outside a business will draw in customers.

• Severed hands: buried under the door of a shop or business these would bring customers to the premises, making the owner wealthy.

• Breasts: widely regarded in African traditional culture as the source of “mother luck”, which would be used in magic potions to bring good fortune .

• Genitals: both male and female are in demand, used by sangomas to boost virility in men and fertility in women .

• Adam’s apple: would be used to silence a witness who was intending to testify against a sangoma’s client in court .

• Skull: used to protect members of one tribe from another by burying the enemy victim’s head in the tribe’s village .

• Eyes: supposed to confer far-sightedness .

• Tongue: used to smooth the path to a girl’s heart for a prospective lover .

• Body fat: usually taken from the stomach, the fat is regarded by some people, especially the Venda, as the source of a good harvest.

• Sperm and urine: also widely seen as a source of good luck .

• Atlas bone: regarded as powerful muti because of the belief that the circulatory and nervous systems run through it.

• Brains: would help to confer intelligence.

28 August 2011

ANC Smoke & Mirrors: From Sharpeville to Malema

By Mike Smith
28th of August 2011

The media has really exposed their anti-white agenda today. Apparently someone made a picture of a white guy posing with a rifle by an apparently lifeless body of a black boy and posted it on Facebook.

The stupidity of the Sunday Times editor is unbelievable, seeing that The story is already three years old …it was already reported in Beeld on 26th of November 2008.

In their sensationalist haste to beat White South Africans with the racist stick, the Sunday Times fish and chips wrapper completely forgot to do their homework and ran a three year old story on their front page today complete with the "Racist" epitaph. If it wasn't so pathetic it would be laughable.

Now every cop and his dog are looking for the guy. What a bunch of idiots.

Why do they not ever show the REAL photos of South African crime victims such as the thousands of White farmers and their families that have been brutally tortured and murdered on their farms instead of going on about staged pictures that are three years old?

In fact I am starting to think...in fact I swear, that someone was having the Media and the Police on!...Showing them up for the bunch of clowns they are.

You can read this nonsense gutter journalism and see the obviously staged picture over here

It’s just another decoy to distract whites from the real issues, namely murder and theft of the ANC gubbermunt.

Nobody knows the game of falsifying pictures better than the media and the cops themselves. Right from the beginning the ANC used these “Smoke and mirrors” techniques.

During the Apartheid years, they would throw sweets and money into rubbish bins and let black kids dig it out. They would then film it to show the whole world how poor the blacks are in SA. They would film blacks sleeping on the lawn in parks with whites nonchalantly walking past and sell it to the world as dead blacks and unsympathetic whites not giving a damn about dead blacks in the streets.

The idiot liberals lapped it all up, because they so desperately wanted to believe that whites are evil and blacks are little angels.

Today many people know about the Sharpeville incident on 21st of March 1960 in which the police apparently shot 69 people and wounded 178…

Now let me tell you about the tactics of “Peoples War” as the ANC learnt it from General Giap in Vietnam and practiced it in the South African townships…and maybe you will next time look at Sharpeville in a different way.

First I have to explain the method called “Deliberate Confusion” used by illusionists like David Copperfield to walk through the Great Wall of China. The man who discovered the technique was Harry Houdini. David Copperfield explains it in his book “All the secrets of Magic revealed” (1997)…It works like this:

The magician puts himself up against a wall. An X amount of (say nine) helpers all looking the same, dressed in the same overalls and baseball caps cover him with a sheet or screen. The helpers all scramble in confusion through each other and suddenly the magician is gone…supposedly inside the wall…

The helpers all move to the other side of the wall and puts up the screen again all through a deliberately created confusion. Suddenly the magician again appears through the screen…There are different variations of the trick.

The explanation is simple. Everyone is watching the wall and nobody ever counts the amount of helpers. They are all dressed the same and move so fast amongst each other whilst setting up the screen that a deliberate confusion is being created on both sides of the wall. During the act the magician dresses himself as a helper and undresses himself again behind the screen on the other side all the time blending in and out of the deliberate confusion.

This technique is very effectively recreated in massive crowds today. I have seen a news report on the BBC once how the Israelis were shooting at Arab “women” with rubber bullets…until one “woman” came running straight at the BBC cameraman ripping “her” burqa off…Underneath was a young Arab male of around 20. You never watch the news in the same way ever again.

This technique of “deliberate confusion” was very effectively recreated during Apartheid riots as well.

When 20,000 blacks all looking the same appears chaotically demonstrating at a police station, who knows how many dead blacks (that they have killed themselves), are carried in under this fog of confusion? People are watching the magician in the wall not the helpers that all look the same.

When and if the police fire, they drop the dead women and children and run away. The police stands there even believing themselves that they have killed blacks…this is how hatred and guilt have been created during Apartheid, how history was rewritten and white South Africans were vilified.

Now you might say, “That is too farfetched”…

Well then you do not know Marxist strategy and tactics.

The ANC had no problem to kill thousands of their own supporters in their torture camps such as “Quatro” or necklace them and hack them to death in the townships.

Remember that the ANC, like all Marxists are keen students and disciples of Sun Tzu who states in the first chapter of his work, The Art of War, “All warfare is based on deception”.

In more modern days, they virtually worship Mao Tse Tung who once said, “The enemy is deceived by illusions…”

It is the ancient deception warfare philosophy of Sun Tzu combined with modern warfare. It is a multidimensional approach taking techniques from every discipline, be it psychology, sociology, the art of the stage illusionist or the art of the street magician to defeat an unknowing naïve enemy.

Communists are cowards who will never fight man to man. Mao Tse Tung, had an overbearing father, so he took refuge in his mother and it was from her that he learned the indirect approach to warfare.

Mao said that, “Deception is not enough; the enemy’s leaders must be confused; if possible driven insane.” [Mao Tse Tung. On the protracted War, pg 100].

“The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy halts, we harass; when the enemy seeks to avoid battle, we attack; the enemy retreats, we pursue”[Mao Tse Tung. Selected Works]

In order to understand the ANC strategy and techniques, it is imperative that one studies the writings of Mao Tse Tung

It is only after studying Mao that one fully understands the ANC’s strategy on Coalition government like they had with the NP or Mugabe had with the MDC…


People’s War as used during the so-called struggle against Apartheid.


Concentrating forces to kill the enemy one by one as they did and are doing with the white farmers of Rhodesia and South Africa.

Today we see how the ANC creates decoys, feint attacks in one place whilst attacking somewhere else.

So when the ANC appears to be giving their darling son Julias Malema a thorough scrubbing one day, you can bet your last Rands that they will in actual fact be attacking somewhere else on the same day and stealing some more money somewhere where nobody is looking. With the ANC…Nothing is ever like it seems.

The reason why they get away with it is because they are illusionists of the first order. It is all smoke and mirrors with the ANC. The public is like their audience who never fully knows what is going on. Most believe the magician is really inside the wall, some knows there is a trick to everything, but do not know the trick…It is all deliberate confusion. Nobody ever counts the number of helpers.

See, deception only works when you do not know how the trick is done. Once everyone knows the trick, the magician cannot entertain the audience anymore and he is without a job.

No money to dig into Malema's corruption rabbit-hole

By Mike Smith
28th of August 2011

Do you think the government is poor? I mean just a few weeks ago they had enough money to lend the brutal dictatorship of King Mswati the III in Swaziland R2.4 billion. The king demands R400 million as commission for himself.

Further, the government has just spent R180million on luxury houses for ministers and their deputies …average cost per house is R5.4 million.

Last year they spent billions to fix houses that they have already built for the poor blacks and that was falling apart after six months

What is the bet they won’t use the same contractors for the ministers’ houses?

The Justice department seems to have wasted R68 million on security for an empty building in Pretoria

The Police Chief, Bheki Cele and his buddy Roux Shabangu wants to rent two buildings as police headquarters in Johannesburg and Durban to the tune of R500 million and R1.2 billion respectively

Now the same government, police and justice department wants to tell us there is not enough money to prosecute or even investigate thoroughly corrupt black racist and ANC Youf Leeg president, Julias Malema.

Do you smell that…? It is horrible aint it? It’s called ANC-BULLSHIT!
The whole investigation will soon be swept under that big ANC carpet in Luthuli House. Mark my words.

I will tell you why…Because in the ANC, EVERYONE is corrupt. Investigating Malema will open a few cans of worms. They will then have to start at the top with the El Prezedente Jacob Zuma and his 700 odd uninvestigated charges, work their way through the provincial and municipal governments and finally complete the circle with the tea girl and potato peeler in the kitchen at Lithuli House and I can guarantee you they will find that every single ANC bastards is corrupt and rotten to the core.

It is not that they do not have enough money to investigate Julias Malema…It is that they do not have enough money to investigate every single ANC piece of trash. If they start with Malema they will soon find out that the rabbit hole goes so deep that it becomes a bottomless pit.

Lack of funds halts Malema probe

Several corruption probes, including that of ANC Youth League president Julius Malema, has been stalled due to lack of funds, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela said according to a report on Sunday.

Madonsela confirmed members from her office met with the National Treasury to apply for R30 million in emergency funding this week in order to cover salaries and operational expenses for more investigations, The Sunday Independent reported.

Madonsela reportedly told the newspaper that while service delivery investigations were going ahead, a number of corruption probes were on hold due to resource constraints.

The Public Protector Act allowed Madonsela's office to request help from other state bodies, such as the special investigations unit, the police service and the Hawks, but she said other investigations departments were just as low on funds.

The Treasury would later fully audit her office and look at the budget and increased responsibilities.

Treasury spokesman Kershia Singh told the Sunday newsapper that the finance department would not discuss allocation requests, but added all adjustments would be announced in Parliament in October. - Sapa

25 August 2011

Judge Johan Coenraad Froneman .The man who has sealed the fate of White South African Farmers

By Mike Smith
26th of August 2011

This is the most pitiful story of our history. When Smuts and Botha (Both Boer Generals) decided to suck up to the British Crown and conquer German South West Africa, there were more Boers on the side of the British (20,000) than on the side of the Boer rebellion under Maritz and De La Rey (12,000).

It has been the story of the Afrikaners. A people divided between petty liberal and conservative convictions instead of worrying about their own existence first.


Here is the picture of the traitor to his people. A man educated at Stellenbosch Afrikaans University.

Please make a note of his name …Judge JohanCoenraad Froneman... It might come in handy in future conflicts….and or retributions.


The final stages of the Zimboonification of South Africa

By Mike Smith
25st of August 2011

OK, White farmers of South Africa. Pack it in. You are stuffed. Zimbabwe here we come.

Green light for land expropriation before compensation
Stephen Grootes


The Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that government can expropriate land before an amount of compensation is paid.

In a unanimous ruling, judges said it would be too onerous to expect government to always agree on compensation before taking property.
Judge Johan Froneman handed down the ruling.

“I accordingly found that Section 25 2b of the Constitution does not require that the amount of compensation and the time and manner of its payment must always be determined before expropriation,” he said.
He said if compensation is only determined after expropriation, it must happen as soon as it is reasonably possible.

The ruling was in relation to land that the Department of Public Works wants to take in KwaZulu-Natal.

The court added that there are enough legal safeguards to make sure that people's land is not expropriated arbitrarily. [That means the Constitutional Court granted blacks a free for all to take white farms]

Pereant qui ante nos nostra dixerent

By Mike Smith
25st of August 2011

There is no greater honour than when a main stream media Newspaper steals the work of a poor blogger so they can sell their thin newspapers on the fat of other people’s work.


Look at these bastards. Look how they even carefully manipulate opinion by not opening the comments section.


Anyway…at least they are taking note.

The seed ye sow, another reaps; The wealth ye find, another keeps; The robes ye weave, another wears; The arms ye forge, another bears.
Percy Bysshe Shelley

You should be able to find my article at this link


I thought that it might disappear due to underhand tricks that is why I also simultaneously posted it on

http://www.praag.co.uk/ where I am a contributor.


24 August 2011

Kosie soek 'n le-plek in Afrika...

By Mike Smith
24th of August 2011

Last Tuesday night the lead singer of the South African band “Just jinger”, Ard Mathews apparently botched the New South African national anthem on live television and in front of 60 million international and local viewers when he was invited to sing at the presentation of the Springbok Rugby Team.

I have watched the video three times, but cannot see what the people are complaining about. Where is the apparent botch? I think his version is excellent. Better than most versions I have seen or heard.

The video is below…see if you can see or hear the mistakes. Apparently he also used swear words. Can you spot them?

Anyway. When you are finished with that crap, then watch the REAL and ONLY South African National Anthem I will ever stand attention to. First part in Afrikaans, second part in English.

Nou vir Die Stem…

„Staan op aandag jou sleg bliksem! Sallueer die vlag!“

„OK, Samjoor“.

23 August 2011

The return of the Scorched-Earth policy against Boer farmers

By Mike Smith
23rd of August 2011

During the Anglo Boer war of 1899-1902 the British adopted a Scorched Earth policy, to burn down the farms of the Boers and kill all their animals. This policy impoverished the Boers tremendously. They lost all their property, their houses, farms, furniture, clothes, animals, everything.

Since then, the Boers managed to build themselves up again, but now we see a return of the scorched earth policy…this time around it is the blacks implementing it.

Last Saturday a farmer, Herman Lochrenberg (63) in the Schweizer-Reneke area saw a white Toyota Cresida stop on the side of the road. It had four occupants. A black man and four black women. They got out and attempted to set the veldt on fire. When they saw him they sped off.

He chased them and they tried twice to force him off the road, but he used his bush-bar to hook the vehicle to bring both vehicles to a standstill. One of the women admitted that they started a fire and the farmer has cell phone footage of this.

A fist fight broke out and another farmer who drove past, Attie Haasbroek (58), got involved. A shot was fired although nobody was hit, only the car. Both farmers were arrested, thrown in prison and charged with aggravated assault. No charges have been brought against the arsonists.

The black community went on the rampage, blocked the main road between Schweitzer- Reneke and Pudumoe township with burning tyres and refused to let any white people through.

So far they have burned down 6000ha of white owned farmland including stables and homesteads. They also stoned the fire brigade and the police who tried to stop the fire and the rioters.

Mr. Jozeth du Plessis of Agri-Schweizer-Reneke said it is not necessarily a “racial thing”.



22 August 2011

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 33 - How the negotiations were lost

By Mike Smith
23rd of August 2011

How is it possible that a people with one of the strongest military forces of the time, ranking then under the tenth best in the world, could lose a negotiating battle with almost unarmed blacks?

How is it possible that university educated white lawyers and academia could lose at the negotiating table to seemingly simple blacks? I mean…how difficult could it be?

This is the story of the negotiations and the treason that led to the destruction of Afrikaner Nationalism.

Why even enter into negotiations at all?

At the time of 1982 the white Apartheid South Africa was a nuclear power with the assistance of Israel. Officially South Africa had seven nuclear weapons according to the IAEA , but in his book “The unspoken Alliance: Israel’s secret relationship with Apartheid South Africa”, Sasha Polakow-Suransky mentions on page 222; 223 that over 20 nuclear weapons and more than 100 nuclear artillery shells were produced. Where these lost weapons are today is a mystery.

In addition to the nuclear weapons, South Africa also possessed chemical and biological weapons. South Africa built up its arms industry with the help of Israel to the point where Armscor was a major exporter of sophisticated weapons such as the G5 and G6 howitzers.

South Africa had a nuclear space program with satellites being built at Houteq near Grabouw in the Western Cape and orbital as well as sub orbital and ballistic missiles being tested at the Overberg Test Range near Arniston in the Western Cape.

At the same time, the ANC Marxist terrorist organisation was finished. By 1980 they were hunted down and beaten into submission by the South African security forces that would sniff them out under every rock and in every nook and cranny they were hiding. From Mozambique to London, from Zambia to Sweden, they were sent parcel bombs or were paid personal visits by the South African hit squads and bluntly eliminated.

South Africa pioneered and waged the original “War on terror” and showed the world that there is only one way to defeat terrorists and that is to beat them at their own game. You have to terrorise the terrorists into submission.

Nevertheless, by 1980 the ANC was little more than a rented office with a fax machine in Dares Salaam. Inside South Africa, Inkatha, the Black Consciousness Movement, Black theology movements and since 1983 the UDF were more the people representing the Blacks, not the ANC. The ANC was largely forgotten by 1980.

In fact there was no reason to enter into negotiations with the ANC at all. There were no reasons to enter into negotiations with any of the Black Anti Apartheid movements whatsoever. The Whites of South Africa ruled the roost.

If the Blacks wanted a bloody civil war they would have received one. The whites were firmly in control of the police and army. It would have been annihilation on a grand scale like the world has not seen since Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot.

Instead, the whites of South Africa decided to bring an end to violence and live in peace with their black neighbours. The white South Africans were also tired of being seen and treated by the rest of the world as the “Skunk amongst Nations”. They thought that with Apartheid gone, with all discrimination gone, sanctions would be gone, sports boycotts would be gone and then they could build an even stronger South Africa together with the blacks...side by side, hand in hand...A South Africa that would be the darling of the world, not the skunk.

The politically ignorant and religiously naive (certainly for the most part) White South Africans at the time thought that when Apartheid was gone, they would be welcomed back by the world like the prodigal son in Luke 15 in the Bible. Best of all was that they could finally compete in the Rugby World Cup from which they were excluded in 1987 and 1991.

So when the choice to negotiate came, along with all the rosy promises of a better South Africa for all by the politicians and the media, as opposed to civil war with the Blacks, white South Africans voted 69% to 31% in favour of negotiations. It was not that they thought they would lose such a war. A peaceful solution simply seemed like the better option for all at the time.

At this stage it has to be stressed that the whites voted for “Negotiations” (whatever that meant at the time) not for capitulation as understood by the National Party. President F.W. de Klerk promised a second referendum on whether the negotiations were successful and acceptable to the whites. He promised that he would not budge on certain “Checks and Balances”...

What was going on in the mind of White South Africans at the time?

The feeling was that most of the whites swallowed the propaganda by the world and South African media. People had high hopes. They honestly believed that a New South Africa with everyone living in peace and harmony was possible, despite history showing us 180 degrees the contrary not only in South Africa, but also the rest of the world.

But just as love is blind, South African Whites fell in love with the idea of the “New Improved South Africa” and chose to ignore the realities.

The mindset of the Whites

White South Africans are for the most part very efficient people. They believe in hard work and getting the job done as soon as possible. They are therefore somewhat impatient in solving problems, finding solutions and gets frustrated when the process drags on too long.

Another trait of White South Africans in general and especially the Afrikaners is their immense sense of “fair play”. It stems from their almost religious participation in sports, their Calvinistic religious beliefs and their Roman Dutch Law system.

Little did the white South Africans realise that their traits would ultimately be used against them.

Deception and the Art of War

Today it is difficult to believe that the negotiators on the white side of Codesa had no plan, no strategy and were totally ignorant to the basics of warfare. Know yourself and know your enemy is the basics of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. All warfare is based upon deception...and the Communists were masters of deception.

When it came to negotiations with blacks, the best experiences that whites ever had with blacks were bartering at a roadside curio stand or deciding on what wage should be paid for a day’s work in the kitchen or garden of a white person.

It is with this kind of attitude that the White negotiators at Codesa approached the ANC. They thought they were going to bargain with a few blacks on wood carving of an animal. The Whites at Codesa totally underestimated the ANC negotiators.

The ANC negotiators, white and black had a totally different approach. They travelled to Vietnam in 1978 to learn the techniques of “People’s War” from General Vo Nguyen Giap as documented in the book by Dr. Anthea Jeffery. They traveled to Moscow, East Germany, Cuba and Beijing to learn from the best about ideological, revolutionary and negotiation warfare techniques.

Both Joe Slovo and Cyril Ramaphosa were lawyers. Slovo was a colonel in the KGB. These guys were not idiots and they were on a mission to win.

Bobby Godsell of Anglo American Corporation called Ramaphosa “The most skilled negotiator I have ever met”.

Since 1979 the ANC introduced the techniques of General Giap that defeated the mightiest military to date, the USA.

These were the techniques taught to and employed by the ANC in South Africa during Apartheid and during the negotiation. The gullible black women and children of the townships were at the same time the soldiers and the weapons of war against the armed South African forces.

The ANC negotiating strategy and techniques

When the negotiations started, the ANC was entering a no-holds barred, no rules fight when the NP was entering a boxing match under Queensbury rules. There could only be one outcome. Total defeat of the NP.

The NP had all the positioning and all the leverage, then they slipped up…but how is this possible?

The answer can be found in Von Clausewitz’s “On War”, Book One. Von Clausewitz says that first of all one should not assume that the position of defense and attack is equal. It is totally unequal. This is also stated in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” under siege warfare.

He further states that there are two things to consider in a war strategy, the size of the opponent and his willingness to fight.

It does not matter how big, how many weapons, how much money or how many numbers an opponent has. If the willingness to fight is not there and instead a willingness to make peace is already there, the opponent stands no chance. He will lose. A thirteen year old girl will beat him.

The fight was taken out of the dog

The NP took it that their armed and security forces already legitimately defeated the ANC. They proved it to the world. They could now sit back and relax while the ANC signed their demands at negotiations on the dotted line.

To the NP the fight was effectively over. The hand was outstretched to help the defeated enemy to his feet and make friends as if nothing ever happened.

To the ANC the fight only just started. All the defeats they suffered all the blows on the nose and on the mouth meant nothing now. They achieved the start position they wanted. The NP, instead of finishing them off on the ground when they had the chance, helped them up. Now the real battle would start.

The NP government soldiers might have been masters in bush warfare, but they were amateurs in ideological warfare.

It is astonishing and embarrassing today to look back at the NP negotiations at Codesa and how the Communists ran circles around them.

The ANC strategy almost comes straight from Von Clausewitz’s first chapter. War is politics continued by other means. The ANC saw negotiations as an extended armed struggle. When the NP lowered their weapons the ANC intensified the use of theirs.

The strategy of the ANC is not hard to grasp. As a backdrop to their negotiations they used horrific violence such as necklace murders of their own supporters.

They knew the whites would be impatient to put an end to this violence would therefore want to get the negotiations out of the way as soon as possible so they could have their peace. The ANC on the other hand was very patient. They fully exploited the NP negotiator’s impatience, sense of fair play, and efficiency to “get the job done”.

To a communist, just showing a willingness to negotiate is already a sign of weakness. If you were really strong, you would have taken him out. Therefore there can never be any meaningful negotiations with communists.

The NP negotiators thought about compromise. Whites had to give up a few things; Blacks give up a few things and in the end everyone walks away as a winner.

Not to a communist. A communist never compromise. He never gives up anything. If he does, it is only to get something better in return.

Compromise is never a good idea. When two sets of basic principles compromise for the sake of getting along, the result is some muck in the middle and nobody gets along. One cannot compromise on good principles. When good and evil compromise then evil always wins. Evil can only exist, because the good principles have been compromised on.

But the ANC had some other techniques up their sleeves.

The communists are obsessed with saving face. They never want to be seen as the ones who have lost the conventional war.

One tactic they use is “Stage setting”. At negotiations they would seat their opponents looking into the sun or directly in the sun so they feel hot and uncomfortable. Food will be doctored so they feel tired, or ill. Chair legs of the opponents would be shorter than that of the communists. Everything down to the journalists and cameramen would be carefully chosen. Even the language will be chosen to put the negotiators on the backfoot.

Another one is “The loaded agenda”. For instance they would have a hundred points on a list of negotiations; they would present the first five on relatively mediocre issues to the NP as preliminary issues that would first have to be met before any negotiations could start.

One of it was to exclude military generals like Magnus Malan and police minister Adriaan Vlok from the negotiating table.

Every single one of these preliminary issues actually was points that should have been negotiated, but the NP did not want to appear as the guilty unwavering deadlocking party who would de-rail, negotiations. So they gave in…An immediate sign of weakness to the Marxist terrorist ANC.

If the NP refused, the ANC would have used it against the NP as a sign of their inflexibility to negotiate and they would have occupied the moral higher ground.

The negotiations would start over the next five items on the list. The NP would be impatient to get the job done and square away the issues, but the ANC would be patient…deliberately prolonging it by frustrating the NP with arbitrary issue, until the NP would say, “OK, OK, we give in, It is not that important anyway…, let’s move on to the next point”.

Negotiation would start on a difficult issue and at the point where it seemed the NP would not budge, violence ala “People’s War” would erupt at Boipatong or some other place in the country, or Cyril Ramaphosa would threaten that more mass action would follow and four months of negotiations would have been wasted and down the drain. All blame for violence would obviously be put on the NP government or Inkatha, who would be blame the NP of violating the ceasefire and negotiations would be unilaterally suspended by the ANC…

Automatically the NP would stand there like a bunch of idiots, not realizing, not even faintly grasping what was going on in the ANC strategy and would do everything to get back on track with negotiations to look like the good boys.

They also used a tactic called “Welshing”. The communists have no problem to make interim agreements and go back on their words. When you point out that an agreement has already been reached, they would tell you, “No, your interpretation of the agreement is wrong…”

Having agreements in writing also helped little. By inserting punctuations at the right places they could change the meaning of a sentence by 180 degrees.

The chief negotiators of the NP government at Codesa one were Barend Du Plessis and Gerrit Viljoen.

Both were highly educated gentlemen. Du Plessis was educated at Potchefstroom University in South Africa and furthered his studies in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, Viljoen at Cambridge and Leiden.

After the failure of Codesa one, both Finance Minister Barend du Plessis and Constitutional Development Minister, former Broederbond chairman and South West African administrator Gerrit Viljoen resigned and were taken up in hospital from exhaustion…They were no match for the ANC negotiating team.

That is what negotiations with communists bring you.

Nevertheless, Viljoen was replaced by Roelf Meyer who was taught trout fishing by Cyril Ramaphosa, the ANC chief negotiator on a Sidney Frankel fishing weekend in August 1991 where Ramaphosa rescued Roelf and ripped a fishing hook from Roelf’s hand with a pair of pliers.

It was a friendship sealed in blood, yet at Codesa-two they were at opposite sides of the table, supposedly against each other. Both were relatively young at the time. Roelf Meyer 45 and Cyril Ramaphosa 40.

Codesa-two would be what Allister Sparks calls in his book, “Tomorrow is another country”, “The Roelf and Cyril Show”.

During the months of June to September 1992 when negotiations were broken off Roelf and Cyril would secretly meet one on one in hotels several times a month.

During this time, ambitious Afrikaner politicians such as Roelf Meyer, Martinus van Schalkwyk and Leon Wessels started to realize the game was over and started to evaluate their own career prospects and entered into separate negotiations with the ANC. They were more interested about their own political and business futures than with the wellbeing of white South Africans. Meyer represented the government and Wessels represented the National Party at the negotiations.

Eventually negotiations deadlocked on three issues, releasing political prisoners, several extremely dangerous murderers, and Fencing Inkatha areas in and prohibiting the carrying of traditional weapons.

Communist leader Joe Slovo broke the deadlock by admitting that the ANC was not dealing with a defeated enemy and would have to offer the NP some form of power sharing for at least five years. Police and military officers would keep their jobs, etc…

His reason was that the ANC had no trained civil servants to take over from the NP and thus would have to co-operate with them for at least a while until they could fully take over.

As the mafia boss Don Corleone in “The Godfather” so famously mentioned… he made them an offer they could not resist.

The whole time Chief Buthelezi of the Zulus acted like a prima donna, refused to budge on any issues and feeling constantly insulted by not getting the respect he craved and so he was sidelined.

Over the Christmas and New year period of 1992 and 1993 two secret meetings known as “Bosberade” (Bush negotiations) took place between the National Party negotiators and the ANC top ranks at D’Nyala game reserve near Lephalale, formerly known as Ellisras in the Northern Transvaal, now known as Limpopo province.

There Leon Wessels shared hour long talks with Joe Slovo in the swimming pool, Cyril, his wife and Roelf Meyer went nighttime game watching together on the back of a Land Rover. Delegates went jogging together in the morning and shared campfire stories under a Tamboti tree at night while the best cuts of meat were being barbecued for them by their hosts…all sponsored by the unknowing white taxpayers on the verge of being sold out by their government.

During this time Leon Wessels said that he and Cyril Ramaphosa “found each other”…whatever that meant.

Can white South Africans complain today about these negotiations? It is after all the mandate they gave the NP during the 1992 referendum.

They did not specify that negotiations should take place around a round table. They did not tell them that they should win. Besides, negotiations in a swimming pool or around a braai were therefore fully legit.

The next month the negotiators of the 26 groups would convene at the World Trade Centre in Kempton Park and every time a deadlock was reached, Roelf an Cyril would slip away into a corner and quietly convene, then return with a solution, the other 24 parties effectively excluded. The media dubbed it the Roelf and Cyril Show. The other 24 parties might just as well not have been there.

At the time the President F.W. de Klerk seemed disinterested and more involved with his Greek mistress. When the negotiations were finally over and the Codesa results were published in 1993, he exclaimed to his chief negotiator, Roelf Meyer, “My God Roelf, jy het ons uitverkoop!”

(My God, Roelf, you sold us out!)

From F.W. de Klerk’s empty promises of “Checks and balances”, “Minority rights” and a second referendum, nothing came. We lost our country and we would never have the peace we were promised.

Since Codesa-one started on the 20th of December 1991 until the interim constitution was accepted on the 18th of November 1993 the entire Codesa meetings and all the secret negotiations were facilitated and watched over by the National Intelligence Services (NIS).

Advocate P.J.Pretorius in his book “Sell Out, 1997, pg 350” mentions that during this time and towards its end, in April 1993, it became clear to NIS that the NP was losing the battle against the Marxist ANC at the negotiating table and that they, along with 15,000 employees would soon be without jobs.

In order to survive they would have had to embark on a marketing strategy to sell themselves to their new masters, the Marxist ANC. So what they did was to invite the ANC honchos to a secret meeting on their secluded Island in the middle of the Vaal Dam near the town of Heidelberg (Transvaal) to make a presentation of their capabilities and how they could and would sink the “New Enemies”, namely the Right Wing Afrikaners.

The main focus of their presentation was on “Intel-igence”…obviously illegally and unconstitutionally monitoring the public’s phones, cell-phones, internet, etc…

The ANC being keen students of Sun Tzu accepted, because in Chapter thirteen “On the use of Spies” Master Sun Tzu advises that spies, all five kinds, should always be treated well.

Soon afterwards the so-called Rightwing was neutralized.

The negotiations of Codesa should never have taken place. The referendum should never have taken place. As I have mentioned before. When F.W. de Klerk revoked the Population Registration Act, he did away with the Tri Cameral Constitution of 1983. From that moment on the NP was an illegitimate government with zero rights to negotiate or call referendums.

21 August 2011

White Tax? How about a Thug Tax on Blacks

By Mike Smith
21st of August 2011

Socialism is all backwards. They want to tax the productive and successful in society and support the unproductive and lazy.

Shouldn’t this actually be the other way around? Shouldn’t we tax the ones who are the burden on society?

I say, the more children you have the more tax you pay. The more criminal offences you have the higher your tax should be.

I also believe there should be a “Hypocricy Tax” on all liberals and clergy like Bishop Tutu…And an “Incompetence Tax” on the ruling party if their officials fail to do their jobs.

How about a “Crime Tax” on all policemen when crime escalates? Or an “Escape Tax” on the Department of Correctional Services for all prisoners that escape? Isn’t it time they start doing their damn jobs?

How about a “Polygamy Tax”…the more wives you have the higher the tax?

And what about a “Strike Tax” on all trade unions for lost time and damages their supporters caused?

The following comment was left by an anonymous commenter on News24 in answer to Bishop Tutu’s White Tax bollocks…

Let’s see if we can add to this list…

I hereby declare myself willing to pay a 'white tax' if blacks are subjected to a 'thug tax' in the following categories:

Go-forth-and-multiply tax (rebate if family size is kept below 9/and or pregnant schoolgirl is aged above 12)

Rape tax (rebate if victim is above 2 years old)

Looting-state-coffers tax (think cabinet, ANC, Loot Freely House, ANC-R100-million-kissing-fest-Youth League)

Plunder tax (entire tri-partite alliance liable)

Social grant tax: (rebate if person is actually eligible)

Destruction of property tax: (rebate for 'youthful' schoolchildren; penalties for adult strikers?)

Zimbabwe-in-the-making tax: (no rebates applicable)

Farm murder tax: (rebate if torture is refrained from)

Desperate-for-bling tax: (think affirmative shoppers)

Whipping-out-the-begging-bowl tax: (penalties if done more than twice a day)

Corruption tax: (think cabinet ministers, black elite, tenderpreneurs and the like)

(Anon commenter on News24)

Perverse parenting in SA

By Mike Smith
21st of August 2011

Every parent loves his child. It does not matter how evil the child is, the parents still love him. Do you think Hitler’s mother ever stopped loving him? Would she have killed him at birth if she knew how he would turn out? What about Stalin’s mother? Would she have aborted him if she knew he would one day kill 20 million people?

The Afrikaans Sunday paper, Rapport, ran an article today about the mother of Cézanne Visser, better known as “Advocate Barbie”, who wrote a book called, “Ek wil hê jy moet weet… sy is steeds my kind!” (I want you to know…she is still my child). Susan Lemmer’s book

Cézanne Visser was a lawyer, an advocate, educated in what is right and wrong, but terribly naïve. She met another lawyer called Dirk Prinsloo who was a dangerous psychopath and sexual predator. Together they lured kids from orphanages to spend weekends with them and then sexually molested them and filmed it.

Dirk Prinsloo fled and is currently serving time in a Russian prison for bank robbery. Cézanne Visser is currently in prison in South Africa for her evil deeds with children.

Nevertheless, it just proved to me once again that no matter how naughty your child is or what he/she do you still love him/her.

Every now and again a child gets out of control and needs to be disciplined. A good parent spots this out of control behavior very quickly, spanks the child and loves him further. A bad parent just lets the child run wild, upset everyone and hates it when someone says, “For heaven’s sake, control your child”.

There is one thing that all parents hate and that is when someone tells them how they should raise or discipline their children.

South Africa has its problem children as well. Julias Malema, Floyd Shivambu and the ANC Youth League are the problem children for the ANC.

Currently the ANC is appearing to be disciplining Malema and people are even getting their hopes up that he will be fired.

It won’t happen. The ANC loves Malema. They use him to publicly say the things they cannot say. He calls for nationalization of mines, businesses and farms together with calls to “Kill the Boers, Kill the farmers”… the ANC president Jacob Zuma sits right next to him and says nothing.

Everything was fine, until Malema wanted to unite the opposition and called for a revolution in Botswana .

It is quite well known that the Botswana government of President Khama is a puppet of the mining houses such as Anglo American/ De Beers.

It is also quite well known that the ANC is the child of these Anglo American mining bosses who supported them and funded them and brought them to power.

To me it is clear that the mining giants had a word with the ANC top structure and told them to discipline Malema and shut him up. One can also see that the Anglo American owned media has stepped up their campaign against Malema.

It is all fun until someone loses an eye. It is all OK for Julias Malema to sing about killing Boers and white farmers in South Africa. It is all OK for Malema to spew his vitriol against white South Africans and call for the confiscation of their farms and property without any compensation…But do not let him ever threaten the business and mining interests of the Anglo American establishment. Then you will see how he gets reined in.

I do not take this disciplining of Julias Malema very seriously. The ANC loves him. The Communists love him. He is saying all the things they told him to say. Anglo American loves the ANC scum to bits. As long as they toe the line and do not threaten business interests it will be business as usual in South Africa. How many whites get killed does not matter.

No matter how bad Malema ever gets, I want you to know that he is still the ANC’s child. No matter how bad the ANC gets, I want you to know that the ANC is still Anglo American’s child.

20 August 2011

Horrific video kicking whites while they are down

By Mike Smith
21st of August 2011

It is times like these that I wish I was there. The mother of the white child sent the video to Youtube, who quickly deleted it. His name Arno Swanepoel. A white Afrikaner boy.

Worst is the other Afrrikaner boys who stood arround and did nothing. The one guy says to the black bully in Afrikaans, "He is already fucked, you might just as well leave him now".


Princess Charlene and the Poison Dwarf

By Mike Smith
21st of August 2011

My,my...Aren’t we just all feeling warm around the heart right now?


The truth about why crime is so high in South Africa

By Mike Smith
20th of August 2011

19 August 2011

Bishop Tutu wins another prestigious award

By Mike Smith
19th of August 2011

Emeritus Arch Bishop of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu, received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism in 1986, the Pacem in Terris Award in 1987, the Sydney Peace Prize (1999) the Gandhi Peace Prize in 2005, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

This week the senile poison dwarf repeatedly called for White South Africans to be subjected to an additional “Wealth Tax”…

Tutu calls for wealth tax on whites
Tutu urges ‘haves’ to cough up

I have decided that he qualified for the most prestigious online award since the creation of the Internet (by a black man)

So to honour his Bishopness…it gives me great pleasure to award Desmond Tutu with this certificate that he can hang on the wall in his office or in the living room of his mansion in Bishops Court, Cape Town.

Landbank theft to continue

By Mike Smith
19th of August 2011

About a month ago I exposed the Land Bank saga of 2007 and how the Land Bank siphoned off billions of Rands just to be propped up again by the government with billions of Rands in taxpayer money. The story can be read here Mike Smith on the Land Bank corruption

But the stealing went so well that the thieving ANC scum wants to do it again. Who is going to stop them?

R1bn spend on emerging farmers
Source: Sowetan

The state-owned Land Bank is geared up to spend around R1 billion on emerging farmers in the next two years, says Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. “Greater resources need to be directed to development, and government will provide the support necessary to achieve this goal,” Gordhan said in a statement in the Land Bank’s 2010/11 annual report.

Take a walk with old Mike and let me show you how successful Black Power Farming is. Let me show you what is waiting for South Africa.