15 August 2011

Blacks should compensate Whites for giving them South Africa

By Mike Smith
15th of August 2011

Emeritus Arch Bishop of Cape Town is at it again and in the news for asking whites to pay a reparation tax or wealth tax because they all apparently benefitted from Apartheid.

Along came his cheerleading constitutional expert and praise singer Piere de Vos from UCT and said, “The problem is, of course, that some white people – out of shame or ignorance or maybe a bit of both – do not want to admit that white South Africans almost all benefited from apartheid vis-à-vis black South Africans.”

Almost All? Who were the ones that did not benefit? Again facts sucked out of each other’s thumbs.

As I have proved in Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box…everyone in South Africa benefitted form Apartheid, Black and White. Blacks had the highest literary standards and the highest life standard of all the blacks in Africa.

Self hating liberal idiot, De Vos reckons, “If I had been born black and poor, I almost certainly would not have gone to University and I would almost certainly never have been a Law Professor at UCT (University of Cape Town), earning quite a nice salary, thank you.”

I love the way he chooses his words. “Almost All”…”Almost Certainly”…As always both De Vos and The Arch fails to explain how it was at all possible for Tutu to study and become a teacher just like his father was.
They also fail to explain how Nelson Mandela and countless other blacks managed to become lawyers during Apartheid South Africa a lawyer just like De Vos.

They further failed to explain how the Apartheid government built ten Universities for blacks including Medunsa which is a unique medical university that turned out 200 highly qualified black doctors every year all at state costs, paid for by the white taxpayers. It also trained paramedics and nurses.

Since 1970 the budget for black education was raised by about 30% per year every year. More than any other government department.

In the period 1955 -1984 the amount of black school students increased 31 times from 35,000 to 1,096 000.

65% of black South African children were at school compared to Egypt 64%, Nigeria 57%, Ghana52%, Tanzania50% and Ethiopia 29%.

Amongst the adults of South Africa, 71% could read and write (80% between the ages 12 and 22). Compare this to Kenya 47%, Egypt 38%, Nigeria 34% and Mozambique at 26%.

In South Africa, the whites built 15 new classrooms for blacks every working day, every year. At 40 children per class it meant space for an additional 600 black students every day!!!

In 1985 there were 42,000 Blacks at 5 universities in South Africa, about the same amount at the universities of the homelands.

In an article called “Die Afrikaner” 11 Feb 1987, the quarterly magazine called “Vox Africana Nr 29 4/87 stated that,

South Africa had 4,8 million whites and 18,2 million blacks in 1987. The whites paid 77% of the taxes and the blacks only 15%...despite this...56% of the government budget was spent on blacks.

During the time of Dr. Verwoerd. the living standards of Blacks were rising at 5,4% per year against that of the whites at 3,9% per year. In 1965 the economic growth of South Africa was the second highest in the world at 7,9%. The rate of inflation was a mere 2% per annum and the prime interest rate only 3% per annum. Domestic savings were so great that South Africa needed no foreign loans for normal economic expansion.

Even Lord Deedes admitted, “White South Africa grew to become the economic giant of the continent, the other members of the Commonwealth virtually sank into poverty.”

At the hight of Apartheid in 1978 Soweto had 115 football fields, 3 Rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 Cricket fields, 2 Golf courses, 47 Tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 Bowling alleys, 81 Netball fields, 39 children play parks, and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses.

In addition to this, Soweto had 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 Technical Colleges, 8 clinics, 63 child day care centres, 11 Post Offices, and its own fruit and vegetable market.

There were 2300 registered companies that belonged to black businessmen, about 1000 private taxi companies. 3% of the 50,000 vehicle owners in 1978 were Mercedes Benz owners. Soweto alone had more cars, taxis, schools, churches and sport facilities than most independent countries in Africa. The Blacks of South Africa had more private vehicles than the entire white population of the USSR at the time.

Today Soweto has modern shopping malls like, Dobsonville Shopping Centre. In 2005 the Protea Gardens Mall opened. This was followed by the Baramall Shopping Centre and the Jabulani Shopping complex and the Maponya Mall. Experts say that Soweto has as much as 25% oversupply of retail space.

The Canadian Medical Doctor, Dr Kenneth Walker wrote about Soweto, (I freely translate from “Verrat an Südafrika”, Klaus Vaque, 1987,pg 41)

“In Soweto I saw many homes that costs about $100,000 (1978) and that had a BMW in the driveway. All houses are single storey. Many are recently painted. Many had flowerpots in the windows and lawn in the front. Only 2% were shacks. If I had the choice to live in Soweto or in the apartment dwellings or “Projects” of New York, Chicago, or Detroit where there is so much crime, then I would not hesitate for one moment and choose Soweto.”
The biggest hospital in the world, Baragwanath with 3200 beds and at its peak almost 8000 staff had 23 operation theatres fitted out with the most modern medical equipment that existed in the world. Blacks were treated here, operated on...at full state costs to the white-taxpayers for unlimited periods. The budget of this hospital was and is higher than the yearly budget of most small member states of the United Nations.

Next door to Baragwanath is the St. John’s Eye Clinic. The clinic is world famous for the treatment of Glaucoma, Cataracts, traumatic eye injuries and rare tropical diseases. All built and maintained by white taxpayer’s money for blacks.

Baragwanath in 1978 employed 450 medical doctors in full-time service. It treated 112 000 in-patients and 1.62 million out-patients per year. The children and infant death rate with 34.8 per 1000 was lower than Harlem in New York.

In 1982 alone, this hospital performed 898 heart operations of world quality.

Ironically...90% of the blood donors for this hospital were whites, who donated blood free of charge, totally voluntarily...to save black lives. (Quoted from The Citizen, 2 April 1987).

Whites have already given blacks their blood. What more do they want?

De Vos calls for a “ones off reconstruction tax”….did he forget that 20,000 “Victims of Apartheid” were compensated R30,000 each back in the days of the TRC?

Personally I think that Prof Pierre De Vos and Bishop Tutu should go get an education about the truth about Apartheid. Theyy can start by reading my Pandora Series.

Whites have given blacks the entire country for free. In tact. There is nothing more to give. Today blacks are destroying all the infrastructure that we paid for and built. Then still has the audacity to tell whites they should leave.

What I want to know is who are going to compensate whites for all the schools, hospitals, dams, airports, harbours, railroads, etc that they have built? It is high time for blacks to start paying whites. Nothing is for free.

Bishop Tutu and De Vos can start by selling their mansions and BMW’s and give it to the poor white fund of Solidarity “Helpende Hand”.



  1. Anonymous2:10 pm

    The first Time i heard this prick Pierre de Vos i knew he was a Delux Doos!It doesnt surprise me,(his comments)...What did though was, i was waiting for Steven Friedman or Allan Habib to back this Backstabber de vos up???
    This article should be sent to all these morons but on second thoughts,Fuck them,they are just Puppets,the lot of Them !
    We should show the west,but yet again, THEY KNEW IT!
    They just didnt want to admit it!
    They ,(the west)wanted us out!
    Now Malema wants them "Bladdy Agents" out!

  2. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Brilliantly summarized Mike!
    I was listening to De Vos being interviewed on Cape Talk by John Maytham, and I just couldn't believe my ears on how whites where generalized and stereotyped as "privileged". The constant subtext between the liberal tools (and those they selected to come on air) was that whites were nasty and greedy if they didn't join the "lieg en bieg" confessional.I just kept wondering what kind of false sense of entitlement this was giving to black listeners. This is something one would have expected to hear in the mid-1990s, when the right-wing was marginalized, and many whites were willing to give the liberal paradigm a shot. But now we have had 17 years of ANC misrule. We've seen R60 Billion blown on a useless and corrupt arms deal, billions given to insane dictators in Zimbabwe and Swaziland, and lottery money meant for the poor given to COSATU to have a party.We've seen schools and libraries burnt to the ground in service delivery protests, or literally carried away by thieves in the local communities. Maytham suggested we have a once off fund to uplift a Grassy Park school.Why coloureds;last I heard from the ANC they also benefitted from apartheid? And what good will a once off payment do in SA - how long before it's broken or destroyed, just like the farms that were handed over to blacks? Liberals like Max du Preez and Maytham think that whites can stop the hate speech against us if we stop criticizing this "black government" (in Maytham's parlance). They fail to see that the hate campaign is a strategy, and they have just given it further ammunition by bashing the white community with a false historical stick.

  3. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Mike, just an addition to your exposition of how apartheid created opportunities for blacks from a Neolithic culture, without destroying that culture or decimating it. It's amazing how many foreign blacks were actually educated here under apartheid. However, I was really surprised to read that Robert Mugabe was educated in SA:
    "He (Robert Mugabe) was initiated into the cause of black nationalism at Fort Hare University in South Africa, a decade after Mandela had graduated there." (Peter Godwin: "The Fear: The last days of Robert Mugabe", 2010, p.15)
    Now I wonder who paid for that?
    I also wonder how many millions of Rands SA has already given him, while he jets about on shopping trips with boxes full of cash. I saw a Special Assignment program last week that showed how his secret police are already operating in SA, killing MDC members and instigating violence - apparently all with the blessing of the ANC. The white liberals are playing a dangerous game by thinking they can dictate the terms of a wealth tax by confessing their own misplaced guilt. They think they can throw some money over the fence with an "I'm so sorry" card and then they've "healed this fractured country" (to paraphrase Maytham).The Malemas and other black pro-Zanu-PF opportunists are noting their "boo-hoo" self-incriminating arguments very carefully, and they will demand nothing less then a sustained "wealth tax" on whites to be looted by themselves, and then a gradual appropriation of white property. So please white liberals, speak for yourself and not all whites if you feel you haven't already been enough of a cash cow, and your children don't already suffer and stress about their future enough without your twisted guilt-trips. The Malemas have already called us "criminals", and people like that aren't interested in another donation and sympathy card, and they're not going to hug you and make you feel all smug for another sport's facility. Eventually it's going to be all or nothing I'm afraid. Isn't that what should happen to "criminals"? You tell me liberals.
    - Friedrich.

  4. Absolutely brilliant and indisputable!

    The Arch creature Tutu, is a poisonous little dwarf with limited brain and dressed in pink cloth of the church to comply with political correctness. He had his time when the so-called Truth- & Reconciliation Show was on the road which was, right from the start, an obvious stunt for the feeble minded liberals all over the world. SInce some time now, he suffers from an ever worsening inferiority complex, because he cannot come to terms with the fact that his game is long over.

    As we have often said; even if White SA would have built a house in Houghton and put a BMW with silver handles in the driveway for every Black, it would have not been enough to satisfy the professional liberal lobby. These characters need to keep steering it up beyond any rhyme or reason, simply because it's their raison d'etre. Just like the pigs who need the mud to keep them happy and healthy; the more the merrier.

  5. Anonymous12:38 am

    Dude your language is VERY kak but you point out some very interesting facts.

    1. Anonymous10:53 pm

      It takes one to identify one

  6. Anonymous1:58 am

    Mike, may I ask what references you used to write this article?

  7. Anonymous2:11 am

    Take note Emeritus Arch Bishop Tutu & De Vos
    I quote

    "Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.

    There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."

    — John Adams, letter to John Taylor, April 15, 1814

  8. @Anon 1:58

    My source for this article is my series of articles and book in progress called Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box The entire series up until part 32 can be found on this website.

    For this article I have taken some excerpts from Part 9,11 and 20

    Not sure how good your German is but you can also read.

    “Verrat an Südafrika”, Klaus Vaque, 1987

    Also The books by Les De Villiers, A skunk amongst Nations and In sight of surrender,

    Books by Eschel Rhoodie, The Paper Curtain, The Third Africa, The Real Information Scandal, P.W. Botha, the last betrayal.

  9. Laager4:45 am

    @ Adem

    "even if White SA would have built a house in Houghton and put a BMW with silver handles in the driveway for every Black,"

    Google Earth is a wonderful tool.
    It tells me that the distance from the Houghton Golf Club to the Orlando Stadium is 16.5 Kms / 10,25 Mls as the crow flies.

    Same soil, same rainfall and same sunshine in both these areas.
    Now why on earth was the black community unable to create it's own "Houghton" in Soweto?

    Critics of apartheid love to point out the difference in quality between white and black residential areas.
    They love to beat whites with the stick that blacks could not live in white neighbourhoods.
    They conveniently ignore the fact that whites were not permitted to live in black neighbourhoods either.

    And what they (critics/liberals) just can't admit to is that Houghton was once virgin land just like Orlando and this is what whites did with their natural resources and Soweto is what blacks did with their natural resources.

    Furthermore the homes for blacks in Soweto were built for blacks out of white tax payers money on the initiative of the white government.

    These brick dwellings were a quantum leap up from the mud huts the blacks came from - and still own - in the homelands.
    This translates into two properties for a blue collar worker.
    Not a bad situation to be in I would say, but the likes of Mandela and Tutu convinced the idiotic liberals in the west that this was "oppression"

    The real issue here is the ever present testament of what a white first world civilisation can do in the same space and time with the same resources as a stone age society can.

    It just sticks in their craw.
    Tutu's white wealth tax initiative smacks of jealousy and petulance, particularly as with all the benefits his people have been gifted by the white man they still can't cut it after 17 years of being in the drivers seat.

    Boo hoo!

    1. Anonymous8:42 am

      ...very true, libtards cannot even point to one black country that is equivalent to a white country, and if they are so badly treated by whites, why do they flock in their millions to white countries? Because even a shitty existence in a white country is better than living in a black one...

  10. Adrem5:33 am

    @ Laager

    Yes, indeed. A saying, attributed to EInstein comes to mind; "Two things are infinite: the universe and Human stupidity; and I am not sure about the universe."

    The more I think about it and related to Human stupidity, I am not sure to whom to connect this - to the Blacks or the Whites.

  11. Anonymous5:58 am

    @Laager I know that some stinking rich blacks own huge houses in the best of areas in Cape Town, but they do not stay there. They stay in a shack in Kayalitcha where they get water and electricity for just about free( if they bother to pay otherwise they steal both ) and the big house is rented out .

  12. Krokodil8:02 am

    Apart from the audacity of wanting to tax the existing, small, overtaxed, tax base even more, the purpose of this so-called wealth tax will not in any way achieve it's goal.

    If I sever an artery and put lots of plasters on the wound, only to find that 50 plasters later the flow of blood has not at all diminished, then thinking to myself: well, just one more should do the trick...that would be an excercise in utter futility.

    What's broken can't be fixed by chucking more and more money at it. Besides, the ANC are so corrupt, very little of this "wealth tax" would see light of day, anyway.

    I used to have some respect for Tutu in the past but, as I've said elsewhere, it is glaringly noticeable how I never hear any condemnation from him for the ANCYL's blatant anti-White rhetoric and hate-speech.

    Tutu also blames Whites for road-rage, littering and high crime. What a load of crap! Personal responsibility is strongly advocated within the Bible, whether OT or NT. When the children of Israel left Egypt as former slaves, NEVER were they allowed an excuse for law-breaking or sinning due to the fact they'd been in Egyptian captivity. One will look long and hard to find a scripture that blames even the Devil, never mind other people, for one's own wrongdoings.

    Then again, as the Rev enthusiastically supports gay marriage, maybe the Bible's not exactly on his must-read list of books.

  13. Anonymous9:06 am

    The oppenheimers are funding the ANC youth league, and they want to take the farms and leave them unproductive

    “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the Third World, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”- Henry Kissinger, Nobel Peace Prize recipient & former US Secretary of State


    and look what old evil Soros is doing


    The same people that told old Pik we need a democracy.

    By wiping out the few whites in Africa they get to wipe out the blacks.

  14. Anonymous9:26 am

    Skerp soos 'n minora! Howz about a little gratitude from our black brethren? Just a little "thank you" for all that the whites actually did for your race would be most welcome now and again....Really, we would most appreciate it, not even a dime in return, just a Thank You" will do...

  15. Anonymous10:00 am

    Imagine if the blacks had to pay back to whites all the crime proceeds since, say 1985...Hell, it would run into Billions...I've got a claim on a 1982 Datsun Pulsar, a 1991 Isuzu LDV, an assortment of cell phones, spare tyres and sundry household items (and I'm one of the lucky ones :)

  16. Anonymous1:39 am

    Can't wait to buy your book - it will be important to remember 'real' history when the Internet is censored some day soon.

  17. Laager5:32 am

    @ Anon 5:58

    " know that some stinking rich blacks own huge houses in the best of areas in Cape Town, but they do not stay there."

    And I am willing to wager that these houses were designed by white architects and built by contractors with white ownership/management who ensured that the projects were completed to specification, budget and on time.

  18. Anonymous10:10 am

    I laughed at laughed at your apartheid stats. It's not like the Apartheid government never engaged in propoganda. Oh no, those were guys you could be sure had everyone best interests at heart. Lol.

  19. Anonymous10:39 am


    If you ever wanted to know what judas looked like look at Tutu

    Little doos! Whites must pay!

    My gat! They must pay retribution for what we have done with semi arrid land and giving them food

    Little ungrateful swines!

    Whites must pay pay pay and when we revolt we are ressists! eish ressists!

    But like i said we must thank our fellow white south africans for this situation, you cannot blame blacks they are like this because we took the reigns off of them

    If you give your 10 year old kid the keys to the safe with guns and keys to the car then dont cry when they crash or shoot themselves

    We allowed 40 million people with ten year old brains to run a country! That is not a joke this is the mental capacity of educated blacks!

  20. So Anonymous10:10 am...Whenn you are finished laughing, could you kindly disprove my stats? Many of those stats come from reputable sources such as Time, Washington Post, Fortune, etc.

    The rest comes out of Government archivees and indepth studies made by reputable learning institutions and accademics. Most are still available today for your perusal. Go to the archives at the University of Cape Town and start there.

    I am waiting for your evidence.

  21. Anonymous12:58 pm


    Mike the problem with us (as all whites who see things as they are) is that we see them the way a human being sees things.

    If you want to understand the way a munt thinks then you have to visualize how they minds work of a munt.

    Imagine - This is what is going through every munts mind right now in SA

    " we have been suppressed for 300 years and we want whitee out"

    Imagine this scenario - The ANC ruled us for 300 years and then we came to power changing everything, blacks then bitching about kak etc etc we would be over the moon that after 300 yrs of rule we are now in power, i mean almost 20 yrs is completely unbearable 300 yrs (ok there would be no sa)

    If we come from this thinking then we get into their heads, even though they have not been suppressed for 300 yrs, the placebo is more powerful than the reality and when you have famous people endorsing the placebo then it becomes even stronger ...

    1 thing we should never forget is that the Catholics never forget (Sorry to offend anyone on here) but they never forget. The monarchs who were against Catholicism in the 15th/16th century lived out their lives but their heirs did not

    The white protestant nations have always stood in the way of Catholicism and 90% of the whites in this land are still protestants in their hearts

    There is a very interesting book written by eric john phelps called Vatican assassins which goes in depth to how the jesuits could wait 200 yrs to accomplish what they wanted

    Our land was founded from those who liberated Europe 400 years ago, never forget that the catholics never forget! Im not talking about the good ones who go to church im talking about those right on top

    This tutu is a puppet of them, a puppet of the Main stream media and his people

    It baffles me but it seems that the older a munt gets the younger and dumber.... They start of with no mind at their peak, it reaches a 10 yr olds capacity then it seems to fade to that of a 6 yr and stay there until they die..

    Mugabe, Idi, Malema (he has no brain or mind) tutu, gaddafi, they are all either deranged inside or else i dont know

  22. Laager11:44 am


    The Moon will turn into Gorgonzola cheese before Anon 10:10 responds with facts to contradict you.
    This will happen for one simple reason. He can't.
    There are no facts to repudiate yours

    This is the classic fuzzy feel good liberal opinion approach to debating.
    Nothing but opinions which they cannot substantiate or are too lazy to research to do so

    It is so easy to boot them into touch - every time

  23. Anonymous10:54 am

    1) We have the proposed wealth tax on whites.

    2) We have the toll roads tax to be implemented soon, which again seems to be aimed at the middle class whom happens to be mainly whites.

    3) We have the National Health Insurance act, which preliminary figures suggest will cost someone with an annual salary of R400,000 an extra R5,000 per month.

    Mark my words....

    The whites will eventually go on strike.

    By striking I do not mean that they will dance in the streets like baboons, but that they will merely stay at home.

    This will bring South Africa to a complete standstill.

    This will also herald the end of the ANC, because this strike will show the whole South Africa that they whites wield massive economic power. For the first time the whites themselves will realize the power that they still possess.

    This will mark the beginning of a new era.

    I have spoken to various white business owners and they all agree that they will order the downing of tools - should the above mentioned shit for brains - schemes be introduced.

    Mark my words....


  24. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Mark your words....What i wanna know is why do whites have to be pushed soooo far b4 they do anything...,so you mean that big business condone or dont care about farm murders etc but when it only threatens there greedy pockets they will only down tools..Thats all?

  25. Laager3:53 pm

    One of the events that ended PM Margaret Thatcher's career was the poll tax/community charge (rates) increases.

    The public flatly refused to pay it.
    End of story
    There was nothing the Govt could do about it but back down

    It is time white SA sent the same message to theses crooks
    Open Trust accounts for your rates and get your companies through your Chambers of Commerce to do the same with your PAYE

    Just stop paying and let them know who the boss really is.

  26. s.a. white4:30 pm

    Can we get restitution for all our ancestors who were butchered, such as the very gruesome Makapansgat murders (Moorddrif as far as I can remember?)... Read a good post by Tia Mysoa on that once. That's what happens when a white guy makes friends with a black...

    Eventually he gets tied up, skinned alive and have his entrails ripped out while he's still alive. Sounds about right (not much has changed). And that was a very long time before Apartheid. So what's their damned excuse for that?

    It's that MAOA gene of theirs, probably.

    Maybe when you have time you can also write about these gruesome pre-Apartheid murders? You do it so well, Mike :)

    Tutu is a lying bastard. Like that propaganda program he had, lying about Paul Kruger not making contributions to conservation but still having the Park named after him. Lying a-hole. It was very important to him.

    Anon 10:54, I am already 'downing tools' in a way. They can stick their damned 'white tax'. I would have started a business which could have provided a bunch of jobs (all those people would also have paid income tax, obviously and pushed money into the economy, creating other indirect jobs). They keep promising new jobs, they should encourage people to start businesses, not choke every cent out of them - then they have no investable income to start businesses and create jobs with. OMG they are so mindblowingly DUMB, ARROGANT and GREEDY.

    But why the hell should I? So they can force me to hand over at least half to some greedy, arrogant bastard who will kill me as soon as look at me and spends its time on the golf course? Wealth tax is slavery, socialism is slavery. They can forget it. This wealth tax, crazy toll fees... it's nothing more than 'jizya'. Extortion. All those muslims taking up strategic positions in SA; in business, at SANRAL, not to mention that Mo Shaik is in charge of National Security.

    The Koran says:

    "Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them", "Invite the unbelievers to become muslim, if they don't, make them pay jizya (protection money) and feel themselves oppressed, if they don't want to pay and don't want to be muslim, kill them".

    Blacks conveniently forget that the worst slavemasters were the Arab muslims, who used to castrate the black slaves. Oh, wait, sorry they insist that whites are the real evil ones. Whatever. Once they've served their purpose, blacks will realise they're expendable. Think about Darfur and Somalia.

    PLEASE READ this article (it's in Dutch) about what muslims do to Christians and others in the Middle East - and then tell me you see no similarities between BEE ('Affirmative' Action), land-grabs, this so-called 'wealth tax', exorbitant toll fees and jizya.

    "Where are all the Christians who used to live in the Middle East?"

    And let's not forget that 'jihad' means 'struggle'... Now where have we heard THAT before?

    What shariah banking really is and how it affects YOU:

    BTW. that photo of Tutu makes me want to smack his pointy-nosed face and shove that pointing finger down his throat because that squeaky voice irritates me to no end.

    They want to kill me and bleed my bank account bone dry. Why the hell would I help them do anything? They can drop dead. Finish & klaar. I hope they all start rotting before they die terrifying AIDS deaths.

  27. Mr Mister8:29 pm

    If De Vos feels so guilty about where he is today, because he's white, then perhaps he should resign and let some poor black person take his place.

  28. Its arseholes like DeVos who have totally STUFFED up the world. What a shit for brains. If you want to part with your money De Vos then go ahead. Dont involve the rest of us in your hand wringing soul searching crap you moron.

  29. Anonymous11:43 am


  30. Anonymous9:38 pm

    The simple truth is that blacks also enjoyed the benefits of apartheid. Now that they’re "integrated," white South Africans enjoy genocide. No one wants to admit that. Most whites demand their own genocide to pay for “our” past evils real or perceived.

    Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for everyone. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  31. Anonymous1:34 am

    after reading all these shirt i can hornestly say it with no doubt i hate white people. i hate chicken skined people

  32. So Anon, 1:34AM...Why is that? Why do you hate whites for telling you the truth? Would you rather prefer me to tell you lies such as that the ANC and the SACP cares about the poor? Would you rather want me to lie and tell you that Mandela is a Saint when in fact he is a mass murderer and convicted terrorist?

    Why do you hate white people after they have built you schools, universities, hospitals and saved countless black lives not only through medicine, but also through blood transfusions?

    What is it really that you hate about whites?

  33. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could just see all people born and naturalised in the RSA as South African and not differentiate each other in ethnic groups. How do we go forward without looking back, if you don't plan and look where you want to go and continue to rather look backwards, you have a very good probability of walking into a tree or something.

  34. Anonymous10:50 am

    Huh Mike!!!

    Facts on the ground tend to contradict you Mike. Facts are that on September 4, 2011 there are hundreds of people living in pigsty-like conditions in Soweto. In Kliptown, where the Freedom Charter was drafted, i dare say, there are people that go to bed without even a R5 to buy a piece of bread, while you are probably driving around in a Ferarri. In Kliptown people live in squalid conditions, no proper sanitation, no running water, no electricity. They have no privacy - 10 poeple in one shack. They are not looking forward to a tomorrow, even if it doesnt come, they care less, there is nothing to lose. When it rains they dont sleep, they stand to avoid being drenched in water while they sleep. winter months are sad, they freeze, almost to death because they cant even afford blankets. Go to a typical school in Soweto, the likelyhood is that you will find +- 50 kids in one class, no proper lab facilities, poorly trained teachers, no computers at school or at home, not enough textbook etc, and the social conditions at home, where parents are not working, doesn't make it any easier for the African child to obtain an education. Have you been to rural Eastern Cape, Limpopo,and KZN lately? Huh Mike, have you seen people living in mud huts that can fall on them at anytime? These are the people you say should pay White South Africa Mike? The emotional and physcial pain and suffering that apartheid inflicted on black people means nothing to you Mike? How did you cultivate such hatred for balck people Mike? Your perfect hatred for the African person is so intense that you cant even sympathise with his pain and suffering. Even if you did nothing about it Mike, but just the sympathy that all mankind has towards the suffering of his fellow human being. Does the colour of your skin matter so much that any human being that doesnt have the same colour is less of a human being? Are we not all born of a man and a woman? Do we not all have the same blood? Do we not all grow up, grow old and pass on to the other side of life? Black or white, we have to deal kindly with one another Mike. On a parting note Mike, you may want to read the "pale blue dot" speech by a great scientist Carl Sagan. on it he highlights the folly and stupidity of our imagined self-importance.


    1. Anonymous9:00 am

      10 people in 1 shack...ever heard of shack farming? I knew a guy, waited 10 years for anc to give him an rdp house, first thing he did, as did all his neighbours, was to build tin shacks in his yard and rent them out at R500 bucks each, he then resigned and spends his days at home, self employed...in his shacks live aaall the illegals that stream across the border doing s.a. Work....

    2. Anonymous2:55 am

      Huh Gerrit, Carl Sagan unfortunately did not have his facts straight as far as the pale blue dot is concerned. Mike rather watch a dvd called 'The Privileged Planet compiled by modern scientists at Nasa. Neither our planet nor us humans are insignificant. I am white proud of what the white government built up and sad to see the degradation of it. Cesco.

  35. Yes Gerrit, you just confirm my entire post.

    As I have said and quoted The Canadian Medical Doctor, Dr Kenneth Walker (a Black man), under Apartheid only 2% of housing in Soweto were shacks. Now, under the ANC, the shacks are everywhere.

    How you now somehow wants to blame Apartheid for that boggles the mind. Blame the useless ANC.

    Cry me a river about ten people in one shack no electricity, mud huts that can cave in…warra, warra bullshit.

    What are you actually trying to say here? That blacks had electricity and brick houses before whites came?

    Remember that for thousands of years, whites also never had electricity, yet they managed to build magnificent civilizations like Greece and Rome.

    What you are actually doing is admit the failure of blacks. You admit their inferior mental capacity, because if they were the same as whites, they would have built houses made from bricks that they fired in ovens.

    Where did the whites of SA get their bricks from? Nobody gave it to them. They made it themselves.

    You say, “The emotional and physcial pain and suffering that apartheid inflicted on black people means nothing to you Mike?”

    Please elaborate on this “Pain”…it’s all in your head my man. Go sit still and think and be really honest with yourself and tell me where did you suffer “Pain” under Apartheid. It is all imaginative bullshit that you create in your mind and after a while you start believing your own bullshit.

    Where do you get this nonsense from that I hate black people? Please, get real. Blacks are not that important to me that I have to carry them with hatred in my heart. I simply want nothing to do with blacks. I do not want to govern them. I do not want to oppress them. I simply want to separate myself as far away from them as possible. It has nothing to do with hatred.

    Quite the contrary, it has everything to do with LOVE. Love of my own people, my own culture, my own language, my own religion, etc…

    You want me to sympathize with Africans, well you know where you can find sympathy…in the dictionary, somewhere between “Shit” and “Syphilis”…

    When are you going to start sympathizing with white women and children getting killed and raped by blacks every day? Let me guess, they mean nothing to you right?

    You ask…Do we not all have the same blood? No we don’t. Do you know of sickle cell disease that only affects blacks? Or do you know about BiDil, a drug that only works on black heart patients?

    Fuck Carl Sagan. Read my series on Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box and see how I highlight the folly and stupidity of your imagined “suffering” of blacks under Apartheid.

  36. Gatvol whitey1:24 pm

    Mike, I agree with a lot of your sentiments and I think it's high time we had a white backlash. Especially high time the truth was told about apartheid and how much was done for black people under this 'unjust' system. Just checking though - everyone always says the black Zimbabweans are well-educated. But you're saying South African black people were the most educated. I hope that your sources are infallible because I would have for you to be discredited - I really WANT you to be right so make sure your research is scrupulous. We need your book for fight back.

  37. Anonymous1:39 am

    @ Gerrit
    l dont doubt there is more Black poverty in SA now under Black government. Blacks will keep blaming the Whites - or anyone else even when there are no longer any Whites left in SA, its a lot easier to blame someone else for ones shortcomings plus claiming victimhood for oneself guarantees useless White liberals will gush sympathy (further entrenching the victim mindset but hey they seem to enjoy it).
    l would advise all White South Africans to come to Australia where they will be more comfortable, get over here any way you can. Despite what the mainstream media will tell you many ordinary White Australians despise PC and the modern anti White agenda prevalent in the West. Get yourselves over here - we need more Whites in Australia.

  38. Anonymous2:07 am

    In addition: there is no future for Whites in SA. Any White who imagines there is a future for Whites in SA is deluded. Sooner or later Whites will become extinct - its just a matter of time. Better to get out now rather than be picked off - come to Australia any way you can and claim regugee status as soon as you get here if your funds are limited. The more White South Africans that come to Australia and claim refugee status the better - the refugee system here is already overloaded and at breaking point. The best way to fight back is to come here :) Signed tenth generation Australian

  39. Anonymous2:36 pm

    apartheid is over when blacks own 87% of the country...

  40. Anonymous1:27 am

    I want Tutu and Pierre de Vos to know one thing, I was born and raised in South Africa. I am one of five children. My mom and dad both worked and they bought a council jouse in 1972, still paying on it because they had to take out a second morgage to fix the house up. I realy wanted to be a Maternity Sister but after I did my Matric , I went to a hospital to ask to be given the oppertunity to start at the bottom and work my way up. Even though I am white, the white matron told me that I wasted 2 years at school and two years was for nothing, I should have dropped out of school at 16. I wanted to be a vetrenarian but my dad and mom had no funds to send me to university, so I started working and paying tax. We never had enough of everything but we loved eachother and respected everyone else. The fact is that there was always poor white people but the blacks never saw them. It is the same that many black children were kept in townships and brain washed about white people. I went meeting them and the first reaction was to run away from me and then slowly they would come from behind their mothers and see that I was no devil that wanted to kill them. All whites did not have the possibility to go to universaties, even now. You have to work your ass of, to pay tax and the bit you have over is to survive. Their are black and white living under the bread line of poverty, open you flippen minds and thank your egotistical selfishness that you live the high and mighty lives that you do. If with out the help of politicians , many people get along just fine , no matter the colour of their skins, it is power seeking, gold digging self important politicians that screwed the whole country over. The average South African, ( no matter the colour of your skin) wants to have a decent roof over their heads, a job that can pay for the house and services, kids going to school, a plate of food that is nourishing and a bed to rest in till time to go to work.So to all politicians, ANC, DA, UDF, EFF, DA. Cosato, PAC and SACP, get your fingers out of the pies it is stuck in, do something about the economy, protect the people of South Africa, get control over the criminals and start working together for a better South Africa, so I can once again proudly say I am A SOUTH AFRICAN, and have no need to hide the fact and say I am Belgian or Italian. You have all tuined the most prestidious and once beautifull country through your greed and stupidity. Racism will exist and grow as long as you want to advance your own personal wealth and have no feelings what so ever for those that are poor, sick or trying to make a life that can leave a legacy of honesty, love, charitable soul and a GOD fearing Christian or whatever your faith may be. Do not use the apartheid card everytime you get caught in the act of violating someone's trust in you or when you are found stealing from the people. I had to be satisfied with the life I had, work , home, work for many years to pay for everything I needed to make a decent life for me and my children. After all my efforts, I had to leave my beloved country to seek a safe haven for mr and my children before we became part of the statistics of the white genocide in South Africa. You all make me sick because you spit poison with every word you utter to enflame hatred among the people , instead you could use your lives to improve other's miserable lives. Frackit , man, Get direction.

  41. Anonymous1:43 am

    Even if you give two men the same amount of money one of them will always end up with more than the other, it's a fact of life.