30 September 2011

Individualism is morally superior to collectivism

By Mike Smith
30th of September 2011

Why are people always superficially saying, “We whites must unite” or “If we do not stand together we will go under”?

Forget this nonsense of “Saamstaan” (unite) and “Eendrag maak mag” (unity is strength). It is simply not in our nature to be like that.

Blacks and Asians are far more uniform, they look the same, have the same hair and the same eye colour...this is further expressed in their art and music which all looks the same or sounds the same.

We whites are different. We have different colours of hair and different colours of eyes and you see this diversity also in our individual ability to express ourselves. No other race of people has such a diverse set of art, music, writing, religious or scientific expression.

What made us and our civilisations great is our individual brilliance and our diversity. It is this uniqueness that has delivered to the world a Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Mozart, Shakespeare, Goethe or Rembrandt.

If it was not for this individual genius our world would look a lot different today. It is this individual brilliance and diversity that has not only shaped the world we live in today, but also saved us from the Moors and the Mongols in the past. It is what gave us Napoleon, Wellington, Von Clausewitz, and De la Rey...pity they spent most of their time fighting their own kind, but even that is a natural phenomenon.

It is this individualism that Socialism wants to destroy, because ultimately they want to destroy us. Socialism wants us to conform and be unnaturally equal. An equality that has never and will never exist anywhere in nature, but the Socialists say we must all be the same so they can control us like sheep. They know only too well that it only takes one individual spark of brilliance from a white man to reshape this world forever...in the blink of an eye...as history has proven over and over.

Our individualism is our strength. It is this individual brilliance that the Socialists fear and see as the biggest threat to their aspirations of world dominance and world power.

That is why they try their best in every country they take over to destroy any form of individualism, reform and dumb down the schooling system to a conformist socialist education system, destroy languages and cultures and makes everything and everyone worship at the feet of Socialism. Through their media like newspapers, radios, movies and televisions they create a feel good liberal group-think that treats individual and original thought as alien, backwards and downright insane. There should be no spark of individualism.

That is what liberalism is all about. It is all about cowardice in conformity. It is all about supporting the group-think of the brainwashed masses. It takes guts to be original and different.

Having different ideas and refusing to conform to the zombie-like, herd mentality can today get you in prison, in a mental asylum or ostracised from society.

People always think that a whole lot of individual idiots coming together will magically be a strong force and somehow magically deliver a leader.

As I always say, you cannot tie ten cripples together and expect them to outrun a hundred meter sprinter.

It does not matter if you take ten idiots, a hundred idiots or a million idiots and let them unite...they will never produce a strong leader and they will never go forward.

This is not how a leader is produced and comes to lead a massive following.

It comes from the heart and genius of one man.

It takes ONE MAN...a man who is already a born leader to stand up and go for it. One man will join a small group or gather a small group of followers and over a period of time his followers will naturally grow. Even other smaller groups will dissolve themselves and join the group of this genius.

The recipe has been written down ages ago. In fact two thousand years ago when Jesus walked the earth.

Then Hitler came on the scene and copied this recipe into Mein Kampf (Vol II; Chapter VIII).

I do not care what your religious or political beliefs are, but you should never throw out the baby with the bathwater. You might not be a Christian, you might not like Hitler either, but as much as you despise your enemies it should not stop you from learning from them. If you want to learn how a single man comes to power and gets a nation of millions to follow him in a short space of time then read this link below...

The strong man is mightiest alone

All borrowed and copied from Jesus’s rise to power in the Bible.

Jesus just did it in even a shorter time (three years) and has a following that lasted thousands of years after his death. The four gospels in the New Testament is the original recipe for the rise to power of one genius.

No wonder Boer President Paul Kruger said that in his life he has read only one book and that is the Bible. He said he did not need any other book, because everything he needed to know came from the Bible. Is it then any wonder that one of the first things the Socialists do when taking over a country is to undermine Christianity and destroy Bibles?

What is in there that they do not want people to know?

Those who are mathematically inclined will know the Collatz conjecture ...In the end it all comes down to ONE.

One Group; One Leader. That is what “Unity” means. That is what the “EEN” in “EENDRAG” means.

A beautiful cathedral or a pyramid is made from thousands or millions of stones, each that was rough at first and that needed to be dressed carefully...all individually beautiful, not a single stone identical to another, yet when cemented together they shine in their individual brilliance as one structure that will stand for a thousand years.

That is how I see myself. I am not the leader. I am the dresser of the stones and my writings the cement between them.

Today a good friend of mine has sent me an inspirational quote that struck me deeply:

“I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do, I can do. And by the grace of God, I will.”
Edward Everett Hale (American Clergyman and Writer, 1822-1909)

29 September 2011

How the ANC reduces crime

By Mike Smith
29th of September 2011

Three weeks ago the ANC came out with their clearly bullshit and heavily massaged statistics of how crime came down in South Africa …especially violent crime such as murder.

Shortly afterwards I have exposed for the umpteenth time how the ANC cooks crime figures by making dockets disappear, doing shoddy police work, overloading forensic laboratories, etc…besides having a moratorium on crime statistics which automatically makes them lose all credibility in my eyes.

Today there were two reports of this phenomenon in the media.

In the first report, the judge had to let ten black murderers, eight men and two women, go free (an eleventh died in the meantime) who violently attacked two white women on a farm and killed the one, a paraplegic… Ten black murderers acquitted due to blasé police work

“The murderers overpowered a domestic worker and took her cellphone at gunpoint.

They then went into the farmhouse where they found a disabled woman, Nellie Jansen van Rensburg, 53, and her 77-year-old mother.

The women were tied up with telephone cables.

Police said the elderly woman was assaulted with a gun and sustained chest and facial injuries.

Jansen van Rensburg was pistol-whipped in the face. She died soon after the attack.

The robbers stole firearms and cellphones before fleeing. “

Hey???How brave must you be to gang up as eleven blacks and beat a disabled woman with a gun in the face until she is dead? How utterly fucking heroic of these brave black ANC “freedom fighters”...And these are the types that liberals have sympathy with. They must be in love with tyrants.

Further, look how the media refers to them as robbers… They are not ROBBERS, they are COWARDLY MURDERING SCUM.

“Delivering judgment, Judge Koekemoer described the police investigation into the matter as superficial, inaccurate and “traak-my-nie-agtig” (could not care less). “

Obviously the police could not care less. It was only two white women who were attacked. It is only a white woman who was beaten to death.

Can you for one moment imagine what would have happened if eleven whites had to gang up and beat a black woman to death like that? Can you imagine the outcry against the violent racist extremism of such whites and how it would be on the front page of every single newspaper in the world?

Yet in this case the media downplays it to a botched robbery. What is a botched robbery or botched hijacking anyway? What is it when it was a successful robbery or hi-jacking? Does that mean that the white person handed over his belongings without getting killed and this somehow makes it all OK and successful?

In the second case, a 13 year old Indian boy was shot and paralyzed in yet another “armed robbery and botched hi-jacking” by a gang of black savages.

The useless police only took eyewitness statements nine months later and had an identity parade eleven months after the incident after the accused already appeared in court several times.

The judge said, “The investigating officer failed in his duties,” and acquitted two violent criminals, a third one already died in prison last year.

What irks me tremendously is first of all the useless ANC that cannot train or control their equally useless police and secondly how the media downplays these crimes.

The other and most important things that irk me are the liberals and ANC apologist lobby who wax lyrical every time these bullshit statistics are released. They must have shit for brains…

How can anybody in his or her right mind, who is fully informed about the corruptness and uselessness of the ANC and their police, still believe that crime is coming down and the ANC is doing a good job?

They remind me of crazy prospectors sorting through loads of gravel for diamonds and when they see something shiny they jump for joy, slap each other on the back and congratulate each other until a realist points out that it was a useless piece of glass after all. Then they all go and carry on sifting and sorting, never ever giving up hope to find that one shiny diamond.

It’s a disease…Liberalism is like prospector’s disease or gambling disease. In their case the diamond is hope to find a noble savage. They are addicted to hope, despite the reality being to the contrary.

Liberals keep on hoping that one day…some magical day in the future…their crackpot theories off racial egalitarianism and cultural relativism will be proved right. They live for only that one day where blacks and especially the ANC will stop stealing, will stop their corrupt ways, will become productive citizens, will start studying and will somehow magically acquire intelligence equal to that of whites.

Like the crazy prospector they live in abject (intellectual) poverty for their entire lives, never achieving that one great strike that would make them rich. In the case of the liberals, that great strike comes in the form of an exemplary noble savage that they can show off to the world and say, “See, we were not wrong and stupid our entire lives”.

Finding their noble savage is the only thing that actually gives their miserable lives any meaning. It is the only thing that would actually justify their useless existence. Sick, I tell you.

Nevertheless, I wish them good luck with that.

28 September 2011

The power of STROH

By Mike Smith
28th of September 2011

It’s amazing what some people would get up to when nobody reads or comments on their blogs. I see he recently quit cigarettes. Maybe that was the reason…or maybe he just decided to down a bottle of STROH and stick it to “The Man”.

Meet the man who blew the news


September 28 2011 at 07:32am


It was halfway through his 1am rant that 702 news reader Mark Esterhuysen looked up and saw the call screener glaring at him, her mouth wide open.
But there was no turning back now. He sped up.

“F*** capitalism. F*** fascism. F*** this f***ing wage-slavery graveyard s***.”
He was allowed to go on for 40 seconds before the music kicked in, cutting him off.
He removed his headphones, stood up, and gave the studio surveillance camera the finger.

As he exited the building, he left a parting word with the late-night security guard: “Tell the corporation to go f*** themselves.”

Career suicide, or the media industry’s boldest resignation letter?

By daybreak, Eyewitness News editor-in-chief Katy Katopodis had already labelled the on-air vigilante a publicity seeker, while a station press release stated politely that “Mark’s contract with EWN (Eyewitness News) has been terminated with immediate effect.”

But as clips of the tirade bounced around the internet, Esterhuysen switched off his phone and enjoyed what he described as “the best day of my life – I don’t have to go to work today”.

A Tuks FM alumnus, Esterhuysen began working for Eyewitness News in May this year. But he said four months of being a “wage slave” was enough to leave him deeply disillusioned.

“I’m all about freedom of expression,” he explained on Tuesday afternoon. “But I felt censored. I don’t appreciate the fact that a lot of corporate media organisations are slaves to capitalism. Primedia is a corporation at the end of the day. They don’t actually give a f*** about the man on the street.”

Esterhuysen said he was “paid peanuts so the head honchos could live in big houses”.

“I felt like the corporation made me a wage slave for their benefit. So I figured f*** them. I would use them as a platform for my views.” Views against police brutality and racism. Populist politicians and corporates. Civilisation and the destruction of the planet.

On his blog, Looking at the World from a Distance, Esterhuysen describes the day he decided “civilisation” was not for him:

“I thought for a second, and said: ‘Is it not obvious why I hate civilisation? Humans are unhappy, animals are unhappy, the environment is unhappy. What the f*** are we doing trying to perpetuate the misery of civilisation?’ I wanted to get away from all of the crap that had been fed to me since I was a baby. I wanted to live as the human animal has evolved to live!” - Pretoria News

What he said

Presenter: “It’s just past one o’clock.”
Cue introduction music: “This is Eyewitness News”
Mark Esterhuysen: “Good morning. *clears throat* I’m Mark Esterhuysen. F*** racism. F*** the pigs who killed Andries Tatane. F*** the AWB. F*** racism. We are all wild animals meant to live free. *speeds up* F*** capitalism. F*** fascism. F*** this f***ing wage-slavery graveyard s***. F*** domestication.
F*** Malema. F*** the state. F*** perpetual economic growth on a finite planet. This is the only f***ing planet we have. If you don’t agree with me, please see my blog: markesterhuysen.blogspot.com. Peace. Love. Respect. Anarchy. Follow me on Twitter @markesterhuysen. You can follow me on Facebook, as well. Mark Esterhuysen.”

27 September 2011

Why help Afrikaners? Should we ever interfere with nature?

By Mike Smith
28th of September 2011

There is no doubt that nature is beautiful. For instance, what can compare with the beautiful sunsets over a pacific island or the continent of Africa?

Nature also has a sense of humour. One just has to look at the Australian duckbill platypus or at the ugly mug of Julias Malema to appreciate the funny side of nature.

BTW. Some of my supporters have asked me why I keep on misspelling his name and calling him “Julias” instead of “Julius”

Well, on his atrocious Matric certificate his name is given as Julias Selo Malema

Nevertheless, Nature can also be extremely horrific and ugly. One only needs to think of the streptococcus bacteria, a spider sucking the juices from the body of its prey, a great white shark devouring a seal or a lion tearing a rabbit apart.

When one is a child, one has sympathy with the rabbit, but as one grows older and wiser one learns how nature works and one ends up shrugging the shoulders and say, “Hey, that is nature...the lion also has to eat.”

Until that lion is tearing your child apart instead of the rabbit. Then an entire hunting party will be put together and the lion along with probably a hundred other lions will be killed.

But why stop there? Would the logical conclusion not be to kill ALL lions and thus prevent any future attacks by lions on our children? What stops us from doing that?

It is, because deep down we know that Nature is in balance. If we kill all the lions, the rabbits will breed out of proportion and chow all the carrots, which means humans will all go blind and die out, because they won’t be able to find food anymore and they would mate with ugly, sick people and Darwin will spin around in his grave...

...No seriously. We instinctively know, or should know that interfering with nature is simply wrong, and that if we do, the repercussions will be enormous.

There are however, still people who see an elephant cow abandon her calf or a baboon female discarding its baby and these people still wants to interfere with nature. They then raise the animal by hand, only to find out that it will never be accepted into its herd, will forever be an outcast and will die living off the benevolence of its idiotic benefactors. Worse is when such an animal eventually turns on the benefactors and bites the hands that fed it, they want to appear astounded.

Eventually they discover that the mother of the animal knew instinctively to abandon it, because there was something wrong with it. They also discover that they were wrong to interfere with nature, but being the goody two shoes that they are they would never admit that they were wrong to interfere with nature, they would never admit that something was instinctively and genetically wrong with such an animal...no, they will look for the causes of the mother’s behaviour in social mistakes caused by bias or prejudice or whatever.

Below is a horrific article that appeared in the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld and later on IOL about a Black mother who threw her newborn baby, still linked to the placenta by the umbilical cord, onto a rubbish dump near a black township in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

This is quite common and news sites like News 24 or IOL reports almost daily on black babies found in toilets, rubbish bins or rubbish dumps...or dogs and pigs eating black babies.

In this specific case the baby was eaten by red ants but managed to survive. Workers on the rubbish dump found him and alerted ER24 the private ambulance company who took him to the Bloemfontein Medi Clinic where the White Afrikaans doctor, Dr. Jaco Neser saved his life and the white Afrikaans matron Ronel Vrey and her nursing staff, sucked the red Ants out of the nose of the black baby that they named Caleb Hope, because the ants almost suffocated him.

Well, once you give it a name you become emotionally attached to it...

Elzieta van Staden, the white Afrikaans spokesperson of Bloemfontein Medi Clinic said that the black baby is super sweet and being treated free of charge out of the benevolence of the white Afrikaans management of the Hospital.

Dr. Charné Gerber, the White Afrikaans woman who runs the Shiloh Zoe Hope Foundation , a non profit organisation that rescues unwanted black babies in Bloemfontein, reckons that Caleb will only be out of hospital in 90 days.

After all of this...these blacks will still sing “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” and “One Settler;One Bullet”

The most worrying thing is that after all of this, the blacks will keep on raping torturing and killing whites, especially Afrikaners. They will keep on using AA and BEE and quotas at university and sports levels, against these White Afrikaners and at the same time have the audacity to call the Afrikaners, “Racists”.

Now how is it possible that these seemingly intelligent White Afrikaner medical staff at Bloemfontein Medi Clinic can be so stupid as to firstly, interfere with nature, but not only that, secondly, helping the offspring of their natural enemies for free... and thirdly, all at the cost of a white baby that they could have helped? What happened to charity begins at home?

Not a single one of the bleeding heart liberal medical staff ever set foot into poor white areas in the Freestate or Transvaal. To them, they could not give a damn about how many poor whites die of typhus, TB or malnutrition every year in the concentration camp that the new South Africa has become.

No, they go and scour the rubbish dumps of South Africa and fall over their feet to go and rescue abandoned black babies and treat them for free, while a million white Afrikaans mothers have to pay through their necks for such treatment.

Where is the logic in this? Why should one even bother with Afrikaners anymore? Why still frequent my blog? Shouldn’t we just sit back and observe the beauty of nature? Should we not just sit back and watch Afrikaners destroy themselves? Is it wrong for us to help Afrikaners? Is it wrong for us to interfere with nature?

After all, the hyenas also needs to eat...
Afrikaans article: Ants bite baby on rubbish dump

Baby eaten by ants found on rubbish dump

Pig eats black baby in South Africa

Dogs eats thrown away black baby in Gugulethu township near Cape Town

More dogs eating black babies at Samora Machel Township

Abandoned Black baby rescued out of toilet by White Afrikaner paramedic Leo Fourie, complete with picture

This black baby girl was three months old when found dead in a longdrop toilet

This one managed to survive

Black baby found in dustbin at Limpopo University. Horrific photo. Not for the feint hearted

ANC wants to arrest Super Mario and Mary Poppins

By Mike Smith
27th of September 2011

No, I am not talking about Dr Mario Oriani-Ambrosini the right-hand man of Buthelezi and Inkatha.

I am talking about the video game characters Mario and his brother Luigi who are plumbers...and the Aunty with the umbrella in the musical.

But why does the ANC want to arrest them? See, Mario carries a pipe wrench, which is a dangerous weapon and Mary Poppins carries an umbrella which is also a dangerous weapon...and the ANC... idiots that they are, wants to pass a bill to outlaw all such dangerous weapons.

So all plumbers, automotive mechanics, electricians, carpenters, shoemakers and what not that use tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, alders or chisels can now be arrested as carrying dangerous weapons in their tool belts.

That means that all hardware shops should be closed down for dealing in dangerous weapons...and all the Adult Worlds as well, because whips, handcuffs and chains are all dangerous weapons.

This is bad news for all couples engaging in a bit of adventurous sex, because they can be arrested for it. Best they get some other, less dangerous hobby such as body-paint by numbers or something.

And all the old people will have to hand in their walking sticks and umbrellas and will have to stop walking around and only go somewhere when the sun shines

Knowing loudmouth Malema, he probably would push for tampons to get banned as well... before someone turns one into a dangerous weapon, shove it down his miserable throat and piss on it.

There is just no end to the stupidity of the ANC.

Over the years we have seen them pass numerous useless laws such as The plastic bag law turning normal law-abiding citizens into criminals, whilst at the same letting the dangerous criminals such as rapist and murderers roam free.

My point is that one does not need a gun to kill. A chainsaw that can be bought without a licence will suffice.

Check this self defence umbrella out...Mary Poppins would have loved it.

Weapons bill heads to Parliament
September 26 2011 at 10:42am


A bill outlawing toy guns, pepper spray, knives and other “dangerous weapons” in public places is on its way to Parliament.

Die Burger newspaper reported on Monday that people found with certain objects in “suspicious circumstances” will not be able to use self-defence as an argument in court and could face up to three years in prison.

Freedom Front Plus MP Pieter Groenewald criticised the Draft Dangerous Weapons Bill, which was published recently in the government gazette.

The proposed law, he said, would allow the police to arrest people “left and right”.

“The fact that you will not be able to use self-defence as a defence also makes the Bill unconstitutional,” he said.

The bill defines a dangerous weapon as “any object” that cause injury or have the ability to take a person temporarily “out of action”.

It says that an object can be classified as dangerous even if there is a suspicion or fear that someone may be injured.

“A woman walking late at night with pepper spray in her purse could also be rounded up because she might not be able to argue that the spray is for self-defence,” Groenewald said.

The public has until Sunday to comment on the draft bill. – Sapa

26 September 2011

The meaning of Malema’s declaration of “Economic war” on whites

By Mike Smith
26th of September 2011

On Saturday 10th of September 2011, ANC youth league leader Julias Malema declared an economic war on white South Africans...Malema urged his supporters to fight for "economic freedom".

Most people, I have noticed, took this lightly. What is an “economic war” or “Economic Freedom” anyway? Are blacks going to boycott white products or white jobs? They will just hurt themselves, won’t they?

No. This is not what Malema meant with “Economic War” and “Economic Freedom”. Allow me to explain.

There are several aspects to consider when the ANC Marxist terrorists open their gobs.

First of all Marxists have their own language that they speak in as set out in the book called KGB Lexicon: The Soviet Intelligence officers, handbook, by Vasiliy Mitrokhin

Secondly, Communists, and especially Marxist terrorists such as SWAPO, the ANC, PAC or ZANU-PF are cowards who will never openly declare war on whites as we have seen on the Angola, South West Africa border where we fought a 23 year war against Communist forces without them ever officially declaring war against us.

Thirdly, the ANC is for the most part unoriginal and copy-cats. They borrow all their strategies from others, such as the “People’s War” from Vietnam and recently Malema and other ANC members travelled to Zimbabwe and Venezuela to go learn about their land restitution policies and their nationalisation of mines and businesses.

Speaking of which...now where have we heard this term “Economic War” before?

The Zanu-PF party slogan before the 2000 elections and the land invasions was, "The economy is the land - the land is the economy." Source

The architect of Mugabe’s land invasions was Chenjerai Hunzvi who chose the nom de guerre of “Hitler” as his middle name and insisted to be referred to as “Hitler” Hunzvi during the seizure of white owned land in Zimbabwe in 2000 and ever since then.

In a BBC report of the time, Cheenjerai Hunzvi said: “We are fighting an economic war for the liberation of our country”.

Shortly afterwards the Zimbabwe dollar collapsed and the country’s economy has been in freefall ever since.

Hunzvi was a nasty piece of work. Born in 1949 he left Rhodesia for Romania and Poland during the 1970’s where he eventually married a white Polish woman and apparently qualified as a doctor. He had two children with his first wife.

He returned to Zimbabwe in 1990 and opened a “surgery” in Budiriro that Amnesty International later condemned as a torture chamber .

His Polish wife fled Zimbabwe in 1992 and wrote a book in 1994 called “White Slave” in which she claimed that Hunzvi had been an "unfaithful, vain sadist" who beat her regularly . She said they met at Warsaw University in the 1970s and that he was a freedom fighter "who never held a gun". She also said he boasted of having a white wife but became jealous and violent with the years.

A retired lieutenant-colonel, Thomas Ngwenya, a former member of Zipra's leadership, went public to state that Hunzvi never had been, as he had claimed, a member of the organisation's high command.

Nevertheleess, Hunzvi died in 2001, of "heart and pulmonary complications". By the time of his death half of Zimbabwe’s 4500 commercial farms have been seized in the Third Chimurenga (freedom struggle). Today only about 200 farms are still white owned, but large sections were conceded to blacks.

Hunzvi and Border Gezi used the North Korean trained National Youth Service also known as the “Green Bombers” (after their green uniforms) as so called teenage “War Veterans” to invade white owned farm land.

About two months ago I wrote about the shocking parallels between the NYS of Zimbabwe and SA’s newly formed NARYSEC ...

You can also read about the Signs of the brewing South African race war that I wrote.

For the last six months we have seen a slow build-up of ammunition by the SANDF. What for? Who do they want to go to war with? South Africa is not at war with anybody and on good relations with its neighbours...well was, at least until Malema threatened to overthrow the Botswana government

We have seen that the ANC brought charges against Malema and is apparently disciplining him. Mugabe did the same with Hunzvi. He even threatened to throw Hunzvi in prison for invading white owned land, while all along fully supporting Hunzvi and upon his death, burying him as a hero of the revolution.

The ANC is planning mass mobilisation and protests for next month, October 2011

The ANC Youth League will lead mass action and protests to the Chamber of Mines to amongst other things demand Nationalisation of Mines and equal share in the country\'s mineral resources.

From there ANC Youth League President Julius Malema is planning to ferry unemployed youth to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) next month to protest for jobs

For those who are able to understand the ANC Marxist rhetoric it is not difficult to see what their plans are for South Africa.

The declaration of “Economic War” on whites, on the 10th of September, by Julias Malema should not be taken lightly. It was a full on declaration of war on whites, including white owned farms, businesses and mines.

As long as people still have economic strength it is possible to buy weapons and fight back. As long as people still have money they can buy provisions and fuel to resist or flee. You take that economic strength away and you take away the ability to wage war.

The object of Malema’s Economic War” is to destroy the South African economy, destroy the South African currency and in doing so destroy the ability of whites to fight back, flee or resist the coming genocide.

20 September 2011

The death of South Africa’s mines is the death of South Africa

By Mike Smith
20th of September 2011

There are many microcosms of decay that one can use as examples of the decay of the macrocosm of South Africa. In many respects the booming of South Africa’s mining industry and its current decay under the ANC’s BEE system is a microcosm of the booming of the Republic of South Africa under Apartheid and its decay under the ANC Marxist terrorist regime.

During the first half of the 20th century, gold was discovered on several farms south of the Freestate town of Odendaalsrus. After the Second World War, Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and his Anglo American Corporation, the progenitor of Anglo Gold bought up all the prospecting rights in the area and decided to mine the richest gold find in the history of South Africa.

Prices of property in Odendaalsrus skyrocketed so Sir Ernest Oppenheimer decided that he would build his own town for his miners instead of paying the exorbitant prices in Odendaalsrus.

He drove 20km south and climbed a hill called “Koppie-alleen” (Hill alone) and looked down on the plains where his mines would be and decided to build a town from scratch called “Welkom”, named after the farm where the gold was first discovered.

The people of Odendaalsrus were upset and took him to court objecting to the new town. Ernest Oppenheimer’s lawyer was Abram (Bram) Fischer, an Afrikaner Communist and Anti Apartheid activist that would later defend Nelson Mandela at the Rivonia trial.

Fischer was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and travelled to the Soviet Union in 1932. He was also later awarded the Lenin Peace Prize (1966) the Soviet equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize. The prize was normally awarded to prominent Communists who were not Soviet citizens.

Fisher, incidentally, was married to Molly Krige, the niece of liberal Boer General Jan Smuts. She was also a staunch Communist.

Nevertheless, in 1947 the Provincial council issued Oppenheimer with the birth certificate of the town of Welkom.

In his mind Oppenheimer envisioned a beautiful garden city with broad streets. He commissioned the design of Welkom to leading town planner William Backhouse and landscape gardener Joane Prim.

For Backhouse the design of a town from scratch was a dream came true. Space was not a problem on the Freestate plains, so he designed the streets broad with no traffic lights, only roundabouts, to keep the traffic flowing…and no high-rise buildings. In the centre of Town he wanted a Roman Forum with a square where town folk could gather. It was surrounded by a horseshoe shaped road of 75metres wide, known affectionately by the town people as the “Hoefie” short for the Afrikaans word “hoefyster” meaning horseshoe.

Sports clubs, golf clubs, olympic swimming pools, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, parks, schools, a technical college and an airport was built…all with the riches of the gold below the soil.

The town attracted people from all over South Africa. Money was flowing, salaries were high.

By the 1970’s Anglo Gold was operating six massive mines with 22 deep level shafts in which 122,000 people worked. The mines of Welkom were producing 35% of South Africa’s gold, which in turn was producing 75% of the world’s gold.

Everyone was driving a new car at least every year. They would say that when the ashtray was full, it was time to buy a new car. The “hoefie” gave rise to the hot-rod culture of Welkom where young men would drive around at night showing off their new Ford Cortinas with eagles painted on the bonnets and flames on the sides, fur on the dashboard and plastic oranges on the radio antennae. This culture also gave rise to the building of a Grand Prix racing track at Welkom. Times were good for blue collar whites.

Even in the nearby black township of Thabong and the coloured township of Bronville, the living standards were very high.

But then the ANC took over in 1994, mostly with the help of the Oppenheimers and J.P. Morgan who founded Anglo American Corporation in 1917. Hardly have the ANC communists taken over or they wanted not only a cut of the pie from the mining industry, but the whole thing.

Black Economic Empowerment was introduced and mines had to give away half of their assets to black ANC members. For Anglo American Corporation the writing was on the wall and before they could lose everything, they merged with Minorco in 1999 and moved their assets to London.

In the last 10-15 years more than 100,000 jobs have been lost in Welkom. The skip wheels of the mines are not turning anymore and the noise of the mines as well as the hot-rods have fallen silent. The ziggurat-like walls of the slime dams next to the R73 road is the last remnants of a once thriving mining industry.

Today, the mines are in the hands of BEE companies and being plundered for scrap metal. The municipality of Matjabeng is run by the ANC. In June 2011it came into prominence as one of the worst examples of ANC corruption and misrule. How a small town blew R2bn on dodgy deals

Most of the whites have left Welkom. Blacks make up 90% of the population and whites 8%. To say that the town is a shadow of its former self is an overstatement.

The decay is obvious everywhere and it is fast becoming a ghost town. 1500 staff houses at the mines are standing empty. Even churches have closed their doors.
The remaining whites in the area, mostly farmers are struggling under stock theft and brutal farm attacks, tortures and murders .

Elsewhere it is not going any better. The Aurora mine at Grootvlei, which is owned by the Zuma and Mandela families and at one stage employed 5000 workers now have less than 200. Aurora is now a ghost town

On the 8th of May 2011 in a Carte Blanche TV show, it was revealed that Cosatu calls the owners of Aurora (Zuma and Mandela) “Super exploiters”…

If there is an abyss of desperation these men at the hostels are in it. At Grootvlei, near Springs, the water and electricity has been cut, the toilets are a shock. On good days they have hot food.

Two hours drive to the west is the Orkney mine in Klerksdorp. There is an inescapable feeling of sadness here. Cooking pots are empty here too. Ntsani Mohapi has been on the mine since the mid ’70s, he should be in line for a pension but that is all gone now. There are people who are crying, there are people who are dying because we deal with people who are lying.”

As things stand hundreds of miners are still in limbo; millions are outstanding in salaries. Wives have left husbands, children have dropped out of school, people have been blacklisted. They can’t even claim UIF.

The allegations against Aurora’s directors are damning: since they took over the Pamodzi mines in 2009, which were fully operational at the time, they have been accused of not paying salaries, making endless broken promises, misappropriating UIF and pension fund money and stripping assets of mines they haven’t paid for. Source Carte Blanche

Even the BBC has extensively reported on how the Zuma and Mandela families exploit their workers and treat them worse than dogs. While the Zuma and Mandela family members grow rich and fat, they do not pay their starving workers, which effectively makes them slave owners.

Is this the “Freedom” Mandela and Zuma spoke about and fought for?

They were not Freedom Fighters. They were not fighting for the Freedom of the people, rather for the enslavement of the people under a communist yoke.

The Grootvlei mine now stands in ruins

What could not be stolen and sold for scrap is cut up and sold to Chinese state-owned mining company Shandong Gold.

The white foreman at Aurora can only watch as the looting of the mine continues

This is the same ANC who wants to nationalize the mines , the banks and the farms.

Can you even imagine the utter enslavement of blacks, the dilapidation and ruin of South Africa that will follow?

As the rivers of gold and other critical minerals that once flowed from South Africa dries up one after the other due to BEE and nationalisation, the world and especially the Oppenheimers will long back to the good old days when the whites were in charge of South Africa and they were making their fortunes. The day will still come that they will realize that they might have betted on the wrong horse.

As the blacks are being more and more impoverished by their ANC masters and South Africa driven into a starving Zimbabwe like state, the day will still come that Blacks will miss and long back for Apartheid.

Nevertheless, those who have let the genie out of the bottle will have to put him back again.

Main Source: Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa. Alister Sparks. 2003. Page 239-246.

19 September 2011

Optimism, pessimism and realism in the New (Improved) South Africa

By Mike Smith
19th of September 2011

We all know that pathological liars are mentally ill, basically because they are not aware that they are lying. They actually believe the lies as it rolls off their lips, but what about the people who believe these lies, simply because they want to. Are they not mentally ill too?

Children may be excused, because their brains are not fully developed yet, therefore they believe in the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas. It makes them feel good to believe in absolute junk such as the Easter bunny, etc, but what about adults?

The atheist might argue that religious people are all nuts and vice versa. A person in love with a lying cheating person might willingly believe all the lies, because they are delusional with love and hormones.

But what is it that makes seemingly normal sane people believe the lies of politicians? Is it naiveté, ignorance or delusional hope in a pie in the sky dream of a better world for all…dare I say, a Kumbaya, Multi-culti Rainbow La-la-Land ?

What does one call this over-optimistic personality disorder that liberals and ANC apologists suffer from? Wasn’t Humpty Dumpty also one of them…an irrational optimistic?

In South Africa we have had our fair share of irrational optimists over the years. In 1992 the white ones voted “Yes” in the referendum to hand the country over to the Marxist terrorist gangsters called the ANC. They then went on to “negotiate”…about what is still yet unclear, because after the negotiations they had no country anymore, no chance at a future homeland, no defence force to keep them safe…just a useless piece of toilet paper called the constitution.

Instead of having a realistic grasp of the dire situation, these eternal optimists said it was not necessary to secure a homeland or guarantee the safety of their people. They simply believed everything was going to be fine and dandy and all work out. It is like saying, “I am not going to wear a seatbelt, because I am an optimist.”

Today, amongst the blacks in South Africa you have the ones who forever believe the lies of the ANC. They believe that South Africa is getting better despite all the evidence to the contrary. They believe that crime is coming down and that the ANC will create millions of jobs.

Today the ANC is in charge because of irrational optimism. The irrational optimism of the whites handed the country over to the ANC and the irrational optimism of the blacks keeps them in power.

The question therefore has to be asked, “At what stage does optimism stop and mental illness begin?”

Should one then be a angst-filled pessimist?

No, because angst-filled pessimism leads to paralysis and inaction.

Irrational optimism leads to wishful dreaming and inaction.

Therefore the common denominator of both irrational optimism and pessimism is “inaction”.

It is this inaction that causes the problems to remain. It is not that the irrational optimist and the pessimist do not see the problems. It is simply that they go about it in different ways.

The irrational optimist will see the problem and choose to ignore it, because in his mind, he sees the problems as temporary and hopes the problems will quickly go away. Therefore he does nothing.

The angst-filled pessimist sees the problem and believes nothing can be done about it, trying to find a solution is futile and therefore he also does nothing.

Let us take an example for instance.

A week ago the ANC, through Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa released their wonderful statistics about how crime came down in the past year.

South Africa's murder rate decreased by 6.5% in 2010/11, while house robberies, business robberies and vehicle hijackings were down by 10.7%, the country's annual crime statistics reveal.

On 22 July 2011, I published an article in which I exposed in detailed the lies of the ANC. Under point eight of my article called ANC lies exposed and countered I pointed out how the ANC falsified crime records and statistics to fool the electorate.

When figures were released it was out of date and heavily massaged and manipulated. Police bungled cases that led to low conviction rates. Forensic laboratories were overloaded. Police dockets, post mortem reports disappeared and top police officers like Mzwandile Petros gave orders to falsify dockets.

Petros gave order to falsify Tony Yengeni’s drunk driving docket

How cops cooked crime books to reflect lower incidence of violent crime

Cloud over murder statistics as filing cabinet with post mortem reports discovered

South Africa’s murder rate far higher than reported

SA Crime Statistics: Facts and Fallacies

Yet two months later, the Police Minister repeated the lie that crime is actually coming down.

That the Minister is delusional is a given, just like the entire maniacal, pathological lying ANC, but that liberal ANC apologist and blacks smilingly slurped this verbal diarrhea up as truth…and on top of it had the audacity to childishly taunt realists with these crooked results as proof of our “narrow-mindedness” or “stupidity” and their vindication, finally convinced me that South Africa is one giant mental asylum run by the inmates.

As if like one man, these liberals and blacks tried to sweep the stark realities of South Africa, the elephant in the room, under the carpet.

The pessimists believed that nothing can be done and said, “It is too late; emigrate.”

However, for the people in South Africa, the solution is in rationality.

In a three step approach applying realistic optimism. The first step is to acknowledge the problem. The next step is to be honest enough with oneself to realize that the problem is not just going to go away and in fact, if being ignored, it will get worse. The third step is to actively solve the problem.

One should have a mindset of, “Yes, we have a problem, but it can be solved if we apply ourselves and work at it”.

Simply parking off on one’s bum sweeping harsh realities under the carpet and making wishful thinking or sinking into depression is not going to solve anything.

But one should be careful that rational optimism does not stop at the accurate diagnosis of the problem and that the treatment that follows is then the wrong treatment.

It does not help to correctly identify a heart attack and then attempts to cure it by sticking on a band-aid. Administering chemotherapy at an advanced stage of cancer will have little effect. The cancer needs to be cut out.

In South Africa, high crime, government theft, corruption, failure of service delivery, dumbed down education, high unemployment, AIDS, etc are all only symptoms of the root causes of South Africa’s problems. It is the sick fruit of a sick tree with a rotten root system.

It does not help if we keep on hacking away at the branches and fail to tackle the root causes of our problems.
Emigration, a Volkstaat, mass protests against service delivery, tax boycotts, etc are helping a bit, but are just treatments of the symptoms to the root causes of the trouble. The cancer needs to be cut out.

Therefore, if Black and White South Africans are realistic and wants to act in the best interest of the country and all its citizens, then the ANC will have to go. As long as this useless gang of Marxist criminal scum that masquerades as a political party is in charge of South Africa, the country will never come right. If they carry on with their misrule, theft and despotism, they will either get voted out or the people will storm the Bastille. They should never think that the North African Spring cleaning cannot also happen in South Africa.

If one looks at the despondence of the people of South Africa, then one cannot help but feel that South Africa is on the brink of a major revolt against the ruling party.

It is not too late and South Africa can still be saved in a last ditch effort before she erupts into a civil war and breakaway kingdoms, republics and Volkstate. However, it will take a concerted effort from all South Africans to get this country back on the right path again.

18 September 2011

Which country’s parliament is this?

By Mike Smith
18th of September 2011

Go on I give you three guesses...Click the link below if you give up...

OK, I give up, show me which country it is and to which political party they belong

It is not discrimination when it is against Whites

By Mike Smith
18th of September 2011

Every now and again the light goes on in the mind of the liberal. One such a liberal, human rights, anti-Apartheid and Feminist activist who recently have had a series of Damascus moments is the CEO of Impumelelo Holdings, and Die Burger columnist Rhoda Kadalie.

Not so long ago she was still singing the praises of the ANC and their demi-god Nelson Mandela, until she found out how black and coloured women were treated in the ANC training camps such as Quatro and how the embarrassed ANC tried to cover it all up.

Since then Kadalie has undergone a bit of a transformation. It seems the penny has dropped. She does not have much time for the ANC anymore.

In a recent article on Politicsweb Kadalie said she is We are gatvol with Julius Malema; we are gatvol with the ANC; we are gatvol with the SACP and COSATU.
Kadalie carried on, “Most of all, we taxpayers are gatvol that our money buys luxury motor cars, fat cat salaries, lavish hotel accommodation, and expensive houses. Yet only 7 out of 237 municipalities received clear audits!”

The article does a total hatchet job on the ANC-SACP-COSATU alliance.
In another article on Politicsweb Rhoda Kadalie said South Africa is becoming a gangster state

Her latest disillusionment came last week when she was still serving on the council of the University of Stellenbosch.

The coloured rector, Prof. Russell Botman, who is an ANC yes-man, appointed a new dean to the Saldanha based Faculty of Military Science in the person of Dr. Maashutha Samuel Tshehla a black man that Kadalie described in Rapport as “an academic midget” compared to the other candidate Dr. Deane-Peter Baker a white South African academic currently serving as assistant Professor at the US Naval Academy and the author of six distinguished books.

Tshela on the other hand has only written seven articles in his entire life and three of them appeared in layman magazines.

Rhoda Kadalie resigned from the Stellenbosch University council in “disgust” at the blatant racist Affirmative Action appointment of Tshela with no regard to merit. She said that it is clear that skin colour was the main criterion for the appointment.

You can read about it at these two links:

Kadalie quits racist university
Apointment of academic midget disgusts Kadalie

Although Kadalie should be commended for exposing this blatant racism at the Afrikaans University of Stellenbosch, it is clear that she is still missing a few points and will still undergo a few more enlightenments soon.

Affirmative Action is not about giving blacks chances in life, it is about destroying the chances of whites...and in the case of Stellenbosch university destroying the chances of Afrikaners.

Black Economic Empowerment is not about the economic empowerment of blacks, but about the economic de-empowerment of whites.

The entire South African constitution is a farce and can be summed up in one sentence, “Thou shall not discriminate against blacks”,

But it is not discrimination when it is against whites.

All other “Rights” in the Constitution of South Africa are rubber paragraphs and not even worth the paper it is written on. People think that the constitution guarantees the right to their own universities and schools, self determination, freedom of religion, etc, but nothing can be further from the truth.

In 2005 the Department of Education fought tooth and nail against a small Afrikaans primary school in Kuilsriver called Mikro Primary School, who objected to allowing English speaking children in.

Mikro eventually won at a cost of R8-million. Hardly was that battle won or the ANC started another one with an Afrikaans school in Upington. The ANC is hell bent on destroying everything Afrikaans.

The same was done with the Afrikaans Universities of RAU and Potchefstroom. Refusing to allow English speakers in was seen simply as a means to keep blacks out and one after the other they capitulated. The last stand is at Stellenbosch where a fierce battle for the Afrikaans identity of the university has been raging for many years now.

It is a battle Afrikaners simply cannot afford to lose, because if there is no more Afrikaans university, why then let your child study at an Afrikaans high school? And if there are no more Afrikaans High schools, then why let your child study at an Afrikaans primary school? Why then even teach your child Afrikaans at all? The fall of Stellenbosch will be the death knell of the Afrikaners.

Allowing English or black students at Stellenbosch (of which there are many) takes away opportunities from White Afrikaners, but this is not seen as discrimination.

Besides there are many other universities in Cape Town for English and Blacks such as UCT, UWC, CPUT, etc.

Again we see that it is not about giving blacks opportunities, but taking opportunities away from whites. There is no doubt that there is an onslaught against Afrikaners.

In the end the only ones discriminated against are the Afrikaners, but done in such a way as to appear as if it is against racism by Afrikaners.

The entire constitution of South Africa pays only lip service to the rights of minorities of any kind. Any group attempting to exercise their constitutional rights will be shot down over exclusion of and discrimination against the majority .

Because of the country’s past, the constitution at its top has the rule that one is not allowed to discriminate against other races (read blacks). The constitution also states that no part of the constitution is allowed to contradict any other part.

This makes all the rights of the Afrikaners null and void. How can an Afrikaner claim to want self rule, but at the same time exclude blacks who can speak Afrikaans?

How can Afrikaners have their own schools and their own universities if they exclude blacks who can speak Afrikaans?

The constitution states that people have the right to freedom of Association...yes, but as long as you do not discriminate against blacks.

You have the right to freedom of religion, only if you do not discriminate against blacks.

Everything in the constitution is subservient to discrimination on a racial level, but not when the ANC does it.

In actual fact, all the Muslim schools who exclude Christians are unconstitutional, based on discrimination. All boys and girls only schools are unconstitutional because they are based on sexual discrimination and exclusion.

Blacks can have the Black management forum, or the Black journalist forum, etc, but do not dare open one only for whites.

The moment you excluded blacks in any way from being part of an Afrikaner Volkstaat, it will be classed as discrimination on the basis of race and, because it contradicts the part in the constitution that says you are not allowed to discriminate, the Afrikaner claim to self rule under the SA constitution will be laughed off.

The same principle can be applied to the microcosms of Afrikaans Universities, schools and churches, etc . The constitution was purposefully written in such away as to let Afrikaners chase a pipe dream of self determination forever and actually never achieve it.

What stands in article 235 about self determination is there as a distraction. It is a hamster mill for Kafkaist Volkstaat dream chasers.

Clinging on to it is simply a waste of time. As long as Afrikaners acknowledge the legitimacy of the illegal ANC government and their discriminatory constitution, they will be caught up in a web or a maze of bureaucratic red tape that they will never be able to cut through. It is a trap designed to frustrate them and keep them chasing unobtainable goals while the ANC rules for ever.

As in Franz Kafka’s Castle , the answer is to simply ignore or denounce the legitimacy of the Castle.

The solution is to expose and denounce the South African constitution for the piece of rubbish that it is and seek self determination outside of it.

16 September 2011

Guess which country this is…

By Mike Smith
16th of September 2011

Go on…I Give you three guesses…

Click on the pic to see a larger view.

Racist at the age of three?

By Mike Smith
16th of September 2011

Liberals say that nobody is born a racist. So...How old do you think a child has to be before racism starts? If a baby sees a person of another race, how does he/she respond? Are they racist when they start to cry?

It was Dr Kenneth Clark and his wife Mamie (African American psychologists) who developed the now famous Clark Doll Test back in 1939.

They asked black children between the ages of six and nine to choose between a black doll and a white doll. The dolls were the same except for their skin colour, but most thought the white doll was nicer.

In 2005 Kiri Davis repeated the experiment in Harlem as part of her short but excellent film, “A Girl Like Me”. The seven minute video can be seen below.

The Clarks did some further experiments… asked to fill in a human figure with the color of their own skin, black children frequently chose a lighter shade than was accurate; and that the children gave the color "white" attributes such as good and pretty, but "black" was qualified as bad and ugly.

In the United Kingdom, they seem to think that racism and prejeduce starts a lot earlier though. As young as three…

Last year 20,000 pupils younger than 11years were put on record for so-called “Hate Crimes”. Some of them are even from nursery schools where children are no older than three.

Schools are forced to report the language to education authorities, which keep a register of incidents.

The school can keep the pupil’s name and ‘crime’ on file.

The record can be passed from primaries to secondaries or when a pupil moves between schools.

And if schools are asked for a pupil reference by a future employer or a university, the record could be used as the basis for it, meaning the pettiest of incidents has the potential to blight a child for life.

Schools were required by the Labour government in 2002 to monitor and report all racist incidents to their local authority. Teachers must name the alleged perpetrator and victim and spell out the incident and the punishment.

Heads who send in ‘nil’ returns are criticised for ‘under-reporting’.

You can read the full story in The Daily Mail

Recent horrific Muti Incidents

By Mike Smith
16th of September 2011

My readers will know that I frequently comment on these barbaric, cannibalistic practices of Muti murders and consumption amongst South African blacks. In South Africa Muti killings is a way of life in rural areas

In one area alone there were 9 official (locals believe up to 18) muti murders in three months

The Expert on Muti Killings in South Africa is Dr Gerard Labuschagne who is also the expert on serial murders.

He explains the market for these body parts and why it is so hard to solve these cases…

He says it is usually quite easy to distinguish such crimes - body parts are removed in a functional manner while the victim is alive, without any trace of enjoyment by the killer, in contrast to serial or sadistic murders.

The killings are to order. A healer will describe to the murderer what parts are needed, and the manner in which they are to be collected: testicles for virility purposes, fat from the breasts or abdomen for luck, tongues to smooth the path to a girl's heart.

"The poor victim usually just happened to fit the bill at that time," Labuschagne said. Source, Shanghai Star

Although police experts say that it is mostly adults who are the victims in these cases, the truth about these horrific killings are that the victims are often defenseless babies, black and white.

The Port Elizabeth Herald had this story two days ago…

THE gruesome discovery two days ago of a beheaded 8month old baby, also missing its genitals and an arm, has Kwazakhele (Port Elizabeth) residents terrified that their children are being targeted for muti.

It was discovered by a municipal worker, Kholekile Tikwayo, at about 5.30am. Shockingly, no one has reported a missing baby in the area or come forward to identify or claim the body. However, he said he was stunned to see the body still there at 10.30am when he returned from work.“The body had been moved about 100m from where it had been initially.

Beheaded baby’s body dumped in Kwazakhele field

Yesterday, retired Sunday Times journalist Adriana Stuijt reported on her blog about a white baby girl on a farm whose toes were tied by the black babysitter with a tourniquet made from the mother’s blonde hair. The idea is that the toes will fall off after four days and so be harvested for muti.

You can read this horrific report and see the photos over here
The grandmother of the child told the story…

“She said there are instances when babies pick up hairs and threads which wind around their toes and fingers while they are crawling around. “However these hair strands were very deliberately applied, the paediatrician told her’. Her son carefully snipped through the hairs to restore the blood-flow before she arranged for a paediatrician to examine the baby at a local hospital. The Farm Watch and the police were called and arrived at the same time on Sunday. The police questioned the maid, who then admitted that she had used strands of the mother’s hair to tie up the baby’s toes with, and that she was doing this so that the toes would drop off: she was allegedly asked to bring the toes to a sangoma. The police took the unidentified woman to the Ladysmith police station for further investigation. The paediatrician said the baby could have developed gangrene ‘but they caught it just in time’. “

I am sorry but, but I fail to understand how any sane White mother can leave her child in the care of a black savage, especially today. Will you leave your baby in the care of a snake, a hyena or a crocodile and hope nothing will happen? Surely not…If you sleep with the dogs, expect the flees to bite you.

Why do white people in SA still employ blacks? Why do they still have anything to do with them?

Blacks in SA sing about killing whites and ruin them financially through BEE and AA, yet whites still give blacks money, food, clothing, etc…Can someone please explain this logic to me, because I fail to understand it.

Whites should have NOTHING to do with blacks.

13 September 2011

The Malema vs Afrriforum hatespeech ruling

By Mike Smith
13th of September 2011

Finally Judge Collin Lamont came to a ruling on the Malema vs Afriforum case to sing “dubul’ ibhunu” or “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”.

He ruled that it is indeed hate speech, banned the song and told the people that anybody who sings it, even in private, would make themselves guilty of contempt of court and could go to prison.

How does the honourable judge expect to police that? Blacks will carry on singing what they want. They have already defied the court ruling

The ANC slammed the ruling and is now Going to appeal against it. That can be understandable seeing that they are quite open about exactly what they want to do to whites in South Africa, namely kill them.

What came as a lesser surprise was that the DA opposition party also said that the Malema Hate speech ruling was wrong

M&G editor-in-chief Nic Dawes said the judge had gone as far as "banning speech on the basis that people found it nasty".

Nasty is an understatement.

I am sorry, but a song that says, “They are robbing us these dogs, Kill them, Kill the Boers, Kill the farmers…” Is in my eyes utter racism and hate speech of the worst order and contributing directly to the killing of thousands of whites and white farmers since the ANC came to power.

So what will happen if the ANC appeal succeeds? Can we whites then start singing, “Kill the Kafffirs, Kill the blacks”?

The blacks in SA are hiding behind their “Struggle” and historical significance of their traditional songs that are all based on hatred towards the white people of South Africa. The fact that they are fighting tooth and nail to continue singing these hateful songs says a lot for their so called Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC). It just shows that there has never been any reconciliation. The TRC was a fraud and a theft of public money that delivered no truth and no reconciliation.

If it was not for the fact that I am convinced that these songs that blacks sing are filled with hatred towards whites and directly contributing to deaths of whites, mostly the elderly, children and women, then I would have supported their rights to sing these songs.

I do not want blacks to make small talk. I want them to come out straight and say what is on their minds. At least then I know where I stand with them and they know where they stand with me. If they want to sing about killing whites and farmers, then let them be. We do not sing bullshit songs, we simply do our thing, and if it is their intention to kill us and tell us this in songs then we should take heed, protect ourselves and safeguard our families. It is better that they tell us this openly than keep it a secret.

In fact I wish blacks would give out a book…a compilation of all their struggle songs so that we whites can read it and see what these racist, genocidal bastards wants to do with us.

The Afrikaners have such a book about all their traditional songs already. It is called the FAK-Volk Sangbundel vir Suid Afrika. FAK is the Afrikaans abbreviation for Federation of Afrikaner Cultural organizations.

The FAK songbook is a thick book and contains every single traditional Afrikaans song over the past 350 years. Nowhere in the FAK is there a single song of hatred towards blacks. Nowhere in the FAK is there a single song calling on whites to kill blacks.

ANC to appeal shoot the Boer ban as ruling is slammed
Malema hate speech ruling wrong says DA

Mathematics can be fun too

By Mike Smith
12th of September 2011

I think that mathematics is the most important subject at school. It helps children to get a-head in life...especially the black children.

There is so much one can learn from Mathematics. There is mathematics in literally everything...even in sex....

Choosing the mate depends on how close the features are to a phi ratio or 1,618. Then you add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and pray to God that you don’t multiply.

In sex for instance, you have a hyperbolic rod or straight line and a little triangle, multiply that that with an angle of penetration and divide with frequency of trusting and viola! Great sex!

Sometimes you can do fun addition such as 69+69=Dinner for 4.

Or sometimes your maths add up to an odd result and you get 6.9 which is great sex interrupted by a period.

Be that as it may and all things equal...That is why some people have great sex and others don’t, because the ones, who have great sex, have studied mathematics.

But the ultimate equation for any sexomathic is this one...

And if you do not understand it...scroll down to the bottom you loser. I will give you your first and most important lesson in sexomathics.

Source One: Sowetan
Source Two: Swazi Observer

Teacher has sex with pupil (15) during class12.09.2011 | Swazi Observer

Alleged sex act in the maths class, in front of other pupils

A senior teacher at Othandweni Primary School is alleged to have raped a pupil (15) inside a classroom with other young pupils.

The Swazi Observer reports that the unbelievable incident, it is said, took place just before schools closed for the second term holidays. Schools closed two weeks ago.

The teacher is now being investigated by police over the matter.

He allegedly got intimate with the pupil - who by law cannot consent to sex due to her age - while other pupils were doing their mathematics.
If arrested, he faces possible charges of statutory rape.

The teacher allegedly instructed the pupils to focus only on their mathematics books or close their eyes and ignore what was taking place in front of them.

Sources said he then rolled up the girl’s tunic and proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her.

Having been ordered to close their eyes and face the wall, the groaning of their teacher drew the pupils' attention.

When they turned around, to their shock, they found their colleague with her uniform up at waist level and clutching on the teacher.

“It was shocking to the other pupils to see their teacher getting naughty right inside class with one of their colleagues,” added a source from the school.

“We could not believe what was happening. Immediately when we heard him groaning, we opened our eyes,” said one of the pupils.

The school principal commented that she had resolved to let "this very sensitive matter" be handled by the relevant authorities, including the police.

Answer to math riddle:Before I root you, are you over 18?

The "Get-whitey-cronicles" of the New South Africa continues

By Mike Smith
13th of September 2011

Below is a horific story of a 24 year old probably white woman who was involved in a fender bender with a black taxi driver. He ran her over and dragged her under the taxi for 700 meters. Several cars tried to stop him and the passengers inside the taxi also begged him to stop, but he refused.

Despite that, the cops did not arrest him and let him drive by himself to the police station. Can you imagine what would have happened if the driver was white and the woman black? Can you imagine the outcry of "racist hate crime". Yet in this case the newspaper refuse to state the race of either the perpetrator or the victim. Why? Why does IOL switch off their comments section in this regard?

What would you have done if this was your girlfriend or wife that was deliberately knocked over by a black taxi driver and dragged under his taxi?

I cannot tell anybody what to do, but I can tell you what I would have done...

First thing I would have done

Second thing I would have done

Woman dragged 700m under taxi
September 13 2011 at 11:19am

By Botho Molosankwe and Angelique Serrao

A woman who tried to stop a taxi driver from fleeing from a bumper bashing was on Tuesday morning mowed down by the driver and dragged underneath the vehicle for 700m before witnesses managed to force him to stop.

The woman, who is in a serious condition with abrasions to most of her body, was conscious throughout the ordeal.

A blood trail this morning ran along Lonehill Boulevard, marking the horrific incident.

It was a minor accident early on Tuesday morning in Lonehill, northern Joburg, in which the taxi driver is alleged to have negligently scraped his vehicle along the side of a Corsa bakkie in which the woman was travelling with a male companion.

The couple, who have not yet been officially identified, were driving from Main Road along Lonehill Boulevard when they were hampered on their journey by the taxi driver who was weaving through the traffic.

The taxi driver then scraped the side of their bakkie, causing minor damage. But he failed to stop at the scene.

At the four-way stop intersection at Concourse Crescent, the bakkie driver is alleged to have pulled up alongside the taxi, climbed out and tried to speak to him through the window. It is believed that the woman also got out of the bakkie and stood in front of the taxi while her companion argued with the taxi driver.

In the middle of the argument the taxi driver pulled off, knocked the woman over and continued speeding away while she was trapped under his vehicle.

The bakkie driver got back into his vehicle and chased after the taxi, hooting and trying to stop him. Other motorists who witnessed what had happened also tried to stop the taxi, but the driver continued, jumping a red light at the Lonehill Shopping Centre.

Bruce Weyers was driving in Lonehill when he noticed something hanging from under the taxi’s rear. He realised it was a woman whose feet were under the taxi, with her torso and head sticking out.

“I couldn’t see her feet and assume her clothes had hooked her under the taxi. She was awake and she had a look of trauma on her face. The freaky thing is she wasn’t making a sound,” said Weyers.

He stopped his car and started running after the moving taxi, trying to get him to stop. “But he picked up speed and I couldn’t get near him,” said Weyers. He said three other drivers saw what was happening and gave chase.

Weyers tried to call Emergency Management Services, but said that when he told the operator there was a taxi accident and they needed help, the call cut out and he tried several times to call back without success.

“In desperation I called 702 (radio),” he said, explaining how his panicked description of a woman being dragged through Lonehill underneath a runaway taxi had gone out on live radio.

Charles Jurgens was driving along the same road, taking his children to school, when he saw a number of cars chasing a taxi.

“They managed to corner him into a side road where he had no choice but to stop,” said Jurgens.

At this stage, the woman’s companion managed to stop the taxi driver with his bakkie.

“People went to go and help the woman get out from the back of the taxi while others went for the taxi driver. They were so angry I thought they were going to beat him up,” said Jurgens.

Crown Mkhuashu, a Fidelity security guard, was with colleagues at a morning parade on Lonehill Boulevard when they heard the commotion and saw a taxi jumping a red robot with a woman trapped underneath.

“We thought it was a hit-and-run and tried to stop the taxi, shouting at the driver to stop. However, he just kept on driving and suddenly a Corsa (bakkie) overtook him and stopped in front of him. That was when the taxi stopped. The man in the Corsa got out, went to the woman and cried as he started comforting her. We were so angry. We had tried to stop the taxi driver because we had seen him dragging the woman with his vehicle, but he had refused to stop,” Mkhuashu said.

Mkhuashu said he and his colleagues started pushing the taxi driver, who reportedly refused to say why he hadn’t stopped.

The woman had been hooked under the taxi because her clothes had caught on pieces of metal on the undercarriage. She had been wearing gym clothes.

“We freed her, but she was badly hurt,” the 24-year-old guard said. Mkhuashu and his colleagues called paramedics at the nearby Lonehill Fire Station.

Metro police and police officers also arrived on the scene.

Mkhuashu said it was only when police arrived that the taxi driver said he had not seen the woman in front of his taxi when he pulled off, and also did not know she was trapped underneath his vehicle. After the police interviewed him, he was instructed to get back in his taxi and drive behind them in convoy to the Douglasdale police station, where he was to be charged.

ER24 spokeswoman Vanessa Jackson confirmed reports that passengers in the taxi tried to stop the driver.

“People (outside) were screaming at him to stop and the passengers in the taxi were begging the driver to stop, but he wouldn’t,” said Jackson.

She said paramedics performed advanced life support on the woman before she was taken to Life Fourways Hospital in a critical condition with serious abrasions all over her body.

“Her injuries are severe,” she said.

The woman’s companion was also admitted to the hospital with an injury to his hand from when he hit the taxi window as the driver initially sped off.

Police spokesman Balan Muthan said Douglasdale police arrived at the scene and arrested the taxi driver.

“He was taken to the police station and will be charged with reckless and negligent driving,” said Muthan.

Muthan said the charge may be changed by the magistrate when the driver appears in court. - The Star

12 September 2011

Wikileaks proves Mike Smith was right about the FF+ in 2009

By Mike Smith
12th of September 2011

In 2009 I said on the SA Sucks blog that I was not going to vote in the General election. I was of the opinion that there were no parties that catered for white people. Every single one in its manifesto proudly proclaimed how they were non-racial, etc.

What a load of nonsense. How can anybody ignore the elephant in the room or pretend it is not there? Politics in SA has always been, and will always be nothing but racial.

Anybody pretending anything else is dreaming and living a delusional lie and is removed from reality...therefore cannot be taken seriously.

There are some more realities about SA politics that people choose to ignore. One is demographics. Whites are outnumbered 10:1 and politically disarmed in a “one-man-one-vote” tyranny of the majority, aka a “Democrazy”.

Therefore another elephant is being ignored. For whites to have any political impact in SA they have one of three options:

1. Breed more and become the majority
2. Reduce the numbers of the black opponents
3. Concentrate in one geographical area where they are the majority.
Now which one do you think is the best option? Which one will bring the quickest results and which one will be the most humane?

Nevertheless, back in 2009, the last party I was going to vote for would have been the Freedom Front Plus. They did not even support a Volkstaat at the time.

At the time the FF+ members and voters all slagged me off about how my vote will be wasted, etc. I did not care what others said about me or my convictions the next day. I knew I was right and they were all wrong. I also knew that I was not alone, because there were others who are good friends of mine who felt exactly the same.

Then came the vote and two days after the results, Dr. Pieter Mulder, the leader of the FF+, accepted a post in Jacob Zuma’s ANC government as Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestries and Fisheries.

Sorry, but one does not accept such a position on the spur of the moment within two days. It must have been discussed and negotiated beforehand, but Dr. Mulder kept it all quiet, because he knew that if his voters and followers knew about him negotiating with the ANC, they would not have voted for him.

At the time I wrote an article called And this one goes out to all the fucktards who voted for the Freedom Front Plus

Now it has surfaced in Die Burger that a Wikileaks cable between an American diplomat (CIA spy) and Mrs. Hillary Clinton (minister of Foreign Affairs) stated that Dr. Mulder wanted to form a coalition with the ANC as far back as April 2009. Jacob Zuma at the time was courting the Afrikaners. His tactic was that if the ANC did not achieve a two thirds majority, they could then use the Afrikaners and the FF+ coalition to achieve that two thirds majority and basically do what they want, even change the constitution to get rid of all Afrikaners and their language.

See where your vote for the FF+ would have ended up? It would have been a vote for the ANC...Exactly like the NP votes in 2004 ended up being votes for the ANC and Martinus van Schalkwyk joined the ANC for a minister’s post in tourism.

Mulder’s best friend, Prof Dirk Kotzé of Unisa was the one who told the diplomat that “Mulder would immediately join such a coalition if he knew he could get away with it...”

Not only were the FF+ voters kept in the dark and taken for a ride before and during the 2009 elections, but also all the volunteers who assisted them for hours at the voting stations were suckered by Pieter Mulder. His father who was a decent man and almost became prime minister after John Voster is probably spinning in his grave today..

Do you think the FF+ leader Pieter Mulder cares or bats a single eyelid today? No he sleeps well after a hard day’s driving around in his Q-Class Audi, sponsored by the ANC.

See, it works like this...

40-50 years ago we still had “Politicians” in South Africa that one could respect. These were educated men of outstanding character to the left and to the right who stood firm on their convictions. It does not matter if you agreed with them or not, but there were men like Dr. D.F. Malan, J.G. Strijdom, Sir de Villiers Graaff, Jan Smuts, H.F. Verwoerd, etc...These were men who would go onto a stage and they would convey their beliefs and convictions to the world with passion and honesty...and most importantly...bugger-off with what the newspapers had to say about them the next day, because in their hearts they believed in their convictions and believed they were right.

But look at these political clowns we have today. They all have agents, personal hairdressers, fashion consultants, image consultants, speech writers, etc...What you end up with on the stage and television is not a politician’s arse...it is a Kasper the Puppet who cares nothing for his people and only looks after his own pocket. Sorry, but these political whores make me simply want to vomit...and the people who vote for them even more so.

Nevertheless, read the “Die Burger” report here, If you can understand Afrikaans Mulder ‘wou alliansie met ANC vorm voor verkiesing’