09 November 2011

Is Helen Zille going cuckoos?

By Mike Smith
9th of November 2011

I see that LWB, and Marxist puritan, Helen Zille wants men who have multiple sexual partners and refuse to use condoms to be charged with attempted murder

Which raises the question, what about women who are HIV positive and have multiple sexual partners?
What an idiotic sexist and bigoted statement by a supposedly champion of human rights. Those last Botox injections must have gone straight to her brain.

This is the same senile, superstitious halfwit who ordered and paid a ghostbuster to come and clean her house of evil ghosts in her Leeuwenhof home.

I mean, is this auntie for real? Can somebody please check the air pressure in her head? She’s nucking futs!
How can they let her run the Western Cape?

She should clear the cob webs in her head so that she can deal with her corruption crisis in Midvaal municipality where her man André Odendaal is one of the most corrupt in the country. Then he is Afrikaans to boot! What a phuqing embarrassment to his people. He should be keelhauled and swung from the yardarm.

The public protector has just released a report stating that title deeds of some properties, handed over by ratepayers who could not financially afford to keep them, were not transferred to the municipality but to a law firm owned by the DA Midvaal leader Andre Odendaal.

Nice hey? This is what living in the New South Africa does to you. You go cuckoos and become corrupt just like the rest of the political scum of the country.


  1. Laager4:38 pm

    Now if I understand this correctly she knows that the offspring of these casual liaisons could

    (1) be discarded in a dustbin
    (2) grow up HIV/Aids positive and have a short lifespan
    (3) survive (1) & (2) and then become a street urchin abandoned by their mother who cannot afford to feed and cloth the wretched child.
    (4) possibly end up a glue sniffer and go on to petty crime and then major crime to support a drug habit
    (5) repeat the cycle by having children who cannot support themselves and become a burden to the state

    Is this not the type of freedom she was campaigning for when she was a prominent figure in "The Black Sash?"

  2. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Mike,Mandela was right the D.A are a mickey mouse party and malema was also correct when he said Lindiwe Mazibuko is a coconut serving her white Madam.At least we all agree on something(me and the anc.)After that we have nothing in common!.


  3. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Now while Zille is certainly a nut and a controlled asset of the New Word Order - let's not go into metaphysical matters by disparaging her attempts at driving haunting entities out of her residence. The old inhabitants of the place must be turning in their graves after all. I guess Zille will soon be making an appearance on Celebrity Ghost Stories soon.

  4. Anonymous12:40 am

    Zille....in the begining people thought she would make a stand against the ANC commies and malema.But she is the same as them.Bloody useless if you ask me.

  5. Pensioner12:40 am

    I must say that I am getting quite concerned about her myself, I mean putting Lindiwe Mazibuko in Parliament is going to damage the DA. It's a bit like like putting Julius dilemma in charge of the anc....No wait, they are all numbnuts in the anc and whoever runs that mess won't make any difference one way or another!!!

  6. Mike, what I have seen since I returned to SA is that the whites have adopted black savage behaviour. Zille never suprises me I have a big spitball waiting at the back of my throat for the day I meet her.
    But whites that live happily in the SA have done exactly what you say and become the savages. They drive worse than black taxi's, are rude and lazy. Its embarrassing.
    Last week a white friend of mines car wouldnt start, he was dressed in a suit having just finished work. He approached 2 different white ppl to ask if they could help him jumpstart the car and the one called him a lower class beggar and told him to fuck off and the other said no he has better things to do than help poor whites.
    Fuck what has happened to us that we will vote for Zille who is helping kill our culture, we get excited when a black nanny with less education than a monkey becomes the leader of the opposition and we hate poor whites because we assume they deserve it.
    That is why I dont care what happens to whites in SA anymore I just wanna get myself out of here...they rest of the liberal left wing sissies will get what they deserve!

  7. E van Hout5:48 am

    I was beginning to feel quite homesick watching, on TV here in Canada, the test cricket being played at beautiful Newlands and seeing the beautiful SA girls and people sitting on lawns drinking beer – then I read your articles and that brings me back to earth – thanks Mike.

  8. Jason the Boer8:18 am

    Great article and great feedback from Boerseun.Z.A.R. wretched fucken whites

  9. Anonymous11:18 am

    plenty bone = no air pressure !

  10. @ BoerByChoice - You have mentioned an issue which greatly disturbed me when I was in SA a while back, i.e. the mentality of the average white man.

    I saw better behaviour from blacks in many instances than whites. Don't get me wrong, had the expected typical behaviour of a taxi driver pushing you off the road here and there as well as the African incompetence and arrogance. But what stood out like a pimple on a pig's back was the behaviour of many whites - like you mentioned the driving, jumping queues and service levels.

  11. Anonymous10:24 am

    I have to agree with all the comments here. I returned to SA for a holiday last year and visited a few friends down the line. On the plane back to the UK I gave my way to my feelings and thought "What has happended to them all. They've all gone backwards". It wasn't that they hadn't changed much; there was groweth; but in the wrong direction.

  12. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Strange how, when somebody actually refers to tangible ways to institute the ANC so-called moral regeneration project, which has clearly fallen by the wayside, they are labelled as crazy. Zille obviously referred to men only as they are the ones who wear the condom, or don't, in this case. And, if a guy does sleep around, and doesn't wear a condom, why shouldn't it be seen as attempted murder if he infects these women with HIV? I mean, what's the difference between that and let's say throwing arsenic in someone's coffee? Maybe all of you FOOLS should start thinking about what is for the good of the country and for each other. Would YOU be happy if your daughter was sleeping with a man who has multiple sex partners and refuses to wear a condom. Would you condone it? And yes, of course women should behave responsibly too. Ms Zille obviously did not mean that they can act any way they want to, she was clearly just highlighting ONE aspect of the HIV problem in South Africa. Use your brain and THINK a bit further. People's lives and health should not be politicized - YOU are the ones who are crazy!

  13. Anonymous11:59 pm

    And PS: It is a known fact that Leeuwenhof is haunted. Wait till you have bloody ghosts in your house. We'll see who is pissing himself then!