29 February 2012

Malema verdict came through: Expelled from the ANC.

Hau, Baas!... I do not Excel at Excel

By Mike Smith
29th of February 2012

For people outside of SA this will probably be a joke or they will simply not understand.

For us who have lived half or even most of our lives in SA it is perfectly normal everyday behaviour from blacks.

Here you have a report from the Afrikaans Newspaper Beeld about Mrs Daisy Mafubela, departmental head of Health in the northern province of Limpopo. The English newspapers won’t carry it because then the whole world will know the truth about the stupidity in charge of South Africa and what we have to work with every day.

Nevertheless. Beeld reports that in Pietersburg, R33 million worth of assets disappeared into thin air after the Auditor General’s report about the 2009-2010 year.

Mrs. Daisy Mafubela’s excuse was that all the assets could not fit on the Excel spreadsheet. I am surprised the Auditor General did not find Tipex on her screen...

How did she even get the job? The sad part about it is that she will not be held responsible. R33 milllion disappears and it will just be written off as incompetent staff or whatever. I do not know how they do the books nowadays in the new South Africa, but I am sure they have some formula that they use to deal with various grades of incompetence. From minor to gross incompetence.

Actually Daisy falls in the the category of minor incompetence. You want to see gross incompetence, look at the government.


The Future of History in South Africa

By Mike Smith

26th of February 2012

It was Friedrich Nietzsche who identified three types of history in his work “Vom Nutzen und Nachteil der Historie für das Leben“ or “On the advantage and disadvantage of history for life”.

The big question is obviously does history serve a purpose and if so what then?

Should we just forget our past and move on? Live for the future and forget the past?

Nietzsche said that, “Historical education is wholesome and promising for the future only in the service of a powerful new life-giving influence”.

In other words history is only important if it serves us to improve the future. We should use the strengths of the past to build a new future. We need to know where we come from so we can know where we are going.

Define “Improve the future” or “Build a new future”. For whom?

What is improvement to one group in South Africa might be to the detriment of another group and vice versa.

Nietzsche describes three types of history, the Monumental view, The Antiquarian view and the Critical view.

The monumental view of history means to make something bigger than it actually was. Like the modern world is currently doing with Nelson Mandela. They turn a convicted Marxist terrorist into a demigod. It is the same thing that the Communists do with their leaders like Kim Jong Il in North Korea.

The Antiquarian view of history is what I call people reminiscing about the good old days. These are people who remember how good life was in Sophia Town and District Six and who forget the truth about what rat infested hell holes it was. They almost seem to dream that such a period can be achieved again. Thereby one can include people in SA who reminisce about the Battle of Blood River and the victories in the Boer War and think that such great moments can once again be experienced. In Afrikaans there is a saying of, “Gister se swaerkry is vandag se goeie ou dae” or “Yesterday’s hardship is today’s good-old-days”.

Then there is Critical history. In plain English, critical history means taking history by the balls and finding the truth. One should drag it into the open, interrogate it, judge it and condemn it if necessary or accept the undeniable truth.

That is the difficult part, because as we all know, a husband and wife can go on holiday to the same destination, experience almost the same things every day, but when they come back from holiday, they will have two completely different stories to tell.

To him the hotel room and swimming pool were great, to her it sucked. To her the shopping was great; to him the shops were too crowded. And so we can carry on. And so it will always be in South Africa.

There will always be those for whom the Apartheid era was heaven on earth and then there will be those for whom it was absolute hell.

Here I include black and white from both sides, because there are many blacks today longing back to the good old days of Apartheid and there are many whites who think it was the worst period ever.

But it will only be when we take our collective history by the balls, analyze it, dissect it into its minutest detail, and find the truth that we will be able to move on and be stronger into the future.

What we should be careful of is when our leaders tell us to watch it and tread lightly with history, because then there is something they want to hide to keep them in power through their constant stream of lies.

In modernity people are choking on history. In Germany and most of Europe it is a criminal offence to even discuss the holocaust, let alone question the numbers of dead, whilst the Russian holocaust of Stalin killing 20 million Christian people are swept under the carpet. Any scientific enquiry into the holocaust might end you up in prison.

Is this the kind of history we want for SA? Do we want to make laws making it a criminal offence to deny that Apartheid was “a crime against humanity”?

Do we want to be like these Mickey Mouse Communist countries that glorify their useless leaders and turn their defeats into victories, like the Cubans do about Cuito Cuanevale? Do we want to be like the Socialist apologetics who still glorify Socialism in the GDR or Cuba, despite all the proof of its magnanimous failure?

Or do we want to be critical and take our history by the balls and analyze it objectively, so that we can move on and build a better future?

Whether we are capable of that will still have to be written down in the annals of history, because if we are not able or capable of doing so, then it will lead to what Nietzsche has warned us against. Subjective history that is not critical will not take us forward into a better future. It will take us back into the darkest periods of our past ...and worse.

I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter which way we go, history will be made. We can decide whether that history that we will make will be a good one or a terrible one.

28 February 2012

The Black youth of SA behaving black

By Mike Smith
10th of February 2012

Ever since I have opened my eyes and since I can remember all I know about blacks and their behaviour is that they riot in the streets, throw stones, burn down schools, etc.

In fact if you ask my parents or even my grandparents they will tell you exactly the same thing. That is just how blacks are and how we got to know them.

Look at their behavior currently at the Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. Climbing up the roofs, pelting the police with stones, rioting in the streets, throwing garbage from dustbins into the streets, etc…

Watch the video here:

Eastern Cape students turn violent

And why are they rioting? They failed their exams and want to be put through. I mean…what is the point of writing exams then? Just promote them on good behavior then. Oh sorry, cannot do that seeing that they have also proved that they cannot even pass the “Good Behaviour Test”.

Students demand passes even though they have failed their tests

One porch monkey climbed onto the roof and fell through a plastic light cover.
What is the difference between the video we see now and the ones we have seen in 1976? Nothing…apart from the policemen being black now.

But as far as the behavior of the blacks are concerned there is no difference between the way they behaved in 1960, 1976 or 2012 even after they have been in charge for 20 years. What is the bet that in 300 years time they will still behave the same?

Millions of black youths are unemployed and unemployable. Officially the figure stands at 23%, unofficially it is as high as 40%. Zwelinzima Vavi of COSATU calls it a A ticking time bomb . Who exactly is supposed to fear the ticking time bomb is unclear.

But one thing I know is that these black youths watch the ANC fat cats and champagne communists in their expensive cars and clothes and they want some of it too.

In Khayelitsha gangs of youths, still schoolchildren are carrying out deadly attacks with knives and pangas on other students and residents.

Residents said boys as young as 13 from Kuyasa and Makhaya have been attacking one other with pangas for the past three weeks.

Teen gangs reign of terror in Khayelitsha . According to new SA law, kids are not criminals and cannot go to prison. If they are caught the police have to release them into the custody of their parents.

After stabbing a 30 year old man, Police arrested 17 suspects, all of them under 18. They appeared in the Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court on a charge of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

They were all released into their parents’ custody.

If this is what they are doing to each other can you imagine what they will do to us when they get the chance?

So you sit with a situation where black youths do not want to go to school, they do not want to study, and when they do not pass, they want to riot and run amok. And to keep themselves occupied they chop each other up with pangas.

So what is the solution? I do not think the black youths are interested in a solution. Far easier to just blame it all on Apartheid and Colonialism than to take responsibility for your actions.

The solution for the blacks, they will have to figure out for themselves. As for the whites, the solution is the only solution that has ever worked in SA. Separate yourselves as far from blacks as possible. Do not feed them, do not clothe them. Give them no jobs or money. Have NOTHING to do with them. If they are so good they can look after themselves. They do not need us.

27 February 2012

Sowetan reined in their racist commenters

By Mike Smith
27th of February 2012

The Sowetan forum is usually full of black racists who call whites dogs and pigs and who openly call for genocide against whites. Often you would see them quoting the words of “Kill the Boer” or “dubula Ibhunu” and expressing their support for Malema.

But it seems as if the black racists at the Sowetan forum have gone overboard this time. The editor has stopped comments for 24 hours due to racism and advocating violence.

Sowetan: Why comments have been shut off today
I don’t know why the Sowetan cannot just block those comments.

Here is an example of how wonderful these blacks are towards their children. These are just the headlines of one day!!

Hey? Really admirable people, don't you think? Now look at their racist vitriol against whites. These are a few examples. There are literally hundreds of such comments.

26 February 2012

Rule Britannia. The Black Knights of Africa serving the British Crown

By Mike Smith
26th of February 2012

One of the most fascinating times of our white western history must be the times of the crusades.

Europe stood together and sent troops to the Holy Land to free it from Islamic domination. It was also one of the darkest periods of our time, even called the dark ages and would last hundreds of years until the Renaissance in Europe.

There were nine official crusades and a myriad of smaller ones. During this time several military orders saw the light that still exists today like the Knights Templar, The Knights of Malta (Hospitallers), Teutonic Knights, etc.

But their main opposition on the side of the Muslims were the “Assassins” or as the Persian word “Hassasin” indicates they were the followers of Hassan-i Sabbah

Today the Order of the Knights Templar still exists and survives in Freemasonry.

The order of the “Assassins” still survives to this day. They are called the Nizari Ismailis and they are an extreme form of Shiite Islam. Their leader is Prince Karim the Agha Khan (IV) one of the most richest people in the world. Agha Khan IV. This is the power behind the so called “Muslim Brotherhood”.

You can read about it in the book by James Wasserman called “The Templars and the Assassins”.

Wasserman is a high initiate of the OTO or (Ordo Templi Orientis), the graduate school of the Freemasons. So he should know what he is talking about.

Nevertheless, every now and again some puppets come along and serve the agenda of powers far greater than them and for their service they are rewarded with honourary degrees in these orders.

On the 20th of February 2004, President Thabo Mbeki was awarded an honorary Doctorate from the University of Stellenbosch and the idea was that the Afrikaner Broederbond basically told him that he is now one of the Afrikaners and should listen to them when they speak. Thabo Mbeki accepts honourary Doctorate from Stellenbosch University

In 2007 the Duke of Gloucester installed Thabo Mbeki as a member of the Order of the Knights of Malta. Thabo Mbeki become a member of the Order of the Knights of Malta just like his predecessor Nelson Mandela.

In 2010 the Queen of England bestowed on President Jacob Zuma the award of honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, just like Robert Mugabe is a member of the same order.

Jacob Zuma became a member of the The order of Bath

You can read more about this highly respected military order here:
The Order of the Bath

In 1994 the same Queen of Britain made Robert Mugabe a Knight Commander of the Order of Bath. In 2008 she stripped him of this title after David Millibrand urged her to do so. Queen strips Mugabe of Knighthood

You know...a knighthood from the Queen of England or the Duke of Gloucester is not just dished out like sweets to street children. You have to perform a special service to their agenda to earn such a title.

People like Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Bob Geldoff, etc had to prove themselves over many years to earn such a title. They received their knighthoods because of special services to the crown and their agenda.

One thing that is certain is that the British Crown does not just dish out knighthoods left right and centre.
So what special services did Mugabe, Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma perform to the British Crown that they earned such chivalric titles? Not even Cecil John Rhodes was knighted for all his efforts to the British Crown.
Is it perhaps because, Mugabe, Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma have caused unknown amounts of deaths of blacks? Is it because they have been slowly wiping out the Boers of South Africa?

What is the agenda here and what does one have to do to be rewarded by the Queen as a Knight Commander of a Military order? Mugabe did not just get an ordinary Knighthood. No he got, “Knight Comander”...

Mugabe’s record shows. He destroyed the nationalists under Ian Smith who dared to declare unilateral independence from Britain. The Whites of Rhodesia were the enemies of Britain and they had to be destroyed.

Even into the third generation they had to be completely annihilated, driven off their land and reduced to zero just like any enemy of the British Crown.

The Boers of South Africa will never be forgiven for resisting the British Crown and winning the war against them, but for now, Mandela, Mbeki, and Zuma have contributed only mildly to the agenda.

The next black leader of South Africa that will take the agenda to the full conclusion, maybe Malema, will earn the title like Mugabe, Knight Comander.

Have no illusions. Have no hope that some people from outside will come and help us. No, we are alone. And for those English speaking South Africans who think that they will be somehow exempted from the slaughter I have the example of Rhodesia to present. Britain felt nothing about the slaughter of the white English speakers in Rhodesia and when Mugabe drove 60,000 whites off their farm land, Britain would not even allow them in as refugees. Most of them are currently living in SA and kept alive by the churches... like in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. What makes white English speakers of South Africa feel that Britain will treat them any differently than they treated the English speaking whites of Zimbabwe?

The ultimate prize is the massive gold reserves under the soil of South Africa and Zimbabwe. And that is all that counts.

Britain has no qualms to support Marxist black terrorists in South Africa against white South Africans as long as they stick to the agenda, which is handing over all the gold. Almost like, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

It is nothing new. In the Second World War they chose a brutal Communist dictator like Stalin as their ally. That says it all. They will jump into bed with anybody to annihilate their challengers to be at the top of the food chain. Rule Britannia!

The African Knights of Malta.

The Moët & Chandon goes back on the shelf. Mandela is OK.

By Mike Smith
26th of February 2012

Those of you who have been reading my blog for many years will know that I am savouring a special bottle of Moët et Chandon for the day the piece of terrorist scum croaks.

Every time I hear he is going into hospital I set the bottle in the fridge, just to be disappointed later that he is still OK.

Why do these communist dictators hold out so long? Look at Castro, Mugabe, etc. They don’t want to die, because they know they are going to hell. They sold their souls to the devil a long time ago and they know the devil is coming to fetch them.

There is however no doubt whose side the media in SA is on when they run a headline on the front page of the Sunday Times like The good news: Madiba’s fine

Good news to whom? Certainly not to me. How can the liberal, leftist media just assume it is good news for everyone? This is how the media force feeds the brains of South Africans.

What I would like them to explain to me is how the news that a mass murdering, convicted piece of terrorist trash has NOT died is good news?

They all rejoiced when Bin Laden was killed. What is the difference between Bin Laden and Mandela? Nothing. At least Mandela was brought in front of a court of law, had the best defence lawyers in the country and the trial was open to the international media and despite this he was still convicted for his terrorist activities. Bin Laden was never brought to trial. He was convicted by the media and executed without ever having a fair trial like Mandela.

Another example of a hypocritical and biased, leftist media.

25 February 2012

American hypocrisy at its best - Obama says time to end violence in Syria

By Mike Smith
25th of February 2012

I cringe every time I see the American government get on their moral high horse and attempts to tell the world what they should and should not do.

Like that liberal idiot and drug addict, President Obama who said It is time to stop the killings in Syria

“President Barack Obama on Friday declared the US and its allies would use "every tool available" to stop the slaughter of innocent people in Syria,”

"It is absolutely imperative for the international community to rally and send a clear message to President [Bashar] Assad that it is time for a transition," Obama said after a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. "It is time for that regime to move on. And it is time to stop the killing of Syrian citizens by their own government."

“The president added that nations cannot afford to be "bystanders" as the killing continues.”

The UN estimated in January that 5,400 people were killed in the conflict in 2011. Hundreds more have died since.

So he wants to stop the slaughter of innocent people in Syria....but he thinks nothing about the hundreds of thousands of innocent people his troops have killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to the Iraq body count project the documented death toll of civilians in Iraq is between 105,000 and 115,000 civilians.
In their initial bombing campaign in Afghanistan in 2001 they killed about 3500 civilians. Tens of thousands of innocent people have since then been killed by Americans. They called their campaign “Operation Enduring Freedom”

Obama wants the Syrian regime gone...but the regime in Saudi Arabia that is a brutal dictatorship worse than Syria is his friends.

Same with Kuwait. Another brutal dictatorship that needed to be liberated against the evil Iraq because they had “weapons of mass destruction” that the USA incidentally supplied them with. That is how they knew Iraq had them. They stocked them up.

The USA has the biggest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. In fact the USA is the only country that has ever dropped atomic bombs on another country, but then feel compelled to tell others what is moral and ethical? What a bunch of hypocrites.

According to the figures above around 5,000 people have died in the unrest in Syria in 2011. To this Obama said that nations cannot be bystanders as the killing continues.


In 2011 about 18,000 people were killed in South Africa in so called peace time. To that Obama is more than willing to be a “bystander” because he has never outed himself on the violence in South Africa.

24 February 2012

The land debate: Top historian says Mulder was right!

By Mike Smith
24th of February 2012

I am so glad to see  that my call has been answered. Top lawyers and historians are entereing the debate about who the land belongs to.

The most highly respected and arguably the best historian in the country Prof. Hermann Giliomee of Stellenbosch University said that Mulder was right. That blacks have no claim to the Western and Northern Cape.

The professor also affirmed everything I wrote about the land issue.

For those who do not know who Prof Giliomee is...he was professor of political studies at UCT and former president of the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR). He is currently “Extraordinary Professor of History” at Stellenbosch University.

He wrote in Beeld, of 23 February 2012 in an article called, What Mulder actually said .

“The most offending sentences in Mulder’s speech went: The ANC likes to talk about "Black people in general" and "Africans in particular", but Africans in particular never in the past lived in the whole of South Africa. There is sufficient proof that there were no Bantu-speaking people in the Western Cape and north-western Cape.”

Professor Giliomee said:

Mulder continued, ”According to South African school textbook history, the Bantu-speaking people had moved down the continent from Africa’s equatorial regions, while Europeans had moved up from the Cape. They had met at the Kei River, in the present-day Eastern Cape.”

Professor Giliomee wrote further:

“ Business Day’s commentary on it is that historians contest many of Mulder’s statements. I for one, do not know of a single historian that contests Mulder’s statements that “Black people in general and Africans in particular” by 1770 never lived in the two mentioned provinces.”

The narrative of the occupation of land in the 18th century is covered extensively at the hand of archival sources in “The Shaping of South African Society, 1652-1840”.

I therefore wrote at the hand of archival documents about the first contacts and conflicts between white and black between 1770 and 1812, while Martin Legassick covered the northern border (the current Northern Cape).

Like Jeffrey Peires points out in his standard work on the Xhosa history, that Xhosas never laid claim to any land on the other side of the Sunday’s river.”

Professor Giliomee continued….

”The only indigenous people that lived in the Western part of the country before white settling were the Khoi-Khoi and the San and the governments land restitution policy is definitely not aimed at them.”

He said:

“…that the government’s target of 30% land in black hands is in jeapordy, because this target has already been reached if one takes the 13% claimed to have been in black possession in 1994, the 8% the black government bought already and the 25% that Mulder claims already belongs to the state.”

That gives us 46% of land in black hands at this very moment.

Professor Giliomee wrote:

“But the government is probably not interested in these statistics, because the department acknowledged that it did not know how much land was in state possession.”

The Professor continued about President Zuma’s claim that Mulder should rather shut up, because this sensitive issue is for some people a matter of “life and death”. He said:

“The question is for how many people is it a matter of life and death? In the opinion polls of the last 20 years, the need for land never figured as a matter of priority for blacks. Job opportunities, education, affordable food, housing, services and crime were far more important.”

“When one reads the whole text of Mulder’s speech then it is clear that he is not busy with cheap politics, but attempts to touch an important issue in a responsible manner. What we can attribute the hysterical reaction of the media to, is difficult to determine.”

Not so difficult if one understands what the agenda of the ANC and their lapdog media is. Like I have always said. The land issue is not about giving blacks land, it is about taking white’s land away from them. It is not about empowering blacks it is about the economic disempowerment of whites. It is about the removal of their legitimate claim to the land.

The ANC is currently busy with a process of buying white land with white taxpayer’s money. But due to their own inefficiency and uselessness they are unable to process the cases of white farmers who actually WANT to sell their farms.

So the question is why bother with lengthy processes like “Willing buyer; Willing seller” when you can simply TAKE it all by force in one sweep? And by doing so you can pocket the money yourself.

The ANC’s greed, impatience and ill discipline is eventually going to get the better of them and they will lose it. They will come for us as history has shown. That day we must just be ready.

23 February 2012

Taking on the experts on the land issue: Why a bitter “Race war” is unavoidable in South Africa

By Mike Smith
23rd of February 2012

Ever since I wrote Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box part 32: Who does the land belong to? we have seen a lot of people sit up straight probably thinking for the first time about the lies the ANC tried to force feed the public for the past 100 years...That whites stole the land of blacks. That the 1913 land act disowned blacks of their land.

Many famous people read this blog, although they will never admit it. I know Helen Zille, Thabo Mbeki, Pieter Mulder , Beeld editor Tim du Plessis and many more frequent this blog.

That is why Pieter Mulder could stand up for white history in parliament and rubbish the lies of the ANC, saying that enough proof exists that blacks were historically never in the Cape, West of the Kei River. He is 100% correct.

A storm erupted in the media after he threw a thunderflash in the chicken coup. He came under severe personal attack, mostly from the ANC and their supporters, but also from some liberal academics.

Then in a series of articles, I again focused the attention of the public about the land issue on the historical facts...

Mulder, the land issue and the truth about who the land belongs to

I even showed how the famous traditional healer and black historian Credo Mutwa told the truth that it was the blacks who stole the land from the Bushmen (San-people) and committed genocide against them, not the whites.

So who stole the land from whom?

Then I challenged the best lawyers and the best historians to an open debate on this issue so we could settle the matter once and for all and move on. As could be expected the silence was deafening.

Actually when I was thinking about the “best lawyers” I had the descriptive Afrikaans word for a lawyer, “regsgeleerde” in mind, meaning literally “someone learned at law”.

The last person I had in mind as an “expert learned at law” was the fairy queen of UCT Prof Pierre de Vos who in 2004 won a case against a Cape Town gay bar called “Sliver” for discriminating against his coloured lover, Marcus Pillay. The bouncers also severely assaulted both. He is obviously liberally biased.

Read the pathetic details here

Nevertheless Pierre de Vos has probably read the facts presented by me, like the Feinberg and Horn Study that proved that contrary to common belief, the Land Act of 1913 resulted in as much as 65% more land for blacks, not less. This fact was already pointed out by Blacks journalist Jacob Dlamini in 2010 in an article called JACOB DLAMINI: Was Natives Land Act SA’s original political sin?

The entire Land Act of 1913 can be read here The 1913 land Act

So two days ago, almost straight after my challenge, the learned professor De Vos decided to launch a pathetic tirade against the facts presented.

The historical amnesia of Pieter Mulder

Right from the start the arrogant proffie (or is that spelled with an m?) tells us whites that we all want to bury Apartheid.

Say what? I for one want the debate in the open. That is why I named my series of articles, soon to be a book, “Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box”

“Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box”

Then the self loathing proffie wanted us to share his guilt feelings by harping on about “the injustices committed by our forefathers against black South Africans”.

Whose forefathers? Not mine. My forefathers were only good to blacks. Employed them, fed and clothed them. Built schools for them, hospitals, universities, etc. Maybe he is speaking about his own forefathers and the imaginary injustices he constantly nurses in his warped liberal mind.

Then he goes one…” This Stalinist yearning to whitewash the past and to try and make us forget about the role white people played in the exploitation and dispossession which occurred during the periods of colonialism and apartheid”

He is right about the Stalinist part of whitewashing history, but the only ones I see wanting to do that is the ANC. I and most White South Africans are proud of our history and we have nothing to be ashamed of. Proffie De Vos should not include us in his self loathing guilt trips.

He’s tirade continues with the ANC swear words of “white Settler”…when he said: ”Mulder is only one of a long line of white settlers”…

As far as I am aware, Pieter Mulder is a South African born citizen who has only ever held one citizenship in his entire life. He is further an Afrikaner. There is no Afrikaner homeland from where he could have colonizsed or settled from or where he can go back to. Afrikaner culture and language is unique to only one country on earth and that is South Africa (I include Namibia that I concider a legitimate part of SA since 1914). The Afrikaners of SA are totally indigenous.

In his rush to “prove” how whites dispossessed black land and “forced Blacks” onto farms, the learned proffie copied and pasted directly from Wikipedia about the Glen Grey Act of 1894. So I see… that is where he gets his knowledge of the law from…Wikipedia.

What the proffie forgot to tell us is that the Glen Grey act was a British experiment that applied only to one location (now called a township), the Tambookie location outside of Queenstowns after the place got so overcrowded, because of the Xhosa’s own created famine of 1856-1857 in which they killed all their cattle and burned down their crops because a teenage prophetess called Nongqawuse told them that it would make the whites disappear into the sea.

It wiped out 4/5 ths of the Xhosa population, the rest dwindled with their skeleton bodies through white areas scratching for food in bins. The whites saved them from their own self induced genocide. If it were not for the whites taking pity on them and feeding them there would be no Xhosa people today. Yes. That is what you get for interfering with nature, today the “Xhosa Nostra” rule South Africa.

Nevertheless the proffie created the dishonest impression that the act applied to the entire SA and all its blacks. It did not.

Further the act gave each black family a farm of four morgen (about 0.86 hectares in SA). The word “Morgen” is the German word for “morning” and one “morgen” equated to the land one man could plough with an ox in a morning from sunrise to midday.

So after getting a farm the size of eight football fields the British said the blacks had to pay tax just like all the whites. But the black farmers as we know are useless and were not as productive as the whites so they could not pay the tax. In order to do so they send the kids and women out to go and work for the whites in town.

This practice of sending the children and the women to work and the men sitting in the sun all day drinking beer is still practiced today in SA and has always been the practice amongst blacks for time immemorial.

This natural custom of the blacks, the proffie in his infinite wisdom wants to call oppression and enslavement. What rubbish. The sign of a truly deficient leftist intellect.

Nevertheless the proffie continues with his lies and distortions by saying “The most important provision of the Act stated that Africans could no longer buy, lease, or in any other manner acquire land outside a scheduled area, except by acquiring that land from another African, and Europeans were prohibited from buying or leasing land from an African.”

As I have mentioned before, the Native Land Act of 1913 never referred to “Africans” and “Europeans”. It did not refer to Blacks and whites. It only referred to “Natives and other people”.

His interpretation of the law into an “African” and “European” or “Black” and “White” context is a gross distortion of the truth. Under “African” or “Native” the Afrikaners definitely qualify.

Further the law applied to both sides equally, so if the act denied “Natives” the right to buy land from “Other persons” it equally denied “Other Persons” the right to buy land from “Natives”. So either both sides benefitted or suffered equally under the law.

But as I have pointed out there was an escape clause, like in every law, as the proffie should now, seeing that he considers himself an expert.

It said “Except with the approval of the Governor-General…”

As I have pointed out blacks and whites continued buying land from each other…

Quoting from Dlamini’s article…

“Between 1913 and 1936, for example, Africans bought about 3200 farms and lots outside of native areas. What’s more, the 1913 act was not retroactive, meaning that Africans who already owned land outside of the native reserves could not have it taken away from them. Feinberg and Horn say that between 1913 and 1924, under the governments of Louis Botha and Jan Smuts, there were 302 exemptions granted, amounting to 35% of the total. Between 1924 and 1936, when JB Hertzog was in power, there were 565 exemptions granted, amounting to 65% of the total. “

In his eagerness to show how the white man’s laws was bad for the black man he cites from Feinberg and Horn: “Rapid population growth among Africans and soil erosion in the reserves (partly due to over-grazing) seriously undermined African agriculture.”

Excuse me, but “Rapid population growth”, “soil erosion through over grazing”, etc are fully self inflicted by the blacks themselves and totally preventable by blacks themselves. How can you make whites responsible for the sexual behavior of blacks and their inability to grasp scientific farming methods?

The proffie continues: “And, after 1948, the reserves became the cornerstone of a key part of the apartheid system, the homelands.”

Exactly. It is the land they legally settled and bought themselves out of their own free will. Apartheid gave them self rule and fully assisted them every year with billions of rands.

The proffie who is apparently a constitutional law expert, reckons that in section 25 of the constitution the government has the right to expropriate land at will if it is in “public interest”.

Funny then that Section 25 actually means the opposite and is there to actually prevent the expropriation of land.

It starts with “No one may be deprived of property except in terms of law of general application, and no law may permit arbitrary deprivation of property.”

So here comes in what we know as “Lawyer speak” and it opens so many loop holes of interpretation that the law looks like a Swiss cheese.

What is “Public interest”? Who is “The Public”,? It says that “the state must take “reasonable and other measures”? What is “Reasonable”? What “Other measures”? What are the criteria of judging something “reasonable”? Who makes up the criteria?

Nevertheless you can see the constitution here. The part I am talking about is on page 8 The constitution of South Africa

I will tell you what these terms mean in Communist Newspeak. “The people” means the communist elite in the ANC and the SACP. “Public interest” means the interest of the communist elite.

And this is the problem with the way the law is written, because it is full of vague words like “reasonable” and “adequate”. What is reasonable? What is adequate? How long is a piece of string?

He then further twists the constitution by saying: “...to this end the property clause therefore does not require expropriation of land in accordance with the “willing-buyer willing-seller” principle. Nor does it require the payment of market value for that land in all circumstances.”

What an utter distortion of the constitution that clearly states in 25(2) and (3) that property may only be expropriated in terms of the law taking various things into account. It is further “subject to compensation, the amount of which and the time and manner of payment of which have either been agreed to by those affected or decided or approved by a court.”

Things that should be taken into account are the current use of the property, the history of how the land was acquired, the market value, etc

But 25(4) says that “The public interest includes the nation’s commitment to land reform, and to reforms to bring about equitable access to all South Africa’s natural resources; and (6) property is not limited to land.

So who is “The Nation”? Is that the Majority of the people? No “The Nation” refers to the communist elite. And their commitment to land reform is clear.

And property is not limited to land. So what is property? Your car, your furniture? Your bank account? Your wife?

Wake up people! Property is anything the “Nation” decides it to be. If they decide tomorrow that white people’s land houses cars furniture, mines, banks etc, needs to be expropriated, they will do so without batting an eyelid.

See what I mean when I say that the constitution is not worth the paper it is written on? According to that piece of toilet paper they can legally take away everything you own whenever they feel like it.

The South African constitution is nothing but a license to genocide of whites in South Africa. If the ruling party, their courts and their supporters decide that it is in “public interest” to take away the mines, the land, the businesses the cars and all property whites own, then they will. It is their ultimate aim.

That is why they are trying to undermine the judiciary and move their cronies into chief justice positions and get constitutional law academics like the proffie into their camp.

If they succeed and pass their legislation there will be nothing whites or any minority for that matter will be able to do, except defend their property with their lives or go to war.

In the end, and ultimately, South Africa is steering down the path of an unavoidable race war.

22 February 2012

Ons was daar (We were there) social media march

By Mike Smith
22nd of February 2012

That the Afrikaners are fed up with the ANC and their Orwellian changing of our history and shoving the truth down the Winstonian memory hole is clear.

They are simply not taking it anymore. A virtual march using social media of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube will “march” on the 28th of February 2012 to the President’s office, the embassies of Angola, Cuba Namibia, Russia and the USA and hand over the true history of our people and what really happened at Cuito Cuanavale after the President praised Cuba for “driving back the forces of Apartheid”...What laughable rubbish.

Many South African celebrities like Steve Hofmeyer are taking part. If you want to partake then here is the url

Just fill out the form at the bottom.

The former ANC terrorists who are now the top class officers of the SANDF

By Mike Smith
21st of February 2012

The Afrikaans media reports that the CO of the Tempe military base in Bloemfontein, Brig. Gen. David Mongezi Cebeni (47) was arrested after he had a fall out with a drug addicted 22 year old prostitute who use to be married to a Nigerian.

Apparently he refused to pay her for services rendered and when the lady got stroppy he hit her and threatened her with a pistol.

Monday morning he was back at his job.

General beats up prostitute
ex-Husband says she is a naughty girl

Mugabe wants Cecil John Rhode’s remains exhumed and sent back to Britain

By Mike Smith
22nd of February 2012

A while ago I wrote about Cecil John Rhodes, what a racist he was and how the liberals of the world like Bill Clinton for instance are beneficiaries of his Rhodes Scholarship to study for two years at Oxford University.

Two countries were named after him, North Rhodesia and Rhodesia (Zambia and Zimbabwe). More than fifty biographies were written about Rhodes.

The Rhodes option is the solution for South Africa

Rhodes died in 1902 and was buried in a granite grave covered with concrete and a simple brass plaque on top at the Matopos Hills outside of Bulawayo.

Now Mugabe and his cronies wants to exhume the remains of Rhodes and send it back to England.

Mugabe loyalists demand body of colonialist Cecil Rhodes be exhumed and sent back to Britain

It reminded me of the video of Dr Khalid Muhammad where he was calling for the killing of whites in South Africa...

“ I said God damn kill them all...and when you have killed them all, I said you go to the god damn grave, dig them up and you kill them a god damn again, because they didn’t die hard enough.” - Dr Khalid Mohammad

Communist academics do not want white Afrikaner asylum seekers in the USA

By Mike Smith
22 of February 2012

Here are two links about a white Afrikaner family who wants to remain in the USA and are claiming asylum status, saying that they will be victims of racism if they return to South Africa.

We want out of SA
White Afrikaner asylum seekers for the USA

This family is 100% correct. With racial quotas for university entry, AA, BEE, racial quotas in sport, etc, this minority family will definitely be discriminated against.

However, in order to find support for their claim, their lawyer went around and asked a few academics if they would support such a claim.

One of the academics he discovered was none other than liberal (communist) white Afrikaner author and currently professor of creative writing at Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee Professor Mark Behr.

The other was another communist academic called Dr Dennis Laumann of the Memphis University.

Start of quote:

“Professor Mark Behr, of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee, and Dr Dennis Laumann, of the University of Memphis, have rejected requests that they help the family.

"I am not interested in assisting Afrikaners claiming discrimination in a non-racial, democratic, post-apartheid South Africa," wrote Laumann.

"In my scholarly opinion, there is absolutely no basis for their allegation - whatever evidence they may present."

Behr - who is an award-winning South African author - said he did not believe the law firm would find "any fair-minded scholar" to support the family.

"If the people your firm seeks to represent are in any way victims of racism, it is, sadly, only a racism of their own making, in their own minds.

"Let me add, too, that I speak as a white Afrikaner, from a family of farmers, people who themselves lost farms they owned in Africa, and with my own profound empathy for all people who live off the land in South Africa," replied Behr.

End of Quote:

If you do not know who Mark Behr is then allow me to inform you. He was born in Tanzania (Tanganyika) and his family lost their farm to the communist scum of Julius Nyerere.

His family then fled to SA and identified themselves with the Afrikaners. The kids went to Afrikaans schools and attended the Dutch reform church. Mark Behr was a member of the Drakensberg boys choir and later conscripted into the SADF, serving a stint on the border as a Marine.

After he left the SADF he went to study at the Afrikaans university of Stellenbosch where he became a spy for the Aprtheid government.

Wikipedia says this about his time at Stellenbosch, “While a student there, Behr became an agent for the South African apartheid government, which was committed to monitoring the activities of students on university campuses in order to prevent political insurrection.

Undergoing a process of political radicalization himself, he later turned double agent and spied on the South African government on behalf of the African National Congress, one of the major anti-apartheid organizations (and, since the 1994 elections, the governing party of the new multiracial democracy).

You know what he did? He committed high treason. You know what the penalty for high treason is?? In the old SA he would have been hung.

I am surprised that the American government allows such a piece of trash communist spy into their country. Not only that, they allow him to teach at a College where he can poison the minds of young Americans. But the pious conservative white Afrikaner refugees are not welcome in the USA. Go figure.

Who is Mark Behr?
Who is Dennis Laumann?

21 February 2012

Have you noticed the silence amongst historians and lawyers??

By Mike Smith
22nd  of February 2012
So since Pieter Mulder threw a piece of fireworks into the chicken coup, The lawyers and great historians of SA are all dead quiet. Nobody wants to stick his neck out.
Professor  Herman Gillomee is sweating, because if he oust himself, he will either be attacked by his intellectual brothers in the ANC or by historians who know the truth. He is the last one you would expect to choose sides.
Who owns the land? That is the question!
Let us ask the lawyers and historians and let them give us their expert opinions.
Let us not fuck around. Let us take the ANC to court with their hate speech that whites stole the land of blacks. Let us find out exactly what land was stolen by whom at what  time and let us see the title deeds. Those people who are guilty should go to jail. That includes blacks who stole land from whites.
That is what I always said in my series. Let us open Pandora ’s Box on Apartheid. Let us get this debate in the open and solve it once and for all.
I want the best Scientists; I want the best Historians and the best Lawyers to give their expert opinions in this matter. I even want a Mickey Mouse politician like Gwede Mantashe to voice his stupid opinion.
I want the debate out in the open. Let us go for it. Let us see where Pandora’s Apartheid box leads us. Let us once and for all settle this debate. Who does SA belong to?
This is going to be very interesting if it goes to court, because it will put all former colonial countries on trial. It will mean that Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, etc will all be on trial. And if the whites of SA have to vacate the land then so must all the other Colonial countries.
Further, It will mean that some former European power would have to absorb the white SA people, India and Sri Lanka would have to absorb the Indians from Durban and the Malaysians of the Cape would have to go and live in a foreign country where they do not understand the language, the customs or the way of life. How do you unscramble the omelette?
I do not care. The wanted to open Pandora’s Apartheid Box so now I am all keen. Let’s go for it!

So who stole the land from whom?

By Mike Smith
21st of February 2012

We all know that blacks in SA never had any written language so they never recorded their history...well not in the way we understand.

Today if you tell blacks that they never had a written language then they will point you to the cave paintings of the San (Bushmen) people and claim through association that they did have a written language.

This exact technique is used by ANC general secretary Gwede Mantashe, who is also chairman of the SA Communist Party.

Mantashe is a Xhosa who tries to steal the history of the Khoi and the San people to prove he has a claim to the Cape.

Truth is that the Khoi-San people were genetically totally distinct from the Bantu who came from Central Africa. Khoisan, San, or Bushmen, are genetically divergent from other humans

So how did blacks record their history?

It was the job of the witchdoctor or Sangoma.

To be trained as a Sangoma used to take about 20 years and the candidate would be trained from about the age of four. Not only the plant and animal medicine would be subjects of study but also the oral traditions, beliefs and history of the tribes would be his forte.

The sangoma is therefore a walking talking university, encyclopedia, and an all-in-one “man of all wisdom”.
I own two books by Vusamazula Credo Mutwa, the pope of Black African beliefs and religion. The first one is “My People” (1969) and the other is “Indaba my People”.

In his books he traces the history of the South African Blacks back to the Hutus and the Tutsis.

He knows not only the history of his own tribe the Zulus, but also the history of all the black tribes of South Africa.

But if history of the blacks were only oral, how did they guard against the fabrication of tales or the addition or omission of knowledge? How does one ensure the continuation of the basic truth in oral history?

According to the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, they would remember and record certain distinct characteristics of people. Like Boer President Paul Kruger was well respected amongst the blacks and was known for being able to imitate the sounds of any bird on the Highveld of South Africa. His whistling was so legendary that the Blacks of Pretoria named the township of Mamelodi (The Whistler) after his whistling expertise.

Anybody who wants to understand the black mindset, needs to read Credo Mutwa.

Now having said that, we know that blacks in SA are extremely superstitious and scared of snakes.

Nevertheless if one ignores the reptile conspiracy stuff , in an interview with the conspiracy theorist David Icke, Credo Mutwa tells a little bit of the history of the Blacks and the San or Bushmen people.

You see it is quite simple. Unlike the Bushmen, the blacks never recorded their history in written form. But the Bushmen did and their rock paintings from the Drakensberg, scattered to the Kalahari, tells of their persecution and destruction by the black tribes who invaded their lands in SA. The Xhosas for instance did so much killing of the San and stealing their wives that they have actually incorporated the click sounds of the Bushmen language into their own Nguni language.

Four days ago, Dimwit Communist Gwede Mantashe kicked off the debate when he said
The land question is at the centre of the struggle

Excuse me? What struggle? Isn’t the ANC suppose to have suspended their struggle in 1994?

Here is a clear admission from the boss of both the ANC and the SACP that they have NEVER relinquished their “Struggle”.

So who are they still struggling against, now that they have the entire country already? Well just take a look in tomorrow’s newspaper when another report of a murdered white farmer will be in there and you will know the answer.

Then came his cracker phrase...” He said historians needed to focus on the indigenous people of South Africa.”

As if they weren’t already…

Nevertheless, what does that mean? It means that historians should ignore or bury the white history of SA and focus on the manufactured bullshit oral black history.

“The first war in the country (with colonialists) left what they call the 'Khoisan Genocide',” he said.

He is right…the first colonialists to have killed the Bushmen en masse were the Bantu people. Credo Mutwa affirms it.

Mantashe went on….”“We are fighting the monster at the same time. The ANC is fighting against racial exploitation and the SACP against economic exploitation.”

So guess who in their minds are racially and economically exploiting the blacks? They have told us in no uncertain terms that we are the enemy and that they are waging war on us.

So without further ado, let me show you the interview with Credo Mutwa, the Bantu historian telling of how the blacks committed a genocide against the San and Khoi people. He even describe the obvious genetically differences between the two races. Also how Credo Mutwa refers to the “Drip-Drip genocide” and compare it to what is happening to whites in SA at the moment.

Who were the first people, and where did they go?

The ORIGINAL peoples of Southern Africa, were the slight, small-built San people, i.e. Bushmen hunter-gathers. As common with hunter-gatherers, the preservation of the wildlife and landscape was and is strong in their beliefs. Like the western Red Indians or Australian aboriginals they hold large natural features to be sacred and have various taboos on the killing of animals in certain places and a strong belief in the transference of the spirit. They imbue the animals with life and spirit. In particular, they link the small animals that hide in the earth to their buried dead, and ascribe to them powers of divination and prophecy.

Before we go any further, we need to describe the genocide. If I refer to 'negros' it's to enable us to keep in mind the immense size difference between these peoples and the (pure) Bushmen who stand about as tall as a European 11 year-old.

The Genocide in recent history

The small-bodied Stone-age Bushmen hunter-gatherers inhabited the region along side Khoi-Khoi (Hottentot negros). At some period before 300 AD, communities of (negro) Bantu groups – were living in the interior. What happened next was paralled all over the world: The Bantus discovered or were shown iron tools and began to farm. The larger (negro) Hottentots took up iron knives and the farming too and the Bushmen were pushed towards the hostile desert areas. We should be clear what 'pushed' means. It means ethnic clensing and genocide. The reason we can be so precise is that this was still going on within living memory - is still going on.

In Natal, in the 19th century, a military genius, Shaka, had moulded the formerly insignificant (negro) Zulus into a powerful Zulu fighting force and developed an economy of war. This involved wiping out other tribes and taking their women. As they expanded, other negro tribes were put under pressure again, and again they moved south and again they took the lands from the Bushmen, killed the men and raped their women: activities witnessed by white settlers in the 20th centuary. And just as in America, or Tazmania, the stronger and larger incomers (both Bantu and Hottentot) killed and enslaved the weaker and recalcigent aboriginal hunters, devastated their game, diverted their water, raped their women and stole their land for farming and cattle. From the 17th Century, the incoming white settlers developed a ranching-centred style of agriculture just like the Bantu peoples and, as their numbers grew, more and more Bushmen were enslaved, left to die or to escape to the desert: their forests cut down, their lands gone.

Laurens Van der Post described the Bushmen as the original natives of southern Africa, outcast and persecuted by all other races and nationalities. He said they represented the "lost soul" of all mankind, a true noble savage.

And the genocide continues - these gentle people are not only being pushed further into the Kalahari desert interior, but just last year, the Botswanen government passed new laws prohibiting more hunting, making life impossible for the few that are left.

The drip drip genocide of a people continues.

We know, that when the Nguni (including Zulu, Xhosa and Swazi peoples) came to dominate modern southern Africa: just like the later Boers, they killed the Bushmens' spirit game, they cut down the great forests covering the Bushmans' sacred hills and ploughed the sacred ground;

Who owns the land?... Winning the debate

By Mike Smith
21st of February 2012

How do you know you have told the truth and your argument is as solid as a rock?

You watch the opposition start foaming at the mouth as they hop, skip and leapfrog over the truth with irrational a-social behaviour.

When they start shouting at you (online they start writing in capitals) and make sophomoric threats, then you should know you are winning the argument.

When they call you a racist you are already halfway to a victory, and when they pull the Nazi invective as in Godwin’s Law Then you can ring the bell and claim a FULL victory!

Lean back, watch them squirm and pat yourself on the back.

And so it was since I asked my readers to spread the information I provided in Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 32; Who does the land belong to? far and wide, following Dr Pieter Mulder’s truth in parliament that Blacks basically have no claim to the Western and Northern Cape.

One of our readers went and posted on facebook the article where I called on everyone to do so Kiddie Commies saying Mulder trying to rewrite history

Below follows the response...verbatim. I suppose the truth is not for everyone. Especially not for sissies.


Mike, apologies for posting this in completely the wrong area so please move it to wherever you think it should go.

Anyways, I posted one of your Pandora's box series about land ownership on FB and it seemed to hit a bit of a nerve, I thought you may like to read one of the responses. I've encouraged some of the slightly irate commentators to come hear and bring it up with you but who knows...

Viwe Mda - "You caucasians have some nerve. Your predecessors came here as european plunders, adventurers, treasure seekers and some bums hitching along for the ride, you found benign surprised people (because of your skin tone), badda bim badda bang, you brought your queendom and its rules here murdered resistors (thanks to chinese gun powder) and enslaved survivors.

You sold alland sundry globally where your slave trade flourisged and you returned, partition OUR AFRIKA amongst your fellow looters, spanish, france, etc etc then, after centuries of suppressed uprisings you saw it was futile to continue this fight because it became evident that no matter how much cambysis cannibal like prowess you use to smite the native Afrikan, he still sought his freedom so the suppression efforts were futile though bloody.

You decided to create a "commonwealth" before leaving the land to your well trained puppets who will mimmick and parrot your every decree under Afrikan skin, then you "inducted" these puppet led false partition "countries" into your commonwealth where all that was and still is common is the continued plunder disguised by business jargon and english niceties.

After all this time, you have the gall to think, act and expect Us REAL AFRIKANS (yes, melanin decrees it not a poverty thereof) to think along your lines of ignorance!!! Shayt of the highest degree.

Elizabethan england and all false monarchs prior and post have never been the Nature that defines things, never the Manifesting God potential that gives each thing its attributes and so your laws, decrees and dictums could never, has never, will never be the deciding factor as to what belong to who and how.

Britain never gave the Afrikan anything and yes that is exclusive of you caucasians here in agreement with this vitriolistic diatribe scripted by one of your own pale face ignoramuses.







You have inspired a great hatred in me for th+s post and come then next cataclym I will be the first to bomb any and everything where palefaces show their slimy grubby selves.

You seek to start a war you cannot contain or win, remember who we are and what this continent has given you bastards, a home when your own lands banished and refused to claim you (they know you're european but want nothing of you, why), it fed you, gave you companions and lessons in matter you would not have known had you stepped on this land. Your geniuses were taught at the feet of our Naga's, all of them who made your civilisation prosper were given the means by an Afrikan and all these systems of the day still find their root here on our land with our people, authentications of the the Afrikan man, woman and child. Your true history is that of plunders whilest our resembles your jesus.

Never call me friend again!"

20 February 2012

The Noble Savage in all his glory

By Mike Smith
20th of February 2012

A black man butchered and chopped up his black girlfriend with a knife and panga when he discovered she is pregnant from another man.

He lured her to the beach at Strandfontein and stabbed her more than 60 times. Those who saw her corpse say she was covered in wounds, but the cuts were mostly concentrated around her womb and vagina.

Pregnant woman butchered on beach

A 34 yo black man in Tladi squatter camp was raping his girlfriend after a domestic dispute...

The woman, 30, was bleeding from stab wounds on her forehead and abdomen. Her lips, according to relatives, appeared to have been bitten off.

“He told the police to stand back and not to disturb him,” said the neighbour.
And when police pulled the man off the woman, they found she was dead.

Women’s lips bitten off in rape frenzy

The war on whites up north

By Mike Smith
20th of February 2012

Is it just my imagination or is there a surge in black on white attacks in the last few weeks?

About a month ago a farmer of Ventersdorp Mr Dries du Toit (56) was killed, his wife Lettie and sister in law severely assaulted Eugene Terreblanche’s neighbour killed in North West .

Three weeks ago Mr Boet Cilliers of Stella (77) was found tied to a tree, severely assaulted and shot in the forehead at point blank range...execution style. The killers fled in his bakkie, but his bakkie was found abandoned three km away, so in effect nothing was stolen.

Northwest farmer found tortured and shot in forehead

A week ago a female farmer Reinetha Venter, 59, and her daughter René, 27 was attacked on their farm near Duiwelskloof , the women pulled a knife to protect herself and the attackers stabbed her ten times in her hands. Read the report how she had difficulty to convince the police (who arrived two hours later) that it was a farm attack and not an ordinary robbery and how they tried to blame her for using a knife to defend herself.

Female farmer stabbed ten times

Another North West farmer was killed execution style near Buffelshoek in the back of his head and his wife assaulted this morning Another North West Farmer murdered execution style

Three murdered farmers in one month in North West. Is this the work of a syndicate or gang operating in the area? Or are these incidents a rural war being waged on the farmers?

A black reader of News24 wrote about protesting miners in North West when he arrived there:

“There, one of the ladies who were collecting money from cars that needed to go past their blockade, said that a white woman was dragged out of her car and raped somewhere close to a bridge next to shaft2 of Lonmin Platinum mines. Something in her voice said she was glad about it.”

Why is it that this story is not followed up by reporters? If white men dragged a black women out of a car and raped her it would be on the front page of every damn newspaper as a “racist” hate crime. This is the double standards of the liberal scum in the MSM.

19 February 2012

Kiddie Commies says Mulder trying to rewrite history

By Mike Smith
19th of February 2012

You can always see when you have struck a nerve with the Communist trash in SA from the way they protest, jump up and down like stupid petulant baboons, and throw their plates of spagethi against the wall.

Pieter Mulder unleashed a shit storm in parliament when he spoke the truth that Blacks have NO claim to the Western Cape or the Northern Cape. In fact they can scedoodle, yesterday.

The latest to jump on the bandwagon is the Young Communist league of SA or YCLSA. Mulder rewriting history; YCLSA

What these Kiddie Communists do not realise is while their comrades were shouting “liberation before education” Pieter Mulder actually learned real history in school and knows what he is talking about.

They say. “The fact is that land was dispossessed violently and through bloodshed, and ultimately legislated in 1913, leaving Africans with no choice but to subject themselves to wage exploitation in the mining industry,”

What “fact”?? Says WHO??? What a load of unsubstantiated laughable drivel and common bollocks. Do they actually expect any intelligent person to swallow this junk pseudo Marxist history?

I took their “Fact” to pieces in my article Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 32: Who does the land belong to?

It proves that the Land Act of 1913 increased land ownership for blacks, not decreases it as the Young Communist, The ANC and various one eyed journalists suggests.

It was based on the Feinberg and Horn Study and the article by the black Journalist Jacob Dlamini Was the 1913 land act SA’s original political sin?

The only ones trying to rewrite history are the ANC and the SACP and their lapdogs.

There is this common misperception that blacks own the whole of Africa. What nonsense. The Egyptians were whites, the Carthaginians were whites.

Today still the entire North Africa is Arabic. Southern Africa was always and will always belong to the whites. Blacks can only lay claim to central Africa.

In fact it is a scientific fact that we are all settlers in SA Genetic proof that we are all settlers in SA

But hey. i am extatic this debate is now in the open. Let us ride their asses. Above are some good references that can serve as amunition in our fight for the truth, so post it as wide as possible on every imaginable forum.

Searching for the truth on Farm murders and the horrendous black on white crime in SA

By Mike Smith
19th of February 2012

Here is a very good article on Farm murders in SA that was published in the Mail and Guardian Anotomy of a farm murder

Apparently there are various statistics on Farm murders that are confusing people in SA, as it is designed to do. To create a cognitive dissonance in the minds of the people to direct them away from the truth of what is going on. A trick normally masterfully played by stage magicians all over the world.

The artclie states that:

“There are no global data on farm attacks in the country. Different organisations have put together their own statistics and surveys. Much of it is out of date, covers different time periods and fails to give detailed breakdowns of who, within farming communities, is under attack. The South African Police Service (SAPS) stopped releasing figures in 2007.”

Nevertheless, the statistics from the article is like this:

• AgriSA, the South African Agricultural Union, recorded 1 541 murders and 10 151 attacks in the period from 1994 to 2008 -- an average of 0,3 murders a day.

• The Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) recorded 1 266 murders and 2070 attacks in the period from 1991 to 2009 -- an average of 0.2 murders a day.

• The Institute for Security Studies of the University of Pretoria, using statistics provided by TAU in June last year, reported 1 073 murders and 1 813 attacks in the period from 1993 to 2009 -- an average of 0,2 murders a day.

"The only available figures on the SAPS website -- where the M&G was directed by a police spokesperson when we asked for statistical information about farm attacks -- pertain to a general overview of murder statistics in South Africa as a whole."

The former Sunday Times Journalist Adriana Stuijt says the figure is 3779 specifically white farmers from 1994 to 21st of January 2012 and provides a list that can be viewed here Adriana’s list of murdered farmers

So now let us look at a few simple facts first.

1) There is currently a moratorium on crime statistics in SA that was introduced by the ANC government in 2007.

2) Crime figures are maliciously altered by the police as I have proved several times from MSM sources.

How the police reduces crime
Optomism, pessimism and realism in SA

Those two facts immediately discredit any and all statistics from the officials ANC institutions.
Now about those 3000+ farm murders (1800 or 1200) that is confusing the people.

1. What are we referring to here exactly? “Farm murders” or “Murdered Farmers”. Because it is not the same thing.

2. If a farmer and his family is wiped out like in the case of the Potgieter family, is that counted as ONE farm murder or three? Technically Willemientjie and her mother Wilna were not farmers. Only Attie was.

3. If a farmer gets killed whilst shopping in town, does that count as a murdered farmer or only when he gets killed on a farm? Or is it perhaps just ordinary crime?

4. What if a farmer who is retired gets killed on a farm? Technically he is not a farmer anymore so he cannot be counted as a murdered farmer, despite the fact that he worked his entire life as a farmer.

5. Now what if the retired farmer retires at the coast and gets murdered in his house? Does that count as a murdered farmer? Just asking, because I had an uncle and aunt who were murdered like that. He was a farmer his entire life. She was his wife and farmed just as hard as he did. His name is not on any list of murdered farmers.

6. Robbery as motive. What criteria do the police use in determining robbery as motive? How many things need to be stolen to make it a robbery? Knowing the SA police...If the murderers drank the milk from the farmer’s fridge the police will call it robbery.

7. In several cases the farmer was killed, his cell phone was the only thing missing, keys left in the Bakkie. In some cases the Bakkie left idling. Now do you class a missing cell phone as “robbery”, because someone else, like me for instance, might see it as “intelligence gathering”.

8. What you might consider “robbery” is considered by me as “looting” under war conditions.

9. How big is a farm? When is a smallholding a farm? There are many people who live on farms but do not farm. There are many people who farm intensively on a small holding.

10. I even know a dominee who is a full time dominee at a big church, but he owns a farm and goes there only once a month. Now what if he gets killed? Will the police and media concider it as a dominee killed or a farmer killed?

So while we are pondering on those points let me tell you what is actually happening in SA and of which there is no doubt in my mind. For that you actually need to do a bit of reading. Start with Dr Andrea Jeffrey’s book “People’s War, then you read Mao Zedong and what his theory of “People’s War” was all about. He wanted to start in the rural areas, surround the towns take over the towns and take over the country.

What you see in SA is what the ANC calls the NDR or National Democratic Revolution. In actual fact it is only a continuation of their “Armed struggle” (read terrorist campaign) that they have never suspended and never will. The NDR is a combination of Mao’s “People’s war”, the “Modernised People’s War” of General Vo Nguyen Giap in Vietnam” and the “Foco” theory of Ernesto “Ché” Guevara.

The focus is to terrorize white farmers off their land so that the Marxist terrorist scum in government can steal white farmer’s land. We saw the same pattern in Kenya, Zimbabwe and now in SA.