30 March 2012

Defining and describing ANC misrule

By Mike Smith
30th of March 2012

Here are some ways to describe the ANC misrule of South Africa.

Feel free to add your own.


(in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.


Kleptocracy, is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often without pretense of honest service. This type of government corruption is often achieved by the embezzlement of state funds.


Mike Smith’s definition of a Banana Oligarchy:

A despotic form of Marxist government in which all power is vested in a few thieving nepotists of a dominant Communist class or clique that operates a primitive and corrupt economy and is most often a puppet government of a major power ; Corrupt misrule by the few.

The ANC policy of Affirmative Action in South Africa

"South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in the favour of the majority who has complete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others."

The Dilbert Principle applied to BEE and Affirmative Action

Dilbert's principle postulates that the least capable members of an organization are placed into management positions to get them out of the way of the people who actually get things done.

“I wrote The Dilbert Principle around the concept that in many cases the least competent, least smart people are promoted, simply because they’re the ones you don’t want doing actual work. You want them ordering the doughnuts and yelling at people for not doing their assignments—you know, the easy work. Your heart surgeons and your computer programmers—your smart people—aren’t in management. That principle was literally happening everywhere.” - Scott Adams, Cartoonist.

Blacks keeping Black slaves in the 2012 New (Improved) South Africa

By Mike Smith
30th of March 2012

Below is a horrific story of a black farmer and clergyman who kept other blacks in chains as slaves on his farm in the Eastern Cape.

It is nothing new. For centuries the blacks of Africa had kept other blacks as slaves and even sold them to Arabs and whites. Even as late as the nineteenth century in SA blacks were still wiping out other black tribes and enslaving the children and the women. Old habits die hard I suppose.

One can hardly believe that this practice is still carried on in South Africa in this modern age.

And then the ANC has the audacity to say that white farmers treat their workers bad. I think they should rather shut their mouths and talk about their own supporters who still keep slaves in this day and age.

Can you imagine what would have happened if this was a white farmer and dominee who kept black slaves???

It would have been on every television and in every newspaper in the world and would probably have caused a civil war against whites in SA.

But, because it is a Black farmer and Bishop, the story will quickly be swept under the carpet by the liberal media. This is the kind of thing they would rather ignore and pretend it never happened.

Here is an extract from the second link:

The foreman of the farm, Sivuyile Nkayi, who was arrested, told the Dispatch the enslaved men were beaten when they were “silly”.

“Of course we hit them. They are stupid and must work. If they are being silly they get hit,” he said.

Asked why he kept them chained, the foreman said it was an instruction from the Dimbaza bishop.

Here are the two links…

Police free Eastern Cape farm slaves
Hunt on for Bishop in farm slave case

Police free EC farm slaves
28 March 2012
Michael Kimberley


THREE modern-day slaves were released from their chains yesterday after a police raid on an Eastern Cape farm found them in a living in a shocking state of filth and deprivation.

One captive had been kept in heavy chains for over two years on the farm near Stutterheim that is reportedly owned by a Dimbaza church bishop.

The other two slaves – also forced to work in shackles – are mentally ill. All three victims were allegedly sent to the farm by the bishop because they were “naughty”.

Police and the Dispatch were tipped off about the farm yesterday and arrived at the scene simultaneously.

Four men were arrested and both jailers and captives were taken to the Stutterheim police station.

“We are slaves here. I just want to go home. It’s like hell ,” said Duma Mgcete, a slave since January last year.

The 18-year-old said they were often beaten and forced to pray or beg for one bowl of dry mealie meal a day.

Police said the forced labourers had not received any kind of payment for gruelling work that included chopping wood and farming the land.

The men reportedly had to perform demanding tasks from sunrise to sunset. They had no access to a toilet and were wearing torn, filthy clothing.

A human rights attorney said yesterday the enslavement of the three men was a complete violation of every right .

The two mentally ill patients could not communicate properly and one repeatedly dropped to his knees to pray when police tried to question him.

The foreman of the farm, Sivuyile Nkayi, who was arrested, told the Dispatch the three prisoners were beaten when they were “silly” .

“Of course we hit them. They are stupid and must work. If they are being silly they get hit,” he said.

Asked why he kept them chained, the foreman said it was an instruction from the Dimbaza bishop, whose name is known to the Dispatch.

Sivuyile said they also had to build wire cars and ornaments so the church could sell them to make money.

The three were locked up at night – still shackled – in a room where they had to share a single mattress.

In the adjacent room was a shrine where they had to pray every night. Bibles and crosses were scattered around.

The police officers were overheard saying the enslavement was “disgusting”. One said it was the most inhumane discovery he had ever come across and likened the farm to a cult.

Mzwamadoda Mvandada, who tipped off the police and Dispatch, said he came across the farm two weeks ago.
“I [didn’t know] what to do when I first saw these guys walking around in chains. I was shocked ,” he said.

Mvandada said many people in the area knew about the farm but were too scared to speak out.

“I phoned the police yesterday and you [the Dispatch] today to get them freed,” he said.

An hour after police arrived, the jaile rs and captives were marched to one of the police vans and taken to Stutterheim.
Mgcete could not stop smiling he was so glad he could finally go home.

“Thank you, thank you,” he kept saying.

Police spokesman Captain Ernest Sigobe said yesterday a docket had been opened for kidnapping and aggravated assault.
“The case has been handed over to the detectives and we are expecting more arrests to follow soon,” he said.

Sigobe said more charges would follow during the course of the investigation.

Port Elizabeth-based human rights lawyer Egon Oswald said: “It is unbelievable – shocking. I don’t know what else to say. I can’t believe it.”

East London attorney Andre Schoombee, together with Oswald, has offered to take the matter further to assist the captives.

“Something has to be done. We will investigate further on behalf of these three men and make sure it is taken seriously,” he said.

26 March 2012

ANC in cahoots with gang bosses

Mike Smith
25th of March 2012

Yawn! What is knew you ask? Since the South African Police Chief Jackie Selebi was friends with the biggest mafia gangster Glen Agliotti and received 15 years sentence for his activity we all know the ANC is thoroughly involved with criminals and gangsters.

It is in their blood. Almost the entire ANC parliament has been to prison at some stage or another. That is their move…they are common criminals with the emphasis on “common”.

Scum man, that is what the ANC are. Low life trash and rubbish.

So it is with little surprise that the DA MEC for Safety, Dan Plato could reveal that the ANC top brass, including President Zuma himself have been holding secret meetings with mafia bosses, and street gangsters to destabilize the Western Cape, make “ungovernable” and regain control from the DA.

The article below says: “Plato’s claims about an ANC conspiracy follow hot on the heels of similar allegations made by DA provincial leader Theuns Botha, who blamed the ANC as the instigator in a spate of service-delivery protests in the Western Cape. Botha claimed recent protests in Grabouw and Villiersdorp were planned months in advance by an ANC task team established with the objective of reclaiming power in Western Cape councils by any means necessary “

To me it is nothing new.

I have said it in several articles that the violence such as service delivery protests, schooling protests, etc in Grabouw, Heidelberg, etc has nothing to do with what the MSM or the ANC wants us to believe. It is intimidation and creating chaos for political gains by the ANC.

Revisit my article from three days ago Behind the riots in the Townships…is the ANC Agenda

It is as clear as bloody day that the ANC is behind all this shit stirring and violence like they have always been. That is what they did during the “struggle” and what they did in the early 1990’s. Their tactics have not changed.

Dan Plato based his allegations on a secret file he possesses with claims made towards the end of last year by disaffected former ANC supporter Jeff Franciscus.

Plato made notes on Franciscus’s claims during a series of meetings with the controversial businessman.

In the dossier, Franciscus – who (very convieniently) died in a car accident in November – is recorded as claiming the ANC in the Western Cape was bent on making the province “ungovernable” by the ruling DA.

In particular, Franciscus is recorded as fingering Marius Fransman – now deputy minister of International Relations and Co-operation – as conspiring to destabilise the province.

The meetings between ANC top leaders and Cape ganster figures goes back to at least May last year.
Not only is the ANC leaders meeting with gang bosses but also evangelical pastors with underworld links. They will stop at nothing to unseat the DA.

Like I have said. When the ANC cannot win at the ballot they will take up their armed struggle again.

They are not interested in democracy. The name of the game is “Power forever”.

You can read the full report here ANC is plotting with gang bosses

25 March 2012

The cure for AIDS and ultimately…The cure for South Africa

Mike Smith
25th of March 2012

A miracle cure for AIDS has been found in the form of a magic pill released by the ANC. You just take two and call them in twenty years and AIDS will be cured.

I am so glad to see that while we are all going about our daily struggle to earn a living and survive in the “New Improved South Africa” that there are some politicians who are focused, dedicated and concentrated on the serious issues of the day.

Deputy President, former ex stand-in President, Kgalema Motlanthe, who holds a medical degree from the University of Robben Island, is secretly working on a cure for da-drêded AIDS with a new chemical formula combining the secret muti powder of govermentium-bollocksium with the intravenous drip of communistium-propogandium.

Motlanthe plans the death of Aids by 2032

The pill is part of his broader strategy called the National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and sexually transmitted infections, which will replace the “Garlic and Beetroot” plan of Dr. Mantombazana 'Manto' Edmie Tshabalala-Msimang, former Minister of Health…forthwith.

Apparently they have also discovered that wearing a little red ribbon also does not cure da-AIDS.

Targets for the next five years would include reducing new HIV infections by half, ensuring that 80% of people who need treatment for HIV received it, and that 70% of these should still be alive and still on treatment after five years.

The plan is to set up a pyramid scheme starting with the SA National Aids Council (Sanac) which would then establish provincial Aids councils. These in turn would create district and local Aids councils, etc, etc…

What all these councils are going to cost is apparently irrelevant, because the esteemed deputy president left out the details of the budget. But who cares about such trivialities when people’s lives are at stake, right?...or should I rather say when the ANC’s life is at stake.

But it does not end there. Kgalema Motlanthe said, “we will embark on a country-wide, well organised campaign to address stigma and discrimination.”

Again he failed to enlighten us as to the costs of this campaign….

I don’t want to sound insensitive towards AIDS sufferers, by worrying about trivialities like “costs”, but I do think it is important, because he is planning to be siphoning off funds for this project over a period of twenty years, until 2032.

I am sorry to say this, but judging the ANC on their previous records of lies, bullshit, empty promises, and general failure to provide reasonable housing, services, decent education, 5 million jobs, health care, etc to the black public, I am not holding my breath that they will be able to muster the needed synaptic-neuro activity to cure AIDS in the next 20 billion years, let alone by 2032.

They are simply playing cheap politics and exploiting extremely sick people for political gain. It is just another scheme to siphon off state funds and fool the public into voting for them so they can stay at the front row of the fat-pig feeding trough.

Allow me to explain. About five or six years ago I heard a radio interview with the white female boss of one of the Cape daily tabloids who sell mostly to coloureds and blacks, I think it was the Daily Sun.

Up until that stage SA never really had a tabloid, except for the Vrye Weekblad or maybe Rapport.
Nevertheless I remember the lady explain how they as a tabloid still have to stick to journalistic rules (whatever that means) and how they at the time were selling about 25,000 newspapers per day.

The interviewer asked her about manipulation of news and the choice of articles, especially for the sensationalist front page headlines.

She said that what they discovered was that whenever they put an article about AIDS or AIDS deaths on their front page, that they would sell almost no papers that day. So they just don’t mention it anymore.

See, blacks are like ostriches, sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to AIDS. They pretend it doesn’t even exist, mostly, because the ANC intellectual (an oxymoron if I ever saw one) and former president Thabo Mbeki said so.

300,000 - 500,000 blacks die every year of AIDS in SA and the ANC for at least the last 15 of their 18 years in power have denied that AIDS even existed or that there was a minor problem why they would not give sufferers the needed medication.

No, the ones who do acknowledge that there is a problem are too busy blaming Da-White-Mans, who created the virus in some laboratory in the USA, Europe, Area 51, the dark side of the moon, or New Schwabenland…

Doesn’t matter whether AIDS was created in a laboratory, started through blacks shagging green monkeys or whether shape shifting aliens introduced it on earth, it is 100% curable today.

The secret to curing AIDS is not a secret. It can be summed up in one sentence….

“Stick to one partner, and if you cannot do that, use a condom”.

That is it…simple as that. AIDS cured, courtesy of Mike Smith.

No, it is far easier to carry on having unprotected promiscuous sex and blaming the Tokoloshe or the white man for da-AIDS.

Like I always said. The ANC has and will always be the biggest killers of blacks in SA. Never in the history of 40 years of Apartheid has the white South Africans ever come close to the ANC achievement, and that includes a 23 year war period on the Angolan border and the unrests in the townships.

Not the AWB, not the Conservative Party, not the HNP or any rightwing party/organization even came close to a drop in the ocean compared to how many blacks the ANC have killed in SA through their ridiculous AIDS and crime policies alone, let alone their bombs and necklace murders.

But the ANC is doing a sterling job.

The ANC actually has the potential to stay in power forever, because they serve their liberal Anglo-American masters very well. The gold and other minerals are flowing out of the country like the Orange River in flood, and at the same time the population is being kept in check according to the globalist agenda. The problem is the ANC’s own greed and their inability to control it. It is going to sink them.

So when will things change in SA?

The day somebody else comes and presents a better proposition to the secret powers ruling SA...
The question is thus, “Who can assure the flow of vital minerals to the West and at the same time depopulate Africa better than the ANC or Mugabe is doing at the moment?”

The person who can answer that question correctly and is willing to go the full distance according to the original plan of Cecil John Rhodes, which means clearing Africa from Cape to Cairo, will be the next president of South Africa. That day the ANC will become obsolete and will be kicked into touch.
It is the agenda, see? Stick to the agenda and you won’t have a problem with the world.

And that dear people, is how you cure South Africa…now the problem is just to find the right man for the job. De La Rey is a lightweight compared to what is needed in SA. A person with the conviction and determination of a Shaka or an Alexander of Macedon is needed. We do not need a freedom fighter, we need a conqueror…

We need somebody that can take the Rolux Magnum and cut a path from Cape to Cairo.

24 March 2012

From Sergeant to Colonel overnight

Mike Smith
25th of March 2012

The Afrikaans newspaper Rapport says that 6 police bodyguards of President Jacob Zuma’s VIP (blue light bully) unit have been promoted unduly, two of them went from sergeant to Colonel skipping six ranks.

Another two jumped five ranks from Warrant Officer to Colonel and the other two jumped three ranks from Captain to Colonel.

The sergeant’s salaries would go up from R137,000 a year to R496,000 per year.

According to the article, five of these members have been at Zuma’s side since he was sacked as deputy President in 2005.

You can read the article here Rapport: Sergeants overnight colonels

Yes. This is how promotion works in the communist ranks. It does not matter how well educated you are or how skilled you are. It is all about LOAYALTY.

Look at Jacob Zuma himself. A functional illiterate with no formal schooling who worked his way up from communist apparatchik to ANC head of intelligence to deputy president to president. His only qualification is ten years in prison on Robben Island.

Or Julias Malema, who basically failed matric and who is the head of the ANCYL and a multimillionaire.

If you have proven your loyalty to the party, you get promoted. And if you have raped, tortured and killed for the party, like Jacob Zuma has done at amongst other places, Quatro Camp in Angola, then you go straight to the top.

ANC atrocities

O well, what do I care. Make them all generals. Give them Coke-tops on their chests. Make them happy…whatever.

The New Blue Bulls jersey

By Mike Smith
24th of March 2012

I had to chuckle when one of our readers brought this one to my attention. I stopped watching Rugby four years ago. I have a moral objection to it.

I cannot support any sport or any team chosen on race over merit. Black quota players who are not even in the top five of their positions are chosen for the teams purely on the colour of their skins.

This was the kind of thing those sports boycotts were trying to eradicate, yet more than 20 years after Apartheid had ended in SA, sports teams are still compiled on racial terms and white players are racially discriminated against. Why are there not any sports boycotts against the ANC government?

Rugby is probably one of the last bastions of white maleness left in SA and that is why it is constantly under attack from the ANC. The ANC tried to kill this white male dominated sport with black quota players, they tried to change the Springbok emblem, shifting it from the chest onto the arm, everything. Somehow the rugby teams are still doing OK considering they are constantly playing with a handicap against international teams.

One of the strongest teams is obviously the Blue Bulls from Pretoria, the Boer Capitol, and home to the citadel of Afrikaner machoism, Loftus Stadium.

So, it is then little wonder that this pride has to be broken and the Bulls and their supporters be made the laughing stock of the Rugby world.

Pink Rugby Jerseys…Can you believe it? Of all the colours, and all the designs in the world, they had to make it PINK?

If this is not a blatant, in your face, attack on the pride of the Afrikaner male, then I do not know what is.

That the Bulls players and their supporters stand for this crap is beyond me. They should have public burnings of the sissy pink jersey to show their disgust. Come on, man…what has happened to the Afrikaner males?

But that is what they wanted, wasn’t it. That is why they voted “Yes” in the 1992 referendum, so they could play and watch Rugby. I hope they are happy now with their few white players dressed like pansies.

What has become of this nation?

23 March 2012

Behind the riots in the townships…is the ANC agenda

By Mike Smith
23rd of March 2012

Recently we have seen some really violent acts in and around black townships in South Africa. What is going on?

Racial riots broke out between coloureds and Blacks in Grabouw in the Western Cape apparently over schooling.

At Ratanda near Heidelberg, so called service delivery protests led to stealing and ransacking of foreign businesses. Whites had to quickly organize to protect their own businesses.

In Sharpeville there were also riots.

In Khayelitsha in the Cape three men were necklaced. Killed by setting tyres around their bodies and setting it alight. You can read about it and see the horrifying pictures over here. Three men necklaced in Khayelitsha

These are pictures from three days ago, not 18 years ago. It does not matter if they were guilty or not. This is what the ANC does to intimidate other people who might think of deserting them or voting against them.

Currently the violence is spreading and in Groblersdal in Limpopo nine people have been arrested. Groblersdal violence

Where have we seen this film before…?

Oh I remember. This is what happened during the early 1990’s when the ANC and their communist scum buddies comitted exactly the same violence and intimidation against their opposition and rivals, the Inkhata Freedom Party (IFP).

This violence has nothing to do with vigilantism, race, xenophobia, service delivery or education for that matter. It is a continuation of the ANC’s “People’s War” or the NDR as they like to call it.

The ANC has taken note that their support is slipping and more and more blacks are deserting them and going over to the DA. They have already lost several strongholds to the DA recently and the DA is planning on taking Gauteng in the next election. The ANC is now panicking, because for the first time in 18 years, they stand to lose at the ballot box.

Like I have always said. The ANC will NEVER relinquish power willingly. They feel zero for “democracy”. They are only interested in democracy when THEY can win. Exactly like Mugabe.

Mugabe said that if he had lost the elections he would go back to the bush. The same with the ANC. The more their political grip starts slipping the more violence and intimidation you will see.

They also like to play the racial card. A few days ago they accused the liberal DA of being a “racist” party. DA a racist party

Expect to see more and more violence, intimidation and racial politics in the near future. It is the ANC’s tried and tested techniques. Why change what works?

And when the violence really breaks loose then the cowardly Marxists are going to need a scapegoat as always. Normally some minority group to pick on. In SA that will be the whites.

The last times we saw this kind of violence in the early 1990’s, thousands of IFP members were killed by the Marxist ANC scum. Today the IFP is not the ANC’s rivals anymore. The DA is.

This time the violence in the townships are going to be between the DA and the ANC supporters. I doubt it if the DA is prepared for such an onslaught?

The ANC will bully them into submission. They will kill and intimidate any and all DA supporters. At best the police will do nothing and just observe, but in my opinion they will aid the ANC.

This is politics African style. In Africa might is right and violence solves all problems. How stupid the world was to think that it could ever be any different? How utterly moronic to have thought that democracy could ever work in Africa.

Struggle hero exonerates Apartheid Education

By Mike Smith
23rd of March 2012

How many times have we said it? Everything under Apartheid was better than the ANC.

If you are a white man saying it, then you are just a “rêssist” who longs back to Apartheid. People ignore you.

But oh…just let a black woman say it, and it is on the front page of every newspaper. It is the online news headline.

Here you can read the truth about last year’s matric results and the farce it has been under the ANC.

The truth about the matric results surfaces

If you want the truth about education under Apartheid then read here:

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid box Part 11 – Bantu Education under Apartheid

In fact read the entire series of Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box and you will see that EVERYTHING was ten times better under Apartheid than currently under the failure that is the ANC. Complete with detailed proof.

As I stated in Part 11, SA graduated about 200 top class black doctors a year from Medunsa, a unique medical university during Apartheid. One of those doctors was Dr. Mamphela Ramphele who qualified in 1972 at the height of Apartheid. She also holds a Ph.D in Social Anthropology from the University of Cape Town. All earned during the Apartheid era. Anybody wants to go and tell her that her qualifications are inferior, be my guest.

It was when she was at these universities that she became an anti-Apartheid activist.

Funny how the leftist idiots always wants to destroy the exact systems that gave them the education and the freedom of speech to be activists in the first place.

Then they want to replace it with a totalitarian Marxist regime under which there is no freedom of speech and intellectual activists like themselves are shot en masse or sent to gulag labour camps.

But that is the mentality and logic of the looney left.

Below you can read what the illustrious Dr Ramphele had to say about the ANC’s wonderful socialist education system and how she exonerates education under Apartheid.

At the moment they still call her a “Struggle hero”…but just wait and see what will happen now that she dared to criticize the useless ANC scum. Now they will ostracize her and she will become their enemy.

Education ‘worse than under apartheid’
March 23 2012 at 09:00am


The country’s education system is worse today than the “gutter education” that the youth of 1976 gave their lives to overthrow.

On Thursday night, prominent academic and Struggle hero Mamphela Ramphele launched one of the most stinging critiques yet of the much vaunted matric pass rate, saying it was deceptive, consigning thousands to a life that promised neither further education nor employment.

Addressing the sixth annual Solomon Mahlangu education lecture at the University of Johannesburg, Ramphele lashed out at the 30 percent pass benchmark, saying it degraded education standards and was used for political purposes.

“Maths literacy… what is that? It’s worse than the arithmetic I did under Bantu education. (Former education minister) Kader Asmal fell for micropolitics when, under his watch, a 40 percent pass rate suddenly became 70 percent,” she said.

Ramphele also trashed the 70.2 percent pass rates achieved by last year’s matriculants.

“There was a great razzmatazz about the ‘historic’ 70.2 percent, but this performance was deceptive – less that 500 000 people showed up to write their matric exams; 539 102 students (who were in Grade 1, 12 years prior) disappeared from the system. The Department of Education must tell us what happened to those children.”

Ramphele said even those matriculants who had passed with the “so-called bachelor’s pass” didn’t fare well at university because the standard of their pass was low.

She also cited figures of those in the 18- to 24-year-old bracket who are not in education or employment, commonly referred to as Neets. In 2007, the number of Neets in the country was estimated at 2.8 million.

“Every year this figure grows by 500 000… Now there are about 4 million so-called Neets,” Ramphele said.

She urged all South Africans to take an interest in the goings on of the government.

“Both black and white people are wounded (by the past), that’s why it’s easy for government to do as they please. We are dependent, we feel helpless… You have people saying ‘What can I do?’. For God’s sake, you are a shareholder of this state. You should tell your managers what they should do.

“Ignorance is no excuse… Citizens must inform themselves, just as shareholders have to ensure they have information on the companies they invest in,” Ramphele said.

She said people were suppressed by the “myth that South Africans were freed by a single agent, the ANC”.

“(Nelson) Mandela, in his wisdom, (kept saying) it was a collective effort (that included ordinary people),” Ramphele said. - The Star

21 March 2012

Senior British economist warns of South African "blow-up"

By Mike Smith
22nd of March 2012

You don’t have to be clairvoyant or even an expert at anything to know which way South Africa is heading. You just need to be born in SA and have a keen feeling for the country and its people and you will know instinctively what the future holds.

Dr Savvas Savouri of Toscafund, one of the UK's most high-profile hedge funds, and a man who have lectured at LSE and Oxford, has done some research into South Africa and he is convinced that SA will go the same way as MENA (Middle East and North Africa). SA will “blow up” within 15 years.

The only difference is that in the case of South Africa it will be “much more serious“.

I doubt if will take that long. I won’t be surprised if it happens before the end of this year. All the signs are there. The country is ripe for revolution.

Dr Savouri states the obvious that such a “malfunction” in SA will drive up commodity prices such as Platinum, Gold and Palladium…and guess who will benefit?

South Africa’s main commodity rivals, namely Russia and Australia. Little wonder then that they supported the ANC and other terrorist organizations against South Africa all those years.

But, hey…it was nothing personal. Just business as usual. Australia is our friend… Besides, Apartheid was morally and ethically wrong…right?

Hedge fund warns of SA 'blow-up'
Mar 04 2011 17:14Reuters

London - South Africa is flawed and set to "blow up" within the next 15 years with more serious consequences than Libya, says Toscafund, one of the UK's most high-profile hedge funds.

It tips commodity-rich Russia and Australia to benefit.

Chief economist and partner Savvas Savouri, who has been researching South Africa's economy, cites emigration of professional workers and what he sees as a "lack of centralised leadership" when it comes to dealing with problems such as the Aids epidemic.

"It's socially, politically and demographically flawed. It will malfunction within 15 years. It will go the way of MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) but the blow-up will be much more serious," Savouri told Reuters in an interview this week.

"Professional whites and blacks are leaving in hordes - the human capital is decaying," he said.

Savouri's comments come as Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi struggles to contain a two-week-old popular uprising in the world's 12th-largest oil exporter, which has helped push brent crude above $115 a barrel.

The unrest across North Africa and the Middle East has also seen the ousting of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak and Tunisian leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, as well as protests in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Savouri said a "malfunction" in South Africa, which is the world's biggest producer of platinum and a major producer of palladium alongside Russia, would push commodity prices higher, benefiting rival commodity-rich countries.

"Clearly Russia and Australia will win out. The surge in commodity prices will benefit them," he said.

Savouri, who is known for being outspoken in his predictions, said in January that the financial services industry was practically "lawless".

The farce that is human rights day

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2012

So today was Human Rights Day. The day the blacks in SA remember the Sharpeville shootings in 1960.

And the hypocritical President of the ANC, Jacob Zuma said we should value Human Rights.
Value human rights, Zuma says

Rich coming from an organization that became infamous around the world for terrorism, killing innocent people and torturing their own in camps like Quattro in Angola.

Below is a letter that was posted on News24 and can be found here

I am so glad to see that people are starting to wake up in South Africa...mostly thanks to blogs like these.

The farce that is Human Rights Day
21 March 2012, 18:36

Today being Human Rights Day we will hear once again all about how bad the Apartheid government was and how badly white people treated black people. However nobody will ever dare to mention the atrocities committed by the ANC during this time. I am not speaking of bombs being planted and innocent people being blown to shreds. We all know that was just collateral damage. That happens in times of war. What I am talking about are the heinous crimes committed by the ANC against their own people.

Nobody will mention Diliza Mthembu who was kept prisoner at Quatro in Angola and subjected to daily beatings and torture. Nobody will remember his father Abel Patrick Mthembu, a founding member of MK who was killed by the ANC in 1978. Nobody will mention how Timothy Seremane was also killed at Quatro or how hundreds if not thousands of others died in these ANC camps around Africa. How young girls were recruited into MK and shipped off to training camps only to be imprisoned and used as sex slaves for top commanders.

Nobody will mention the atrocities committed in the townships by the ANC. How they used violence and intimidation to force the ordinary people to follow their policies and ideologies. Anyone who was reluctant was beaten, tortured and burnt to death with rubber tyres. How when they were marching in a particular direction to protest, anybody found moving in any other direction would be killed mercilessly.

Nobody will tell you how this very same ANC showed no respect for human life or human rights.

None of the thousands of their own people that they tortured and killed ever got a fair trial. They had no rights. None of them were treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention yet the ANC cried foul that they had not been treated in terms of this same convention. Pallo Jordan himself described the ANC as "amaBhunu" (Boers) because they replicated the thuggery of the Apartheid state and were no better.

These people were not killed by Apartheid forces but by the ANC cadres.

So today when they make their public political speeches and tell you to remember the crimes of Apartheid, don't be blind to their very own crimes against humanity. There were two sides to the struggle or war or revolution and neither were innocent. Let us rather see the whole and bigger picture for what it was and then look to the future and strive to make sure that none of these things ever happen again. Human rights should be for everybody, rich or poor, millitant or passive.

Taking a swipe at the right-wing…once again

By Mike Smith
21st of March 2012

How many times have we seen it already? Every time one of these lone nutters went on a shooting spree the right-wing was the first to be blamed.

On the 8th of January 2011, Jared Lee Loughner shot and killed six people in Tucson, Arizona and wounding 14 others including the Liberal Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Immediately the media all over the world went into a frenzy to blame “right-wing, anti-Semitists”, seeing that Giffords was Jewish.

However it turned out that the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner himself was Jewish, and according to a classmate Caitie Parker who attended high school and college with Loughner, described his political views as "radical” and “liberal”. He saw Giffords as a traitor.

"As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal," said Parker of Loughner in an online interview with Anthony De Rosa of Reuters Media.

His classmates also stated how he used all sorts of drugs, from marijuana, to LSD to magic mushrooms. He was a high school drop-out and conspiracy nutter who practiced Satanic occult rituals in his back yard

Makeshift Satanic shrine found at Loughner’s home

He is currently being treated for schizophrenia and still hasn’t stood trial.

Did the leftist media apologize to the Right-wing? Never!

With Anders Breivik it was the same. When he shot up the children of Labour Party members at a summer, leftist, indoctrination camp in July 2011, he was immediately labeled a “Nazi” and a “right-winger”, which in itself is a conundrum seeing that National Socialism is a leftist ideology .

He was a member of the Progressive Party which describes themselves as “conservative liberal”, whatever that means, he was also not “excessively religious”, a moderate Christian.

His political views are apparently diverse. He supported Zionism and the KGB agent Vladimir Putin.

The Jerusalem Post described him as having Pro-Israel and Anti Muslim views .

The Belarusian opposition figure Mikhail Reshetnikov, said that Breivik underwent paramilitary training at a camp organized by retired KGB colonel Valery Lunev. Breivik visited Belarus three times.

Breivik has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and has never stood trial. So we will never find out the truth.

Then there is the case in Germany with the so-called “Döner-murders” where again the three perpetrators were linked to Neo-Nazism and in the same breath accused as “right-wing extremists”.

I mean how stupid can the reporters be? What part of “Socialist” in “National Socialist Workers Party” do they not understand? Why do they not do a bit of five minute research and see that National Socialism is a leftist ideology?

Also note how “Right-winger” is seldom used standing alone. It is always coupled with, “extremist, radical, fanatic, fundamentalist, racist” or some other negative description. When you are on the right of the political spectrum you are automatically all of the above as well. It is nothing but cheap mudslinging by the biased, leftist media.

Nevertheless, originally it was thought that the “döner-murders” had to do with mafia activity, involving the Turkish mafia, drug dealing, money laundering, etc.

But then the media, latched on to the “right-wing” theory. Cannot pass up a good opportunity to slam the Right-wing, hey?

They created an organization out of thin air with the name “National Socialist Underground” with all but three members. Almost exactly the same as the media in South Africa created the “Boeremag”.

But then in November 2011 it emerged that The entire group is a secret service scam, with the secret service assisting and funding the three criminals

All of a sudden the story that showed on German television night after night, leading to leftist politicians trying to get the NPD party banned, disappeared from the television. Swept under the carpet as in all these cases where the leftwing lies are exposed.

In South Africa it is not much different. In January 2012 they remembered the Skierlik Shooting where a 17 year old boy Johan Nel walked into a a black squatter camp and shot and killed four people.

It turned out in his trial that Johan Nel told the psychologist that he first contemplated shooting poor whites in a nearby caravan park or stand at an intersection and shoot everyone regardless of race…I quote:

“Nel had told him earlier that he had considered going to a nearby caravan park, which is mostly inhabited by whites, to randomly start shooting people. Another possibility was to stand at a traffic intersection and mow down everybody, regardless of their colour. “

The choice to eventually shoot the blacks in the township was only his third option. It did not stop the MSM to turn the whole incident into a racist killing.

Skierlik Shooter first wanted to kill white people

I mentioned before the extensive research of Lt.Col. Dave Grossman into spree killings and how it is a result of video games that he calls murder simulators.

So it was with little surprise that the media would immediately latch on to the “right-wing extremist” theory and speculation, after a lone gunman fired on Jewish kids in Toulouse, France on the 19th of March 2012.

Immediately The media pinned the Right-wing extremist label on the suspect …even pulling the Breivik and therefore guilty by association card. It was really cheap and pathetic propaganda and laughable junk albeit very predictable.

Now it has emerged that the French police are in a stand-off with a self proclaimed al Qaeda Jihadist called Mohamed (24).

Do you think the leftist media will apologize to the Right? Like Phuq they will.

20 March 2012

The Mike and Philemon chronicles: A letter to Nampak

By Mike Smith
20th of March 2012

The Nampak Company (Ltd)
Nampak Centre
114 Dennis Road
Atholl Gardens

Mike Smith
Farm: Paardevyekraal
District of Putsonderwater
Richtersveld, Northern Cape.

Increasing profits in the “White gold” section of your company.

Dear Mrs. Nam, dear Mr. Pak.

My name is Mike Smith and you can just call me Mike. I am a retired sheeps farmer from the Northern Cape.

For many years I have been following what is happening wiff your company seeing that me and my boy Philemon have invested a lot of our earnings into your company and that is why we follow it.
It came about like this.

When we go out into the field to inspect the sheep we sometimes stay days away. And obviously nature calls sometimes.

In the spring time it is not such a problem, because then the fields are full of nicely coloured and soft Namaqua daisies and the cleaning process is actually a pleasure, one just has to make sure that the bees are off first.

But then in the rest of the year, it is either Tolbos or rocks for me and Philemon.

So one day at the Spar in Prieska we discovered your company’s “White Gold”. 500 sheets of double ply of the softest paper all rolled up in a nice bundle as if it was purposefully made for me and my boy Philemon.

We liked it so much that we bought shares in your company because we were convinced that this was the best invention since buttered toast.

Since then I have been a keen follower of your company and it is wiff interest that I have noticed that you have big plans to expand into the rest of Africa Nampak plans to double Africa earnings

However it was wiff regret and sorrow that I noticed that you are going to try and shit the people after your shares have fallen 0,4%. Nampak toilet paper comes in smaller rolls

Let me tell you that as a boer I am also the greatest inventor of the Richtersveld. And I know how you are going to achieve this deception.

You are going to adjust the machines that roll the paper so that it rolls it not so tightly and then a 300 sheet roll will look the same size as a 500 sheet roll and the public won’t notice.

I discussed it wiff my boy Philemon and he reckons that your plan is not going to work in the long run, because people are not so stupid and that is why it won’t work.

So we have come up with an alternative plan to boost your shares and also increase our profits at the same time.

We think that you should rather print copies of the South African constitution (No. 108 of 1996) on your rolls. One sheet one regulation.

We also suggest that you print on the reverse side the faces of the ANC politicians in parliament and also those of the youth league. Please take care to position the noses directly in the middle of the sheet, because some people are “folders” and other people are “wrinklers”, but despite it the centre always seems to remain in the centre.

Me and my boy Philemon are convinced that should you follow our excellent advice that your share prices would double within a month.

Therefore we offer this advice to you for free, because it will be a win-win situation for us and your company.

Yours Faithfully
Mike Smith

Media24 Psy-ops exposed yet again

By Mike Smith
20th of March 2012

Three days ago I published the horrific story of a 17 year old black Zimbabwean nanny who laced the porridge of her employer’s baby with her HIV positive menstrual blood.

Read about it here Black sheboon maid feeds white baby her HIV+ menstrual blood

Then along came the parenting section of News24 and asks why she did it, but never fully answers the question. Apparently she had a dispute about her working conditions with her employer.

OK so if you have a dispute with your boss you try to kill his children. Damn brilliant logic.

However the picture that went along with the article on Parent24 shows a pair of white handcuffed hands. Here is the article

The truth is obviously that this black HIV+ slut is a racist white hating piece of trash who thought nothing of it to try and kill her white employer’s white baby.

If the colours were reversed the newspapers would have been regurgitating this for weeks, but seeing that this is an obvious black against white hate crime, it is swept under the carpet. They want you to sleep further. To not think that this was anything racial…

Pink Frikkie says we should hug our constitution

By Mike Smith
20th of March 2012

Our most hated former President and arch traitor F.W. de Klerk recently wrote an article that was published in the Mail & Guardian.

You can read it here if you can stomach it.

Pink Frikkie says that a nation born should not be allowed to die

I just noted how he acknowledged what I wrote in Pandora’s Apartheid Box that by the time the official negotiations started the real negotiations were already over.

I see he still believes in his own Rainbow Nation bollocks. After twenty years of hell that he caused for South African whites the bastard is unrepentent.

After all the blood of the soldiers in the Angolan war and the blood of more than 3000 white farmers, this psycho still believes that he did the right thing which is handing the country of our forefathers over to Marxist terrorist scum and delivering the whites of South Africa over to the spawn of Satan.

He however does not believe that is what he did. He said that he handed us over to the “constitution”…an inanimate piece of paper used by the Marxist trash of the ANC to wipe their arses.

I wonder how many Brandy’s it took for him to come up with that crap?

There is just one question I would like Pink Frikkie to answer….”How much were you paid, Mr. De Klerk?”

The rest of his bollocks he can keep to himself. I’m not interested.

What Marxism brings to the people. The coming starvation in Mugabeland

By Mike Smith
20th of March 2012

I just love reading about the “success” of Marxism.

Here you have an article stating how Zimbabwe has written off a third of its maize crop this year.

Zimbabwe writes off a third of maize crop, deficit looms

We all know what that means. Starvation on a massive scale.

Hard to believe that this country with their former white farmers once fed almost the entire Africa. Now they cannot even feed themselves.

This is just a preamble to what is waiting for South Africa under Marxist rule.

Yet this is what the world wanted. They wanted these bastards in power, because Marxism is an excellent depopulation tool for Africa. In its wake it leaves only death and destruction through civil war, AIDS and starvation.

But just watch what will happen at the next elections…The blacks will vote for them again. How clever is that?

And when they starve, they come knocking on the door of the white man for food…until the day comes where there will be no more white man to open the door.

Race riots in the apple orchard

By Mike Smith
20th of March 2012

For more than a week now the blacks in Grabouw, the apple capital of SA, have been rioting about their school that is apparently not up to scratch and overcrowded.

Roads, including the National road N2, were barricaded and cars pelted with rocks.

All the while the police did nothing. They just “monitored” the situation.

But it was until the blacks decided to burn down the nearby coloured school that all hell broke loose. Knowing the Cape Coloureds, they were not going to take that from these riotous blacks.

After destroying three classrooms and the book storeroom the Cape Coloureds went to war with the blacks.

The media reports it like this: “The air was thick with racial slurs, screamed if someone of a darker hue was spotted.”

Well I think we all know what the Cape Coloureds really shouted. To say that coloureds do not like blacks is an understatement. They despise them. Coloureds do not mind whites and often brag about their German or Scottish grandfather, but never ever tell a Coloured that he has black blood in him.

It is in fact true. Coloureds are a mixture of Khoi, Malay, and mostly white sailors rounding the Cape in the past 360 years. Very few of them have black ancestors.

Nevertheless, one black resident said coloured residents were angered after Groenberg Secondary was vandalised.

“Why do they want to take our children’s education away?” a coloured resident wanted to know.

“They (blacks) want to take over everything,” another said.

Another local said: “There’s going to be a bloodbath here.”

“The police, hopelessly outnumbered, did their best to avert clashes, firing tear gas canisters whenever mobs developed and threatened to move into range of conflict.”

Which is just another way of saying the police did bugger-all.

Community members and witnesses said the scene all over Grabouw resembled a civil war, as roving rival gangs of coloured and black community members fought pitched battles at several points in the town.

In ensuing confrontations, people had their skulls smashed with rocks and they were beaten by residents armed with numerous weapons, including sticks and spades, while police and civic association leaders tried to negotiate peace.

Coloured residents told the Cape Argus they would defend their school “with their lives”.

The Cape Argus witnessed a coloured mob beating a number of black men who they suspected were trying to infiltrate the school area.

But note how the media calls it the Cape’s day of race shame

What were the coloureds suppose to do? Just allow the blacks to run amok and burn down their school so that their children must suffer?

No, they did the right thing. They fought back and drove the bastards out. I just wish they could start at Gugulethu and Khayalitsha and drive them back to the Kei River.

The only “shame” in the whole affair is forcing these people to live together and scramble for resources. It has never and can never work. It is unnatural to force different cultures together. We have seen what happened in Yugoslavia.

The only proven solution that really works for multicultural societies and that keeps the peace is Apartheid.

Nevertheless, it is becoming high time that the Cape becomes independent. The Western Cape is the only relatively well run province in the country, mainly due to the liberal DA that the ANC Blacks constantly accuse of being “racist”. They hate the DA, because the DA shows them up for how useless and corrupt they are in other provinces.

So what are they still doing in the Cape if it is apparently so “racist”? Why don’t they move back to Transkei where they came from and where the ANC is in power?

I have said it, Professor Giliomee has said it, and Pieter Mulder has said it. Blacks have no historical claim to the Cape. Simple as that.

Now that they are in the Cape, they are competition for Cape Coloureds looking for work. The Coloureds blame them for stealing their jobs and keeping them poor. It is almost a predictable formula for civil war. As the resources get less the tension rises.

I will not be surprised if in the near future whole scale civil war erupts on the Cape Flats.

19 March 2012

Evil Capitalism is gambling with people’s lives

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2012

That is what Dr Blade Nzimande, secretary general of the South African xi-Kommunist party had to say.

Amazing how they can always pull these “challenges” out of thin air…

“Nzimande cited unemployment, poverty and inequalities as the challenges facing the country…”

It is not a challenge you moron. Introduce Laissez-faire capitalism in SA and all those “challenges”

will disappear like mist before the morning sun.

Now for the crunch…Try to control your laughter…

He lashed out at capitalists, saying they failed to develop the country.

"Capitalism is full of crisis. It is gambling with people's lives. The Communist Party is the only alternative to the crisis we are experiencing today," Nzimande said.


The exact crisis we are in is because of thieving Communism. The fact that we are somewhat still surviving is because of the little bit of Capitalism that is left. Funny how they forever want to undermine what constitutes our existence and promotes theirs.

Capitalism is about creating wealth through productivity and ingenuity. Communism is about stealing that wealth that was created by other people's forefathers for centuries. The ANC Marxists are not Capitalists at all.  They are thieves and parasites. They have not created a sinle cent of wealth in this country. They have only been taking. That is not Capitalism.

Nevertheless, I would really love Dr. Tyre-lips Nzimande to point me to ONE successful African Socialist country. And when he is finished with that he can try and show me any socialist country in South America, Europe or Asia that was ever successful.

What a fucking twat. Marxist theories have been laughed at as junk almost as soon as they came out more than a hundred years ago. How anybody can still peddle those shit beliefs today is beyond me.
What is even more amazing is why the MSM do not rip this idiot and his crackpot ideas to shreds. Are they in on it?

Capitalism is gambling with people’s lives says Blade Nzimande

He has been to heaven and he is back to tell the story

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2012

I have often wondered if there was Apartheid in heaven. Is God White or Black? Are there certain clouds only for white harp players and others for black harp players? I certainly hope so otherwise there will be no point in going there, would there? I mean why exchange one Rainbow Utopia for another? I might just as well stay in South Africa then.

But we do not need to worry about such trivial things anymore, because lo and behold, the self-proclaimed Zulu prophet, 64-year-old Sibusiso Mthembu has been there several times and he is now back to tell us the story of how heaven looks like. He has even drawn a map for us.

The Sowetan reports:

“Since the news spread that there was a map of heaven, locals have been flocking to Mthembu's house to see it.”

(These are the sheeple allowed to vote and they probably all vote for the ANC.)

Apparently in 1993 the Angel Gabriel visited him and was a young white man in his twenties. In 1998 Gabriel took him with to meet Jesus and God…

"Jesus is white and God is greyish in complexion. God is in his youth."

So Jesus is white….Thank you for clearing that up oh great prophet, but I think you have just spoiled the day for millions of Rastafarians all over the world who believe that Jesus and God are black and that Satan is white.

He claims he met God during his second journey in 2004.

Ag… I am so pleased to see that God is “greyish” halfway between black and white and not “brownish” halfway like the kiddies normally turn out. So rest assured people…God is not a Hot-not. God is a “Grey” and he shapeshifts between “Inyoka” (reptile) and “uNkulunkulu” (God, The Almighty). I wonder what this dude has been smokin'.

I’ve been to heaven

The dispicable terrorist act of taking aim at unarmed kids when you are too cowardly to take on the real men

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2012

What utter scum. What cowards to attack children at a school. I am referring to the shooting at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in Toulouse, France, in which four people died and two were seriously wounded.

Several dead at Jewish School

The gunman killed a 30-year-old Hebrew teacher, his two children aged three and six, and another child, Toulouse prosecutor Michel Valet said. A 17-year-old was wounded.

"The attacker was shooting people outside the school, then pursued children into the school, before fleeing on a heavy motorbike," Valet told reporters.

Sarkozy condemns shooting at French school

Too fucking cowardly to take on the Israeli Defence Force so the bastard took aim at unarmed kids. How utterly heroic for this trash. I hope they find his useless arse soon so we can see how brave this bastard is.

Hang on to your seats. The totalitarian tiptoeing has become a totalitarian goose step march

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2012

One thing that is for me always amazing to watch is how somewhat intelligent people like journalists and the academic establishment seems to be living in denial of the truth and the feelings of the population.

For instance: When we say, “The ANC is stealing the country into bankruptcy”, the MSM and the academics will come out and defend the bastards and tell us that we are wrong. The ANC is doing their best and is good for the country, wakka, wakka, bullshit.

It is only when the theft becomes so big that nobody can ignore the elephant in the room a second longer, that the media or academics will come out and acknowledge what is going on.

How many years have I been saying that the ANC wants to recreate Communist East Germany, the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in South Africa? How many years have I been screaming that the ANC is taking the country down Totalitarian Street?

The MSM and Academics have called us “loonies”, “radicals”, “alarmists” and “extremists” for pointing out the obvious truth. What does that make the ANC who is orchestrating the mass murder of whites in South Africa? “Moderates”?

Now Professor Hussein Solomon of the Free State University has also stood up and said what I have been saying for years. South Africa is going down the totalitarian shithole. Do you think he is reading this blog?

On Our Way To A Totalitarian State

The esteemed professor’s observation comes after the investigative journalists Drew Forrest and Sam Sole of the Mail & Guardian posted an article detailing what the new Intelligence Bill is all about, namely the centralization of intelligence power like under Erich Mielke of the Stasi in East Germany. In fact State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele will be the South African version of Erich Mielke.

Mail and Guardian: Security is usurping the throne

It seems that only after the ANC proposed the Info Bill and the media tribunal that would effectively silence the media and all criticism against them and hide their theft, genocide against whites and mass murder of blacks through crackpot AIDS policies that the MSM has woken up. For years the ANC was the darling of the MSM, but it seems that the honeymoon is now effectively over.

Slowly , but surely they are all waking up; The media and the academics. They will still see, that we were right all along. Of course we were.

But if we are going to bring an end to the ANC’s agenda, and we are, everyone has to take responsibility, do the research and communicating what is happening in South Africa. If people expect the MSM, opposition politicians or academics to do it for them, they might as well bend over the barrel right now and submit to the ANC’s advances.

It is not enough to comment on blogs like mine. We all have to start raising our voices and hammering on the table for our rights. And if we have to start swinging the club, then so be it, but we cannot allow the ANC scum to undermine our freedom.

18 March 2012

Blog deleted

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2012

On the evening of 17th of March 2012 my blog was compromised and deleted. This came after several comments left that threatened to close my blog down. Fortunately I made a habbit of daily backing up the blog since lessons learned from previous experiences. However I was forced to move the blog. This is a major inconvenience, but we will carry on as ever....you just can’t keep a good blog down.

17 March 2012

The New (improved) South African rainbow miracle - Girl’s intestines ripped out through vagina in crazed exorcism

By Mike Smith
17th of March 2012

Ah yes. I would love to see the cultural relativists and racial egalitarians explain this one away. In fact I would love to see black South Africans explaining this behaviour to me, because I just cannot even start to fathom this kind of primitive savage mentality.

I cannot even start to imagine how someone can do this to an animal. What more to say to a human being...!!!

Funny that when you tell foreigners from Europe about what the truth is about Africans, then they seem to laugh at you. They think you are making up things...yet these reports are from the main stream media in SA...the cases that actually make it into the media. Most of what happens in the rural areas and townships of SA are going unreported.

You, know...As a white person from South Africa, one always asks, "If they are this cruel and can do this to their own kind, imagine what they will do to us if they get the chance?"

Maybe after reading this report, people will begin to understand why we had Apartheid in SA. Why we wanted to separate ourselves as far from these savages as possible.

Girl dies after exorcism attempt
March 15 2012 at 03:44pm
By Yogas Nair


An Umlazi teenager, accused by relatives of being possessed by demons, was tortured for three days and then brutally murdered.

Sinethemba Dlamini, 15, was left lying on the lounge floor with her intestines next to her at her home in K-Section.

Five relatives, who allegedly killed the teenager during a bizarre, three-day exorcism, have been charged with murder.

Police from the Bhekithemba Police Station were called to the gruesome scene on Saturday morning after one of the accused alerted them to the teenager’s death.

Sinethemba lived with a relative after the death of her mother a few years ago.

On Tuesday, the teenager’s aunts, Fundiswa Faku, 29, Lindela Jabulani, 38, her daughters Minenhle Jabulani, 19, a 17-year-old minor, and Nonhlanhla Mdletshe, girlfriend of Sinethemba’s father, 30, appeared on murder charges in the uMlazi Magistrate’s Court.

They were remanded in custody and the matter was adjourned to Monday for a bail application.
KZN police spokesman, Captain Thulani Zwane, confirmed the incident and said a case of murder was being investigated.

“She was allegedly killed after her attackers accused her of being possessed by demons.”

A police source said the accusation of being demon possessed came after she had become very withdrawn in recent weeks.

Her ordeal began last Wednesday when she returned home from school. She was allegedly repeatedly assaulted with a broom, the source said.

People believed a demon was living in her and kept hitting her all over her body with a broom in an attempt to get the demon to leave her, the source said.

The source said people who prayed for the youngster claimed to be members of a local religious organisation.

At about midnight on Friday, the teenager attempted to escape from the group.

They caught her and allegedly continued to beat her, the source said.

Sinethemba died after her intestines were pulled out through her vagina, the source said.

“The child died almost immediately.

“It was a horrific, brutal death. After the intestines were removed, they allegedly waited for her to wake up and be free of the demon. They claimed that by removing the intestines she would be cured.”

The source claimed the attackers continued to pray and waited for more than three hours for her to wake up.

“At about 3am, when they realised she was dead, one of them contacted the police. Police at the scene were traumatised and shocked. It all seemed so unreal. This was an innocent child who kept to herself...”

16 March 2012

Township dog feeds on dead baby`s leg

By Mike Smith
16th of March 2012

There are many sickening practices amongst the blacks of South Africa but one of the worst is them throwing their newborn babies away on rubbish dumps or in pit toilets.

These babies are then found by stray dogs that feed on the corpses. Its just disgusting what happens in the black townships. I am sorry but I just cannot see how anybody can excuse this kind of savage behaviour and even remotely try to think that races are all the same.

These incidents are not isolated. It frequently happens and is even reported in the MSM. These are only a fraction of the events happening that make it to the papers. Thousand never do.

Afrikaans article: Ants bite baby on rubbish dump
Baby eaten by ants found on rubbish dump
Pig eats black baby in South Africa
Dogs eats thrown away black baby in Gugulethu township near Cape Town
More dogs eating black babies at Samora Machel Township
Abandoned Black baby rescued out of toilet by White Afrikaner paramedic Leo Fourie, complete with picture
This black baby girl was three months old when found dead in a longdrop toilet
This one managed to survive
Black baby found in dustbin at Limpopo University. Horrific photo. Not for the feint hearted

Dog feeds on dead infant
March 16 2012 at 01:13pm
By Mpumi Kiva


It’s not often that a reporter gets to cover two identical, horrific stories in his lifetime.

Sadly this is the second case of a dog found eating a baby’s corpse that I have had to report on in my time at the Daily Voice.

On Thursday, Wallacedene residents rushed to a scene where a dog was found chewing on the leg of a newborn baby.

Resident Richard Chauke says a 12-year-old girl called residents when she saw a dog dragging along a tiny body.

“She saw a dog dragging the body by the leg from a wheelie-bin,” says Richard.

“When we went to the scene, we found the newly-born baby.

“The dog had already fed on the leg. This sick behaviour should come to an end.”

Kraaifontein police spokesman Gerhard Niemand says an inquest docket has been opened and they are invesitigating the cause of the baby’s death.

No arrests have been made.

The grim scene took me back to a rainy morning in Gugulethu at the end of July, 2007.

People in NY 146 were left stunned after a dog was found feeding on the mutilated corpse of Andakhe Mjakula.

The boy’s mom Lungiswa Mjakula was eventually convicted of his murder.

Black sheboon maid feeds white baby her HIV+ menstrual blood

By Mike Smith
16th of March 2012

Just how sick is this? How can people still employ these black maids in their homes? You either employ a white one or you do without one. What is so difficult to understand about that?

I for one do not want any of them near my clothes or my food. I do not want them to touch a single thing in my house. Ugh...just the thought of it makes me sick.

HIV+ domestic laces kid's porridge with blood
2012-03-16 13:23

Cape Town - An HIV-positive 17-year-old domestic worker from Masvingo in Zimbabwe was caught lacing the porridge of her employer's 4-year-old child with her own menstrual blood, cruelty that earned her a 10-year prison term, NewsDay reported.

According to the report, Pelagia Mureya carried out the "disgusting act several times until luck ran out for her when one day her employer, noticed a drop of blood when her child was eating porridge and investigated".

The domestic professed ignorance of the blood but her employer took the porridge, her child and the domestic

to a nearby hospital where tests confirmed it was Mureya's menstrual blood.

The toddler's mother immediately pressed charges against her, leading to her arrest.

She will effectively serve eight years as two years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

- News24