28 April 2012

The coming South African Crime Tsunami. The ANC to release tens of thousands of criminals…again

By Mike Smith
28th of April 2012

Who can forget the time in 1998 when Nelson Mandela unleashed 9000 criminals on the South African public as his “Birthday gift” to the nation on his 80th birthday?

Crime skyrocketed and made South Africa one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

In fact it was not the only time or even the first time that the ANC has done this.

In all, remissions were granted on the day of Nelson Mandela’s inauguration on May 10, 1994; the first anniversary of democracy on April 27, 1995; to mark Mandela’s 80th birthday on July 18, 1998 and the first year of former president Thabo Mbeki’s second term of office on May 30, 2005.

The ANC loves criminals, because most of them are either former criminals themselves who were in prison or currently criminals who steal the state coffers empty. The president, Zuma is one of them. Not only was he in prison, there are still about 700 cases of corruption pending against him.

The ANC loves criminals so much that they even gave them the right to vote!

Jacob Zuma is just keeping the ANC tradition of loving criminals alive.

The heading in the newspapers state. “Zuma to release non violent prisoners early”.

This is total misleading junk and a blatant lie.

What it means is that ALL prisoners, regardless of their offences will get six months off. The not so dangerous ones will get 12 months off. The ultra dangerous bastards who are serial killers, etc will stay put.

I quote:

“All sentenced offenders, people on probation and parolees will receive a six-month remission, while sentenced inmates, people on probation and parolees who have not been sentenced for aggressive, sexual, firearm and drug-related offences will get a 12-month special remission.
Anyone declared a dangerous criminal in terms of Section 286A of the Criminal Procedure Act of 1957 would not benefit.”

In 2005, Thabo Mbeki did worse than Mandela. He unleashed about 30,000 criminals on the public, within 3 months, 131 of them were behind bars again. A year later and almost all of them were in prison again. In their wake they left a trail of rapes, hi-jackings, murders, assaults, etc.

The DA called the latest move “a slap in the face of crime victims”.

I am afraid it is far worse than that.

Releasing sentenced criminals from jail is a crime against humanity. Zuma should be locked up for it.

The function of a government is to protect its citizens against the initiation of force. To protect the rights of the citizens such as the right to life, own property, and the pursuit of happiness, as stated in the constitution.

By unleashing thousands of criminals on the public, the ANC is violating every single human right the citizens of South Africa have in the constitution.

The entire ANC scum who are in government should be sacked for deliberate malicious behavior and failing in their basic task as a government. They have once again shown that they feel NOTHING for the citizens of South Africa and their well being. They love the criminals.

Expect a massive crime wave to hit the country like a destructive Tsunami soon. The criminals will be roaming free, whilst the public will be the prisoners in their own homes, too scared to go out or anywhere.

People who fall victim to crime and who are lucky to survive it, should sue Jacob Zuma and the ANC if it can be proven that any of the criminals were one of those released early. The ANC should be held accountable for every irresponsible thing they do. Nail them!

IOL: Zuma to release non violent prisoners early
Zuma to remit jail sentences, move angers

27 April 2012

The Charles Taylor atrocities

By Mike Smith
27th of April 2012

Yesterday Charles Taylor, African strongman from Liberia was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the ICC in The Hague, Netherlands.

But what were these crimes?

The Black newspaper Sowetan ran an article, only seven lines long stating that Taylor was found “Criminally responsible…for aiding and abetting the commission of the crimes 1 to 11 in the indictment”.

What? What does that mean Sowetan? What exactly were the crimes?

Nobody commented on this pathetic tiny article of such a major case.

And with that, the Sowetan and Black people closed this dark chapter in African history, put on their blinkers, stuck their heads in the sand and basically acknowledged that they shame themselves for what their fellow blacks did in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Taylor criminally responsible in Sierra Leone

The other black newspaper, “City Press” ran the same small story on the event.

Anyway…During Taylor’s trial the model Naomi Campbell testified how she was in SA together with Charles Taylor to attend a fund raising dinner in 1997 and after the dinner, on the luxury Blue train, Taylor’s bodyguards tried to buy her over with uncut blood diamonds so she would sleep with him.
The next morning she discussed the incident at her door with Jeremy Ratcliffe, the director of Mandela’s Children Foundation and handed him three diamonds to help the Mandela Children Fund.

In an article in the Daily Mail he said that: “‘I took them because I thought it might well be illegal for her to take uncut diamonds out of the country,’
Nelson Mandela’s charity boss kept blood diamonds

So Ratcliffe who is a wealthy businessman, knew full well that the uncut diamonds were illegal. It is a criminal offence to just be in the possession of such stones.

Ratcliffe kept the stones for 13 years in his safe at his home. Mr Ractliffe said he did not report the stones to the authorities, or tell the fund about them, ‘to protect the reputation of the NMCF, Mr Mandela himself and Naomi Campbell, none of whom were benefiting in any way’.

Nevertheless, Judge Renier Boshoff found Jeremy Radcliffe not guilty after hearing only half a day’s testimony.

Mandela ex charity chief innocent in Blood diamond case

See…breaking the law is OK if you are protecting the reputation of Saint Mandela, the Father of the Nation…who is himself a mass murderer and terrorist is in the same league as Charles Taylor.

During his own trial in the 1960’s several handwritten notes in his own handwriting were submitted to the court as evidence against him. One such a handwritten document of 94 pages was handed in to court and in it he wrote”…traitors and informers should be ruthlessly eliminated” by “cutting off their noses…”. ( Henry Pike, A history of communism in SA, pg 392).

Saint Nelson Mandela…The same man who “signed off” the Church street bombing as he admits in “Long walk to Freedom”. The same man whose wife Winnie Mandela, known as “The mother of the nation”, waged a terror campaign against black “collaborators” in SA necklacing, burning and torturing people to death.

What kind of “mother and father of the nation” is this who tortured and killed members of their own nation, who did not agree with their beliefs?

Nevertheless, I am digressing.

The eleven crimes of Charles Taylor are:

1. Acts of terrorism
2. Murder
3. Violence to life, health and physical or mental well-being of persons, in particular murder
4. Rape
5. Sexual slavery and any other form of sexual violence
6. Outrages upon personal dignity
7. Violence to life, health and physical or mental well-being of persons, in particular cruel treatment
8. Other inhumane acts
9. Conscripting or enlisting children under the age of 15 years into armed forces or groups, or using them to participate actively in hostilities.
10. Enslavement
11. Pillage

André le Roux of Beeld looked at the evidence that came out during his trial and tell us in more detail of what Taylor and his followers were up to.

• One of his commanders, Zigzag Marzah mounted the heads of his victims on poles and car bonnets. He killed babies and those that were not born yet were cut from the wombs of their mothers.

• Sam Bockarie whom Taylor at one stage treated like a son and who was known for his brutal mutilations and rapes, said “I kill and kill, the more they tell me to stop the more I kill”. He had the full blessing and support of Taylor.

• Nobody knows for sure how many people have been killed in the conflicts. “Tens of Thousands” were the estimates of the prosecutors and the 115 witnesses.

• Taylor was the “godfather” of the rebel groups. Under his command they would carry out operations on civilians called “Operation No Living Thing”, “Operation Pay Yourself” and “Operation Spare No Soul”, the success of which was measured on the body count.

• Victims’ limbs and skulls were exhibited at the entry roads to villages as warnings.

• Roadblocks would be set up in the form of mounds of human skulls, limbs, fingers, toes, ears, etc. Taylor himself admitted to driving through one of these roadblocks.

• Sexual terror was the trademark of “Taylor’s boys”.

• Public mass rapes were the norm. A minimum of 257, 000 women and children were raped.

• Boy soldiers, some as young as 11 years old were raped by their leaders as “bush wives”.

• Young virgins who disguised themselves as older women or pregnant were raped on the spot and later as punishment raped again with bayonets.

• Mass killings would be subjected to a ritual where the leaders would start the slaughter and the troops expected to follow suit.

• Prisoners were forced to kill each other to the amusement of the rebels only to be killed themselves later on. Women, children, and the elderly had to play deadly lottery games to see who would live and who would die. A choice of “Short sleave” or Long sleave” meant chopping the limbs off by the wrist or the elbow.

• Communities were forced to laugh and cheer. If anybody pulled a face or flinched in disgust he/she would be killed on the spot.

• One technique was to rape half the village and cut of the limbs of the other half.

• Local communities were enslaved to mine diamonds in pits under atrocious conditions.

• One mother had to witness her child being buried alive because she could not shut it up when it started to cry.

Beeld article: …The more I shall kill…

Cannibalism and eating white UN members as “pork”.

Although Taylor denied it… Zigzag Masah testified that they were also instructed to cannibalize certain tribes and people

He said that he engaged in cannibalism many times, especially of the Krahn tribe.

“He went on to say that Taylor had ordered him and other NPFL/RUF fighters to eat captured ECOMOG and white UN people, using them “as pork to eat”. He confirmed yesterday’s account of eating Superman’s heart, and said he, Benjamin Yeaten and the others had done so on Taylor’s orders.

He explained in detail how victims were prepared for cooking after being killed, and cooked with salt and pepper. He said Taylor knew this.”

After reading that I could fully understand why blacks chose to ignore these events. I can understand why the black newspapers only mentioned the trial in the passing and why nobody commented on the articles in the black papers.

Maybe they are starting to realize the truth about themselves. Charles Taylor was not an idiot. He studied at Chamberlayne Junior College in Newton (Massachusetts) and obtained a B.Com degree in Economics from Bentley College in Boston.

Taylor received his military training in Libya as the protégé of Muamar Khadafy. Zigzag Masah received three months basic training in Israel when he was member of President Doe’s army.

As we know, education means nothing when psychopaths like Taylor, Masah or Mugabe is involved. Their intelligence is always applied to criminal activity.

Charles Taylor will probably be considered a martyr and a victim of White Man’s Laws and a White Man’s Court.

25 April 2012

Breeding Koni cannon fodder and the LWB Dichotomy: I love Black men, but they discriminate against women

By Mike Smith
25th of April 2012

Recently our Prezident Jacob Zuma married his sixth wive and South Africa currently has four first ladies. He has about 20 known children and God only knows how many grandchildren.

He pales in comparison to Jack Kigongo below.

We know that for years LWB’s like Helen Zille and Nadine Gordimer to name but a few, have been activists for black rights, belonging to obscure organizations such as the Black Sash movement, etc…

However these feminist women were/ are also proponents of equal rights, not only amongst black and whites, but also amongst men and women.

The problem they face is of course African culture, which not only discriminates heavily against Whites, but also their own women. This is a nightmare for Liberal White Bitches.

There is just no way they can reconcile African male dominant believes with their own believes of equality amongst races and genders.

If they say that Western culture of one man one wife is the norm, then they are intolerable of other cultures and their beliefs. And we know that this is what they always preach to us, namely toleration of other cultures.

Professor Amanda Gouws, lecturer in political science at the University of Stellenbosch was faced with this conundrum after Zuma married his sixth wife.

Basically it comes down to why should African men have all the fun, but African women are not allowed to engage in Poligamy themselves?

She says that cultures are not static and that they learn from each other. Ah, I see…blacks should adopt white culture and beliefs and then the world will be a Utopia. Is that not a bit paternalistic?

She is providing more questions than answers. She is trying to reason Zuma’s behavior away by saying that his behavior is not Zulu Culture, but rather Zuma culture.

As we know this is bollocks. Zuma is a Zulu traditionalist and no means of western LWB reasoning will change that. This is the way these people live, believe and have done so for thousands of years. To expect them to change to the white western way is arrogant and racist.

As I have always said, Liberals believe and expect that blacks should be like them. They just cannot comprehend that these blacks have their own culture, religions and belief systems totally incompatible with ours. It just again proves how stupid and unworkable multiculturalism is.

Now read below the truth about black culture that liberal academics like Prof Amanda Gouws would like to deny.

Is polygamy discriminating? Prof Amanda Gouws

Father of 158 passes on, leaving behind 500 grandchildren

Elvis Basudde

A Ugandan man believed to have fathered the highest number of children in the country has died, The New Vision has learned. He was 103.

A World War veteran, Lieutenant Jack Kigongo of Kateera village, Kiboga district had 158 children by the time of his death in November 2011.

He fathered the children from 20 wives but by the time of his death he had 11 wives, according his son Patrick Bulira Kigongo. He left behind about 500 grandchildren.

New Vision found three of Kigongo’s widows and a number of his children and grand-children still staying at his dilapidated mansion.

Bulira said the family is going through a hard time, following the death of their father. He said a number of Kigongo’s children are vending fruits in Kateera trading centre.

According to Bulira, the once prosperous family was impoverished by the five-year bush-war that brought the NRM/NRA to power.

He says their father had a coffee factory, two lorries, a big herd of cattle and all these were either looted or destroyed during the war.

The scars of the bush war are still visible on the family’s main house. The walls have bullet holes.
New Vision first published a story about Kigongo’s jumbosize family in 1997 when he had about 150 children. At the time, Kigongo had just married an 18-year old girl.

According to Bulira, his father had two homes in Kateera. The mansion was the main home where 12 of his wives stayed while eight lived in his second home.

Kigongo married his youngest wife, who was 18, when he was 80 years old. Strangely, she also died early this year.

Kigongo’s oldest son is 60 years and has a home and family in the same village while the youngest is 15.

Bulira said some of the surviving widows are staying with their grown-up children.

In 1939, Kigongo was recruited to fight in the Second World War where he won himself the rank of lieutenant in Burma. He returned in 1944 and became one of the wealthy Ugandans in the area.

Upon his return, he bought 60 acres of land and established coffee factories and a number of businesses.

Bulira said in the 1980s, the Obote II regime persecuted his father, prompting him to enlist some of his children to join the NRA.

“Obote had called my father a rebel and wanted to arrest him. When he (my father) realised that he was being persecuted, he mobilised 50 of my brothers and trained them in the Bokomero bushes,” says Bulira.

He said his brothers fought in the NRA bush war and 22 of them were killed in the struggle.

“Three of my brothers are in the army- a captain, a sergeant and a lieutenant,” he said.

New Vision could not verify Bulira’s claim that 50 of his brothers fought in the NRA bush war. When he was prosperous, Kigongo put up his own primary school and a church for his children and grandchildren.

At one time, 80 out of a school population of 130 were his children.

Breeding Koni cannon fodder
Man was father of many

Hitler's Mein Kampf to be reprinted in Germany

By Mike Smith
25th of April 2012

The German media reported today that Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” will be reprinted in three years time after the copyright expires.

The state of Bavaria holds the copyrights, but according to German law it expires after 70 years after the author died.

The book is currently banned in Germany, but freely available in other countries and an online version in English can be found here.

Mein Kampf

Nevertheless, they want to republish the book with commentary by liberal (read communist) historians and also present a school version with the commentary of said Communist historians.

Apparently the book, according to them, “contains nonsense” and “set out race theories, claiming the Germans were superior Aryans, whereas Jews and others were inferior.”

So if the book is so nonsense why go to all the effort to republish it and comment on it along the way?

Are these liberals not doing exactly what Hitler was doing? Thinking that they are superior in their thinking ability and all other people are inferior and incapable of thinking for themselves? What a bunch of hypocrites.

I for one have read ”Mein Kampf”…in fact I have studied it in depth. Did it make me a National Socialist? No. If anything it turned me fully against National Socialism.

I have studied Karl Marx’s “Das Kapital”…all three boring volumes of it, I have studied the “Communist manifesto”, Mao’s “Little red Book of sayings”, “The essential works of Lenin”, “Stalin’s letters to Molotov” and many more…Did it turn me into a Communist? Far from it. To the contrary it made me hate Communism with a passion.

I have studied the works of Dr. David Duke, namely “My Awakening” and “Jewish Supremacism”. Did it turn me into a White Nationalist, KKK, or something? Not at all. If anything, it opened my eyes to the bullshit these clowns believe.

As I have mentioned before, White Nationalism is a fallacy.

“The fact is that both “White Nationalism” and “Black Nationalism” are contradictions in terms. It cannot exist, because there is no “White Nation” or “Black Nation”.”

“There is a Scotish nation, there is a Zulu Nation and there is an Afrikaner Nation, but a white or Black nation does not exist. The only way it can exist is if one theorises that the whole world should be one “White Nation” or “One Black Nation”…”

Which is Nazism…also otherwise known as “Communism for whites only”

You can read my complete view on the topic here The Myth of White Nationalism and Black Nationalism

Nevertheless, I foundnd it reprehensible that once again the liberal thought police appointed themselves to determine what we could, and could not read and how we should interpret what we read.

These liberals are no different to the Nazis they want to warn us against. They are no different to the inquisition of the dark ages that burned books and their authors at the stake. They are no different to Stalin’s secret police that hunted down dissident books, burned them and executed their authors or sent them to the Gulags like Aleksandr Sozhenitsyn.

In a free society, you write what you want, people read what they want and interpret it the way they want. In a totalitarian society, others do the reading and thinking for you and tell you that you are too stupid to think for yourself.

Hitler’s Mein Kampf to be reprinted in Germany

24 April 2012

The Breivik update: The plot sickens

By Mike Smith
25th of April 2012

It never stops to amaze me how short people’s memories are as soon as propaganda from the Main Stream Media and politicians starts to kick in.

When Breivik first shot the kids on the island of Utøya, the media reported at first that they suspected an onslaught from radical Islamists, but then suddenly changed their tune, and started to focus on “the Nordic” Breivik who they labeled as a “rightwing extremist”, etc…

In the original reports they also said that eye-witnesses saw at least one more gunman doing the shooting.

I reported about it back then and again a few days ago...
In this article

The original MSM article that mentioned the second shooter can be read here; Norway's national TV channel NRK said the police believed there were at least two gunmen disguised as policemen who attacked the camp

The article on the 24th of July 2011 said: 'Young people with whom NRC reporters talked on Friday, night said there were two criminals, rather than one, as expected.'

Now the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” mentioned today that the police were looking for a man with a “dark skin” or more specifically “a man with a brown complexion” after watching footage from CCTV cameras.

Dutch and Flemish was part of our Afrikaans set work at school under Apartheid that is why I can still understand it.

Nevertheless, people who were at the scene had completely different descriptions of the shooters.
It was only when a fireman said that he saw a “Scandinavian looking man in a police uniform” that agents got on the track of Breivik.

De Telegraaf: Police looked for a man with a dark skin

This leaves us with a lot of questions, like how did Breivik manage to obtain a police uniform?

Further, there is only so much crap you can download from the internet like the “Anarchist cookbook”, but to put things together like Timothy McVeigh or Breivik, you need experts and besides, any such websites would be fully watched by the security agencies of the world.

I for one do not believe for one moment that Breivik was a so called “Lone Nutter” who did it all by himself. That is just bollocks.

It was the same with the 1999 Columbine massacre.

While the parents of the victims were planning their funerals the District Attorney and the police were planning a major cover-up and destroying evidence.

Columbine: Anatomy of a cover up

Eyewitness reports said that there were not just two shooters who eventually committed suicide, but a third “kid dressed in white throwing bombs or grenades”.

Here is another eyewitness who saw at least THREE shooters.

What was the outcome of the Columbine Massacre? The US government clamped down on legal gun owners and liberal politicians screamed for a ban on private gun ownership... All just a coincidence and nothing to worry about of course.

All of this information has been thoroughly buried or flushed down the Orwellian memory hole by the MSM.

Speaking of George Orwell’s book “1984”, I was quite fortunate to have had it as part of my English set-work at school under Apartheid education.

I can still recount the section in chapter 13 where Winston asked his girlfriend Julia about what she thought of the war between Oceania (their country) and Eurasia.

“In some ways she was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once when he happened in some connexion to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, " just to keep people frightened ". This was an idea that had literally never occurred to him.”

Winston and Julia in 1984

…And it still does not occur to most people, especially blinkered liberals.

Or as Mark Twain explained…

“Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self- deception.” Mark Twain, 1916

“Bhaaahaaa”, said the sheep.

23 April 2012

Another ANC job creation project fails. Chickens cannibalize each other

By Mike Smith
23rd of April 2012

The ANC has an inverse Midas touch, because everything they touch turns to shit. As I always say, the ANC should sit on their hands and do nothing. It is when they start to do something, or God forbid start to “think” that we should get worried.

The ANC gets these “brilliant plans” every now and again, like creating millions of jobs for blacks, which always spectacularly fails.

One such a project was to create a chicken farm in the Eastern Transvaal called the Siyaphambili upliftment project. The ANC supplied the chickens and the feed and some startup capital for the aspiring black chicken farmers along with some training in being a chicken farmer. They even entered into a contract with a local hospital to buy the chickens.

So what did the blacks do? They obviously wasted the startup capital on booze and never bought feed for the chickens. So they just let them starve to within an inch of death…to the point where they started cannibalizing each other.

Nazareth Appalsamy, the SPCA's farm unit inspector, said the desperate chickens had started cannibalising each other, and it was the "worst example of cannibalism and cruelty" he had seen in his career.

The cruelty of the Noble Savage has no limits.

Read the full report here
Beeld report

22 April 2012

SA military incapable of defending the country

By Mike Smith
20th of April 2012

There was a time that the South African Defence Force (SADF) was arguably one of the top five militaries in the world and without a doubt the best on the continent of Africa.

Last Wednesday the Beeld newspaper reported that the ANC’s SANDF is incapable of defending South Africa. Beeld. Army cannot protect South Africa

According to a concept defence overview that Beeld reported on, South Africa’s Military has gone so far backwards that it will take at least ten years to recover it to the basic and limited level of protection capabilities.

The army is incapable of protecting our borders, the air force has no idea of what is going on in our air space and there is almost no maritime consciousness of what is going on in the waters off our coast.

The document was drawn up by arch traitor and former defence minister Roelf Meyer who was instrumental in selling us out to the Marxist ANC scum. The aim of the document is to ask for more money from the government.

And where is this money supposed to be coming from? Whitey the taxpayer of course.

In the mean time, illegal immigrants from the entire continent of Africa are streaming across our borders stealing jobs from South Africans, raping our daughters that they have put on drugs, Chinese and Russian fishing trawlers are raping our national maritime resources and causing the fishermen of South Africa to remain poor, whilst the ANC scum who sell the Chinese and Russians the fishing quotas are growing fat and rich by the day.

The ANC feels nothing for the poor of South Africa. They are just lining their own pockets as best they can.

Nevertheless, I have explained the role of government in my series called Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 7

The only reason why we have a government is to protect our individual rights as we have stipulated it in the constitution, such as our right to life, our right to property and our right to pursue happiness.

There will always be those from outside our country or from within who try to take those rights away and steal our property from us or kill us. Therefore we have an army, a police force and a judiciary.

The ANC has proved that the police under their control is useless to tackle or reduce crime and corruption is “widespread” Police corruption “widespread”

The ANC has proved with their constant interference with the judiciary that they would love to undermine our individual rights as set out in the constitution

Now that it has come to light that the SANDF is incapable of protecting South Africa and its citizens, we have no other choice but to conclude that the ANC is a spectacular failure at the most basic and fundamental roots of the job of a government.

If they were working for a private company they would be fired on the spot for gross incompetence and gross negligence. That is what we need to do. Stuff waiting for the next election. Either they come right or their arses should be kicked into touch immediately before they can cause any more damage and steal a single cent more.

Fact is that we do not need this corrupt, gang of thieves, mass murderers and liars in charge of our country and we certainly do not have to put up with them. We have to make that crystal clear to them, but only right now!

Only we as south Africans can do that. We need to take them out, remove them from government and replace them with a proper government. As long as they are in power they will just keep on stealing our money and undermine our individual rights. No. The ANC needs to go…yesterday.

Totalitarian tip-toeing to a GDR model for South Africa

By Mike Smith
20th of April 2012

There are many people in SA, especially liberals who think that the ANC is stupid and incompetent and so they are on the surface, but what most of these people forget is that behind the ANC incompetent idiots is the SACP, the communist intellectuals who are the brains of the ANC/SACP/ Cosatu Troika.

If it wasn’t for the Communist elitists the ANC would have folded a long time ago. Many of these people have become extremely rich over the last 18 years adopting a policy similar to that of Mugabe for the first 20 years after he came to power.

He kept the economy intact for the most part so he could spread Marxism in Southern Africa and support SWAPO and the ANC until they came to power in Namibia and SA respectively. He held back until SA fell and the ANC was out of the power sharing with the NP and have cemented their hold on SA. Then he clamped down on his old enemies the white Rhodesians. Businesses were occupied by “War Veterans”, white owned farms confiscated by law and War Veterans, Whites driven out of the country in their thousands, etc…the economy ruined, forever.

But to a Marxist it is all about “power forever”. Ruining the economy is no problem and neither is starving their people to death, because all the Marxist dictator has to do is knock on the door of the Red Cross, the IMF, The World Bank and a myriad of western charity organizations and ask them for money to build hospitals, schools, etc and the next thing you know, money streams in from all over the Western World.

That is how these Marxist dictators stay in power forever, because the stupid Liberal wankers in the West believe that they can court people like Mugabe, win him over to their side by showing him the capitalist way and showering him with money. They think that Marxists would fall in love with this money and become Capitalists. What utter fools. Marxists are narcisstic megalomaniacs. Marxists are nothing but a gang of murderers, thieves and liars. Just as you will never be able to make a gentleman out of a serial killer, you will never be able to turn a Marxist into a businessman. There is something permanently wrong with the wiring of their brains and the only way to cure it, is to put a bullet in it.

Nevertheless, Lenin did the same in the 1920’s. After he ruined the Russian economy and the people starved in their millions, he simply admitted his mistakes and asked the West to help him rebuild and correct his mistakes and they poured money in. Once the economy was built up by western money, again he clamped down on the capitalists and Stalin came to power being ten times worse than Lenin, killed 20 million people.

People should be careful to brand Marxist scum like the ANC or Mugabe as stupid. Mugabe is not stupid. He studied at Fort Hare University in SA and at UNISA as well as obtaining a Masters in Law and an M.Sc. from the University of London.

He knows exactly what he is doing. He knows how to stay in power forever, wipe out his enemies in the most ruthless way and get the West to shower him with money.

In fact there is no difference between the Zanu(PF) party of Mugabe and the ANC. They have exactly the same Marxist goals and agendas and are constantly supporting each other and swapping ideas.

I have said it for many years that the ANC Marxists have all studied in the USSR, East Germany (GDR) and Communist China. Their goal is to re-establish a Communist East Germany in South Africa.

In fact they have hundreds of former Stasi agents working for them at this very moment, showing them how to clamp down on the media, nationalize mines, big business, and how to clamp down on your enemies.

For anybody who knows the strategies and tactics of the Stasi, the ideology they were taught and then taught to the ANC Marxists, it is clear as day what the Marxist agenda is in SA…the GDR model. It then becomes easy to see the parallels with what is happening in SA today and what happened in East Germany back then.

I have been to the Wilhelm Pieck Hochshule in Brandenburg, East Germany, named after the first GDR president and also the premises of Goebbels’ house.

Now I see the media is finally waking up to what I have been saying on my blogs for years. Now that the ANC is openly and officially pursuing this agenda of creating a SA version of the GDR, the media reports on it, but for years this was their secret agenda and the media was quiet.

If they succeed, it will be the end of the little bit of democracy we currently have in SA. There will be no more separation of powers, rather a unity of powers concentrated into a Communist elite who will be stealing to their heart’s content, because they will make the laws, appoint the judges and police commissioners and effectively be above the law. Hello Totalitarianism of the worst kind!

How will life be for the average South African on the street? Travel restrictions, media censorship and the disappearing of “Enemies of the State” such as poets, journalists, musicians and actors who dare to criticize the ANC will be the order of the day, just as in the time of the GDR.

In the article in the City Press below they say: “The ANC proposes recruiting children for the ANC from the day they are born, establishing a state-owned publishing company to iron out problems with textbook distribution, introducing compulsory community service for all university graduates and pushing ahead with a media appeals tribunal.“

Citi Press: ANC wants new GDR constitution
Politicsweb: Jeff Radebe, the Judiciary and the East German Model

I just hope I live long enough to see this communist scum run for their lives like Erich and Margot Honecker who fled to Chile.

I am sure we would love to one day watch this ANC scum through telescopes on tropical beaches somewhere where they will be living out, in luxury, the billions that they stole from us in SA on the deaths of thousands of white farmers to name a few…ideally there should be rifles attached to the bottoms of those telescopes…

20 April 2012

Anders Breivik the Leftwing Terrorist whom the media paints as Rightwing

By Mike Smith
20th of April 2012

Soon after Anders Breivik shot the people in Norway, I wrote a few articles in which I highlighted the utter hatespeech of the leftist media against Conservative White Christians.

They called Breivik a rightwing fanatic, Rightwing extremist, and all sorts of other negative words connected to Rightwing. Even mentioned that his shootings “looked like something from a Nazi film.”

The Norway Shootings, who are the real fanatics
The Norway shootings update. Another Kennedy, 911 lie in the making?
Media lies exposed. Breivik is a lefty

I pointed out that the Nazi ideology was leftwing and not right. That Breivik shot mostly his own race of people not the Muslims he had a problem with.

I even mentioned that Breivik did not act alone; several reports said there were at least two gunmen.

Norway's national TV channel NRK said the police believed there were at least two gunmen disguised as policemen who attacked the camp

I also pointed out how his profile on Facebook was faked and changed after the shootings to “Christian” and “Conservative” and then removed.

I further showed how he was a member of the “Progressive Party”, a liberal party.

Everyday he made a leftist closed fist salute in court as correctly pointed out by Sarah at this blog

Even the BBC admitted that the salute was not rightwing but has been used by various Marxist extremist groups, obviously all left of course.

Now it has come out that Breivik was inspired by Al Qaeda; A leftist extremist terrorist group
Breivik also testified that he had prepared for his attacks by cutting off contact with the outside world and devoting himself to two computer games -- Modern Warfare and World of Warcraft, playing the second one for 16 hours a day.

In his testimony, Breivik said he played the computer game Modern Warfare for 16 months starting in January 2010, primarily to get a feel for how to use rifle sights. Breivik said he decided already in 2006 to carry out what he expected to be a "suicide" operation.

First he took a "sabbatical year" fully devoted to play another computer game, World of Warcraft, for 16 hours a day.

It seems that the only kind of fanatic Breivik was; was a gaming fanatic

The rest is just garbage and junk. How can he be against Muslims, yet be inspired by a Muslim fanatic group? The man is confused and ill in his brain.

He was also on steroids which causes extreme aggressiveness and irrational behaviour Breivik used Steroids, meditation and video games to prepare himself for the attack

He has used testosterone since April last year and anabolic steroids on the day of the attacks, he said.

What kind of meditation was that? The article says Japanese meditation. I thought the media said he was a “Christian”???

Was he a Buddhist Christian or Christian Buddhist?

I have mentioned the danger of these video games many times before. They are also highlighted in the books by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman, a special forces soldier and lecturer and psychologist.

He calls these games, “murder simulators”.

Read, “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence (1999)”…Also, “On Killing” and “On Combat”.

In these books he points out that all these lone nut school shooters had the same thing in common with Breivik. They were violent video game addicts. Their killing sprees are for them the ultimate reality video game. Grossman points out how these guys put the gun down when somone shouts, “Stop”! Put the gun down!” …as if it is “Game Over”.

There you have the reasons for Breivik’s attack. Anabolic Steroids, video game addiction and lunacy…from a leftwing nutcase.

Watch this space as the truth unfolds.

18 April 2012

Swedish culture minister in “racist cake” row

By Mike Smith
18th of April 2012

Apparently the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

In Sweden there is a black artist who is quite famous for his art to criticize stereotypes of black people going by the name of Makode Aj Linde.

So being the keen activist he is, he thought of an ingenious plan, in typical noble savage (pardon the stereotyping) way to bring the evil of female genital mutilation to the attention of the Swedes and maybe the world. Swedish Culture minister in race row

He baked a cake that looked like a caricature of an African female, noble savage, and substituted his own head in the place of the cake’s head.

Every time someone took a slice from the genital area he would scream out in agony…the video can be seen below. To make the first slice he invited the Swedish culture minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth to attend the 2012 world art day...and cut a slice from his pie.

Apparently she is half deaf since birth and probably did not hear correctly, but she almost fell over her liberal goody-two-shoes feet to answer the plight of the Africans crying racism and female oppression through female genital mutilation…something that is fully self induced, of course.

In fact by holding the cake cutting ceremony in Sweden and not in Africa Makode Aj Linde implied that he was calling the “Baas” for help.

It seems like, to him, blacks in Africa are incapable of solving their own cultural issues, so let’s call the whites from Sweden to help.

In fact he was discriminating against black African culture, for which female genital mutilation is perfectly normal. Who is he to judge that their cultural practices are wrong? Is he perhaps prejudiced or biased towards African culture? I think he is a bigot and a racist.

Now according to the cultural relativists, racial egalitarians and liberals in general, there is nothing wrong with female genital infibulation because one is not allowed to discriminate against someone else’s culture, right? Besides the Muslims and Jews also mutilate children in circumcision rites and rituals…

So if they want to stop female genital mutilation in Africa they should also strive to stop the other forms of child genital mutilation amongst Jews and Muslims, otherwise they are hypocrites and a bigots, because they will be thinking and believeing that all these other cultures are wrong and only their white Christian culture is correct.

Nevertheless, this is exactly the point where liberal dichotomy sets in, because they also believe that there should be no violence against women. In fact one can quickly spot an anti-infibulationist liberal, because they are the ones wearing the white awareness ribbon which stands for “opposition to violence against women”. They proudly wear it next to the red ribbon that they believe will be the cure for AIDS and the Black & White ribbon against racism. You can look up the meaning of all the different coloured ribbons that they wear over here What the colours of awareness ribbons mean

This is the same crowd who thinks that wearing a black ribbon will stop blacks from killing white farmers in SA. Sorry but I will rather recommend the wearing of a ballistic vest at all times in SA and in addition to that a minimum of a heavy caliber side arm such as the IMI Desert Eagle in opposition to the black ribbon…but that is just me and the way my mind works, as opposed to that of an illogical liberal.

So the Swedish cultural minister found herself caught between a rock and a hard place. If she refused to cut the cake she would be accused of being insensitive to the plight of her African sisters. And if she did cut it she would be accused of racism afterwards. You are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t. Either way she was phuqed, the liberal media would take up the story and the Black artist who instigated the whole thing from the start would get all the publicity he always craved and stand there as the hero.

He could lecture at university…How to exploit whitey’s guilt feelings 101.

Straight afterwards, the “African Swedish National Association”, a racist anti white pro black organization that should be banned demanded the resignation of the cultural minister. They did not demand anything against the artist who created the caricature of a black woman and who was behind it all. NO, fire the white lady. How phuqing biased and racist is that?

Now I have said this hundreds of times, but dumb liberals like the Swedish culture minister just do not want to listen. They insist on learning the hard way. The solution is to have absolutely NOTHING to do with blacks or Africans whatsoever. Just separate yourself from them as far as possible. The moment you stick your nose into their affairs you invite trouble. Simply ignore them, treat them like adults and let them solve their own problems. This might sound racist at first glance, but hear me out…

Liberals love to treat blacks like children and act on their behalf. They love to solve black people’s problems for them and by doing that saying or implying that blacks are incapable of solving their own problems. They actually admit then that blacks are mentally inferior, because if you treat blacks as EQUALS…you will let them be and let them solve their own problems. If you treat blacks as EQUALS you will not interfere into their affairs. In fact you will have nothing to do with blacks then.

So who are the real racists in this story here? The paternalistic liberals or the people like us?

You might have noticed that I found this entire spectacle rather amusing, only because Swedish politicians were some of the staunchest anti- Apartheid supporters of the Marxist terrorist ANC scum and one of the main orchestrators of our downfall in SA and a main shareholder in the killing of white farmers today. So pardon me if I savour the piquancy of Schadenfreude, just for a minute.

What kind of sick people are these?

By Mike Smith
18th of April 2012

Below is a report of the horrific gang rape of a 17 yo girl by seven boys.

When one reads the comments it is as if everyone is so surprised about it. Where have they been the last twenty years or so?

This is absolutely nothing new. I have heard of this kind of behavior amongst blacks and coloureds for the first time when I was about 18 yo.

Having lived quite a sheltered life away from coloureds and blacks during Apartheid, I never really got to speak to any until after school. That was when I overheard several times how coloured guys would brag about their adventures over the weekends. How they would practically kidnap a girl, park at the beach or some secluded spot and gang rape the girl. Up to twenty at a time was nothing odd.

Sometimes the girl would go along willingly with one guy and have sex with him, just to find out that he already told his buddies to also be there. When he is finished the others take over. Most of the time the girl won’t even report it out of shame.

Minibus Taxi drivers are especially notorious for kidnapping girls and gang-raping them along with their comrades.

In this case a girl was raped by seven boys. So it will be interesting to see how the cops record this. Is this one rape or seven?

The media is already pretending that this is a one-off kind of thing when everyone, especially coloured men and black men, knows that it is a daily occurrence.

Like I always say, observe them and what they do to each other and then think what are they going to do to us when they get the chance?

Boys videotape horrific gang rape
2012-04-18 08:10

Johannesburg - A shocking video has emerged in which seven boys gang rape a 17-year-old girl in Soweto.

Eyewitness News reported that the boys, who were between 14 and 20, were arrested on Tuesday.

The video was made on a cellphone and is about 10 minutes long.

The girl could clearly be heard to be crying and pleading with her attackers, who repeatedly rape her.

The boys apparently offered her R2 to keep quiet.

The video showed several acts of penetration as well as the boys joking around and encouraging each other while talking about whether the victim was crying or not.

A police spokesperson said the girl had gone missing three weeks ago, and is still missing. She was apparently left with an elderly taxi driver in Dobsonville.

It was believed that she had been kidnapped by the boys and kept as a sex slave.

17 April 2012

The parasitical Socialist milking of the working class

By Mike Smith
17th of April 2012

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in a TV interview for Thames TV on Feb. 5, 1976, said, "...and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them."

Over the years I have seen many different versions of this quote, but for the most part it goes something like this; “The problem with Socialism is that sooner or later they run out of other people’s money to steal or spend.

This has made me think if this saying was in fact true, because it seems as if Socialist dictators never run out of money.

Look at Joseph Stalin for instance. His economic policies and five year plans all failed and the USSR was bankrupt, but through the Lend-Lease system of 1941-1945 the USA threw them a life saver and kept this piece of Socialist trash and mass murderer in power to continue his reign of terror.

$11.3 billion went to the Soviet Union along with almost 4 million tons of goods, paid for by the US taxpayers. The story of the American Lend Lease system to Russia can be read in the book, “The naked Communist” by W. Cleon Skousen (pg 163).

The Russian airplanes were given first priority over planes of the US Army and Air Forces. 1,305 Large Marine Diesel Engines (of over 200HP) were sent to Russia and rusting away in sheds for post war use, whilst the American Navy in the South Pacific badly needed such engines. Copper wire that was to be used for post war restoration of Russia was so much that it had to be stored on a twenty acre plot.

But that is not all…$3,040,423,000 worth of “goods”, including cigarette cases, phonograph records, Ladies’ powder compacts, sheet music, pianos, women’s jewelry, household furnishings, fishing tackle, lipstick, perfumes, dolls, bank vaults, playground equipment, etc were all shipped to support the communist, courtesy of the American taxpayers.

This was not the first time. I quote from “The Naked Communist” (pg. 119)

Start of quote.

The breaking point for Lenin came in 1921-22 when the economic inefficiency of the Bolshevik regime was compounded by a disastrous famine. There was a complete crop failure along the Volga-The breadbasket of Russia. Nikolaus Baseches wrote:”No one who was ever in that famine area, no one who saw those starving and brutalized people, will ever forget the spectacle. Cannibalism was common. The despairing people crept about, emaciated, like brown mummies…When those hordes fell upon an unprepared village, they were apt to massacre every living person.”

Packs of wild, orphaned children roamed like hungry wolves through cities and country sides. It is estimated that during the year 1922, over 33 million Russians were starving and 5 million died. The people of the United States were so shocked by this almost inconceivable amount of human suffering that they raised funds for the Hoover Commission to feed over 10 million Russians during 1922.”

End of quote.

It is the same with other Communist scumbags like Robert Mugabe. After singlehandedly wrecking his country’s economy, he appealed to the West for aid to rebuild his economy, and the USA and UK showered him with money, their only requirement was that Mugabe’s lapdog Morgan Tsvangirai spends the money and not Mugabe. How utterly naïve.

Mugabe appeals for Aid
US pledges $73 million aid to Zimbabwe
The US has spent $500 million on humanitarian aid to Zimbabwe

And how did they thank the Americans?

The white American Aid Worker Dick Gilman, 58, a retired American software specialist from Connecticut who had been in the country for less than three weeks and who was helping to feed hundreds of starving schoolchildren in Zimbabwe was shot dead by security forces at a road block for being “rude”. Zimbabwe police kill American aid worker for being "rude"

Tja…that is the lesson liberal whites keep on learning over and over. That is what you get for trying to interfere with nature and help starving blacks.

Nevertheless, the point is that Socialists never run out of other people’s money, because the moment they do, they just appeal to the West and voila! Millions of Aid streams in…

The same is happening in SA. Our illustrious Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan heads to Washington this week for a meeting of G-20 finance ministers and central bank governors. He apparently wants to push them for more reform…which simply means he wants more aid for the communist scum in the ANC.

SA pushing for more Wold Bank, IMF reform

See, the ANC is feeling the pinch, because there are not that many white cash cows to steal tax from left in SA. They have all left and emigrated. So now the ANC’s Pravin Gordhan wants to go after South Africans living and working abroad and wants them to declare their earnings to SARS (SA Revenue Service).

Disclose your UK earnings to SARS?

He said: ““Your foreign income will NOT be taxed in South Africa, however, you are compelled by South African Law to have an Income Tax Number, submit a return to SARS every year and declare your worldwide income,”

South Africans reacted to this news with characteristic indignation – they posted comments such as, “That bunch of swindling criminals can go and get knotted. I refuse point blank to give them any indication of what I earn, it’s because of them that all of us are here trying to earn money because they put us out of the job market because we are the wrong colour.”

The next thing that will come will be travel restrictions and people will be prohibited to leave the country and go work abroad. This is what full blown Socialism has always done in every country it was introduced into. The same is coming to SA. Those who have left in time can count themselves lucky. The worst is still to come.

16 April 2012

The ideological turd wors

By Mike Smith
16th of April 2012

During the early 1990’s the ANC and SACP claimed that some mysterious boogey man called the “Third Force” was responsible for all the violence in SA. Fact is that the ANC/SACP/Cosatu alliance was the third force.

But now Jeep tyre lips, Blade Nzimande, secretary general of the SA Communist Party and minister of higher education has said that a mysterious ideological third force in the “Liberal media”, liberal NGO’s and in the banking sector is trying to discredit the ANC.

First of all I could not believe that he called the media “liberal”, as we know they are totally liberally biased.

Nevertheless, paranoid Nzimande said, “that an “anti-majoritarian liberal offensive” was trying to assemble elite voices that appear to be “either neutral or authoritative” to try and discredit the ANC.“
Nzimande said the print media in South Africa had effectively “become part of the political opposition”

Blade on the ideological third force

See, this is what happens when your brain has been fixated on Communism for such a long time. You go senile, become paranoid, demented and you start talking gibberish as old Jeep lips Nzimande.
Well I can assure Blade Nzimande that nobody has to try and discredit the ANC, because the ANC is doing a perfectly fine job of discrediting themselves all on their own.

But Blade is branding critics of the ANC an “ideological third force” with a “fear of black majority rule”.

Ah yes…we know that already Blade. Anybody that criticizes the inept, useless, and incompetent ANC government is a “rêssist”. Right?

The problem is that recently the biggest critics came from lifelong ANC stalwarts such as Winnie Madikizela Mandela, who said that the ANC failed the people in supplying even the basic services such as clean water and electricity.

Dr Mamphela Ramphele said that Education was better under Apartheid than today under the ANC

Even the slain SACP leader Chris Hani’s daughter, Cleopatra Hani said the ANC should get their house in order, that her dad would be ashamed of the ANC and “The very same people who vote for the ANC year in and year out are the ones who do not have anything, not even the most basic of services like clean water and toilets.”
Cleopatra Hani chastising the ANC

Other black leaders such as Mangosuthu Buthelezi of the Zulu IFP and Dr. Reuel Khoza of Nedbank has also criticized the ANC and their “strange breed” of incompetent leaders. Khoza slams ANC leadership

It looks to me that the ANC’s biggest critics are their own buddies and not the whites.

We have been saying the same for many years. The ANC is the most useless, corrupt and incompetent government this country has ever had…and for that they called us “rêssist”…but now that several black leaders and academics have said the same, they are called the “Ideological Third Force” and part of an “anti-majoritarian liberal offensive”.

If only the ANC and the SACP would put as much effort into governing the country correctly as they put into thinking up clap trap like “anti-majoritarian” then it would also go better, but don’t hold your breath.

15 April 2012

NG Church to become a Muslim, Anti Christian indoctrination centre

By Mike Smith
15th of April 2012

You know, when we are young dumb and full of cum we do some stupid things and I had my fair share of idiotic decisions that I have made in my life.

Let me tell you about the time when Mike became a Muslim. No Shit.

It was more than a generation ago when I was about twenty years old and I was a young liberal student, thirsty for knowledge…

Man, I was like an animal that hasn’t seen water for days. I wanted to know everything about everything. I was like a sponge just soaking up knowledge all arround me.

It was the time before internet and one actually had to spend time in the library if one wanted to know anything.

There were not enough hours in the day for me to read everything, but basically I read everything I could lay my hands on. I was like a poor hobo who fell into a bank vault surrounded by millions and millions of hundred dollar bills.

One thing that always interested me was other religions. What did other people believe and made them tick?

For instance, Muslims…To me there was just one way to find out and that was to become one. So I became one…for an entire year.

Right from the start I noticed the anti Christian stance. When a former Christian becomes a Muslim he has to, in the presence and to the instructions of the Imam, denounce that Jesus died on the cross and deny that Jesus was resurrected on the third day. I had to do that too.

At the time I still thought, “Hey, what does this denouncing of Christ has to do with being a Muslim? Why not just teach me what you believe and try to convince me to follow your believes? Why diss another religion? Why make the denouncing of Christ the central theme to becoming a Muslim?”

I almost called it a day and almost turned my back on this farcical lot, but anyway, I played along and the next thing you know I was a Muslim. So I started attending the Maghrib (sunset) prayer service at the mosque every evening.

And there were the Imam and the Tablihs (roughly compared to our elders of the church) and a few normal guys just coming from work or after they have closed their business, etc. The Tablihs would always smoke some dagga behind the mosque, because according to them the Quran prohibits wine but not drugs from other plants so Dagga and opium, etc are allowed. Only Alcohol is bad. The Tablihs also never worked. They would be married to four wives and the wives worked. According to a Tablih, being a spiritual example in the community was a fulltime job.

Anyway, back at the mosque, after taking Abdas (cleansing, washing feet, hands, nose, ears, etc) the call to prayer would start followed by the ritual bowing, kneeling, forehead on the ground, in the direction of Mecca as I am sure you are all accustomed to from seeing on TV.

Then the men would scatter and make themselves comfortable on the carpet for the main sermon delivered by the Imam, which was nothing but anti Christian, anti other religious hate speech, night after night after night.

A lot of things were outright lies. The Imam would for instance say to the Muslim men that in Islam there is only one God, his prophet Mohammed and one Islam. That any Muslim could go to any mosque anywhere in the world, because there is only one branch of Islam, but that Christians could only go to their own of hundreds of branches of Christian churches and that a Presbyterian was not allowed to go to a Baptist church, etc.

As we know, it is nonsense and blatant lies, but these Muslim men drank in every word this Imam said. So I decided to move to another Jama…(congregation)…but it was exactly the same there. In fact it was my experience for the entire year and some time afterwards as well that all Mosques all over the world (and I have been in many) preach the same theme…They start off glorifying their God, Prophet and themselves and then quickly degenerate into hate speech against Christians, Jews and anybody else who is not Muslim.

I went to Maghrib just about every night, I went to the Madrassa (place of learning) to learn to read, write and recite the Quran in Arabic . Everywhere it was the same. The central theme was not how wonderful and good the Muslim faith is, but how evil and bad Christianity and Judaism are.

It did not matter whether I attended Juma-at on Friday or Maghrib on other days of the week at different mosques in different town or in different cities of the world. My experience was that the main sermon was ALWAYS, anti Christian to every single sermon and every single mosque I have been to. Not once was there a sermon only on the beauty of Islam, no, every time a little tail would be added about how bad Christianity or Judaism was and how much superior Islam is.

Nevertheless, with my unquenchable thirst for knowledge I started reading the Quran, the Sunnah, hundreds of Kitabs and books about early Islam.

That was when I discovered that most Muslims did not even have the faintest clue of their own religion. They knew a few basics but for the most part they were ignorant, brainwashed and were only regurgitating what the Imams told them in the Mosques or the Madrasas.

Today, when one confronts them with things like their Prophet was married to a child, Aisha whom he consummated the marriage with when she was 9 and he 53, they reason it away that when a woman is old enough to get her periods she is old enough to be married.

When one points out that Mohammed was a thief, murderer and bandit who robbed caravans and morally deficient to be a prophet of God one is met with either blank stares or fiery opposition. Yet it is all the truth.

But hey, historians are not allowed to insult the Great Prophet, by telling the truth, right?

Frankly, I lasted a year. No intelligent person can hold it out for much longer in Islam. Not if you were brought up as a free thinker in a free thinking society as I was.

Exactly twelve months later I again donned my neck-chain with my cross that my mother gave me for my eighteenth birthday, kissed the cross and knew that the prodigal son was home again.

Nevertheless, it was also during this time, long before the 11th of September 2001, that I discovered that in fact there are almost as many main stream groups of Islam as there is in Christianity and then many more sub groups follows. The two main groups are of course the Sunnis and the Shiites.

I am not going to go into the differences in detail now, and will leave it up to the reader to research, but under the more radical, Shiites, there are even more radical sub groups such as the Nizārī Ismailis who became known as the Assassins ( from the Arabic Hashishin named after their leader Hassan-i Sabbah). From them we have adopted their name into the English Language, “Assassin”.

This order of Nizārī Ismailis also known as “assassins” still exists today in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood and their leader is the Agha Khan IV, one of the most richest men in the world, a race horse breeder of note and , the true leader behind Al Qaeda, and also behind the recent Arab spring and uprisings in the Arab world.

Nevertheless, today I am not really sorry that I became a Muslim back then. At least today I know what an indoctrination centre a Madrassa is, because I attended one. At least today when I write something about Islam, I have an informed opinion, because for twelve months I was one and in the end knew more about their religion than they themselves. I experienced the indoctrination first hand. There is just no better education than that. No professor of Islamic studies at any University can come close with his teachings. It is only when you experience Islam first hand that you truly understand it.

It was therefore interesting for me to have read in the Rapport Newspaper today that a historical church of the NG Kerk (Dutch Reform Church) in Langlaagte was just another one of many to be bought up by a Muslim consortium and going to be turned into a Madrassa ( place of Muslim indoctrination).

The NG Churches of Crosby-West and Johannesburg-West were also recently bought by Muslims and the NG Church in Cottesloe is nowadays a Buddhist temple.

Rapport article in Afrikaans
IOL English report

According to Dominee Hennie van Rooyen, the Church cannot afford the maintenance of the building anymore and the demographics of the area have changed from predominantly white Afrikaner Christians to Indian Muslims.

Truth is that the Dutch Reform Church is dying a slow and painful death losing 20,000 members a year, through mostly emigration and bullshit dogma that they preach.

During Apartheid the church fully supported Apartheid and had no problem morally justifying Apartheid from a Biblical view point.

Then suddenly in the 1980’s after realizing that the writing was on the wall for the National Party, they changed their allegiance 180 degrees and started Criticizing Apartheid, started indoctrinating their congregations and selling their people out to the forces of Satanic Marxism to save their own skins.

Where are these vociferous whores of Babylon today? Nowhere to be seen. They know the Spark plug church is going down and thousands of Dominees are going to be without jobs, let alone all the Kosters who polished the seats and the tea ladies….ag…who cares? Julle wou mos…

This is what these NG Dominees wanted. They wanted this Marxist spawn of Satan in power. Year after year at their synod meetings they denounced Apartheid, glorified Nietche and materialism who said that God is dead…

Now God is showing them that he is NOT dead, that in fact he is not even Sleeping.

Now they are picking the fruit of their labour. Hosea 8:7 says “They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind”.

Truth is that the Afrikaner people are not abandoning their faith. They are simply abandoning their useless church, because their church has abandoned them…a long time ago.

The NG Church and their synod have a lot of introspection to go and do. They must go sit still and ask where they have gone wrong. Then they should seek God’s forgiveness, repent from their evil humanistic and liberal ways and return to the teachings of God in the Bible.

If they don’t, I see the end of the NG Church in SA within the next two years or so…and thousands of Dominees who have studied seven years, will join the queue at the unemployment line, because let’s face it…what are they actually good for, apart from talking liberal tripe and bullshit from the pulpit every Sunday? Apart from ANC politicians, NG Kerk dominee must rank right up there amongst the moist useless jobs available in SA.

Truth is that we do not need any of them. If all the dominees in SA die tomorrow, the world won’t even miss them for a single second. In fact. The world will be a better place without them polluting the minds of their congregations with their humanistic and materialistic clap trap.

Nevertheless, I will leave you with what Francis Bacon said:

“It is not what you eat, but what you DIGEST that makes you strong. It is not what you earn, but what you SAVE that makes you rich. It is not what you preach, but what you PRACTICE that makes you a Christian.”

Good luck to the NG Church.

13 April 2012

The Zille refugee comment and the subsequent ANC pants pissing

By Mike Smith
13th of April 2012

A few years ago when Brandon Huntley applied for refugee status to the Canadian authorities due to him being discriminated against in SA on the fact that he is white and that he will be attacked for the same reason, the ANC freaked out.

They called him all sorts of names, crazy, racists…the usual ANC petulant insults.

One of the ANC’s stalwarts that climbed onto the bandwagon was Patrick Tariq Mellet, Director of Immigration services at the Dept of Home affairs in the Cape, who also runs a pathetic website called Cape heritage slavery blog or something to that effect.

He discovered that there were not only one Huntley in the country (moerse surprised) but quite a few. In fact there were also some coloureds by that surname. So…siemsalabiem…Huntley must be a coloured. You can read his histerical rant over here Huntley is “coloured”

I kid you not. This is how this race obsessed, trained ANC terrorist and propagandist’s mind works. It is like saying, because there are some coloured people with the surname Williams, all Williams’ in SA are coloureds.

At the time in 2009, I still wrote an article about it on the now defunct SA Sucks, but I see someone copied the article and can be found on this page, about halfway down under the heading The ANC’s relentless persecution of Brandon Huntley . In that article I ripped his ridiculous reasoning to shreds.

Basically Mellet believes all South Africans are coloureds. Just different shades of coloureds. Like I always say, I do not have a problem with that…they must just show me where I should line up for my AA and BEE benefits.

But now, Mr Mellet has attacked the DA’s Hellen Zille, calling her, “My Fuerer”, likening her to that other totalitarian socialist scum-bag, Adolf Hitler. Bit of a slap in her face seeing that her family is half Jewish who fled the holocaust in Germany. Zille likened to Hitler

Don’t get me wrong. I am not defending aunty Zille, she is old enough to do it herself. Besides, since she exorcised her house Leeuwenhof with a sangoma I don’t take her seriously anymore. At least her hair style is looking a lot better nowadays, now she should just get the outfits right and she might win some elections.


He also posted a Facebook comment labelling Zille “motormouth” and “racist” following her controversial “refugees” comments that Eastern Cape students are flocking to the Western Cape like refugees to get a decent education.

The comment read:

“The Devolved Apartheid Party (DA) are now really going back to their roots....Zille everyday more and more sounds like PW Botha---the skew mouth, the wagging finger, the voice with the wry smile and pregnant pause, and the Apartheid talk about alien refugees flooding into the White-Coloured Labour Preference Area...wow...this closely follows her Butcher of Hangberg orders to deal ruthlessly with opposition resulting in ‘the shoot the eyes out of protestors’ action by kitskonstabels.
“Mein Fuehrer Helen Zille motormouth does not cease to amaze with her cloned NP style. The DA really have become the Devolved Apartheid Party. How she justifies her racist rants just deepens the foot in mouth desease. “PW Botha has risen from the dead. She really does him proud.”

Now the DA’s federal chairman, Dr. Wilmot James is outraged and demands the guy to be sacked.

He called Mellet a “bigot” and “a closet loon with no sense of judgement – or history.”

I fully agree, however I do not mind Patric Mellet ranting and name calling others. Let him get off his chest what he really feels so we can see him for the fool he really is.

On one of my other posts I referred to Godwin’s Law which basically says that sooner or later, in all online discussions, someone will call somebody else a nazi or liken him/her to Hitler when he loses the argument. One can include the term “racist” here, because that is what liberals call people who win arguments against them.

So Patric Tariq Mellet might not know it, but by likening Zille to the Fuehrer, he has lost the argument and Zille has won.

Hey, all you have to do is look at the various comments on the various blogs like this one below, to see what people think of pseudo historian Patric Tariq Mellet. I have nothing more to add.

“Patric Tariq Mellet (aka “The Mullet)is a douche-bag deluxe and would sell his grandma if his ANC puppet-masters pulled the right strings!(and made the appropriate payment into his bank account)”.

12 April 2012

South Africa’s Super-Kiddies who walk 40km a day just to attend school

By Mike Smith
12th of April 2012

If the Main Stream Media is not reverting to psy-ops and news manipulation they spread the uttermost junk and lies.

Look at this article in the PE Herald for instance.

Pupils forced to walk 40km because of transport strike

A public transport strike has been going on for a couple of days now and the black kids from the farms and the rural areas have to make other plans to get to school. So they walk.

The article states that “Patensie High School principal Gregory Prince said many pupils had walked to school yesterday, some covering up to 40km in total there and back.”

When I was in high school I walked 2 km to school and 2 km back every day. I managed to do 2 km in 30 minutes with brisk walking. So in total it took me an hour to get to school and back.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I did the trip twice because I had Martial Arts practice at 17h00. Didn’t have a bicycle, because we were poor.

So covering 20km would take me as a top fit Rugby playing and martial artist teenager at least 5 hours. 40 km would take me ten hours of walking every day.

Now the article above tells us that kids some just six years old are covering this, no problem.
Aah look…another MSM pig flying by…

Bloody amazing…top fit infantry soldiers on a route march were lucky if they could match what these 6 year old kids are capable of in the New South Africa.

This must be some kind of a record…not in walking capability but in lying.

But be careful that you do not call them out, because then you will be accused of being a “Rêssist”…No, you should just believe all the crap that is dished up to you.