31 May 2012

The onslaught against white South Africans continue unabated

By Mike Smith
31st of May 2012

The Afrikaans newspaper Beeld reported that yet another elderly man, Johan van der Merwe (67), was attacked in his home in the Northern Freestate.

Blacks encircled his house and fired shots through the windows. He managed to escape with his life by hiding in the corridor.

It is the fifth such attack in six weeks. In the other attacks Christo Jansen van Rensburg (36) was attacked with a petrol bomb at his farm gate. Cookie Oosthuizen (69) and his wife, Meisie (68), were almost shot to death. Two security gaurds of the farmer, Frikkie Rautenbach (95) were attacked with hammers. Susan van Biljon (67) was attacked in her farmhouse and severely assaulted.

Then all hell broke loose

In another incident, a 33 year old white mother of an 8yo daughter Igna Nortjé was kidnapped and stabbed to death mostly in her throat. Her body was found near the townships 40m from her car. The murderers used her bank card three times during the day.

What struck me is how the newspaper downplayed the crime by calling the murderers “Robbers”.
Young mother stabbed to death

And as the mayor of Pretoria is carrying on with his street renaming exercises and ultimately the total name change of the city, in the former Boer Capital, he now also has another plan…Housing the Lumpenproletariat in the white affluent areas.

Pretoria name changes going ahead
Lumpenproletariat to be settled in white areas

…And when whites tried to train themselves in self defence on a farm, the ANC Gestapo clammed down on a pregnant woman who made her farm available for such training Right wing Boer woman arrested for explosives

No explosives were found, just a piece of cordex wire and some R1, .22 and shotgun rounds…probably planted by the police.

She is being investigated for “high treason” and “terrorism” amongst other charges of “racism” and “hatespeech”.

Apparently the F.W. de Klerk foundation is upset about the green paper on “land reform”…

"If you have read the green paper, you will realise the degree of racial aggression that it contains... it is impossible to ignore," executive director Dave Steward said at a conference on the document, organised by AfriForum in Pretoria.

"The inflammatory historic analysis is irreconcilable with the Constitution's goal of healing the divisions of the past."

Steward said the green papers' characterisation of white farmers as colonialists came close to hate speech.

FW de Klerk foundation says green paper is attack on white farmers

The SA Communist Party obviously did not feel much for F.W. de Klerk (who does?) because they called him a “A Spook who is trying to undermine the ANC leadership” and the leader of the SACP, Blade Nzimande told whites that “Enough is enough”…

Nzimande also condemned what he said were "liberals who are disrespecting us. To whites, we are saying enough is enough." Enough is enough, Blade tells whites

Ironic that he should mention the “Liberals” who are disrespecting “Them”…We know that the Communists see liberals as their “useful idiots”.

I think the writing is on the wall. The darkest period for whites in South Africa has arrived. We all know what is coming for whites in South Africa. As the ANC loses steam and stand to lose the elections, they will start clamping down more and more on whites, play the racial card and vilify whites. The situation will become unbearable and something will have to give.

Republic Day

By Mike Smith
31st of May 2012

In the old South Africa, the 31st of May was first called Union Day in 1910 when the two Boer Republics of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek and the Orange Free State joined into a Union of South Africa with the two British colonies of the Cape and Natal.

In 1961 South Africa became a republic and independent from Great Britain. It was then known as Republic Day and used to be a National Holiday.

The ANC scrapped it, because they do not believe in a republic, rather a “People’s Republic”…better known as a Communist Dictatorship.

On this day we stood to attention, hoisted the Orange, White and Blue and sang, “Die Stem”.
It was a time that South Africa reached heights it will probably never see again.

29 May 2012

Creation according to the Bantu – The Second People - Part two of a two part miniseries

By Mike Smith
29th of May 2012

In part one we have seen that today if a white person for instance had to call blacks “sub-human apes” or “the spawn of Satan” he would immediately be attacked as a vile racist.

But, as we shall see once again, this is exactly how blacks describe themselves in their legends, folktales and their story of creation as documented in “Indaba my Children; African folktales” by Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa (1964).

Credo Mutwa is today 91 years old; he is a Zulu Sangoma and historian of the Bantu People, a highly respected Sanusi (diviner), and author of many books about the Bantu people and considered the Pope of African religions.

Note that in the story I will use the words “bantu”, “Hottentots” and “Bushmen” as Credo Mutwa used it in his original work. Today the Politically Correct police would see these terms as somewhat derogatory.

Blacks also like to tell whites in South Africa that they should go back to Europe where they came from, that Africa is for Africans and that they are the only indigenous people of the continent…but as we shall see, blacks, according to their own religion and cultural legends are not indigenous to Africa and came from the West on a fish like creature. They first settled around the Kongo River.

In Part one we have seen how the First People (Amarire) were created by the rape of Ma, the mother goddess by the hideous Tree of Life.

Credo Mutwa tells us that the Amarire were red in complexion, all looked alike and were immortal.

They created an almost perfect society (living in a golden city) if only they were ruled properly. But they had an evil power drunk dictator Zaralleli who wanted to kidnap the mother Goddess Ma to save his sterile empire and become a god himself.

But his plan backfired when Ma arrived at the capital city Amak-Harabeti. Ma started radiating a terrible heat that caused earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt. Eventually the city disappeared into the sea.

As Ma was standing there in the middle of the city, watching the destruction around her, the Bjaauni, a slave race of blacks created by Zaralleli, rebelled against their former Amarire masters, slaughtering all, men and women. Their leader was Odu.

As the destruction of the city happened, one beautiful Amarire woman who did not become sterile, Amarava, was asleep in her house.

Her name would later be corrupted by the Bantu as “Mamiravi” or “Mamerafe”, the so-called “Mother of Nations”.

She woke up from the dreadful sounds outside and commanded her short green skirt to dress itself around her waist. Credo says that the green skirt indicated that she was a second-class citizen.

Thus we see that the Amarire had a class system in their society with the Bjaauni as “The lowest of the low”.

When she looked out the door, she was attacked by the Bjaauni who threw chopped off heads at Amarire who tried to escape and upon falling to the ground they would be impaled by spears.

But Amarava was saved by the giantess Ma. By touching each other’s breast and nipples and kissing each other’s abdomens they made a pact and Ma told Amarava that she would be saved to start the Second People, the offspring would become the Bantu.

Her husband would be the hideous half man half beast Odu, the killer of Zaralleli and leader of the Bjaauni. He would be the father of the future Bantu races.

Amarava was horrified.

Credo Mutwa says that when she “stared down at the sub-man a flood of unimaginable contempt, hatred and naked revulsion swept and overwhelmed her completely.”

“Surely the goddess was not giving her, the beautiful Amarava, to this smelly, hideous thing for a mate!” (pg 47).

“Surely she, Amarava, daughter of the First Red People was not being mated to this – this odorous, revolting soulless beast – this beast of burden the emperor created from putrid animal flesh!”

She cried and begged to rather be killed outright, “Rather than be wedded to so contemptuous a thing as Odu the Bjaauni – the Lowest of the Low!”

But the goddess Ma insisted and told her that if she ever ran away from Odu that she would experience immense pain on all those places she was touched by the goddess, until she is reunited with Odu again.

Ma then turned to Odu who cringed in animal fear at her feet. When she extended her hand to him, “He uttered a hoarse scream of undiluted terror and shrank back gibbering like a hypnotized ape which in features he so closely resembled.” (pg49)

Ma told him that Amarava was his wife and that he had to take good care of her and populate the world. “Odu’s animal mind could not grasp all of this, but he humbly indicated agreement, faithful slave that he was.”

He could not understand why he was not punished for all that he did and instead was rewarded with a beautiful Amarire wife.

Ma then made a robot shark that took the two creatures eastward as the city capsized and sank behind them.

After a long journey the mighty, artificial fish nosed up the mouth of a mighty river that future generations would call the Bu-Kongo.

Odu built a hut on poles in the water and hunted, but Amarava could not fathom the thought of giving herself to the monstrous Odu…”Great was her hatred of this subhuman-ape”.

She then planned an escape. She would secretly kill Odu and be “well rid of this clumsy and ugly monster who was completely unaware of the fact that he was a living creature.”

After they had enough to eat, she instructed him to sleep, “which he promptly did, being completely unable to do anything unless instructed.”

When he was asleep she set the hut on fire and ran away, thinking that he must be surely dead. She slept in a Mopani tree and ate figs. Suddenly she started experiencing the pains the mother goddess Ma told her she would get if she ran away from Odu.

She tried to get back to the hut but lost her way. So she was kidnapped by three reptilian creatures that looked like a cross between a frog and a crocodile and taken to a cave where the chief joined them his name was Gorogo.

Credo says in the cast of characters in the beginning of the book that he was the chief of the Frog People and father of all the Pygmies and Bushmen.

Amarava tried to escape but the frog people caught her and took her back where she was forcibly wed. Till today the Xhosa people talk about a “Frogs Bride” meaning a forced marriage. A girl thrashed into a marriage with a man she does not love.

Nevertheless Amarava became the queen of the Frog people laying many eggs which when they hatched gave life to “yellow frog-like people; cunning little rascals these – the Pygmies and the Bushmen.

When her offspring grew up and reached adulthood (after three years) they armed themselves with bows and arrows and killed the Frogmen, the last to fall was Gorogo, their chief.

Amarava was furious, because she grew to like the frogmen. So she cursed her offspring…

“Be gone – hence you vile little bastards…Henceforth you and your miserable descendants shall be nothing but vagabonds and thieves! By thieving and cunning you shall live to the end of time, and never progress or rise above what you are today.” (pg58)

Amarava left the valley of the frogmen all the while still having the pains that Ma said she would get for leaving Odu.

Then one day a gigantic hand gripped her shoulder. She spun around and saw Odu.

Odu explained that one day while he was out on the hunt, he encountered the goddess Ma who told him of Amarava’s shrewd plan to kill him and that he should feign sleep.

As her pains disappeared, she felt a deep gratitude that Odu was still alive. Odu picked her up and carried her to his new kraal. He then went into the river and came back with an ivory paddle with which he gave her a “healthy spanking”.

His spanking was interrupted by Ma who told him that it was enough beating his wife. She told Amarava that she hoped she learned a lesson not to disobey the gods and to Odu she gave the instructions that he “Must never hesitate to use that handy object when she starts with her tricks again.”

The legend says that they lived happily for 100,000 years and had 5,000 sturdy sons and daughters. Soon they were grandparents to twenty million souls.

How did these new people – these so-called Second People look like? Credo Mutwa tells us on pg 61…

They resembled exactly the present-day Bantu, some darker than others some fat some thin…
“Some were idiots – from dimwits they ranged down to utter nitwits; very few were truly wise! In short, my children, they exactly resembled the puzzling muddle of present day humanity!”

But Amarava and Odu were good parents. They taught and meted out justice when disputes arose amongst their diverse progeny.”

Eventually Odu got tired of life, because of his inferiority complex. He knew he was ugly and stupid so he decided to commit suicide, but as an immortal he could only die if he completely destroyed himself. So he went to the snow capped mountain of Killima-Njaro and dived into a red hot crater of lava.

When Amarava sensed the fiery death of her husband she tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself with a copper dagger, but it bent when it hit her breast bone. She then tried to run herself through with a spear, but this was also unsuccessful.

Two of her younger descendants, Zumangwe the hunter and Marimba, the mother of all tribal singers tried to convince her not to commit suicide.

They tried to tie Amarava up, but she snapped the bonds and ran off into the forest.

8,000 people with dogs went looking for her and chased after her. After two months a tracker discovered that a big and monstrous creature was also tracking her down. He left a footprint that looked like the footprint of a giant vulture.

After three days they found her lying on the mudbank of a very fast flowing river. There was no way to get to her.

Then they heard a frightening splash as the monster tried to reach Amarava. They tried to scare the monster away by hurling stones at it. Amarava tried to get away from the scaly monster, but he snatched her.

Then the monster spoke…he said to the people: “Poor ignorant foolish human creatures – how terribly sentimental you are. It is for your own good and safety that I remove this Thing which you know as Amarava. You are blindly loyal to the outward form – to superficial appearance alone; When will your clouded brains appreciate that things are not what they appear to be! That there is more to anything than meets the eye!”

He then explained that Amarava was the reincarnation of the Fire Bride, or Rebel Goddess, who has been evading the Great Spirit uNkulunkulu for many millions of years.

As they looked, Amarava’s skin turned golden and she grew an udder of five breasts – ruby tipped. Her soft eyes turned the greeny hardness of emeralds. Her hands acquired a sixth finger. From all her fingers razor sharp diamond claws grew out. A lion’s tail sprang from her backside. A flaming forked tongue protruded and licked her pig-iron lips.”

The monster then held her up and said,

“Behold the foul creature who not only deceived you, but Ma the First Goddess as well. Look upon the thing you knew as Amarava and for which you were prepared to sacrifice your lives! See the one you adored as Amarava, in whom is now reincarnated Watamaraka, the Spirit of Evil.”

Credo Mutwa describes Watamaraka as follows. “Watamaraka, the goddess of Evil, mother of all demons.”

As the monster disappeared with his captive in a flash of unearthly flame – Marimba saw the sneer of contempt on the once beloved face of Amarava; “I shall return one day and avenge myself on all living things – I shall…”

Zumangwe the Hunter then ordered all the witnesses never to repeat what they have seen. They went back to their village in Tanga-Nyika and told the others that the search for Amarava was unsuccessful. The secret of Amarava went with these men to their graves.

The story ends with Credo Mutwa saying. “Now all of you my children have to some small extent inherited Amarava’s split personality. Within each of you there are two different beings, one good and one evil – in constant conflict.”


As we have seen, the Bantu legend of creation is from start to finish a tale of rape, murder and destruction and as we await the return of Jesus they await the return of the “Mother of all demons”.
As the story details, they suffer from a tremendous inferiority complex, because even to themselves they are ugly and the cleverest are “dimwitted”; unable to think for themselves. They know they are the offspring of “The mother of all demons”. How must they feel by knowing this?

These are their own tales that they created and tell their own children, generation after generation.

Are they racist to say these things about themselves? Or is it racist when whites quote their own words back to them and hold the mirror up to them?

When we know the roots of the black culture and beliefs then it is not so difficult to understand why they have no problem with incest, sodomy, beating their wives or the raping of babies to cure AIDS, etc.

The thing that prevents them from living the way they want to live is the White man’s Roman-Dutch law system.

I fully agree. I do not think that our laws should be thrust on a people who do not understand it or want nothing to do with it. In fact I think it is immoral to do so.

Blacks should be allowed to rule themselves under their own laws, but so should whites. The two cultures are just too vastly different to ever be compatible.

28 May 2012

Creation according to the Bantu – The First People - Part one of a two part miniseries

By Mike Smith
29th of May 2012

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself,you will succumb in every battle” -  Sun Tzu

Last week we saw the strangling to death of a five month old white baby called Wiehan Botes. His daycare mother, Magrietha de Goede (66) was also killed. The police as usual have no idea who the killer is, but according to a private investigator, signs are pointing to the gardener of the elderly lady.

Rapport newspaper reported that Friday night there wasn’t a single dry eye in the small community of Delmas as hundreds of people pulled together for a night vigil, laying flowers and lighting candles, to support the mother and father of little Wiehan Botes Rapport, rivers of tears flow in Delmas

That is how we are…God made us compassionate, because he gave us tears.

The Sowetan newspaper asked Who could kill a baby in daycare?!

Good question...

This week in South Africa is Child Protection week, but if you look at the rate children are killed or traumatized in this country you would think there is just no justice in the diabolical South Africa. It is as if God himself has turned his back on the country…or has the country turned its back on God?

But what kind of Evil beings can kill children like five month old baby Wiehan Botes?

Just this morning, in the middle of a freezing Freestate winter, a baby boy was found abandoned in a field in Bloemfontein

A Northern Cape mother, Venolia Siwa, is currently standing trial for murdering five of her children.
Her three month old baby that was born in prison was put in family care.

Siwa is accused of killing her five children by forcing them to drink a cocktail of brake fluid and cool drink. She is then believed to have drowned them in the bath tub when she realized they were not dying quickly enough.

Her children - Sizwe, 13, Lukanyo, 10, Edward, 5, Reatlegile, 4, and Matiki, 2 - were killed in October at their grandmother's house in Lower Majeakgoro village.
The trial of Venolia Siwa

One regularly reads in the MSM about how black mothers throw their babies in pit toilets to die.

Here is a story from a few days ago about a baby girl called “Precious” who was only a few days old when the police found her kicking and screaming inside a long-drop toilet. Her skin was burnt from the acid in the toilet. The 25 year old mother was arrested.
Baby rescued from long drop toilet

Like I said this is a regular occurrence amongst blacks throughout South Africa…

19 year old Eastern Cape mother dumps 4month old baby near township
One day old baby boy found in plastic bag, Soweto …“Police have noticed several cases of child abandonment even in the last week.”

Limpopo student killed baby girl in pit toilet
Missing black girl found in family deep freeze – Stepfather arrested

One can literally fill pages with these cases straight from the main stream media.

Today, people in South Africa will tell you that blacks are cruel, lazy, rapacious…that they stink, are stupid and cannot think for themselves, blindly following their leaders, etc…And liberals across the world will get a fit and gasp for air at this “brazen racism” for saying something like that.

But as we shall see it is what blacks know about themselves and teach their children. Are they also racist now? These beliefs are part of their culture and folklore.

I have always maintained that the Communists in their conquest of Africa, studied the Bantu people in great detail.

Truth is that today few other whites study the beliefs of the Bantu. What they see are only the effects, but very few whites understand the causes. Where does this evil and disregard for life come from?

Where does the belief in laziness come from? Where does the belief in entitlement come from and the expectations of getting everything you simply wish for like the Communist have promised the blacks throughout Africa? Why do they kill their babies? Why are these black dictators so power drunk?

The answers can be found in the creation tale told by black parents to their children as documented by the great Zulu Sangoma (shaman) Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa in his book “Indaba my Children” (1964).

See, whites have the beautiful story of creation in Genesis in the Bible with Adam and Eve living in paradise, but the story of creation according to blacks is an evil story of rape, enslavement and horrible murder.

Blacks believe in forefather spirits of which the greatest spirit is “uNkulunkulu” (their name for God).
He created the beautiful mother goddess “Ma” or “Ninavanhu-Ma” who was silver coloured with golden eyes and four breasts each with an emerald nipple.

She was created imperfect and is depicted with a deformed leg or one breast smaller than the others.

She was also cursed with all sorts of evil feelings and desires such as anger, jealousy, hunger and misery that she later passed on to humans. As Credo Mutwa says on page 8, “Imperfect seed brings forth imperfect plants.”

After she created the stars she sat on Thaba-Zimbi, the mountoun of iron and today the name of an iron mining town in Limpopo, South Africa.

But Ma was lonely and yearned for a mate. So uNkulunkulu promised to give her a mate. She thought that he would be as beautiful as her, but instead uNkulunkulu gave her a horrible demon like creature called, “The Tree of Life”.

His “arms” were like creeping vines studded with jagged pieces of granite, diamonds and iron ore.

From the middle of the monstrous granite trunk bulged dozens of bloodshot eyes which burnt with a lecherous hunger, while beneath them grinned a wicked mouth with a thousand pointed fangs, from between which every now and again a long green tongue full of crocodile scales would shoot out. The roots were the legs of the Tree of Life which he used to crawl around on like a crab or a spider.

The Tree caught the goddess Ma and entangled her paying no attention to her cries to release her. He held her fast beyond all hope and raped her.

When he finally released her she managed to escape to the area known as the Ka-Lahari, but the Tree pursued her relentlessly. Finally she reached the lake Makarikari, swam through it and turned into a bird.

The Tree of Life thought she would get away so he made a huge lump of clay around a rock and threw it at the bird, hitting her behind her head. She fell out of the sky into the arms of the ugly tree and the lump of clay ricocheted off into the sky and into orbit, becoming the Moon.

That was how the first “marriage” took place and is the origin of why the Xhosas for instance still practices uKutwala…the hunting down of a 13 year old girl by a much older man who rapes her and makes her his wife.

The horrible practice of uKutwala

Back to our creation story…

The Tree of Life then held the goddess Ma as his sex slave never to let her escape again. After a thousand years she started getting birth pains.

From her sprang forth the First People called the Amarire. From the tree came fruits, birds and reptiles.

Credo Mutwa says that The First People were all red in colour like the plains of Africa and all looked the same. There were no Bantus, Pigmys, Hottentots or Bushmen. There were no black skinned or brown skinned men.

The creation of races was the result of a great accident which occurred through the sinfulness of the first men. It is a forbidden story that must never be told to strangers, but Credo Mutwa broke his oath and told it.

It is said that for tens of thousands of years there was peace and no wars in an almost communist society. Credo Mutwa writes on page 22, “There were no such things as anger and hate and nothing of “this is mine and that is yours”, no contention and no rivalry.”

One of the first people, the offspring of the rape between “The Tree of life” and Ma was a beautiful woman called, Kei-Lei-Si, or today commonly known as Nelesi.

She gave birth to a deformed child, “deformed not in flesh alone, but also in his soul.”

He had a shrunken body, flat head and a single, short sighted cyclopean eye. His arms and legs were shrunken stiff and his mouth was completely displaced to one side of his face. He stank and he breathed through only one nostril.

She called him Zah-Ha-Rrellel (the wicked), commonly known today as Zaralleli or Saraleli, the father of all the Tokoloshes (wicked goblin like creatures).

As was the custom she took the child to the Kaa-U-La birds for blessing, but they told her to kill the monstrosity for the sake of mankind and the stars. She refused to do it and instead protected him from the birds that tried to kill him and hid her monstrous child in an underground cavern where she raised him alone.

One day when Nelesi came back from a crab hunt she saw that her son Zaralleli was creating something and she felt proud of him.

Out of iron ore he created a horrible being with glowing red eyes and legs like a grasshopper and wings like a dragon fly, the first Tokoloshe.

When his mother asked him why, he said it was for conquest. “Conquest of what?” she asked…

“Conquest of everything…the earth the sun and the moon” answered her son.

He then set the beast on his own mother who jumped on her and from his mouth came a metal like spike that he thrust into her chest and sucked her dry. Zaralleli ignored his mother’s cries for mercy and told her that he no longer needed her protection.

For her it was too late for regrets. She should have listened to the birds and killed her son at birth.

Zaralleli became known as the First Chief and a vicious tyrant. He and his Tokoloshes emerged from the cavern and the first thing they did was to kill all the holy Kaa-U-La birds.

Then they set on the First People to conquer and enslave them, promising them “A new life of plenty of luxury and peace and pleasure in limitless measure”.

He said he was sent from a god, that if they followed him humbly, he would deliver them from all poverty and diseases. He would kill all the dangerous beasts and give them a life of luxury and ease. The gullible people believed it and blindly followed him.

(The story sounds very familiar if one conciders the lies and deception of the Red Communists.)

Two generations later Zaralleli discovered the Immortal Secret. (how to rule for ever).

The people lived in golden huts which they could move around simply by a wish. There was no need to light a fire or till the land. When one wanted to eat, one simply filled a pot with whatever one wished to eat and then command the pot to boil.

No longer was it necessary to walk long distances. They could simply stand outside their huts and wish themselves anything they wanted and it would arrive at their doorstep in a flash.

One did not even need to lift a drinking pot to ones lips, just by wishing, the pot would pour the water down one’s throat.

In time the people became so lazy that even chewing food or swallowing was too strenuous. So they got the powers to wish the food directly into their stomachs! They became so lazy that sex became too strenuous so they lost their power to reproduction.

To save his now sterile empire Zaralleli devised a cunning plan to create a slave race.

He would crush the flesh of wild beasts and from the pulp created new creatures “resembling the human being”.

“These queer creatures he earmarked as slaves, entertainers and workers in his expanding empire. These creatures, produced like kaffircorn cakes, were Bjaauni, the lowest of the low”. (pg32)

Further…I quote Credo Mutwa…

“Legends tell us that these Bjaauni looked something like giant gorillas; Completely hairless and of dead flesh and blood, Their skin wa a greenish dark brown – They constantly had a putrid odour.”

So who was the “Bjaauni race”?

In the “Character cast” at the beginning of the book we see that Credo Mutwa describes them like this: “Odu – Last survivor of the Bjaa-Uni – artificially produced flesh-and-blood slaves – Father of the Second People, the Bantu.”

Credo Mutwa says that “They could not think for themselves. They dumbly and blindly obeyed their masters however mad the instruction; If asked to drink a river dry they would drink till they burst and died.”

Meanwhile the Tree of Life and Ma regretted their offspring and decided to first send them a punishment as warning before destroying them completely. They sent rain and hailstorms and half of the Amarire (the First People) died, the rest built big rafts and escaped and found new cities of solid gold.

But Zaralleli would soon meet his end.

One day, whilst drinking from a pot of beer that never became empty, he addressed hundreds of nobles from the Amarire. As entertainment, some Bjaauni slaves were beheading and disemboweling each other to the amusement of their Amarire masters unti only one Bjaauni was left, a brute named “Odu”. More about him later.

But Zaralleli had another plan. He wanted to capture the mother goddess Ma. He showed them a vision in a bowl of magic fluid how the Tree was keeping the goddess as his sex slave.

He then sent his hordes of Tokoloshes to go and attack the Tree of Life and bring the goddess to him. It was no easy battle and many were killed by the Tree of Life.

Nevertheless they brought the goddess to a square in front of the Royal Abode. Everyone wanted to look at her, but she radiated a heat that burnt them.

Earthquakes and floods erupted. Mountains exploded and continents disappeared. Most dreadful was the destruction of the capital city of the empire.

The Bjaauni that were left, led by their leader Odu rebelled against their former masters. Killed them with great delight, sacked the city from end to end, disemboweling and cruelly beheading both masters and mistresses.

Zaralleli witnessed all this but remained unmoved. The goddess Ma stood ankle deep in blood amongst countless dead bodies. Zaralleli died a miserable death - after 200 years he was dying at last, but only in body not in spirit.

He would in future again infest humanity with ambition and cruelty and love of bloodshed. This evil spirit is still alive today in the hearts of all mankind.

The great city tilted and sank below the sea. The tree of life and Ma was reunited and calmed the elements down. Only two creatures of the Bjaauni a male and of the Amarire a female escaped riding away on the back of a fish to create the Second People, the Bantu.

Today the Ndebele people are the most fanatical worshippers of the tree of life, but it is the most revered deity throughout Bantu Africa.

On page 41 Credo Mutwa says that: “The main reason why Africans used to destroy crippled and otherwise deformed children was to prevent this fabled tyrant (Zaralleli) from ever being reborn or reincarnated, to spread his evil and dangerous knowledge amongst men once more.

It seems like they missed a few if one looks at tyrants such as Mugabe, Idi Amin, Charles Taylor, etc…

“Many of the mighty cliffs in Zululand and the Transkei stand today as dumb witnesses of many sacrifices of deformed children that have been made in the course of time.”

It is only when one studies the beliefs of the Bantu people of South Africa and that of the pious Boers and other whites that one gets an understanding of why there was Apartheid. These two vastly different cultures can never integrate with one another.

25 May 2012

It is open season on Whitey again

By Mike Smith
25th of May 2012

Two horrific killings happened the last week that shocked me deeply.

The first one is the hacking to death, by blacks, of Frans Day, a white Automotive Mechanic in Boksburg.

The article only appeared in the Afrikaans news Daughters hear how dad dies

An English translation can be found here Wife and daughters listen as father is murdered by blacks

The one terrorist said ‘All we need is money and sex’. He later said "Let's rape the woman and children and then kill them".

At that point her husband jumped up to protect them, and that was when he was attacked.

"I don't know why they had to kill him. He was a peace living man"

All the time while he was being attacked, he was calling out "Are you ok? Are you ok?"

Mrs Day and the children were later released from the wardrobe by neighbours.

Her youngest daughter Kaytlin (5) was the first one to see him and, since then she hasn't spoken a word, nor does she respond to anybody speaking to her. She also doesn't eat.


In another horrific murder, a five month old baby, little Wiehan Botes, and his white daycare mother, Margrietha de Goede (66) were strangled to death in the home of De Goede.

Five month old white baby strangled to death
In an Afrikaans report it said that the parents of the child tried for eight years before he was born.
Pictures of the murdered ones can be seen here Baby murder shock small South African town

ANC Land Policies - Epic Fail

By Mike Smith
25th of May 2012

Whatever you do, never question the ANC’s lies with facts and difficult questions. They don’t like it and might even call you “a racist”.

But that is what the DA’s Athol Trollip did in parliament.

See, the ANC keeps peddling their lie that Blacks own only 13% of SA land and whites the rest.

However, blacks have been buying vast tracks of land on the open market for the past 18 years.
Mdu Shabane, director general of rural development and land reform said that The state cannot determine the extent of agricultural land ownership by black commercial farmers, because the deeds office does not keep records based on race.

Extent of black land ownership unknown

Oh really? How do they then know so well what land belongs to Whites? The land they want to expropriate without paying.

Another report stated that 30% of the land the government has bought for blacks from white farmers has been sold back to whites by the very “land needy” blacks. Black farmers selling land back to whites

Sounds like the ANC’s land policies are a case of “One step forward, two steps back”.
Last year, a quarter of the land buying budget was allocated to rescue collapsing projects, with 100% productivity now being targeted.

In the battle of “The Spear” Capitalism wins

By Mike Smith
25th of May 2012

Some things that Communists hate are when you hold up a mirror to them and pull the piss out of them. They get violently and petulantly upset if you do.

And that is what happened with the painting of Brett Murray. It was like throwing a thunderflash in a chicken coup…Net kak en vere waar jy kyk.

It turned out that the white man who defaced the painting was in fact an Afrikaner. Well at least he had an Afrikaans name. The E-TV reporter Iman Rappetti said the man did not sound Afrikaans at all.

Nevertheless The painting made international headlines across the world with threats of violence and blood.

Big Think asked: “Could someone die over this painting? “Art isn't usually a life or death matter, but the controversy over South African artist Brett Murray's The Spear might end in bloodshed,” the story went.

Zuma’s lawyer Gcina Malindi had a breakdown in the High Court in Johannesburg, as he defended Zuma and the ANC's argument that images of the painting should be banned. “Malindi said that many blacks still lived in poverty after the end of apartheid in 1994. He then sobbed. His colleagues rushed to put their arms around his shoulders,”

CNN said: “The painting has pitched culture and tradition against constitutional rights. It has polarised a nation...”

How dramatic. Give the man an Oscar...I almost threw myself on the floor with laughter.

Meanwhile our ultra liberal artist Brett Murray said he is not a racist he is even a former ANC supporter…

Now figure that. The moment he said “former” he made himself guilty of racism. Anybody who criticizes the ANC is a “Racist”. He should know that and live with it.

The ANC, the SACP and their sidekicks Cosatu, showing their immense tolerance to freedom of speech and expression, have only called for a ban on buying and advertising in the City Press newspaper that refuses to remove the picture of Zuma. The fact that they have not murdered the artist or whites en masse (yet) is a sign of how tolerant they are.

My estimate is that City Press’s readership will go up. Please support them.

City Press editor-in-chief Ferial Haffajee said she was Deeply disturbed by the Communist Party calling for a ban on the paper. She should be thankful that the whole world is watching this childish drama, because in a full blown Communist country, she and people like Brett Murray would be put up against a wall and shot or sent to the salt mines.

But at the end of the day, the winner is always good old CAPITALISM.

The newspaper sales will skyrocket, more people will attend the Goodman galleries, the price of the painting will quadruple and as usual…Nandos Chicken will make a fortune with their latest add campaign. It did not take them long now, did it?

Religions of the world explained

23 May 2012

ANC wants to expropriate black land

By Mike Smith
23rd of May 2012

In Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 8 and Part 32 I explained in detail how the Bantustans were formed, what they really were and how the ANC peddle their lies about it.

Most of the land owned by blacks in these former black countries were settled by various Black tribes themselves for hundreds of years. I also pointed out how the 1913 Land Act undisputedly resulted in MORE land to blacks, not less, like the ANC prefers people to believe.

Congregation of people of their own kind is a natural phenomenon and a basic human right called Freedom of Association. It is also in the SA constitution in the Bill of Rights. So is the “Right to own Property”.

The Right to own Property is directly linked to the Right to Life.

If your spear or bow-and-arrow belongs to you, you can hunt with it and survive. If you own your own hut you are sheltered from the elements and wild animals that would otherwise kill you. If you own your piece of land you can grow food and feed yourself and your family and be happy, which brings us to another basic human right…”The right to pursue happiness.”
Communism takes away the right to own property and therefore removes your right to life.

But as I have said many times, the ANC wipes their backsides with the constitution. Since they came to power they have constantly tried to take every human right away from the people and push their communist agenda.

They want to do what Stalin died and move people en masse to other parts of the Soviet Union. During his dictatorship millions of people were dispossessed of their properties and moved to other remote parts of the USSR.

Now the ANC wants to do the same.

Land chair wants 'Bantustans' cleared
They want to use state power to expropriate black land that has been in their possession, and that of their forefathers, for centuries and move these blacks to other parts of the country.

They say the Bantustans are “overcrowded” there is over grazing and soil erosion and obviously blame Apartheid for it.

Instead they should rather educate the people in farming techniques so they could look after themselves.

The goal of the ANC is to grab all the land…belonging to black and white alike. They want to impoverish and starve the people, exactly like it has happened in every communist country to date.

It is going to be interesting to see if the blacks of SA fall for this latest scam by their ANC masters to rob and starve them en masse in the name of “liberation”.

Hopefully they will have a little more brains and see the ANC for what they really are. However I am not holding my breath. Come the next election, the blacks will all go and vote ANC again.

The truth is that the ANC is the enemy of ALL South Africans, blacks and whites. Liberals and conservatives. Under Communism everyone suffers equally.

SA's wonderful cops - Now sleeping with the enemy...or is that friends?

Cop, prisoner caught having sex
2012-05-23 09:12
Sleeping with the enemy

Durban - A policewoman was arrested and charged with corruption after she was caught having sex with a prisoner at the Scottburgh police station, the Natal Witness reported on Wednesday.

Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid told the paper the prisoner, Sibusiso Ndaba, and the officer previously had an intimate relationship.

Ndaba was arrested in December 2010 for a cash heist in Ixopo. He and five of his co-accused appeared in the Ramsgate High Court on Monday on charges of robbery, theft with aggravating circumstances, and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

After the six had appeared in court Ndaba asked to go to the bank. Five of his co-accused were taken back to Umzinto where they were being held.

Wiid said Ndaba was escorted to the bank, but finished late and could not be taken back to prison. He was taken to the Scottburgh police station where he was caught having sex with the officer.

The constable was also allegedly involved in the case against Ndaba. An internal investigation into the incident was under way. The officer had not appeared in court yet.

ANC wants “Made in Palestine labels”

By Mike Smith
23rd of May 2012

One of the most fascinating books to come out in recent times is “The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s secret relationship with Apartheid South Africa”, by Dr. Sasha Polakow-Suransky, a South African Jew, born in 1978, a former Rhodes Scholar from 2003-2006 and who is a senior editor at Foreign Affairs the publication of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The book mentions amongst other things how South Africa under the National Party government of Malan was one of the first countries to recognize the new State of Israel in 1948.

However the Israelis were skeptical about the Nationalists in SA, seeing that many Afrikaners during the Second World War had Nazi sympathies and joined the Ossewabrandwag (Ox Wagon Sentinel).

Israel also supported many black countries in Africa during the 1950’s and 1960’s hoping that they would support Israel in the United Nations General Assembly. The Labor government of Golda Meir and foreign minister Abba Eban was especially hostile towards South Africa and its policies of Apartheid.

But things would soon change…Israel would find out the hard way who her REAL friends were.
When the Six Day War broke out in 1967, the black countries of Africa all turned against Israel. P.W. Botha, then Defence Minister of South Africa immediately declared South African support and solidarity with Israel. Dozens of South African Jews joined the war and twelve of them lost their lives.

Shortly afterwards the relationship between SA and Israel started with the intervention of Dr. Eschel Rhoodie.

Rhoodie explained to the Israelis that the Afrikaner sympathies with Germany during WWII sprang more from being Anti-British, rather than being pro-Nazi. But it was when Dr. Rhoodie explained to them that the British killed 27,000 Boer women and children (recently corrected to 34,000) in concentration camps that the Israelis sat up and started to listen.

Dr. Rhoodie also explained Afrikaner Nationalism to them and how it completely differed from National Socialism and how it was in fact the complete opposite of Nazism. He also pointed out how thousands of Afrikaners fought against Nazism in WWII.

When the Yom Kippur War came in 1973, it was Israel’s darkest hour. They won the war, but at a terrible price. Israel lost 2500 soldiers.

Again Israel discovered that the African states all turned against her in the UN General Assembly…but South Africa pledged full support to Israel. General Magnus Malan flew to the Syrian border to go help where he could. The South African Air Force donated spare parts for the Israeli Mirages. The SA government relaxed exchange laws so that SA Jews could send money to Israel. Thousands of Afrikaners also donated money to Israel.

When the war was over, Israel dropped their African back stabbing “Allies” and started full diplomatic and military relations with Pretoria.

Israeli officers trained in South African and vice versa. About hundreds of Afrikaner scientists and technicians with their families lived in Israel and the children learned Hebrew in school.

Israeli scientists were working in SA too. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s they jointly became nuclear powers with mutual assistance, with South Africa supplying most of the yellow cake uranium for the Nuclear weapons. During the sanction years a quarter of Israeli weapons exports came to South Africa every year. Israel also supported South Africa to bust sanctions and relabeled and re-exported South African products as “Made in Israel”. (Unspoken Alliance, pg 74)

But the relationships between Israelis and South Africans were not only official, diplomatic, military or business relationships…many were close and personal friendships. Israelis would holiday with their Afrikaner friends on their Bushveld farms or at the coast and thousands of Afrikaners visited Israelis every year.

In summer of 1986 a powerful leftist Jewish Lobby in Washington known as AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) started circulation a document known as Section 508 that would punish countries that supported South Africa to bust sanctions.

The Israeli government did not take it seriously. They were assured by US diplomats that the bill, later known as the Comprehensive Anti Apartheid Act, would never pass through congress.
On 26th of September 1986 the American President Ronald Reagan vetoed the sanctions bill passed by the US Congress. Congress immediately overrode Reagan’s veto with overwhelming majorities of 78-21 in the Senate and 313-83 in the House. A week later on October the 6th the CAAA became law and a rude awakening for Israel.

The Israeli government was forced to rethink their relationship with SA. Without US aid of $1.3 billion per year, Israel would be destitute and defenceless. Without their exports to South Africa they would lose almost an equal amount of business.

On 18th of March 1987 the Left-wing Israeli politician Yossi Beilin’s sanction package passed a narrow vote in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) and Israel and South African security personnel decided to force their relationship out of the public eye. The relationship carried on, until the Israelis became aware of the treason of De Klerk and the government was handed over to the ANC.

The SA Jewish Board of Deputies was livid about the sanctions against SA. In April 1987 the SAJBD demanded that Israeli ambassador David Ariel explane the dicision of sanctions against SA, seeing that many of them had trade interests between SA and Israel. They screamed and shouted at him saying that the sanctions decision endangered SA Jewry. Spokesman Mendel Kaplan threatened to cut off all financial donations to Israel.

Today the relationship between Israel and the New South African government of the ANC is as cold as ice.

The only part of the Polakow-Suransky’s book that I disagreed with was in the epilogue where he tried to denounce Apartheid as if it was something bad and tried to show that there were no parallels between Apartheid and how Israel is handling the Palestinians today.

He says on page 235…

“After all, apartheid was not simply racism, segregation, and colonial land theft. It was an extraordinarily intricate system designed to control the movement and labor of blacks and strip them of South African citizenship by removing them to Bantustans where they would be granted nominal but meaningless independence.”

I fully refuted all of these claims in my series of articles called “Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box”. Dr Polakow-Suransky would do well to read the other side of the story and reconsider his claims when next he sees Israeli bulldozers demolishing Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and when he looks at the “separation barrier” between Israel and Palestinian territory.

Nevertheless, today the ANC regime in SA is no friend of Israel. They regularly take side swipes at Israel and support their former allies the Palestinian terrorists.

The Jerusalem Post recently reported on ignorant South Africans who are creating a New South African trend: Boycott Israel and what the implications would be for Palestinians.

It comes after the ANC regime announced that they wanted “Made in Palestine” labels on Israeli goods SA wants 'Made in Palestine' labels

Israel's foreign ministry reacted angrily to the news; with spokesperson Yigal Palmor telling AFP that South Africa's ambassador to Israel would be summoned for an explanation in the coming days.

"It is shocking to think that South Africa, of all countries, would display such callousness, and is blindly marching down the slippery slope of racism."

Six months ago the SA Jewish board of deputies’ spokesperson Mary Kluk was still very diplomatic about the ANC’s constant and ignorant vilification of Israel. Demonising Israel not helping - SAJBD

Now she said that SA should not prejudge the issue in Israel and "South Africa should not adopt a policy that is discriminatory and inconsistent with how it deals with similar questions relating to products imported from other parts of the world, as would seem to be the case now."

Basically she is calling the ANC a bunch of racist hypocrites. Which they are, of course.

The time is fast approaching where Israel will once again stand alone like they were in 1973 at the time of the Yom Kippur War. They will once again find out who their REAL friends are and who their enemies.

But then again, I think Israel knows the answer to that already seeing that their Interior minister said last week that Israel should deport African refugees

All I can assure them of is that the ANC are not their friends.

22 May 2012

It is official. You cannot trust the South African police

By Mike Smith
23rd of May 2012

The article below also refers to William Mbatha who was convicted last month on 20 charges of impersonating a police officer and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

What makes it interesting is that William Mbatha who called himself “The king of bling”, was a billionaire business tyCoon who did it all for fun and kicks.

He and his henchmen would go around dressed as policemen and handcuff homeowners and suffocate them with plastic bags whilst robbing them of watches, cell phones and money. Most of his victims were wealthy Whites, Muslims or Chinese citizens.

TyCoon guilty of robbery and kidnapping
Pretoria TyCoon sentenced to 35 years in prison

“Major-General Phumzo Gela held a special press briefing at the SAPS office in Parkwood, Joburg, in connection with the recent spate of blue-light hijackings by men in police uniform and admitted to police involvement.”

Seven hijackings in two weeks have persuaded investigators that a gang of police impersonators are terrorising the northern and eastern suburbs.

However, police higher-ups are saying the crimes could not have been committed without the help of corrupt police officers.

In all seven cases, the drivers of expensive cars have been pulled over by unmarked vehicles using a blue light.

After pulling over, the victims were approached by men in full police uniform and carrying R5 rifles, who would handcuff and “arrest” them.

The victims’ cars would then be stolen, with the victim driven around in the back of the “police” vehicle for hours before being dropped off a few kilometres from where they were hijacked.

In the majority of the incidents, the three to five gang members were seen driving a white Golf GTI.

Now the police are warning Joburg residents to avoid pulling over in deserted areas at night and suggest driving to well-lit and populated places (such as petrol stations) before coming to a stop.

The Gauteng police’s head of visible policing, Major-General Phumzo Gela, said it was well within a driver’s right to drive to the nearest police station when being pursued by police vehicles – marked or unmarked – and that a police officer must give his identity if asked for it.

“These are your rights. We are here to serve you,” said Gela.

Yes, cops are involved in hijackings

Principals stealing food from schools

By Mike Smith
22nd of May 2012

When one points out the huge differences between examination results of white pupils and black pupils in South African schools the liberals are quick to say that it is because the black pupils are poor and hungry.

So shortly after the ANC took over they introduced a feeding scheme where they would feed black kids at school at the taxpayer’s cost. It is known as the R1.1 billion National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP).

Needless to say, whenever there are billions of Rands to be stolen, ANC government officials will be there to enrich themselves. They do not care how many black children go hungry, starve or eat shit.

It has now come to light that department officials, teaching staff and school principals are robbing the children’s lunch money.

A week ago a principal had been caught en route home with a “large portion” of the uncooked food.
“He said he’s short of groceries at home…”

I bet you his liquor cabinet is full though.

Just look at how fat the ANC politicians are and you will know where the kid's lunch money is going. ANC Youth League president Julias Malema is driving arround in a Range Rover that costs R1,2 million, the presidents wives all have cars over a million rand a piece and the prez himself is flying arround in a private airplane...whilst SA black kids live on rubish dumps and die of AIDS.

How Juju rolls

South African Children living at rubbish dump - video

Principals ‘stealing food from schools’

Hypocrisy and double standards in SA – Brett Murray vs Ayanda Mabulu

By Mike Smith
21th of May 2012

Here is a classical example of double standards in South Africa.

Brett Murray exhibited his painting of a Lenin-like Jacob Zuma with his family jewels hanging out at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg and the ANC, SACP, and liberals went into a spastic fit.

They wanted to get a court order to let the gallery take it down and the newspaper City Press to remove it from their website. Jacob Zuma cried about how hurt his feelings were and the ANC climbed on the racist bandwagon although Brett Murray is a well known liberal anti Apartheid activist.

When that failed, a black and white couple, called Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber went and defaced the painting with red and black paint.

The older white man is apparently a 58 yo university professor who identified himself as a “White Journalist”, but the E-TV reporter Iman Rappetti said the man did not sound Afrikaans at all.

Maybe the liberal twat is trying to hit two stones with one bird…never letting the slightest opportunity goes by to vilify the Afrikaners, hey?

White Professor (58) and black man (25) caught for damaging Zuma painting
Defacing of Zuma painting - video

Apparently a third idiot (15) was arrested outside painting the word, “respect” on the wall…

What was it that C.J. Langenhoven said? “Net gekke en dwase skryf op mure en glase”.

But that is liberals for you…always trying to suppress freedom of expression or speech when something does not suit them.

What these two idiots did not realize is that the picture they defaced was only a print. The real picture is safe in Germany after a German collector bought it for R136,000.

I suggest the two idiots go to the City Press website and put Tippex on their computer screens too.
“The Spear” painting of Murray is nothing new.

In 2010, black artist, Ayanda Mabulu painted President Zuma and Bishop Tutu with their penises hanging out. The painting is called “Better poor than a rich puppet”.

Art Vault

Back then hardly anybody mentioned it. But just let a white artist do something similar and he is slaughtered by the press and the ANC politicians.

21 May 2012

The result of National Treason - Leaving the wonderful Rainbow Nation

By Mike Smith
21th of May 2012

I see that suiplap, communist “useful idiot” and arch traitor, Prof Willie Esterhuyse, Thabo Mbeki’s drinking buddy has launched his latest book about the illegal secret talks he, as an NIA recruit, had with the ANC top brass in England.

Endgame, by Willie Esterhuyse

You can read all about what I said about the treachery of Esterhuyse a year ago in Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box.

Secret talks with the enemy
De Klerk’s liberal conversion and the mindset of treason

Now watch the video below…I wish De Klerk and Willie Esterhuyse could answer these people.
If their Rainbow Nation is so wonderful, why are people fleeing from it and not to it?

Why during Apartheid were blacks fleeing to us in their millions and not away from us?

Oh, I see…it is just a repeat of history. Everywhere the socialist scum took over the people fled…even risking their lives just to get away from socialism. East Germany, USSR, Cuba, North Vietnam…people risk their lives daily to flee from this abominable system and the socialist paradises they have created.

Is Zuma complaining or bragging?

By Mike Smith
21th of May 2012

I am not much of a Brett Murray fan. During Apartheid he was one of those “End conscription” campaigners, pro ANC libtard who portrayed the Afrikaners as dumb and backwards.

He made sculptures of buffoon-like Afrikaners and soldiers, depicting the state president as an archetypal Boer leader with a target on his hat, slumped forward after being struck by a missile.

Who is Brett Murray?

And further, his “art” is generally childish, amateurish and stupid. I won’t pay R5 for any of his crap.

I have seen better art by blacks on the side of the road than this clown can muster. Sorry. Just my opinion.

However…I loved what he did to Zuma in “The Spear”. If it was not for the fact that the ANC and the SACP are throwing a tantrum at the moment, I and most people probably would have ignored this artwork on Zuma. It is called the Streisand effect

But the more they protested the more expensive the painting became.

I just love it when people pull the piss out of the ANC and the Communist scum in SA. They cannot stand it to be made fun of.

The Communists sees themselves as intellectuals and so desperately wants others to take them seriously, but what they cannot stand is when you laugh in their faces and hose yourself at their stupidity.

Actually I don’t know what the fuzz is about or why Zuma is so hurt

The Black management Forum , a racist institution that excludes whites from their ranks said that the painting was an attack on black culture.

Justice minister Jeff Radebe said the painting insulted the black majority ‘The Spear’ insults majority – Radebe

The ANC’s secretary general Gwede Mantashe said, “It's rude, it's crude, it's disrespectful, it's racist,”
ANC brands Zuma painting racist

…What else?? Didn’t take them long to come on the idea of “it’s racist”…

In my opinion the picture of Zuma is quite good. There are much worse pictures of him around. At least Brett Murray portrays him as a tad sophisticated wearing a western suit and the glasses on his face indicates some level of education.

As we know Zuma is a primitive savage who regularly dances around in animal skins and who is a functionally illiterate dunce. He has no formal schooling whatsoever.

Besides that, he has more than 700 cases of corruption against him that the public prosecutor is saving for a rainy day. He has been married six times and currently has four wives and engaged to Swazi Princess Sebentile Dlamini who will become his wife soon. He paid 10 cows for her in 2002.

He has more than 20 children and still went and fathered a “love child” with Sonono Khoza, daughter of his best friend Irvin Khoza.

Nobody needs to attack Zuma’s “dignity”…he is doing a mighty fine job of it himself. It is people like him that give other blacks and their cultures a bad name…or is that a good name?

See, in black culture, having many wives and many children is to be a hero and an excellent example.

To wear your schlong on your sleeve is what all strong and brave men do or aspire to in the black culture and is to be commended.

It is only our “rêssist” white Europeans who see his behaviour as disgusting, primitive and backwards.

So that makes his lamentations about his dignity being hurt, etc all bollocks. He is so proud of that picture by Brett Murray it is unbelievable. He is being portrayed as Mr. King Dingeling Zuma, sophisticated and learned.

Sometimes I do not know whether Zuma is complaining or bragging.

Boer woman and children deaths in British concentration camps 34,000 not 27,000

British gallantry towards Boer women as portrayed by the French

By Mike Smith
21th of May 2012

For many years the official death toll of women and children in the Boer War concentration camps was 27,927 (of whom 22,074 were children under 16yo).


Rapport, the Afrikaans Sunday paper reported that the figure was in fact 34,000. This comes after years of painstaking research by Celeste Reynolds.

The names of every woman child and man who died in the concentration camps will be on banners and hung against the walls of the Voortrekker Monument tomorrow, 22 May 2012 in an official readjustment of the history of the Boer War.

This event will obviously rewrite the history books.

Rapport: 34000 Boer deaths in British Camps

A new book about the suffering of Boer women and children in the camps will also be presented. It was written by Prof. A.W.G Raath of the University of the Freestate and Elria Wessels of the War Museum. The name is “Onthou!: Kronieke van vroue- en kinderlyding 1899-1902”
(Remember! Chronicles of woman and children suffering 1899-1902)

The book has more than 200 pictures. 80% of which has never been published before.

20 May 2012

The BEE Frog Prince and the ANC

By Mike Smith
20th of May 2012

By the year 2000 nobody in the world had heard the name of 26 year old “Prince” Sifiso Zulu, especially not the Zulu Royal family.

But in September of that year, a real Zulu prince, Prince Clement Zulu (1925-2000) died and a young Bullshitter by the name of Sifiso Zulu claimed to be a Zulu prince and started making statements on behalf of the Zulu Royal Family.

The Royals must have asked questions about who this idiot was, but eventually they all played along…for eight years that is. They did not denounce him. In fact they allowed him to carry on making statements in the name of the Zulu royal family. Why they did this is not clear and open to speculation.

Nevertheless…This was the start of the illustrious career of Sifiso Zulu, BEE bullshitter extraordinaire.

According to his business curriculum vitae, Zulu started his career in the Ministry of Public Works and in 1994 was appointed by the then Minister of Public Works, Jeff Hadebe, to his ministerial task team on the National Public Works Programme (NPWP).

All attempts to find out more about Zulu's qualifications have drawn a blank, but in a 2004 interview Zulu said after he matriculated he did "some university" before taking up a position as projects facilitator at Independent Projects Trust.

After the Frog Prince made his statements in 2000, Sifiso Zulu became national programme manager of the Community-Based Public Works Programme (CBPWP) with a budget of R1-billion.

His responsibilities included advising the minister and MECs on policy issues with regard to NPWP; advising the director-general on policy and operational issues, co-ordinating the implementation thereof and assisting in setting up the programme in all provinces.

Through skimming off millions from the budget under his control, BEE nepotism and acting in various consultant and advisory roles, Sifiso bullshited his way to the top until he became consultant and advisor to presidents Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma all the time reaffirming his royal lineage and Prince Banda (which he alleged was a cousin of the King Zwelitini) link to the king. At no stage did senior members in the royal family publicly dispute the claim.

Zulu's rise to prominence was sealed when he aligned himself with arguably the most controversial politician in South Africa, President Jacob Zuma. In 2005, a R250-a-head fund-raising party for Zuma was held at Zulu's Brazilian beach café in Durban, winning him plenty of kudos among the "friends of Jacob Zuma".

In 2006 he was caught drunk driving. He was later arrested on a charge of contempt of court for a warrant of arrest issued against him for this case, because his trick is to stall proceedings and waste the court’s time by pitching up late or not showing up at all.

But his major slip came in 2008…

Zulu was driving his BMW X5 when he crossed a red traffic light and crashed into an overloaded Mitsubishi Colt double cab bakkie carrying 14 churchgoers of the Soul's Harbour Ministries Church at the Masabalala Yengwa (NMR) Avenue/Somtseu Road intersection. Two people were killed and 12 were seriously injured.

His friend Bheki Cele who is now the embattled National Police Commissioner, but who was at the time MEC for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison, was on the scene of the accident within minutes and told Frog Prince Sifiso to deny he was the driver.

It was also the first time the Zulu royal family denounced him. They said the did not know any Banda line in their family tree and that “Prince” Sifiso is an imposter, a fake and a bullshitter.

Throughout his trial Sifiso showed no remorse, he maintained his lying and attempts to stall or drag out the court proceedings.

In September last year, Zulu was sentenced to an effective three years for culpable homicide, reckless or negligent driving, failing to stop at a red traffic light and failing to stop after an accident.

He was found to be responsible for the deaths of two people and for injuring another 12.

But in typical Zuma-buddy fashion he pulled a severe case of Shabir Shaikalitis, and was immediately sent to hospital Zulu skips jail for hospital

Shabir Shaik, Zuma’s financial advisor and main brain behind the more than 700 cases of fraud currently put on ice against president Zuma, was the first one to pull the hospital trick. Next followed Jackie Selebi, Jacob Zuma’s corrupt National Police Commissioner and a former president of Interpol, currently serving a 15 year sentence for fraud and corruption.

And now the Frog Prince himself will be serving only an estimated 9 months of his 3 year prison sentence after President Zuma pardoned the prisoners…and he will live it out in luxury in a hospital.
Just nine months behind bars for Zulu

It just shows you how the corrupt and criminal ANC government looks after their corrupt and criminal buddies in South Africa.

Who is Sifiso Zulu?

ANC to military train another 20,000 youths

By Mike Smith
20th of May 2012

It now emerged that the ANC, after already training 8000 youths in military tactics, are planning to train another 20,000…

What is it they want to use these youths for?

I have mentioned this several times before…the ANC is busy to gear up for a race war with white South Africans. All the signs are there.

The ANC youth Brigade is called Narysec (National rural youth sector) and Mugabe’s “Green Bombers” were called simply NYS (National Youth Services). I wrote my analysis over here… The shocking Parallels between Mugabe’s ”NYS Green Bombers” and Zuma’s NARYSEC youth brigade
Now the latest article simply refers to them as “NYS” as well. The defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu announced last week that another 20,000 of these youths will be militarily trained by the Army.
SANDF to train 20 000 youths

17 May 2012

Poverty and hunger causes crime?

By Mike Smith
17th of May 2012

When you speak to these simplistic liberal idiots then you will hear their excuse for the record crime in SA…poverty and hunger…must be. There is no way that their little black angels could possibly be evil criminals.

You point out to them that a man who is hungry does not rape babies then they are in a daze. You point out to them how the bottle stores and the shebeens are always full of blacks who claim poverty but drink themselves into a stupor every weekend…then the liberals will blame it all on Apartheid or Colonialism.

Blame everything; just never blame it on the innocent, poor and downtrodden black angels.
So when a troop of black angels attack a supermarket, then what do you think they will steal? Food?


Oh and the liberals will point out that the article does not refer to the race of the perpetrators, so I guess they must have been white, right? No way that black angels could do something like this.

20 man gang robs Supermarket
They held up 15 customers

14 May 2012 | annalie reid

A gang of 20 armed men robbed Birch Gate Spar in Kwartel Street on Sunday afternoon.

Sgt Johanna Madiga, spokesman for Norkem Park SAPS, said the men got away with an undisclosed amount of money, as well as purses and cellphones they took from customers.

The men entered the store at about 2.40pm while 15 customers were inside.

They escaped in a blue Kombi.

The owner of Birch Gate Spar, Mr Callie Kruger, did not want to comment on the incident.

The power of Stroh...A real "botched" farm attack

By Mike Smith
17th of May 2012

Apparently the motive for the shooting is under investigation. Well, I think we have solved that one...You are suppose to DRINK the stuff...not gulp it down.

16 May 2012

The latest insurance scam in SA…pollute our pristine beaches with shipwrecks

By Mike Smith
16th of May 2012

Currently in the news in SA is the Japanese fishing trawler Eihatsu Maru that ran aground on one of our most beautiful beaches, Clifton.

Judging from the pictures in the media I would say that the Eihatsu Maru did not “Run Aground” she was “Driven Aground”.

It is clear as day that this vessel was run up the beach at full power.

Almost perfect 90 degree angle to the coast and the distance up the sandy beach indicates the vessel at full power ahead with minimal risk to the 19 man crew who all escaped to safety.

Now it has emerged in the news that we the taxpayers of SA will have to pay for the salvage of the vessel just to preserve our beaches SA to pay for Clifton Salvage

So how does the scam work?

Pretty much the same as with car insurance.

Just like a car…a ship gets too old to maintain after about 20 years, but if you scrap it, you will be paid out peanuts. But if it happened to “Run aground” on Clifton beach, the insurance would have to pay out.

The South African coast is one of the most dangerous in the world and all you have to do is claim that your ship ran aground during a severe Cape Storm.

But there is a catch…

According to Admiralty Law (the law of the sea) when a ship is in trouble and you with your little speed boat attach a line to that vessel she and all her cargo becomes yours and you can ask whatever price you want for her from her owners…if you can cure the problem.

It is called Lloyds Open Form … but like I said…no cure no pay…but that is how salvage companies like the former Pentow Marine (Now Smit-Amandla) with the strongest salvage tugs in the world, the John Ross and the Wolraad Woltemade made their money. They would have the best marine engineers, navigators and salvagers on standby around our dangerous coast 24/7. I mean it is not called the Cape of Storms or the Wild Coast for no reason…

Money wise it is was excellent. Salvage bonuses would be paid to all onboard. The adventure and the stories can be read in the book by Wilbur Smith Hungry as the sea . Wilbur Smith actually spent time onboard the Ross and the Woltemade before he wrote the book and got to know these hardcore men intimately.

Nevertheless, what does the salvage company do when the shipping company who owns the ship claims bankruptcy? Not much…they wait until someone pays them.

So the Japanese trawling company just decided that they did not want any help with their trawler. The insurance company would pay out. They are quite happy to leave the Jap trawler on our doorstep.

They do not need salvage. So where does that leave us?

We are now sitting with an eyesore and a potential environmental disaster on one of our pristine beaches. So WE, the SA taxpayers, have to pay to get this piece of shit Jap trawler off our beach.

As if that is not enough, another Rogue ship is anchored in False Bay

False Bay is an environmentally sensitive area with about seven rivers mouthing into it. The entire False Bay is actually a national park and a protected area. I often scuba dive there.

Can you imagine if this ship called Panos Earth sinks there and 3000 tons of bunker oil drifts to the surface and washes onto our shores? Can you imagine the marine and birdlife that will be all but exterminated? It can be compared to an atomic bomb on the Kruger National Park.

The question is therefore…how long before other shipping companies with their oil tankers, cargo ships and trawlers cotton on to the scam strike a deal with the corrupt ANC and start running their ships up our beaches?

The sheriff shoved sideways in the Richard Mdluli case

By Mike Smith
16th of May 2012

The past week we have seen how the boss of the ANC’s Police Crime Intelligent Unit (CIU) Richard Mdluli have survived the one onslaught after the other, basically because he enjoys the direct protection of the president, Mr. Showerhead Zuma.

Seems like this is a battle the ANC regime MUST win and they are pulling out all the stops.

Yesterday I mentioned how the CIA/MI6 group in SA operated through their agents Dr Mamphela Ramphele and Judge Johan Kriegler to serve a court interdict on Mdluli to prevent him from serving in the police at all.

The ANC shifted him sideways until they reinstated him. He is back in as the boss of CIU and has started his purges.

Today the sheriff of the court tried to serve Dr Ramphele and Judge Kriegler’s papers on Mdluli.

But it wasn’t the real sheriff, it was only a deputy called, Happy Thantsha who was not so Happy when the door was slammed in his face.

Sheriff unsuccessful in serving Mdluli

I could not help but to chuckle about the CIA/ MI6 attempt…

Who do they think they are dealing with here? Do they actually truly believe they are dealing with reasonable people who appreciate and respect the law?

For PHUQ sakes, they are dealing with Marxist terrorist scum. What happened to “We do not negotiate with terrorists”?

If they have not grasped yet that the ANC is above the law and a law unto themselves they will never grasp it.

ANC to release 300 medical parolees

By Mike Smith
16th of May 2012

Here is a report about the 298 prison inmates who are potential candidates for medical parole under the new medical parole policy which came into effect on March 1.

Many potential medical parolees

What is the bet that Clive Derby-Lewis will not be one of the 298?

I bet you the ones who will be released are all HIV positive rapists.

…Oh and maybe some will be suffering from the mysterious Jackie Selebi Syndrome or Shabir Shaikalitis which sees perfectly healthy corrupt scum suddenly turn deadly ill when they get to jail.

I wonder if I can claim satyriasis as an incurable disease?

They will probably tell me to get lost and tell me that I am just “a normal man”, but hey, it’s worth a try…

The DA broke the ice…

By Mike Smith
16th of May 2012

I could have sworn somebody said Zille led from the front…looks more like she was hiding behind da black peoples with her blue T shirt over her ballistic vest.

You can view the pictures over here

Nevertheless, Mêddem Zille had guts to go up against the Cosatu scoundrels and skollies. I’ll give her that.

I cannot agree with the reason for her march. A socialist wage subsidy for the youth. But I suppose if you want to whore yourself for the black vote to get to power you have to preach no work and lots of “free”money…you can substitute “free” there with “White People’s”.

It obviously depends on whether you believe that SA is a democracy and that you can replace the Marxist terrorist ANC with a vote. Which I do not believe is possible. The MDC tried it in Zimbabwe with Zanu-PF and there is no difference between the ANC and Zanu-PF.

As comrade Stalin used to say:

You know, comrades, what I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how. - Quoted by Boris Bashanov in “Memoirs of the former secretary of Stalin"

…And as long as the ANC’s counts the votes…what is the DA going to do about it?

Even if the DA ever wins, the ANC will just go back to terrorist tactics until they get to power again. They will necklace the DA supporters and throw them off trains like they did with the IFP in the early 1990’s.

They will carry out assassinations on black DA leaders, burn down their houses and rape their wives and daughters. The ANC will use every diabolical intimidation and terror technique in the book to stay in power.

There is only one way to fight terrorism and that is to beat them at their own game. You have to terrorize the terrorists into submission. The Apartheid forces were quite good at this. By the mid 1980’s the ANC was nothing more than a fax machine in an office in Dar es Salaam.

I do not think the DA has it in them to take on the ANC/Cosatu/SACP Troika. I do not think they have it in them to be that vicious. The DA is too nice. If you want to beat Marxist scum and strike terror into their hearts, you have to be prepared to be cleverer than them and a lot more vicious than them. It is the only thing they respect. They do not respect democracy…that much I can assure you.

Castro Ngobese, National Spokesperson of Cosatu who calls the DA “agents of imperialism” and “chief spokespersons of white monopoly capital” said that there will be no DA marches allowed anywhere in the country.

Quoted in Beeld article “It’s only the beginning”

Ah, yes…once again we see how the Troika is only interested in “Democracy” when THEY can rule.

Nevertheless. The DA exercised their constitutional right to protest legally and unarmed. Nothing wrong with that. I wish more people would do that. Especially those 60,000 Bulls supporters at Loftus every Saturday.

Cosatu arrived uninvited, unconstitutionally and illegally, armed with sticks, sjamboks, rocks and tazer guns.

The ANC Youth League climbed on the bandwagon and blamed the DA for provoking the violence of Cosatu against them ANCYL blames DA for violence

Ja, well…in the minds psychopaths, everyone else is to blame, but they are always the victims…the innocent little sheep. They will rape and kill and then blame everything on their victims.

That is what the ANC Troika is. Psychopaths of the worst order. When you deal with them you always have to keep that in mind.

Anyway…I think the ice is broken now. I hope the DA has many more demonstrations on the doorsteps of Cosatu the ANC and the SA Communist Party.

I also think that the Liberal DA has set a challenge for the Conservatives and the Right-Wing to do the same or better. Personnally I just love ALL opposition to Communist scum.

Now wouldn’t it be nice to see 60,000 Bulls supporters on the doorstep of Cosatu House? I wonder if Cosatu will still be so brave as they were yesterday against 2000 DA supporters?