30 June 2012

Zuma and the "Second Transition"

By Mike Smith
30th of June 2012

I have been asked by some to explain President Jacob Zuma’s mutterings about the Second Transition that is apparently so critical for the future of the country.

But first, let us look at the various forms of Communism.

Basically one can describe Communism as a roadmap to a destination. The roadmap was drawn up by Marx and Engels. Point A is the Capitalist “Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie”. Point B is the abolishment of class and state and full blown Communism.

Now, how one gets from point A to point B varies. And this is what Communist all argue about. They all agree on the end goal, it is how to get there that they differ upon.

Lenin basically said that one should get there in two stages. The first stage one takes a nice car and drives it until there is no more petrol in the tank and the car’s wheels start to fall off because of no maintenance. Then the rest of the way one walks to point B.

Stalin said, “No Way!”…Let’s take a fast sports car and get to point B very quickly.
Trotsky said there is no Point B. There is a Point C and a D and an E…etc until eternity. The revolution never ends.

Mao said: We can all get there at the same time, driving the same car, in the same direction.

And the Fabian Socialists said: “We will take a donkey…we will also get to point B eventually. It might take us 150 years, but at least nobody will notice that we ever moved.”

The model that the ANC adopted is the Leninist one of a two stage revolution.

Lenin first tried to communize the Russian Empire shortly after he took over, by setting up “soviets” or worker councils. In 1918 the Bolsheviks changed their name to the Communist Party. Lenin confiscated land and industry from private owners, abolished wages and money and forced Russians to survive through a primitive barter system.

The confiscated land he gave to the peasants, but they had to work it without hiring any help, and without selling any produce. It was all to go to government. Furthermore the land could not be sold, leased or mortgaged. Production all but came to a standstill.

It did not take long before the people revolted. A civil war broke out and the White Guard vowed to overthrow the Reds.

So to counter the anti-Bolshevik sentiments of the people and their refusal to work, Lenin set up the Cheka, the feared secret police, to force the people through fear to work. He also killed the Tsar as a symbolic way of showing the people that there is no going back to the old way.

In revenge the White Guard shot the Cheka chief and wounded Lenin. The Cheka responded by summarily executing 500 people.

Lenin’s failed economic policies along with a crop failure along the Volga in 1922-1923 caused a famine and people turned to cannibalism. 33 million people were starving and about 5 million died.

Nevertheless, all of this showed Lenin that the people were not immediately ready to accept Communism and that if he did not make a plan quickly the people would revolt and the Bolsheviks would be out of power. He would have to do it in two stages.

The first stage would be the people’s democracy or “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” where he would introduce his “New Economic Plan”. The NEP made compromises with free market economics and within months nobody was starving anymore. In fact the middle class peasants (kulaks) prospered.

Lenin did it all only to stay in power, but the idea was that once the people were ready, full blown socialism would be introduced until a classless stateless Communist “Utopia” is reached.

The “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” is just an interim but necessary step to full Communism.

But Lenin suffered a stroke and did last long afterwards. Then Stalin came to power and imposed the second stage. He rapidly collectivized the farms and caused massive urbanization. The prosperous middle class “kulaks” were exterminated en masse. Christmas was cancelled. Christmas trees were an offense. Sundays were cancelled and workers were required to rotate their days off so that industry would continue day and night, seven days a week.

After a while, when the people were threatening revolution he found a scapegoat…Corrupt officials pushing the people too hard. He pretended as if it was the first time he heard about it and vowed to clamp down on such officials. He effectively absolved himself from blame and another reign of terror followed. That is how Communist dictators stay in power.

The South African Communist Party’s Revolutionary Council, (Joe Slovo, Reg September, Yusuf Dadoo) adopted a document called, “Strategy and Tactics of the South African Revolution” (authored by Slovo and Joe Mathews). This document endorsed the 1928 Communist International (Comintern) approach of a two stage revolution; the first stage would be achieved by organizing the urban working class, rather than the rural peasantry. The second stage is the transition to full blown Socialism.

So where does that leave South Africa? The ANC has sensed, just like Lenin and Stalin that the people originally were not going to accept full blown Socialism. So in the past 18 years they have created the expectations that “The state must deliver”…

At the moment the people are at the point of revolting to get the delivery they were promised by the state. They want it. They demand it. The people are now ready to accept Socialism.

This is the “Second Transition” that Zuma is speaking about. The road to full blown Socialism.

However, there is a problem. Those pesky middle class “Kulaks” might get in the way, so they will have to be dealt with in the Stalin manner. Either force them out of the country by a campaign of terror disguised as “ordinary crime” or by mass extermination.

29 June 2012

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 36 – Sport as a weapon in Communist hands

OK. I know I said I won’t write anymore Pandora chapters, but I have been inundated with requests to write some more. So, because of public demand, I will write a few more as I get time to do the research. I will eventually readjust the chapters accordingly. Here goes...

By Mike Smith
29th of June 2012

The Saudi Arabia and Arab hipocracy as a case study

Since Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the 23rd June 1894 and the first Modern Olympic Games held in Athens 1896, Saudi Arabia has never sent a single female athlete to the games. Until now (2012), Saudi women were forbidden from participating in any public sporting events.

But it changed this year after King Abdullah announced that Saudi women will for the first time take part in the London Olympics. But three days ago the only female Saudi Arabian athlete to have qualified for the upcoming Olympic Games in London, show jumper Dalma Malhas, has had to pull out due to “an injury to her horse”. This followed after the fanatical Wahhabi school of Islam who run Saudi Arabia strongly resisted the participation of their women in the Olympics.

The oppression of women in Saudi Arabia is legendary as much as it is shocking. They have a “Gender Apartheid” called “Purdah” or a curtain between the male world and the female world that is so fanatical that private homes have separate entrances for males and females. One woman took 60 Minutes on a tour of her house, and showed a separate entrance and living room for men.

Saudi women make up only 5% of the workforce. The lowest in the world. Sports events like football are strictly for men only.

Most offices, banks, and universities have separate entrances for men and women. According to law, there should be physically and visually separate sections for the sexes at all meetings including weddings and funerals. Companies traditionally have been expected to create all-female areas if they hire women. Public transportation is segregated. Public places such as beaches and amusement parks are also segregated, sometimes by time, so that men and women attend at different hours. Violation of the principles of sex segregation is known as khalwa.

Policy in Saudi Arabia is decided by King Abdullah who decides everything from what kind of clothes women may wear to whether they are allowed to drive cars, which is incidentally also forbidden although nowhere in the Koran does it state that a woman is not allowed to drive a car.

Political parties are banned and only men can vote, and then for only half of the seats. Any public criticism of the government is met with a sentencing of public lashings.

Women can be charged with prostitution for socializing with a man who is not a relative or husband.

In 2008 Khamisa Mohammad Sawadi, a 75-year-old woman, was sentenced to 40 lashes and imprisonment for allowing a man to deliver bread to her directly in her home. Sawadi, a non-citizen, was deported.

60 Minutes: Women speak out in Saudi Arabia
Gender Apartheid in Saudi Arabia
Saudis order 40 lashes for elderly woman for mingling

The regime in Saudi Arabia is every bit as oppressive as the Taliban, but because they own a vast deposit of that magical black liquid called Crude Oil, they are the allies and darlings of the West and the West turns a blind eye to the human rights abuses in that country. The MSM is almost completely silent about it and never has the world threatened to ban Saudi Arabia from participating in the Olympics due to discrimination and their human rights abuses. Neither have they banned Qatar or Brunei who also decided to let women partake in the Olympics for the first time in 2012.

But with South Africa it was a different story…

During the Apartheid era in South Africa, Saudi Arabia was one of our biggest critics, along with other champions of democracy and human rights such as Iraq, Syria, Kuwait and caste ridden India.

But how was it in other countries in 1960?

At the time of 1960 when South Africa was castigated for “racism in Sport”… Richard D. Mandell wrote in The Nazi Olympics about the treatment of blacks in sport in the USA:

“Negro athletes who were winning sometimes had to defend themselves against interference on the part of resentful spectators…When the negro amateur boxer travelled with his team, local mores in the United States usually required that he eat apart from his mates and, if he was allowed to use the same hotel as they, to use the back entrance established for cleaning women and garbage men. There were of course, no Negroes on any major league baseball team…the happy situation described above existed in the enlightened far North. Things were worse in the South.”

South Africa and the IOC

Due to the great climate, South Africans have always been outdoors people, fond of sports not only as spectators but as active participants.

South Africans of all races and backgrounds play everything from soccer, tennis, badminton to touch Rugby on the beach. School sports are big events and National sports such as Rugby, Football and Cricket have a following bordering on the fanatical.

South Africa became a member of the IOC in 1908. In that year she also won her first gold medal at the London Olympiad when Reginald Walker streaked across the finish line in the 100 meters ahead of James Rector of the USA and Robert Kerr of Canada.

Four years later in Stockholm, South Africa’s Kenneth McArthur and Christopher Gitsham finished first and second in a grueling marathon race.

Until 1960, when South Africa last participated before her ban, this would be the pattern. At every event, she would win a few golds, some silvers and some bronzes. Modest compared to the USA and Russia, but for such a tiny nation respectable when compared to her peers.

The Olympic Charter

What we need to remember is that it is not countries and their governments who belong to the IOC, but National Olympic Committees.

The Charter of the Olympics states in Chapter 1, Article 6, page 19 that, “The Olympic Games are competitions between athletes in individual or team events and not between countries.”

And under fundamental principle 6 (page 10)…

“Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.“

Yet South Africa’s sports administrators were expelled because of a vendetta against their government.

A history of political interference in the Olympics

Politics in the Olympics is not new and neither is the hypocrisy of the IOC to uphold their own moral standards.

In 1920, just after WWI, Germany and Austria were not invited. In 1936 some countries threatened to boycott the Berlin Olympics in view of Hitler’s exploitation of the event and his discrimination against Jews and Negroes.

In 1948, the vanquished Axis powers were snubbed again and at the same time the state of Israel could not participate because it was not yet a member and averted a walk out by the Arab states…those champions of democracy and human rights who supported the Black September Organization who killed 11 Israeli athletes and a West German policeman at the Munich Games in 1972.

In 1952 in Helsinki several Western countries threatened with withdrawal if the Communist bloc countries were invited.

The games of 1956 in Australia was a particularly good one. Communist Red China withdrew from the Melbourne Games when the flag of Nationalist China (Taiwan) was raised. At the same time Spain, The Netherlands and Switzerland withdrew in protest to Russia’s savage quelling of the Hungarian anti Communist uprising. Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq walked out in protest to the Israeli attack on Egypt and the British and French occupation of the Suez Canal area.

At the time, the fifth president of the IOC, Avery Brundage complained: “In ancient days nations stopped wars to compete in the Olympic Games. Nowadays we stop the Olympics to continue our wars.”

South African sports would soon become just another battle ground in the Communist onslaught against South Africa.

Isolating South African sports by bullying and blackmail

Membership of the Football Association of South Africa (FASA),was suspended by FIFA in 1961. White South Africans especially, were not too upset, because to them, Rugby and Cricket were National sports, not soccer, but it did make them think about the possibility of South Africa being barred from the Olympics and possibly International Rugby and Cricket games as well.

In 1962 South Africa had an officially recognized South African Olympic and National Games Association (Saonga)

Then came a Rhodesian born coloured teacher by the name of Dennis Brutus and launched the South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee (Sanroc) in opposition to Saonga.

Brutus was a radical Trotskyist Communist educated at Fort Hare University and the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). He intended for South Africa a People’s Revolution and a Communist backed Socialist state at the height of a global Cold War that saw severe human rights abuses and mass murders in Communist run countries such as the USSR, China, Cuba, etc.

Under the suppression of Communism Act he was imprisoned for 18 months in a cell next to Mandela on Robben Island. Upon his release he fled to the UK where he continued his campaign against South Africa and tried to get her booted out of the Olympics and international sports.

He left behind his deputy John Harris in Sanroc. Harris was a keen man who added his contribution by planting a bomb on the Johannesburg train station that killed a woman and maimed 23 innocent passengers.

Harris was tried, convicted and sentenced to death. His wife drew up a petition for clemency, but only about 300 people signed it and Harris was hanged at 5.30 am on 1 April 1965. His body was taken to the Pretoria West cemetery and cremated.

Harris was a family friend of the Liberal Hain family a bunch of leftist radicals who were imprisoned in 1961. Peter Hain’s mother, Adelaine, took food to the convicted terrorist, young Nelson Mandela in prison.

At the time, Peter Hain was a schoolboy of 15 years. Dressed in a school blazer and grey flannel trousers the pimply teenaged Hain spoke in a quivering voice at Harris’ funeral, saying farewell to the terrorist by quoting John Donne and Matthew 5, “blessed are they who are persecuted for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.”

The liberally brainwashed Peter Hain failed to see that the innocent victims of John Harris’ bomb were the real persecuted ones. The Hains and their four children left for England in March 1966.

Nevertheless, due to Dennis Brutus’ activities…South Africa was barred from taking part in the Tokyo Olympics. The charge was led in 1963 by Sanroc and its Afro-Asian Communist allies.

South Africa’s Saonga was put to an ultimatum: Integrate or be banned. If the IOC’s demands were not met by 16th of August 1963, SA athletes would be banned from Tokyo. Saonga responded by including at least 7 non white athletes in its team of 62 Olympic hopefuls. But the IOC was not satisfied. It then insisted that Saonga publicly denounced the South African government before they could qualify for the Olympics. This was one demand Saonga could not comply with.

That is the problem with giving in to coercion, blackmail and paying Danegeld. Once you have paid the tribute, the Dane does not go away.

Can you imagine what would have happened if they asked the Russian sports ministry or the East German Dynamo Club to publicly denounce their governments? Yet these were the ones shouting the loudest for South Africa’s expulsion.

South Africa banned by IOC in 1964

In 1967 Saonga assured the IOC in Rome that it accepted the Olympic charter unconditionally and the IOC sent a fact finding mission to South Africa under Lord Killanin to investigate sports facilities available to blacks.

Remember that this was the time that the government of Verwoerd won an international court case in the Hague that South Africa was oppressing blacks. The world was upset that SA won.

How bad was the situation in SA at the time?

The mission to SA was critical on a few points but they noted for the greatest part that they were impressed with the steps the SA government took to ensure fully representative Olympic teams were selected. One thing they specifically noted was that most black sportsmen and administrators did NOT want South Africa to be banned.

When the IOC convened at Grenoble, France in February 1968, three representative of Saonga and four from Sanroc turned up. Saonga undertook to have mixed trials and select teams purely on merit and to have them travel, march and compete under one flag.

The IOC voted 38 to 27 for South Africa’s re-admission. The votes against came from the Afro-Asian Communist Bloc.

As we have seen so many times in the UN, the blacks simply refused to accept a vote that went against their wishes. So they applied their favourite trick that rarely failed at such international gatherings: Blackmail. They were backed by the Communists and many Western countries followed suit.

One after the other they announced that they would boycott the 1968 Mexico City games if South Africa Participated. Needless to say, come 1968, South Africa was not invited to the games.

Instead the IOC decided to launch another vote to invite South Africa and with 46 votes to 14 and 2 abstentions decided to kick South Africa out.

As Les de Villiers said in his book “South Africa. A skunk amongst nations” (page 121)…about the kicking out of South Africa: ”Metaphorically speaking, it was a question of the church choir being led by the town harlot – and no one daring to protest for fear of being roughed up by the local mafia.”

In South Africa there was big disappointment especially amongst black athletes.

In Amsterdam on Friday, 15 May 1970, South Africa was finally expelled from the IOC. The charge sheet was drawn up by the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa and cited racial discrimination in sport and failing to provide adequate facilities for black athletes.

Most of these black countries had cruel and despotic regimes with one party states and atrocious human rights records. In their countries millions of dissenters were simply murdered en masse or citizens deported like the Indians in Uganda, and Kenya and their relatives murdered in Nigeria.

As I have mentioned in Part 9 of Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box, At the height of Apartheid the city of Soweto, the biggest black city on the continent next to Lagos in Nigeria, had 115 Football fields, 3 Rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 Cricket fields, 2 Golf courses, 47 Tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 Bowling alleys, 81 Netball fields, 39 children play parks, and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses…(source: Verrat an Südafrika, Klaus D. Vaque page 40)

…How adequate is adequate?

Still believe the liberal lies?

…If you still believe that the mass media, countless multinational church organizations and the anti-apartheid movements presented an objective view of Apartheid South Africa and that South African whites exploited blacks, then read further…

Let us look at the humanitarian aid from South Africa to black African countries during this period of time.

• In 1964 A South African Air Force Hercules C-130 landed in the Congo with urgently needed medicine and food parcels at the request of Prime Minister Tsombe.
• In 1965 at the request of Prime Minister Jonathan South Africa sent 100,000 bags of maize to Lesotho to fight the famine there.
• In 1966, when a famine was threatening Botswana, South Africa donated $50,000 to them. At the time enough to buy 50,000 bags of maize.
• At the time of the Biafra war in Nigeria, SA donated $3,000 to the International Red Cross to help victims there.
• In 1968, 12 South African farmers made 230 tractors available to plough the fields of nine black Lesotho border towns for the coming maize planting.
• In 1969 South African Airways Dakotas flew emergency supplies to 30,000 people facing starvation in the Kwagga’s Nek area of Lesotho.
• In 1976 South Africa sent highly qualified doctors and specialists to Zaire to help fight the feared Marburg disease.
• In 1977 South Africa sent a team of specialist to Moatize in Mozambique when the coal bunker suffered severe methane gas explosions.
• In 1979 South African firefighters were sent to Beira in Mozambique and Salisbury in Rhodesia to put out petrol fires at their depots.
• In 1976 after the civil war broke out in Angola, South Africa established 4 refugee camps in SWA and SA for 11,000 refugees who fled to the Apartheid country, at a cost of more than two million dollars. A further two camps were erected and maintained by the SA army in the south of Angola.
• In 1980 South Africa supported the Transkei with a donation of $3,5 million in drought relief and created jobs for thousands of families by letting them improve roads and dams.
• In 1987 South Africa was supporting 200,000 Mozambiquen refugees who fled the civil war there. Many of them Communist Frelimo soldiers who were supported by the World Council of Churches who hated Apartheid South Africa. About 2,000 refugees, most carrying malaria, were fleeing through our electrified border with the Kruger Park, facing wild animals and risking landmines to make it INTO the hated “evil” Apartheid country.
• In 1983 the total amount of aid to SA’s neighbouring countries was in excess of $200 million per year. The development programs were running to $300 million a year.

Source: Verrat an Südafrika, Klaus Vaque page 27,28

Spreading the liberal lies

But this is not what people like Dennis Brutus and Peter Hain told the world. They travelled the globe to tell their myths and fairytales to gullible uninformed liberal listeners who have never been to South Africa.

During the 1970’s South African golfer Gary Player invited many deserving black golfers like Lee Elder to come and play in South Africa while assisting black South African golfers like Vincent Tshabalala to participate overseas. In the South African PGA there were more black golfers to be seen than any comparable US tournament. Until 1974 the Augusta Masters in the USA was an all white tournament.

In 1969 Peter Hain and some supporters disrupted a cricket match between an English side and a visiting South African side. Later that same month he stopped play when he ran onto the tennis courts at Bristol between SA and England in a Davis Cup match. He obviously had no problem to trample on other people’s rights to push his fanatical leftist anti-South African agenda.

Peter Hain was also the father of the slogan “Kill the Boers!”

That is right. At Twickenham during the 1969 Springbok Rugby tour of Britain he and his hippie supporters, who have never been to South Africa, carried placards and shouted, “Get out”…”Go Home”…”Sack Vorster”…and “Kill the Boers”. Later they broke through a police cordon and harassed the Springboks.

In Swansea they managed to provoke violence between policemen and spectators in their “Bash a Boer” campaign. They blackmailed the UK government of Harold Wilson with threats of violence and disruption to call off the 1970’s cricket tour in public interest.

They then set their eyes on banks, airlines, businesses and hotels that were dealing with South Africa, flying or accommodating her athletes…and threatened them with violence. Such were the tactics of these fanatical liberals…Mob Law rules and violence is justified when THEY use it. But when it comes to anybody else, they use clichés like, "Violence doesn't solve anything..."

Hipocracy Down Under

The next goal would be to disrupt the 1971 Rugby tour to Australia with the same threats and acts of violence. So bad were the demonstrations against the Springboks in Australia that Queensland declared a State of Emergency. The cricket tour the following year was cancelled.

Next was the 1973 Rugby tour of New Zealand. Threats of violence and even dynamite explosions forced Prime Minister Norman Kirk to ban the Springboks. In addition he also banned the women’s bowls team calling them “racists” for being all white. When it was pointed out to him that in South Africa and other African countries blacks simply do not play bowls and that Kenya and Zambia also fielded only white bowls teams, he refused to listen. Besides, New Zealand fielded no Maori, and Australia no Aborigines, in their line ups.

Kirk further had no problem to sanction a Maori Rugby team selected on racial grounds to tour Fidji. If a black Maori team was not racist how could a white Springbok team be?

It was pointed out to him that South Africa had a coloured Rugby team called the Proteas and a Black team called the Black Leopards. He was asked if such teams would be welcome in New Zealand. He said yes, because they would be the same as the Maori team.

It was clear that Prime Minister Norman Kirk considered a team only racist when they were white. A black team and a coloured team were non-racist, because racism is a white phenomenon.

At the same time in Australia (1974), Aboriginal football and cricket teams, selected purely on race, where sent to Papua New Guinea.

Such was the hipocracy Down Under. Whilst being opposed to any non-integrated sports in South Africa, the leaders of Australia and New Zealand fully encouraged separate sports for different races in their own countries.

The rest of the world

Despite extreme protests by Peter Hain and company, the British Lions tour of South Africa went ahead. They played four matches against the Springboks, one against Rhodesia, one against the Coloured Protea Team and one against the Black Leopard team.

Willy John McBride’s rugby team was the first in almost a century to return undefeated from South Africa. Back in Britain they were heroes and when they returned they were met on the airport by Opposition Leader Edward Heath. Also waiting at the Airport Hotel was Hain and a few of his ultra radical liberal followers. His sister stepped forward and threw a flour bomb at Heath.

In the late sixties, American Negro tennis player, Arthur Ashe applied for a visa to play in South Africa. It was refused, because Ashe told his supporters he wanted to come to South Africa to “put a crack in the Apartheid Wall”. He added that “I would like to drop an H-bomb on Johannesburg”.

His visa refusal was milked by the anti-Apartheid lobby for every drop of propaganda to show how blatantly racist the South Africans were. It went on for months.

Colour had nothing to do with it. Can you imagine what would have happened if a South African tennis player made such a threat about Washington DC or New York?

In 1973 Arthur Ashe applied again. This time he was allowed in. He played, passed criticism and lost in the finals against fellow American Jimmy Connors. He quickly toured SA, loved it and then left. The next year he wanted to come back.

At the time South Africa had 60,000 registered white tennis players and 22,000 black, coloured and Indian players, 20,000 of which were affiliated to the White union. The famous Sugar Circuit and other major tournaments were open to all races. Davis Cup selection was strictly on merit.

At the same time that Ashe played in SA, the American black boxer Bob Foster came to defend his light-heavyweight title against Pierre Fourie whom he narrowly defeated. He enjoyed the hospitality amongst whites and blacks alike. When asked about South Africa he said: “Before I came here I was cold towards South Africans. I thought in a different way. Now I love this place. It’s great! I’ll be glad to come back.”

The Pakistani cricketer Billy Ibadulla said: “I have read much about the country in newspapers and magazines, but I don’t think you can get true impressions until you come here.”

He further said that foreign black visitors should be encouraged to come to South Africa.

Nevertheless…The true impressions are what I think they were scared of.

There were many more violent demonstrations against South African sportsmen and women. In Australia at a surf-lifesaving contest a South African flag was ripped to shreds. In Stockholm demonstrators invaded the tennis courts at the Davis Cup tournament and in 1981 the Springbok rugby players who included a coloured player called Errol Tobias, were flour-bombed from airplanes in New Zealand and had to train in horse stables.

What were their true intentions?

Neither Brutus nor Hain were sportsmen deprived of participation in South Africa. They were leftist radicals backed by fanatical Communists who used sport to attack, isolate and bleed South Africa to death. They knew full well how fanatical South Africans were about sport and they would do anything to compete internationally.

As Abdul Minty of the Anti-Apartheid Movement summed up their true intentions: “Even when South Africa has integrated Sport, we would not be satisfied. What we want is a Black Government.”

Now I ask you…Who are the real racists here?

Nevertheless, the decision by whites to vote "yes" in the 1992 referendum to hand power over to the ANC was greatly influenced by their hopes to partake or see their teams partake in international sports again.

Their true characters

But in the end their true characters comes out. In 1975 Hain was arrested for a bank robbery and the Old Bailey later acquitted him after he claimed he was framed by the South African Bureau of State Security (BOSS). He said that they used a look-alike to pull off the job.

Yeah right…

In 2008 as a politician he was charged for not declaring campaign funds to the tune of £103,000. After ten months his file was handed to the Crown Prosecution Services, who decided not to prosecute him after Gordon Brown personally intervened. Hain called his failure to declare donated funds an innocent mistake.

Hain’s past saved his job
Hain not charged over donations

I just wonder how Peter Hain can sleep at night,…now that his darlings the corrupt ANC government is in charge of South Africa and stealing the country into bankruptcy. Is he proud of their racist policies of racial quotas in sport and university entry? Is he proud of their racist policies such as Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment?

Or how about the 50,000 whites including more than 3,000 white farmers who have been murdered since 1994? Hain was the one who chanted "Kill the Boers", remember...?

Today the Springboks and other sports teams are permanently playing with a handicap. They can never put a full team together on pure merit. Racial representation is the first concideration, not merit. That the Springboks actually still win games is a miracle.

People like Peter Hain, Abdul Minty and Dennis Brutus were directly responsible for the situation in South Africa today.

If Hain is so proud of his Rainbow Utopia that he helped to create why does he not come back to South Africa and live here? Why does he not buy himself a nice shack in the middle of Khayalitsha?

Main Sources:
South Africa, A skunk amongst nations, Les de Villiers, 1975.
Verrat an Südafrika, Klaus Vaque, 1988.

27 June 2012

About God, nation, man and morality

By Mike Smith
27th of June 2012

Man has an inbred sense of morality; a morality of the soul. A morality that he mills over in his mind. And over the eons the ones with the superior intellect and sense of morality became the philosophers of our time.

But we often see that those with lofty spiritual ideals practice a lower morality, because the world is inhabited by men with bodies, bodily wants and animal passions. There will never be a time that will come where there will be no oppression, nor servitude, no fear of man, no fear of God, but only love.

It cannot be, because there will always be inequality in nature. There will always be inferior intellect, earthquakes, tsunamis, pestilence, famine and wars.

There will always be times where a man will have to take care of himself in preference to another. When two sailors are in the water after their ship has sunk and there is only one plank, the two will struggle for the possession of the plank that will save one, but cannot uphold both. There will always be the situation of where a man after being attacked has to slay his adversary in order to save his life and/or that of his family.

Man is constantly forced to address his inner morality in order to survive in the struggle of life. Often leading men faces difficult moralities, like a general who has to spring a bridge and leave behind some men to certain death in order to save the main body of his army.

These are not departures of justice and morality and we may all differ in opinion about it, because every such moral question has many sides. But in general…in ourselves we recognize cruelty, unfairness, inhumanity, partiality and injustice.

There are certainly great evils in civilization today. Cruelty to animals and to fellow man. Iniquity often seems to prosper and the good always seems to be the loser to evil. Sometimes it appears as if God has forgotten us or turned His back on us. Sometimes it seems as if there is no more justice left in the world.

We cannot understand the moral universe. The expanse is too great and our eyes only reach a small way. Sometimes we look in nature and we see great apparent injustice. Among the bees, one rules, while the others obey. With the ants, the soldiers feed on the proceeds of the workmen’s labour. The lark eats the worm. The hawk eats the lark. The lion devours the antelope that has just as much right to live as him. And as far as we know there is no compensation for this apparent injustice.

In the great universe, God enacted general laws for its governance. Some things are necessary…necessary for God’s divine plan. God chose to make the tiger with organs so that he cannot crop grass. He must eat meat or starve. Therefore God equipped him with the necessary tools such as claws and fangs to survive. God has made man also carnivorous and equipped man with an intellect to ensure his survival.

In the end it is all in equilibrium and necessary to God’s divine plan in the universe.

The point that we need to grasp is that our little measure of morality and justice is not God’s measure of morality and justice.

But one thing is certain and that is that although wickedness appears strong, justice will not fail, because it is the Law of God. The Law of Nature. Justice is the rule of conduct, written in the nature of mankind.

But in human affairs, the justice of God must work by human means. Man’s morality is the instrument of God’s justice and principles…And He often uses us to enact justice and do the right thing.

In the Bible, before the time that Israel had kings, the nation was ruled by 15 successive Judges, the last one Deborah was the only female.

Often the Israelites strayed and did evil in the eyes of God. As punishment they were often ruled by oppressive kings, like Eglon, the fat king of Moab that oppressed the Israelites for 18 years. (Judges3:12).

But when the oppression became unbearable, the people cried out to God.

So God enacted his justice through a young, left-handed, man called Ehud.

Ehud did not say much. He did not boast or brag about what was necessary. In his heart he simply knew what the right and just thing was to do. So he made himself a double edged sword and strapped it to his right thigh. He then took a tribute to King Eglon and the guards who saw no sword in the usual place on his left thought he was unarmed and let him through.

After he delivered his tribute to the king he asked that the guards should leave, because he also had a personal message to deliver to the king. The king sent the guards out and when Ehud was alone with the king he told him that he had a message from God. He ripped out his sword and drove the blade into the fat king’s stomach so deep that the fat folded over the hilt and his intestines spilled out.
Ehud escaped before the guards discovered the dead king. He went up to the mountains and gathered the children of Israel and told them, “Follow me, for the LORD has delivered your enemies the Moabites into your hand.”

That day they killed ten thousand Moabites. Not a man escaped. This might seem cruel and unjust to us, but God rewarded the Israelites with their freedom and they had 80 years of peace.

The lesson that an oppressed nation should learn is to counsel with its wisest sons. But, on the contrary, great men seem never as scarce as when they are most needed.

The world honours men who stand up for justice, truth and right. The world builds monuments to its patriots. Remember that life’s length is not measured by its hours and days, but by that which we have done therein for our country and kind. We may do much in a few years, and we may do nothing in a lifetime.

God has appointed one remedy for all the evils against an oppressed nation; and that is intelligence. An intelligent people, informed of its rights, will soon come to know its power, and cannot long be oppressed.

At the end of the rainbow the war clouds gather

By Mike Smith
27th of June 2012

It is with great concern that I took note of the brutal murder of Mr. Johan van Rensburg (77), a farmer . His wife, Goudien (65) although shot four times, managed to survive, but she is now paralyzed for life.

Their son Hanno was obviously distraught and said:

“The ANC Youth League says they want to take our land by violent means and declare war. If they want war, they must come. I'll f****** shoot them. My family's blood has been spilt on this land. Why didn't they just take stuff and leave my parents alone? Only guns were stolen during the attack. I want to say to the murderers: F*** you. I want to get hold of them, I want to shoot them.”

My family’s blood has been spilt on this land

Ronald Lamola, deputy president of the ANC Youth League, in a speech at the Durban University of Technology called for the expropriation of land without compensation.

“We need an act as forceful as war to bring it back to the Africans,” Lomola said.

Deputy President and Chairman of the Transvaal Agricultural Union Safety Committee, Mr. Henry Geldenhuys said: It seems that farmers have no other choice than to prepare themselves for war ….

"Why are weapons stolen other than to commit more murders? Lamola creates the ideal atmosphere for radical and reckless youth to take up his statements literally. Farmers can no longer ignore those comments and for the sake of their survival and to keep their land, they need to prepare and organize for the worst possible scenario," said Mr Geldenhuys.

And as the war clouds over our beloved South Africa gatherered, South Africa quietly slipped back 29 places to position 127 out of 158 countries on the world peace index. SA drops on global peace index

Download the 2012 Global Peace Index stats

The situation is so bad that South African singers, actors and other celebrities recently marched and demonstrated against the government sanctioned violence in the country. Celebs march against crime

In typical Marxist scapegoating fashion, the President of the country, Jacob Zuma continued his vitriol and hate speech against white South Africans, saying White males still control the economy

This the kind of thing the world last saw happening during the late 1930’s in Nazi Germany...

…But that is not all. In an obvious reference to the Communist leader of China, Mao Zedong and his “Great Leap Forward” (in which 70 million people were cold-bloodedly, murdered)…Zuma called for a “Giant Leap Forward”…in order to snatch the economy from white owned hands.
Zuma calls for Giant Leap

This is the president of the country who continuously sings his song, “Umshimi Whami” (bring me my machine gun). To do what with? Certainly not to kill blacks…?

But his foot soldiers Cosatu led the charge in January already when they said. 80% of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is owned by white capitalists

It is clear who the enemy is in the eyes of the ANC, Cosatu, SACP Troika.

After 18 years of living a false pipedream of a democratic La-La-Land, Liberal Rainbow Utopia, South Africans are more divided that during Apartheid and the long delayed Communist revolution in the form of a racial civil war is looming on the horizon.

In an urgent media announcement, the Boere-Afrikaner Electoral Council stated their concern about the increasing racial tensions in South Africa, which they blame on the ANCYL president Ronald Lamola and State President Jacob Zuma with their talks of grabbing white owned land without compensation and all out war on white South Africans.

The Boere-Afrikaner Electoral Council stated that they have already offered a peaceful solution to the ANC, but the ANC rejected it and it is clear that the ANC are not interested in a peaceful solution and in fact only interested in quenching the bloodlust of their members. However the council still declared their willingness to talks if the ANC regime came to their senses.

Urgent media announcement: ANC not interested in peaceful solution

The liberal opposition party, the DA, attempted to follow the legal route and lay charges against Lamola. DA to lay criminal charges against Lamola

Somehow I doubt it if their efforts will be successful. It is clear that the ANC wants a bloody civil war in South Africa…but why?

The ANC has been slipping in their popularity lately and have lost a lot of supporters. So bad that they fear the DA will be taking over from them at the ballot box in 2014.

The ANC has also tried several times to pass ridiculous bills in a conspiracy to rob the people of South Africa of their freedoms and constitutional rights, such as the green paper on land expropriation, the Protection of Information Bill and the media tribunal.

They have been met with fierce resistance. So what is a despotic Marxist regime to do if they want to stay in power forever, or as Jacob Zuma said, “The ANC will rule until Jesus comes”?

If a racial civil war breaks out, the ANC will be able to declare a “State of Emergency” and in so doing, will be able to suspend rights and freedoms such as shut the media down, suspend elections, restrict movement and carry out genocide. We have seen many times how despotic regimes especially in Africa have used States of Emergency to rule indefinitely and to me there is no doubt that this is also the aim of the ANC.

They will use any means and every trick in the book to stay in power forever. The ANC is only interested in Democracy when they can win. They do not care how many people die in a racial civil war. If they go down, they have no qualms to drag the entire country and all its citizens down with them.

08 June 2012

When Nietzsche’s monsters visit a sinking ship

By Mike Smith
8th of June 2012

“He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for too long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

One thing that troubles bloggers such as I is the occasional visit of Nietzsche’s monsters. It is inevitable and something that one gets accustomed to after such a long stint at the front line...and five years is a long time.

But we know how to deal with it; Take a break and rejuvenate.

So it has become time for Uncle Cracker to take a small break and go recharge the old batteries. I need to go get my arse wet, blow some bubbles and scuba dive a few pristine reefs…and of course sip some cocktails on the deck of a liveaboard afterwards.

But speaking of boats and reefs, I want to leave you with a few thoughts to ponder on until I return.

In 1994, when the ANC took over the helm, it was like the good ship MV South Africa hit a reef and sprung a leak. At first, the water inrush (corruption and misrule) was small, but as the engine room (economy) filled up with water, the vessel started sinking exponentially faster.

The ones who first made sure they were safe on their little island were the Captain and the crew (ANC and their cronies).

The first class passengers who managed to get to the lifeboats first, were also off and gone (the ones who emigrated).

So now that the ship is almost at the point of going down, a few are still left on the good ship South Africa and they are trying to save it from sinking.

As the water is filing up the engine room, the generators are being submerged one by one and the lights are going out on the deck…here and there a few emergency lights are still flickering, but soon they will also be gone.

On the upperdeck, the people left behind are running up and down, not knowing what to do. They are panic stricken. They aren’t even wearing their life vests. There is a leadership crisis.

Meanwhile, down in the engine room a few good men are trying to flash up the emergency bilge pumps to at least keep the vessel afloat, but a few patronizing idiots are looking over their shoulders telling them they are doing it all wrong and are trying to hand them some silver tea spoons from the dining tables of blind liberal arrogance and political correctness, and telling them to rather bail the water out with that.

Truth is that when the ship goes down, it is taking EVERYONE with it. One has to wonder…When is this reality going to dawn on South Africans?

Anyway…cheers for now. See you again soon.

“How happy is the sailor's life, from coast to coast to roam; in every port he finds a wife, in every land a home.”

07 June 2012

The right to show dissent in a democracy

By Mike Smith
7th of June 2012

Whenever the ANC regime in South Africa brings out discriminatory legislation against the whites, trying to undermine the freedoms of the citizens, most whites complain, but hardly ever go into the streets to demonstrate.

When whites get raped, tortured and murdered in their homes and on their farms, very few whites fare into the streets and demand protection from the government…which is in fact their main job.

This behavior is often explained as: “Us whites do not demonstrate in the streets…besides we have to go to work to earn a living,” etc.

Truth is that whites do not demonstrate because they are scared of arrests and they do not know their rights. Further, it is too much effort to organize a march or public demo, so they just don’t bother…and so another person gets murdered…and another…and nothing is ever done about it. The apathy of white South Africans can be sickening sometimes.

Recently we have seen how the politicians and lawmakers loyal to Vladimir Putin want to clamp down on public demos.

“In the latest assault on the freedoms of expression and assembly in Russia, lawmakers loyal to President Putin gave preliminary approval on May 22 to a bill that would threaten demonstration organizers with massive fines of up to 1.5 million rubles, or $48,000. Freedom House strongly condemns this draft legislation, which, while thinly veiled behind claims of protecting public safety, is clearly intended to intimidate demonstrators and severely punish public dissent.”

Russian Parliament Threatens Demonstrators With Massive Fines

So what happened to “Democracy” in Russia? Didn’t they tell us that Communist Totalitarianism is dead; Russia is now a democracy, etc? Yet what we see now is a return to a totalitarian dictatorship in Russia.

It made me wonder about what is going to happen in South Africa if the ANC gets their way to change the constitution.

As it stands at the moment the Bill of Rights in the SA constitution says the following:

17. Assembly, demonstration, picket and petition
Everyone has the right, peacefully and unarmed, to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket and to present petitions.

That means EVERYONE…including whites.

However, public dissent and demonstrations are governed by the “Gatherings Act”

You can read about your rights to demonstrate here:
The Gathering Act explained

According to this Act, the person who organize a demo, is called “The Convener” and he has to notify the public authority about the demo and tell them amongst other things, the name and contact details of the convener, the purpose of the demo, time of the demo, route to be followed, anticipated number of demonstrators, etc…

This notice then gets sent 7 days before the demo to a “responsible officer” appointed by the local authority, who can refuse the demo after having a meeting with the convener.

If the demo is prohibited and it still goes ahead, then it is a criminal offense.

So this brings us to a few problems...

What if the demo is against the very local authority? What if the local authority is the ANC and they appoint the “responsible officer”?

Obviously they will declare the demo prohibited.

This law is undermining the constitutional rights of the public. And in such cases the Constitution is always superior to any other laws. I am not a lawyer and I will appreciate it if somebody with more knowledge can shed some light on this.

I mean where do you get this nonsense from that you need the local authority’s permission to hold a demonstration? You should not even have to notify or tell them. You simply do what needs to be done!

When people want to revolt against a corrupt government in a country, do you think they ask the permission of the government? Do they send them a list of all the attendees, where the revolt will be, the time the revolt will take place and the anticipated number of people?

No, when people spontaneously get angry with a corrupt government, they simply go out into the streets and they show their dissent.

And it is good so, because this is the only way to ensure that the corrupt scum in the government fear the people, which is the way it should be in a democracy.

This right to demonstrate and the right to show dissent keeps the bastards in check. That is why it is in the Constitution. That is how democracy works. When it gets to the stage where the people fear the government, then you have totalitarianism. And that we cannot have in South Africa.

Having said that. Can somebody now explain to me who the Liberal DA actually thinks they are to criticize people showing their dissent, because of suffering deaths and rapes in their community? Who the hell do they think they are to patronize and tell the community how a demo should be done, what slogans to use on their placards and who they can or cannot offend?

Most all, who appointed Anthony Benadie as moral guardian over the VVKand the other groups taking part in the demo? A bit arrogant don't you think?

Are these Liberals not supposed to be “Champions of Freedom”?

Yet, instead of supporting the freedoms of the law-abiding citizens of Delmas to demonstrate, they supported the criminal scum and vilified the dissenters who had every right to be angry at the Government’s inability/incompetence to keep their community safe.

06 June 2012

The ANCYL and the selective journalism of the MSM

By Mike Smith
6th of June 2012

Yesterday the media was full about the ANC Youth League temporary leader, Ronald Lamola who said that the ANC should appoint a “Minister of Expropriation without compensation”.

He also said that the safety of white farmers cannot be gaurenteed and that if white farmers do not give their land to blacks, then Zimbabwe style land grabs could happen.

Afriforum laid hatespeech charges against the ANCYL clown and their response was this…

ANCYL reacts with disgust to AfriForum's hate speech charges

They echoed “the sentiments of the Deputy President that the ANC or the ANCYL may not be able to stem the tide of impatience with the pace of change from the destitute and landless millions of South Africans.”

Afriforum ‘defender of white priviledge’ (Sic)

So far there is nothing wrong with the reporting it seems…

But something that the Media conveniently forgot to mention is what Lamola had to say about white women.

If you look at the video of the Afrikaans news clip from E-news, then about 1min12sec into the video Lamola says this:

“What is this Rainbow nation?... it takes us long to get a white girlfriend because of this...”

See? Every now and again they let slip their masks and then we see what their real motivations are.
Firstly it must be remembered that nothing Julias Malema or Ronald Lamola ever said was contradictory to ANC policy. It is all their in their “Freedom Charter”. They want to take the white’s land and nationalize businesses and mines. They call it the NDR. National Democratic Revoluition…
…And the part of the war loot will obviously be the white women.

What this idiot obviously do not realize is that he acknowledges the superiority of white women over his own black women.

I wonder what the girls in the ANCYL have to say about Lamola rejecting them and wanting white girlfriends. Is there something wrong with the black girls?

His populist threats are just to provoke a reaction from whites so they can have a reason to attack us en masse.

They are the ones talking about “Nation Building”…but at the same time are polarizing the whites and blacks further away from each other. Every time the ANCYL opens their mouths a few more liberals see the light and convert to our side. It is never the other way around.

People like Malema and Lamola are doing us a favour. They are uniting the whites more and more every day.

The league said if it was to achieve economic freedom there needed to be “urgent, unapologetic and radical land redistribution”.

I would love to see them “get radical”, so we can also “get radical” and then the world can see who "gets the most radical" out of the radicals. Interesting times we live in. About time we get the show on the road.

05 June 2012

Gautrain: Massive secret payoffs

By Mike Smith
5th of June 2012

Here we go…a repeat of the billions stolen during the arms deal. And who else involved but the shadow arms dealers and the ANC fat cats?

And of course the victims are you and I…Kippy the Taxpayer.

The Mail & Guardian can reveal the first evidence suggestive of bribery in the R26-billion Gautrain contract.

Gautrain: Massive secret payoffs

It is still early days, but be assured that I will keep a good eye on this story and how it develops.
Currently main players are:

Youssef Zarrouk, a Tunisian in his sixties and an international arms and projects fixer and a man who holds a 1st Dan in Karate who was paid $35 million by Canadian firm Bombardier to secure the Gautrain project in SA. He was influential in the notoriously corrupt regime of Ben Ali, the first president toppled in the Arab Spring last year.

Jean-Marc Pizano, a Frenchman with a long history in South African arms projects through his local company Advanced Technologies & Engineering (ATE). The latter upgraded Mirages for the apartheid regime. Zarrouk claimed to have paid him an $8-million share of his commission, but Pizano told the M&G: “That is an absolute lie.

Peter-Paul Ngwenya, Robben Island prisoner and ANC contact. He apparently lobbied Jeff Radebe, then Transport minister. He would be paid $7-million (R60-million now) success fee should it win the Gautrain tender. He demanded $6.55-million, claiming he had received only $450 000.

Jeff Radebe , who is now justice and constitutional development minister, through his director general, Nonkululeko Sindane, said he wished to “state very categorically that Mr Ngwenya never approached or lobbied him in any manner or form” on the transaction. He also denied knowing of or meeting Zarrouk and emphasised that the Gautrain was a provincial project brought to the national government only “very late in the process” for information and alignment with other transport systems. “The minister was never involved whatsoever in any project procurement process.”

Jack van der Merwe, chief executive of the Gautrain Management Agency that oversees Bombela’s carrying out of the Gautrain contract on behalf of the Gauteng provincial government, said he was unaware of the agreement between Bombardier and Zarrouk, but that he would take it up.

The ANC Youth League wants "minister of expropriation"

By Mike Smith
5th of June 2012

Stay calm. Let them carry on. Let us quietly prepare ourselves for what is coming in South Africa. Sooner or later their greed will get the better of them and they will overplay their hands. The will trigger the start of our Third Freedom Struggle. This time arround they must just not expect mercy. We stop at the equator.

ANCYL wants minister of expropriation
2012-06-05 22:22
Source: News24

Pretoria - The Constitution must be changed to allow the expropriation of land without compensation, the ANC Youth League said on Tuesday.

"All our issues are locked there in section 25 of the Constitution," ANCYL deputy president Ronald Lamola told reporters in Centurion.

The league discussed policy at a workshop at the weekend ahead of the ANC's policy conference later this month. It decided a minister of expropriation without compensation should be appointed.

Section 25 of the Constitution refers to property rights and sets out conditions for the expropriation of land with compensation.

Lamola said the ANC should not apologise for changing the Constitution - which would require a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

"The ANC must amend section 25 without apologising to any investor or anybody. The ANC must amend its own Constitution when it deems necessary," he said.

Land invasions

If white South Africans did not hand land over to poor blacks, there could be land invasions like those that took place in Zimbabwe, the league warned.

"The nature of the inequalities... they are creating a situation where it's impossible for us to maintain stability," Lamola said.

The league disapproved of the youth wage subsidy, calling instead for a job search subsidy.

This would involve feeding unemployed youth so that they would have the energy to study and search for jobs. Lamola said this had been successful in Brazil.

Lamola said the nationalisation of mining and other sectors of the economy was inevitable.

"The whole world is moving towards nationalisation... nationalisation is inevitable. Every society that is serious about changing inequalities... is nationalising and is having ownership of the strategic sectors of the economy by the state."

Despite the ANCYL's perceived disorganisation, with three of its top five leaders suspended or expelled, Lamola said it was still influential within ANC structures.

"The Youth League remains a very influential league and critical body of opinion... it remains a very important organisation."

This meant it would be able to influence a change of leadership at the ANC elective conference to be held in Mangaung in the Free State, in December.

"Change in leadership at Mangaung is inevitable.... The ANCYL is going to influence the policy conference of the ANC," Lamola said.

President Jacob Zuma, who is also president of the ANC, wants to be elected for another term. The ANCYL is said to prefer Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe.

The ANCYL said it still considered Julius Malema, who has been expelled from the ANC, as its president.

ANCYL spokesperson Magdalene Moonasamy said it would respect the internal processes of the ANC, but "we reaffirm our president remains our president".

ANC must set agenda

Pule Mabe, who the ANCYL dismissed as treasurer general last month, had not been reinstated, Lamola said.

It was reported that Mabe was reinstated after ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe intervened.

Lamola said the ANC had written to the ANCYL with recommendations on how to deal with Mabe.

It said the ANC had not suggested that Mabe be reinstated, but that he should be subjected to due process including possible charges. The nature of the charges was not clear.

In other policies, the ANCYL called for free education by the end of 2013, and that the ANC dictate policy to the government, and not the other way round.

ANCYL deputy secretary general Kenetswe Mosenogi said the ANC's main policy discussion document on the second transition was a "cut-and-paste" of the National Planning Commission's diagnostic report.

The ANC was thus being influenced by government, she said.

"It's the ANC that must set the agenda for government... not the other way around."

Keeping up the centuries old African tradition

By Mike Smith
5th of June 2012

In the book “Teen die hele wêreld vry”, by Francois Richter (pg79) he mentions a few excerpts from the lectures of Prof. P.J. Coertze, the well known anthropologist that he held in 1968 at the University of Pretoria.

According to prof Coertze, the practice of incest was allowed and practiced amongst black tribes for centuries.

This is confirmed by Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman in his book, “My people” (1969). Mutwa describes many strange marital practices amongst the Bantu in Chapter Ten, The Love Mat.

He describes on page 212 the practice amongst the Xhosa that on the night before his wedding a man had to sleep with his mother in law. On page 214 he mentions the practice of “The bending of the race”.

Due to wars and slave raids, vast areas were depopulated and men had to marry their sisters or cousins. Sometimes a father discovered that he and his daughter were the only survivors of an entire tribe and to carry on the line they would marry. So with sons and their mothers.

If a man accidentally married his illegitimate daughter, a ritual would be held called the ritual of the burning axe. The man would hold a red hot copper axe in his hand while dancers would tear living fowls apart and would throw the bloody mess over the couple. A black goat would be brought in and the sins transferred to it. Then another man would stand up and claimed that the woman was in fact HIS daughter and anybody who said otherwise was challenged to fight him. The real father would then ask this man if he could marry “his” daughter. And so incest was allowed.

Source “My People”, by Credo Mutwa page 212-218.

In South Africa we can see the results of such relationships…Just look at those in parliament…more stupid you cannot get.


Cape Town - Villiersdorp police have arrested a 19-year-old teenager who allegedly stabbed his father and then apparently dragged his mother into the bushes and raped her during a drunken rage.
Mom: My son raped me

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe…some tribes however still frown on these practices.

Son on the run after 'getting his own MOTHER pregnant for the second time'

A man is on the run in Zimbabwe after allegedly making his own mother pregnant for the second time.

Simon Matsvara and his mother Ethel Vhangare fled their home in Pote Village, Mashonaland Central province when members of their church group discovered she was expecting another child.

Good News story of the day – Another highjacker bites the dust

By Mike Smith
5th of June 2012

I have said it so many times. The violence is only going to stop when we fight back.

Below is an article about a young man who did just that. Four highjackers shot at him nine times. He shot back and killed one of the bastards. Thank God for true heroes like him who rid the world of a piece of evil scum. Pity that the other three got away.

Man escapes 9 bullets in hijacking
2012-06-05 17:33
Source: News24

Johannesburg - A 28-year-old man escaped unharmed after his car was shot at nine times during an attempted hijacking in Glenvista on Tuesday morning, Gauteng police said.

"When he tried to get out of his yard in his car, four men pointed guns at him," said Warrant Officer Kay Makhubele.

A shootout ensued between the hijackers and victim before the gunmen sped off in another vehicle.

Patrolling police later found a BMW silver grey car abandoned in an open space in Snake Park in which they found a body of a man with a bullet wound in the chest.

Makhubele said the vehicle was used as the getaway car in the attempted hijacking. Investigations revealed that it was reported stolen in Lenasia.

Police were looking for three other men in a case of attempted murder and hijacking.

How the ANC handles criticism

By Mike Smith
5th of June 2012

Well, as I have mentioned in my “Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box” series, what happened in 1994 was a massive con.

Our politicians, together with the secret services like NIA and BMI sold us out and handed our country over to the Marxist terrorist scum on a silver platter.

Instead of the usual bloody, communist revolution this one was a bloodless, negotiated revolution.

What does that mean? It means that in a normal communist revolution, the Marxists would have slaughtered the likes of De Klerk, Pik Botha, Adriaan Vlok, etc after taking over the government by violence.

So, the cowards negotiated to give the Marxist blacks the country in exchange for sparing their miserable lives.

That is all that was gained in the negotiations during Codesa 1 and 2. Nothing else.

We whites got nothing. We were promised that we would be able to keep our 5 Afrikaans universities out of the 21 that we built in SA. Today, only one remains relatively Afrikaans, Stellenbosch. We were told that we would be able to retain our own schools. These are all integrated today and the quality of our children’s education pushed down to accommodate, half wits.

“Checks and balances” were promised like an independent judiciary and an independent media that would act as a watchdog over corruption scum in government.

On the other hand, the ANC promised us “A better life for all”…

None of it ever materialized.

Today the President of the ruling party appoints his buddies as the chief justice and the police commissioner. There is no independent judiciary.

The SABC, which is supposed to be an independent public broadcaster takes its orders from the Marxist politburo, while the ANC’s Nomenklatura robs and defrauds the country into bankruptcy.

When the media or even artists stands up to the corrupt scum in government, they are intimidated and threatened as we have recently seen with the “Spear” painting controversy. All the while the illegal ruling party tries to change the laws that protect the citizens against their abuse.

They constantly try to undermine freedom of speech with the Info Bill and a media tribunal, where they want to lock up whistleblowers and reporters who dare investigate them.

They constantly try to undermine private property ownership through stupid ideas like the green paper on land reform recently released. They want to expropriate land with no compensation.

They constantly try to undermine the free market principals of the constitution by wanting to nationalize mines, banks, businesses, in fact everything.

The politicians of today and yesteryear still believes that the illegal and fraudulent, capitulation of De Klerk in 1994 was a “negotiated settlement” for all of the people of SA.

I must admit, that I also thought so for about two years after 1994 still.

Until I saw that race classification did not disappear from government forms and Apartheid was being kept alive by the ANC.

They never wanted Apartheid gone. I saw Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in sport and university entry introduced. I saw the one-sided Truth and Reconciliation farce instituted as a Nuremburg witch hunt on former Apartheid officials, and gross human rights abuses of the Marxists downplayed and swept under the carpet.
That was when I realized that the ANC was not interested in reconciliation and nation building.

The ANC only has one goal and that is to stay in power forever, because the longer the pigs are in power the longer they stay in the front at the feeding trough and the more they can steal.

All forms of Socialism need a scapegoat to stay in power. Normally a tiny minority that can be bullied into submission by the idiotic majority. The National Socialists in Germany used the Jews. The Bolsheviks in Russia used the royals and bourgeoisie as scapegoats.

In South Africa, the whites are the scapegoats. By vilifying the whites in SA and lying that they “stole” everything from blacks, the ANC is held in power by their idiotic majority who believes this claptrap.

Truth is that the only ones thieving, defrauding and stealing are the ANC bastards themselves…and the victims are the rest of us, black and white.

But the ANC confuses the blacks with guilt feelings and bullshit propaganda. Telling blacks that the ANC “fought for their freedom”…that they owe the ANC…that they should keep voting ANC…

Truth is that the ANC was, is and always will be a Marxist terrorist organization that planted bombs and indiscriminately blew up innocent women and children of all races, including blacks so they could get into power and steal the country into bankruptcy.

The ANC tortured and killed hundreds of their own black members in “training camps” like Quatro in Angola. This info was all swept under the carpet at the TRC hearings.

During the early 1990’s the ANC threw black people off running trains and killed them if they simply went to work and did not partake in stay-aways.

The ANC murdered thousands of innocent black people with the horrible necklace method, burning them to death by placing petrol soaked car tires around their bodies and igniting it simply to strike terror into the minds of possible collaborators.

Hundreds of black policemen and other civil servants like Telcom and post office workers were killed by the ANC.
Political opponents of the ANC in Natal and on the Rand were brutally assassinated.

Let it be known that the ANC has NEVER fought for the “Freedom” of anybody. The only thing they ever “fought” for was the Enslavement of all South Africans under a communist yoke.

But simple things fool simple minds. And as we know, the majority is not the sharpest pencils in the box.

It takes a long time. Sometimes up to eighteen years for liberal and naïve whites to realize that you cannot negotiate and come to an agreement with communists. Communists never hold themselves to any agreement. They will agree to anything, but they never intend to stick to the agreement. Any deal, any agreement is to them just there to get a temporary advantage and a foot in the door. Once they have advanced a small step, they negotiate and agree to another settlement until they have it all and you have nothing.

By the time you have realized that you have been dealing with a bunch of “Conmen” and liars, you sit without your country.

And that is what has happened now with Afriforum. They wanted to show an advertisement on SABC 3 television, blaming the ANC as “conmen” for not sticking to the agreement of 1994 and wanting to change the constitution of 1996.

How incredibly naïve? Did they really think they could bargain and deal with such communist scum as the ANC?

The ANCBC refused to show Afriforum’s advertisement on the television. Saying that they are climbing on the “Nando’s Bandwagon” referring to the funny Nando’s Chicken commercial that makes fun of the ANC’s paranoid Xenophobic and racist policies. See both videos below.

The ANCBC also banned the Nando’s add.

The ANC will not allow criticism. They are only interested in free speech when THEY can say what they want and you agree with them. They are only interested in democracy when THEY can rule.

ANCBC won’t air anti-ANCvideo

03 June 2012

How to cure Car-jackings in South Africa

By Mike Smith
3rdof June 2012

The giant rat invasion of South African cities

By Mike Smith
3rd of June 2012

Ah yes…liberals told us that we should all integrate and live happily ever after in a Kumbaya fantasy Rainbow land.

The reality of uncontrolled urbanization is something they do not seem to grasp. Come to think of it…Is there anything they grasp?

Any idiot will tell you that when hundreds of thousands of people are simply allowed to squat wherever they want, without proper sanitation, water and services such as refuse removal, you are inviting not only all kinds of horrible diseases, but also vermin, scavengers and parasites. What is so difficult to understand about that?

The Cape Argus is reporting It’s estimated that there are four rats for every human in Cape Town

Cape Town city centre and RR section in Khayelitsha was identified as two of the areas with a major rodent problem.

Monde Nqulwana, the ward councillor, said the rats appeared to have grown in size over the past few years.

“We used to use the cats to chase the rats, now even the cats run away.”
Lungiswa James, the mayoral committee member for health said: “Sometimes we hear they are even biting our children.”

Frightened Zameka Rasmeni told how a rat had nibbled on her foot one night as she sat in her home.

Also read this story from 2009 about rats who ate 95% of a baby’s face away Rats ate my baby's face, says mom

And then this one from 2011 about two separate incidents one in Khayelitsha, Cape Town and another in Soweto, near Johannesburg of babies killed by rats. It made international news. Here is the link:
Giant rats eat two babies in South Africa townships in separate attacks

The mother, Bukiswa Dwadwa, 27, said: 'I can't forget how ugly my child looked after her eyes were ripped out.

'She was eaten from her eyebrows to her cheeks, her other eye was hanging by a piece of flesh.'

But it is not only babies…the article also states “Last month, 77-year-old grandmother Nomathemba Joyi died after giant rats chewed off the right side of her face.

All of this is directly attributed to crackpot, unworkable liberal and leftist policies driven by the DA and the ANC .

Zuma building himself a village

By Mike Smith
3rd of June 2012

I suppose if you have five wives, twenty children, God knows how many body guards and an extended family, you do not need an official residence, you need an entire village.

And that is exactly what President Jacob Zuma is building for himself…at the expense of the taxpayer of course. It is called KwaNxamalala in the Nkandla district. the project will see vast tracts of land expropriated for the construction of modern homes, a shopping mall, a college, banking facilities and other amenities.

Jacob Zuma’s own homestead recently got a R65 million upgrade funded by taxpayers.

It was reported in November that a company contracted by the public works department to do construction work on Zuma’s homestead, Bonelena Construction Enterprise and Projects, had the president’s niece on its payroll.

Additions to the homestead include three sets of underground living quarters with about 10 air-conditioned rooms, reported the Mail & Guardian. Other facilities include a clinic for Zuma and his family, a gymnasium, 20 houses for security guards, underground parking, a helicopter pad, playgrounds and a visitors’ centre.

All of this while most black South Africans live in tin shacks.

Read the full story here

Spot the enemy...

By Mike Smith
3rd of June 2012

I want to show whose side the liberal DA is on…

…But let me first show you some REAL naked Racism in South Africa…

Here is another example of the racist ANC and their alliance partners nailing whites.
Cosatu: ‘Cut foreign whites at varsities’

“We are also urging that the equity targets of the university campuses be redebated so that we can ensure that spaces for deserving African students are not filled by foreign white students,” the federation said.

By “African” they only mean “Blacks”…according to them there are no “White Africans”.

In a horrific attack in Middelburg, Mpumalanga a white grandmother Julie Cruse (72) was tortured to death in the usual way…she was severely assaulted in her house, kicked in the face several times, boiling water poured over her legs and her stomach burned with a hot clothing iron before her cowardly attackers strangled her to death.

Grandmother burnt with iron; strangled

At the same time the ANC Youth League is again calling for grabbing white owned land like Mugabe did in Zimbabwe. This is not only illegal it is unconstitutional…yet the bastards get away with it.
ANCYL warns of land grabs

The National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) general-secretary Irvin Jim, tipped by many in the labour movement as Cosatu boss Zwelinzima Vavi's possible successor has called for the nationalisation of everything in the country, the Banks, the mines, everything…

Nationalisation is of course nothing but government instituted theft of private property and businesses.

"We are calling for the nationalisation of all strategic economic assets and sectors such as mines, banks, telecommunications, petrochemicals, national food chains, steel plants, energy, water and so on - without compensation," he said.

Jim concedes that what he is calling for is unconstitutional and says the solution would be to amend the current "unequal constitutional order".

"Our struggle for liberation was not about installing the most liberal constitution on the most unequal, racist and very white monopolised economy and society."

"Our struggle was for a South Africa in which the wealth ... would have been transferred to the people as a whole - and not to elites, be they white or black - as a precondition for rooting out racism, equalising social, economic and cultural conditions, and thus laying the viable foundation for a truly non-racist and egalitarian society," Jim said.

He wants the constitution's property clause to be re-written to enable "expropriation without compensation".

Nationalise everything! says Numsa's Irvin Jim

And the DA? What is their stance on all this racism against whites?
The DA complains about Far Right Groups

Why? Because they staged a protest against blacks who murdered a five month old white baby, Wiehan Botes, and his white day mother Maghrieta de Goede (66).

The Democratic Alliance in Mpumalanga said on Sunday it would report several far-right groups to the Human Rights Commission. This followed a protest in Delmas on Thursday.

Posters displayed slogans reading: “Black cowards - leave our women and children alone”, “Steal, rape, murder: We are finished with Black South Africa” and “Barbarians leave our children alone”, the DA said in a statement.

“We believe that these inflammatory slogans run against the Bill of Rights,” said DA spokesman Anthony Benadie.

The party would report Die Boere-Afrikaner Volksraad, Volksraad Verkiesings Kommissie (VVK), Die Verkenners, Republikeinse Vrouebeweging, Kommandokorps, Herstigte Nasionale Party (HNP) and the Afrikaner Weerstandsbewiging (AWB) to the Human Rights Commission on Monday.

So now we know where we stand with the DA.

I am glad for people like them who shows us in no uncertain terms that liberals are in love with tyrants and criminals and are in fact not part of the solution, but indeed the root of the problem. They are not on our side, but part of the enemy. I am glad when they pin their colours to the mast, because it just makes it so much easier to identify them.

60 Years on the throne – and still no apology for the Boer War

By Mike Smith
3rd of June 2012

Today with much pomp and flair and being broadcasted all over the world, the Queen of England is celebrating her 60th year on the throne…and we in South Africa are still waiting for an apology for The Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902.

Two weeks ago the Rapport Newspaper reported that an official adjustment of the figures of Boer women and children who were murdered, mainly starved to death, in the British concentration camps would take place on Tuesday 22nd of May 2012. The names of all the casualties would be displayed on banners hanging from the walls of the Voortrekker monument in Pretoria.

34,000 whites died in British Concentration camps and not 27,000 . This is an increase of about 25%.

I reported on it over here

And what about the blacks who died (also starved to death) in the British death camps during the Anglo Boer War?

Historians estimated the deaths at between 13,000 and 14,000, but today the Rapport newspaper has put the spotlight on the black deaths in the concentration camps. A new book is out called “The Black Concentration Camps 1899-1902” by Stowell Kesler.

Kessler, who died in 2007, did fifteen years of research in archives and said that at least 21,000 blacks died in 65 British concentration camps from 1899 – 1903 mostly due to starvation.

In his book he accused the British government of gross negligence.

On page 212 Kessler wrote: “Historians must conclude that the misery and the suffering in the black concentration camps were the result of deliberate neglect, and not the misfortunes of war.

“Much more could have been ¬done to alleviate the sickness and resulting deaths than was done.”

“The sins that brought about this tragedy were not sins of omission. They were sins of commission.”
Source: Rapport 3rd of June 2012

The closest the Queen ever came to apologize for what her family, her nation and her empire did to South Africans was when she visited South Africa in November 1999.

Whilst wearing diamond jewelry that the SA government gave her she said the Anglo Boer War was a “Tragic Chapter” but she stopped short of apologizing for the war and the human rights abuses in the British hell camps.

In her speech in the capital Pretoria, the Queen said: "We should remember with sadness the loss of life and suffering, not only of British or Boer soldiers, but of all those caught up in the war - black and white, men, women and children.”

"No-one who reads of the distressing conditions in the detention camps which held both white and black detainees, could fail to be moved even today, 100 years later."

Queen's regret over Boer War
Queen offers no apology over Boer War

Figure that, 55,000 civilian South Africans murdered by the British in their hell camps and not a single apology to date.

Today as she donned her blood stained attire full of South African gold and diamonds for her Diamond Jubilee I can assure you that not she, nor any member of her family was sparing as much as a single thought to what they have stolen from South Africa or how many people they have killed here.

No, they are CELLEBRATING today…and the whole twisted, sick world is celebrating with them.

Excuse me for a moment while I gather up some phlegm from the back of my throat…because I spit on the Queen.