02 July 2012

Air guns that are not for sissies

By Mike Smith
2nd of July 2012

Speaking of Pellet guns…

Most people when they think about defending themselves and buying a fire arm, the last thing they would consider is an air rifle, right?

We all grew up with a .177 (4.5mm) pellet gun that we shot a few birds with when we were about 10 years old.

But what would you do if I told you that these guns were also available in .22, 9mm .45 and .50 ?
That is right. You can own a pellet gun that is strong enough to kill a Kudu with one shot…

The people who are the experts in pellet guns, especially the heavy caliber ones are the Koreans.

Their laws have made it almost impossible to own fire arms, so they use Scuba cylinders to pre charge rifles to 200bar so they can go hunting. And these things have about the same accuracy as an AK-47 over 300 meters.

Take a look for yourself.

The Dragon slayer .50 caliber
The Dragon Claw .50 caliber Pre Charged Pneumatic rifle
You can see what it does to a wild pig over here…

The air gun that shoots through a concrete block


  1. The Secret11:50 pm

    Personally I hate Pellet guns,I remember for christmas my brother received a small pellet gun and his idea of fun was to shoot me with it(funny at the time)He SHOT DIRECTLY ON MY ASS...

    Its really funny because I secretly broke it afterwards...hahah

    but yeah which typical Boer is gonna not buy this?
    One boere have the latest fishing equipment and I am sure after those clips...its the next gift for die oompie...

  2. Anonymous4:14 am

    As they say in the classics "These air rifles are not your daddies air rifles"
    PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic) rifles are incredible.
    I have several & can testify to their power and accuracy. (AND Silence - most people say "Mouse F@rt"
    Not to boast, but I can hit the bottom of a full coke can at 100m.
    Most other shooters are even better than me.
    Some rifles are charged to 300 Bar.
    BTW - a 5.5 mm is legal in SA -No Licence required (5.5 mm is NOT .22)see next link

  3. Anonymous10:41 am

    Quote from the Firearms control act (what a shitty act)

    ‘‘airgun’’ means any device manufactured to discharge a bullet or any other projectile of a caliber of less than 5.6mm (.22 caliber), by means of compressed gas and not by means of burning propellant; '

    End Quote

    and then there is thise fooking quote:

    ‘‘firearm’’ means any—
    (d) device manufactured to discharge a bullet or any other projectile of .22 calibre or higher at a muzzle energy of more than 8 joules (6 ft-lbs), by means of compressed gas and not by means of burning propellant;


    Technically this means that any pellet gun that is over .22 that hits hard is a firearm. But combined with the first definition, anything under .22 and hits hard with compressed air is good to go...

    How gay are the ANC? Homos... I tell you... Homos... They scared of a couple of kids with .22 Lr Rifle. haha...

  4. Anonymous11:50 pm

    If you are going to shoot, shoot to kill or else they will come back with a posse. I wouldn't rely on a .22 airgun, chances are you will only do minor damage and the bastards take revenge on you.

  5. Anonymous2:33 am

    Mike see this link, they are shooting Bison with this pellet gun!



  6. Airguns are great for a wide variety of applications. Home or personal defense aint one of em.

  7. PreatorianXVI11:02 pm

    Shooting through Dark Hardwood might be a problem, for a pellet, shooting animals is a different story

  8. Anonymous1:20 pm



  9. Anonymous1:42 am

    Personally im an AK kind of guy

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