30 July 2012

ANC cadres admit they are useless. When the revolutionary clock is ticking

By Mike Smith
30th of July 2012

Just a few days ago President Jacob Zuma blamed the Apartheid era Prime Minister, Dr H.F. Verwoerd for the utter catastrophe they have turned education in SA into.

Jacob Zuma says: Textbook mess ‘Verwoerd’s fault’

Now, the ANC's national executive committee (NEC) has acknowledged that the late delivery of textbooks in Limpopo was a "serious failure" by government.

ANC: Textbook crisis a failure of govt

Bullshit. It is not a “failure” it is a deliberate act of sabotage against the education system of the country.

They have now appointed one commission after another to launch inquiries and find who is responsible…All for the show of course. Deceiving the public again.

The ANC is fully responsible for the destruction of the education system in South Africa and they are carrying it out knowing full well what they are doing.

Psychologist: “Mrs Zuma, your son Jacob is not retarded, he is just a Communist”.

Pigs will fly over a frozen hell the day a communist ever concerns himself with educating the proletariat.

In every country they have come to power the first thing they did was to kill off all the intellectuals. These intellectuals are the greatest threat to those in communist power.

The second thing they did was to dumb the education system down. Communists WANT the masses stupid. They know exactly how revolutions work and the thing they fear the most is a counter revolution that will dethrone them. They know that revolutions do not come “spontaneously” from starving masses. People starve all the time and never revolt. Look at Zimbabwe or Ethiopia.

No…revolutions are started by a well to do and educated middleclass of architects, engineers, doctors, etc. Mostly idealists who believe in something better than the old order. Revolutions do not occur when the people are bankrupt and poor; they occur when the government is bankrupt and poor (through theft, mismanagement and corruption) and try to raise taxes.

Revolutionists are not riff-raff. The riff-raff is useful only as cannon fodder against the old order. The main string pullers are all educated people who have changed allegiance. When the educated class lose faith in the government and in fact turn against the government, then you know a revolution is on the doorstep. You will notice an alienation of the government by intellectuals and a subsequent alienation of the regime by the people.

All you have to do to understand how revolutions work is to read Dr Crane Brinton’s book “Anatomy of a Revolution”.

All these signs are visible in South Africa today. You see more and more how black intellectuals turn against the ANC.

Look at Dr Mamphela Ramphele who today told the President that the education crisis is NOT Verwoerd’s fault, but the ANC’s fault. Ramphele: Education crisis not Verwoerd's fault

This auntie is a fairly smart cookie. She is a medical doctor and has a string of degrees…all because of, not despite of, that evil system of “Bantu Education”. I mentioned her before when she exonerated Dr Verwoerd and Bantu Education. Struggle hero exonerates Apartheid Education

I just wonder, if she was that clever, why she ever supported the ANC and their bullshit “struggle” in the first place. Today she can see the results.

Another one is Moeletsi Mbeki, brother of Thabo Mbeki who has said for years that the country is going down under the ANC.

2008 report: SA is going down, says Mbeki's brother

One also sees it every day how former liberal newspaper forums in South Africa have turned to almost revolutionary levels at the rate that former liberals ditch the ANC and turn against them.
In 2007 President Thabo Mbeki threatened whites with the Jacobin Option threatening to chop off all there heads.

How Ironic that five years later it seems that the ANC themselves should fear that Jacobin Option from their own former lackeys and supporters.

Tell you what. If I was the ANC and I looked at all the signs of a brewing revolution, I would be very nervous right now.

If I was them I would seriously start contemplating ditching Communist pipe dreams and racist policies and start governing properly before they are ousted faster than somebody can say “Arab Spring”.

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  1. why is it whenever the anc cadres talk about the apartheid education they refer to it as the “gutter” education system….we all know there was nothing gutter about the Bantu education system back then..

    is this supposed to “soften the blow” on both sides by not “completely” conceding to having a better education system under apartheid, albeit 1000% better than today’s rubbish? Should ramphele have omitted the word “gutter” she would have been accused of going against the anc grain and probably fired..

    funny how a single well placed word “appeases” all..