09 July 2012

ANC organising the Lumpenproletariat to make the Western Cape ungovernable as part of their Second Transition

By Mike Smith
9th of July 2012

Currently we have seen terrible gang violence and wars erupt seemingly out of the blue in the Cape area. 130 Gangs from all over the Cape Flats and Atlantis are involved. Helen Zille of the liberal DA is sitting with her hands in her hair and do not know what to do.

In a typical knee-jerk reaction Zille now wants the army to be deployed in the gang infested Cape flats townships

Zille said yesterday that drug-related gangs were now "beyond the capacity of the South African Police Service to control" and that the army had to be called in for support.

Army must fight gangs

In gang ridden Hanover Park residents have called on President Zuma to declare a State of Emergency …now wouldn’t he just love to do that?

Some idiots, some gangsters and some ordinary people believe that the gang wars are about revenge
What laughable speculative junk.

…Now let me explain to you what is REALLY happening in the Cape and I will prove it…

Over the years many authors have exposed the various tactics of Communism to take over and remain in power forever. Their techniques have no limits, no rules and no conscience. Anything goes, because the end justifies the means.

History showed us how the Communists’ favourite technique has been artificially created famines by most notably Stalin and Mao. But they also used forced labour camps to work people to death and terror campaigns to purge people out of the countries of their birth.

They also used false criminal charges to make people disappear forever without a trace, but the most effective technique in recent years in countries such as Zimbabwe and South Africa was the now famous “People’s War” as Dr Anthea Jeffrery describes it in her book by the same name.

It was based on the North Vietnamese general Võ Nguyên Giáp’s adaptation of the Mao principle of People’s War and used in various countries such as Peru, Northern Ireland and South Africa.

It is a broad based strategy of using an urban terror and fear campaign of kidnapping and brutal murder of opponents combined with vicious propaganda and subversion against the population to seize power and remain in power.

One of the tentacles of this monster is the tactic to disguise and hide political assassinations and murders as “ordinary crime”. For this they would use the Lumpenproletariat (or ones disguised as them), those totally unproductive members of society such as street gangsters, junkies, prostitutes, drug dealers, former convicts, etc.

Under this “fog of war” many political assassinations can take place as “ordinary crime” and the legitimate government who were made to look inept to control the situation, would be blamed for everything. One has to acknowledge that it is a brilliant strategy and one that is not easily countered.
The so-called service delivery protests in South Africa are just one tentacle of this strategy.

A few month ago in Grabouw in the Western Cape blacks and coloureds took each other on in a virtual mini racial/civil war Madness in Grabouw…At the time the ANC vowed to make the Western Cape ungovernable in order to take it back from the DA who has run the province for nine years.
In May the suggestion again came up that the Western Cape should be made ungovernable. We should make the WCape ungovernable

The DA leader knows the score. She knows exactly what the ANC is trying to do…Is ANC trying to make Bitou ungovernable? - Helen Zille

She even discussed the ANC’s threats extensively with the police

‘Ungovernable’ threats: Zille and police to talk

This is nothing new. In March COMMUNITY Safety MEC Dan Plato has accused the ANC of conspiring with gang bosses, and even going so far as to bring in criminals from other provinces, to destabilise the Western Cape. ‘ANC is plotting with gang bosses’

Dan Plato based his allegations on a secret file he possesses with claims made towards the end of last year by disaffected former ANC supporter and businessman Jeff Franciscus. In the dossier, Franciscus – who (very conveniently) died in a car accident in November – is recorded as claiming the ANC in the Western Cape was bent on making the province “ungovernable” by the ruling DA.

In particular, Franciscus is recorded as fingering Marius Fransman – now deputy minister of International Relations and Co-operation – as conspiring to destabilise the province.

Back then I wrote two articles about it. Warning about People’s War and the ANC agenda behind service protests. You can read it here.

ANC in cahoots with gang bosses
Behind the riots in the townships…is the ANC agenda

At the time, some of my readers even disagreed with my analysis and that is fine.

For people who know the ANC Marxist terrorist scum and their tactics, it is quite clear what is going on here. This sudden surge in gang violence is not “normal crime” it is a carefully planned and organized campaign of destabilization that goes back as far as May 2011 when ANC leaders, gangster bosses and even Evangelical Pastors with underworld links had secret meetings and conspired to oust the DA through a campaign of gangster terror.

Classical “Problem, Reaction, Solution” tactics.

The ANC creates the problem. The people demand something must be done (the reaction) and the DA, who is unable to do anything, bows out as the ANC enters to “solve” the problem they created.

They did exactly the same in the run-up to the 1994 elections. For about three years prior to that the ANC orchestrated a terror campaign where they threw people off trains and burned them with tires and petrol in the necklace murders…all masked as ordinary violence by discontented civilians…Then suddenly all the violence stopped. Suddenly we never heard of necklace murders or people being thrown off trains anymore. The violence before the elections was blamed on the mysterious “Third Force” in the Apartheid government.

The ANC and the Communists was the Third Force. The tactics is as old as Che Guevara at least who would dress up his soldiers as the opposition and kill some towns people and rape a few so he could come back the next day to ask them “Who did it?” and then win their support against the opposition.
Now that one of their councilors, Wandile Mkhize, has been murdered, Jacob Zuma is again blaming it on some Dark Forces

Who says they are not again killing their own in order to blame it on whoever they see as the enemy so that they can use it to attack them?

No, ordinary gangsterism and gangster violence has not suddenly hit the Cape. That I can assure you of…The Second Transition has come to the fairest Cape.


  1. Anonymous12:21 am

    Hi Mike, as usual the truth and nothing but the truth. Do you ever wonder that your articles only get read and digested by clear thinking people such as us that see exactly what is going on and we that read your blog agree fully with you, it reminds me of that saying you are preaching to the converted. Do you believe that Zille knows about your site and if she did would she read it and give it some thought? We know how liberal she is, allthough she is bright and clever.What would happen if you sent her your web address, or to that liberal useless radio 702, I wonder. I think their brains are wired differently to ours and dont see the wood for the forest, a mental dissease.

    1. Anonymous12:07 am

      Differently wired?
      I think you are right, in a manner of speaking.

  2. Again a relevant and serious article, thank you Mike. People have NO IDEA as to the true depth of ANC involvement in crime in South Africa and how it is skillfully used as a very affective terror weapon and source of income legitimized by the liberal scum in our society rubber stamping it as ordinary crime using the massively influenced MSM (or should I rather say effectively controlled MSM)

    Please Mike, publish an article highlighting the absolute destitution in which our people are living in the white informal settlements and the extend of misuse and abuse being suffered upon them from this terrorist state which happily take our taxes but leave our people rotting while openly killing them with the denial of health services and basic foodstuffs while we conveniently ignore the plight and look the other way. I am bitterly ashamed that my own people would rather spend loads of money and time to indulge in sport rather than supporting their own!

    Please Mike!

  3. Anonymous1:10 am


    Hi Mike,

    Good stuff, this is exactly what i have been worrying about, these violent "gang on gang icidents and the problems in Grabouw, did not start on their own! And once the anc sends in their mighty "military forces" HZ is going to have a huge problem getting them out again!!!

  4. Anonymous4:18 am

    I traveled through Beaufort West on route to Southern Cape when I got into the biggest traffic jam of my life in this Karoo dorp. The traffic was moving so slow at 2am that I could open my window and enter into conversations with taxi drivers. I seriously thought that Mandela had died and that the hordes are all on their way to Eastern Cape for the funeral. It took me 2 hours to get through this town, and I gathered lots of information. This annual ritual, traveling from Eastern Cape to Western Cape goes back to pre 94. When ANC supporters where instructed to move to Western Cape to vote. Fact is that millions of them still have houses in Eastern Cape and work in Western Cape. In this respect I thing Mugabe was right to demolish shacks in Harare and to tell his people to go back to their home towns. To add to what the government is planning for our future, they are once again going to demarcade provincial borders and move their followers all over with busses. Time for us to migrate to our chosen Heimat too during elections? Somehow, all plans we make to survive this oppression, will come to nothing! We are only approx 6 percent of the population. We have a serious problem, yet some white people still think that they will be asked politely during the revolution that we are facing, "are you pro or anti ANC"

  5. Anonymous6:18 am

    Great article - straight to the point.
    I hope more people understand what is going on.
    What next, Martial Law in the Western Cape?
    Oh wait .. Martial Law suspends the constitution and powers of local government. I don't think Martial Law would ever be lifted if declared!!
    They must think we are stupid & scared to do something about this situation.

  6. Spot on. One must admit that the ANC is playing this piano well.
    They are predominantly criminals and play to different rules. It is absolutly futile to try to play " Democracy " with such ilk.

    1. Anonymous9:27 am

      Well, the ANC will do what it takes to get rid of the people who runs the only successful provence in SA. Regardless of the fact that they know that they will never be able to achieve the same in any other province in SA.

  7. Anonymous10:49 am

    So what you are saying is tht IQ deficient blacks are outsmarting the majority of whites with these tactics?

    1. Anonymous9:30 pm

      No the white sheep are to busy trying to make the rainbow nation work. The inherit honesty of whites mean that they only engage in war, once it is declared.

    2. Laager2:14 am

      Behind the ANC/SACP is the might of the communist eastern block and their allies.
      Since Mandela's time - "How To Be A Good Communist - the ANC have been financed, trained and mentored by the accumulated knowledge from this part of the world.
      No doubt access to this advice continues on a daily basis.
      The European commies must be laughing all the way to the bank for the current campaign is costing them absolutely nothing.
      With their surrogates now in power in SA and controlling all the instruments of power - especially the Receiver of Revenue's Department - white SA is actually financing its own destruction and demise.

  8. Anonymous11:12 am

    OK, so you know how the commies play the game. They are brutal and relentless in their quest for domination and power. How do the forces opposing them react, if they want to beat them? Easy. The only way is by being more brutal, more criminal, and more oppresive. If we don´t fight fire with fire, we are gonna get burned. Simple.

    1. As I have said many times in my writings...There is only one way to fight terrorism and that is to beat them at their own game. The Apartheid government showed the entire world how you fight a "War against terrorism". You have to terrorize the terrorists into submission. By the end of the 1980's the ANC was nothing more than a fax machine in Dar es Salaam. They had virtually no influence on the Black Consciousness Movement in SA. There was no need to negotiate with such a bunch of losers. They were entirely annihilated. What followed will go down in history as the greatest betrayal of any nation in the entire history of mankind.

    2. Now, this reads like the "Mike Smith" we have grown to know and admire.

      Point of order Mr Speaker! "As I have said many times in my writings... There is only one way the fight terrorism et al" is indeed not always the way you have written. Sometimes you have posted conflicting articles.

      A couple of months ago I took "you" to task for publishing comments preaching and promoting a Bible-punching way out of the problem by adopting a low-key "God will see us right" approach, so long as we don't react.

      I challenged your particular posting as that of being someone else's and you chucked back a Latin expression as a response, laughing off the matter.

      When you use Ghost Writers I suggest you make sure they are basically in simple alignment with your main philosophies so that there remains a constant quality of commentary.

    3. Anonymous2:19 am

      Are you the milk on the coco pop? Snack crackle pop! War, politics, Ethnicity, God/Bible are all parts of the parcel. We are nothing without God, we can not enter any war without the Bible. The fact that we are out numbered and leaderless leaves us only one weapon, that is prayer and belief that the answers and actions will come from our Father. Mike gives us perspective and options.

    4. Great article Mike. I am no politician or have any military background just a youngster who is concerned about our future. To add to "Ano 11:12 am" comment I agree that we need to fight back like them. But we need to determine what we want to achieve at the end.
      Take back the entire South Africa or do we fight for a province where we can live and rule in peace without the communist bastards. Once that is decided we can start to act depending on the end result we want. Mike did wrote a article about not paying taxes and that will be a good uppercut to the ANC to start the fight.
      We will all have to unite and stand together because it will not be easy and many will loose all their comforts in life. If you want something you need to fight for it because it will not be handed to you with a silver spoon.

  9. Jason the Boer3:23 am

    So true 702 talk radio actually 702 talk shit liberal radio. They even broadcasting on on the 11th july 2012 at the Liliesleaf farm, bowing down to the ANC scum bag communists. They even go as far as to say they freedom fighters.

  10. Jason the Boer3:27 am

    The pathetic whites of South Africa they would rather pay large sums of maney to watching rugby and drinking in pubs and braaiing than actually getting on the streets at protesting against etoll defence team who are all being paid with tax payers money. Constitutional court battle coming up on the etoll saga. Lets hope David beats Golliath on this one

  11. @ Pops

    There is nothing conflicting in my articles and no I do not use ghost writers to write on my behalf. As far as your “Taking me to task for publishing comments preaching and promoting a Bible-punching way out of the problem by adopting a low-key "God will see us right" approach, so long as we don't react.” is concerned…

    I do not know where you get that from. What I think you are referring to is the comments you left on Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box part 35 where I advocated “Hard Work” as the solution to our problem.

    You were clearly disappointed with my solution, because what you wanted me to say was, “OK boys, take your guns and start shooting da K4’s”

    I am terribly sorry mate, but you have no idea what I meant with “Hard Work” in that article. In Afrikaans there is a saying: “ ‘n Goeie begrip het ‘n halwe woord nodig”.

    But seeing that you have difficulty comprehending the part 35 article, allow me to elaborate for you…I will also post this on the Part 35 article for the people to understand.

    What is the “Work” of a soldier? What is the “Work” of a General? What is the “Work” of a whore or a porn star? What is the “Work” of a boxer? What is the “Work” of a judge? What is the “”Work” of a singer…a writer…a professor…a scientist…an engineer…etc?

    Now think about the boxer who climbs through the ropes to fight his opponent (doing his “work”). That boxer is not alone. In his corner he has a trainer and a cut man. He probably has a dietician and a psychologist on his team as well. None of which are eventually exchanging blows with the opponent, but an integral part of the team. Without them, the boxer would lose.

    In the old days there were probably ten people who supported every knight from polishing and repairing his armour to feeding him and his horse. Without them, the knight would not be able to do his “work”.

    Now think about the fighter pilot who is involved in a dog fight with an opponent pilot. That pilot has a team of mechanics, instrumentation technicians, etc that makes sure his plane is always in top condition so he can do his “work”.

    Starting to get the picture?

    In any war, the soldiers who are actually in the thick of things doing their “work” on the frontline (combat troops) are actually very few. Behind them there is the artillery (combat support troops) and other soldiers who are not doing the fighting (combat service troops), but who are integral parts of a complicated machine. You have drivers, you have mechanics. You have medics, you have chefs, signalers, engineers, chaplains, psychologists, propagandists, intelligence operatives and many more. Without them doing their “work” the soldiers on the front line cannot do theirs.

    Without the civilian people who do their “work” back home, earn money for the country and pay taxes to fight the war, the entire machine will come to a grinding halt. For the society to function you need lots of people, such as a judiciary, police, telephone technicians that ensure the communications work during a time of war.…The postman delivering the important mail…Engineers that ensure the roads and bridges are in order for transport that can quickly supply the ones on the front…and the power stations engineers who deliver electricity for it all.

  12. @ Pops Continued...

    You need lots of people in a combined effort, from the scientist down to the ladies taking care of the lonely soldier returning from the front. Everybody needs to do his/her bit if the nation is to survive as a whole. Everyone needs to “work” REALLY HARD in a coordinated effort. It is not just about grabbing a gun and starting to shoot.

    In fact if we all did that…How far do you think we would get? Probably last for 24 hrs…and then what? Total annihilation.

    Come the time…there will be enough people to grab the guns and do their work. They will need the support of the others. Not everyone is a soldier, yet everyone is. Do you understand that?
    Now start to think. And get to work. Look at Israel and how a small nation of 6 million survives against hostile enemies of 200 million. It is a full on combined effort where everyone from the university professor, the banker, the film maker down to the Hollywood madam (Heidi Fleisch) the porn star (Ron Jeremy) and the gangster (Meyer Lansky)…is doing his or her bit in whatever way is necessary for the nation of Israel to survive. We as the whites of South Africa and especially the Afrikaners can learn a hell of a lot from the Israelis.

    And do not forget about learning from our enemies. Look at the Communist Chinese. They have a 50 year plan and a 200 year plan. They know where they want to be as a nation 200 years from now and are hard at work trying to achieve that goal…

    Now compare that to the Afrikaners of South Africa…they do not even have a five year plan…they have no leaders. There is no coordinated effort or a single goal that everyone is working towards.

    No…instead they sit on their arses and do nothing but wait for a miracle to happen.

    …And you want to go and grab a gun…? Good luck with that. The wise secure victory first and then go to war. The idiot first goes to war and then tries to secure a victory.

    The ultimate “work” starts within yourself. Getting your mind ready, coordinated and focused on the goal. It evinces through sweat and calloused hands. It reaches a pinnacle in long term survival and freedom.

    There is a lot of work that lies ahead before we will taste our freedom, but the sooner we all start and coordinate our efforts the sooner we will realize our goal. And if the day comes for the soldiers to do their bits of work, then so be it, but without the forgoing hard work, the structures and the securing of victory before they go to war, they too can forget it. They will be annihilated.

    Hard work is the only solution to both short term and long term survival.

    The boxer who has done no work and hopes for a miracle will lose.

    The boxer who has worked the hardest, the smartest beforehand, and who has done his homework properly, is the one who will win on the day of the battle. He will be the one who gets the prize money. He is the one who will have secured both his short term and his long term survival with the hard work he has done…before he climbed into the ring.

    So ask yourself…What have YOU done for your people today? Are you proud of the bit you have done?

    1. Anonymous10:41 am

      Where is the fricking "LIKE" button? :)

    2. Thanks Mike - good to see you still have the "mongrel" in you. I, obviously mistakenly, thought you were getting soft.

      Keep up the good fight, I really appreciate it.

    3. No hard feelings Pops. As a loyal follower of my blog I think you know my style by now. Sometimes you just need to read between the lines when I write.

      ...and never forget the end goal. Freedom from Communist oppresion...that is what is always in the back of my mind.

  13. Well said Mike, in my opinion the best example to backup your comment is the rise of Germany after the First World War. How they took defeat and turned it around in only 20 years, it has been 18 years since the '94 election and we are worse off than ever!

    It is like you say; everyone is waiting for everyone to do something and in the meantime happily selling out the little that is actually trying something!

  14. Anonymous9:03 am

    Each man woman and child is an island in our modern society. There is no major "community" or sense of community. This is the curse of the nuclear family. We live and die alone, with maybe a few family and one or two so-called friends to mourn our passing. Back in the day, all of these massive achievements come on the back of sorrow and hardship. They came on the back of humiliation and staring death and starvation in the eye.


    Right now it is still too easy for whites in South Africa. Ja, 800K are living in squatter camps, but they eat at least, and here is the thinking of the modern age: "Thank God it's not me hey!"
    While the White man of Africa is still comfortable he will do nothing. This is the history of mankind.

    The rise of Germany came about through the crucible of war and the even worse horrors that followed the Treaty of Versailles. The Afrikaner/Boer people built this country from nothing after the horrors of war and the death of the youth in Concentration Camps.

    The pain and suffering of the majority of a nation is what will bind them together... In this day and age - nothing else will. We must first taste the bitterness of poverty and humiliation and starvation before we will reach out to each other in our lack.

    I suggest - as I have on numerous occasions that each white man joins a "right wing" organisation. I have looked at many and have joined Suidlanders. They have a plan to get out, with a plan after the plan that is behind the plan. They are cagey about it, but with modern communications everyone can know what is what within seconds. I like it. Of all the groups I examined, they are the only ones that seem to have a long term plan. They are registered as a Civil Defence organisation and are built on a "cell" structure - not quite as secretive as a marxist, but they don't need to be - YET.

    I am convinced that the plan they have is sound and will work (not without hiccups - as no ops plan survives first contact intact) and they will enable the people who are in the loop to get out to a place where we will have space to trade for time to organise and do what needs to be done...

    Each man must STOP whining about how no one is organised and no one is leading and no one blah blah blah. Every leader who stands up and makes too much noise is cut down. What do you expect people to do.

    Make a plan and join up. It is free and you'll become part of a team that has a plan that is sound... whether it can be executed is another story. Time will tell.

    Prepare yourself and your family for the Zombie Apocalypse and stop worrying about a leader. The right man for the job will be there when circumstances demand it. They are still too favourable now. When our backs are to the wall and the bullets are few, then you will see what the Battle Axe of God can do. Until then, we are too individualistic, too stubborn and too right in our own eyes to band together.

    Suck it up soldier and make sure YOU and YOUR FAMILY are prepared and ready. It makes implementing a plan on the fly very easy.

    1. Anonymous10:49 am


      No zombie apocalypse is complete with out Zombie ammo :)

  15. It takes two to play such a game.

    Gangsters don't care who they serve, only how much they're getting paid.
    If one side pays them more or gives them a more attractive offer, they'll change sides very quickly.