30 July 2012

ANCYL beating its chest again

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2012

You have to ask where this guy’s brain is.

“South Africa's mines will be nationalised and land will be expropriated, African National Congress Youth League Deputy President Ronald Lamola said on Monday.”

ANC Youth League confident of nationalisation

“Leadership of the ANC might be afraid to say 'nationalisation' and 'expropriation of land without compensation', but the policy conference has clearly demonstrated the power and the mobility of the young lions,” Lamola said in Johannesburg.

“The policy conference (of the ANC held in June) had unanimously, clearly stated that the strategic mines of South Africa must be nationalised for the benefit of all South Africans.”

Ah yes…”For the benefit of all South Africans” is commie-speak for “For the benefit of the Communist elite”.

In the mean time, Dr. Theo de Jager, deputy president of Agri SA told farmers at a conference organized by the F.W. de Klerk Foundation not to invest in their farms at this stage, because as things are standing currently (according to the ANC policy proposal) any farm can at any time be expropriated at any price.

SA Farmers warned that they should not invest in their farms

Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch visited South Africa and at a media conference of the Tranvaal Agricultural Union on 26 July 2012 he urged whites not to give up their guns.

He warned that the shocking farm and urban murders are not mere “robberies” and “ordinary crime” as the ANC regime alleges, but are carefully planned racist hate crimes. Almost 4 000 farmers have been murdered since 1994 in an orchestrated ethnic cleansing campaign. He referred to Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema’s anti-White hate speech as indicative of the ANC entering the “preparation stage” of all-out genocide, and expects the low intensity race war to escalate.

Watch the 13 min clip here


  1. young lions?..this yellow-eyed porch monkey's monkey needs a good and solid pk from the baas...

    this moron has the look of an older snot encrusted and fly infested coon begging for the national geographic camera..pathetically ugly!

  2. Anonymous11:40 pm

    "Young lions?" Are you kidding me? Lions are always the strong and the few in nature.
    These are nothing more than a bunch of lowlife hyenas.

    1. Anonymous2:09 am

      yes, and they have the bad habbit of falling prey to lead poisoning ;-)

  3. Anonymous12:13 am

    ag pleeeeaze man dont diss your black bruthers this way, accept them as your equals, or even better, cowtow to their "demunds" and subject yourself to a submissive role in the "New and Improved Rainbow Nation"...that is the best you can expect from these moronic savages. Either that or get the phuc out of zimbabwe south.

    1. Lala Land12:14 am

      We must just leesten to them. They know best. They are so clevar. Look at how South Africa has turned out under their cuntrol. Eish, so clevar...

  4. Laager2:40 am

    "must be nationalised for the benefit of all South Africans."

    I bet this guy must have got an HH for woodwork to make it to the top in the ANCYL

    Right now the mines are:
    employing 1,000s of black South Africans
    each of these miners presumably supports ay least 4 dependents
    the state derives a handsome tax revenue from this industry
    under white govt this money was re-invested in state infrastructure projects which benefitted the whole nation
    shareholders derived dividends which they re-circulated in the economy by spending on consumer products
    holding companies re-invested their profits in more enterprises which in turn created more jobs for blacks.

    I would say that he is living his dream.

    The only problem is that as a product of the new SA education system created by his senior peers he just does not have the intelligence to see it.

    1. Anonymous6:45 am

      He is actually a lawyer. Yeah I know it is shocking that an educated black can be so dense, but this is an indication that all blacks, educated and uneducated, think that nasionalization is the road to riches.

    2. Anonymous10:00 am

      Blacks are engaged in an undeclared war against the whites, but they are to cowardly to openly declare war.

      As they have no morals their cowardly actions do not bother them.

  5. Anonymous2:59 am

    Mike said:"You have to ask where this guy’s brain is."

    Ha! Ha! Sorry to enlighten you Mike. He has NO brain! It seems that the only way you can get the Lame Stream Media to take notice of you and what you say, is exactly that: No brain!

    Phug 'em All!

  6. oooo aaaaahhh oooooo8:03 am

    Lawyer my ass, he probably doesn't know anything about law, or even write a letter of demand, hence our illustrious leader always opting for the whitest of whitest lawyers, and they don't go for the useless outcomes team effort black lawyers universities spit out since the shitty rainbow started

    Lawyer pahleeze

    1. Anonymous11:21 am

      He is a lawyer. Probably a terrible one, but nevertheless a qualified one. This makes his thinking even more terrible, for he knows where nationalization will take the country.

      Ronald Lamola is the man touted to take over the ANC Youth League’s presidency should Julius Malema’s expulsion stand. Lamola, who is one of Malema’s protegés, is empowered by the league’s constitution to succeed the incumbent.

      A lawyer by profession, Lamola grew up on a farm in Mpumalanga as the son of a farmworker. He joined the ANC Youth League in 1996 at the age of 14. In 2004, after being enrolled as a student at the University of Venda, he was elected SRC president and later became provincial chairperson of the South African Students Congress in Limpopo.

    2. Laager3:23 pm

      Don't forget the fanfare about Mandela and Tambo opening the first black law practice in SA.
      Certainly Mandela was a lawyer, but Tambo? Well he was a school teacher.
      As far as we know there was not one white employee in this practice despite both of them receiving their qualifications at institutions created, funded and staffed by whites.

  7. Thanks Mike , maybe some liberal may stumble upon this VERY good blog of yours and, maybe will come to his senses. But its more likely that this retarded idiotic moron can someday say something thats making sense. As you previously pointed out, they have made up their minds, some of them just have the gutts to say it in the open. I have plenty of oil, the rightthinkers can come and get some for their guns, because the time is very near for the use. Lastly, nobody will be able to divert this coming conflict.They know its what they want.

  8. When all the foreign investment goes, the currency and economy collapses and the white businesses go bankrupt and millions more leave.....then who's going to pay for this Communism...?

    They haven't thought this through very much, now have they...? No surprises there though.

    The relative strength of the Rand is ONLY due to mining.

    In RW Johnson's book 'SA's Brave New World' he points out that without the mines to prop up the currency we're looking at about R40 rand to the Dollar if we're lucky.

    Without the mines and its foreign investment, SA is finished.
    Already, mining companies have been steadily reducing their investments, relocating and not expanding any further.

  9. Anonymous2:04 am

    Just a minor observation readfing the atricle on your link to volksblad ypu will notice that the comments section is "CLOSED" i wonder why???????? Afrikanns paper, ja nee.

  10. Anonymous2:18 am

    Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch visited South Africa and at a media conference of the Tranvaal Agricultural Union on 26 July 2012 he urged whites not to give up their guns.

    Ha Ha Ha how many f%$king stupid whites handed in their firearms over the past years, thinking that this is a rainbow nation, afrikaners included, because I know some boere that are liberal fools, idiots, too late for your advice MR. Stanton. Those that have guns as he calls it, we are too few. Shit!