05 July 2012

Approaching the “Y” in the road

By Mike Smith
5th of July 2012

That the ANC is going down is clear. Journalists know it, the opposition party knows it and most importantly, the ANC and their supporters themselves know it. Through their own theft, corruption and nepotism the ANC has succeeded in removing themselves well and truly from their grassroots supporters.

In an interview with the BBC Zuma sounded nervously desperate when he said Service protests don't spell ANC demise

He is not convincing anybody and in fact only bullshitting himself. The clock is ticking for the ANC.
Most political analysts agree that the ANC is in terminal decline and dying and as Frans Cronje, Deputy CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations, correctly identified in that article, it is not because the ANC supporters started voting or trusting the opposition liberal DA so much, it is because they are fed up with the lies, empty promises and scandals of their beloved ANC terrorist organization Liberation movement.

The DA just swallowed up the crumbs from the disillusioned whites after the betrayal of the NP and the betrayal of Pieter Mulder to pull in the same yoke as, and under the ANC scum.

But as we know…politics is war by other means (apology to Von Clausewitz) and in war it is not just about finding recruits to fight for your cause, but also to get the opposition to stop fighting for his.
Into politics it is not just about winning votes for your own party, but also to get the opposition to stop voting for theirs.

But with this nobody needed to help the ANC. They are their own worst enemy. They are destroying themselves. Their theft and corruption along with their socialist hypocrisy is so blatantly obvious that even the village idiot stopped voting for them many moons ago.

Frans Cronje euphemistically calls it, “Losing confidence in the ANC”…

Fact is that despite the lies and empty rhetoric of the ANC, their former supporters can feel the failure on their bones. The children in the schools having no textbooks for six months into the school year, along with their parents are getting irate with the ANC. As a lame ass “mustard after the meal” approach to their own created problem The ANC president Jacob Zuma decided to appoint a textbook task team to investigate the situation

The fact that these uneducated and unemployable black children leave school, cannot find jobs, and survive on social grants or turn to crime, that is escalating around everyone, is a sure sign of the failure of the ANC. No amount of denying is going to convince anybody otherwise.

The ANC’s former supporters have to live in little RDP houses that are so poorly built they fall apart after six months, whilst the ANC cronies who get the building contracts go and built themselves mansions and palaces and in Jacob Zuma’s case an entire village

Does the ANC really think they can get away with bullshiting their electorate?

Problem is that the ANC is losing credibility. They are treating criminals like Tony Yengeni, Alan Boesak, Shabir Shaik, et al like heroes and even putting criminals on their voting roles, as the article above points out…”The DA's research head, Gareth van Onselen, points out that the party has in fact, under Zuma, placed a number of candidates convicted of fraud and corruption on its election lists.

Even the head of its political school, who is responsible for guiding the ANC's emerging leaders, is a convicted criminal. This is not a party that takes corruption seriously or believes it to be a problem.”

This leaves the political experts to only speculate on which election the ANC is going to lose their prime position at the feeding trough, but what they ignore is the tenacity of Marxists to remain in power forever.

History has shown that Marxist will never give up power willingly at the ballot box. They only believe in democracy when THEY can win and just like Mugabe they will pull out all tricks and threats of violence to intimidate the people to stay in power “until Jesus comes” as Zuma said.

The predominantly black newspaper, Sowetan, said that President Zuma is becoming more militant in his rhetoric and starting to imitate the ANC Youth League president Julius Malema Zuma starting to sound like Juju

I have said for years that Malema never said anything that was not official ANC policy. Everything he said, from nationalizing mines, banks and big business to stealing white owned land is in the ANC’s Freedom Charter. It has been their policy from day one.

History has shown that all socialists come to power and remain in power through blaming some scapegoat. It does not matter if it is National Socialism like under Hitler or International Socialism like under Stalin, Fidel Castro or Mugabe. Some minority will be generalized, picked on and bullied into the role of the scapegoat for all the ills and failures of the Socialists.

In South Africa at the moment the white population is that scapegoat. Daily in the news we read the lies of how “whites” own all the stock on the Johannesburg stock exchange, how “whites” own all the land, and how “whites” have all the best jobs.

On top of it “whites” whose ancestors have lived in South Africa for almost 360 years and who are by birth citizens of the country are openly called, “thieves” and “colonialists” and should move back to Europe or hand over their farms, houses and businesses to “the poor” and the “landless”, which in Marxist rhetoric translates to THE ANC. If they don’t they are threatened with violence.

With racist legislation such as Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action, whites are already forced to do so and are legally vilified and discriminated against. With violent farm attacks and home invasions by blacks, whites are raped, tortured and murdered…often with nothing stolen…bullied and intimidated into submission by the supporters of the ANC.

The reluctance of the ANC leaders to address these crimes against a selected few of the population, and in the case of the commercial farmers, against a selected occupation, in which more than 3000 members have died violent and horrific deaths since 1994, as priority crime, and in fact their flat out denial of it, has already made them complicent in genocide. President Jacob Zuma denies that farm attacks are race motivated

But every day the hate speech, vilification and threats against whites South African by leaders of the ANC, Cosatu, SACP Troika are escalating and the flames of an all out racial war is being fanned by their leaders. Zuma, Whites have stolen black jobs and we are sitting on a time bomb, because the poor will revolt

But just a few days ago he continued his hate speech against White South Africans…

Zuma said the economy has remained in White Hands and should be distributed through his second transition and Maoist Giant Leap Forward

Cosatu and their lies that Whites own 80% of the JSE

Truth is that the richest people in South Africa are blacks and more specifically ANC leaders and cronies, according to Forbes Magazine and the BBC The most black Millionaires and Billionaires are found in South Africa and the ten richest people in South Africa are all Black

The ANC often peddles their lie that blacks own only 13% of the land in South Africa… Although private blacks already own more than 40% of all land in South Africa and when the carrying capacity of commercial farm land is considered, they already own more than 50% of all the land.

The lies and the truth about black land ownership in South Africa
More than 40% closer to 50% owned by Blacks

…But they simply use the lie to steal legitimately owned white property.

The ANC has abolished the “Willing buyer; Willing seller” in taking over white owned farms, property and business and the Communist Agricultural Minister, Tina Joemat-Petersonis constantly pushing for the expropriation of white land

Cosatu’s threats of violence and race riots like Malaysia had in 1969

And just like the political experts are speculating on only the time of the final political defeat of the ANC somewhere in the future, the military experts are speculating on only the time of the ANC’s ultimate full-blown race war that they call the “Second Transition” of the “National Democratic Revolution” in the near future.

For those who are familiar with “People’s War” it is easy to spot the classical Maoist “People’s War” starting in the historical and now tourist rural small town of Pilgrim’s Rest where 17 white businesses are currently being kicked out by month’s end to make way for black businesses.

The “Giapian People’s War” (named after the Vietnamese general Vo Nguyen Giap), that took the start of the communist revolution to the urban areas is already in full swing in the form of service delivery protests all around the country.

In conclusion and summary:

What do we make of all this? The ANC is going down and they are fighting tooth and nail to remain in power so they can continue their raping of the state coffers. They are facing a violent counter revolution in the form of the Arabic Spring, so to divert the focus off their abject failures of policies and corruption they created an historical and weak scapegoat, the 9% minority white population of South Africa so the black people do not revolt against them, but against somebody else. They would like to re-enter as the heroes who restored peace and order, but somehow they have overplayed their hand. The people of South Africa (both black and white) are not that easily fooled. If you consider the comments on News24 and IOL and even the Sowetan, ordinary people are starting to see through the ANC agenda to plunge this country into a racial civil war. Sadly the reasonable and intelligent ones are still in the minority.

Unless the people of South Africa wake up to the lies and propaganda of the ruling Troika and do that very quickly, I dare to say, that there can be little doubt in the mind of any analytical, logical thinking person that South Africa today stands on the brink of a major civil/race war.

The peaceful future of the country is in the hands of the reasonable ones; the total destruction of it is in the hands of the uncompromising leftist extremists. History will be our testimony to which course we took.


  1. LMAO - this is classic - comment by 'Voiceinthedessert.co.za' found on News24 - 'Last remission offenders to be freed'....

    no instead of building more prisons the idiot buys a R2bn jet after they spent R250 000 000 on flights previously. he has no clue what he is doing and its getting worse daily. who knows tomorrow we might hear the countries name is changing to the "communist republic of Zuma" - and there slogan will be "if you rape steal or murder, you belong with us"

  2. Happy post–World Cup wrap-up... Cosatu want Cape Town’s Greenpoint R4.5bn stadium to be dismantled and turned into low-cost housing


  3. Anonymous8:00 pm

    The Pilgrim's Rest story: I'd like to know what black businesses they are going to put there. Probably none at all, they are going to leave the properties empty. All the current government does with abandoned heritage properties is put a couple of occasional guards there who turn a blind eye to squatters and then you get the usual story of the place becoming a criminal hotspot and a nuisance for the surrounding neighbourhoods.

  4. Lala Land9:15 pm

    Therein lies the problem. The ANC will never give up power - they would rather plunge the country into another Zimbabwe scenario than admit defeat. They also have way too many fanatic black racists communists supporting them. You can just imagine what would happen were the ANC to be voted out. There would never be peace in South Africa until the ANC came into power again....

  5. Anonymous1:12 am

    Here is a comment I read on Politics web. Food for thought, What do you think Mike, comments will be appreciated,

    "The capitalists will just buy our best and brightest citizens
    The ANC wants communism. Google communism. 80 million dead trying to establish communist states. The rest of the world with their strong capitalist countries will just buy the best citizens from this country and South Africa will look like Zimbabwe: on UN . .more food aid. Your income will fall to 10% of its current level, our homes will crumble and be owned by the communist government. Our inflation will increase to 1 trillion %, unemployment will increase to 90%, the Rand will fall to 250 million Rand for a US dollar as happened in Zimbabwe. Our people will have no jobs. The US and Europe will impose economic sanctions. The non-blacks will protest as they are murdered like in Syria, Libya, the UN will be undecided, Kofi Annan will visit to try and help and all this will be the communists, the unions that will nationalize all the mines and farm land, the schools, the banks, the major industries, the supermarkets and stock markets. Land grabs will take place and they will drive farmers from farms while breaking the farms houses down brick by brick to sell all the equipment & move back to shacks. Millions of refugees will flee to neighbouring countries like the Zimbabweans did. The roads everything will fall apart. The ANC will start to eliminate all their enemies. The whites will be blamed forever for colonization. . .less"

    Very very frightning and very probable I would say, maybe more of us should be packing our bags and selling while we can as many have done done since 1994. Those that cannot leave, If there is a God, God help them.
    by Nasdaq7 on July 04 2012, 18:35
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  6. Jason the Boer1:57 am

    Anyone please explain this army payout scheme. Is this genuine or a plot to find out who was in the army fighting against the communist trash i.e the Anc and their cronies

  7. Anonymous4:05 am

    to Anonymous 1:12 AM
    There is a GOD

  8. Anonymous8:09 am

    @ Zero Tolerance Happy World Cup wrap-up.It just goes to show people what a waist of time their world cup was.Talking about stadiums the Moses Mahiba in Durban looks like a ship,I wish they would set sail and sail the f**king thing into the Indian ocean and sink it who needs a reminder of their world cup.

    1. Anonymous10:51 am

      Were you molested by your soccer coach when you were little?

    2. Anonymous12:36 am

      anonymous at 10:51 Does everybody like soccer
      and looking at stadiums that are empty 3/4 of most the time.

  9. Anonymous1:52 am

    Mike said:
    "What do we make of all this? The ANC is going down and..."

    What you say is perfectly logical and correct.
    However you should rather address why the blacks are revolting against the ANC!
    And you should realize that when the ANC throws all attempts at bullshitting the West overboard and start doing what the black masses expect them to do, then the ANC will have 99% black support and a fully blown racewar will be in progress.

    This is not a case of the ANC getting weak. This is a case of the black masses forcing the ANC to carry out what they promised in the Freedom Charter.

    And as you should be able to see, the ANC realizes that and are now changing to please the black masses at the expense and possible destruction of the whites and the once first world economy.

    The parasitical zombie "army" is on the march, but the white man is sleeping... Dreaming of multi-culti rainbows and happy "South Africans, all being equal, employed and rich...

  10. Anonymous11:33 am

    Remember... To survive the Zombie Apocalypse you must be equipped and prepared. The only way to stop a Zombie from reanimating is a head shot.

    @Jason... It is the Veterans Administration and is linked to Welfare. DO NOT GO NEAR IT!!! You will get nothing and you will have given them ALL your information.

  11. Anonymous9:06 am

    Part of the unwritten deal with the ANC is that to ensure a chicken in every pot every night the lumpen proletariat had to take on the job of removing the whites. This is well known and reasonably document if you care to look. Until now, life has been too good for the proles to get off their arses and do the job. That is now changing VERY rapidly. They are now at the point where they will do it to ensure that THEY survive.

    However - we have read the manual too. We know what is going down.