11 July 2012

The big military veterans con

By Mike Smith
11th of July 2012

I have been inundated by calls to comment about the latest scam in South Africa namely to swindle former SADF conscripts and PF-troops out of their personal details and money.

Members must send a copy of their ID and also including their Force Number, ID Number, Full names & surname, contact numbers, email address and town of residence to either this email address or to xxxxx (I won’t publish this kak, sorry. The link is provided below - Mike)...in order to be eligible for “benefits” such as “pay-outs”, “refunds”, “packages”, “back-pay” etc.

I have noticed that some of my own followers and readers have already registered...and paid the administration fee.

Now I am going to be very frank and a bit harsh here...

How gullible...how miserably desperate...how FUCKED IN THE HEAD must you be to go and send all your personal details to some unknown people over the internet, just in the hope of getting a few bucks?

Hey?...Come-on man...NOBODY can be this stupid!!!

In fact I am surprised these idiots didn’t throw the pin away and kept the hand grenade back then.

These are the people who will see a banana peel on the sidewalk and go: “Oh look! A banana peel…I am going to slip and fall and break my neck now”.

You know, some blokes…even intelligent ones, are like that when it comes to women...

Some even fall for 419 scams, but I cannot believe that our former SADF blokes can be this stupid.

What a fucking bunch of idiots!!! Sorry. I just cannot comprehend the absolute stupidity and naivety of some people.


OK I have calmed down now…

Listen guys. Let me explain it to you very simply. It is a scam. Ask your sisters to look up “scam” in the dictionary and explain the word to you just in case it is too big for you.


How can any sane person willingly divulge all those sensitive details to the ANC?

That is right. That is where it is going to end up. Not only that…you will have paid them.

So let us see. The ANC would love to know the personal detail and addresses of all their potential enemies, the former SADF troepies. So they go online and promise the former troepies the world in “benefits” for an “Admin” fee of course…Some fall for it and registers and actually pays the ANC to take their details. Get it?

Then comes the glory day that Mandela vrêks and Uhuru breaks out. They will be coming straight for you, because they know your address. You cannot even take your cell phone with, because they can pin-point you within a meter radius if they know your number.

What makes any sane person think that the ANC would pay a single cent to a former SADF troep?

No man…Hey? Are these people for real?

False rumours about military veteran benefits


  1. Thanks Mike! How stupid and greedy can one get! your fucing enemy paying or willing to give you backpay or whatever for waging war against them, please, go and look up your corporal so that he can try to get you to think again. THOSE OUKS WHO BELIEVE IT, LET MIKE TAKE YOU FOR A FEW HOURS AND GET ALL THAT kak out of your head. Well said Mike and I hope these brainfailures who even think of that, will reconsidder. Every thinking white should know this is kak and NO ONE can trust any of the ANC low life communist terrorist pieces of shit. Back pay! Oh my God help us!

  2. Sadly there are a lot of Whites that cannot recognise their rear end from their ellbow. In 1992 two thirds voted YES for the desaster we are in now. And from that point their minds went further downhill. Proof of that is visible every day. The ANC must be rolling in laughter.

    But - at least the Rugby is still lecker....

  3. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Hi there, I for one shall not go and line up like a dependable welfare case! Rightly said, the registration is not a promise that they will give you some grant. I just wonder what will be the end tally of all the reg.fees be......handsomely passed on to some anc crook cum scumbag.

    I beg to differ that this is an excecise to find out where we are (ex-sadf members) The anc dont really need us to register to know where we the ex-sadf find ourselfs nowa-days. We all had a sadf number conected to our id, viola SARS = info, cell companies(rica)= info, banks(fica)= info.

    Might as you say a money making scam as well as testing our dependablity and 'paraatgeid". Must say looking at the photos in the news-paper, most of those guys look really down and out as well as a few slapgatte. You must be hard-up or just plain "doos" to fork out that money, get all that paper-work together and stand in the sun like some-one collecting old-age pension and "steek" -pay.

    Save us with those losers WTF!
    W Etdo

  4. Anonymous2:39 pm

    You know you always had a few okes in the mag that were not the smartest, the type that the sergeant or sammajoor would always pick on, fokken dom en dig! They would get everyone else in the kak and it would reach a point where someone in the platoon would give him a poes klap and say skrik tog fokken wakker!!, misluke drol! Here the shoe definitely fits. Do not believe what the ANC or their pals says, a scam at its best, collecting info on the enemy, the least they know the better.

  5. Jason the Boer11:11 pm

    I smelt a rat from the beginning, just wanted further clarification from the master blaster MIKE SMITH!!! Like lambs to the slaughter I say...

  6. Many of our SADF soldiers are struggling today to keep their heads above water (much like the rest of us), and some people will go out of their way to scam these men knowing this. Either way, this does smell fishy, regardless of what this is really all about. I feel sorry for those men that fell for this, and I guess they do need some harsh words of caring to make them understand - however, just looking at some of the scars these men carry; physically and emotionally - they do still deserve our respect!

  7. PreatorianXVI1:25 am

    They can only prey on the weak of mind, the only way communism works, gather the stupid ones and use them against the ones of higher intellect.

    EDUCATION has always been the key, either they burn the books or they flood you with useless BS so none knows what to believe.

    1. Anonymous2:46 am

      I cannot think of a reaon why the over-taxed citizens should take on an additional burden to pay a lot of phoneys some grants. Maybe it's a way of extracting the last milk from the cow before she collaps !

  8. Anonymous3:01 am

    Changing your cell number now would be a start for the guys that went and register... then changing your address and jobs would be a close second.

  9. Anonymous4:31 am

    Ou dienspligtiges, julle gaan F#kol geld by die weermag kry nie. Die klomp sleg etters soek net ons adresse. Fok jou Sipho as Uhuru uitbreek kak jy eerste!

  10. Anonymous7:04 am

    Dink hulle werklik hulle gaan 10 sent kry? Die kaste is reeds leeg gesteel. Die Gautengers weier om tol te betaal en sodoende die kassie weer te vul. Waar de duiwel gaan hulle die geld kry? Jou adres en sel foon nommer is al waaragter hul is, om jou iets te "betaal" ja! Jou loon is 'n AK47 patroon!

  11. Anonymous5:19 am

    Unfucking believeable, I have no more words. Wat n klomp dom doose, ne. I will not ever, ever give out my details and if they do get some pocket money, take money from their enemy terrorists, sies manne. Sorry lets take a bet how many are Dutchmen/afrikaners. Yup 70% voted Yes/Ja in 1992, and after all this time they now want to queue for pocket change or give out their bank details if they do an EFT. I had many afrikaans buddies in the SADF but as I allways said there are afrikaners and then there are afrikaners , yes there are also idiot Engelsmanne , but my maggies man daar is n klomp dom afrikaners.I am beyond angry, julle klomp doose.

  12. Anonymous3:10 am

    All the white fgotrmer soldiers have fallen for the ancs information gathering exercise.