02 July 2012

The bullshit vilification of whites in South Africa

By Mike Smith
2nd of July 2012

“Dog bites man” is not news, but “Man bites dog” is.

It also applies to spotting bullshit in the news. Stabbing someone to death is just not a white thing in South Africa. It is a black or coloured move. It is what they do, not we. Now if you hear of a white man who shot someone to death, then you can believe it, because that is what whites do…but stabbing? Nahhh. Who are they trying to fool here?

That is what I thought when I read a few weeks ago about five white men and a woman arrested in Boksburg after a 15 year old black boy was stabbed to death in an open field between a black township called Primrose and the white suburb of Boksburg.

Two boys, one 15 the other 18 walked through the field and the 15 yo was beaten up and stabbed to death…apparently by whites wearing balaclavas. Apparently the black mother of Sibusiso Titimani was alerted by a boy who told her. ‘mama ka Sibusiso! uyashaywa uSibusiso ngamabhunu’ [Sibusiso is being beaten up by the boers],”

Nearby, an innocent white family lived, so the police kicked their doors down at 03h00 in the morning and arrested them. The media splashed it out that 16 guns and 15 swords were found together with camouflage clothing and wait for it…the obligatory “Nazi-badge” that was obviously thrown in by the police.

Apparently, presumably and allegedly, according to the media, they carried out the killing of the 15 year old black boy in revenge to the killing of rightwing leader Eugene Terreblanche.

The story made international headlines British newspaper’s vilification of white South Africans

Even their names were splashed all over the newspapers. “Susanna Harmse, 50, was arrested on Friday with Wesley Courtney, 27, Christopher Duvenage, 25, Daniel Harmse, 19, Abraham Harmse, 50, and Christopher Harmse.” Source

All Afrikaners then. All Rightwing fanatics and murderers…right?

Now at this stage anybody who grew up in South Africa would know exactly what happened here.

The 18 year old friend of Sibusiso beat him up and stabbed him to death in the field and then blamed it on the “white peoples”…but proclaiming the obvious truth would be akin to sacrilege, for these noble savages are little angels who can do no wrong and the whites are the evil devils, yadda yadda bullshit!

The sensationalist black newspaper Sowetan and its 3rd rate reporters such as Mogomotsi Selebi obviously tried to climb on the mudslinging band wagon and rubbed it in…”Heavy caliber guns, ammunition and rightwing emblems…” were found. Sowetan sensationalist bollocks

The MSM tried their best to turn this into a racial hate crime and blacks demonstrated against the whites outside the court.

Well it subsequently turned out that the police ended up with egg on their mugs seeing that the “Heavy caliber guns” were mere pellet guns and the rest of the weapons and ammunition were all legal and registered. Further…all charges were withdrawn because the state found “no connection whatsoever” between these people and the murdered boy. They had solid alibis and none of them could be pointed out in an identity parade.

The judge said… “Somebody is going to have mud on their face,” said Snyman. “We heard that many firearms were found in your possession, but they were pellet guns. “People get so upset, they come outside court toyi-toying, (but in the) meantime these people have not even been pointed out… It’s always much better if you hear all the evidence. There is nothing against the accused as it stands.” ET revenge murder charges withdrawn

The family’s lawyer, Boela van der Merwe, said the wrong message had been sent about his clients to the community of Primrose.

“The whole matter was not properly investigated. As the magistrate said, there will be mud on someone’s face.

“People jumped to the wrong conclusions.”

But you see…this is how propaganda works. Because the articles that were originally posted, were on the front pages all over the world. But then when the people were acquitted, the internationalist media never mentioned it. They have slung the mud and some stuck…they are not going to wash it off now.
They achieved exactly what they wanted to. The vilification and blackening of the White South African, especially the Afrikaners.


  1. Lala Land4:40 pm

    Good post Mike. How often has this happened? How often have the police jumped to conclusions before the facts and then have had to invent facts to fit their conclusion to avoid mud on the face? And the media are complicit. 100% up to their eyeballs. I'm waiting for the Soweto to apologise.....still waiting.

  2. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Israel To Put Its African Immigrants In Concentration Camps


    Why is this not an internaional news story????

    1. Anonymous4:02 pm

      @Anonymous who wrote: "Why is this not an international news story????"
      Very Simple "Pro Israel Lobbyists" control the Main Stream Media !

  3. This seems to happen way to often. Sureley these idiots should be dragged to court and nailed to the proverbial cross.

  4. Lets suppose we write the BBC correspondent in Johannesburg an email about this, and make her aware of the charges being dropped, do you think she would submit that to the Telegraph? I doubt it!

  5. Anonymous1:33 am

    It's frightfully appalling.

  6. The Secret4:03 am

    Innocent till proven Guilty?Guess not...
    It just doesnt make sense why those 5 people were related to the crime though,and becomes pretty pathteic when our own police force cant carry out the proper logistics tests etc

    Now thinking of the good old series Medical Dectectives man!!!
    They did everything possible to get to the murderer...
    Least these people can somehow have some Liberty but maybe they should consider taking these fools to court
    I am sure with the correct procedure they could be compensated for...

    letter to the Telegraph in UK about inaccurate reporting: to:dtletters@telegraph.co.uk

    Atn: Letters to The Telegraph: kindly direct to attention of your foreign news editor/Africa for handling:

    I wish to lodge a formal objection to your inaccurate report:

    From Adriana Stuijt,retired Sunday Times of Johannesburg journalistJetsesstr 2, Dokkum, 9101LV The Netherlands
    telephone (31) 519 701266 a.j.stuijt@knid.nl

    As a now retired journalist with long experience in SA reporting - but still monitoring the situation there - there are some things your journalist in South Africa Aislinn Laing should know: I note she has not been in South Africa long enough (perhaps 2 years?) to perhaps understand that she is putting six innocent white people's lives in great danger of revenge-attacks by a black community living very nearby them -- because she inaccurately reported details about them in her story on June 4 2012.

    She also failed to verify with the attorney of the accused people whether any of these details she wrote about were even accurate.
    She turned it into a 'racial hate-crime' - when in fact the case against the six people who were arrested, was withdrawn: the facts in court revealed an entirely different story.

    The attorney could easily have been reached through an ordinary google search:

    -- His name is Boela van der Merwe.
    -- 21 Shamrock Ave Primrose Germiston Germiston, Gauteng - East Rand 1400
    -- telephone: (011) 822-3454
    - email: bvdmerwe@legalcom.co.za
    -- http://www.thebox.co.za/business,68360,Boela%20Van%20Der%20Merwe%20Attorney.html

    Details of complaint:

    The journalist - After the magistrate dismissed the murder-charges in the Germiston Magistrate’s Court- on June 11 2012 --
    failed to report that fact - as a matter of fact that story remains unchanged on that website as if it is still an accurate fact - which it is not. The least your journalist can do it to correct/update that June 4 story with the new information.

    For instance, The Star in Johannesburg described the proceedings in the law court as follows:

    ‘ET revenge murder’ charges withdrawn - June 12 2012
    (picture: "Thandiwe Titimani's teenage son Sibusiso was attacked by a group of men wearing balaclavas. Photo: Bongiwe Mchunu)

    Story in The Star: "There were supposed to be enough guns there to start a war – at least 16 firearms, ammunition and 15 swords.
    "But on Monday the police had mud on their faces when it was revealed in Germiston Magistrate's court that those firearms were pellet guns - the type used by children to hunt birds. Outside the Germiston Magistrate’s Court, two families cried.
    Tears of relief streamed down the faces of (the white family:)

    1. Braam Harmse, 50,
    2. his wife Susan, 50,
    3. their sons Braam Harmse, 20,

    4. and Danie Harmse, 19,
    5. their son-in-law Chris Duvenage, 25,

    6. and Wesley Courtney, 27,

    The magistrate withdrew the charges against the above six people of murdering Sibusiso Titimani, 15, more than three weeks ago.

  8. Demonisation of the Afrikaner in the UK newsmedia – previous complaint to the UK Media Ombudsman, April 6 2012: From: Henri Le Riche Date: WedApr42012 Subject: Online Complaint To: complaints@pcc.org.uk Cc: henri.leriche@gmail.com
    Complainant Name : Henri Le Riche Subject: Stereotyping all Afrikaners as 'racists' for striving for ethnic-autonomy in South Africa mail : henri.leriche@gmail.com
    Publication complained about : Southern Times Media http://www.southerntimesafrica.com
    Publication Date : 02/04/2012
    Headline : The Post-Apartheid Racists
    Link to article :

  9. Jason the Boer6:29 am

    We await an appology you scumbag liberal UK media.

  10. Anonymous6:53 am

    An Apology? That's not how it works. IF they offer an apology, they will also need to print a retraction. Problem is, they don't care about the lives they damage, because their rag is selling. If you want an apology from these heathens or anybody involved in this disgrace, you will need to find a way to make them.


    1. Jason the Boer12:56 am

      Agreed as for making them that is hard especially from the british as they are real defiant hard asses.

    2. Helen4:59 am

      says the one who wants to go back there or doesnt...

    3. Anonymous6:23 am

      Omni Sir/Lady, you've hit the nail on the head ! I'm currently reading a book by "Sir George Aston" , published in the 1930's ! And the arrogance of the Brits is just nauseating. That is, if one can take the sentiments of the late Sir George, as to be roughly the same as the ordinary Brit. Their belief (of the Brits at the time) being superior is probably the reason why they could justify to them selves, the massacre and plundering of many a nation.

  11. Anonymous3:57 am

    Well, if you go back in history and do research on how the Brits brutally killed lots of blacks in Kenya, and nobody ever heard a thing about it. Then it makes me think that they are a bunch of psycopaths by nature.

  12. Anonymous2:12 pm

    What I want to know is why the UK is so obsessed with shitting on white South Africa. You never see things like this in the US media. Could it be the liberals of the UK are still angry that the white South Africans defied their communist bullshit for decades and decades?

    1. Anonymous2:54 am

      ..and they are still sour for getting beaten up big time by a few Boers !

  13. Anonymous4:03 pm

    This is the british propoganda trying to still score some brownie points with the anc government by vilifying the white afrikaners. By getting into their good books they still think they have some sort of influence on the sa government. I think the brits have competition with the chinese. when it comes to greasing palms in exchange for the strategic value of SA.

    1. Anonymous6:04 am

      The Brits will try anything to appear to be treading on moral high ground. But meantime back at the ranch, they'r ( with a few exceptions ) a bunch of croocks!History has proven that, time and again !

    2. Anonymous5:04 pm

      In the UK the sun shines out of the rear end of Nelson Mandela and HIS wonderful peace and freedom loving ANC.... (sic)

      It was touted recently by EU President Martin Schulz, during a debate on sanctions again Russia on German TV, that International sanctions against the White SA Government was the REAL EFFECTIVE WEAPON USED BY THE WEST to topple the Apartheid Government in SA.... !
      THEREFORE sanctions must be applied to Russia and Mr Putin !

      I almost fell off my chair when the Liberal Mr Schulz, (I am NOT a fan!) made this UTTERANCE !!
      as if it was a CARVED IN STONE AS A HISTORICAL FACT !!!
      he nicely neglected (my opinion is that he is as thick as two bricks!) to mention the extreme violence and the fact that Anglo American Corp. took almost 64% of all SA currency OUT OF THE SA FINANCIAL SYSTEM !
      literally "bankrupting and paralysing" the country's economy almost to death !
      not to mention the super wealthy oligarchs in London & NY Supporting , a REVOLUTIONARY BLOOD BATH should the white government not capitulate...!

      LONDON decided (when approached by the ANC) to cut a deal for the ANC to take over power so that "mines and various other institutions owned by the Super Wealthy living outside of SA" would NOT BE TAXED !!!, LoL! The White Government was Taxing all EXPORTS! so sanctions were backfiring against the Americans and the Brits !!!
      US Ships would arrive under Foreign Flags in SA Ports to load goods to take to the USA, after they had stopped off elsewhere! I lived in a Port City and spoke to the American Crew Members and even went aboard, everything was American except the SHIP FLAG ! LoL!

      If thes ecompanies are forced to pay taxes then it would be a "symbolic tax" as a "cover up", so the super wealthy can ROB and PLUNDER SA Resources without loosing much !
      so with this deal cut with the ANC, the vice was squeezed from all sides to force the whites out and force the ANC into Power...

      As long as those big corporations are not paying high taxes, the ANC is basically assured of their position...

      Please don't believe a word I write ! do your own homework and come to your own conclusions !

      A very serious investigation by neutral inspectors should be done to see if all exports of raw materials and goods are being taxed correctly! maybe legislation has been changed to permit no taxation !

      Funny thing is that London & New York may have been instrumental in the overthrow of the white government, BUT the CHINESE have picked up the Ball and are now running away with it at light-speed !

      There is a however a line drawn in the sand.... when Anglo-American interests are at risk, then Africom... "Inc."
      = the unofficial "Anglo American Insurance Company" will be sent to guard "those American Interests"/assets !

      and if that is a problem, then an "African spring" against the Greedy Government will be started and the USA will suddenly have the excuse to jump in to "stop a bloodbath..."
      when in fact they will just guard the Mines etc...

      Then they will establish yet another USA military Base, in fact I suspect they are already planning one and that was the "covert reason" for the last Obama visit with soooo many soldiers and sooo much equipment !
      they also started training SA soldiers... Hmmmm SA Military a subsidiary for Africom Command ?
      money and equipment delivered for the SANDF ? I
      smell a Rat... Free Training ???
      Invitation to be part of the Joint Nato Strike Forces ?
      which included: Practice of Amphibious assault USA & SANDF Forces...
      looks like training for SANDF Boots on the ground to fight against "someone in the middle east" I call it: African Cannon Fodder !!!

      I sincerely hope that I have all of this very wrong... just too many crazy puzzle pieces floating around... ;-) anyone have more solid info ?
      Has SA committed any troops and Equipment to fighting ISIL ?
      Australia has just done so !