27 July 2012

Democrazy, African Style: Where even the ghosts can vote, several times…

By Mike Smith
27th of July 2012

There are still people in South Africa who believe in playing the farcical circus game of voting. I for one gave it up in 1994. It was my only vote ever and also my last.

How people can praise South Africa as a “democracy” is beyond me.

South Africa today is no “young democracy”, it is no “liberal democracy”, it is a Marxist dictatorship and a one party state run by the ANC/SACP / Cosatu troika who have been in charge for 18 years.

There is no “One man; One vote” system in SA. One black man votes several times until the ANC wins. That is how democracy works under African Marxism.

The ANC has been caught out again inflating their membership figures. They have registered ghost voters (GV’s) and even paid the R12 deposit for membership fees of voters that simply do not exist. Come election day they will have some black faces voting on behalf the GV’s
Limpopo is ‘inflating’ ANC membership

GV’s are nothing new in Africa or South Africa.

“Independent Electoral Commission chief executive Pansy Tlakula has confessed that no fewer than 500 000 people officially declared "deceased" by the Department of Home Affairs tried to register to vote in the 2006 municipal elections.”

South Africa’s ghost voters

That’s nothing. In Zimboonia it is even worse. They have on their Voters Roll about 5,8 million voters – at least three million are ghost voters, who simply do not exist.

Zimbabwean ghost voters

No wonder Mugabe wins year after year and Jacob Zuma can say that the ANC will rule until Jesus comes.

And then you get people who vote for the DA or the Freedom Front Minus and who honestly believe that they are making a difference and that their vote counts. They fully believe that it is entirely possible to outvote the ANC in a democracy. Fools. They simply do not know Marxist scum…

…Like our friend Pink Frikkie for instance. F.W. de Klerk is suddenly concerned that SA might become a Communist country if the ANC carries on with their NDR policies. Revolution or ‘planned future’ for SA, De Klerk warns

He thinks it is possible to sway the ANC and have “Economic Growth” and “Social Justice”, blah, blah…

"National policy is indeed at a crossroads: we can either take the road to economic growth and social justice that is indicated by the National Development Commission — or we can take the ‘second phase’ road toward the goals of the national democratic revolution," De Klerk said.

De Klerk is a bigger fool than what I thought of his treacherous carcass if he believes that the ANC can ever be swayed from their Communist revolutionary goals.

I can tell him the truth, but he won’t listen. Better if the ANC tells him…”ANC spokesman Keith Khoza said its policies were debated publicly. He said Mr de Klerk "has never been a specialist on the ANC and does not understand the party".

We bloody know that! If he understood the ANC he would never have handed the country over to them on a silver platter.

Nevertheless, I have news for him. He doesn’t have to worry about South Africa “becoming” a Communist State…it has been one since he handed the country over to them. What did he think was going to happen? That they would suddenly dispose of their ideologies over night and become capitalists? That we would have a Western style “Democracy”?

What a naive twat. He knows nothing about Marxism or democracy for that matter.


  1. Lala Land8:25 pm

    de Klerk shows what an idiot Progressive he is. The words 'social' and 'justice' is commie speak for redistributing wealth. He's a bigger fool than I thought he was and he was a gigantic one back then. What a fuck up he's turned out to be. Traitor of his own people to a bunch of kaffirs that couldn't find their elbows even if you showed it to them. South Africa is screwed.

  2. There is something that has always fascinated me about de Klerk: How is it that this man is still breathing?

    1. Lala Land6:16 pm

      He's too scared to die.

    2. I too think it amazing that a bullet has not found him.

  3. yes, and at the next even more politicly correct olympic farce this commie country will be referred to as the democratic peoples republic of south africa / azania...just like north korea.

    and fred will stand back and finally realise that which he has broken is too late to fix...

  4. Anonymous1:56 am

    ""The hypocrisy of an apartheid leader standing as moral guardian over South Africa, pointing out the flaws of the ANC government, seems to escape ex-president FW De Klerk. He wants to be viewed through the prism of the Damascene conversion he has conjured – the one that transformed him from apartheid’s last flag-bearer to the returning messiah who will save South Africa, again. By RANJENI MUNUSAMY

    It is quite evident that FW De Klerk is desperately seeking a special place in South African history and that the indulgence of being a Nobel laureate alongside Nelson Mandela is not good enough for Apartheid’s last leader.

    The former South African president appears to harbour the grand illusion that not only will he be recorded as the great white liberator who brought democracy and freedom when he unbanned the liberation organisations and freed Mandela in February 1990, but who also, in his golden years, became the voice of reason and gallant champion against kleptocratic black rule.

    It is the only explanation for his penchant to stand in moral judgment over the ANC government, now as a reinvented “apolitical” commentator who occasionally imparts his wisdom and wealth of experience at governing South Africa."".........extract

  5. Anonymous2:10 am

    While we were doing our job ( bleeding and dying) on the border for our country, this brainless nincompoop and his pals in parliament at the time were most certainly fucking the dog.How they ever got into power as politicians, I just shake my head in disbelief! Lying deceitful bastards!

  6. Frikkies betrayal is much more complicated than that,and he and a few others much more involved,not to forget the Greek bearing gifts.

  7. Anonymous9:22 am

    Anthrax , botulism .............its just a matter of time before one who has lost everything and his family and his right , decides to go the full harry and pumps up the volume . It wouldnt surprise me really . The ANC doesnt know how far its gone . Time will tell . Remember that some go out with a big bang too .

  8. Anonymous12:06 am

    Let them continue, the quicker they break everything, the quicker we can get on with building and living

  9. Anonymous1:25 am

    Politics is the vocation of choice of crooked cowards. They are too cowardly to go openly stealing and too dishonest to be lawyers (not a great leap, but...).

    American style democracy was designed, developed, built and defended by white men for white men in a homogeneous society. It is a system of government that "mixed" societies cannot aspire to as it simply results in the tyranny of the majority that realises they can vote ever increasing portions of other peoples money into their own pockets.

    The Kleptocracy of African Style Democracy is legendary and the ANC have to be very near, if not at, the top of the incredibly long and staggeringly comprehensive list of all time greatest thieves and plunderers claiming "democratic" privilege.

    However the point here is it does not matter what Pink Frikkie the Traitor did or does... He was president of the APARTHEID regime. His legacy is as eternally fixed and as completely fabricated as Mandela's.

    In the eyes of the world and the poor oppressed kaffir hordes, Apartheid was the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated:
    more totalitarian than the USSR,
    more murderous against the poor unwashed black savages than Hitlers Holocaust and
    more oppressive than Pol Pots Cambodia...

    That is Frikkies legacy... He will forever be remembered as a traitor and a sell-out to his own people, and to the rest of the world he is a heinous criminal on par with the worst dictators and genocidal maniacs because he was the leader of the "Greatest Crime Against Humanity!!!".

  10. Zarky2:57 am

    I think Pienk Frikkie might be reading your blog Mike as it seems he has developed a severe case of guilt and is trying to set his mind at ease with a few comments. The money he has been paid and the celebrity status has worn off and now he needs to speak up as the sleep medication is not working anymore. I suspect his medical practitioner has told him to speak openly about it now as this might alleviate the stress levels building up in him.

    I have only the following advice for him - drink more, numb your voices in your head with alcohol, take medication with it and end it as your name will always be shit for the rest of eternity as no amount of money, alcohol, medication will help you overcome your betrayal of a nation, no amount of words and explanations will lighten the sorrow you have bestowed on the parents, grand parents, brothers and sisters who have died a brutal agonizing death at the hands of the A&C.

    History has already branded you as the worst traitor of the South African Boer Nation, even surpassing the atrocities of the British during the two Boer Wars!

  11. Anonymous5:34 am


    You guys need to watch this, spread the news, spread it world wide


    1. Anonymous6:50 am


      This is genocide watches video regarding genocide in SA recorded about 8 days ago, very scary stuff we have been saying all a long

      I like what he says "i was against apartheid and campaigning against it - i guess i just didnt understand what it was all about and the danger in SA" more or less

      Atleast he has the balls to admit it and try make right

      One thing i want to caution any of us is that the yanks will not help - we have to help our selves, they provide plenty lip service but have nothing else

    2. In all seriousness, you are basically on your own. I seriously doubt Americans and many of the Europeans can even save themselves, let alone help anyone else. The most you can expect would be some financial assistance from aware people. When the final conflict starts no volunteers (like during the Boer Wars) will arrive because our governments will arrest and probably murder anyone who would try to assist you. Your best bet is for Civil Wars to break out in the US/Europe so the Anti-White Western Governments are too busy slaughtering their own people to notice what's going on in SA.

  12. ABC news of America has banned anyone working for them from wearing anything patriotic ,like pin labels of the American flag,so patriotism in America is bad news according to ABC.