14 July 2012

Do South Africans understand Democrazy?

By Mike Smith
15th of July 2012

According to an article in the Mail & Guardian, your president (not mine) said that, “…many South Africans need to be educated about democracy because they do not understand how it works.”
Zuma: SA needs education on democracy

I fully agree with our illustrious and illiterate great Numzaan uMsholozi Zuma who only learned to read and write (taught by Mac Maharaj) when he was made referee of the prisoners football team at the prestigious University of Robben Island back in the early 1970’s.

Why do I agree with President Zuma that South Africans know sweet bugger-all about democracy?

Well, he is testimony to it, isn’t he? If South Africans knew anything about democracy an idiot like Zuma would never have made president.

Because of South African democracy (One idiot; One vote) and the inability of New South Africans to understand it, we have today a gang of Marxist terrorist thieves in control of the country and its wealth.

Because of democracy and the inability of New South Africans to grasp the concept of division of powers we have had a virtual one party dictatorship for the past 18 years.

"We have not explained what democracy is. Democracy is complex. At times, among the protesters, you find comrades who have not understood democracy," he said.

Aah, yes…Democracy is something totally different to a Marxist than what it is to normal people.

Even the former East Germany was called the “German DEMOCRATIC Republic”…complete with a nice liberal constitution that Stasi Chief Erich Mielke had printed on his gold fringed toilet paper.

The GDR was almost just as “Democratic” as the “Democratic People's Republic of Korea” (North Korea’s official name).

Ironic how all these totalitarian communist regimes and one party Marxist dictatorships call their countries “Democratic”…

Here is a rule of thumb. If the country has the word “Democratic” in its title then you know it isn’t. If it really was democratic it would be obvious and not necessary to state it.

Now let me show you at the hand of a current example how “Democracy” works amongst the Commies.

This past week the South African Communist Party (SACP) held their annual congress near Empangeni in Kwazulu Natal and elected their leadership yesterday. Results were announced at the University of Zululand.

Three weeks ago the Rapport Newspaper reported that the former chief whip of the ANC, Tony Yengeni, the convicted fraudster who was carried shoulder high into Polsmoor Prison by the then Western Cape Premier, Ebrahim Rasool, was swearing at the SACP leader Dr Blade Nzimande and the two came to blows behind the conference hall of the St George Hotel in Irene, Centurion, Pretoria.
Rapport Article

Yengeni called Blade wet behind the ears because he joined the ANC late and asked him in crude language who he thought he was?

What were they arguing about? The expulsion of Julias Malema, the ANC Youth League leader from the party.

Yengeni called Blade Nzimande a traitor seeing that he was once a member of the IFP. Nzimande denied it and said it was normal to tarnish each other in the run up to conferences.

Yengeni said Nzimande was a member of the IFP

Remember that Yengeni is a supporter of Zuma and the SACP is also a supporter of Zuma. This shows you the extent of infighting amongst the Marxist brotherhood.

Now there are many SACP members who occupy top government positions simply because they are in a Troika with the ANC and the Cosatu trade unions, most notably the SACP chairperson Gwede Mantashe who is at the same time ANC secretary general.

But during the SACP annual conference Mantashe suddenly “stepped down” saying that his position in the SACP was harming the party …that it was “doing a disservice to the party by being an absentee chairperson”.

No Communist ever gives up his position at the feeding trough willingly. What clearly happened here is that Gwede Mantashe was purged from the SACP for being disloyal and disinterested.

When he left the SACP he urged their members to join the ANC which shows the rift between the ANC and the SACP widening.

SACP members urged to join ANC

In the end, SACP secretary-general Blade Nzimande and his deputy Jeremy Cronin were re-elected unopposed on Saturday. National Union of Mineworkers president Senzeni Zokwana was elected to the post of party chairman. He replaced Gwede Mantashe who stepped down.

Nzimande, Cronin re-elected

See? That is how the Communists carry out “Democracy” and what it means to them. It is just a bunch of pigs elbowing each other out of the way to be the first at the feeding trough. Elections play no role in determining the leadership.

Now there are some respected journalists like David Bullard who said in his latest and very good article, about why the SACP clings to the ANC…”The reason they cling like a limpet to the ANC is that they know they wouldn't have a bat's hope in hell of winning an election on their own.”

I am not so sure if I agree with David Bullard on this. Bullard probably bases his evaluation on numbers of membership and seeing that the ANC has about one million members and the SACP only 52,000 he thinks that the SACP stands no chance against the ANC. He is in for a surprise…

What is happening here is that the liberal Western World, the MI6 and CIA operatives in SA are hard at work trying to win the ANC over to their side showing them the benefits of capitalism, whilst at the same time the Communists are trying to keep the ANC in their camp.

When it gets to the point where the SACP sees that they will lose the ANC from the troika, they will go it alone and they will win.

Do not be fooled by the 52,000 strong numbers. Those 52,000 Communists are intellectuals. The ANC has one million idiots in their membership…and that means nothing.

As I always say, you cannot tie 8 cripples together and think that they are going to out-sprint a 100 meter sprinter.

Just think back at the time of Apartheid. The Afrikaner Broederbond had at its height only 18,000 members (mostly intellectuals) and they controlled the entire country. Today they are only 3000 strong and still have massive influence.

In my mind there is no doubt that if the SACP ever goes it alone that they will annihilate the ANC and take over the country in a bloody revolution. They will run such big circles around the ANC that the stupid bastards won’t even know if they were coming or going.

Where will that leave Whites? They will be accused of causing it all of course.

How does the quote go? “Democracy is four wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”


  1. Anonymous8:12 pm

    every now and again i wonder if i will ever be normal again - having been surrounded by crazy , stupid and pathetic bla*k bastards who parade their "politics" for all to see , and then try and convince us its not the backward , retard circus show that it so clearly is .

    1. Anonymous10:38 pm

      I actually worry about that as well, quite often. What was previously ridiculous and unspeakable has become acceptable.
      I only hope that we can one day at least return to our standards when we rule ourselves and shake off the black parasites. Face it, this liberal government is making them even lazier than they are by nature, and they are going down sooner or later. I don't want to be associated with them when they do.

  2. Dont know if I can agree that the Official Commies would win a election against the ANC , however it's obvious that they are a lot smarter and focused than the ANC. Should it come to such a split I guess that the Commies would get about 35% and the ANC about 65 % of the parasitical votes. I think Mike overestimates the IQ of the ANC voters.

    1. Win an election? That is not what I said. I said “…if the SACP ever goes it alone that they will annihilate the ANC and take over the country in a bloody revolution.”

      Communists are only interested in democracy if THEY can win.

  3. Anonymous11:08 pm

    It is debatable whether the president himself fully understands the concept of democracy

  4. Anonymous12:19 pm


    What can you expect from a munt? Nothing

    He cannot spell democracy, his masses dont know have a clue about the word nor it origins so i guess this is for whitee

    what he means is that - democracy in africa, is called democracy but in fact is munto raping, destroying, corrupting everything in its path and if you oppose it, then it is not democracy

    I hate, i hate - hate isnt a word for me the way these animals run this country into the ground - oh lord the day is coming where 350 years worth of being forced to deal with them will end

  5. Laager12:25 pm

    The Youtube clip is the best 10 minutes of political education ever

    Why has it taken so long for it to be publically published to enable the proletariat to understand?

    1. Hi Lager. If you know the book, “None dare call it conspiracy” by Gary Allen, then you will know where that first part of that movie comes from and that it was actually published already in 1971. Basically based on pg 30-35 in my copy.
      You can download this excellent book for free over here:
      None dare call it conspiracy

    2. Laager2:48 am

      Thanks Mike
      In 1971 I had totally different priorities and this valuable information passed me by.
      I am grateful that you have provided me with the opportunity to catch up.

  6. Zuma , for sure is a retarded moronic,irritating,clueless turd. However I dont say that we have to underestimate him. He is like any other black african,very sly.If you dont say and do what he wants you to, then for sure you are undemocratic. Again Mike, you are very gifted in your comments. Its revealing and clear,so that even the idiotic libtards can see and understand. If they want to,... well its up to them.

  7. Hi Mike. Thanks for the link to the book "None dare call it conspiracy". Can you please suggest any more books that will open my eyes to all the bullshit that is happening out there. Thanks

    1. Oh my goodness Ian. What a question. It all depends on what you would like to know. Do you want to know things about philosophy, politics, economics, history, law, science, mathematics or the mating rituals of the North American WASP? I have them all. Hehehe.

    2. Hahaha ja I should have been more specific. I will say the first four philosophy,politics,economics and history. I have read Kenneth Goff's book on Communist Brainwashing Techniques it took me a while to work through it and understand it, but was really good material. Basically just some easy books to start off with if you don't mind. Thanks

    3. Thank you Mike,much appreciated.

    4. Anonymous3:03 am

      You all forgot the book 'a remnant will turn'

  8. Well written Mike, you are spot on in your statement that the SACP will annihilate the ANC when they faceoff (which will be soon in my opinion), the ANC in my opinion was always the testing ground for SACP philosophy to see what works. In the process they have a scapegoat when something fails and have enough representation to shine in the limelight should something work. If ever an enemy should not be underestimated in this country, the SACP will be up there!

  9. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Very insightful video Mike. The laws currently being made, like the info bill, seems to pave the way for an oligarch in the way that they protect the ruling elite.