29 July 2012

Dr. Gerda de Villiers, Keyser Söze and Reasoning away Satan

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2012

Acording to an Afrikaans theologian, Dr. Gerda de Villiers, in an article in the Afrikaans Sunday Newspaper, Rapport, Satan does not exist.

She reckons it is all a translation mistake and that in Hebrew “Satan” can mean a noun or a verb, that simply means “opponent” or “the accuser” in Job or as a verb “to nurse a grudge”.

It has to be remembered that this woman has an agenda to disprove the entire Bible and mock Christianity as she has shown countless times.

Rethinking the Ziggurats, temples and the great flood

Apparently there is a massive debate raging on the Facebook site of the NG Kerk “Kerbode” the magazine of the Dutch Reform Church in South Africa. I haven’t seen it. Not interested in Facecrook shit.

All it reminded me about was the 1995 film “The Usual Suspects” when Keyser Söze saw his entire family killed by the Hungarian mafia and goes after them one by one.

In the movie, Roger "Verbal" Kint, suffering from cerebral palsy, is played by Kevin Spacey and the movie consists of his flashbacks describing Keyser Söze and his brutality that he reveals during interrogation by the police.

Throughout the interrogation he succeeds in totally bullshitting the police.

The police free Roger "Verbal" Kint on bail, and it turns out that he is not handicapped at all and in fact Keyser Söze himself. The movie burned a mark in my brain, because Keyser Söze told the police;

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."


  1. Lala Land12:39 am

    Don't you just love these liberals who try to be relevant and controversial? Why doesn't she just act like a true liberal and admit that she's an atheist instead of hiding behind being a 'theologian'?

  2. Anonymous2:59 am

    She has been deceived by the very person who's existence she refuses to aknowledge. In 50 years from now she will not doubt his existence any more, she will be with him!


  3. Anonymous7:34 pm

    It's all a grand joke to these so called "Experts".
    Write a paper, look important and sound authoritative.
    All the while, they are spreading lies and confusion amongst people who truly seek to know the bible. Truly, the church will die if these people are permitted to keep proclaiming their version of biblical events. What next? Moses was a rapper and Noah a water-ski champion?
    If the Devil wasn't real, along with hell and damnation, then why did Jesus die in the first place?