29 July 2012

Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch in South Africa

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2012

The past week or so we have seen the internationally acclaimed expert on genocide, Prof. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, who has done a tremendous amount of research into worldwide genocide visiting South Africa.

For years now Prof. Stanton has kept an eye on the situation in South Africa where white farmers have been murdered in their thousands and the ANC Marxist terrorist regime has called several times for the genocide of whites. Singing songs like “Kill the Boers” and “Bring me my machine gun”.

Prof. Stanton has identified eight stages of genocide. South Africa is currently at stage five after it had hit stage six  a while ago when ANC Youth League president openly called for the genocide of whites but was then expelled from the ANC. The eight stages of Genocide can be seen here

This is nothing new. Ever since whites came to the Southern tip of Africa they have been targeted with genocide by the Hottentots and later the Blacks. In fact, white South Africans have been living at stage six for the last 360 years in this country. That is why we had Apartheid.

There were many fights in SA between various groups and many came close to total genocide. Blacks amongst themselves like Tshaka trying to genocide the other black tribes. The Xhosas against the settlers and Grensboere, the Zulus against the Voortrekkers, the Zulus against the British, the British against the Matabeles, the British against the Boers, the Communists against the entire South Africa, etc…Fact is we are all still here. History has shown that attempts at total genocide were seldom successful…especially the ones against the Afrikaner/Boer people and their ancestors.

Prof Stanton should know that as long as whites and blacks share the same country like in South Africa, the reality of the situation, and history has proved it, will dictate that whites will forever float between stage 5 and 6 with blacks in their backyard and ocassioanally be moving into stage 7 (extermination attempts).

That is the reality of South Africa. As long as whites and blacks share the same country in a multi-culti pipe dream, there will be tremendous friction, and history has proved that the Afrikaners were never the aggressors, but always managed to survive…and gave an excellent account of themselves in battle.

This time it might be slightly different but at the same time a lot of the same.

The difference this time is that it will be the biggest and worst onslaught Afrikaners, and whites in general, have ever experienced. What will remain the same is that we will still be here a thousand years from now.

I am truly grateful for people like Dr. Stanton that shows the world what is happening and what is coming to South Africa. Fact is, not him, neither the UN nor the USA or anybody for that matter will be able to stop it.

The point is that we as the white people of Africa know that we are alone. We cannot rely on any help from outside. This wagon is one that we will have to pull through the ford ourselves, like our ancestors have. There is nothing strange about it…This time it is just our turn.

But when the day comes…pull we will pull…and that wagon WILL come through the ford and we WILL survive. This time around we just do not want the world to interfere, because Prof Stanton has warned them for years and they chose to do nothing. They chose to turn a blind eye and ignore the genocide of whites in South Africa.

All we will ask of them then is to stand back. We have a few scores to settle. (Willemientjie Potgieter for instance). That day they musn’t try to stop us, because every one of us have a Willemientjie in our hearts nowadays.

It is not going to be pretty, we know…but it is the course of history and the course of history is like a mighty river. You can try to build dikes and put sandbanks and try to reroute as much as you want, but one day, that river of history comes down in all its might and finds its original course. There is simply nothing you can do about it. Only after that river has swept the land clean can there be peace.


  1. Laager8:12 am

    Hottentots against the Dutch
    British against the Dutch
    Xhosas against the Grensboere
    Matabele against the Voortrekkers
    Zulus against the Voortrekkers
    British against the Voortrekkers
    British against the Boere
    UN against the Afrikaners
    ANC against the Afrikaners

    Quite right Mike.
    If there is one thing that history has taught us is that freedom does not come for free.

  2. Adrem8:22 am

    The remarks made by Prof. Stanton give me the feeling that, perhaps to some degree, someone out there is still aware of what is happening in South Africa under the Communist - Marxist ANC regime.

    Remains to be seen if the Liberals will react and if so, to what degree and into which direction. Most likely, they will twist the truth until it becomes totally diluted and fades into irrelevance.

    1. Yes, some of us out here are aware. Basically though, its only 'Nationalists' and 'racialists' and they don't even hold any real power in their own countries. They are not in any position to offer any meaningful help and even the attempts to garner some attention to what's happening in SA are met by total silence of the MSM.

      The Liberals will do nothing, except maybe dance and spit on your graves. The MSM will do their best to make sure the vast majority of people never find out what's going on and if they do mention you, it will only be to vilify you. You know, the same thing as now.

      Now, would be the time to set up some kind of networks to to funnel money, etc. to SA for when the fighting starts in earnest. Any volunteers will probably be arrested or killed before they could even get to you so I wouldn't expect much there. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it. Any real help would require that the Americans and the Europeans take back their governments and I don't see that happening in time to help you.

  3. I agree, this coming fight will be ours and ours alone. No country , no person, no king, no president will come to our assistance. And Mike, I realy hope this time we will clean up this whole pigsty. I was in battle a few times, its not a pleasant thing, but I think this time around we can clean up liberals included.

  4. Anonymous12:29 pm


    Agreed, they have done nothing so far, turned a blind eye, then they turn on us and we retaliate they must not come here and point finger wagging it in our faces saying "what are you doing" No no no

    This time this dog in this country has got too big for its boots barking at everything whitee says or does, preventing whitee from entering the work force, preventing whitee from operating in the business arena, preventing whitee from having security

    When whitee gets bitten and we take the shambok to the little piece of kak swart hond and it yelps and screams no one must come out here and try tell us we are being cruel, the only way to sort this dog out is to put it down, im waiting for that first bite, they bite the hand that feeds it more than once and we turn a blind eye now for a long time

    That day of biting and us not retaliating is coming to an end, they have not seen anything yet let me warn them

    The day we stop saying "oh britain will help, the us will help etc etc" is the day we empower ourselves to take our country back in our own hands i.e taking our future and destiny in our own hands we for too long have been concerned what the other white nations have thought that day is long gone in my mind they should be more worried what we think of them

    1. Anonymous11:04 pm

      Agreed, that day, when we have ours backs against the wall, we will drive them back to central africa, where they are ment to die in hunger.

  5. Anonymous1:00 am

    The drop outs potential criminals deteriorated exponentially.
    * multi-millions for 2008 - 2012. 2020 ? we will be dead.

    The comments what be done; how they will get back the country only brag.
    Few protests are organized. Groot Bekke conspicuous by their absence.
    Whingeing we "have to work." Talk is cheap.
    "These few are the proud Afrikaner ?"

    Enough about what we will do" - its talk of Boeremag delusions to defeat the ANC with rifles and pistols.

    A right winger, I am ashamed with no hope due to papbroek stadsjapies.
    Boere are sacrificed. Their Blood on the soil they love.
    Our men type onPC, threaten and take a knertsie.
    Betrayal of their volk.

    The big picture proves the cowardice of the Afrikaner.
    Papbroek Walter Mitties.

    The comments full of delusions of power but do not act.
    I read the comments with scorn as ons gaan vrek.

    Your future is Boere reality 2012.
    They have guns; veterans of a war and defenseless against a gang.
    Watch their family raped and tortured then they are killed.
    No one cares or protests - it takes Roodt, Censorbugbear and a Yank to plead their case.
    THAT manne is reality.
    United we can stand - divided we fall.
    Form Defence Units - to protect your suburb.
    Stop bragging and ACT.

    Education crisis ‘not Verwoerd’s fault’

    ""The “monumental failure” in S A education was not Verwoerd’s fault but that of current government, former anti-apartheid activist Mamphela Ramphele said in Durban.

    Commenting on Radio interview with Pres Zuma, in which he blamed Verwoerd, for the mess in schools, Ramphele said children under apartheid’s “gutter” education were better educated than today.

    She was speaking at the Educational Management Assoc conference KZN.

    “ at least the kids could write and read. And many understood history and geography,” she said.

    In the radio interview , Zuma also defended Motshekga and government on Limpopo textbook saga.

    Ramphele said she could not understand why “no heads were rolling”

    and citizens were not “jumping up and down” about the crisis.
    (( WE WHINGE - less trouble.))

    SA could self-destruct before 2020 if it continued on this downward trajectory,.
    The time had come to question credentials of SA’s leaders.
    In Asian countries, cabinets were engineers, finance experts, architects, lawyers, and technical expertise capable of directing, intervening and managing a modern political and economic system.

    “Look at us. Give me a profile of our cabinet and tell me if the capacity to intervene and direct is there. You can’t even deliver textbooks,” she snapped.

    a double whammy Wits education prof Mary Metcalfe, said education in SA was a “burning platform”
    ....disappearing under the nation’s feet despite being critical for survival.

    She quoted 2007 survey that looked at a sample of 18- to 24-yrs and in that year,

    2 mill had not reached matric and, of those, half had not passed... grades 7 & 8.

    “There’s stuff happening in our schools which means that large numbers of young people are leaving school."

    1. SA could self-destruct before 2020... ???

      You bet ! It would be a miracle if this ever increasing corruption and incompetence would not flush the country down the toilet much sooner.

  6. Anonymous4:31 am

    Mike, hahahaha..... the African hates the whites, but need the inventions of the whites ( like the machine gun ) , to kill the whites.

    A stand off with your own weapons would be one hell of an interisting fight ;-)

  7. cause and effect9:19 am

    Gutter education, then what does she call this education? Don't believe her comments for anything in labasting the education as it stands now, she can't help to stick it to the apartheid regime who as facts are proving educated blacks better than the blacks are doing now, so don't belive her 2 faced "critique" for one moment.

    I am happy at the irony of it all, they will yet pray for the gutter education. Maybe now the multiculti whores prick up their ears that there could be a problem.

    But don't you worr the multiculti whore's off spring are saftley cacooned in private schools, busy throwing fund raisers to fix up the toilets at the black school down the road, not out of christian charity, but from fear that if they don't feed the monster, the monster might see them as food

    Mary metcalf if I remember was one of the pioneers in effing up education, she should be fired from wits, but that too now is a shithole of mediocrity and non standards

    I love seeing the accident that is south africa happening before my eyes, a pity I have to be here as soon as I can I'm out, I won't fight for a black shithole, cause if I do it means some who caused the problem will beefit from my effort, and paying taxes is all they going to get from me, at least my taxes fuels their greed that will make them self destruct.

    But fight I will not, to prevent some ungratefull bastard from starving, never. Let them learn the concept of causality once and for all

  8. Anonymous3:58 am

    They have polarized us and are keeping us, the whites, divided and happy while we are playing facebook-facebook all day...Let us look at what steps for the genocide they have in place already:
    1. They rule communication - all radio, tv stations, everybody in the country has been through the "rica" process. They can switch YOUR cellphone off, and keep THEIRS on.They can stop all broadcasts to the outside world and HIDE the full scale massacre as soon as it starts. Reverse this. Get hand held radios and start using them, while it is still legal.
    2. They took our weapons away with their laws and turned us into lazy, fat rugby watching tv slaves. Reverse this. Do that gun course and legally arm yourself and teach your family how to use a fire arm Get off your fat arse and exercise so that you are fit.
    3. They tell us openly that they are planning this with nice coded phrases: uhuru is not yet here, radical transformation must take place, redistribution must take place. Recognize these codes and start watching out for them so that YOU can warn others.
    4. They are training their soldiers actively to eliminate all of us, by training their children and young people. Counter this. Get a group of friends, family together, assess the situation and decide on a place, somewhere remote in Sa where you and yours can retreat to and get out of the line of fire when things get hot. There we can plan what to do next. Remember, they first have to kill off their own liberals who are in cushy jobs before they target us.
    5. Get ready to live in bad daily circumstancers. Take a cold shower every now and get used to chopping wood. We are not in for an easy ride...
    6.Start reading on how stage 7 (the culling spree) began in other genocides so that you wont be caught with your pants down and start looking at your circumstances.