15 July 2012

Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma named AU commission chair. When incompetence sticks like shit to a woolen blanket

By Mike Smith
15th of July 2012

My goodness, how I chuckled when I saw that one of the former first ladies of president Jacob Zuma, Dr. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma on Sunday night was elected AU commission chair during a union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Dlamini-Zuma named AU commission chair

More amazing were the comments on that News24 article…

One “Will.t.reynolds” wrote: “Congrts Ms Dlamini!!!” and Bonokwakhe-Mvunyelwa-Mbuthu said: “She deserves it. She is very competent.“… “Monde Sibisi Mlombovu I” commented, “This is good news indeed, it shows that Africa is slowly leaning towards gender equality”…

...You have to wonder if these people have it all together in their heads.

What a useless appointment to a useless organization and just more of a burden on South African taxpayers.

Allow me to explain.

See, the African Union was the brain child of former President Thabo Mbeki who always hoped to crown himself king of the entire Africa one day. It sprang from the Organization of African Unity that was founded in Addis Ababa in 1963 and collapsed in 2002 under its last chairperson…Thabo Mbeki.

It had all sorts of lofty NWO ideals just like the European Union…Brotherhood of man…all singing Kumbaya, etc…Until somebody mentioned that dreadful word for Africans…“Membership Fees”.

Suddenly the African nations all scattered like cockroaches when the kitchen light was switched on and Dear Thabo found himself standing alone in the playground licking his lonesome AU ice-cream cone with UN flavoring.

It turned out that African Nations were only interested in the AU if South Africa paid all their membership fees and dues…which Thabo obviously did simply to keep his virtually still born child alive.

To date, the AU union has done nothing and has produced nothing for Africa and in fact is just a bottomless pit into which white South African taxpayer's money disappears.

So it only fits if such a useless organization is headed by an equally useless Chairperson, doesn’t it?

And for that they could not find a finer person than Dr. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma. It seems that the only real successes she ever tasted was under that dreadful evil Apartheid Bantu Education system under which she obtained a B.Sc to become a biology teacher that allowed her to complete her doctoral studies in the UK.

Nelson Mandela made this glorified sangoma his Minister of Health.

It turned out that Dlamini-Zuma and Vice president Thabo Mbeki were backing a bunch of snake-oil selling con artists called Olga an Sigi Visser, who was selling a useless AIDS drug called "Virodene" which main ingredient Dimethylformamide is an industrial solvent and used in paint strippers and to stabilize Acetylene gas in its cylinders for transport, to name but a few of its applications. They actually administered this chemical illegally to 11 patients.

Olga Visser, a medical technician at Pretoria Hospital, fraudulently claimed that she was a professor of “New Technologies” at the Moderna University in Lisbon Portugal, but officials at the university insisted that there was no such person on their records.

In their 1993 divorce case and custody battle of their four children the Vissers who stayed together after their divorce (until 2001), accused each other of alcohol abuse, sexually inappropriate behavior, and Sigi Visser also accused his former wife of shagging her bodyguard (paid by the ANC) and of mental instability, and referred to a car accident in which she sustained brain damage.

Obviously the whole sick operation was backed and bankrolled by the ANC and their cronies…who else? Sigi Visser tried to convince parliament to pump unlimited resources into Virodene research which he and his wife would then siphon off Source1: Who's bankrolling Virodene? Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg) - 28 June 2002
Source 2: South Africa’s Brave New World – R.W. Johnson, Pg 182-186

The Vissers at one stage had the FULL backing of their president Nelson Mandela, his deputy Thabo Mbeki and their Health Minister Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

Dlamini-Zuma wasted R14.3 million on a useless Anti-Aids play called "Sarafina II" writen by controversial Mbongeni Ngema, a fellow Zulu and close friend who was found guilty of hate speech with his anti-Indian song “Ama-Ndiya”.

Watchdog says anti-Indian song is hate speech

At the same time she was more involved in anti-smoking legislation and bitter attacks on tobacco companies. She was also berating the medical schools at former white universities to increase their black intake.

She further cut the budgets of top hospitals like Groote Schuur and Tygerberg saying that they had a pre-occupation with “diseases of the rich” (Heart Transplantation) and that the money should rather be spent on primary health care for blacks.

She also launched into an attack on what she called “Big Pharma” for exploiting the poor blacks.
Naturally, following severe budget cuts, standard at hospitals dropped significantly and so did the standards at the country’s top medical schools that were internationally highly respected under Apartheid. Doctors emigrated in droves and the media called them “Zuma-Refugees”.

To Dlamini-Zuma it was no problem. She simply imported sub standard Cuban doctors (most who were later forcibly deported) and forced South African medical doctors to work for a pittance at government hospitals for two years in remote rural areas or dangerous townships after they already studied seven years to become a doctor. This just increased the emigration of our top medical practitioners. The nurses followed suit.

It can be safely said that this woman, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, with the assistance of the ANC, ruined South Africa’s once proud health care system.

For that Thabo Mbeki, when he became president, promoted her to Minister of Foreign Affairs, which opened a whole new chapter for us.

In her former position as Minister of Health, officials found her impossible to work with. This continued in the Foreign Affairs department and within months her staff was utterly demoralized. The black and white staff commented that it actually brought them together, because they suffered the same constant humiliation under Dlamini-Zuma.

She kept desk officers in the dark, disregarded her briefs and insisted on arranging and re-arranging her own flights (at once stage 27 times in one week). After disregarding her briefs, she would complain that she was not properly briefed on certain issues; she would telephone officials at ridiculous hours of the night with bizarre requests, micro managed her department that all postings and promotions come through her, causing long delays and vacancies in foreign postings, etc.

Even senior cadres like Jackie Selebi and Sipho Pityana did not last long under her. Everyone who could flee her department did so.

Results were obviously disastrous.

By 2001 three full ambassadors and nine junior officials were under investigation for “unbecoming behavior”, ranging from financial fraud to sexual harassment and insubordination, while the country’s high commissioner to Ghana was found guilty of “persistent drunkenness”.

The ambassador to Indonesia, Norman Mashabane was found guilty of sexual harassment of 22 different women. His “punishment” was a top job as advisor in the Limpopo premier, Sello Moloto’s, office at a salary of R500,000 a year back in 2003. He later conveniently for the ANC, died in a car accident colliding with a truck. Source

The former ambassador to Brazil, Mbulelo Rakwena, despite two damning reports finding him guilty of malversation of funds and large scale expenses fraud was promoted to head of the Latin American desk in Pretoria.
(Source 1: SA’s Brave New World, pg 321-322)
Source 2: 'Fraudster' diplomat gets top job

Nevertheless, In 2001 Dlamini-Zuma visited that Communist Utopia in the Caribbean, Cuba.
She was in awe and praise of this one party dictatorship with its well known human rights abuse record saying, “You will be surprised how democratic it is”.

When journalists read her a recent report by Human Rights Watch detailing the lack of a free press and a multi-party system along with a long list of human-rights abuses in Cuba, her response was, “Who is Human Rights Watch?”

When the journalists answered that HRW campaigned against Apartheid, she said: “They were not our sponsors.” (SA Brave New World, pg 342-343).

Just like she did with the Health Ministry under her watch, she turned the Foreign Affairs Ministry into joke almost overnight.

Based on her track record, I would like to speculate that Dr. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma’s appointment to the AU Chair will have exactly the same results. History will be our witness. Watch this space.


  1. Lala Land9:01 pm

    Dr. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma is about as useful as a turd floating in a punch bowl; and about twice as clever.

    1. Anonymous5:45 am

      And much less subtle.

  2. Mike.

    Have a look at the following web site. ASH is a government funded charity - with a government agenda


  3. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Keep deluding yourself, or maybe get out there once in a while and hear what other people's opinions are about things, this is as one-sided and as biased as a lawyer's account of his client's actions. Or better yet, read, something other than your own subjective articles of course.

    1. Anonymous3:11 am

      Dear Mr Anonymous,Since you are so critical about said article,please supply information or evidence to support your argument!
      By criticizing without supporting information is on the same level as when some-one shouts racist because its the only response you have when confronted with the truth!
      Yes Sir, I do hear other people's opinions about things. But its their opinion, and an opinion is only an opinion. As you should know between an opinion and a truth there can be a wide divide! Unless backed by facts. Thus render the facts and prove the article bias and wrong!
      W Etdo

    2. Anonymous10:23 am

      Opinions are like arseholes...

      Everybody has one...

    3. simon says9:20 pm

      Your usage of the word deluded in reference to zuma wife number 1, proves you are a liberal.Nothing deluded about her incompetence, anything that zuma did that had success was a mere case of chance and the law of averages.

      Why do you think so highly of someone that doesn't need to be highly thought of, since she has done nothing to deserve to be highly thought of.

      Use your common sense the evidence is staring you in the face, and I wouldn't go reading flattering opinions of the likes of zuma, her comment about human rights watch shows you what we dealing with.

      I bet you a fan of che, castro, taylor et alk, just like your hero mandela.

      Don't be scared to think differently to the main stream, I promise you the pain eventually goes away.

  4. Brilliant write-up Mike, this person has all the make-up needed (pun intended) to become Secretary General of the UN, once it's the next turn for a Black to fill this post.

  5. socrates12:02 am

    Hannibal Zuma: Dear Clarice, I have followed with enthusiasm the course of your disgrace and public shaming. My own never bothered me, except for the inconvenience of being incarcerated. But you may lack perspective.

  6. Anonymous1:04 am

    Yes, but come December, Jacob Zuma will be soooo out on his ear.

  7. Could not imagine a better fitting person for this job as our good Dr. Z

  8. Anonymous3:54 am

    If this mêdêms' iq drop by one she will start to photosynthesise!
    I cannot wait to see in what spectacular, innovative way she's going to bury the Efricen Uni-jon.

    Regards Louis

  9. What a joke.
    SA is a laughing stock.

    I've also read 'SA's Brave New World', even the author who was an anti-apartheid activist admits the ANC is totally incompetent, corrupt and riddled with criminality.

    RW Johnson refers to the 'Bantustanisation' of SA, meaning that the standard of old Bantustan states has now spread across the country. The entire country now functions at about the same level of efficiency and mode of operation as Transkei or Ciskei.
    Possibly even worse.

    I think he mentions something along the lines that it's a miracle that SA is even able to still function at its current declining standard with the ANC in power.
    That SA is managing to still survive despite the ANC and not the other way around.

    1. Anonymous10:32 am

      If Bantustanisation doesnt prove that that the Bantustans were free countries, independant of the RSA then nothing will

    2. You mean besides fact that they had their own civil service, military, police, flags, uniforms and passports....?

  10. Anonymous9:34 am

    Oh, is it THAT Zuma? Let me Clarify ... (again)


    (Zero Understanding of Medical Affairs)


    (Zero Understanding of Managerial Affairs)

    Usually quoted alongside of


    (Zero Intelligence, Maybe Because All Brilliant Whites Emigrated)

  11. Anonymous9:40 am

    A frown, wrapped in sourness and insincerity.
    Eyes. Blank, vacant , unseeing and unintelligent.
    A mind untarnished by the rigors of thought.
    All dressed by sales house - Like MK during the 80's

    Yup, a worthy addition to the African Embarrassment.
    A magnificent Torchbearer to light the way to hell for all.

    1. Anonymous10:58 pm

      Ha ha, you remember Sales House, that erstwhile apogee of African sartorial aspiration. No sooner had you handed your maid a contract of employment a la Labour Dept regulations, and she demanded a letter from you stating her earnings so she could open a clothing account at Sales House, or else she would go to the CCMA to assert her rights over her employer. Load of overpriced tat she bought there, and the inflated account arrived at your home every month regular as clockwork. Until the maid stopped working for you, then the debt collectors were on your doorstep.

  12. Anonymous10:32 am

    Hey Mike,

    I noticed tonight on SABC3 News that the boxes containing the schoolbooks had written on their sides, you guessed it - 'Made in China'. Is it possible that these books are printed and sent all the way here from China?? If so, no wonder there is such a balls up.......

  13. Congrats,Dr Zuma! Now you have the chance to fuck up the whole of Africa!

    1. Lala Land12:54 am

      Good one!

  14. Anonymous1:14 am

    Aghhh, you're always complaining about ANC government this and that? Just accept that after many years of colonialism and slavery, we're still on leave!!! It's just 18 years, we still got about 80years to go. So just shut up or move to Australia.

    1. There's no excuses for such incompetence, are you kidding?

      And 18 years is LONG time.

      Look at the old Eastern Bloc countries in Europe, they don't look for excuses about how the past has lead to all their problems. They're FREE, nothing is holding them back now.

      The problem with SA is incompetent and corrupt leadership whose economic polices are still stuck 50 years in the past.

    2. viva black dumbassness viva9:23 am

      18 yrs, thanks for procing how incompetant your race is, you even think its a proud accomplishment, cause you brag about it.

      If you weren't so arrogant, you would realise that a turd has more intelligence than you do, dumb ass.

      The 2nd world war ended in 1945 by 1963 germany and japan that had been destroyed in the war, were world power economies, 18years, dumb ass, to go from a broken country to 2nd most powerfull economy in the world for japan, and most powerfull economy in europe.

      18yrs and the party you vote for has done nothing, its built a few shacks, renamed a few roads and airports, given dumb ass turds like yourself jobs that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

      Try not to act too much like a dumb black, cause from your comment we can see you probably wear a che t shirt, and like marxism.

      Black people wearing a white mans face, and adopting a white man's philosophy.

      You will always be a white mans bitch, I guess when you start starving, you will be proud of that too.

      Now go eat some KFC, and remember its a white man that convinced you that its finger lickin good

  15. Come on guys, why so negative!

    For the first time an african institution gets the "leader" it deserves! I personally think the k@ffers got it right this time and we have one less crony to keep us busy.

    A useless organization gets a useless leader!

  16. Anonymous1:55 pm

    This is the information age, no one has an excuse not to know what is really going on ,as facts are published on a website like this.

    Of those who did national cervice in the SANDF,who remembers some of the lectures that we dosed off on?

    I remember almost profetic speeches made by some of our officers regarding the psycology of this communist brood of vipers that now steer this ship to hell.It was warned about and it came true!

    Even worse than the IQ. of this floating Zuma turd is the white liberal trash who sold this great country out and the thousands of white liberals who still appease these commies and their successful propaganda.
    We are our own worst enemy and we better get our act
    right and get informed.

    I seem to be more worried about the future of the white South African minority than all my friends and family in South Africa and I don't even live there anymore.
    Why is it that so many whites in SA act like a battered woman usually does? They turn back,apologize to everything and suck up
    Have we f@ing lost it!?