01 July 2012

Face eating canibal had only dagga in blood

By Mike Smith
1st of July 2012

About a month ago I commented on the cannibal Rudy Eugene who chew off the face of a homeless man, Ronald Poppo.

The article Mike wrote about the cannibal attack

At the time, many people speculated about why Rudy Eugene did what he did and the liberal media immediately said it was due to some drug called “Bath Salts”. So called “experts” were quoted who said Eugene was exhibiting "classic signs of someone high on the drug"…

…And with that the liberal brain was rocked back to sleep. This abhorrent behaviour of one of their beloved noble savages had to be explained by some extraordinary means such as some evil new drug, because in their twisted and stunted minds there are just no way that this kind of behaviour could be inherent. They will ignore all evidence to the contrary and call you a “racist” if you present them with facts.

Nevertheless, now that the lab reports came out, the story is buried somewhere in the middle pages of the newspapers. Why? Because once again their crackpot theories have been proved wrong.

The Miami-Dade County medical examiner released the results of toxicology tests on 31-year-old Rudy Eugene on Wednesday. The tests found marijuana in his system, but no other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs or any adulterants found in street drugs.

Miami face-chewing attack: no bath salts found in Rudy Eugene's system
Face-eater had marijuana in his system

I wonder how they are going to explain Rudy Eugene’s savage behavior now. Watch them do an egg dance around this issue.


  1. Joseph10:34 am

    Good article Mike.
    Lest we forget, Eugene was a Hatian and hails from the most backward island in the America's where voodoo practice and cannibalism are still commonplace today.

    I must confess some reservations as to the drugs he took though. I certainly hope he was clean and that he indeed only had dope in his blood, but I guess I'm biased as to the Columbine massacre and Breivik etc. The aforementioned persons were indeed on some evil medication that messed up their sense of reality. We're definitely being used as open air lab rats by someone up there, with the British Tavistock and American Stanford Institutes at the heart of this.

    But of course, I sure hope I'm wrong..

  2. The Secret11:57 pm

    There are various comments,be sure to read La Marzulli's comment,you might find it interesting or might think we Christains and our beliefs are retarded

    If the "drug was that bad"I can only imagine what he felt like the next morning....errrr eish errrr.