06 July 2012

How deep does the Limpopo school textbook rabbit hole go?

By Mike Smith
6th of July 2012

So after the kids in Limpopo never received textbooks six months into the school year and after the available books were actually burned, Jacob Zuma launched a thorough enquiry and appointed a task team to “look into the causes of the delays in delivering textbooks to Limpopo schools”… Zuma appoints task team to textbook saga

I wonder who is going to have to fork out the money to pay the task team and the enquiry into a problem caused by the ANC and their deliberate incompetence.

Let us see what one man (Moi) could dig up within a 15 minute Google search….and they didn’t even pay me. Probably because I did not come up with the politically correct results.

It turned out, reported in the Mail and Guardian, that the boss of the company responsible for the textbook saga (no pun intended) is an old friend of JZ and actually travelled to the USA with him.

Ironically he also fund’s JZ’s educational trust and has built a home for the family of JZ’s deceased friend.

African Access’ boss, Shaun Battlemann, a coulered former teacher, anti-Apartheid activist and humpty-dumpty look-alike was 2011 Black Management Forum’s tenderpreneur of the year
How did he do that? He had a brilliant idea to distribute school books that he learned from the ANC terrorist cells…I quote:

“A further opportunity presented itself when he discovered that the South African government was struggling to deliver school books to historically marginalised communities. The delivery rate of school books to communities was six percent, with high distribution costs to rural areas. As a former activist, he formed a small team to tackle this challenge and implemented the cell system that was used during the liberation struggle. By mapping the country into blocks, they identified community members who were experts in their terrain who would be the ideal candidates for door-to-door delivery of school books. Through a government grant community members were given laptops and provided with bundles of books for delivery to targeted schools. Books were even delivered by wheelbarrow in some of the most remote areas. Once the school or principal received the books they would record an online message that was then sent to a database as proof of delivery for payment. Thus the flagship project of African Access was born.”

Bloody fine job they have done. Six months into the year and after the government has paid them millions, not a single book has been delivered to the schools, but apparently he has a passion for education.

According to the M&G Battlemann denied claims that his connections had favoured his companies. He said: “It is not a crime to know people in government. It doesn’t imply corruption. Our success is based purely on merit and we should be judged for that.” Textbook boss's links to Zuma

Another champion of the Jacob Zuma Education trust is controversial Nigerian-American oilman Kase Lawal who funds Congolese warlords such as Bosco Ntaganda in exchange for gold and which is a contravention of UN resolutions banning individuals or organizations from financing illegal armed groups in the war torn eastern DRC.

Bosco Ntaganda has been wanted by the international criminal court (ICC) since an arrest warrant was issued in 2006. He funds his exploits by smuggling natural resources in the mineral-rich country, and faces allegations of recruiting child soldiers and presiding over mass rapes and murder of civilians by his troops in the National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP).

In fact the whole Lawal family is involved in gold smuggling. Kase Lawal’s brother arrested in Gold smuggling ring

Kase Lawal was so fraudulent that he was wanted in Nigeria for amongst other things stealing an oil well back in the 1990’ after which he fled to South Africa. Mr. Kase Lawal was once considered a fugitive from the law after a high court in Lagos issued an arrest warrant against him in 1999. The warrant was issued in a time that marked a boom in his businesses, especially in South Africa where he secured the assistance of ANC officials and made huge profits from an oil deal that involved Nigeria and South Africa.

NBA star Dikembe Mutombo and a US diamond dealer named Carlos St. Mary hoped to make a $10 million profit from the deal

And this man, Kase Lawal, is American president Barack Obama’s trade advisor. Lawal was appointed by President Barack Obama to the US advisory committee for trade and policy negotiations in September 2010, just months before the corrupt and illegal gold deal with Ntaganda.

Obama-appointed US trade adviser linked to illegal deal in Congolese gold

Now isn’t it funny that the story started with poor little black children in Limpopo, South Africa that were hard done by and who have not received schoolbooks for six months and everywhere one looked and followed the trail of money and corruption, there was a corrupt black person behind it, from the supplier of the books to the president of South Africa, Congolese warlords, NBA sport stars, Nigerian businessmen right up to the Socialist Black Kenyan president of the USA. Black Corruption everywhere and then they want to tell us they care about the children?

Just like Nelson Mandela’s children fund. Mandela never cared how many children his own personal terrorist bombs killed and how many were killed by the bombs he ordered from prison, but today he wants to pretend he gives a rat’s ass about the children. And the liberal idiots lap it up like chocolate, worship the terrorist trash and donate money to it. Stuffed in the head they are.

Blacks cannot even look after their own illegitimate children, how can anybody think that they would be interested in looking after someone else’s children? The only people I actually see who care about the poor black kids in Limpopo who do not have textbooks are the whites! Like I said, the blacks from Africa all the way to president Obama himself couldn’t be bothered about anything else than making a quick buck.


  1. PreatorianXVI1:50 pm

    Now if White people were as concerned about their own people as they are concerned about all the savages around the world, all white people would be in a totally different scenario today.

    I wish white people would learn to leave the savages alone and devote their energies to their own kind, I know animals are cute, but they can look after themselves without our assistance or interference.

  2. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Six months into the school year.
    Six. Months.
    Zuma's response? "Heads will roll..."
    What a joke.
    It reeks of political opportunism. He's using a serious problem to grandstand and score brownie points with the "people".
    A grand nonsense.
    This is the ANC trying to turn their own management failure into a political victory.
    Utterly disgusting.

  3. Lala Land10:16 pm

    People aren't surprised by the rot anymore. Our morals and values have been trashed by the Blacks. We were raised in a God fearing nation. Say what you like about being raised this way, but people feared and people were decent. It kept us in line. We answered to a higher power. Today there is nothing of this in SA. SA has become another African shit-hole where kleptocracy is the order of the day and the Black only answers to himself. The slippery slope has started and there is no going back. Once the Genie is out, you can't put it back.

  4. Zarky4:51 am

    Very clever way in scoring brownie points, create the problem and then remedy the problem to score political brownie points.

    I cannot imagine the amount of corruption taking place and to put it in monetary value would be mind boggling to comprehend but yet the people swallow it hook line and sinker, that includes whites.

    But besides all the shit happening in South Africa I am a firm believer that politicians should be allowed 2 terms, 1 in office and 1 in jail.

  5. Jason the Boer9:20 am

    Can anyone tell me what all this crap is about war veterans getting a sum of money. Is this another communists trick

  6. @Jason the Boer

    There is no free money for veterans. This is to assist them with medical need if needed if unemployed. Remember there is no such thing as free money.

    Personally I will not register as I do not want them to know my location, my health condition and so forth. I do not trust them as this is a great opportunity for them to determine the exact strength of each province of old SADF members and where they are located.

    Maybe I am just paranoid but so be it, they installed the paranoia in me with their actions.

    Why would they want to do any good for me? We where the enemy and are still the racist white boers are we not?

  7. Anonymous4:09 am

    Poor white guys who can't get decent jobs because of affirmative action are fucking black women and even marrying them because black women don't want black men, and poor white guys can't afford white women. In fifty years time the whole problem will be sorted out because 80% of the population in SA will be coloured. Blacks will have mostly died out.

  8. Zarky, thought i was the only paranoid one and also decided against registering. Reason being as you stated.

  9. Anonymous11:22 am

    @ Jason... It is the Veterans Administration Act. It is linked to the Administration of Social Welfare as it applies to Veterans. I had a look. Well... I was going to register until I had a read of the two acts in question... The only thing you will gain is a state pension but for that they require:
    Force Number
    Marriage Certificate
    Birth Certificate of Children plus most recent school reports
    Title Deed of House
    Statement of Income from Bank and/or Letter of Appointment containing Contract details - salary benefits etc.

    THIS IS KAFFIROLOGY 101 and is aimed at providing "Social Justice" for ex Mthondo We Sizwe "soldiers". It is aimed at fast tracking them through the hospital bullshit so they can get "access to health care", fast track them for housing and fast track them for welfare payments...

    I was looking at signing up until I read the Acts. This is nothing more than the regime gathering intelligence. This is NOT geared at ex SADF but at ex MK...

    @ Zarky... You're not paranoid old cock - Just prudent! I just had to wonder WTF is this big push to "register" veterans for all of a sudden?

  10. Anonymous12:50 am

    first of all what is up with the all black,white thing going on?yes i agree that someone should take responsibility and man-up and take whatever punishment is dealt out but racism really people what year are we in, the 1940's ,get over yourself and the mandela comment lets not even go there, whoever wrote this article is a egotistic,bitter white fool who cant deal with the fact that they are no longer allowed to treat people like trash.GROW UP!