05 July 2012

How MSM psy-ops vilify South African whites on a daily basis - Never believe anything from these bastards

By Mike Smith
6th of July 2012

There is not a single white farmer that I know personally or know of in South Africa that does not take care of his farm workers…And I know many.

I have personal friends who farm with apples in the Grabouw area, I have friends who farm with deciduous fruit like plums and peaches in the Ceres valley. My own dominee and personal friend farms with sheep in the Karoo. My female cousin farms with Citrus up in the Kimberley area. My other female cousin farms with Avocados in the Nelspruit area; I have personal family who farm with macadamia nuts and coffee in the far north. I have my uncle and cousins who have a dairy farm in the Kareedouw area. I even have friends who farm with roll on lawn in the George area…

My personal testimony is that wherever I went in South Africa or Namibia, whatever I saw was that White farmers treat their workers like gold. And I have stayed in South Africa and Namibia for fourty years.

They have housing, water and electricity for free. They have beautiful and well built houses to the envy of some whites in South Africa. They all have satellite TV in their houses. Their medical and old age pensions are taken care of by the farmer. Their families are free to visit on the farms.

Whenever they have any bureaucratic problem, like getting an ID or passport, the farmer is always there to assist.

I am not denying that there are the occasional farmer and worker who have an argument and a punchup, but it happens in all professions and likewise in the farming industry in SA it also happens but are exceptionally rare.

However, when such an incident does take place it is often blown out of proportion, outright lies or on the part of the MSM front page news.

A case that springs to minds is the 2007 case where a coulered woman called Anneline Davids claimed that four white farmers raped her and the case was dropped after she admitted that she lied and fabricated the whole story.

Campaign to vilify white farmers must stop
Farmworker lied about rape

These false claims against white farmers abusing their workers are legion. I had a personal experience driving my car in Cape Town over Christmas a few years ago listening to the Afrikaans radio station RSG when the minister of Agriculture came on and in her Christmas message she just wished that Afrikaner farmers would not set black workers off their land over the holidays…

What utter bollocks I thought at the time. What total and blatant propaganda and vilification of white farmers coming from the Minister of Agriculture…But that is their move. That is what the ANC does.

White farmers are the scum of the earth and should all be killed…No amount of goodwill from white farmers to their black workers will ever be acknowledged or enough…and isolated incidents would be pulled out of proportion and spread across the liberal MSM as facts and the standard across the board.

So it was with little surprise that I read the MSM headline and report in the Beeld Newspaper that A farm worker was beaten up and murdered in Ventersdorp

Everybody knows that Ventersdorp is the capital of the rightwing AWB and would immediately have associated the murder with…you guessed it…white farmers who have beaten up a black guy and killed him…at least in their immediate false mental models.

Truth is that it turned out that a white female farmer Wilhelmina du Toit discovered the half beaten to death body of a black farm worker Frans Modisa (who later died) on Sunday morning in her pig sty and alerted the police about it and that one of her pigs were also stolen and that she knew who the thieves were. She pointed the police to a wheelbarrow trail that led to the house of the two perpetrators. Two blacks Elias Motshwaiwa (23) and Paul Moloto (21) who were apprehended with the carcass of a pig in their possession.

The most horrific part of it all is that the report also stated that the black police chief Brig. Thulani Ngubane did not want to comment about the murder, because COSATU (in a tripartite alliance with the ANC and the Communist Party) wanted to turn it into a „racist killing“…

Yes right…A white farmer lady has beaten a black man to death and then framed it on two innocent blacks who just happened to be in possession of one of her stolen pigs.

They’re grasping at straws here if you ask me. But that is how advanced Psy-ops works.

Headline newspaper… so it must be true…in colour…it must definitely be true…Ventersdorp…white racists…farm…Boers…Afrikaners….innocent Black man beaten to death…definitely white racist Afrikaner/Boer bastards.

…And Marxist leftist News24 sells another Newspaper or ten on the vilification of innocent whites continue.

Later…the English report simply called it Man killed in farm attack

Now if this was really a white person who killed a black man, you could be sure that the media would have milked this for weeks on end and not just simply called it “Man killed” but “Black man killed by racist Whites”… The MSM would have turned this whole affair into a racist issue before you could have lisped ”Rêthist”. Sickening the state of reporting nowadays, I tell you.


  1. Anonymous6:42 pm

    I say form some committee or organization that specializes in suing the press for false reports, deformation of character that this kak will stop. Even the the bullshit they print on their websites. Sue them.

  2. Anonymous11:44 pm

    The press is a very dangerous tool in the anti-white agenda. A way to muzzle their lies is really needed. Reporters have truly become as soul-less as lawyers.

  3. Anonymous2:09 am

    Mike, thanx for rubbing the noses of those media fools in it ! Fine article. Keep on doing the good work.

  4. Anonymous2:54 am

    Do it like they do it in Mexico. Decapitate them. Hang them of bridges. Burn them houses. Because they are murdering me and my people.

  5. Anonymous10:29 am

    I get the feint impression that Mike doesnt like the MSM :)

  6. Not everyone can see through the lies and deception.After reading Government by deception,by Jan Lambrecht I came to realise what this game is all about!Read it and see if you would make up your mind about what is fed to you.You might question everything untill all the facts are clear.Mike is one of those guys and im being drawn into searching for the truth all the time.Cant be bought with lies.It is in our nature to search for the truth!

  7. Anonymous8:56 pm

    if you carefully at any black person who has raised his/her fist in the "amandla/black power" salute in the presence of more than one white person , you will see that there still remains an amount of fear in their expression - thats because deep down they are still afraid of us ( rightly so) and will only take us on when we are alone or outnumbered by 10/1 or more .
    f&%k them - i am neither afraid nor unwilling to take a stand
    if they truly desire a fight - and i believe they don't - they know they will get one , and probably lose ..
    its only the rule of "law" protecting them , that has them sitting comfortably and taking pot shots at us
    believe me , they know that as soon as they don't have that to hide behind - they are going to get their asses handed to them
    ps . to all the people commenting here like the battle has already been fought and lost - please consider people like me and others who are still preparing for battle , and need encouragement and support before we go to the front line