24 July 2012

Jacob Zuma says: Textbook mess ‘Verwoerd’s fault’

By Mike Smith
25th of July 2012

President Jacob Zuma has blamed the Limpopo textbooks scandal on apartheid era Prime Minister HF Verwoerd.

Textbook mess ‘Verwoerd’s fault’

Ironic, coming from a president who has no formal education and a string of “honorary degrees” bestowed on him by the liberal academic world. Zuma failed Bantu education. Today he is the president.

He must be a friend of fellow idiot, MEC for Education Senzo Mchunu wo said in 2011, “One of the points that we found was a problem was math and science. There has just been a 50% pass for science and 47% for math. In these two subjects we are aiming to pull everyone out of the mindset that they are difficult subjects. It was Verwoerd who made these subjects difficult because he thought that blacks would be a threat to him.”
It is all Verwoerd’s fault

In the time the ANC has been in power, the Matric pass rates have been declining year after year. The drop-out rate is testing new records every year.

The ANC lowered the pass mark to 30%. They have introduced the useless system of Outcomes Based Education. You do not even have to write Matric, because Matric pass marks are adjusted up and down regardless of what the true results said.

The truth about the ANC education
Matric mathematics failures expected

Incompetent and unemployable youths cannot find work. Under the ANC education in South Africa has been reduced to a joke.

The day will still come that they will long back to the excellent education they received under Apartheid.

The truth about Apartheid Education
The truth about Dr. H.F. Verwoerd


  1. Anonymous12:18 am

    There was a comment on MSM that made me sit up and shiver.
    The white youth are leaving to find a new life as they have no option.
    The white population is aging.
    The tax base will decrease over the next 20 years to a mere trickle from employed robots.

    The blacks on grants are aging, middle aged blacks are on grants and the 30% uneducated youth today are on grants.
    Where are the workers with skills left to develop and maintain the country with their taxes. The cookie jar will be empty.

    The educated blacks are already leaving as the country slides into poverty and only the bones are left.

    If whiteys are still alive - there will be a bleak life with a wreck of a country left to enjoy the waning years.
    Then what ?
    Reminds one of Rhodies and Zim not so ?

    1. Zarky8:19 am

      @Anon 12:18am

      If you are in your 40's in this country and still part of the labour market you will not enjoy retirment one day. There will be nothing left plus civil war.

      When I told my friends that they looked at me with a blank stare but trust me it is true people.

  2. Jason the Boer12:39 am

    Amazing how whitey is to blame apartheid is to blame even after so many years, why dont the ANC /blacks just move on show they better than the white man and improve things pointing fingers just shows how stupid they are.

  3. Anonymous1:13 am

    what is wrong with these dum anc's, verwoerd is long dead and apartheid but still blame everything on it( verwoerd and apartheid) when will this end, they are just to dum plain and simple!!!!!!

  4. Lala Land2:20 am

    Zuma didn't go back far enough with the blame. Surely it's Jan van Riebeeck's fault! These mamparas really are more retarded than the retarded.

  5. Anonymous2:30 am

    What is wrong with our Nation I prefer to ask as an American woman asks her Patriot Movement. Its from the sheeple.com blog and speaks to us.

    " They don’t really seem to be moving anywhere, except maybe to the fridge, to get another drink to keep them hydrated while they type feverishly on their keyboards.

    The Laptop Rambos:
    The liberty forums are full of Laptop Rambos, with their battle cries stolen directly from the last Bruce Willis movie. They like to quote Heston, too, claiming their multitude of guns will only be pried from their “cold dead hands”.
    But for all of their tough talk, what are they really doing? Buying all the guns and ammo they can manage to have delivered from Amazon while they angrily type away about those who would take away their rights?
    Daydreaming about dashing around the forest in combat boots when the last time they ran anywhere, it was to the bathroom after that ill-advised trip to Taco Bell?
    Oh – yeah – the Rambos?
    They’re all being “watched” which is the reason that they are unable to take any action outside of pounding into their keyboards, “Live Free or Die!!!”

    The Noble Net Orators:
    These are the ones that type half a page of flowery rhetoric on the afore-mentioned forums. They lay claim to vast service to the country, vow eternal loyalty to their oath to defend the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic and they really, really like to quote the Constitution during their rousing internet orations.

    But are they actually organizing anything or do they just like to hear themselves talk….er, see themselves type?

    I guess that we should feel fortunate, looking back in history, to discover that only 3% of the people fought against oppression in the American Revolution.
    10% of the population actively supported that brave 3%. This left 87% of the population at that time to either side with the British, remain neutral or be armchair patriots, much like our list above.

    Being a Patriot doesn’t mean that you have to get a sniper rifle and start picking off the enemy. It doesn’t mean that you must oust the scum from Congress. You don’t have to have a radio show or website that gets a million hits per day.

    It does mean, that action is required beyond a “Booyah!” on the internet. If you happen to recognize yourself in the list above, consider upping your personal Patriot game by taking one of the real actions below.

    You can spread the truth about what is happening in our country and around the world.
    You can refuse to comply to anything that is at cross-purposes with your God-given rights.
    You can resist by knowing the Constitution and insisting that it be followed.
    You can speak up when you see the rights of others being trampled on, and not be a bystander to bullying by the Regime.

    Quiet acts of Patriotism speak more loudly than a hundred words uttered without action.

    AND SO SAY I......

  6. Anonymous2:45 am

    Misery loves company.. The USA is also in its death throes as the brass ring tarnishes and government is no longer for the people, by the people. Their President is a puppet obeying orders.


    BBC brags that 30% of London's population come from other countries and they smile in happiness.
    Ignorance is well and truly bliss. Wag maar Boeta.

    The Bulldog mentality that once 'ruled the waves' is diluting itself to a cowardly inbred mongrel species, where only the most dangerous scavengers rise to the surface.

    Knowing that the rest of the world is going down the tubes too; does not console your own wounded/fearful spirit. The death of our hopes and dreams in our magnificently endowed country.

    The blue of our Heavens; the deepest of our seas and the mighty mountains - no longer give an answer.
    We vowed to die for it and it seems that we will have no choice in the matter. A black face distorted with hate is our destiny.

  7. Anonymous3:27 am

    and the rest is the kaffirs fault

  8. Jason the Boer3:50 am

    Just goes to show blackey is lost without whitey, they need whitey as escape for their failures and stupidity. What would these baboons do without us protecting their identities. They even leave there 3rd world toilets to join whiteys in Europe. on ASYLUM. my motto is you vote for the problems stay and enjoy the problems

  9. Anonymous3:54 am

    come on Mike...give'em some slack. They need someone to blame for their own incompetence. Cowardly as they are, they will blame a dead person, in fear of being ripped apart in court ;-)

  10. Anonymous4:42 am


    Horrific evidence has been heard in the Vereeniging Regional Court where three men pleaded guilty to several charges of murder, rape and robbery - before walking back their cells, laughing.

    Beeld reported that the men’s lawyer told the court that they had broken into the home to steal possessions and get revenge on the way they had been treated by their employer, Geraldine Viana, 42.

    The family’s gardener, Patrick Petrus Radebe, 24, their domestic’s son, Sipho Mbele, 21, and David Motaung, 20, broke into the house in Walkerville, assaulting and shooting dead Tony Viana, 53, and brutally raping and killing his wife, Geraldine.

    They then tied up and gagged the crying Amaro Viana, 12, and pushed him into a bath of boiling hot water to drown him because he would be able to identify them.

    It was not clear what had caused the boy’s death.

    The family dog was killed by having his stomach cut open.

    The men would be sentenced in September. AND OUT ON PAROLE NEXT YEAR.

  11. Jason the Boer4:48 am

    Damn it Verwoerd how dare you forget to deliver text books to Limpopo!!!!!!!! Could it be because he is dead you apes living amongst us pretending to be human

  12. Anonymous5:25 am

    Tikkel tikkel tokkol ek voel vokkol!!!

    Zuma is a pus infested boil on the rim of the arsehole that this once proud country has become. He and the rest of the cretins have nothing left to offer the proles and will drag us into civil war in order to keep their filthy corrupt, fraudulent useless snouts in the trough of taxpayer largess.

    While he can stand spear in hand and sing that his cabinet are going to shoot us, he can blithely ignore history, fact, common sense etc. knowing full well that the unwashed proles will still vote for him.

  13. cry the beloved country6:55 am

    They don't realise that black african languages are simple languages, the reason blacks aren't good at maths and science is because, before the age of 3 or 5, they weren't exposed to a language that expresses abstract thought, unlike english, and european languages, and hindu and chinese and those languages, african languages lack abstract concept.

    So children who grow up not being exposed or hearing their parents speak a language that is capable of expressing abstract concepts, their brain doesn't get wired for processing that abstract information, hence blacks dismal marks in science and maths.

    By the age of 6 the brains capability of understanding abstracts should have been formed, but that's when black kids get exposed to abstract conceptualizing languages, its too late by then.

    Education is totally destroyed in south africa, european countries do not recognize a matric after 1994, and now they are not recognizing degrees from south african universities either.

    20yrs to destroy a country and reduce it to the rest of africas standards, well done mandela and de klerk, may your seed suffer for 7X7 generations for causing so much harm.

    We slowly becomming accustomed to black standards of "excelence"

  14. Laager7:55 am

    For the benefit of younger readers these dates and numbers can do the talking to expose this semi-literate buffoon for the absurdity of his statement.

    1958 - 1966 - Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd was Prime Minister for 8 years
    1966 - Hendrik Verwoerd is assassinated in Parliament
    1990 - Pres. FW de Klerk abolishes apartheid - 24 years after HF Verwoerd died
    1992 - Whites vote to accept one man one vote - 26 years after HF Verwoerd died
    1994 - The ANC take power and control the education system - 28 years after HF Verwoerd died
    2012 - Pres Zuma blames Verwoerd for the non delivery of textbooks - 46 years after he died.

    Now take a look at Mike's Pandora's Box series about what the apartheid regime actually did for black education.

    If I am not mistaken 2+2=4 has been so since the beginning of time.
    It does not matter in which language this information is transmitted.
    The facts always remain the same.

    Perhaps Zuma would like to explain how Verwoerd succeeded in making facts like these "more difficult"
    If this information disappeared in the 2012 text book debacle what is wrong with using last years books?

    Actually Zuma is doing the country a favour with his inane ramblings.
    He make the job of campaigners exposing the incompetence of the ruling idiots that much easier.
    They can never be accused of fabricating the stories.
    All they have to do is refer interested parties to the news reports.

    Viva Zuma! Viva Zuma!
    Keep it up. You are doing a fantastic job.

    Mike - is it possible to create a one stop folder like Pandora's Box where all these insane statements are filed?
    It simplifies and speeds the job of searching and copying to third parties



    1. Lala Land2:39 am

      What people should worry about is that the next generation of ANC leaders still can't see what the current batch are doing wrong or speak up against their policies.All it means is that the same mistakes will be repeated over and over. That's the scary part.

  15. What is important and interesting on this statement is that most Darkies will desperatly want to believe it. It's much more convenient and less hurtful to cling to such insane bullshit than to face the reality:
    Very low IQ , very low morals , very low ability.

  16. Anonymous8:35 am


  17. Anonymous10:18 am

    Tell you what, why dont they make these subjects hard for us whiteys?

  18. Mike, I recently read an article you wrote in 2009. Its about the word kaffir.A very nice word indeed. There you point out just what kind of scum they really are. Well Zuma aint any different. But why he must try and shift blame is far and beyond normal thoughts. He will blame Dr Verwoerd. What else can you expect from fucking brain damaged morons like him? He will even blame Dr Verwoerds dead dog. They know they cannot be any success, now they must blame in their typical ANC way. They are ALL doomed for failure, even as criminal scum.

  19. Anonymous11:11 am

    Zuma talking babout education? Bwaaaaahahahahahahahahaha. Oh my lord, the irony.

  20. black dydsfunction9:53 pm

    And no one thar interviews the polygamists dares ask the obvious question, in what way does verwoed and apartheid have an bearing on black teachers not giving a shit about black kids in class, how does their apathy and don't give a shit badassitude directly stem from apartheid, how?

    How does apartheid have a bearing on blacks attitude in turning their neighbour hoods into ghettos here and in every country where blacks live

  21. Anonymous3:51 am

    Aah for farksakes, I already hate these idiots with so much passion! I dont want to be like this, filled with resentment and hatred all the time. I want the anc destroyed, I want all these useless corrupt anc politicians dead! I am pissed off at what they are doing to me, I am supposed to enjoy life with my children and wife. But these fuckers keep on destroying every fibre of civilised life. Maybe we must just laugh at their utter idiocy!

  22. Anonymous4:58 am

    Politicsweb.co.za David Bullard Article
    ONE COMMENT that I agree totally.

    ""Try a spoonful of this
    South African whites amaze me. Never before in the history of mankind have we seen a group of people willingly paying for the enemy to genocide them. You are paying for your own genocide. Do you really hate yourselves and your children that much?

    Did you know that the largest BBBEE-certification company in the country is owned by two Afrikaner brothers? Talk about solidarity? Jesus Christ it is pathetic.

    But back to the Bullard article. You got it all wrong my china. An African will tell you what he thinks you want to hear, the hell with marketing, brands, all the rest and least of all the consequences. The ANC will merrily continue to rock 'n roll until Pumpkin Time arrives, thanks to all those WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN TRAITORS (see first paragraph) who are paying for this P*** up,

    those traitorous white turds in suits who fill the ANC coffers with hundreds of billions of rands each year in the form of kickbacks, taxes, BBBEE deals, etc.

    Whitey, you've got the ANC around your necks until you decide to get off your collecive arses and actually do something about it. .

    by Cap'n Haddock on July 26 2012, 11:17

    Laptop Rambos with very useful comments.....
    Anonymous5:25 AM
    Tikkel tikkel tokkol ek voel vokkol!!! "

    Anonymous11:11 AM
    Zuma talking babout education? Bwaaaaahahahahahahahahaha. Oh my lord, the irony.
    Reply "

  23. Anonymous10:05 am


    This is my biggest fear coming true the more they fail the more whitee will get the blame and its going to get worse and worse as time goes by to the point where its going to he genocide on mass scale

    This is what has happened throughout Africa from Rwanda right through to south Africa

  24. Laager10:09 am

    There is a school in the Transkei where the [white] Headmaster states his biggest problem in running the school is dealing with absenteeism of the black teachers.

    On any given day black male teachers show up drunk and have to be sent home
    On Fridays black female teachers do not show up. They go shopping.
    None of them have the courtesy to notify the headmaster that they will not be in.
    It is left to the dedicated minority white teachers to cover as best they can.

    Most of the white teachers are 40+ and heading for retirement.
    When they go the HM predicts that his school will fall into the chasm of failures like the other 17 schools in his district
    His school is perceived to be the best in the district and the others are all recovering from the "horrors" of Bantu Education. Today they are all staffed by blacks and receive funding equal to all schools in the Eastern Cape.

    The day is coming when these lies will simply be unable to conceal the incompetence any longer.
    All the white people will be gone.
    Who will they blame then?

    1. Anonymous12:29 am

      Black teachers? There might be some but I still have to meet one that is able to teach... On the contrary I've seen and experienced some shocking level of incompetence and ignorance from these so called teachers and even varsity lecturers!

    2. Anonymous1:56 am

      Very interesting Laager. Regards Louis

    3. Anonymous12:59 pm


      Honest to God, hand on my heart

      Later in my school years i had a few munt teachers, they were nice but they were as thick as pig shit, of course they will blame apartheid for their short comings but everyone said it, we were forced to have these things teach us, when will the world realizes certain breeds of horses are best for racing while others are great at labour intense work

      Sure every once in a while you come across the one horse than can do both jobs well but it is usually in films like that war horse

      Dogs and wolves in the dictionary are given different discriptions and told they dont have the same genes even though they mention dogs are from wolves

      It is a genetic DNA fact that wolves are closer to dogs than Africans are to Caucasians yet we classify both species as man or equals - yet the facts, the DNA simply points to a different direction

  25. PreatorianXVI11:49 am

    Actually it is Verwoerd's fault, should never have bothered with these yard apes, they should have been left ALONE!

    1. Anonymous1:59 am

      You have made a very valid statement, but how do you "leave" them alone. No black labour/slavery? Maybe we should have chased them back to Central Africa and wiped out the Xhosa's in the Eastern Cape?

      Regards Louis

    2. Jason the Boer5:56 am

      I agree, Verwoerd should never have designed a flag that insulted the Boers namely the union jack especially after the two boer wars

    3. PreatorianXVI12:13 pm

      Explain to me why do we NEED them, list their contributions [positive ones]

      Do not interfere with their tribal life, do not teach them Christianity, casting pearls before pigs

      I cope exceptionally well without them do my own work, it costs me less and very little breaks, except when I buy cheap Chinese Shyte

      We can invent machines to replace these savages, without them we would have been past Mars already.

  26. Anonymous3:42 am


    Thursday, 26 July 2012 US genocide expert in SA over violence
    15:30 | Posted by A Stuijt |
    Top genocide expert Prof Gregory Stanton visits South Africa to investigate violence against minorities: he warns Afrikaners at a press conference on July 26 2012: don't give up your guns...'

    "UN's Francis Deng has been informed; and I will also inform Samantha Power, head of the US Atrocities Prevention Board, as well as the FBI'S Genocide Prevention Unit upon my return...'

    July 26 2012 11am PRETORIA - Press conference by Prof Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch US in South Africa: as reported by dr Dan Roodt of the Pro-Afrikaans-Action-Group:

    - Stanton said he was on a fact-finding mission regarding the extraordinarily high numbers of cruelty displayed during attacks and murders against white farmers, their families and workers; and also interviewed community leaders about the widespread anti-Afrikaner discrimination and hatespeech emanating from the ANC-regime.

    "Genocide Watch had raised South Africa to level 6 when Malema was singing Kill the Boer song'. And now SA president Jacob Zuma is also singing it.'

    PLEASE..... GO TO THE LINK and be informed.

    Ouma Grootjie

    1. Anonymous11:14 am

      I am unable to verify that Dr Gregory stanton indeed had a press conference

  27. Now here's something interesting:
    "African genome project shows unknown hominid ancestor."

    Due to the Neanderthal genome project, we now know that Europeans and Asians have Neanderthal ancestors. However, humans below the Saharan Desert do have posses any Neanderthal DNA.

    A group created complete DNA sequences of fifteen Africans. Five males from three different very distinct populations groups. This included five Pygmies from Cameroon, five Hadza from Tanzania, and five Sandwe from Tanzania. They found evidence of an unknown extinct hominid ancestor not shared with the rest of mankind.


  28. Anonymous11:16 am


    never mind, found the proof about the press conference :)

  29. Anonymous2:09 am