17 July 2012

Meet the REAL Nelson Mandela

By Mike Smith
18th of July 2012

Today is the 94th Birthday of Nelson Mandela and the world will be fawning over him and the kids will be sending him birthday cards calling him “The Father of the Nation”, etc…But let us never forget who this man really was/is.

49 years ago on the 11th of July 1963, a week before Nelson Mandela’s birthday, the police arrested a string of top Communists and ANC members on Lilliesleaf Farm, Rivonia, North of Johannesburg.

They were manufacturing bombs and planning the violent overthrow of South Africa that would have lead to an invasion by foreign communist forces.

The shocking details of this evil plot called Operation Mayibuye (A Zulu word meaning, let it return, as in let the country return to the blacks), the brainchild of Arthur Goldreich, came out during the trial and are extremely well documented in the book “Rivonia Unmasked” – Lauritz Strydom available at Ostara Publications

The Rivonia trial was open to the scrutiny and criticism of the media of the world and highly regarded as a fair trial…this could not be said of Communist countries such as Cuba, Russia or East Germany at the time where people who opposed the government would simply disappear or be shot in the back of the head without a trial.

At the time, Nelson Mandela, the main brain behind Umkhonto we Sizwe, the terrorist wing of the ANC, was already in prison serving a five year sentence for incitement of strikes and leaving the country without a passport. He used to live at Lilliesleaf Farm disguised as a gardener and going by a false name of David Motsamayi (meaning "the walker").

During the Rivonia trial Mandela was tried together with the other conspirators for acts of sabotage. The specifics of the charges to which Mandela admitted complicity involved conspiring with the African National Congress and South African Communist Party to the use of explosives to destroy water, electrical, and gas utilities in the Republic of South Africa.

The charge sheet at the trail listed 193 acts of sabotage in total. They were charged with the preparation and manufacture of explosives, according to evidence submitted, it included 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder and a ton of black powder.

The campaign of sabotage against the government was already in full swing and included attacks on government posts, machines, power facilities, crop burning in various places, setting off pipe bombs at the Bantu Advisory Council, the Bata shoe factory, an Indian businessman’s house and the offices of an Afrikaans Newspaper, die Nataller. (pg56)

When he was put in the dock, Mandela refused to take the oath. Mandela denied being a communist despite a handwritten document in his own writing that was submitted, “How to be a good Communist”. He claimed it was just notes written by “a friend” who tried to convert him to communism. Mandela couldn’t name the friend.

Traitors and informers, said Mandela in this document, should be ruthlessly eliminated. He advocated cutting off their noses, pour encourager les autres.

Mandela visited several Communist countries such as Russia, Cuba, Algeria, Ethiopia and East Germany where he received terrorist training and he later returned to visit these countries again to raise and obtain funds and organize terrorist paramilitary training and weapons to be smuggled into South Africa. It was all written down in much detail in his diary also found at Rivonia.

The goal of Operation Mayibuye was to unleash 7000 armed and trained Marxist terrorist onto the country, who would then recruit more members and launch sabotage and terror campaigns murdering millions of white people including blacks suspected of being collaborators or informers to the white government. The country would then be plunged into chaos and under these conditions several communist countries would invade South Africa.

Mandela and his co-conspirators were sent to life imprisonment by Judge Quartus de Wet, judge-president of the high court of the Transvaal. The judge said that they were actually guilty of high treason for which the punishment would have been the death penalty (by hanging) , but because the state prosecutor, Percy Yutar did not prosecute them for high treason, rather the four lesser charges of sabotage, conspiracy to commit sabotage, recruiting and training terrorists and soliciting funds from communist countries for a terrorist onslaught against the country, they got life in prison.

On page 89 of “Rivonia Unmasked” it says “The State had elected, 'for reasons which need not be detailed here', to indict the accused on counts of sabotage; but in reality, Dr Yutar declared, the case was a classical instance of high treason.”

Dr. Yutar, for some or other reason decided that high treason would have been too difficult to prove and rather pursued the lesser charges of sabotage, etc.

In Rivonia unmasked, Dr. Yutar said himself that the documents seized and produced as evidence was enough to get a conviction. He also had more than 200 people he could call as witnesses. Yutar also said that the munitions and weapons found were enough to blow up a city the size of Johannesburg.
As an excellent lawyer he would have had no problem to get the high treason conviction.

Problem was that of the 19 arrested, Goldberg, Bernstein, Hepple, Wolpe, Kantor and Goldreich were Jews, Kathrada and Nair were Indian, and Sisulu, Mbeki, Motsoaledi and Mhlaba were Xhosa, while Walter Sisulu had a Xhosa mother and a white father.

If they were all convicted of high treason, Dr Percy Yutar, a Jew himself, would have sent six fellow Jews to the gallows and the National Party of South Africa would have hanged six Jews which would have been a PR disaster and would have caused an outcry and possible accusations of “Nazism” against the SA government.

I personally believe that the decision to prosecute the Rivonia defendants for sabotage instead of high treason was a political, although the Prime Minister Verwoerd said: “…it just does not happen in South Africa that a Government interferes with its Judiciary.... Our Judiciary is free from all pressure, whether internal or external."

Mandela spent 18 years on Robben Island, then Polsmoor prison and from 1988 in a comfortable house complete with swimming pool on the prison grounds of Victor Verster prison for acts of terrorism and planning to overthrow the government with a violent Communist Revolution that would have killed millions of people. All together he was in prison for 27 years.

He could have been out five years earlier.

In February 1985 President P.W. Botha offered Mandela his freedom on condition that he 'unconditionally rejected violence as a political weapon'. Mandela refused.

Many people saw Nelson Mandela as a “Political Prisoner”, but Amnesty International never recognized him as such because the group "rejects the proposal to recognize as prisoners of conscience people who use or advocate the use of force."

Mandela was a common criminal and terrorist, not a political prisoner.

President F.W. de Klerk lifted the ban on the ANC and the SACP on 2 February 1990 and Mandela was released unconditionally on 11th of February 1990.

Until July 2008 Mandela and ANC party members were barred from entering the United States—except to visit the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan—without a special waiver from the US Secretary of State, because they were still officially classified by the US government as terrorists and the ANC was still on the CIA’s list of known terrorist organizations.

It has to be remembered that these Rivonia men were not sentenced for opposing the government policy of Apartheid. The official opposition, the United Party under Sir De Villiers Graaff and many other law abiding citizens bitterly opposed the policy of Apartheid. That was not illegal. What was illegal was the planting of bombs and indiscriminately blowing up innocent people and children.
Sir De Villiers Graaff in parliament complimented the judge for his verdict and expressed his only regret that the bastards at the Rivonia trial were not charged with treason.

The Prime Minister, Dr H.F. Verwoerd four days after the Rivonia trial silenced South Africa’s critics by pointing out their utter hypocrisy when it came to South Africa.

He said the Rivonia terrorists were dealt with in the same manner as terrorists or spies in the USA, Britain or any western country would have been dealt with.

He said that we were dealing with a Communist attack not only on SA, but also on the West. If they succeeded, SA would have had a Communist totalitarian government with a reign of tyranny just like all other Communist countries experienced. Freedom for all, black and white would have ceased to exist.

Verwoerd said that the West was hypocritical, because they never condemned the murders that followed Communist takeovers in Zanzibar or Vietnam for instance, but constantly criticized South Africa for suppressing such a Communist revolution and thus preventing the murders of possibly millions of people.

He concluded with these prophetic words:

“When therefore it is said in those circles that they are glad that Mandela received a life sentence and not the death sentence, because he may still, like Kenyatta, become the leader of the future, then I say, 'God forbid!'

“If that were to happen, not only would South Africa be doomed and become Communist, but then the world would in time be conquered by Communism, because after that the only bastions which still protect White civilization against that pernicious ideology would fall one after another."

Father of the Nation? What kind of “father” plants bombs and blows up his own children?


  1. Lala Land5:02 pm

    Truly, how the world celebrated a known terrorist becoming the President of South Africa. How our morals and values have slipped. Time, it seems, does indeed allow for people's memories to be stunted so that people like Mandela are hailed as heroes. He is the face of evil and all that's wrong with South Africa. I no longer live there, but a good friend returned from visiting the East Rand this week and couldn't believe the poverty and how the Whites are living. There was squalor and the whole area looked shabby and dirty. Factories have closed and sport grounds are unkempt. She cried when she told me what she'd seen and how she'd had to go to the shops and buy basic groceries for various family members because they didn't have money (for food or clothes). No jobs for the Whites and if they don't have their own business then they have to rely on handouts from others. This is what South Africa has come to under these communist shit-heads. I will not be going back, not even to visit, ever. I would be too upset.

    1. Anonymous8:12 am

      Mmm ... those 'poor whites' you just describes sound to me like pretty much the entire black population during the days of apartheid. Where's the logic?

    2. Anonymous9:02 am

      To Mmmm ...is that so you damn white liberal or jungle bunny!

      Let me tell you, you effing idiot, the whites are now 3rd class citizens in their own country, reversed apartheid but much worse due to the mad out of hand crime rate, unemployment etc, BUT the BLACKS are by far worse off now: Take a good look around you.

      Unemployment much, much worse
      Crime much worse for blacks
      Health care stuffed beyond repair.
      Education stuffed beyond repair( bantu education far more superior than now)
      etc ,etc etc and on and on.
      I wish soon that you die like flies from hunger, disease, no education, etc and then thank Saint Madiba and the ANC for the plague's that will fall upon you as you all deserve it for voting for the ANC, you deserve the government you voted for.

      The whites are and will suffer big time too but here's the big but, listen carefully you baboon, whites are by far more superior and intelligent and will always make a plan through brain power, hard work and planning and will survive and again prosper some day while the blacks devour each other and self destruct and then they will wonder why the white man is again successful and the blacks have nothing, Eish! then the blacks will again envy the white man's magic powers and envy the white and blame the white again for all their misery and then the whole cycle will start all over again, Sigh!

      That is proven over and over again in history, history seems to repeat itself. That is the nature of the beast.

    3. Lala Land6:16 pm

      @Anon 8:12 - seriously? Blacks had their own homelands to live in but couldn't create not one effing job so had to move to where the Whites lived in peace. Always Whitey to bail them out. Your ANC lot can't even run a cake raffle without stuffing it up. The poverty in South Africa is a symptom of the ANC disease. During the Apartheid years Blacks had a higher life expectancy, better education, better job prospects, better life quality and they could've lived under their own if they wanted to. Instead, as per usual, they looked with hungry eyes at what the Whites had created and wanted it too without the effort. Under your shitty ANC, apart from some high-up cadres, they still live in the dirt, digging for their next meal and waiting for their beloved ANC to give them everything - free houses, free baby money, free food. They can enjoy the wait. I don't live in SA anymore - I got out thanks to my Apartheid education which has taken me far away and I don't contribute one red cent to your communist regime. I watch how the Blacks are living liberated. This is what they wanted and this is what they get. And it's only going to get worse because your ANC is a disaster. But, that's ok right, because at least today they can vote! You poor sod, whilst you worry about what happened during Apartheid, the country burns and you wait for the Whites to rescue you again. FU.

  2. Excellent article UC. There is so much more that we can add...some of the secret, hand-written notes found at Rivonia made it crystal clear that this was a war against Whites. This, while officially they were espousing non-racialism.

    Chief Albert Luthuli, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was exposed during the Rivonia trial as actively backing and consenting to the violent terrorism pursued by the ANC's MK.

    Some time in 2003/4, reports came to light that the Mandela family (Zinzi, Mandla and the murderess Winnie etc) were actively raiding the Mandela Children's Fund charity, but these were quickly buried.

    What was so ironic was that it was the children of Mandela embezzling charity money, but the fund was named "Mandela Children's Fund" not after his own spawn, but needy and orphaned children.

    It didn't take long for Mandela, a penniless and indigent pauper after 27 years in jail to become a multi-millionaire. Contrast this with PW Botha, whose only assets included a very average house, and a car at the time of his death.

    As for Mandela - he himself actually wrote that through constant propaganda and myth making, someone can be turned into a martyr and international icon, along the lines of Mahatma Gandhi.

    One thing we can thus concede is that he has achieved exactly this = the status of a mythical, untouchable demigod.

    To preserve this false piousness and perpetuate the myth, Mandela is carefully shielded from the media and public. Nobody dares to challenge or question him on the massively corrupt, dysfunctional and criminal hell SA has become, for if they do, he will quickly fall from grace.

    Mandela hasn't long to live - one would guess five or six years more if he's lucky. Once he goes, the myth will be permanently cemented into place.

    But we few know the truth. Well done on bravely exposing this communist murderer and ruthless terrorist for what he is - an ogre and monster who fallaciously exists in the minds of millions as a heroic, virtuous saviour.

    1. Thanks for alerting me to the book that inspired this article.

      Yes, as you say there is so much one can add...I loved the part where Alan Paton came on to plead for mitigation and Dr Percy Yutar ripped him another arsehole. I was roling on the floor with laughter.

      Yutar exposed him as a communist and he was actively assisting the Marxist terrorist scum of the ANC and the SACP.

      Alan Paton's wife fled South Africa about three years after the ANC came to power.

      Anne Paton: “Why I am leaving South Africa”
      Alan Paton was never much liked in SA, but his fictional, liberal junk “Cry, the beloved country”, became a bestseller all over the world, translated into twenty languages and the setwork book in schools all over the world.

      Well, Mr Paton discovered that his fictitious liberal world is a far cry from reality the day he decided to test and distribute his liberal propaganda in a court of Law and a lawyer like Percy Yutar ripped him to shreds.

      ...But that is a story for another day.

  3. birthdays are a european concept9:38 pm

    I think winnie mandela should do a marilyn monroe type birthday song for her ex, enough so that graca michal gets into a jerry springer brawl with her, that would be so fitting

    I wonder where graca is going to get hitched to after this one dies, any dictators out there?

    My 67 seconds devoted to mandela

    1. Anonymous4:24 am

      They're such old bags now, both of them, who would want to watch.

  4. Anonymous11:55 pm

    I actually am not listening to any radio stations today with their Mandela God ra ra ad nauseum. Its become so overdone! I saw a photo of him with Clinton so there goes my theory on him already being dead.

    1. Anonymous3:17 am


      I say a big Amen to that!!!

    2. John Robbie on 702 was definitly at the zenit of his brown nosing. Sadly I cannot eat as much as I like to vomit.

    3. Laager6:46 am

      Sadly Ernie Els paid homage to Mandela in his acceptance speech when accepting his trophy at The Open on Sunday.

    4. Well fZ$ck Ernie, too. I hope the arsehole loses on a regular basis and fades into obscurity!

    5. Well, f$%ck Ernie as well as the whole Olympic team who grovel at Mafuckba's and the ANCs feet. Hope Ernie and the SA Olympic team fare very badly in everything they do.

  5. Anonymous12:34 am

    Yes, the NWO little commie puppet in place for them with their ANC minions like a murderer and thief in the night to steal, kill and destroy! Happy unbirthday to you, deceiver, bullshitter extraordinaire!

  6. I am sick o the bone with this perverted obsession with this cowardly black murderer!

    How the west have fallen to grobble at the feet of such "examples" of what they call an icon. I could not even listen to a single radio station today or look at a single news paper. All you see is how a convicted (fairly if I may add) child killer is being portrayed as a god and a saviour. Even writing this I am choking on my vomit just thinking about it!

    I am truly ashamed of the white race for embracing liberalism unconditionally selling out every single decent quality our race once possessed! We are few that still walk the true path but we are strong, keep up the fight my enlightened brethren. We are all that stand between the liberals/terrorists and what is left!

    Mike, please write an article about John Locke one day, the "father of liberalism" so the world can see what he truly was and for what they (the liberals) strive to be!

  7. Anonymous12:56 am


  8. Anonymous2:45 am

    israel shifting out africans as they are a threat to there way of life lol something we have known for a long time....just look at a black area anywhere in the world i live in a world of facts and the facts clearly speak for themselves.

  9. Laager3:10 am

    I have read that Amnesty International attended this trial and concluded that Mandela had been afforded the full and fair due process of law.
    As he was not tried for High Treason he was fortunate to escape the death penalty

    Please check, but I think that PM John Vorster also offered Mandela his freedom on condition that he renounce violence as a means to achieving his political objectives. Part of the deal was that Mandela would be confined to his magisterial district in the Transkei. Mandela declined preferring to remain in prison and become a public martyr.
    To this day he has not renounced violence.

    Readers can see the full manuscript of How To Be A good Communist at:
    click: Articles
    see: Other Articles - Mandela the "Great Statesman"

    see also: http://www.thebibleistheotherside.org/lettersp4.htm
    Links: Black Genocide In South Africa

  10. On their fruits shall one recognise them.
    The results of the ANC criminals doings are witnessed every hour.

    1. Anonymous9:10 am

      Could not have said it any better ZIPF.

  11. Anonymous6:47 am


  12. Jeez ! one wants to know what's going on in the world and SA. But the bloody radio and tv news makes one sick to the stomach with all the Mandela ass licking .

  13. Laager10:59 am

    Get ready to puke folks.

    Driving home this evening a radio news clip encouraged me to devote 67 mins of my day to public service of one kind or another. This would be my act of solidarity and worship to Nelson Mandela on his 94th birthday "in recognition for the 67 years of public service he gave to South Africa"

    My arithmetic tells me the following:
    94 - 67 = 27 I presume these are the years that he was growing up, studying and retired
    67 - 27 years in prison = 40 years "of service"
    40 years of service - 5 years as president = 35 years
    He joined the ANC in 1944 and went to jail in 1964 = 20 years
    These 20 years "of service" were spent organising Umkhonto we Sizwe which undertook acts of sabotage and sedition and killed many innocent civilians [i.e. Johannesburg Station bomb]
    That leaves 15 years "of service".
    Does anyone have any idea what happened in these years?

    Now go to Google and read the worship dross being dished out by the UK media

    The liberal mind should be declared a crime against humanity

  14. Anonymous11:09 am

    The true success of mandela's victory is blazoned across the star newspapers today...."baby dies as generator runs out of diesel". More than likely some poor disadvantaged hospital official who syphoned off / forgot to fill the tank / just did not care about the state of the diesel tank. This is your true legacy you old terrorist swine, now have yourself a very happy birthday, knowing that the cake you should be choking on was baked with electricity that cost anothers life.


  15. Hi Mike, Very very good! According to Clinton the then government threw Mandela in jail for no apparant reason. Sureley he must be more informed than are because of the posision he held in office? What the fuck is wrong that people cannot see the truth as it is? All I can say is: TURDS!

    1. Anonymous12:12 pm

      You will find that most of the US presidents know actually nothing, and those that are suppose to inform them are equally stupid.

  16. Anonymous11:47 am

    Our kids are being brainwashed

    1. Adrem1:29 pm

      Absolutely, since long and the process not only continues, but also intensifies. Once the young generation realizes that there are no jobs waiting for them after leaving the process of learning because of job quota systems which are based on race - they will ask serious and embarrassing questions. I am not sure that we can offer satisfactory answers, because the No Spin Zone goes only up to a certain point....

      Something must happen, and soon.

  17. Anonymous12:39 pm


    I believe that in time - When we look as a western world back 20 years from now, we will all realize that the western world fell when South africa fell

    After SA the Communists showed the world, that could it be done in SA it could have been done anywhere

    I believe that obama and mandela are put in place for the same reason - take a free country using the colour agenda which is satins last drive to get rid of the white man

    The agenda is simple, put them in power then open up the the borders for the waves of coloured/black nations to enter into the western world

    The same is happening in Europe, America, Australia, as it happened in SA

    We are going to have massive massive bloodshed when he dies, how many more years can he live

    My brothers, the readers of this blog - It is time to start forming a strategy what you and your loved ones are going to do when this saint dies?

    What they were planning then they are planning even more so now, with 0 resistance what so ever, this time they will pull it off, sometimes i think - was this all just a set up, why wasnt he hung

    1. Anonymous1:47 pm

      I agree that South Africa is a microcosm for what will occur in the rest of the western free world . Stalin wanted to wrest control of global mineral and energy affairs , to have ultimate control . It started in Rhodesia - they created this hatred for "colonialists" . With that ghastly tool of political correctness , instead of lauding all the positives like infrastructure and being a nett exporter , a guilt complex was foisted on achievements and the bad guy was "colonialism" . In 1989 an inexperienced black bishop Abel Muzorewa became the first black president , and within a year he was deposed by McApe . McApe has stolen elections ever since . Muzorewa was unfit and inexperienced , and to our peril so is McApe .

      In saffer we have gone the same route - we have embraced mediocrity , dressed it up as an enlightened form of purity and now we are in Shit Street , but we dont know which number , because all the numbers have been stolen .A strategy is indeed called for because we have no democracy here - not when scum like Shaik , Selebi ad nauseam walk the streets . Our democracy is the corrupt arithmetic of majority rule and a strategy is indeed called for . Our politically correct tool of dismantling , is "the race card"

      Now watch how this curse unfolds in western Europe and the united states . The prognosis is not good and again I repeat , a strategy is called for .

  18. I was looking for an image to illustrate an article about the ANC terrorist, when I came cross your article. Mandela is indeed a monster. I hope that more people will come to see that he is a tool of the global enemy, and will stop worshipping this evil man. Great article with very interesting information. I will tweet the link!


  19. Anonymous1:46 am

    What have you done with your 67 minutes for Mandela? Well I took a picture of the old terrorist and placed it inside the toilet and let rip!

    1. Anonymous1:49 pm

      67 minutes is a long piss !!!!!

    2. Anonymous1:32 am

      Well ok!, 67 seconds is all the old bastard gets from me!

  20. Anonymous11:02 pm

    While your post centers on his activities before his imprisionment, it must be mentioned that he was responsible, as the leader of the ANC, of the terrible massacares that took place in Natal on the run up to the 1994 elections, when the ANC were "campaigning" to get Zulu support for their party, which had, until then, been predominately a Xhosa party.
    Whole villages of Inkatha supporters were wiped out and an estimated 20,000 Zulus died in the political violence that was unleashed on them by the ANC, if not by Mandela´s direct orders, certainly with his blessing and complicity.
    This piece of shit is a criminal terrorist of the worst kind, in that he killed his own people for political advantage. May he rot in hell.