12 July 2012

The MSM/Marxist marriage break-up and the Tony O’Reilly split

By Mike Smith
12th of July 2012

I just couldn’t suppress a wry smile when I read that Independent Newspapers & Media in South Africa was up for sale.

INM confirms papers may be sold

INM international and its South African arm that includes 14 English newspapers amongst others “The Argus”, “The Cape Times”, etc obviously belongs to the Irish billionaire Tony O’Reilly, the former British & Irish Lions Rugby player and former CEO of Heinz baked beans.

O’Reilly is a personal friend of terrorist and mass murderer Nelson Mandela. In 1993 Nelson Mandela spent Christmas at Tony O’Reilly’s holiday house in Lyford Cay, a gated private community in Nassau in the Bahamas. Shortly afterwards O’Reilly bought the Argus Group of newspapers in South Africa that was formerly owned by the Oppenheimer family and their Anglo American Corporation. Through the Apartheid Years the Argus group had the monopoly on English news in South Africa and was vehemently critical of the Apartheid government.

O'Reilly buys 31% of South African newspaper group
The rise of a modern media empire – with a little help from Nelson

O’Reilly also bought 60% of Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe in 1992 after he invited and entertained fellow Jesuit initiate, dictator and mass murderer Robert Mugabe at his mansion in Kilcullen, County Kildare, in the eastern part of Ireland where they had mass together in O’Reilly’s private chapel. They are big buddies.

Just remember for a moment what Mugabe’s Zanu-PF guerrillas did in the Vumba Mountains in June 1978. Mugabe’s “freedom fighters” murdered nine British missionaries and four children, one of them a month old. The women were raped, and one child carried the imprint of a boot on its shattered head. Source

Just a few years later. Mr. O'Reilly as the CEO of Heinz Food company at the time, cut a deal to make edible oils, margarine and soap in Zimbabwe in 1982, when many executives feared dealing with President Robert Mugabe's Marxist Government. The result: Heinz invested about $13 million and now makes about that each year from its Zimbabwe operations. Source

That is why Tony O’Reilly and his newspapers could turn a blind eye to the atrocities of Mugabe in 2001 when he chased the white farmers off their land and in 2008 when he stole the Zimbabwean election that he actually lost.

I suppose you cannot let morals, ethics or simply a conscience get in the way when profits are to be made.

Nevertheless, since 1994 the Independent Group of Newspapers basically became the ANC’s mouthpiece. For years they have manipulated news and dressed it up in politically correct drag as we exposed many times on SA Sucks and this blog.

It is a well known fact that the reporters of INM newspapers could be bought and the ANC did just that. They constantly paid journalists like Ashley Smith and Joseph Aranes to write favourable articles about them or not to write bad things at all.

Journo: “I was paid”
Whistleblowers point fingers at more journalists
Shocking report: The rotten world of corrupt journalism in South Africa

But their biggest crimes are the hiding of the truth on farm murders and the true state of crime in South Africa. They always wanted to stand hand around the bladder with their buddies in the ANC…stuff the victims of crime and farm murders.

But this love affair between the MSM and the ANC soured a little since the ANC called the printed media a "a protection racket" and started talking about a Media Appeals Tribunal

“The ANC also proposed that Parliament look into the ownership and control of the print media, which it says is too white and too commercial.”

The ANC also passed the Protection of State Information Bill that will ensure the corrupt scum in government cannot be investigated and they can steal to their hearts content. Journalists who do can be jailed for up to 25 years.

South Africa passes secrecy bill
Black day for press freedom in SA

There is no doubt that journalism and freedom of the press is under severe threat in the New (improved) South Africa…And Mr, sorry Dr. Sir Tony O’Reilly knows it only too well. That is why he is packing up his SA operation.

Trying to regulate the media puts the ANC in a bad light. The ANC knows well enough that there is only one real way to control the news and that is to own it.

The fanatical SACP communists want the Independent Newspapers broken up Break up Independent News: SACP

SACP deputy secretary-general Jeremy Cronin told journalists the Irish owners of the group had been guilty of asset stripping its SA operations and that some “R500 million has been shipped out of the country”.

The Financial Times reported that likely buyers could include Shanduka Investment Holdings, run by Cyril Ramaphosa, and Sekunjalo Investment Holdings. Sekunjalo chief executive Iqbal Survé was reportedly sighted at the INM annual general meeting in Dublin early last month.

It is also understood that the Guptas, who own The New Age newspaper, have expressed an interest in acquiring INMSA.

INM confirms SA papers may be sold

Now isn’t it ironic that Cyril Ramaphosa’s company might buy the INM group of Newspapers? He was one of the ANC’s chief negotiators at Codesa when he and Roelf Meyer negotiated about “Checks and Balances” such a free and independent press. The now famous “Checks and balances” that F.W. de Klerk assured us would be in place to protect our freedoms…

Oh, it’s all going for a ball of shit now…Independent Newspapers are selling out to the ANC. Soon the only news you will be able to read in South Africa will be issued by the ANC’s Polit Bureau.


  1. Lala Land6:03 pm

    Why would O'Reilly grow some morals now for money? He's been the ANCs little bitch for years so why not go the whole slog, media clamp-down or not? It doesn't make sense. Now, if you're suggesting that the ANC have made a deal to buy his Newspapers so that they can clampdown on what's reported (control the media) then you're on the money!

  2. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Mike jou biscuit, great article, I love these investigative articles you write. Good job! Show them up for who they are and let the world see.

  3. Brilliant Mike.

  4. The " Independent" Newspapers in any case for many years sucked up to a large extent to the ANC. So there will be some more tilted reporting. Worldwide printed daily news are on the decline because people realise the scewed nature of most of them.

  5. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Independent's papers have been extremely boring for years. I would sell out to some sucker too.

  6. Anonymous12:13 am

    hi Mike,

    good work. keep it up. the onslaught of these communist evil scum is coming fast. lol...I have been censored on the Business day's blog after using your well researched evidence to support the "behind the scene's". it so obvious whats going on yet everyone is like sheep or in some kind of trance they just cannot see the terror on route. whats even more interesting is in the Bible (Book of Daniels) it talks about end times. the leader of Magog by the name Gog will decalre war on the world. Magog is Asia:Russia and China and a few others.

    Now this is something to note: In Russia and China and other communist states you are only able to do business with the government or mafia. Here is the part to note: The Russian Mafia consist of 5 main Families and in Russia they are known as Magog. I am not sure if you are aware of the fact that when the Russian government equal number of shares to every citizen in government business when Russia 'PRIVATISED' such as the steel industries these thugs (5 families) went around all the rural areas where the uneducated peasants lives and first asked nicely "Please sell your shares to our company. if people refused a gun was put their heads - they have no choice but to sell. On a final the owner...the Russian of Chelsea football club is part of the 5 families. The only thing is I dont know how their structures work.

    best wishes

  7. I also heard a little rumour the ANC is looking into the pay-tv segment of our market. Just as bad if you ask me!

  8. that o'reilly chap has the beserked evangelist look about him…never like the type..

  9. Laager3:48 am

    A possible good by-product of the proposed sale is that blabbering fool, John Robbie - O'Reilly's propaganda stooge -will disappear from SA's airwaves.

  10. Anonymous6:39 am

    You sound almost surprised Mike. Jeez, it´s not like it wasn´t predictable, right? I mean, someone with your intimate knowledge of K4´s and politics would have been well aware that this was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

  11. Zarky7:19 am

    You only have to watch who is pulling out of the country, who has pulled out and who has shifted their head office outside of the border to realise the confidence the big players have in the current governments. They are protecting their assets and you don't need to be a economist, strategist, analyst or security expert to realise this.

    How about drawing up a list with everyone here contributing on who has left or merged with over seas companies and keep tabs on it.

  12. Mark Johnson2:30 pm

    Really enjoy this blog Mike, one of my favorites. Blogs like this reach more people than you realize. Your writing, research, and humor make a great combination. Keep up the fight!

    Mark Johnson
    Chicago, Illinois

  13. Anonymous2:34 am

    Hi Mike,

    As usual, great article.
    One thing that took my interest and is worth mentioning a thousand times over is O'Reilly's Jesuit connection.

    While all the amateur conspiracy theorists around the world rant at the zionists, freemasons etc, everyone is overlooking the most dangerous of all ie. the Jesuits.

    Think about it, the most dangerous ideologies, crooks, thieves, liars and scumbags are either Jesuits or trained by them. In fact, communism, even though it has a significant Jewish component, was originally devised by Jesuits (Thomas More's Utopia. More was a Jesuit. Spartacus Weishaupt was the original writer of the communist manifesto. He was educated by Jesuits.)
    Otherwise we have Bill Clinton, Bob Mugabe, CIA head Leon Panetta, EU dictators Herman van Rompuy and Manuel Barosso, either Jesuits or trained by them. Some people believe that the Superior General of the Jesuits (the Black Pope) is the most powerful man on earth.

    And what is their tactic? Their utter ruthlessness and "the end justifies the means" approach to life.
    Also take a look at their "extreme oath of induction" to get a better view.

    'nuff said..

    1. Thanks Anonymous 2:34am and an equally good comment by you. I fully agree with you that most people overlook the Jesuits. All you hear from amateur conspiracy theorists is “Jew’s this, Zionists that, etc”…Not even worthy of comment…and then they forget how the Jesuits wiped out entire nations in South America for instance…and how they later implemented their “Liberation Theology” together with the Communists.

      Most people have never heard of Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, the current black pope who succeeded the Dutchman Kolvenbach in 2008.

      They also do not know who Prince Karim Aga Khan IV is.
      But it goes deeper than that. There are in fact three organisations working closely together. All pretend to be what they are not. They are:

      1. The Jesuits who are pretending to be Christians
      2. The Sabbateans who are pretending to be Jews
      3. The Nizari Ismailis, descendents of the Assassins who pretend to be Muslims. Their current head is the Aga Khan IV. The man behind the Muslim Brotherhood, the Arabic Spring and the violence in Syria.

      The Aga Khan owns Gilltown Stud near Kilcullen in Ireland. He and Tony O’reilly are practically neighbours and Lady O’Reilly (Chryss Goulandris a Greek shipping heiress) is a horse breeder herself and big friends with the Aga Khan . Her Castlemartin Stud on the banks of the River Liffey is just a few meters down the M9 from the Agha Khan’s stud.

      The Aga Khan also has a private island named “Bell”in the Bahamas near Tony O’reilly’s mansion. Recently he dredged the sensitive coral reefs so that his private yacht could fit in there. Stuff the environment.

      Nevertheless. The more you research it the more you will see…All three organizations work very closely together and are in fact deeply satanic.

    2. Anonymous10:48 am

      Good call.
      In fact the late filmmaker Stanley Kubrick wanted to inform us that there is indeed a very powerful satanic coterie that secretly governs the world. His last film Eyes Wide Shut was his boldest attempt to point us in that direction. Apparently he himself was threatened by them and had to take to a reclusive life to avoid getting killed. Most of his films were implicit attempts to reveal this to us. On the surface they were films based on existing novels, but underneath the plot he weaved his personal experiences in the film.
      Kubrick died under suspicious circumstances in 1999, exactly 666 days before 1 January 2001.

    3. eduard1:06 am

      Bear in mind that Ignatius de Loyola, who started the Jesuits, was in fact jewish. The Rothschilds also control the Vatican's finances. So far, the Rothschilds own two thirds of the world's wealth.

    4. Anonymous3:06 am

      Great comment Mike and anon 2;34am.

  14. Anonymous10:21 am

    People who live in SA don't realise how miserable their lives really are.
    It's a drab existence and there's always a constant unease.

    Once you live overseas for awhile, you realise it's all propaganda even from the other whites. Most are stuck there, so they have to tell themselves and everyone else that life is good.

    Besides the memories of my youth, the rest is a nightmare.
    It's difficult for me to imagine ever living there again.