31 July 2012

Oh the pain of the liberals…when they have to admit that they wasted their lives

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2012

South Africa never really had many big writers. A few like Wilber Smith, Alan Paton, Nadine Gordimer and J.M. Coetzee have made it big.

To make it really big, you obviously have to vilify whites and if you can vilify the Afrikaners in your mediocre fiction you will surely win the Nobel Prize for literature…and be knighted to boot.

That was the claim to fame of Nadine Gordimer, a LWB who spent her entire life writing unsubstantiated bollocks in her fictional works about Afrikaners and Apartheid that she knew nothing about. For her lifetime contribution to vilify the Afrikaners she was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1991.

But then came 1994 and her beloved ANC terrorists took over the government and one by one the liberals started fleeing SA.

In 1998 her friend, Anne Paton, widow of Alan Paton who wrote “Cry the beloved country” fled her beloved ANC Marxist Utopia.

Why I'm fleeing South Africa by Anne Paton (widow of Alan Paton)

Then in 2004 came that other LWB campaigner and communist mattress, Helen Suzman, a friend of Gordimer, and said in a 16 May 2004 interview with the Tellegraph…Democracy? It was better under Apartheid

This is the same Helen Suzman who said in an interview with the Dutch Journalist Sibolt van Ketel of “De Telegraaf”… "I hate the Afrikaner. I hate his ways, his language and of course his politics." Source One , Source Two

But it didn’t take long before justice caught up with Nadine Gordimer. In 2006 she was attacked by three noble savages in her home. She was assaulted, robbed of jewelry and locked in a storeroom. Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer attacked

What is the bet she blamed it all on the Afrikaners and Apartheid?

Shortly after that the ANC tried to pass their Media Tribunal and Protection of information Bill that would see the end of freedom of speech in South Africa. Aunti Gordimer almost had a fit.
Gordimer: SA freedom threatened
Info bill a threat to freedom: Gordimer

It is not sure exactly where or when Dame Gordimer (she was knighted for vilifying Afrikaners) experienced her Damascus moment and changed her name from Saul to Paul, but I think it was in an article where she had to admit that the ANC was turning the country into something far worse than Apartheid ever was. Gordimer: ANC taking SA beyond apartheid

I will quote what she said: “When we all voted together, which was a great moment in my life, [we thought] everything would be alright. That was a childish idea."

…Yes Aunty…like all liberal ideas.

Today she went further. Nobel literature prize winner Nadine Gordimer poured scorn on South Africa's education system…”Our education system is a wreck. It's a shamble. I can't believe that three-quarters of the year have gone by and so many of our schools, especially in the rural areas, have been without textbooks," said Gordimer, 88, on SAfm public radio news.

Gordimer: SA education in a shambles

Oh the Irony, Oh the Justice…Her liberal Utopia that she so actively helped to create is being turned into a shit heap by her beloved noble savages right in front of her eyes.


  1. Big Mike! Big! And youre even bigger! Give them the truths they've known all along, but denied for far to long. Keep on exposing these fucking pieces of liberal useless shitheads!!

  2. Anonymous12:11 pm

    In school we were fed her bullshit ... The poor black men underground working sweating blood ..blablabla it sounded more like she had some interracial sex dream ... And now that black dick is not satifying any more....

  3. zooropa2:48 pm

    So happy she is still alive and lucid to see, what a waste her life has been. Liberal trash, how come we could see what they couldn't.

    Now they sheepishly giggle and say oooopppps, our bad.

    No, they don't get off that easy, they have blood guilt on their hands, their complicity in helping the savages take controll, how many ppl have died both black and white because of their liberal fantasies, how many, hope they like warm temperatures, cause hell is where they belong

  4. Laager3:12 pm

    And the SAPA report which covers the story about Gordimer's tantrum states:

    "The scandal has caused a national furore after leaving more than 5,000 rural schools without textbooks for more than six months of the academic year is a damning measure of South Africa’s schooling 18 years into democracy."

    Lets tell it like it really is folks:
    "18 years into ANC MANAGED democracy."

    Nothing like this happened before 1994.

    And the irony of Suzman's outburst about hating the Afrikaners.
    If it wasn't for them there would have been no need for her to get a job as a politician. She owes the entire reason for professional existence to them

    And let us not forget her final whinge before popping her cloggs:
    She went on record bemoaning the fact that the contribution of white liberals and their sacrifices in opposing apartheid had not been adequately recognised in the Johannesburg Apartheid Museum.

    Well, boo hoo.
    Just what did she expect.
    Her dearly beloveds are masters at writing the script to suit themselves.

  5. Anonymous3:52 pm

    I just discovered your blog. Is there anything Americans can do for White South Africans? -Rachael

    1. hi rachel

      yes there is...please take notes, cause the same shit's happening under barry's watch

    2. Anonymous10:53 pm

      Thanx for the offer and it is realy nice of you, but your government will put an end to your efforts. After all, the american government is one of the main players putting the South African Whites into this predicament.

    3. Anonymous11:47 pm

      Yes there is Mam, spread the word and this link.


      Ω Die HoefYster

    4. Laager12:28 am

      Yes there is.
      Start lobbying your congressmen to stop aid to Africa in general and South Africa in particular. Very little of it reaches it's intended destination.
      Do not put your hand into your wallet to donate 1c to an African cause.
      Same reason as before.
      To confirm what I have said do some homework about what happened to the money raised by the 3 Live Aid concerts and the aid that was bought with it.
      With the amount of aid that Africa has received over the last 1/2 century it should be a global superpower by now.
      You have another good example of this in Haiti, right on your doorstep.
      During "evil white minority rule" in South Africa the country never once relied on foreign aid. It generated all its own development capital and if money was short the government borrowed funds on the open market at commercial rates. The result was the best material quality of life for blacks on the African continent. So much so that even during the apartheid years blacks from the rest of the continent were trying to get into the country. The government had to build a fence similar to the one between the USA and Mexico to keep the illegal immigrants out. You can read all the detail about these facts in the Pandora's Apartheid Box series in the column on the right of this page.
      For your Stop Aid To Africa campaign you will have to ensure that your incumbent President does not win a second term in office and replace him with someone like Ronald Reagan who understood the detail of these issues.
      Black people consistently say they do not need the white man.
      Well let them prove it and strut their stuff alone.

    5. Anonymous1:30 am

      Yes Rachel, give orginations like Solidarity's Help Fund a call, they will be able to give you some ideas, if you were to help. www.helpinghandfund.co.za

    6. Anonymous10:35 am

      No we dont need American hand outs. Or their charity. What we want is for the USA to cease interfering in our way of life. Go read "a diamond is for ever" by Dr Richard Cummins and you will read about how the USA sponsored acts of terrorism against us.

    7. Anonymous1:20 pm

      Hi Rachael, Please also explore the following website: censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/ That is if you have the stomach. You will be able to re-view most farm murders and other atrocities against whites in SA all proven and documented. Please explore in depth and forward that link to all right thinking americans. German Boer, Heinz

    8. some want out9:44 pm

      Hi Rachael how could assylum status be given to white south africans who want to leave this black hole, more assylum visas to white south africans who want to leave, create awareness about that


    9. Anonymous2:54 pm

      Thank you very much:
      Treacle Bender, Anonymous 10:53 PM, Anonymous 11:47 PM, Laager, Anonymous 1:30 AM, Anonymous 1:20 PM, some want out. I will take your advice to heart.

      Anonymous 10:35 AM; Acts of real goodwill are always needed by those who are suffering, and should be accepted with the Christian charity with which they are given.

  6. Anonymous4:18 pm

    As us vilified Afrikaners would say " Slim vang sy baas." Man I hope she and her kind are going to get what is long overdue. LWB!!

  7. Sadly scum like Gordimer usually escape the consequences of their deeds.

  8. Jason the Boer9:57 pm

    So once again its proven that "LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISEASE"

    1. rightly so, and liberals are generally fugly too..





  9. Laager12:58 am

    The incredible irony about both Gordimer and Suzman is that they came from Jewish families that fled the pogroms of Europe to find sanctuary and safety in South Africa.
    They both received good educations and their families went on to create comfortable lifestyles for themselves.

    The Jewish community prospered handsomely within the political system in their new country. Firstly under pro British governments that practiced segregation / apartheid but never gave it a name, and then under the National Party which named the system they inherited from these law makers, Apartheid.

    They owe their professional lives to the existence of segregation / Apartheid and the predominantly Afrikaner National Party. It should also be remembered that their beloved Great Britain had the power to stop the system they campaigned against at any time. Through Britains resident Governor General they had the power of veto over any law passed by the SA Parliament. It was never exercised it once. So starting with the the Cape Colony in 1806 Britain presided over segregation / Apartheid in South Africa for 155 years until they departed when the Republic was established in 1961

    I am sure there is many a mine share holder in the UK who thanks the Lord for the National Party, Apartheid and the contract labour system.

    And as for these two horrors it was thanks to the safety and security delivered by the National Party police force and the boys dying on the Angola border that they were able to sleep comfortably at night, dine out in Sandton, attend their dinner and cocktail parties and soirees in Houghton.

    We have seen what Suzman had to say about Afrikaners.
    Let us not forget Gordimer's equally hideous comment:

    "Afrikaner women are lower than rats, closer related to plants, just fit enough to be raped in an act of genus preservation”

    May she spend the rest of her days in an ANC managed hospital or old age home.

    1. rot in hell10:09 pm

      So much for the liberal tolerance, the jewesses probably thought the same about german women. Yeah I hope she spends the remainder of her days with feral fat assed black bitches, you give her a daily beating breaking her osteoporosis bones

      What I despise is how these demonic ppl makes us into rabid hatefull ppl, exactly as they are, someone who says things like afrikaans women are worse than rats and deserve to be raped, what an evil bitch, how can she live with herself

    2. Hi Laager. Thanks for the comment. About that quote that she said Afrikaner women are lower than rats...Do you have a source for it? I have seen it before, but till today could not find a source. Personally I think it is bullshit, but will keep an open mind until someone can give me the proof of the quote.

  10. Zarky2:01 am

    @ Mike

    Damn this is good piece of writing, it put a smile on my face, a smile of victory (We told you so).

    But lets see what happens to the rest of Europe with their liberalism ideologies and the bastardization of their countries.

    Unfortunately the same will be the fate of the once almighty powerful USA.

    I watched a documentary a while back when the USA where conducting mind control experiments in the 50's to 70's and how everything blew up in their face when it came out.

    I suspect the unfortunate individuals that the experiments were conducted on produced the offspring that is now known as "liberals". To much LSD and electroshock therapy I suppose would make a mess of your genes - lol!

  11. Anonymous3:13 am

    @ Laager...

    Yep - and one with a strict and vigorous enema regime!!!


  12. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Dear Dame Gordimer

    It pains me to see you were naive in your belief that the evil of apartheid was the supreme evil that marred the splendour of South Africa I had hoped to pass onto my children which I cannot do anymore.

    It further pains me that your wave of good intent has sunk the SAS SOUTH AFRICA into a free for all communist hell with anti white racism that far surpasses your perceived evils of apartheid.

    I would like to swear at you, throw stones through your windows as you threw stones through the apartheid regimes glass house but where would be the victory in ranting over a country well and truly lost to abject poverty, human rights transgressions and racist dictatorship.

    It would frankly be a phirric hollow victory. My children are being taught that they are indeed the second class citizens you made them out to be. I wish you could see the subservient belief they have as eight year old twins that they are not good enough to rightfully take their place in sorceity.

    Every time I see that look in their eyes, than acceptance in their spirit I will think of you and your fevered effort to demonise my race and my people.

    And that night, dear Dame Gordimer I will pray just as fevered that you may burn in the fires of hell.

    Yours truly in utter disgust.
    Marius Buys