29 July 2012

Olympic Gold and a World Record for South African swimmer Cameron van der Burgh

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2012

Apparently…allegedly…I have heard that “White men can’t jump”

OK, I will admit it, seeing that Basket Ball is not very big in SA, but also, we have to remember that no South African blacks ever made it big in basketball either.

White men can’t jump

Blacks in South Africa are not very good at Football (soccer) either seeing that they are ranked 68th in the world.

Apparently blacks can run marathons, but in ultra marathons they can only win by crooking as it has been shown by history in the Comrades Ultra marathon.

Bruce Fordyce a white man won the Comrades Ultra Marathon a record 9 times without doping

Today the Female side is dominated by ultra marathon Nurgalieva twin athletes from Russia.

But then came along the scandal of so desperate black runner Ludwick Mamabolo who won the 2012 Comrades, the first South African (and a black too boot) since 2005…He tested positive for steroids afterwards.

What an utter disappointment to the liberal multi-culti gangbangers.

Shock over Comrades doping scandal

Apparently…white people can also not dance white people can also not dance …but like I said. You can be the judge.

Another terrible disappointment to blacks is that whites can play their beloved traditional instrument, the Marimba (named after the goddess of music) also known as the Xylophone better than them.
White Europeans showing blacks how to play the Marimba

And do not let us get to speak their languages like Zulu, Xhosa or Tswana that we learned from them, taught them how to read and write their own languages and in many cases can speak it better than most of them themselves.

You should watch them cringe into servitude when a white man can speak their language better than they can. Hehehe…Classic. Yenalo! Wena azi kuluma lo English? Hau? Die baas Mike hy praat hom die isiZulu! Gegehe!

Anyway… we are digressing; it was about how good blacks are at Rugby, Cricket. Not? So what are they good at? Show me one thing…Dug-out canoe racing?

Oh. Apparently once there was a sport called boxing. I used to like it very much until one night I saw a TV interview with Don King and he said that his four years in prison was his college education. He came out of there a career criminal rigging boxing matches. After that I never watched a boxing match again. From what I believe some German Ukrainian white guys called the Klitschko brothers are nowadays dominating the sport.

Lost my interest in 1993 when Real Fighting came along in the form of the UFC and MMA.

Actually I once loved Football. I was a Liverpool supporter in the 1980’s. I still have many scouse friends. Until one day I discovered that our South African goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar was fixing games for them.

Then I switched my attention to the “Gentleman’s Sport”, Cricket….Until old Hansie Cronje (South Africa) and Steve Warne (Australia) were caught out fixing matches.

Then I heard some key Springbok Rugby players like Victor Matfield and Bakkies Botha would occasionally play “lazy games” where they would do the bare minimum on the field because their lawyers and agents had key contractual issues with the Rugby board.

And we as idiots were cheering them on. Really hoping that they would win games for us.
Come Monday night, Kobus Wiese, Joost vd Westhuizen and Errol Tobias would give us a detailed analysis of what went wrong. And we swallowed it all like a two dollar whore.

When will we realize it is all bread and circus? Numbing down the Volk?

The fuckers will cling to Rugby and ignore the realities of their fellow countrymen being murdered.

Come Saturday the proud “Boers” with their fake bull horns strapped to their fake mining helmets will fill Loftus stadium again to the tune of 80,000 losers. Ask them to demonstrate against the murders of five Boer people and less than a thousand rock up.

Sometimes I honestly ask myself why do I still care?

Anyway. Let us be glad that Cameron van der Burgh, the Boer swimmer from Pretoria, at least showed the noble savages how to swim and that we can numb our senses for five minutes longer...

If you do not know what "Ke-nako" means...It means "Now is the time".

Sekunjalo kenako! means; "The time has come"


  1. Van der Burgh's Victory makes my day, even if I am lightly related with South-Africa. Quite too often I see this country as the future of Europe if she continues the actual thread. Some suburb cities of France and UK have already reversed the ratio white on blacks, mimicking the USA.

    I can only hope this gold medal would be taken as a Slap in the face of ANC's black suppremacist and its anti-racist ideologue supporters.

  2. Anonymous11:05 pm


    Doug out canoe lol that was funny

    I ask myself all the time, why do i still care, all the time, at least i know im not the only one and im sure many of this site feel the same

    Thanks for all your posts!!

  3. Anonymous12:11 am

    Blacks might run faster, but have a look at who holds all the records in the field items that require brute strength such as shotput, discus, hammer throw etc.

    Then have a look at who holds the world records in weight lifting.

    Yep blacks run faster, but whites are stronger.

  4. Anonymous12:24 am

    Fuck Him, his coach, his team-mates and his medal!!!

    If he is a "Boer", why the fuck is he scribbling monkey chatter on his hands. WTF?!?

    He can kiss my furry Boer Arse, not on the left cheek, not on the right cheek, but... 'click-click' in the groove!

    My patience has worn out with Boers, Afrikaners and any other white cock-sucker who thinks it is cool to try and appease the ignoble savages. A BIG FUCK YOU from me. It does nothing to appease them, all it does is make the rest of us bug-fuck crazy. It impoverishes you and removes resources from your nation that will be required one day to fight these fucks!!!

    Dooses, dooses, dooses!!!

    1. Anonymous6:40 am

      Amen fuck this monkey lover

    2. Jason the Boer7:23 am

      I agree wholeheartedly I have to work with such people daily, shit look at white owned companies BEEE bullshit. The original owners of the company I work for refused to allow the business she worked and built to go to BEE she sold and emigrated

    3. Anonymous9:22 am

      Cameroon hopes the monkey scrible will makehis white skin some money but he will only get paid with his white wife being gang raped by 6 boons and his children drowned in boiling water .... Can white people be so fucking brain dead .... I will now write camamoron on my toilet paper

    4. You are right. Has this white guy not a language of his own ? Sucking up is not the right policy .

  5. Lala Land12:36 am

    Well done Cameron! Against all the odds and despite political interference he still came up tops.

  6. Great news indeed and congratulations to Cameron van der Burgh - it underlines Mike's compelling arguments expressed in his brilliant article above. Sekunjalo kenako indeed!

  7. Anonymous1:01 am

    The above link shows that murders in SA are finally appearing in the MSM overseas.
    Sorry to hijack these comments but I don't know how to contact Mike.

    Well done to Van der Burgh - WHITE MEN CAN SWIM!!

  8. Anonymous2:55 am

    Yes I loved Cameron kicking ass like that. I also liked how the Americans lost the 4x100 mens freestyle relay after including a black swimmer in their team for only the third time. They were ahead until he started his leg. If white men cant jump, blacks cant swim!!!

    Regards Louis

    1. Anonymous5:40 am

      "They were ahead until he started his leg." I hate niggers as much as you, but your facts are wrong. He finished his leg first.

    2. Anonymous2:15 am

      He also started first and he lost ground.

  9. Anonymous6:10 am


    Let us all get the word out the digital revolution must now be intensified.

    Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch on farm murders in SA 2012.07.26


  10. Anonymous10:08 am

    Dr. Gregory Stanton, President of Genocide Watch, spoke at a news conference held at the Transvaal Agricultural Union in Pretoria, South Africa, on 26 July 2012.

    Here are a few pertinent excerpts from the video transcript:

    @ 3:09
    “I was very involved, in fact, in the anti-apartheid movement, and so for me… you know.. this is really coming to grips with another reality that I perhaps did not fully understand...”

    @ 5:21
    “Yesterday I was really struck when at the conference of the FW de Klerk Foundation, where representatives of the ANC were invited to attend, not one person from the ANC attended… Now that is amazing, to have a noble peace prize winner invite and then have no one attend.. it is just astonishing for me! And I saw the polarization, in other words, here, in very real terms. What worries me the most is the next stage, because the next stage is the planning, it’s the preparation… It’s the preparation for how to carry out killings, it’s the preparation for how to carry out forced displacement, for how to drive out the people you don’t want in your country...”

    @ 7:53
    “One thing that I have learned on this trip is just how strong the Communist Party still is in the African National Congress, Cosatu, the youth league and other part of this system. The farm murders, we have become convinced, are not accidental. We don’t know exactly who is planning them yet, but what we are calling for is an international investigation that will try to determine who it is who is planning these murders, because we do not believe them to be accidents, we do not believe them to be common robberies. It is very clear they are not…”

    @ 9:42
    “Those who would be deniers and who would try to ignore the warning signs in this country I think are ignoring the facts…”

  11. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Danny Boyle’s latest movie derivative and hard to follow, say SA viewers

    The SABC has been inundated with complaints from viewers after screening Danny Boyle’s latest production on Friday night. “This movie was absolutely nothing like ‘Slumdog Millionaire’,” said an irate caller from Benoni. “I did not see so much as a sniff of an adorable Indian street urchin. And he blatantly stole bits of it from James Bond and Harry Potter.”
    The state broadcaster is allegedly still fielding calls from South Africans left confused and disappointed after watching what they believed to be the most recent blockbuster by director Danny Boyle.
    “It was like eight hours long, and I couldn’t follow the plot,” confessed Milnerton’s Jacobus Dof, 38. “There wasn’t very much dialogue and there was a heavy reliance on people dancing around in silly outfits, which was more ‘Monsoon Wedding’ than ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.
    Dof’s friend Stuart Pidd, 40, agreed. “Also, when I see loads of nurses in a flick, I have a reasonable expectation that at a certain point they’re going to get their melons out and go all Katy Perry on each other,” he said.
    “These birds just bounced some kids up and down like they weren’t sex objects at all. It made my head hurt.”
    Viewers were particularly furious that parts of the production appeared to have been drawn from other films.
    “Do they think I’m stupid or something?” demanded Dof. “Like I’m not gonna notice that there’s Mister flippen Bean up there? And the old lady was also lank familiar. I think she’s from Downton Abbey.”
    The angry viewers all agreed that the worst part of the movie was the final four hours.
    “There’s these okes just walking round in a circle!” said Pidd incredulously. “Just literally marching round and round in tracksuits waving a bit of fabric on a stick. I dunno if it was supposed to be Cinema Nouveau or whatever but it didn’t work for me.”

  12. Anonymous12:18 am

    up your arse van den zot.. I dont speak coon and dont waste my time wanting to "assimilate" into coon cultcha. You should have written "please stop killing YT" or "check zooma, I am a citizen too!!" on your palms. Maybe a picture of a kentucky bucket with a no/AK47 sign......something a primate can understand and relate to.

  13. liberal bitchometer8:24 am

    Well he has to politically prostitute himself to get sponsored, he will probably dedicate that race to mandela

    Does he really identify with black culture to use a zulu phrase, he could have used the english equivalents of "its time" my liberal bitchometer is showing a 9 on the scale of liberal bitchness

    A pity, another liberal white bitch, I sense a swimming school in kuruman to teach the underpriveledged black kids in his name with money he extorted out of people who feel guilty about white priveledge, which they call charity

    I didn't even what ke nako meant, I had to google it, I read it in english ergo it didn't make sense, then I googled it and say it was zulu or some such.

    What an idiot, he put a black slogan on his hands instead of putting something that honoured his close family who with out them, he wouldn't be able to put ke nako on his hands.

    He honoured a black concept, related to uhuru, how shamefull.

  14. Anonymous10:05 am

    Wow, you people need to be enlightened. This is
    sad how ignorant you are. True niggers of society can be
    found right here on this blog. Please join hands and jump off the nearest cliff
    while shouting " I'm a DUMBASS!" ✌