12 July 2012

Paying back their Marxist sponsors

By Mike Smith
11th of July 2012

During all those years of “struggling”, the Marxist Brotherhood supported their terrorist comrades in the ANC.

Of course it wasn’t for free. A communist never gives anything for free without expecting something bigger in return. Now that the ANC is in power they must pay back their sponsors.

The ANC is already giving them all our perlemoen, rhino horn and elephant tusks along with mineral and fishing concessions and a few samoosas thrown in for good measure.

Considering how much wealth the ANC has stolen from the citizens of South Africa to date, I am actually surprised that their former sponsors haven’t asked for more.

SA has given more than R740 million in foreign aid to Cuba and African countries over the past three years and the DA is now asking the government whether the money has been well spent.

Our taxmoney down the Marxist toilet

This is how the Marxists work and why people like Mugabe can wipe his backside with the sanctions against him.

The Marxist Brotherhood all club together and support their terrorist buddies in some country to take it over through violence and terrorism. Once they are successful and in power they rob the country and the people blind and pay back their sponsors…then it is the next country’s turn…until they have the whole world.

What a prize South Africa turned out to be! So much mineral wealth and so many white sheep to fleece indefinitely…South Africa is like the milk cow to the communist world.

Like a bunch of ticks on a dog they will keep on sucking and sucking our life blood until we die and there is nothing more to suck…then they move on to the next dog. What a bunch of parasites this gang of Marxist criminals is.


  1. Lala Land5:19 pm

    Now you know why I left. I refused to support the Marxist ANC financially, waiting all the while to be murdered for nothing. A few years ago you were considered a traitor for leaving South Africa. I notice a change in mood lately where commentators on SA news websites regularly comment that they'd leave if they could. Seems the wheel has turned and the truth is being seen. And you can't fight against 40 million idiots...

  2. PreatorianXVI9:02 pm

    Yet when confronted with this kind of Truthful information one is made off as a "Conspiracy Theorist" and a nut job.

    The sheeple prefer their motto of ignorance is bliss, until the big Orwellian boot is stuck up their backside then they cry for help from the very hands that have tried to warn them, sometime people deserve these Communists they bring on themselves.

    Once white Western Europeans wake and and realise that as a Ethnic group we are under attack [Actually skilful Genocide] and that it will take a combined effort from all to get rid of all these parasites and put them down where they belong, then we will get somewhere.

  3. Anonymous7:07 am

    i've said before on this site
    tick tock goes the clock
    for the anc scum - its their time thats running out ..

    i pity them , come groundhog day

    to lala land and co - please visit and read about your old home .
    but your comments you should keep to yourself ; no-one likes to hear the opinion of someone who has left the building - read aussie/kiwi/brit news and be content ; you are gone from us now anyway

  4. AGREE with all of you....BUT...closer study reveals that,Britain,America,Canada,France,ALL have MASSIVE problems quite similar to south africa...ripping off the white citizens,blacks can do no wrong,huge influx of muslims,mexicans supported by the so called white leadership...now Australia and n/zealand following suit,appears that the world "leadership "is one organisation,hell bent on detroying all western whites.