01 July 2012

Pimp my plane is the first priority

By Mike Smith
1st of July 2012

Jacob Zuma seems to be on a spending spree before his term as president ends. He is buying himself a Boeing 777 with our tax money at a cost of R2-BILLION and pimping it out so he can fly his five wives, 20 children and entourage of about 300 around the world. All at our cost obviously.

Jacob Zuma 'to buy presidential jet despite South Africa's poverty'

In 2001 President Thabo Mbeki also bought a new plane at a cost of R600 million rand and had two full SA Air Force crews permanently assigned to it. Apparently this plane, called “Inkwazi” (Fish Eagle) is now “Brôkên”. No surprises there.

The cost for the new plane is just a fraction of the cost. There is still fuel, maintenance, landing fees, accommodation costs abroad, etc. to add to the bill every year.

And that is not all. The Department of Defence, which oversees VIP transport, is reportedly considering spending an additional $28m on a second private plane for Kgalema Motlanthe, the deputy president.

Just a few weeks ago I reported that Zuma is building himself a village

They must think money grows on our backs.

Just a few days ago, Jacob Zuma said The ANC should take care of the poor

Bloody fine job he is doing, I’d say. But with the ANC one should never forget the commie-code jargon they speak. To the ANC commies, “The poor” means, the commie leaders. When they talk about taking white farms away and giving it to the landless people, “The People”, means only the ANC/commie inner circle.

And apparently they are still the voice of the poor …Glad they think so….

In South Africa there are 5.5 million people living with Aids and in 2007 we already had 1.4 million Aids orphans alone.

South Africa AIDS orphans overwhelm social work services

Schools have no text books, 1,700 schools are without water, and 15,000 had no library.

South Africa fails pupils on textbooks - court

See? It has always been about priorities. “The people” come first.


  1. Anonymous4:13 pm

    I enjoyed reading how the original plane only lasts 10 years ... typical of the African mindset. "No maintenance required, we'll fix it when it's broken". Apparently it's now broken beyond repair.

    1. Anonymous2:07 am

      From the FlyAfrica website. "Zuma se Boeing 737 word drie maande lank in Basel, Switserland gediens."


  2. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Janusz Waluś is my hero.

  3. What is amazing with this Zuma guy that at no level of graft , tax money abuse and plain corruption is there a built in line where at least a little shame materialises.

  4. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Sad you had nuclear weapons and now primitive apes control your country.

    1. Anonymous4:38 am

      Yea...and who forced us into this mess ?

  5. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

  6. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Make way for DUKE!!!!

  7. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Hi Mike!
    Nice Article as always.
    With regard to 5.5 million aids suffers, I think that number is significantly higher. It is no secret that aids infection statistics are vigorously suppressed by the govt. This is not out of fear of a public outcry. The IQ75's think its an apartheid myth. It's about investment and economy. RSA's economy is significantly dependent on the production of minerals and gemstones. With particular reference to Gold, the price could be higher by as much as R5 - R7. The workers are dropping like flies, which cuts into efficiency. Which then influences production. According to medical professionals I know, it is not beyond the realm of the conceivable that the present infection rate is between 40% - 60%. Some time ago, I read a report which actually stated that GAUTENG had a Negative Growth Index. Makes one think ...

    1. Anonymous2:04 am

      " read a report which actually stated that GAUTENG had a Negative Growth Index. Makes one think ...

      {please tell me that your facts are correct, I now it will not make a difference because there are so many of the f#$@#ers but a step in the right direction.

  8. The Secret12:07 am

    Well if we all thought carefully about the titanic....the plane could just ....uhm ....uhm....uhm dont go zuma...dont go zuma hahaha hold on Jack ...I mean Zuma

    Really these dudes and their bright ideas pssssssssssssh

  9. Anonymous1:57 am

    Ten years for a plane is nothing. Inkwazi (B737 Bussines Jet) is stil new in aviation terms. Well I guess that just another reason I dont pay tax and dont feel guilty about it.

    Regards Louis

  10. Anonymous9:39 pm

    tick tock goes the clock
    zuma's a dick and a cock

    we all know the ANC are crooks
    they can't even give out free books

    we remain ready and committed
    they remain fat and foolish

    all i need is a supporter or two , and i'm ready to kick some commie ass .. ( dont confuse confidence with arrogance )