19 July 2012

SA worried over “conflict” in Syria, but not about violence at home

By Mike Smith
20th of July 2012

According to a Sapa report The South African government added its voice to the growing alarm over the conflict in Syria.

“South Africa deplores the continuing violence in Syria, which is spinning out of control,” said Deputy Minister of International Relations and Co-operation, Ebrahim Ebrahim.

“Our highest priority is to stop the killing and end the suffering of innocent civilians,” he said.
…I am not sure whether I should break out in a fit of laughter or a fit of tears when I read such nonsense.

Where in the history of the ANC have they ever worried about “the suffering of innocent civilians”?
The ANC has always been and still is a Marxist terrorist organization that use to plant bombs in fast food joints and cocktail bars. They use to explode bombs on commuter trains and in golf clubs blowing up “innocent civilians” (of all colours) attending a Christmas party for instance.

They use to necklace “innocent civilians” in the townships on the mere suspicion of “collaboration”.

They use to lure “innocent civilians” to their hell camps like Quatro in Angola on the promises of “education” and money and then tortured them to death…their own people!!

Now that thousands of “innocent civilians” are murdered on their farms, their homes invaded, people tortured for hours and brutally murdered in South Africa, the ANC sits with folded arms, refuse to declare farm murders a priority, refuse to do something meaningful about training standards and corruption in the police, etc.

No…they must not try and convince anybody that they give a flying hoot about “innocent civilians” anywhere.

According to that report above, the UN estimates 10,000 civilians have been killed in a virtual civil war waging for the past 16 months in Syria…and the United Nations Security Council meeting is going to be held about it on Thursday.

Well woopy doo. In South Africa, 18,000 “innocent civilians” die every year in what is supposed to be a “Peace Time” situation. Where is the UN Security Council meeting over that?
Bunch of hypocrites...


  1. Good stuff Mike,

    I only recently found your blog, very glad I did.

    Refreshing to find someone who cares and is prepared to write about it.

    I have put links to your blog in some of my posts. Trying to spread the word this side of the Atlantic but it's hard work fighting political correctness!

    Thanks and good luck.

    1. Jason the Boer5:51 am

      Do Like i did whilst in UK, go late at night and stick leaflets with links to blogs like this and of the current genocide in SA onto peoples windscreens under the windscreen wipers

  2. It is an unthinkable sad situation that the government of SA (read ANC) still opposes the white minority, but also feels nothing for the many blacks living in shacks. Murder in SA apparently does not matter, as long as they can fill their pockets through corruption. What a farce to add their voice in the international arena against Syria.

  3. Yip! These fucking animals want the whole world to know" WE EVEN CARE FOR SOME PEOPLE SOMEWHERE" But in the meantime they dont care for any people anywhere, and for whiteman sweet blue all. Who are they trying to fool? Idiots!

  4. eduard9:49 pm

    Apparantly there is UN movement somewhere up in Northern Transvaal. There is a quite a bit of commotion going on at the USA Military Base in Botswana.
    Syria can sort it's own problems out if the Yanks keep there miserable noses out of Syria and the Syrian government has all my support to exterminate those Rothschild Rebels upsetting their country. It is quite obvious the Rothschilds wans one of their banks there.

  5. It has been mentioned by Dr Richard Cummins that the ANC was on the CIAs payrol and the CIA is applying a policy of moderation on the ANC which suppresses the ANC from going full commie and installing power forever (which is what draws blacks to communism in Africa in the first place)

    Perhaps the ANC does not like this moderation policy of the west and secretly supports enemies of the west? It would explain the supposed caring for others who oppose Israel and America. The ANC only does what is good for the ANC and no one else.

    It does bring out one thing for sure... If I am right about this and the West collapses into a massive world war or economic melt down, the moderation policy will not be enforced by the west and we will be fighting our own Zim style war. Only difference is that it will be a lot worse and a lot messier. We still have 10 times the white population that Zim had at her strength.

    The Shit storm is coming soon

  6. I see SA as possibly going two ways:

    1) Things will very gradually keep getting worse and standards lower as they have been. Without a sudden massive shock people tend to handle it better eg: ANC's gradually implementing of their policies, knowing that anything sudden or dramatic would have led to more resistance particularly in the 90's.

    The younger generation will be exposed to more propaganda in schools, universities, radio, TV etc and will tolerate things better (as is happening).
    The older generation who saw a different SA will be replaced by those that know no different.
    The white population also decreases as more leave and generally shrinks.
    All that's really left are eventually mainly poorer working class whites, an aging white population and the very rich and well off.

    Thing will just keep deteriorating, economy slowly gets worse etc and because its gradual people will adjust better and just see it as 'normal'.

    2)Requires a more dramatic action/situation and knee jerk reaction.
    For instance, a black Arab Spring style uprising or the Tripartite Alliance breaks and SACP challenges ANC.
    This could also include the DA becoming a stronger contender and the ANC responding to this.

    If there was any white resistance it would probably require a drastic action to set it off.

    - - -

    Basically, if things just keep teetering on the way they are, the chances become less and less over time of any change happening.

    Revolutions are carried out by those with nothing to lose.
    Many whites own property, have investments etc....they want stability or they could lose everything. And cling to the hope that things may improve.

    1. E van Hout10:41 pm

      Your version 1 is 100% correct. I've been out of SA 18 years and on my last recent visit was shocked to see the changes, but my friends and relatives seem not to notice. This is because the changes sare so gradual. The so called new SA is not a nice SA and I just wish others could see what is really happening and do something to protect themselves.

  7. Lala Land5:05 pm

    Meantime, during Apartheid the TRC found that around 2000 Blacks died as a result of the government (and that's after really searching for deaths to pin on the NP). And the whole world went gaga, demanding they be freed. Syria, Lybia, Egypt - thousands dead and the UN and the other countries stand by and watch without interfering. Yes, we sure know who our friends are.

  8. Anonymous10:36 am

    Our friends are NOT the UN. Look at them. A black organisation protecting black thugs and black killers. If you're black you can get away with it.

    @ HoDD...
    I think this scenario is busy playing itself out.

    @ Cape Report...
    I think a combo which is neither nor is about to play out. The script dictates that the "Second Phase" is launched. The timing is right.

    There have been over 700 VIOLENT "service delivery" protests this year. These have been confirmed by the organisation I belong to. Just on 300 have been reported in the MSM. Some-one is busy with a MASSIVE preparation campaign and even more comprehensive disinformation campaign. What is very interesting is the fact that a number (14 confirmed) of these so-called "delivery protests" in major centres have started between 00H00 and 02H00 in the morning.

    What I would like to know is WHO THE FUCK starts a "delivery protest" at 2AM in the HIGHVELD WINTER???

    Cape Town also had one start at 2AM. WHY?

    Seriously - this needs some serious attention... MIKE??? How about a post? I think this is SINISTER to say the least and warrants some attention.

    White Boy... If you're not set up with Bibles, Beans, Bullets, Fuel and hooked into an organisation on the "right" of the spectrum... Now would be a good time to start. There is a shit-storm coming your way fast.

    1. Are they intended as drills for mobilizing groups to move onto designated areas...?