12 July 2012

Solving crime the ANC way - Passing draconian smoking laws

By Mike Smith
12th of July 2012

How do you know the ANC is not serious about solving crime? It is all about priorities….If they cannot make money from it, they are not interested.

In 2003 when South Africa’s crime rate was going through the roof the ANC did virtually nothing, yet they passed the idiotic Plastic Bag Law of which they were extremely proud and it was on TV every five minutes. They were going to clean up the environment and create thousands of jobs…turned out these thieves only cleaned out the consumer’s wallet.

BBC: SA to ban plastic bags

The ANC fixed the price of plastic bags first at 15cents, then 21cents and now at 46cents per bag of which initially 3 cents, later 4 cents would be levied and go to a section 21 (non-profit) recycling company that they have set up, namely Buyisa-e-Bag. Now considering that South Africans used about 8 billion plastic bags a year, it meant the ANC would be siphoning off R320 Million each year.

But according to the University of Cape Town report the 2009 Nahman study found that only 13% of the levy on plastic bags reached Buyisa-e-Bag. Nobody knew what happened to the rest.

As can be expected…three years later and after receiving R100 million, Buyisa-e-Bag did not recycle a single plastic bag.

Plastic bag levy: money for nothing?

It turned out, “The bulk of the money has gone straight into government coffers.” And the company was running at a loss.

A forensic investigation was done into the company’s affairs and two of Buyisa-e-Bag's board members had been fingered for financial misconduct. Democratic Alliance environmental spokesman Gareth Morgan said Buyisa had been mismanaged. "There was a forensic investigation that no one knows the results of and there was major conflict on the board." He said the closure was welcome because consumers were not getting value for money.

Loss-making plastic bag recycler set for the dumps
Buyisa-e-Bag to shut down under a cloud

Buyisa-e-Bag was then absorbed by government and currently falls under the Department of environmental affairs where the ANC government is now collecting the full levy.

Now in a country where farmers are being murdered at the highest rate in the world and the public is suffering under crime, the latest ANC priorities are to clamp down on smokers.

First of all, the Government is the biggest winner when it comes to selling cigarettes to the public. In 1994 when the ANC came to power, the excise tax on cigarettes was 21% of the retail price. Add sales tax to it and the total tax burden was 32% of the retail price.

The first thing the ANC did when they came to power was to raise this tax to 50%. In 2002 they increased it to 52%. That is right. More than half of all cigarette money goes straight into the ANC governments coffers.

In fact…The tobacco industry has experienced large increases in excise tax in recent years, with an increase of some 400 per cent between 1994 and 2004. Source

Tobacco excise in SA
Tabacco tax hike not enough

Did it bring down the smoking rate. Apparently yes. By about 40%.

But with the increase in taxes and excise the ANC first ensured that they did not lose any money on the deal.

Further, we know that 1 in every 5 deaths are caused by smoking and that for every smoking death, 20 people are suffering from a smoking related illness. Some smoking statistics

This is a disaster for the ANC who do not like to spend tax money on health services and hospitals, because they would much rather pocket the money than save dying babies or spend it on smokers.
Funding crisis hits Eastern Cape hospitals
SA state hospitals in crisis
CEO of baby deaths hospital to stay on
Baby deaths not our fault - MEC

Nevertheless, the ANC is clamping down on smokers…again. They want to ban smoking in all public places, inside and outside. What will be interesting to see is how these laws conflict with private property laws that are in the constitution. Even more interesting would be to see how they are going to waste millions trying to police these laws, all whilst neglecting more serious crimes such as murder and rape. They will just raise budgets and siphon off more tax money I guess.
Smoking rules have businesses fuming

Smoking regulations may be unlawful

Just remember that obesity kills almost just as many people as smoking does, but you do not see the ANC issuing draconian laws against obesity, because then they will be punishing themselves.

No. The ANC smoking laws are not about Your Health. It is about Their Wealth.

The ANC is not really concerned about what you put in your mouth, up your nose or in your arm…all they are concerned about is how much money they can make from it.

"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. When there aren't enough criminals, one MAKES them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. ... Create a nation of law-breakers, and then you cash in on the guilt." -- Ayn Rand "Atlas Shrugged"


  1. Morning Mike, The ANC like "Think Tanks" when problems occur, but when a bunch of K4'rs get together it is actually called a "Stink Tank".

    Enjoy the weekend,

    Die Hoefyster Ω

  2. Laager4:13 am

    As a non-smoker I am in favour of banning smoking in public places - especially bars, restaurants, shops and cinemas / theatres.

    The UK passed a similar law about 20 years ago, and despite grave predictions that it would kill trade in these establishments life did go on.
    In fact pubs are now very pleasant places to go to and smokers have been accommodated by building covered heated outdoor shelters for them to enjoy a pint and a cigarette at the same time.

    Personally I think it is one of the best laws that has ever been passed - just like the maximum 25% of income that could be spent on a mortgage or rent that SA used to have.

    1. Krokodil3:22 pm

      The UK passed a similar law about 20 years ago

      Err, maybe not! More like in the last couple of years. Living in the UK, I know about that.

      The main issue is about civil liberties, as far as I'm concerned. I quit smoking eleven years ago, and consider it a thoroughly shit habit, but the idea that a few corrupt self-serving shitbag-wankers should make the rules for the rest of us (millions and millions of people) is seriously damn unacceptable!

      Since when is non-smoking in a bar, restaurant, or any other public place a human right? Utter bullshit!

      Politicians the world over are overwhelmingly self-serving scum, and you would support them??!!

      F***ing disgusting!!!

    2. Krokodil6:13 am

      Hmm, my earlier comment's language was a tad OTT. My apologies.

      However, on the central issue of smoking bans, I stick by my sentiments. Smoking is a vice, not a crime. Just like being obese, having bad BO, picking one's nose or farting in public, drinking too much etc. are unpleasant and offensive, but not criminal acts.

      The way things are currently in SA with regard to smoking in restaurants, bars etc. is a lot more balanced and fair than how it is in the UK, as far as I'm concerned. Typical of the ANC, though, the one or two sensible measures they introduced they now want to undo.

      The basic function of any government is to keep law and order, protect the law abiding and punish the law breaking.

      Laws, of course, should be sensible - aimed at preventing criminality - and not intruding into citizens personal lives, or stuffing around with their civil liberties.

      Besides of which, as we know, proposed laws like these will only be enforced where they can be - that is, White and middle class areas. I can't imagine it for one moment being enforced in Black or Coloured townships.

  3. You can rape, you can kill, you can steal , you can in fact do anything or whatever you like to your hearts content, but boy o boy, dont smoke, its a crime. Fucking useless retarded morons!