13 July 2012

Somalian Muslims killing Ethiopian Christians in the Western Cape?

By Mike Smith
13th of July 2012

Muslims and Christians have always lived in relative peace together in the Western Cape…until the Somalian terrorists of Al-Shabaab moved in, apparently.

Now IOL reports that over the last ten months 14 Ethiopian Christians have been murdered from Mossel Bay to Philippi, Macassar and Paarl.

Authorities were made aware of the link to the Cape killings when a Christian bishop, also a former police inspector, noticed a distinct pattern in the murders…

The bishop – who does not want to be identified out of fear that he may be targeted – has sent three letters to President Jacob Zuma highlighting his concerns. Apparently “Elite cops” are investigating the claims.

Read the full report here: Terror group targeting local Christians: Bishop

Now let us see…Since 1994 more than three thousand people have been murdered on South African farms. Despite a major outcry from the public, hundreds of petitions, marches and demonstrations against farm murders, the ANC government does not even consider it necessary to declare farm murders a priority crime.

You would think that after so many white farmers have been murdered that at least the government would start seeing a trend…No…They say it is just ordinary crime. There is no trend…

Make farm murders a priority: Afriforum

…But just let 14 black Ethiopians get killed all over the Western Cape and spread over ten months…then suddenly they see a trend, call it terrorist attacks and after only three letters to the president, they see it fit to appoint a team of Elite Cops.

Like I always say…It is all about priorities when it comes to crime in South Africa.

The bishop – who is the head of a 4 000-strong congregation – fears more of his flock will be targeted by the terrorists.

“If nothing is done, the Ethiopian population will be depleted.”

Bollocks. What a Drama Queen.

Illegal Somalians killing illegal Ethiopians…14 of them over ten months…Up north they kill each other to the tune of 14,000 a day, starve to death in their millions and their numbers are still growing.

I fail to see where the problem is and why the Bishop is so upset? These 14 have already been replaced by at least 10,000 so he doesn’t have to worry about losing their 1/10th contributions.

Now if this Bishop would stop and rub a few of his grey cells together for a moment he would realize that the real priority is the farmers being killed. If they go, who is going to grow the food? Him? Or will he be content with USAID and watch his fellow countrymen starve to death in their millions just like they do back in Ethiopia and Somalia?


  1. Anonymous5:02 am

    So Mike,

    Why do you think SA is unique?

    Read this: -

    We are all stuffed!

  2. Anonymous7:59 am

    “If nothing is done, the Ethiopian population will be depleted.”

    Is that not something good?

  3. this has to stop, hate speech, government indifference and choice sides when it come to criminal acts