31 July 2012

South African Chad le Clos takes gold in 200m Butterfly

By Mike Smith
1st of August 2012

Well done to the young man from Durban, Chad le Clos (20) who whipped the mighty Michael Phelps in the 200m butterfly event.

London - Michael Phelps suffered a shock defeat to South Africa's Chad le Clos in the final of the 200m butterfly at the London Olympics on Tuesday after messing up his touch.
Le Clos elated after beating his hero

“It's been a dream of mine ever since I was a little boy. I just wanted to race Phelps in the final and I've beaten him. I can't believe it,” said Le Clos.

“Phelps is my hero and I love the guy. To beat him, I can't believe it. You don't understand what this means to me. This is the greatest moment of my life.”

Phelps was less impressed, throwing his goggles into the water and later storming past reporters without stopping, before regaining his composure and managing a wry smile at the medal ceremony.


  1. Well done ! Some Whites can swimm...

  2. Lala Land12:18 am

    Well done Chad! At least in swimming they can't take any credit!

  3. Zarky2:09 am

    @ Mike

    Have a look at this comments from Malema in London (Interviewed by Sky)regarding the South African Olympic Team and take note how Sky wants to stir the shit pot again:


  4. Jason the Boer2:25 am

    No doubt the black trash in Sa will say they created these winners. People will want to say since apartheid gone South Africans are major achievers when its actually a white thing. Whites excel at everything just wish they would excel at sticking together against the genocide though

  5. Adrem4:15 am

    Terrific achievement Chad - I am so pleased for you!!

  6. Jason the Boer6:30 am

    Zuma has gone a far as to congratulate him. Zuma is a real two headed snake, you cut one off and another comes from behind to bite you

  7. Anonymous6:48 am

    Amazing how these black politicians will try and bask in his glory, after they try and make it nearly impossible for white kids to get into provincial teams!

  8. shared lime light7:51 am

    Yes, If I was chad I wouldn't speak to any politicians or shake their hands or accept the congratulations, all these limelite whores whant is to be in the spot light, I would thumb my nose at them, but I bet this isn't what Chad will do, 3 months from now he will be holding a class for under priveledged black kids with the media in attendance to show the world what a good white south african he is.

  9. Anonymous10:25 am

    Ja, and then he says something stupid like Mandela is his role model!!!!

  10. From me, well done Chad! The ANC will try and hook in anything, it's their win it's Chad's. Fucking brainfailures!

  11. Anonymous3:16 pm

    YT 2, zot 0 hahahahaha

  12. Anonymous4:07 am

    This eben jordaan is really starting to piss me off,him and old J.C smit.

  13. The Secret9:44 pm

    whats that dumb saying the white man cant dance,so the white man can swim whooop whoop!!!Congrats