08 July 2012

Textbooks Saga: The rabbit hole goes deeper than we could imagine

By Mike Smith
8th of July 2012

Difficult to make out what is going on here. The former Vlakplaas death squad commander, ANC joiner and NIA spy has hit the media with startling revelations about the textbook saga in Limpopo. I wonder how genuine his revelations are, seeing that he is not someone to trust too easily. Why is he suddenly starting to sing like a canary about the textbooks and what he apparently knows?

Is he being made the fall guy? Taking one for the ANC team by getting the attention now focused on him by way of association? Is he now paying back old debts?

…Or is he now working for some other masters?

Let’s keep an eye on this one and see where the rabbit hole takes us.
Textbook saga: The Vlakplaas connection


  1. Lala Land7:48 pm

    The plot thickens....

  2. The rot is so all comprehensiv it is impossible to believe anyone of this creatures. Can you imagine all the infighting by this parasites once the coffers are finally empty and there is nothing left to steal ?

  3. What a joke he is?

    Would it not be nice to hit him with a book? Like the yellow pages for example, I mean they loved doing that.

    In my books he is of the same class as ou pienk frikkie and dronkgat pikkie.

    End of story.

  4. Jason the Boer12:46 am

    White trash I say White trash. Mike anyway you can comment on the War veterans compensation. Is this legit or a communist plot to get the names of those who fought against communism.

  5. Anonymous1:41 am

    @ MIKE
    Please read Adriana's blog Censorbugbear today. I wish I could paste the images. My eyes are blurred from rolling tears.
    These are our "people." Ou volk.
    Yet Afrikaners scorn them as "lazy."
    SIES for the citified Anglicized so called Afrikanses - sell outs to the ANC - spitting on their ancestors beliefs and traditions.
    Liberal wannabees who will rot in hell.

    This is WHY I care nothing about damn text books nor the students nor any bloody one else in this saga of greed.
    I am so bitter and angry I say "GOED SO ! "
    Let them wallow in their pitiful victimhood and blissful ignorance - which is what they prefer anyway. They can blame the Afrikaner.
    Who cares about potbellied snot nosed kids who get a grant anyway and as teenagers produce more snot nosed kids ad infinitum ?

    The MSM and bleeding hearts focus on the number of 'nits' on the heads of children - when the LICE (ANC) are sucking out their lifeblood - so what ?.
    They get what they vote for so again I repeat "GOED SO !"
    As jy nie wil hoor nie moet jy verdomp voel.


    PLEASE compose a new blog - use the image of an old lady - or rather Concentration Camp inmate.
    She looks like the Jews in 1945.

    ""These Afrikaners are also denied most access to the government’s medical facilities

    — which were mostly built from Afrikaner taxes before 1994 —

    and thus many also are dying of many infectious diseases which could be easily cured with basic health-care and medicines.
    Even when they are suffering from infectious diseases they are sent away by government-health facilities and sent back to their camps: where infections such as hepatitis now are spreading rapidly.

    They are so malnutritioned now after some ten years of poor living conditions

    . . . that many, especially the elderly, look like walking skeletons ""

    There are children who will not live until summer. Who cares ?
    Certainly not their OWN VOLK.
    They are to blame for Apartheid anyway and deserve it -

    is the attitude of the black people who deserve and are content to get text books thrown away - by their beloved ANC who will rule until Jesus comes.

    The ORIGINAL heavily taxed TAXPAYERS now beggars for ultimate irony.
    Not even Shakespeare could come up with a soliloquy for this horror.
    de Klerk stuffs his face with the rarest Caviar and Sturgeon.
    I curse him. May he choke slowly and painfully until he starves to a skeleton.

    Ouma Grootjie who but for the Grace of God - could be this skeleton that has the "face" of a woman.

  6. JTB
    The War Veterans compensation is clearly a scheme to gather information...

    Beware who monitors this blog!

    1. Zarky5:00 am

      I am sure they know who I am and where I am, AND YOU though by commenting anonymously you are clear and safe - they still have your IP ADDRESS!

      Do you think for one moment that your service provider does not give out information to the state? You must be pretty gullible if you think that this blog is not monitored. A while back there was this article about a office in Cape Town Waterfront which is manned by about 10 people that monitors all internet communication with the latest spy software from the USA. Our files is just getting thicker and thicker by every comment and website that we visit.

      This is not paranoia, this is the digital age we live in, there is no more such thing as freedom. This is the easiest game of hide and seek for them and they will always win/find you as long as you post/comment on articles from your personal computer.

      I know these things as I have been in the I.T. industry for 20 plus years.

      Watch National Geographic's documentary on Google and then tell me you don't feel violated.

      What is Google's motto - "Don't be Evil" if you believe that they stand by that motto then you are one of the suckers born every second!

    2. as long as you post/comment on articles from your personal computer.

      you said it...

  7. Anonymous3:40 am

    Jason the Boer
    'Is this legit or a communist plot to get the names of those who fought against communism."

    There are white squatter camps full of ex troepies why not send their NIS into the camps ?.
    Why would they pay out any compensation at this late stage ?

    Commonsense says there is another motive.

    1. Mike as we post comments or whatever we can be sure that they monitor all of it. So what the fuck, let them enjoy very intelligent postings from you and very sharp comments aswell. You know the truth and they dont like it. Keep us informed. Stay focussed, in any case, they are all subhuman scum.