31 July 2012

The levels of corruption at Pretoria (Tswane) Metro

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2012

The levels of corruption are just unbelievable in South Africa. Take the City of Pretoria (Tswane) for instance. The Afrikaans Newspaper Beeld reported on the Special Investigation Unit’s report about corruption in the Metro.

Beeld: Shocking facts about Tswane Metro
English version

• 65 Tshwane officials had business interests in 66 companies with which the metro is currently doing business involving R185 million.

• Disciplinary measures have been taken against nine officials whose companies have received payments exceeding R1 million.

• Possible money laundering also came to light after the analysis of bank statements of six companies that can be linked to former or current spouses, and/or relatives of two municipal officials. One of the officials was fired pending the conclusion of the investigation.

• Five people in management positions lied about their qualifications. One has already been fired and steps will be taken against the other four.

• At least six officials in management positions have no qualifications at all, and there are inconsistencies in the qualifications of at least 22 others.

• Eight officials have more than one identity document.

• 13 Officials are using identity numbers that appear as dead people on the Department of Home Affairs’ database.

• Six unrelated officials use the same bank account and all their salaries are paid into this one account.

• 3778 officials are registered to receive social grants.

• 212 confirmed cases of people who obtained their driver’s licenses through fraudulent means. In 87 of these cases the licenses has been referred for cancelation. 10 cases are under criminal investigation.

• 104 Metro Police members have crime records (which disqualifies them). 45 have been found guilty of serious crimes like murder and rape. 18 are awaiting trials and for 50 others no record could be found.

Now think about it…This is just one city in South Africa. Imagine how it is going at the others!


  1. Un fucking believeble!

    1. Anonymous2:48 am

      This is after all Africa, so yeah, it's actually quite believable!

  2. voetsek useless blacks9:23 pm

    And that's the reason why we had apartheid, a practical solution to keep people who view the above as normal, and the resulting consequences there of

    That is the reason the black townships never got electricity, cause they don't pay for it.

    That is the reason they had their own schools, cause look at the schools now.

    That's the reason they had their own neighbourhoods, so that the contagion was contained and didn't spread.

    If some one has a physical illness you quarantine them.

    That is what aprtheid was, quarantine for the amoral morass of black mediocrity and coruption, look at our town councils now, the above is considered normal behaviour by these ppl, they have used a technique similar to what viruses use to overwhelm the immune system, numbers.

    There is so much corruption and wrong doing, that the system cannot cope, the only outcome is failure of the system.

    Imagine working in that environmen, they actually aim to be the bottom of the shitheap, an upside down pyramid, now that's excelence to these people.

    20 years to ruin a functioning country, imagine what life in this shit hole will be like in 10 years time, no more white doctors, only savages with white coats, traind in cuba and other insitutions that are worthless and whose standard is achievable by people who despise excelence.

    Thank God for the maroon passport

  3. The secret10:23 pm

    I must say that the information was shocking!I do agree,one can only imagine what the results for these...would be in the different departments in different cities...

    It would be interesting to know,the race of these liars of qualifications....

    Now just looking at it from my view...Considering I know alot of people that is looking for jobs...if a position opened up...you would put a good word in for that friend,family member or just the random stranger that needed a job right?It seems like the fair thing to do...you want to help the person,now by good word, I am saying this person is a hardworker and is really desperate...

    The cycle goes that only when one is desperate for the job,do they appreciate what they have and only then do they do their best, but as always mankind gets LAZY or UNGRATEFUL!!!and what do they do?moan and moan and complain...then they slack off...and this shit leads to people stealing!and looking for a quick way to hit the millions for retirement!?!HELOOOOOOO????

    I tell you how they got caught,all the praise goes to God, you will sit high on that throne of metro glory,but the Lord Jesus sees the unseen and the seen, and when that cycle comes back to bite you in the buttocks!

  4. just suitable qualifications needed to be an important part of the anc's selfless struggle..the hardest part of the struggle is to remain standing while your frenzied anc comrade clambers over you to get to feed at the bottomless pig’s trough…

    ...truly a nation of insatiable and immature savages..