29 July 2012

The Perlemoen Mafia in South Africa

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2012

As you know, I am an avid scuba diver and a spear fisherman of note who have dived in the most pristine areas of the world like Sharm el Sheik, Bahamas, Ponto du Ouro in Mozambique, the Andaman Sea in Thailand, Aliwal shoal on the South coast of Natal and many more.

However, I started my training and my passion in the murky and turbulent waters of the Western Cape almost as soon as I was born. When I was about ten I started taking out Perlemoen (Abalone) for pocket money in Hermanus and Perley Beach….when it was still legal for legitimate citizens with permits.

Other nations like the French call perlemoen, “Haliotis” and the Germans of Namibia call it “Seeohren” (sea ears). In weight they are more precious than gold. They take about 20 years to reach maturity and before they are able to reproduce.

Back in those days when I was a boy it was four per person and only in season and you had to pay for a permit. Then it got reduced to two per person. The ANC prohibited civilian abalone diving completely shortly after they came to power and increased crime and smuggling 100 fold.

Since then the poachers have cleaned out the sea. Thousands of scarce abalone disappears yearly in the same direction as where our Rhino horn disappear to…Communist China.

Apparently, everything to them is an aphrodisiac; from snake blood to monkey’s brains. It’s going to make their willies grow to enormous lengths and girths. What a billion load of insecure small man and small member syndrome cases they must be suffering from.

Nevertheless, in SA we have seen entire mafia gangs springing up solely concentrating on this precious resource off our coast benefiting the corrupt few.

Perlemoen to be regulated
Perlemoen project benefits ‘select few’
R3m abalone found after crash
Three tons of perlemoen seized

A few years ago my one neighbor wanted to throw a party and he needed twenty crayfish and twenty perlemoen. He said he went to Hawston just outside of Hermanus and asked the locals where he could buy some. The first coloured guy he asked said, “No Problem, I will be back in five minutes”.

When he asked where he got it from, the guy replied, “Just around the corner, from the inspector”.

Hey? And then they want to prevent us local law-abiding citizens from taking out two for the pot and throw us in jail?

Defy the bastards, ek sê. I will take out my Perley whenever I come across him.


  1. Anonymous4:23 am

    Well, the perleys belong to all of us. And I have a problem with the chinks plundering our resources and the apathy of the govt. to take a clear stand about it. If all of us abide by the law there will be enough for all of our perley eaters for the future. But the govt. being "hand op die blaas" with the chinks and too scared to draw the line in sand, I just might take a more leniant stand on the diver who takes a few too many for home use and to treat his guests from Vaalie Land. ;-)

  2. a raping continua9:33 am

    Not even the wild life is safe in the new shit south africa, typical black destructive touch.

    Poor chinese blokes, haven't they heard of jelqing, and how it can make any man a pornstar

    The rhinos are being decimated, what the apartheid government did for increasing rhino numbers over 30years, has been done away with already.

    Thanks de klerk, what an honourable god given mission you had. How proud you must feel, the man that wiped out rhinos, abalone, and lest - forget farmers.

    A lot of blood guilt on his hands.