18 July 2012

The power of propaganda through the ages

By Mike Smith
18th of July 2012

Daily, as again recently, we have seen the world fawn over a convicted terrorist like Mandela, turning him into Saint, singing his praises and turning him into a demi-god.

But slowly we have seen a resistance to this belief. Every day people are waking up to the truth, because the corruption and the misrule of the ANC are just impossible to hide.

Some observers (on the left and the right) might even be so bold as to finally admit that we “rêssists” were right all along. That the ANC is indeed a useless kleptocracy or better a narco-mafia-kleptocracy.

For many people it is difficult to even comprehend why black people still vote for the ANC.

Liberals tell us we should give it time. That the ANC is a young democracy and that it will all come right in the end when the “Rainbow” emerges behind the clouds of darkness.

Fact is that they have a “Belief” a “Dream” a “Fantasy” a “Pseudo religious conviction” in what “can be” and what “could have been”…”The Rainbow Nation”…

But the truth is that the truth will always be the truth. No matter what your political or religious leanings are.

The problem is that people have difficulty to let go of hundreds of years of indoctrination and propaganda.

For hundreds of years people believed that the gods Thor and Jupiter caused thunder and lightning. Until Benjamin Franklin flew a kite into a storm and explained electricity in weather and meteorology to us.

Today we know the difference between science and myth. Today we know what causes thunder and lighting and that a rainbow is merely a Newtonian prism made up of water droplets reflecting the colours of the visible spectrum and that there is no pot of gold at the end of it.

There is nothing mythical or sinister about it. It is Science.

But although we know the truth, we have difficulty to let go of past believes, fantasies and bullshit.

Today we still glorify the God of Thunder every day on Thursday on the Gregorian calendar. Why? Because of the power of past propaganda.

Let me explain.

In the 16th and 17th century brilliant scientists like Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo Galilei proved without a doubt that the earth was not the centre of our solar system. That the earth was revolving around its own axis and simultaneously revolving around the sun.

The same people who control the liberal establishment and society today, the Jesuits, had him tried by the Roman Inquisition, found "vehemently suspect of heresy", forced to recant, burnt his books and Galileo Galilei spent the rest of his life under house arrest.

The Inquisition only lifted the ban on his books 76 years after his death.
On the 31st October 1992, 350 year after Galileo Galilei died, Pope John Paul II acknowledged that Galileo was in fact right. After 350 Years, Vatican Says Galileo Was Right: It Moves

…That is how long it took for the TRUTH to be acknowledged.

Today, this 16th century science and truth is taught to all elementary school children all over the world…

But although we know the truth…Although we know that the Earth spins on its own axis, we still say every day that the “Sun rises” and that “The Sun sets”.

That is the power of propaganda…That despite knowing the truth for hundreds of years, we still perpetuate the lie.

If Galileo Galilei was alive today he would have a fit.

But it has become part of our modern culture to perpetuate lies even when all scientific facts are taught to us and hammered into our faces every day.

If it took the Roman Catholic Church 350 years to acknowledge that Galileo Galilei was right, how long is it going to take leftist believers to acknowledge that the ideology of Communism is evil, that Mandela was not a saint and that the ANC was the worst government South Africa ever had?
How much more misrule; How much more corruption is it going to take to convince them?

How many MSM reports, how many blogs does it take for people to see the light?

How many more academics, scientist and right thinking people will have to be sacrificed at the altar of political correctness before the TRUTH will triumph? Will they ever acknowledge that we were right?

Even if they eventually are convinced of the truth, I am sure they will still be saying in 350 years time: “The Sun is rising on the “Rainbow Nation”.


  1. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Maybe we should start doing something about it.

    Instead of sitting in our comfy lounges with our comfy fireplaces watching our comfy Master Chef

    Face it, as long as you fear losing your stuff more than you fear the ANC dogs nothing will change.

    The greatest threat to us is not a bunch of uneducated aids infected monkey cunts that can’t read or write.

    Our greatest threat is you and me complaining from the side-lines too afraid to get involved out of fear that I won’t be able to go to drive my new 4x4 and go to the Vaal dam for the weekend.

    Same reason we allowed the dogs to take power, same reason we allow them to stay in power.

    1. Laager2:50 am

      Without resorting to violence we can spread the word.

      The internet has spawned the phrase "going viral' with its joke and good luck e-mail distribution.

      If each of us sends the link of this site to 10 friends and asks them to do the same, and so on down the line for 6 generations, we have the potential to reach 1 MILLION PEOPLE.

      Now what if we sent the link to 100 people and asked them to do the same?
      Just think of the power of this information tsunami we would have unleashed?

      Obviously we will not convert everyone but just like a snowball it will keep on rolling with those who wish to joining in and hanging on for the ride as they remove their blinkers and discover the truth.

      Lets do it.

    2. Anonymous7:59 am

      Hi Laager,

      Please present one example of where REAL actual change has been achieved without bloodshed?

      Africa? The America's? The Middle East? The Far East? Europe?

      Although I do apreciate you vigor, unfortunately i believe you are mistaken.

      Power is needed to force change.

      The kind of power that comes from the barrel of a gun.

      Why do you think they took ours away?

    3. Yes Laager I agree lets do this,at least its a start. I will send the link to Mikes website to all my friends and ask to pass on to their friends.
      Anonymous 7:59 if you go guns blazing now you will not get far because us whites are still divided. South Africans first have to learn the truth and then we can unite and move forward.

    4. Anonymous10:40 pm

      Hi Ian,

      So the solution is to create spam?

      I mean no offence but there is already a huge online presence in respect of what is happening to our people.

      Submissions have even been made to the UN regarding the situation and what of the commentary and ratings of Genocide Watch?

      In fact you will be hard pressed to find a white in SA that has not been affected either directly or indirectly

      People know what’s going on.....they just don’t care.

      Look at Syria and the impact "words" have on the ground........talk talk talk......that’s what got us fucked in the first place, believing we could reason with the enemy....and thats what keeps us fucked.

      By no means do I mean to imply that you should load your gun and go shoot someone.....what i am implying is that we should come to realise that if we wish to save ourselves.....it will take blood to do so......and before you go and counter argue that point.......consider the thousands that have been raped maimed and murdered.

      Consider this and you will realise I am not inciting violence....the violence has started a long time ago.

      What I am inciting is resistance.

      So we may have a future in the land of our forefathers.


    5. Hi Ano 10:40
      Non Taken.
      I understand your point, as well as the fact that no one gives a flying fuck about all the violence aimed at white South Africans. But we are still divided among each other and we need to find a way to unite all the white South Africans. How we are going to do that I have no idea but by spreading Mikes info under the white South Africans might help its worth a try. The UN is a bunch of communists and liberal idiots, we are wasting our time complaining to them. We all care to much about our 4x4 Double cabs,rugby and holiday houses at the sea. I agree that if we want our freedom it will not be easy and it will not be handed to us on a silver spoon.
      I agree we need to resist so lets start by not paying taxes,electricity bills and water bills if we all do this it will be a major blow to the ANC. If we can take their money away they are fucked. Maybe I need to try and hack their finance department and bank accounts and delete all their funds ha ha ha.

    6. Laager3:00 am

      @ Anon 7:59

      Agreed - freedom does not come for free
      However in parallel to any physical war there is the propaganda war
      There are millions of people on this planet who still believe what the various anti-apartheid organisations trotted out over the years.
      In many cases plain lies - see - http://www.thebibleistheotherside.org/lettersp4.htm
      This is a link from - http://southafricaproject.info/links.htm

      What we can do now is make a contribution to countering those lies.
      Mike has done a fantastic job on this blog.
      There is a wealth of information in his archives
      All we need to do is lead the uninformed to it.
      The intent is to reveal to the world that white South Africans are not the horrible evil racists they have been portrayed to be and simultaneously expose the ANC for the fraud that it is.

      @ Anon 10.40

      This is not spamming.
      Spamming is when you buy an e-mail address list and send unsolicited e-mails and information to total strangers.
      That is why we have filters and junk e-mail post boxes on our computers to counter this practice.
      We can also play our part by using the BCC feature on our e-mails to not distribute private e-mail addresses far and wide.

      What we are doing is contacting a limited number of people we personally know and ask them to take a look at an issue that concerns us.
      They have the right and freedom to accept or reject our e-mail and not pass it on.

      I have had a small success here in the UK
      A lady in our parish trotted all the saint Mandela and anti-apartheid guff out to me.
      I started sending selected articles from the various sites to her. Her eyes were opened wide and she changed her position 180 degrees.
      A liberal - she has admitted that she has been mislead
      Now everything I send her she forwards to The Guardian - probably the most left wing liberal rag in the UK - letters to the Editor
      Although they never publish her information they can never say they do not know what is going on in SA

      In the internet we have a tremendously powerful weapon at our disposal in our own homes that can circumvent the traditional information channels of radio, newspapers and television.

      Best of all our cause is totally just.
      Everything we say is there for anyone to see - if they want to.
      We do not have to fabricate any information or lie about anything
      A win-win situation if ever there was one.

      Do you ever read the American Renaissance [USA] and Sarah Maid of Albion [UK] blogs?

      There is an awakening taking place around the world as more people realise they are the victims of disinformation spread by the liberals who make it their business to get into positions of influence. This awakening in the USA and Europe is being fueled by the avalanche of 3rd world immigrants entering their countries and transforming it before their very eyes as they refuse to integrate. Poetic justice from a white Saffas point of view as we watch them grapple with the reality we were born into.

      With this method we will never know what the fruit of our labour is other than to watch the nationalist and conservative political party movement grow [I refer to Europe here] and eventually boot the liberals into touch at the ballot box.

    7. Anonymous10:18 am

      It's not that hard to play the game in front of you, and in the modern world it is NOT by acts of terrorism.

      The most important thing is to wake minds, by the same way that they were conditioned to believe leftist bullshit in the first place.

      In the same way that the biased leftist media conditioned people to think that racism can only go one way, and that "right" is a word coming from the devil, in the same way, by repeated messages their minds can be un-bullshitted.
      This stuff works. If the media could apply this effectively, we can apply counter-conditioning effectively and free minds.

      If that is spam(which it is not), then so f***ing be it. It's within the law, there's nothing wrong with it and it WORKS.


  2. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Yeah , and now the streets are being re named in Cape Town after ANC and PAC terrorists like Dullah Omar and Robert Sobukwe .

    Makes me ill , when terrorists espousing moral nudity are painted up in the media as enlightened purity . The MSM created Malema , as they have created Mandela but whats worse is the MSM are now painting Mandela as unequalled on global terms .

    I still want to know what exactly that it is , that Mandela actually did . He was a lawyer , convicted of a serious crime in a time when 25 years imprisonment , meant 25 years imprisonment - not the revolving door and turnstile variety imprisonment , post 1990 .

    The fact that he in some respects saw the error of his ways while on the island , still caused him to introduce 3rd world criminality corruption , mediocrity , bedlam and chaos on this once jewel of the african continent - while the sino russian movement rapes our continents mineral and energy resources is hardly a virtue .

    How the fuck can that be glorified .

  3. Anonymous12:30 am

    Mandela brought NOTHING to this country that I can celebrate. Most of us fell for the Mandela dream in 94, and most of us admit by now how foolish that was.

    I am so sick to the deepest parts of my soul of the black parasites in this country who is turning society to shit. From the beggars pretending to deliver a service by watching your car, to the fat parasites in government, to the ignorant brainwashed blacks with those hateful stares who has been bullshitted so deeply into believing that the country that was built by WHITE expertise and WHITE tax money now belongs to them.

    Freedom is already a misleading word in this country.


    If we were free, then the ANC wouldn't try to force us out of the labour market.
    If we were free, the ANC wouldn't be conducting an undeclared war on our people. Face it, they are involved in the genocide against our people, especially on farms.
    If we were free, then we wouldn't be forced to live amongst parasites that has degraded our society and the morals and integrity of our children and neighborhoods.

    If we were free we would be ruling ourselves. That is the only way we would have the quality of life that comes naturally to us, and that can be SUSTAINED by us.

    Yesterday, in our South African schools, our children were once again indoctrinated with anti-white bullshit, being told how bad apartheid was, what a crime against humanity it was. Being told stories of isolated cases of cruelty against blacks in prisons. Even our white dominees are now part of the black brainwashing brigade. Pathetic. They are as guilty of our genocide as the blacks committing the murders.

    I wonder if we can even comprehend how far we have fallen. The average white from 20 to 30 years ago would probably seem alien to us now, in both his can-do, never give up attitude, and sense of pride.

    Now the ANC is trying to make us feel ashamed of our skin, ashamed of being able to achieve more in life, ashamed of be fact that we have emotional restraint, which has BEEN TESTED AND WORN DOWN TO THE BONE.

    Our forefathers would weep at the thought of what we have become, the thought of the countless lives sacrificed to give us an opportunity to keep what they fought for and build on that. Too bad we built up until the early 90's and then gave it to a buffoon.

    To Mandela's communist/socialist owners, and supporters I have to say: well done. Through Jewish international media control you have made an average, unimpressive black man a world icon, and made him the poster boy for a so-called "struggle," so the world could rally around your little agenda. There were many who were more suited for the job. Quite funny when you think about it, how easily the mind can be molded into what you want it to be.

    To those Jews involved(yes Mike, I know you prefer to call those Sabatteans): I'll never understand why you stabbed South Africa in the back. Well, when I look at who controls 3/4 of our mines, maybe I DO know.
    Your involvement throughout the "struggle" against apartheid is quite obvious.
    (After all: On 11 July 1963 in broad daylight, 15 policemen commanded by a Lt van Wyk raided Liliesleaf, the 28ha farm of Arthur Goldreich in Rivonia, 16km north of Johannesburg, and rounded up a surprised bunch of communists consisting of eight Jews, four blacks and one Indian).

    Keep our children out of school and away from the anti-white hogwash, and mourn the loss of a great country that is now sinking into African standards.

    1. thank you for this...I couldn't have said it better!

  4. Anonymous12:56 am

    Hierdie is loshande die pielstyfste blog op die hele fokkin interwebs Oom!!!

  5. Anonymous3:01 am

    My Humble Plea To White Men

    This black turd has written a letter on News24 begging whites to skill up the blacks as a hobby! Can you believe it? We must impart our knowledge because we whites benefited from Apartheid and so we owe the blacks -and wham bam, South Africa will be saved, as simple as that. Read the comments. Majority think it's a brilliant idea! OMF - you can only hit your head against a wall so many times with these liberal do-gooders....

    1. Anonymous9:39 am

      haha that is very funny indeed!

      We really do not owe them anything. Had they ruled over us from the start as long as we did over them, they would have killed out all of us a long time ago... which is where we're currently headed.

      Were South Africa in their hands for 50, even 100 years, then there would be nothing standing, which is actually where we're now heading very quickly.

  6. Anonymous3:51 am

    Gaan kyk DIE VALS PRIESTERDOM op YouTube
    Dan sien jy hoe gemind fuck ons regtig is. Dit gaan oor ons kerke(NG) wat ingefiltreerd is met vrymesslary.
    Tyd om die kamp skoon te maak.

    1. Anonymous10:30 am

      Baie dankie. Ek dink dit behoort baie insiggewend te wees.

  7. my plea to black dysfunction8:47 am

    Read that plea to white men, he can get effed. I will never and have never shared my knowledge with a black ungratefull, even if you do share, they too thick to retain it.

    What this numb nut is saying is he wants white men to study and write the exams and get the qualification, and give it all to him and his fellow black zombies.

    Mandela and his clan, thru their bullshit propaganda have created a generation or maybe 2 of lazy incapable blacks.

    When they took over eskom, they chased out all the engineers in their lust and greed, now this doos comes and fawns that he wants skills transfer, skills transfer my middle finger black dick wad.

    And he comes all fake and humble like a mangy dog, then when you've taught him at great exasperation to you, he will promptly kill you.

    They too stupid and thick to learn, and now they realize that they need the dog for their survival, but we must just shake the fleas off our back.

    I don't believe his plea for one second, he can take his plea and shove it so far up his black ass that it lodges there permanently

    Someone should write my plea to black men, study in school and stop being preocupied about how you going to have sex with all the girls in your standard.
    Stop fathering dozens of children, stop chimping out for no reason, try and rread books, instead of learning the lyrics to jay Z's for shizzle my nizzle.

    I saw some liberal retards there saying it was a good idea, what asses, they don't realise that whites here are the minority, the whiteopias will be swallowed up, unlike in the USA.

    1. Anonymous4:54 pm

      Good one.

    2. Anonymous10:34 am

      News24 is liberally biased, you're likely to read all kinds of ridiculous bullshit there.
      I agree with you - fuck him. Maybe if they stop murdering my people by the thousands, then I would give a shit what they want.
      Farm murders is a phrase to cover up a much more serious problem, that is happening in towns and cities even more than on farms - WHITE GENOCIDE.

  8. Anonymous10:36 am

    Boer_ninja is unfortunately only one way and that is to fight but wait for them to lake the first move - give it time they will make the first love when mandela dies wait and see it will happen

    And when it does the liberals will compare us to Nazis but the west will be in bad shape and not be able to interfere with what we should have finished 300 years ago

  9. Anonymous12:15 pm

    My kids came home from school yesterday and as usual daddy asked "So... What did you do today?"
    They replied (a little too enthusiastically for my liking) "We sung Happy Birthday to Mandela - Happy Birthday dear Tata...".
    "Oh-h-h-h" says I.
    "Yes" beam they.
    "Why did you sing happy birthday to that corrupt marxist terrorist baby killer?" I asked.
    "He is not a baby killer" quoth they.
    "Really?" I ask.
    "Yes, My teacher says he is a great man who led us to freedom and democracy" says she.
    "He helped end Aparthied" says he.
    "Hurmmmf" mutters I "Let me introduce you to the REAL Mandela".

    After reading them verbatim the ENTIRE previous post they now have a TRUE perspective on one of our history's most prodigious lies and showcase of propaganda.

    To quote from my favourite book: "I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself. And He said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?"

    There is a way that seems right to a man... But the end thereof is death. Just as in the Bible people choose to "eat of the tree" instead of allowing God to define what is right and wrong, and unfortunately it always ends in disaster. Instead of believing God when He said do not intermarry with them, do not mix with them, do not let the rule over you... We went and did exactly the opposite...

    1. Laager3:17 am

      "He is a great man who led us to freedom and democracy"

      What a monstrous lie this is.

      It was the white man that introduced democracy into Southern Africa in the two Boer Republics and the two British Colonies.
      It was the white man that created parliaments in the 9 black Homelands in South Africa and taught them the system and then mentored them into how to manage and work within it.
      It was the white man that handed over a fully functioning democracy to them at national, provincial and municipal level.
      It is the black man who has proved to us that he does not know how capitalism works in conjunction with democracy.
      His perception is to gain control and hang on to power through force and then plunder the tax revenue pot until there is nothing left.
      He is not wired to create and nurture wealth and governmental systems.
      The rule of law - what is that?

      As my mother used to say when we stressed her out as children:
      "Dear Lord, be merciful, give me strength!"


  10. Anonymous12:41 pm

    It is coming white boy...
    UHURU is close now...
    Look around you.
    Every word is hateful.
    Every uttering consumed with violence.
    Every eye filled with envy.
    Every heart filled with greed.
    Every hand to lazy to work for it.

    Arm yourself to the teeth...
    Legally if you can...

    It is coming quickly now.
    Listen to them out there.

    Scurrying around like cockroaches.
    Doing dark deeds in dark places.
    Muttering and murmuring amongst themselves.
    Sweeping the proletariat into a frenzy.
    Everything straight out of the manual.

    But, We have read that book too...

  11. Anonymous1:38 am

    Nag van 19/20 Julie 2012. 'n Nagmerrie van 'n vrou in NSA. "Skielik, sonder waarskuwing gebeur dit. Ek het gehoor dit gaan kom, die groot moor van alle wittes maar gehoop en bid dat dit nie sal gebeur nie. Nou is dit hier! Ek staan op die wal van 'n stormwater sloot. In die sloot is duisende swart mense. Die manne is gewapen en sonder hempde. In die middel van die sloot is swart vroue met voorraad, kos, klere en wapens. Hulle staan letterlik sy aan sy, ek hoor een swart vrou aan 'n ander die opdrag gee om hul organiseering uittevoer soos wat hul dit vir 'n baie lang tyd ge-oefen het. Op die wal is 'n paar blankes wat rond skarrel. Hulle gryp angstig na hul selfone om hul families te waarsku maar daar is geen netwerk dekking nie. Angs pak my beet, hoekom is ons nie gewaarsku nie? Hoe is dat dat hul so voorbereid is en ons nie?" Gelukkig skrik ek toe wakker. My vraag aan al die hoofde van huise in ons land is dit? Hoekom kan daar nie twee of drie van julle in een saal vergader en met 'n oplossing voorendag kom nie? Hoekom wil julle nog praat van "resistance"? R1000 borg vir moordenaars van 'n wit baba, en ons doen NIKS!