31 July 2012

The SANDF’s secret slush fund of R13 Billion

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2012

Back in the 1970’s the so called “Information Scandal” broke where the Department of Information used about R64 million, channeled from the Defence budget to counter liberal lies and propaganda.

The Prime Minister John Voster, Information Minister Dr. Connie Mulder and his Secretary Eschel Rhoodie lost their positions. Rhoodie was made the scapegoat but later exonerated after a successful appeal.

Now it seems that that fund was never liquidated. It just grew exponentially. The ANC is now using it for “buying weapons and equipment and for funding covert activities”.

They say, “The account was set up in terms of the Defence Special Account Act of 1974. The act is a leftover from the apartheid years.”

SANDF’s R13bn secret fund

“Covert Activities”? We are not at war with any country. What covert activities are the SANDF involved in?

Could it perhaps be This one
Or maybe This one
Or maybe it could be This one

We can only speculate, because the article says “the activities of its funds “are such that they cannot be disclosed” .

So we will never know…

MP David Maynier, the DA’s defence spokesman, has “serious reservations” about the account. He said money was channelled through it for “a wide variety of purposes, including capital acquisition projects, that should not, for the most part, be kept secret”.

He said it was used to hide money from Parliament, with about R1.3bn apparently “warehoused” in it “despite the Defence Department pleading poverty”.

Maynier said there was “absolutely no accounting to Parliament” on how the money was spent. “The only comfort is that the Auditor-General conducts an annual audit of the Special Defence Account,” he said.

“My research shows that between 1999 and 2009 nearly R73bn was channelled through the Special Defence Account,” he said, adding that less than 2 percent of that was for so-called sensitive projects.


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