02 July 2012

Understanding the agenda

By Mike Smith
2nd of July 2012

A while ago I spoke to a senior DA member about the ANC’s incompetence and mismanagement. I told him that I am convinced that they pretend to be stupid and are driving a communist agenda behind a veil of stupidity and incompetence.

He heard me out and all the evidence I presented, but then told me that he gets to do with these ANC people every day and that they really ARE stupid.

Maybe he is right. Maybe the grassroots level ANC members are stupid, but the policy makers are not. They are Marxist intellectuals and know exactly what they are doing.

Look at this article where Helen Zille of the DA said that all ANC policies will fail .

Define “Fail”…because what she and the DA and any normal person understand as failure, the Communist sees as “Success”.

Whatever the ANC does, one has to see it from their Marxist viewpoint, not from ours.

It is not that the ANC cannot govern or run the country efficiently. But that is not why they are in government. They are in government, because they want to steal. And that they can do very efficiently.

You can look at all their failed departments from education to housing. Every department a failure in our eyes, but not in theirs.

Then there is the department of Finance. Ever noticed how efficient the tax collectors are? They have the best equipment and everything runs top efficiently. That shows you that they can run every department very efficiently, but they choose not to.

In fact the only time they fire ministers or premiers is when they are doing their jobs and become efficient. The more stuffed up a department is the more money is thrown at it and the more money can be stolen by the ANC.

The ANC constantly creates problems where there weren’t any. And then when it comes out that there are serious problems and issues, and the people demand something should be done, then the ANC provides the solution…throw money at it and siphon off as much money into their own bank accounts as possible.

See what I mean? They are not stupid. They just pretend to be. And they like us to believe so.
Currently in the news is the textbook saga in Limpopo. Six months into the school year and hundreds of schools still have no textbooks.

And now they want to blame it all on the incompetent minister and want to fire her. Why did they appoint the most incompetent person for the job in the first place?

The latest forensic reports have revealed that the cash-strapped department – which accumulated unauthorised expenditure amounting to R2.2 billion and failed to order school textbooks last year because it was bankrupt – had spent millions of rand on accommodation for employees who never attended workshops. The reports added that the department had approved payments that included “fraudulent claims for discount” by EduSolutions. The provincial education department and four others were placed under administration in December after the Limpopo Government was plunged into a R2bn cash-flow problem, which has since been stabilised.

Stealing the education department into bankruptcy

Let me tell you what is going on. The ANC feels nothing for the constitutional rights to education of the pupils. They do not care if the people remain uneducated and unemployable as long as they vote ANC. And to get their votes, they have 15 million people in the country on government grants. That is a quarter of the people. And then, in their infinite madness, they want to put the youth on pension too with a “youth wage subsidy” or a “jobseeker’s grant”. Their reasons are… they noted that young people were always the last to get jobs because of inexperience, lack of education and training.

Job seekers’ grant ‘won’t replace youth wage subsidy’

Hey? We are going in a vicious circle here. Now where must all this money come from? Obviously from those who do work and who are productive. But that is how socialism works. Punish the productive and hard working and reward the unproductive and lazy.

But the Afrikaans news summed up what is really happening Destroyed textbooks should be explained because it came out that the government paid a firm to destroy the school textbooks, many still unused, brand new and in their wrapping. The DA asked the question…”What kind of person or regime orders books to be destroyed?”

I can answer that. A Marxist terrorist regime, going by the name of the ANC.

Communist fear intelligent people. That is why they have always murdered them in their millions in every country where they came to power. The first thing they always do is to exterminate the learned class.

And one can understand why. Because no intelligent person would ever vote for the commies. Especially not for the ANC. So better to keep the people dumb, poor and dependent. Bankrupt the country and destroy food production so that the people starve…let the West shower you with aid that you distribute…If the people don’t toe the line and vote for you, they simply don’t get fed.

The name of the game is “Power for Ever”. We can stand and think the ANC is stupid. We cannot understand their policies that a five year old child knows will fail and lead to mass poverty and starvation. We cannot understand the ANC’s blasé attitude to food security and their unwillingness to protect the farmers.

But it is actually quite simple if you know what the agenda is.

Truth is that if the ANC could wipe out all the farmers today, and plunge the country into famine, it would serve their agenda 100%. We just need to see things from their perspective. Their logic is different to ours, but it makes perfect sense if you understand the game of “Power forever”.

That is why I always smile when I see Afriforum, Solidarity or the FF+ wanting to talk sense into the minds of the ANC. They want to convince them about how important food security is and that Farm murders should be a priority

Farm murders are a priority to the ANC, but it is not what Afriforum thinks. If the ANC could do anything to speed up the killing of the farmers they would. They just don’t want people to make too much noise about it.

It never stops to amaze me how people like Afriforum can think that they can talk sense into the psychopathic ANC. The ANC are Marxist terrorists. They are not reasonable people. You cannot talk to them at all. Psychopathy is incurable.

Just the fact that you are willing to talk to them or negotiate shows them that you are weak. If you were strong, you would have removed them from power. They will treat you with contempt. The only thing that they understand is their own medicine. Brutal force. Anything else is a waste of time.


  1. deklerk you traitor11:09 am

    All because that bastard de klerk, thought god had chosen him.

    Yes his god, satan.

    When is he going to peg, along with mandela, its time they check out and go to hell for a nice long warm stay.

    1. Mike! Youre back! What a time without MS! Anyway welcome back. Thousands of us were worried. I agree fully with you. Look at the bastards. Inventors of every thing according to them.For sure as ex colonel in the then functional SB SAP I know for sure the only thing they ever invented is the rondvel. Purpose: the vile offsprings cannot shit in it because the absense of corners. They are more clever than we can think. MS readers ; take note of what MS is saying.

    2. Anonymous9:32 pm


  2. Well written Mike. It's just as you say, they want people to believe they're dumb and dumber whilst they live the life of a king. Look at Zuma - a person who never completed school, who was in charge of Camp Quatro, who has blood on his hands, and is now president of SA. He looks like a dumb shit but boy does he live the life of a Zulu king. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

  3. Jason the boer11:05 pm

    One only has to read the black book of communism and the communist manifesto to see the workings of socialisy communists dirtbags.

  4. Anonymous1:02 am

    You are correct Mike and sadly our so called 'thinking' nation uses adjectives to excuse the ANC. I prefer adverbs and verbs.

    Zuma may not be "clever or educated," nor the ANC, according to Western Civilization. So underestimation of the ANC's capabilities - is the death knell to SA. A failed State is inevitable.

    Thesaurus defines our ANC dictatorship (euphemistically named Democracy.)
    No one explained the meaning of Democracy as a verb - to the Liberators.

    The ANC are exceptionally, extremely and totally -
    "SLY , - attaining or seeking to attain one's ends by guileful or devious means.
    BLATANT LIARS with skill in concealing their aims and methods.
    CUNNING with the inventive use of a "sometimes limited intelligence " in overreaching or circumventing entrapment.
    In other words - how to plunder yet survive, in a jungle of educated taxpayers. They can write a blueprint on the subject.

    The ANC are reptilians .personified... Chameleons.
    Tell people what they want to hear.
    Be everything to everybody and nothing to anyone in particular other than your own.
    The epitome of a politician especially a Communist.

    But the most relevant term is
    - Stoneage AFRICAN TRADITIONAL TRIBALISTS - which says it all.
    Eat while you can for tomorrow we starve.

  5. Anonymous1:22 am

    More proof that you are correct Mike.


    " Every time he spoke during the conference, Zuma was like a doctor diagnosing a dreadful illness requiring immediate hospitalisation - but wouldn’t say what treatment or surgery was needed. "

    " More importantly, this is a Zuma who last Friday could stand in front of 3,000 people who, minutes earlier witnessed vicious exchanges and scuffles, and say:
    “Comrades have displayed exceptional conduct and have restored the integrity of the organisation”.
    He did this for the benefit of the media, which had been deliberately kept away from the hall to hide the fracas, and South Africans watching the live television broadcast.

    To make matters worse, Zuma started giggling as he read “Disagreements took place in a comradely manner, and with a view to enhancing the policy proposals”, showing that even he didn’t believe what he was saying. "

  6. Anonymous2:05 am

    You know Mike we can all agree with you and what I have read makes perfect sense to us here on your website, but do the dumb liberals and dumb afrikaners such as Afriforum, FF-, DA etc understand this, it would be good if they could read your articles daily, would it not be possible to let them know about your site and if possible some one in the DA, FF- or Afriforum might just say "hey Mike makes perfect sense" let me tell the rest of the dumb fools in their party, we are waisting our time talking to the ANC, we need to come up with a new strategy, namely stand up and fight and say no more. Ons vat nie meer kak nie, die tyd om kak te praat is verby. I can dream cant I, no I am not naive, just dreaming, Sigh!

  7. The Secret4:36 am

    yeah the textbook thing did shock me.
    And what makes it worse,those textbooks need to be preserved for the other grades as well as the next year and next year etc

    Shocking to see that even the educators have lost a zeal for their job...

    As for our poltical leaders...they need to lead and stop messing around...because the bad doesnt last forever....THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL

  8. PreatorianXVI10:55 pm

    They are Morally, Academically and Mentally totally beyond dumb,sub par but they are CRIMINAL GENIUSES beyond anyone's level and highly opportunistic criminal.

    If the opportunity presents itself in the slightest their criminal tendencies just kick in automatically, it is a genetic blue print.

  9. Anonymous1:18 am

    Mike you bugger! I almost phoned FW to ask you to invite me to your blog! Welcome back!


  10. Anonymous9:37 pm

    I fully agree Mike.

    The ANC's only intent is to remain in power forever.

    The only way to do this is to ensure that the masses which form their power base remain stupid and ignorant.

    How do they do this....pretend that they care but FAIL in such a way that the only thing left to do is blame the whites and capitalism....both which I might add keeps this unholy trinity of Ass, Cock and kidney’s afloat financially so they can continue to drink champagne and incite hate.

    This has nothing to do with "a better life for all" but everything to do with "a better life for me"