01 July 2012

¡Viva España!

By Mike Smith
1st of July 2012

Just wanted to congratulate all my Spanish readers and friends on their victory of the European Cup. What a brilliant victory that will go down in the annals of history. I am no expert on Football but what I saw was a clinical display of skill, discipline and professionalism. Well done guys!
Here is the beautiful Spanish National Anthem, The Royal March, in all its glory…¡Viva España!


  1. Catholic homogenity rules again in the field over diversity. Should challengers had stuck to that rule they would have fare better up the ladden according to statistics.
    It seems the more diverse the team, the quicker she return home.
    The germans this time opposed various kaffirs and turks against one italian kaffir and they shamely loose.
    Then the Italians opposed their lone kaffir to a fully catholic clad spanish team and they loose like no team ever did in a final.

    The most titled national football teams came from homogenously catholic countries like Brazil, Argentine, Uruguay, Italy, while mixed catholic-potestant Germany fares slightly lower and protestant countries line Netherland fares lower.

    It is not really white suppremacy that matters in the field otherwise you would have bosnian-herzegovinians and albanians at the top not at the bottom where they always have been. It is the doctrine that feed the brain that is supreme.

    At less in football field the winner need to be catholic then christian in second choice whatever the race, lesser in the ladden the hierarchy is dictated by the number of non christians, the more they are the lesser they fare. That was plain with the french and english teams crowded with muslims and undetermined animists.

    Curiously the logic seems to apply globaly, football the most popular sport in the world is definitly a game for catholics.

    1. Quelques points intéressants que vous faites

  2. Anonymous11:34 pm


  3. The Secret2:26 am

    I would just like to add that the dudes are sooo hot sjoe!man ladies if you watch soccer,try no to melt thy vicotry was sweeeet
    heheh-having some fun

  4. voetsek10:52 am

    That is why portugal, spain and italy and greece are being targeted with the big, austerity measures plan

    portugal, spain, italy, greece and southern france, are the countries with a strong self identity, they are the ones that are hardest to multi culti, hence all of them targetted.

    Soccer shows that a multi culti team is inferiour to a mono culti team, just like a multi culti country its more stressfull living in it.

    I hope spain shows the other european countries, that you don't need blacks from africa in a team to win, it can all be home grown, take blacks out the picture then you don't have to wear coloured wrist bands with the message of, say no to racism propaganda.

    Fifa comes to africa to get feral blacks, they create the problem, then they say that the europeans have to accept them.

    I don't see many white players in the useless black african teams, I don't see black supporters in camaroon saying no to racism.

    Good for spain, But their monochromity won't go unnoticed for much longer.

    Get those black players out of the european teams

  5. Anonymous3:22 am

    Viva spain-Boerseun.Z.A.R

  6. @Voetsek,
    Those countries didn't take the european rules seriously, thus mirroring the founders themselves who simply refused to control and check what they did impose. Everybody let it go at his own pace.

    But Spain is another story. She has got untaped spiritual resources, apart from her saints and fully anti-communist clergy, like the life and deeds of General Franco, he was the educated warlord who defeated muslims then communists and rules his country for 40 years while retaining colonies in north and west Africa, this despite being a global pariah much like South Africa was for not being enough democratic. At his death the country who didn't received any marshall plan, was ranked 12th, had no debt and few unemployed.

    There are many Lessons to be learnt out there, one thinks Spain is showing the path to the europeans, once again.

  7. Anonymous1:32 am

    This euro is another pile of junk,if spain wants to return to an era of economic expansion and glory they need to abandon the euro.

  8. Anonymous3:47 am

    Before you die for the Spanish go and watch their extreme cruelty towards animals. Watch how they live their catholic religion and spiritual resources in Pamplona and elsewhere every year!


  9. Anonymous3:13 am

    What is so wrong about killing a bull bred for the purpose,when the british hunt fox do we spaniards care?