11 July 2012

When Muslims do not know their own religion and make themselves laughable

By Mike Smith
11th of July 2012

Here is link to a Muslim cop in Johannesburg who pulled a fast one saying that his religion does not allow him to share a toilet with colleagues because Muslim men sit and pee and that is why he has to use the disability toilet.

Muslim cop does not share toilet

As you know I once converted to Islam for an entire year to study this religion in detail. So I have no qualms to tell you the truth about it.
One thing that one is confronted with when joining Islam is the issue of “cleanliness”.

Muslims are actually fanatical about cleanliness but they somehow do not seem to get it right.

All you have to do is take a walk through downtown Adana, Cairo, Port Said, Karachi, etc (like I have) and see the flies who a few minutes earlier sat on human, dog and camel turds or urine are now caking around raw meat sold on the side of the road, to notice that this obsession with cleanliness does not hold water.

Then take a walk through European cities like Amsterdam, Hamburg or Copenhagen and you will see what cleanliness really is.

In the case of the cop above, The Islamic Council of SA's Amir Hazarvi said no Muslim scripture stated Muslims could not share bathrooms with people from other races, religions or cultures.

Thank you. At least some of them know their religion properly.

Actually Muslim men do not “Sit” they Squat. Their toilets in predominantly Muslim countries have a hole in the ground and a place for two feet next to it.

Now a bit of Muslim belief system and scriptures.

Muslims have the Quran and everything that stands in there should be carried out to the letter. Whatever in there is either Halaal (allowed) or Haram (forbidden). Eating pork is Haram.

Then they have the Sacred Hadith which is a collection of quotes and sayings by the Prophet that helps one to interpret the Quran.

In there, there are many things that the Prophet suggested as Sunnah not a must, but good if you do it. Like for instance wearing a goatee beard.

Circumcision for males is another one of these suggestions. It is not a must to join Islam and no Imam will request that a man be circumcised before he can join Islam. It is something that he can do later if he feels so. Nowhere in the Quran does it say that a man has to be circumcised to be a Muslim.

According to the Hadith, the Prophet’s last wife Aysha, the one he married when she was only nine and still playing with her dolls said of him later that he only used to sit/squat and pee in order to prevent him getting urine splashed on him, because if so he would have to change his entire clothing before he could enter a mosque or pray.

Now in modern times we know that there is not much difference between sweat and urine apart from the one coming through sweat pores on the skin and the other through the sexual organ.

And that is where the obsession lies, because anything to do with sex and sexuality or sexual purity is obsessively dirty in Islam.

Now what Muslims do is to wash their genitals or arse after going to the toilet. It is called Istinja or Wudu. But being in the desert and seeing that Saudi Arabia has not a single river in it, they often came across the situation where no water was available, so they used a stone or even dust to “clean” themselves with the left hand, because the right was for eating.
Remember that this was the time before the Chinese invention of toilet paper reached the Arabian Peninsula. If they had toilet paper back then they probably would have said: “Wow! Praise be to Allah…now we do not have to use stones and dust anymore.”

A lot of the Muslim beliefs are rooted in practical experience and common sense back in the desert of the 7th century. Women covering their hair would keep out desert dust and where water was scarce it would only make sense. In Europe where there was always an abundance of water, women did not wear scarves around their heads, but I am sure that if they have found themselves in the desert they would do exactly the same as those Arabic women.

Men with a bald patch on their crown would cover it with a Kufiya to prevent the sun from scorching it. Any European man would have done the same under similar circumstances.

The same with the Burqa. If you have the extreme sun and dry air of the desert then it makes sense for women to cover their faces when outside to preserve their beauty. Under similar conditions any woman from Europe would have done the same.

Pork goes off easily and all sorts of diseases can be contracted from it.

In Europe this was not a problem, because they had lots of wood to smoke it and preserve for long periods in colder climates, but in the desert back then it was strictly forbidden, because eating pork was a matter of life or death.

But time marched on and technology developed. We have refrigerators now and washing machines, more than enough water to wash as many times a day as we wish. We have hair salons and fancy shampoos. There are fancy facial creams for both men and women and sun tan oil factor 40.

There is no need for Muslims living in Europe to wear Burqas and Pahrdas anymore. These things served their purpose way back then in the desert of the 7th century, but they have become obsolete in modern society…unless of course you want to make a political statement.

So I have to conclude that this Muslim cop in Johannesburg has no leg to squat on. Even his authoritive body, the Islamic Council of SA confirmed it. He should try another one.


  1. Or observe the state of the public toilet at Dubai Intl airport. A cleaner was actually busy cleaning the floor with hose pipe, such was the volume of pis on the floor.

  2. Jason the Boer11:49 pm

    Them dirty mohammadens!!!

  3. Anonymous3:08 am

    And they call themselves sons of abraham?

  4. Anonymous5:49 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtEpM9BqvQI&list=UU0xmLTeRaWCchgl0hRNGthQ&index=5&feature=plcp (based on archeological findings)