15 July 2012

Who is really behind Somali Piracy?

By Mike Smith
15th of July 2012

I have been meaning to say a few things about the case of Bruno Pelizzari and Debbie Calitz that were captured by Somali pirates in 2010 and recently released.

‘I was raped by Somali captors’

According to reports the couple was kept handcuffed all of the time, hardly fed, Debbie was kept naked all of the time and raped by the Somali pirates.

The part that shocked me was this:

“Calitz said she bore no grudges: “They were young enough to be my children, I can’t hate them. They don’t know any different.”

Now it is difficult to understand the liberal mind, especially when Stockholm Syndrome sets in under severe conditions and I am not going to even try to explain or understand what went through Debbie Calitz’s mind at the time, why she has the attitude she has today or whatever…I am not a psychologist. I will just say that I think she needs professional help urgently and I will leave it up to the psychologists to explain it. I am sure they will have a field day with this case.

The question that is going through everyone’s mind is “What were they doing in well known Pirate waters in the first place?”

In 2010, 208 vessels were attacked and 44 hijacked.

Somali piracy started around 2005. So it is not as if people, especially yachties such as the couple above, were not informed. Everyone knew about how dangerous the Somali waters were at the time.

You have to be nuts to sail in there, unless you were a liberal looking for adventure and kicks.

Nevertheless, nobody knows why the couple was released, if a ransom was paid or what, but apparently the Somali and Italian governments were involved, probably because Bruno Pelizzari is an Italian citizen.

Which brings us to an interesting question. Who sits behind the piracy in Somalia?

Ten years ago Somalia had virtually NO piracy. The known piracy areas at the time were the South East Asia areas of the Mallaca straits, Indonesian Islands and the Philippine Islands. Most of the pirates were former seafarers who turned to piracy. They knew ships. They knew how to get around on a ship, where the captain’s cabin was, where the ship’s safe was and that the Captain kept loads of cash in there by international law, just in case the shipping company went bankrupt and the seamen lost their last month’s salary.

Then suddenly piracy shifted from there to Somalia almost overnight. Suddenly the Somalis went from nothing to highly organized and technically advanced piracy operations.

Who was training and funding them?

There is no way that anybody will convince me that a bunch of Somalis who cannot even grow food to support themselves or run a Spaza shop in a South African township can come with their supped-up dugout canoes and organize sophisticated piracy operations complete with Swiss bank accounts, and nobody can catch them or sort them out.

Now if you read the liberal MSM they blame it all on…you guessed it…Whitey.

The official story goes something like this…The Somali government failed and the navy collapsed in 2005. So the Europeans saw an opportunity to dump their nuclear waste in Somali waters. They contracted the Italian Mafia who runs the nuclear disposal operations in Europe and these Mafiosi dumped the nuclear containers in Somali waters. This depleted the fish stocks and poisoned the sea.

So the poor Somali fishermen had no other alternative but to turn to piracy in order to survive…This is also the story the pirates spin to the shipping companies when they ask for a ransom to release the vessel and the crew, saying the money will go to cleaning up the waste…

Yeah right. I know the self flagellating liberals would love that story, but if you believe that bollocks then you are a fool.

You can read a textbook anti European propaganda piece over here at the Al-Jazeera site

All speculation, allegations and not a shred of evidence produced. They cannot name a single company or a single firm who dumped toxic waste in Somalian waters, let alone make a case against any; they rather refer to it in loose terms such as “European Firms”.

Let me tell you who is behind the piracy in Somalia on the hand of an example.

About 15 years ago when crime started skyrocketing in South Africa my house had no wall around it, no burglar bars and no security gate. I had a dog and the only security I needed I carried in a holster on me.

Then one evening around 18h00 a nice blond lady knocked on my door and told me that she was from one of the big American private security companies operating in South Africa and asked me if she could have a moment of my time. I invited her in and let her speak for about 15 minutes.

She was offering me armed response; sensors in my house that would relay exactly how many people were in the house, in which rooms, etc…

Somewhere there would be a central office, filled with New South Africans who would then know exactly if I was home or not, in which room I was. If I was awake or sleeping, etc…My concern obviously was…What stopped them from selling that info to their criminal buddies?

I asked her a question. What was the worst thing that could happen to her company? I gave her the answer after receiving a blank stare.

The biggest disaster that could hit her company was if there was no crime in South Africa, because then she and her company would be obsolete.

In my opinion it was in the best interest of such security companies to have crime and the more the better. Crime pays, see? So if you want to know who sits behind the crime in SA…just follow the money. Private security companies in South Africa employ four times more people than the entire police force.

Nevertheless, a few days after I rejected her offer and told her that I believe in taking charge of my own personal security, I had an attempted break in at my front door, but the bastards fled when I switched on the light. A few days later they broke in at the neighbour’s garage and I pulled off two shots on the fleeing bastards. We formed a vigilant neighbourhood watch and after that we had no more crime and it cost us nothing.

Somali piracy, just like crime in South Africa is a mafia like protection racket run by private security companies and insurance companies who profit from it. As simple as that.

Who are the Winners?

“Analysis shows that the biggest winners in the piracy game are not pirates per se, although pirates do reap considerable profits from their activities. Clearly, the costs of insurance and security deterrent equipment substantially exceed pirate ransoms…What is clear though is that international security companies remain the largest indirect winners, as a result of the need for private security and on board deterrent equipment, alongside global insurance companies, which reap considerable profits from charging higher war-risk premiums.”

The economics behind Somalia’s Piracy

Anybody who puts their own personal security in the hands of private security companies should remember what Machiavelli wrote about mercenaries in Chapter XII of “The Prince”.

“Mercenaries and auxiliaries are useless and dangerous; and if one holds his state based on these arms, he will stand neither firm nor safe; for they are disunited, ambitious and without discipline, unfaithful, valiant before friends, cowardly before enemies; they have neither the fear of God nor fidelity to men, and destruction is deferred only so long as the attack is; for in peace one is robbed by them, and in war by the enemy. The fact is, they have no other attraction or reason for keeping the field than a trifle of stipend, which is not sufficient to make them willing to die for you. They are ready enough to be your soldiers whilst you do not make war, but if war comes they take themselves off or run from the foe.”


  1. Anonymous6:24 am

    And that is why crime levels in SA will never drop. There are to many entities making a profit out of crime, like the government, short term insurance, tracking companies, the motor industry, etc.

    First they scare the shit out of us then they prey on hour fears.

    I hope that the world economy collapses soon. I would gladly go without food if I can watch these bastards suffer.

  2. Anonymous12:12 pm


    Mike first off glad to see the site back -worried you would never come back so good to be back - What happened to you, looked for any news on what happened guess the blog got flagged?

    Second i said the same thing -

    If they were old she would have said they needed to feed their grandchildren

    If they were her age then she would have said they needed to feed their children

    These people are sick fucken psycho paths, i thought i liberal would wake up when raped or beaten but in fact i was dead wrong they become even more convinced they are right

    perhaps there is a psychological term for this, i dont know but one thing i know and have seen the more liberals are beaten by their animals and pets the more they love them and feel sorry for them

    I cant feel sorry for this couple, especially after making such statements like this, for fuck sakes how can someone even come out and say something like this in the first place?

    Seriously not sure what is up with these people

    It just goes to show that when the kak hits the fan in SA that amidst all the manure they will still love these savages, all i know is my gate will be closed to them and i dont care what happens to them, the most barbaric things can happen i will not shed a tear at all - sounds cruel, tough but i dont want to be around liberal fuck tards like this

    I would rather be around insane people atleast i know who they are - but these liberals my god they just dont get it.

    1. BN...if you want to understzand this kind of mindset then read the book by Dr. Jamie Glasov, "United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror"

    2. Anonymous1:57 pm

      I feel the same way with regard to computer hacking. The big companies like Norton and Symantec profit in the billions by computer hacks scaring the public with viruses. I think it possible that they (the Nortons) start the hacking themselves.

    3. A few years back a white woman in Haiti was raped. Her response? She was grateful that it had happened as she could now relate to what her black sisters were dealing with. Liberals are missing a few brain cells.


    4. Anonymous1:01 pm


      Thanks mike found it here


      Watch it

  3. Touché, Mike: "follow the money"
    As Steven Levitt (author of Freakonomics) put it: "economics is the study of incentives."
    Sometimes it's not so obvious though. Just like the security companies benefit from increased crime, so do the police. I remember when that car bomb went off outside Constantia Village some years ago, I found it extremely odd that within days legislation was tabled in Parliament that established not one but two new special investigative police agencies, both with sinister-sounding mandates - of course this passed with massive support from the politicos as well as the public. All just too neat. Did they have these documents sitting on a shelf, waiting for the right moment? Was it just a coincidence? Or did the police have a hand in the bombing? ... Having a conspiratorial bent, I opted for the latter explanation, to my wife's intense annoyance.
    Well blow me down when someone who was wanted as chief state witness in another case was arrested at a road block in the Free State a couple of days later in the company of a police detective who was busy spiriting him away to Joburg. This man confessed to the Constantia bombing and fingered the police, providing details of the explosives and modus and training that was provided by his handlers...
    Of course he, who'd been wanted as chief witness in another case, was declared "mentally unfit" and the whole story went down the Orwellian memory hole.
    So the point of the story is to support your contention that not only is it instructive to consider who, perhaps inadvertently, benefit from crime but that those very agencies will not hestitate to stoop to furthering crime themselves.

  4. Anonymous6:03 am

    That case seems very odd. They plan to write a book, etc. I'm not deny that it could have happened, but did you see this weekends paper? To me they look like shysters. Something in their eyes.

  5. Anonymous7:30 am

    maybe she likes that black mamba

  6. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Always wondered why the American Army could not find a large tanker with there satellite?

  7. Mike, this whole thing of nobody knowing how or why they were freed is VERY STRANGE in my opinion, why is it being covered up?

    The truth according to my source is they were freed by Transitional National Government troops when they raided the pirate compound in central Somalia where the couple was kept. My source for this information is a well known military website, see the link to the article which main theme isn't even the couple but captured Iranian terrorists...


    I sent an e-mail to ewn.co.za questioning the reason for the silence on this subject supplying them with the same information; they did not even acknowledge receiving my e-mail. What in heaven’s name is going on in regards to this so called taboo subject!

  8. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Refer to article in,"yahoo World News"where pirate leader is given Diplomatic Passport.
    Great Articles.
    Thanks for all your research and hard work.

  9. Why so sceptical of the security companies, Mike? I know a number of operators, who are white South Africans like myself, who make a good living in Maritime Security! They cannot find work in SA thanks to BEE and other evils, and "do what they have to do" to put food on the table.
    Although possible, I find it improbable that the Security companies are the cause of piracy!

  10. Anonymous8:15 am

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