06 July 2012

Zapiro has gone too far

By Mike Smith
6th of July 2012

You know, I quite like old Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro), the cartoonist from the Mail & Guardian and over the years he has really stuck it to the ANC and their cronies…

…But this time he has really gone too far. He has portrayed President Jacob Zuma as a dick!!! I have to express my utter disgust with his latest cartoon. How could Zapiro stoop so damn low to do this?

I mean a dick is useful. Comparing Jacob Zuma to a dick is an insult to dicks the world over.

I am also a dick and I take serious offense to this cartoon.

Just imagine if you were a dick how you would have felt being compared to a useless piece of trash such as JZ. Dicks have feelings too you know.

It does not matter what a dirty dick you are, what a rude dick you are, as far as I am concerned, no dick deserves to be treated like this. It simply cannot carry on like this and as a proud dick myself, I have to take a firm and hard stand against this vile dick-bashing. This cartoon was totally uncalled for.

I am all for free speech and free expression, but Zapiro has misused his freedom to viciously attack and offend dicks. This is not satire. This is not holding the mirror up to them...This is anti-dick hatespeech of the worst order and dick hatred pure.

I just hope that Jonathan Shapiro can find it in his heart to apologize unreservedly for his latest cartoon. He and the M&G most probably will get sued by some dicks now, but then again they asked for it. There are some things in this world that one simply does not do…and I am sorry, but insulting a dick like this is one of them.

ANC Women’s league lashes Zapiro for Zuma Cartoon


  1. Anonymous7:50 am

    He he........Bwa. ha ha........brilliant Mike and Zapiro ..WE live in a dangerous but interesting country. Only in South Africa !!!!!!! Just when I think I have seen and read it all, I am stunned by the creativity of you and Zapiro.


  2. Anonymous10:39 am

    Mooi Mike Smith!
    What is more, dicks are made for nation building, unity and useful expression.

  3. Anonymous10:55 am

    Dick, Tom and Harry.
    Word Tom en Harry nie bietjie afgeskeep nie????

  4. Zapiro cartoon draws fire
    Zapiro responds
    Zapiro skeptical about cohesion
    “Dissident views are essential for real change. Irreverence toward leaders who take themselves too seriously is a vital part of democracy, if ANC spokespeople feel the cartoon should be ignored then they are free to ignore it.” Immortalized quote by Jonathan Shapiro 6th of June 2012
    Zapiro skeptical about cohesion
    Read the comments ANC…everyone is supporting Zapiro. The problem does not lie with him. It lies with YOU. You are crying like babies because he is telling the truth about your corrupt failure of a useless president and the party you vote for time and again. Get a life you useless scum.

    1. Anonymous5:50 am

      Zapiro is great ! have had a hell of a laugh !

  5. what alotta cock I got2:32 pm

    Thanks de klerk, you sure were chosen by god, to fullfil a mission

    The retrograding of south africa by 200yrs

    Why is it that blacks can't handle insults, they are dumbstruck that whites can be so irreverant on the chief

    They get there marauding savage hardes to rape pillage and intimidate the goodman gallery into pulling the painting down

    Now we going to hear how a sketch of s cock is so upsetting and damaging to their sensitive minds

    A pity they not as badly damaged or upset by the rape of 6month old babies, or lesbians being bashed with bricks, or women being raped, or the 18000 murders a year.what about the muti murders minute having small children tourted for body parts, does that not upset you hypocrites?

    Why not march on the offices of those that didn't deliver the text books, why not go burn some tyres there?

    Slaves, a cock and balls upsets them so terribly, you liars, but we've always known blacks to nbe the biggest liars ever.

    If a cock sketch damages and traumatises you so much, why don't the other things traumatise you half as much.

    Now 702 is going to have culture comprehension talk shows again, and how upsetting it is for blacks to see a cock, why do they film themselves shagging on their cell phones anmd then spread it like its the best thing since arromat?

    The reason they chose zuma is because they exactly like him.

  6. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Calling that man a dick ... What an offense!
    Even my woman is offended.
    Dicks are an integral part in the creation of babies.
    Z.U.M.A (Zero Understanding of Management Affairs) is only integral in creating problems.
    May he be forever impotent!
    (And may all his wives snigger at him ...)

  7. Anonymous3:40 pm

    You are quite right Mike, but in my opinion Shapiro made another terrible mistake because as he has put a face to it he really should have left out the balls!!

  8. Anonymous8:37 pm

    anon 5:45
    his wives already do snigger at him - they all hope to pass him off to each other when he's horny - they just want a house , money and time to shop and sit on their fat asses

  9. Anonymous8:40 pm

    to any black person reading this blog
    dont get all enraged by the stories and comments
    as it clearly says on top " the truth hurts "
    if you want sugar coated lies - go to the main stream media (MSM)

  10. Anonymous4:45 am

    this is pathetic and silly and evil. every1 is different and how they act is not denoted ny their skin colour/race but by who they are inside. What is the purpose of blogs such as this? What do u get after this ranting and raving? Jy kry niks maar seer vingers. But I'll tell you what- u guys are just as evil and pathetic as the blacks that u r critising coz u r also cultivating more anger and hate instead of coming up with useful solutions since you are all so "clever", you are busy gossiping like old women. Pathetic!!

    South Africa is going to continue being a bloodbath because of these stupid "I hate Blacks" or "I hate Whites" blogs.

    May God bless you and hopefully grant you the wisdom to use your intelligence (you are really very intelligent) for better use.

    Fellow colour-less South African