31 August 2012

The Marikana Massacre update: An intermediate report

By Mike Smith
31st of August 2012

Two days before the Massacre of 34 miners at the Lonmin Marikana Platinum mine, I mentioned how the London mine bosses’ worst fears came true. Their little appeasement project and conspiracy with the ANC was backfiring on them as the natives were getting restless and knocking on their doors for more money. It was clear that the ANC was unable to control their own supporters. I asked the question “what now?” and speculated whether the mine bosses would try to buy the union leaders and ANC top-brass off. I told them that it would fail.

I also warned them that whenever moderates come up against extremists, history has shown that the extremists always won. There is only one way to survive the attack of the extremists and that is to more extreme than the extremists. I further said: “I cannot tell the mining bosses what they should do, but eventually they are going to start running out of options as they lose mine after mine.”

Mining bosses’ worst fears realized. What now?

It was clear. The mining bosses had to take drastic measures. They obviously spoke to their ANC buddies and told them to get their union dogs back on their leashes.

The ANC knew that they had to heed, because if they did not, they would be out of the government and lose their prime position at the front of the feeding trough. The same people who brought them to power (the Anglo American mining fraternity and their secret agents in MI6, and the CIA) could take them out of power again.

The order came from the top of the ANC, because suddenly we saw an unusually strong police presence at Marikana. The police at Marikana was reported to be made up of several specialist police units from across the country, including the police’s mounted unit and the elite Special Task Force.

They also did not come to do riot control as can be seen on several videos and pictures that the Special Task Force was dressed in camouflage battle dress and armed with Heavy Machine Guns mounted on trucks.

Literally a few minutes before the Marikana Massacre, the ANC passed a “Deadly Force” bill through parliament in which the police could use deadly force on the public killing anyone suspected of committing a schedule one offence - which includes treason, sedition, public violence, murder, culpable homicide, and rape…

ANC passed a deadly forces bill just before the Marikana Massacre

Then the Marikana shooting happened and the preliminary reports in the newspapers read Three Minutes: 18 bodies
Mike Smith: Three minutes: 18 bodies

Those preliminary reports also stated how the police had tried to intercept a section of the strikers on a hill, cordoned them off with barbed wire, fired at them with a water cannon and teargas. It then said that the miners returned fire with live ammunition. It also mentioned “The deafening sound of low flying choppers”.

At least one circling helicopter can be seen in the Al Jazeera video.

In these kinds of investigations, preliminary reports are very important, because they are untarnished by spin and influence from opinion makers. Therefore the amount of 18 bodies is very significant and can be seen on all the pictures at the time. Personally I could only count about twelve from looking at the pictures from different angles... A Reuters cameraman said he saw at least seven bodies

Then the next reports came out in which the Police Minister said that “over 40” and then “close to 40” strikers were killed. I corrected my figures online as I saw the MSM online reports were corrected too. The official number then came to 34 dead and 78 injured in the ANC’s Sharpeville

It can clearly be seen from all the pictures taken at the shooting that there were never 34 dead bodies.

Originally the journalists counted only 18. Where did the other 16 dead bodies come from?

At this stage the first spin doctored reports came out with the official line, “Suddenly, a group of miners rushed through the underbrush and teargas at a line of police officers. Officers immediately opened fire, with miners falling to the ground.”

Molaole Montsho, a journalist with the South African Press Association stated that ”The police opened up with a water cannon first, then used stun grenades and teargas to try to break up the crowd”. The run up to the Lonmin Police Turkey shoot

I am sure that is how it appeared to him.

However, after analyzing all the footage from various video sources on the scene and speaking to several former special forces connections, (32 Battalion and Koevoet) who alerted me to certain scenes, I came up with a preliminary analysis of what happened at Marikana

The tactics were similar to classic COIN-ops (Counter Insurgency operations) used during the Angolan Bush War and were easily identified and confirmed by several sources.

The group of striking miners that was killed was split from the main group by the laying of concertina wire. They were then “herded” with water cannon blasts, rubber bullets and teargas and boxed in next to a cattle kraal by Nyala armoured vehicles in a classic “funnel formation”. It can be clearly witnessed from the Al Jazeera video how the police shot at the miners first from behind the Nyalas using what appeared to be rubber bullets from pump action shot guns. One miner returned fire with a pistol captured from a murdered policeman earlier in the week.

At the mouth of the “funnel” was a police skirmish line waiting for them with live ammunition from R5 automatic rifles.

It became clear that the miners were not charging the police in a foolish attack with spears, despite being high on “bulletproof Muti”, but were merely trying to get away from the rubber bullets and the teargas. Many of them had their mouths and noses covered with blankets to prevent breathing the teargas when they were mowed down and slaughtered by the police. I doubt it if they even knew what had hit them.

This is about where the official reports stop…and people thought it was over…

However…In the Al Jazeera video: Dozens killed in South Africa mine shooting The New Zealand journalist, Tania Page stated clearly that the police pursued the miners (known as “hakkejag-opperasies”, literally “heel-chasing operations”) and that gun fire could still be heard half an hour later. Ambulances only arrived one hour later. Why were ambulances not on standby at the scene right from the start? They had days to organize it. Where was the mine’s own medical staff?

Mounted police swept the area, looking for pockets of resistance.

The police arrested about 270 miners afterwards and tortured them in prison cells. Cops torture miners

And as if that was not enough, in a bizarre and absurd case of law called “Common Purpose”, a relic from the Apartheid era, the police charged the 270 miners with the murder of their 34 colleagues that was killed by the police. Not even the Justice Minister can understand this move Justice Minister asked National Prosecuting Authority to explain charges

The police should be careful that they do not push this issue too far, lest they sit with a country wide revolution on their hands. I stated why when I wrote about the Bantu’s preoccupation with revenge as is stated in the High Law of the Bantu people Why the Lonmin Massacre is only the start of the violence to come and why Africa will never have peace

It has now surfaced that the Police indeed chased down miners, drove them over with Nyalas and shot several in the back. Miners were also bombed with a blue, liquid substance from helicopters that turned rocks and plants a deep blue colour. Protesting miners felt their eyes burn and couldn’t breathe and were effectively immobilized. Was this chemical warfare used on South African citizens, by the SA Police? Samples were taken for analysis.

In fact it is starting to become clear to various journalists visiting the scene of the Marikana Massacre that I was right all along…

I quote this from the City Press report: Bloody Marikana: What the media didn’t tell you

“What is clear from what we are told is that this was an ambush. The video material in mainstream media showing workers charging at the police was in fact workers running away from bullets being hurled from behind.”

Exactly! If you cannot see it, you must be blind.

The police were not “defending themselves”…Like I said right from the beginning, it was a police turkey shoot. Nothing more.

Here you can see some more reporting complete with pictures coming to exactly the same conclusions as I did on my blog Daily Maverick: The murder fields of Marikana. The cold murder fields of Marikana

Here are some extracts:

• Of the 34 miners killed at Marikana, no more than a dozen of the dead were captured in news footage shot at the scene.
• The majority of those who died, according to surviving strikers and researchers, were killed beyond the view of cameras at a nondescript collection of boulders some 300 metres behind Wonderkop.
• According to an eyewitness “Themba” (not his real name) “Most people who are in hospital were shot at the back. The ones I saw in hospital had clear signs of being run over by the Nyalas,” he said. “I never got to go to the mortuary, but most people who went there told me that they couldn’t recognise the faces of the dead (they were so damaged by either bullets or from being driven over).”
• It is becoming clear to this reporter that heavily armed police hunted down and killed the miners in cold blood. A minority were killed in the filmed event where police claim they acted in self-defence. The rest was murder on a massive scale.

End of quote:

From another author on the same website, Mandy de Waal came this report: Marikana: What really happened? We may never know and in there you can read how the police destroyed and tampered with evidence.

• “…researchers, activists and rights officials at the scene of Lonmin’s killing fields are accusing the police of tampering with evidence…”
• “…allegations that police at the killing scene destroyed evidence.”
• “There is grass that has been burned and you can see blood which has been burned,” said Peter Alexander, a professor from the University of Johannesburg. “Clearly the police have been removing evidence without there being any independent investigator present.”
• “I think it would also be quite difficult to remove the pools of blood, which show that there was more than one killing site at Marikana.”
• “By Monday, the place had been cleaned so we couldn’t find rubber bullets, canisters, live ammunition shells and that sort of thing. However, you could see where the arc of a water canon had been, because of the dye.”
• “There seems to be evidence of people killed in other places too. I heard also that there were bones at the scene earlier on. But I didn’t see them. It appears that these had been cleaned up.”
• “we heard more than one report of police vehicles driving over bodies or a body. The version we heard, but we don’t have any way to corroborate it, was that some of the bodies can’t be identified because they are so badly destroyed.”
• The miners we spoke to claim that maybe one guy shot at the crowd with rubber bullets, but most of the police shot with live ammunition. They claim that the police then replaced the live round cartridges on the scene with rubber bullets.”

End of quote: 

There are still many questions that need to be answered in this saga and a lot of evidence will still be exposed. Watch this space.

The Malema Agenda

By Mike Smith
31st of August 2012

Yesterday, Malema said that he and his “friends” were going to lead the mining revolution. That they were going to go to every mine in the country and make ungovernable until the “Boers come to the table”.

Now I am not sure if he meant with “Boers” all white people, the bosses of the mines or literally the “Boers”.

As we know, the mines of South Africa are not controlled by  Boers, but are owned by British and American interests and their top directors include a myriad of ANC top brass and NEC members.

However, Malema continued his vitriolic attack on “The Boers”

He spoke to black miners who had earlier sung the banned rendition of “Dubul’ ibhunu” (Shoot the Boer)…

He gave his blessing for miners from the neighbouring Gold One mine to down tools on Monday in an industrial strike that could cripple the mine.

Mineworkers shouted in agreement when Malema accused other leaders, including the National Union of Mineworkers, of being paid “protection fees” by white business owners.

“These [business] people are very rich. They buy people and give them money. Boers killed the NUM. They bought them with shares. The Boers have hijacked the revolution through the [ANC] leadership.

“The revolution is leaderless. If there was leadership in this country it can’t take four years [to pay mineworkers],” said Malema.

He told workers not to allow white business owners to divide them.

Before his address, Malema listened attentively to complaints from mineworkers, including women, who have cried about the spate of crime in their community since the mine was shut down.

Mine workers complained about being neglected by the ANC government in their plight to get their money.
ANC sold out to Boer mine owners

So let me get this right…

President Zuma’s nephew and Mandela’s grandson ran the Aurora mine into bankruptcy, never paid the workers and pocketed the money…and the Boers are made the scapegoat?

The Lonmin mine, a British owned operation, could not control their workers, called the ANC’s police in to put them in their place, who then slaughtered 34 miners…But the Boers get blamed?

What the hell is the actual Malema agenda here? They want to incite a nationwide revolution by using the miners from Cosatu (NUM) as their “soldiers”. They want to start off with a massive strike that will fold the South African economy as we know it…Cripple the country’s energy supply, because if the coal mines strike there will be no power from the power stations and no petrol will be pumped, because the pumps work with electricity.

And throughout all this time, they sing…”Kill the Boers”…

I think it should be quite clear what the agenda is.

30 August 2012

Julias on the coming mining revolution

By Mike Smith
30th of August 2012

I am so glad that Julias has said it. It means that our freedom is near. Freedom from the Marxist tyranny of the ANC regime.

“We are going to lead a mining revolution in this country. We are going to each mine. We will run these mines ungovernable until the boers come to the table,” he said.

'We are worse off than during apartheid'

Be careful what you wish for Julias...You might just get it.

And on the other fronts…

In Pietersburg the ANC Komsomol was on the march again …complete with makeshift AK47 rifles.

Roads in Sandto closed due to protest

Training exercises? You bet!

29 August 2012

Societal vaccination against a societal virus

By Mike Smith
29th of August 2012

I quite enjoyed Biology at school. Can’t remember much about the plant section like all the angiosperms, but I remember much about the human anatomy, virus and bacterial infections and Loius Pasteur and all that crap about Immunisation.

Apparently, the way I understood it, is that there is no cure for any viral infection. The body has to build up its own defence against the virus.

Now fortunately the Old Man upstairs gave us the means to do that. He gave us little soldiers called Antibodies that can fight these invasive bastards.

But these little soldiers are a bit vague. They are dof. The have to first recognize that the intruder is a foreigner, then alert all the other soldiers, then “gooi wal” and “keer” for all they are worth. So then they study the tricks of the viruses and kill him/them off or contain him/them under house arrest for the rest of his/their life.

So those uncles with the thick glasses and the many pens in the pockets of their white jackets thought a bit further and they decided to play a trick on our little soldiers. They could train our little soldiers beforehand.

By injecting a little bit of this virus called an antigen, they could alert our bodies to an intruder and let the body create some antibodies against the bastard and therefore be forever alert to these bastards of this kind.

And that is how I understood the basics of immunization went...in Matric.

But then came the question and answer section to the teacher…

So what will happen if the body is tricked and does not recognize the intruder as an enemy and thinks it is a friend?

What will happen if the body is so exhausted that it simply cannot produce little soldiers to fight the virus?

Does my own body need to produce little soldiers if a Doctor from outside can simply inject some little soldiers from a foreign body into my body to fight the virus?

What happens if we make a mistake and inject too much of the antigen virus and it multiplies and overwhelms our bodies, despite all efforts of antidotes? Then we die…don’t we?

Is the doctor injecting me with the virus my friend or my enemy?

The questions are endless really…

Australia to boost refugee numbers as part of a plan to deter illegal immigration
Australia to increase refugee intake to 20,000 annually

The Red Arch shuns Tony (B)liar

By Mike Smith
29th of August 2012

As you know I am no friend of Tony Blair. The guy is a liar a NWO scumbag and a mass murderer…did I mention he is an idiot as well?

The sub-IQ’d twat was co-responsible for the mass murder of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

The Muslim political party Al Jama-ah plans to arrest Tony (B)liar in Johannesburg where he is planned to speak at Discovery Health’s Leadership Convention in Sandton on Thursday. They want him tried for war crimes. I wish them luck. I sincerely hope they succeed.

Protesters hope to arrest Blair

It won’t be the first time the public has tried to arrest him all over the world. In fact there is a movement online called Arrest Blair who wants to bring this Illuminati lapdog trash to justice.

But that is not what I am too much concerned about, because in the order of things, Blair is small fry. I want them to arrest the Sharks at the top of the food chain.

I am more concerned about the Red Archbishop who refused to share a platform with Tony (B)Liar.
The Red Arch refused to share a platform with Tony Blair over Iraq

Apparently The Arch feels justified, because he is the owner of a Nobel Peace Prize, and Tony Blair not.

According to the BBC “The veteran peace campaigner said Mr Blair's support for the Iraq war was "morally indefensible" and it would be "inappropriate" for him to appear alongside him.”

“In a statement, Dr Tutu's Office said: "Ultimately, the archbishop is of the view that Mr Blair's decision to support the United States' military invasion of Iraq, on the basis of unproven allegations of the existence in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, was morally indefensible.”

What a pathetic attempt to “steig” the moral high ground.

This Red Bastard had no problem to support the Anti-Christian forces of the Satanic Communist World in their invasion of Africa and more specifically South Africa.

How was the mass murder of millions of Africans by the Communist trash "morally defensible" in his eyes?

The same guy found the Apartheid government who never even came close to that amount of dead "morally indefensible".

The Arch fully supported the Marxist terrorist ANC, the SA Communist Party and the Socialist Trade Unions of Cosatu when they planted bombs all over South Africa blowing up innocent women and children (black and white) and necklaced thousands of innocent people in the townships or threw them off moving trains.

The Arch was instrumental in bringing these scumbags to power. The ones who are currently running South Africa, the country of my birth, into the ground, through their untold corruption, theft, nepotism, misrule and incompetence. The same ones who are responsible for an official distorted count of 18,000 murders a year. The same ones who are responsible for genocide perpetrated against the white farmers of South Africa. The same ones who are responsible for racist policies like BEE and AA discriminating against my people…the list is endless.

The Arch wants to concern himself with Blair and Iraq?? He should rather worry about what is wrong in South Africa. He should rather avoid being seen close to the ANC and Communist Canaille he is so fond of. He should go and take a bath whenever as much as a shadow of them falls over his body.

But he won’t, because he loves them. They are his drinking buddies when they yarn swap about how they killed masses of South Africans together during the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

What a hypocritical “Nobel” Savage (sexually explicit noun).

27 August 2012

BBC Psyops about the Lonmin Massacre

By Mike Smith
27th of August 2012

I just watched the BBC news on television and one of their items was the situation at the Lonmin mine at Marikana in South Africa.

They even interviewed a black guy on camera showing his payslip that blacks are being short changed and what gave rise to the turkey shoot.

What struck me was how the BBC reported and mentioned the “mine shooting in South Africa”, “The Shooting” that occurred at Marikana Platinum mine, between miners and police in South Africa. The Marikana shooting in South Africa, etc…

Not ONCE did they mention “LONMIN” the British owners of the mine.

Please remind me again who owns the BBC??

In earlier reports they did mention Lonmin, but as the massacre is fading from the public’s memory so is the name of the owners and in a few weeks from now what will remain in the minds of the public will be simply the miners who got shot at that Platinum mine in SA. The name of the owners, namely Lonmin will completely disappear down the BBC memory hole.

It is up to us to keep reminding them of the truth and keep mentioning the name “Lonmin”.

If we don't then they will be rewriting history. We cannot have that.

Pienk Frikkie doesn’t want to support his coloured grand children

By Mike Smith
27th of August 2012

In Pandora’s Apartheid box, I exposed how F.W. de Klerk had to come to terms with his own ultra conservative Calvanist beliefs, seeing that he is a member of the Dopper Church, the Church of the Boers…

De Klerk’s son, Willem has a weakness for coloured beauties of the Cape, hangs out in their discos regularly and by now has a string of coloured children by several coloured women, some he was married to others not.

His latest coloured squeeze and wife was Nicole who shagged around on him with Ernest Le Febvre and now wants R30,000 per month as maintenance money for their two bastard children.

Jnr De Klerk is currently between jobs and doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, so Madam Nicole wants the money from Grand Daddy F.W. de Klerk and is going to drag him in front of the court for it.

De Klerk Snr is kicking and screaming all the way to the gallows. He wants nothing to do with his little coloured bastards. Under Apartheid laws, he would have had to put his own son in prison for his misfit sexual perversions. He was not willing to do that. He rather sold out the entire country.

What was that they said about Karma?

'Vexatious' - de Klerk drawn into son's divorce drama

In general…what a piece of trash low class scum family. Can you believe that this twat was once president of a country and the world honoured him with a Nobel prize to sell out his people?
How small and insignificant they look now, don’t they?  Trash not even worthy to step on.

Why the ANC wants the country to fail

By Mike Smith
27th of August 2012

After 18 years of theft, corruption, nepotism and utter misrule, it should be clear to anyone that the ANC is NOT interested to make the country succeed. They deliberately want South Africa to fail.

Today, Monday the 27th of August 2012 the ANC Komsomol and general shit stirrers again marched and demonstrated in Cape Town.

ANCYL march 27th of August 2012

They have arrogantly declared the day a “public holiday” and have threatened to bring the city to a complete standstill as part of their “Economic Freedom” campaign.

What for? It is a common fact that the Western Cape under the DA is the best run province of South Africa. It is not nearly as efficiently run as under the Nats, but compared to the other eight provinces that are run by the ANC, the Western Cape is a virtual Utopia.

The ANC and especially their Piepie-Joller League has done everything to discredited Auntie Helen Zille and even pulled the “racist” invective (their trusted fallback when they fail at debate) and called her and the Cape “racist”.

The cure is very simple. If they think that the Cape is so racist, then why still live there? Why not pack up and go live in the wonderful Eastern Cape where they were bussed in from, by the ANC in 1994 to win elections?

No seriously, if they are unhappy with the Cape then they must bugger off. We do not need their shit stirring kind here. They are just making life unpleasant for everyone who wants to live in peace and harmony.

But this is not what they want. According to one of their demands, they want land and the houses of the rich white areas of Constantia and Rondebosch ANC demands land in Constantia, Rondebosch

See? A Communist always wants to share what is yours. He never wants to share what is his. He always wants you to give up half of what you have, never half of what he has. Once you have given up half, he wants half of what you have left, and so on, until he has everything and you have nothing.

At that point you become expendable. At that moment he will kill you.

All they want is a revolution to take over the Cape by force.

I understand, that for psychopathic Communist scum, the word “Revolution” has the same meaning as what the word “Christmas” has to normal people.

To normal people, a “Revolution” is something bad and not to be associated with. But for the Communists it is a holy word. An honoured and cherished word.

I have in the past explained extensively what, “Economic Revolution” “Economic War” and “Economic Freedom” means to the ANC Marxists.

The meaning of Malema’s declaration of “Economic war” on whites
Thoughts on Uhuru and the Economic Freedom Revolution

It is nothing but an extension of the second fase of their National Democratic Revolution.

“Economic War” is not new. Their inspiration they drew from Mugabe and his sidekick, Chenjerai “Hitler” Hunzvi ( he gave himself that middle name after his great hero Adolf) destroyed the Zimbabwean economy with their “Economic War”.

To a Communist, “Economic Freedom” means that they possess and control the entire economy and everyone else are their slaves. Economic Freedom to a Communist means Economic enslavement of the proletariat.

Behind their “Economic Freedom” is the theft of white owned farms businesses and mines…in fact all private property…they want it all.

Look at ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe who admitted that the party had failed to negotiate a better deal when the party ascended to power in 1994. Mantashe: We have failed to rebuild the economy

Rebuild? What is it that he wanted to “Rebuild”? Since when has a Communist ever build or rebuild anything? All they can do is destroy!

The ANC inherited a fully functional and healthy First World economy. All they had to do was to maintain it.

What he means is that they failed to revolutionize the economy into a Communist one and turn South Africa into a Banana Republic sooner.

He said the economic transformation backlog would be dealt with through the adoption of radical policies later this year.

Make no mistake. The ANC has big plans for the South African Economy. Mantashe said that they have 13 draft policy documents that will be adopted at Manguang in December. It is nothing but a Communist conspiracy to ruin the SA economy forever.

I had to chuckle when I saw how the people referred to one of the documents (the Strategy and Tactics document) “as lacking depth by some analysts who also felt there was a broad understanding of the term "revolution" and that this needed to be simplified.”

Typical Communist tactic. Write everything in Marxist Newspeak so that nobody can understand your real intentions and then carry them out whilst the public is still turning around in the smoke trying to figure out what was going on.

Mantashe was also upset that the BEE system did not work out as planned. With that he showed exactly what the true reason behind BEE and Affirmative Action always was. It was never to “correct the injustices of the past” or any pseudo moralistic Communist bullshit.

Black Economic Empowerment does not mean the economic empowerment of Blacks, it simply means the economic disempowerment of Whites.

Affirmative Action does not mean to create job opportunities for blacks, it simply means shutting down job opportunities for whites.

That is their main aim. They want to ruin whites economically and degrade them.

Remember what the ultimate name of the game is. “Power forever”.

As long as whites in SA still have jobs, businesses or a bit of money they are a danger to the ANC. A person who has too much money has too much money to buy a gun. Therefore he is a potential enemy of the Communists.

The fault normal people make is to think that Communists are normal reasonable people. The ANC does not view the country of South Africa as a normal reasonable person would view it. They are not interested in making a success out of South Africa. They are only interested in staying in power forever so they can steal more. They do not care how many people starve or die of disease.

They know that when the country fails, the liberal West will just throw Billions of Dollars at it, like they are doing in Zimbabwe, etc. That is the ultimate aim of the ANC Marxist Trash. They want to sit on their arses and let the world shower them with Euros and Dollars. They care nothing for the starving masses…black or white.

If you look at the demonstrations in Cape Town today…How much money and resources did that cost the government to set up police and safeguard property? How much money did businesses lose due to them being advised to do so?

To the economy, this ANCYL march was a total waste of time, money, man hours and resources.
Why? To hand a list of grievances over to Helen Zille? Why couldn’t they mail it to her or simply sent it by email?

What is it with the demo by 3000 people? Intimidation? “You do not do as we tell you, then we will be back to kick your door down?”

Helen Zille should not play along and play their foolish games. There is nothing for the ANCYL to be unhappy about in the Cape. And like I said if they do not like it, they should move.

The biggest mistake she can make is to give in to their demands. History has shown that giving in to their intimidation and coercion is the quickest way to sit with a full-blown revolution on your hands in no time. Even PW Botha learned that lesson. Once you raise their expectations, they increasingly want more.

To me, it is clear from the constant rhetoric of the ANC proper and the ANC Youth League leaders that they all strive for the same thing, the Communist Revolution they never had…

Make no mistake. A revolution we had in SA, just not a Communist one.

We are 180 degrees from where we were 20 years ago, but that revolution was brought about by WHITES, not blacks. That revolution was caused by lying, scheming and deceitful traitors who were all whites, mostly Afrikaner Nationalists and Academics. The blacks and the ANC had almost nothing to do with it. In fact at the time the ANC was little more than a fax machine in Dar es Salaam and their sponsors, the GDR and the USSR collapsed in 1989 and were bankrupt.

Today the ANC is bitter about that. They never got their streets flowing with blood like Marx and Engels promised them…They never got their baskets full of heads like the Jacobins said they would get…

They are adamant to have that. They want their Revolution. To a Marxist, cancelling his revolution is like cancelling Christmas to a child.

South Africans should realize who and what the ANC really are.

The ANC is not Liberal Democrats or Democratic Socialists like the DA…The ANC is a Marxist terrorist organization. Never forget that.

Let me explain it in a different way…

If you look at a wall (Civilisation) that has been splattered with shit (Liberalism/Leftist ideology) then that clump of shit at eye height that you can hardly stomach is the liberals (DA)…lower down at about knee height you will find the SA Communist Party…and those speckles of shit right at the bottom…that is the ANC, their Komsomol Youth League and COSATU. If you support them, then you support the lowest of the lowest crap.

25 August 2012

Brand new hospital not wêrking after nine months

By Mike Smith
25th of August 2012

Just like anything the ANC touches, it turns to a stuff up. A brand new state of the art hospital was built in Germiston at a cost of R500 million.

Nine months later the 300 beds and four operating theatres were still empty this week

Why should the ANC care? The cronies all got their share of the tenders and contracts already. They feel nothing for the sick and needy in SA. They just try and enrich themselves as quickly as possible.

• Bertha Gxowa has until this week only been providing pharmacy services, an antenatal clinic, outpatients clinic and chronic illness clinic.

• The hospital also boasts a Home Affairs birth registration office, a lounge for new fathers and a mortuary, all of which have not been used.

• only one of the four lifts of the public was working.

• Outpatients had to bring their own food as there was no canteen.

• Some public toilets were not flushing.

• Maternity emergencies were still being referred to the old Germiston Hospital.

• The beds in the new wards were not occupied.

• Jacqueline McDonald, a patient for two weeks, said conditions were disgusting."We are about 20 in my ward and we fight over the two toilets. Some patients soil themselves in their beds because the toilets are always busy or not working at all. We also bring our own linen because the laundry machine is faulty."

Eish! The terror of the gay Tokoloshe

Marikana: It is because they killed Bugs Bunny!

By Mike Smith
25th of August 2012

This is Africa. You just cannot make this shit up. This is the level of intelligence we sit with in this country. No wonder the Government cannot run the country.

How the killing of Bugs Bunny caused the Marikana Massacre

Oh well, I suppose we can cancel Easter now…The Marikana Miners killed Bugs Bunny...

On a more serious note…The Afrikaans newspaper Die Burger reported that union giant COSATU blames Julias Malema for the strike at Lonmin Marikana. They say he planned it in the finest detail to weaken COSATU by going after the biggest union, NUM and score political points.
Malema planned strike at Lonmin mine

Miners blame rabbit for shooting
2012-08-25 10:30

Johannesburg - Mineworkers at Lonmin's Marikana mine believe the killing of a rabbit was the reason the shooting happened, according to a report on Saturday.

The surviving mineworkers claimed that the medicine man who was alleged to have told them his muti would make them invincible had warned them not to kill the rabbit, the Saturday Star reported.

"The traditional healer warned all of us several times on the day not to kill the rabbit but some among us decided to chase it around the hill and killed it," mineworker Khabo Khabo told the newspaper.

"I still honestly believe that if it wasn't for the healer far more lives would have been lost on the day. If we had let the rabbit free all of the dead would still be alive," Khabo said.

A worker at the memorial service, held at the mine earlier this week, agreed.

Last Thursday, a total of 34 people were killed in a shooting near the mine when police tried to disperse striking miners. More than 70 people were injured.

The medicine man had reportedly promised the workers that police guns would malfunction when they faced them if they followed his instructions and took his muti.

Police video footage taken from a helicopter before the shooting showed the medicine man performing rituals as workers stripped naked before him in long queues.

24 August 2012

Brain trumps Brawn...Always

By Mike Smith
24th of August 2012

As far as technology and especially military technology is concerned, the Russians have always lived in the shadow of the West. And they know it.

At the end of WWII as the Russians were raping the Berlin women and carrying away entire railways and locomotives to the motherland, disassembling entire German factories and rebuilding them in Russia, the Americans, under Operation Paperclip signed up all the Nazi scientists.

An arms race ensued and the Americans got a wakeup call when the Russians pushed Sputnik into orbit. The Russians were not as far behind as they thought.

Luckily for both empires the German Admiral, Karl von Dönitz never got from the Führer what he wanted. More Submarines and less surface vessels.

To change traditional mindsets are difficult sometimes. Von Dönitz proved without a doubt that he was winning the war for Germany singlehandedly by sinking the supply fleet coming from the USA to England with his U-Boats... He pleaded with Hitler to build more U-Boats and less surface vessels, but the conservatives in the German Navy still believed in ancient naval tactics and were unwavering and shot him down…Democracy won and the Germans lost.

Von Dönitz was a lone man with a brilliant track record, but the conservatives refused to adapt to the battle at hand. A major mistake as any military expert will tell you. The ability to constantly adapt to the situation at hand is crucial in battle tactics and strategy.

It was a dear lesson that Hermann Göring learned during the Battle of Britain when he insisted planes fly in bomber formation and not break formation when the British were given free rein to shoot down as many as they could and picked the Germans off in a virtual Turkey shoot.

Nevertheless, we are digressing.

A pathetic piece of Russian propaganda surfaced recently. The Voice of Russia, published this crap about the Invisible Russian submarine that was camping out in the Gulf of Mexico for one month and was undetected by American satellites and hydro-acoustic sensors…

OK so we know what satellites are, but…

…What the hell are Hydro Acoustic sensors?

OK, let me explain it at hand of a South African example.

Next to the Simons Town Naval Base is a beige building that belongs to IMT (Institute for Maritime Technology) the Naval wing of Armscor. In there works about 52 scientists and their sole job is to come up with ideas to make the SA navy more undetectable. They have infra Red cameras on the roof and they constantly photograph Navy vessels in the bay to show up where the hot spots on the vessels are and how one can cover it up to prevent heat seeking missiles hitting them etc, etc…

Another feature they have is three hydro-acoustic wires running out into False Bay, recording the sounds of all vessels coming in or out or passing False Bay. Don’t worry. It is not a state secret. All navies and all countries have them.

So picture this…there is a guy sitting there with a set of ear phones and his job is to identify the ship and as much information about it as possible.

He sits behind a computer that has a magnificent database of all and every single type of Marine Diesel engine available on the market. He can tell you, just from listening to the sound of the engine what type it is, MTU, Caterpillar, etc…how many cylinders it has, if it has a bearing knock on number five cylinder or an injector not spraying on number seven cylinder. From the background noise he can tell you how many generators and what type of generator the ship has. He can even tell you if you have a bearing knock on your air-conditioning compressor.

This is how accurate modern Military Hydro-Acoustic sensors are. They can literally hear shrimps shagging on the wire.

But according to international law, jurisdiction of a country only extends 200 miles offshore. So a country like the USA have their wires running out into their coastal waters 200 miles offshore…

A Russian Sub comes into the Bay of Mexico…It sits 1000 miles off the coast and is not picked up by the US wires or satellites and claims a “victory”. Big deal pal. I once took a shit in my neigbour’s garden, nobody saw me so now I am a hero? Press that button and let us see where Russia ends up. Back in the Stone Age.

That is why I can only chuckle at guys like Malema, Shivambu and Lamola, et al. who got F’s in Woodwork for instance and think they can mobilize thousands of mental cripples who believe that herbs and spices are going to make them bullet proof.

Numbers of bodies mean nothing in war. What matters in war is brains and training. And there are still enough of us around to make a difference the day our nation finds itself in dire straits and gives us the call.

Why you should boycott The All Blacks

By Mike Smith
24th of August 2012

Historically South Africa’s Springbok Rugby team has always been New Zealand’s greatest and most formidable opponents. We have always been the gauge. The All Blacks can only measure themselves against a REAL Springbok team that is truly free from political interference and racial quotas. A team selected purely on merit and merit alone. Anything else is a farce.

As far back as the 1981 tour of New Zealand the Springboks started with racial quotas, just to please the world.

The result was that the Springboks were flour bombed out of airplanes on the Rugby field and had to train in horse stables.

And don’t get me wrong. Apartheid also affected the New Zealand Team, because they apparently had to pass over some Maori players, because the Springboks apparently didn’t want to play against “blacks”.

Funny that during those years Down Under, there were a few groups against racism in sport. Australia had CARIS (Campaign Against Racialism in Sport). New Zealand had HART (Halt All Racist Tours) and CARE (Citizens Association for Racial Equality)…All a bunch of hyper radical Anarchists and Trotskyists.

They also barred our athletes and bowling teams from competing there, although it was pointed out to Prime Minister Norman Kirk that in Africa, blacks simply do not play bowls and that even the teams from Zambia, Kenya and other African countries all fielded pure white teams, he insisted that the SA team should have been black and that the white South African team was “Racist”.

This is the logic you deal with constantly on the liberal side.

Idi Amin said that at the 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games he would only field BLACKS. That was because he drove out and killed all the Indians in Uganda. But that was all allowed. Where was Prime Minister Norman Kirk’s Non-Racialist moralism when it came to Black Racism? Out the porthole I suppose.

At exactly that time, When Norman Kirk was banning the Springboks on the basis of “racism”, New Zealand chose an all Maori team (based on race) to tour Fiji.

New Zealand today still has a Maori Team, based purely on racial selection, but all of that is good in the eyes of the world….Just never choose a WHITE Rugby Team based on race. Oh, then you are racists and the scum of the world. Then you need to ostracized, and sanctions imposed on you.

You see? Racism is a white phenomenon, more particularly a White South African one. Only we white scum bags from South Africa are Racists, the rest of the world are all non-racial angels.

So it was with little surprise that I read a few days ago that the Hypocritical New Zealand Rugby Union donated $1000 to an “Anti Apartheid weekend conference in Wellington, New Zealand.
Anti-apartheid conference gets $1000 grant from NZRU

“The Wellington conference of mainly former protesters who loathed the rugby union in the apartheid era applauded the union for its support of the gathering.”

The result of these vicious anti White campaigns against the South African Springboks is that since 1994 until now, South Africa could never field a proper Springbok team. The team is constantly under pressure to be demographically (i.e. racially) representative.

The Springbok team after 18 years is still featuring quota players not chosen on merit, but on race.

Players who are 3rd even 5th ranked in their positions are featuring in the Springbok team, purely because of their race.

So what have these “Anti-Apartheid” and “Anti-racialists” actually achieve? More Racialism…And a Springbok team forever playing with a handicap.

How is it possible that teams like New Zealand and Australia can call themselves “Tri-Nation champions” or “World Champions” when the only way they can win against the Springboks is if the Springboks constantly play with a racial handicap and a milling stone strapped around their necks?

That the Springboks are still doing so well despite this handicap is nothing short of a miracle.

If these countries and Rugby Unions like the NZRU are truly non-racial, then they would, and should insist on playing a South African Springbok team purely chosen on merit, not on racial quotas. That would be the only moral thing to do.

But they would never do that of course, because they know that if a Springbok team picked on merit alone will slaughter them on the field and show them up for the U13 schoolboy teams they are.

A truly non-racial Springbok team, where every team member is there on merit and merit alone is the only true gauge of Rugby prowess in the world. Everything else is a farce.

BBC tells George Orwell to disappear down the Memory Hole

By Mike Smith
24th of August 2012

Apparently…The BBC rejected a campaign to erect a statue of George Orwell outside Broadcasting House in London because the author was 'too left-wing'.

'Orwell is far too left-wing for us': What BBC chief told Joan Bakewell over plans to honour 'greatest journalist of his day' with statue

I suppose, this is BBC Newspeak for he was too much of a rebel against them. Nobody can be more Leftwing than the BBC.

It is almost like extremist Communists refusing to erect a statue of Alan Paton saying he was too extreme leftist. What a bunch of hypocrites.

No seriously. They are right, George Orwell, whose real name was Eric Blair, was a “Democratic Socialist”…in other words, a liberal. In fact he was your typical head in the sand type liberal.

Orwell even had Communist friends during the Spanish Civil war when he served there. It was during this time in 1936 – 1937 that Orwell came face to face with the truth and horror of Communism and the far left that in Spain were sponsored by Stalin.

He couldn’t believe the campaign of lies and distortions carried out by the Communist press against other Communist groups like the Trotskyite P.O.U.M.

They even accused Orwell of collaboration with fascists.

Later Orwell would write: "No one who was in Barcelona then, or for months later, will forget the horrible atmosphere produced by fear, suspicion, hatred, censored newspapers, crammed jails, enormous food queues and prowling gangs of armed men."

Oh the shock and horror when a Liberal comes face to face with the truth about their tyrannical leftist darlings. What a disappointment it must be to them to discover that their heroes behind the far left door are in fact the most brutal and fanatical mass murderers you can imagine. How they bury their heads in the sand instead of turning their backs on Socialism and the left altogether.

Orwell became vehemently Anti-Fascist, Anti-Totalitarianism, but not Anti-Socialist. He failed to see the connection, the slippery slide, the Maelstrom of the leftists that once you are a liberal, it is not long before you are a full blown Communist.

Orwell actually worked for the BBC during WWII countering Nazi-propaganda broadcasted to India to undermine British colonial involvement. Here he had firsthand experience of the power of propaganda as applied by the BBC wish he would later call, “The Ministry of Truth” in 1984…the ones who make history disappear down the “Memory hole”.

But it was when he discovered the Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union known as the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact that George Orwell realised that there was not much difference between the Fascist National Socialism (Nazism) of Hitler and the Totalitarian International Socialism (Communism) of Stalin.

That was the time that he started to write Animal Farm, a satirical piece against Communist Totalitarianism.

However, like a typical Liberal who never lets go of his crackpot beliefs in creating a Kumbaya, heaven-on-earth, Utopia, George Orwell also did not let go of his Democratic Socialist beliefs. No amount of TRUTH could ever sway him from his liberal ideas. Both Animal Farm and 1984 were written not so much because he was opposed to Socialism, but because he was warning against the extremist, Totalitarianism.

You see there are two types of liberals. Some are reasonable, and one can talk sense to them and they will see the light and turn their back on the left forever. I was such a liberal once. But like I said, such liberals were never really liberals in their souls in the first place otherwise they would not have changed. They were just brainwashed for a few years until they were confronted with the truth.

Then you get the kind that George Orwell belonged to. The unwavering liberal who is a liberal in his soul. No matter how much truth hits them in the face, no matter how much leftist tyranny and atrocity they witness, they still believe that if we all just hold hands and sing Kumbaya then everything will be fine and dandy. These kinds of people are removed from reality.

I am a great fan of George Orwell’s books, having had both as prescribed set works at school during the Apartheid era, and I fully agree with his visionary Anti-Totalitarian views. However, he was concentrating too much on the outcome, the end result of extremist leftism, whilst ignoring he was walking in that direction himself with his leftist ideas.

Like I always say, he was walking down a leftist road and saw a banana peel in the road and said to the people…”Oh look people! A Banana peel in the road! But never mind, I am just going to carry on walking until I slip and fall and break my neck”.

No, the logical thing to do in such a case is to turn 180 degrees and walk in the opposite direction.

Poachers brutally slaughter 15 pride ewes

By Mike Smith
24th of August 2012

The Afrikaans Newspaper Volksblad published an article that shows you the cruelty of the Noble Savage in South Africa.
Farmers are well aware of this behavior. In the book, The great South African Land scandal you can also read how farmers dig trenches two meters wide and deep around their cattle camps so that poachers cannot chase the animals off and how the poachers then simply slaughter the cows on the spot, hack them into smaller chunks and throw the chunks of meat over the ditch to the other side.

In fact farmers for the past 360 years in South Africa have been trying to protect themselves and their livestock from these cruel barbarians. It started when Jan van Riebeeck built a bitter almond fence from where Kirstenbosch gardens are to Milnerton lagoon.

In the Volksblad article It tells of the farm of Mr Van Wyk Schutte where poachers cut the heads off of 15 of his pride Merino ewes.

All 15 ewes had twin lambs. When the farmer and his son Rian Schutte arrived at the scene, some of the lambs fell asleep on the decapitated heads of their mothers. The 30 lambs are only about a week old. Now they will have to be fed by hand.

What kind of merciless, cruel beings, which seem to have no compassion or sympathy for the suffering of other living beings does something like this? Is it even human?

22 August 2012

The Battle of Marikana: A preliminary analysis

By Mike Smith
22st of August 2012

I had a look at all the videos available on the Marikana Massacre and from what I could see, I have assembled a preliminary battle plan.

Kindly note that this is only my interpretation from the available footage. I have not been to the terrain and neither do I have a map of the terrain. I am open to correction. If anybody can help to update this battle plan, then please send me your version to uc.mikesmith@googlemail.com. All we want is the truth of what happened at Marikana. Not the Main Stream Media CNN edited version.

At first I must admit that I was disinterested and indifferent to the whole saga, but as new information came to light I was forced to have a second look myself.

So far many of our readers have given their input and I would like to thank those guys from our former SADF special forces on this blog who immediately spotted their own tactics in Angola during the border war and who immediately saw through the MSM propaganda that this was no sporadic upsurge from the traditionally armed miners.

One can see from earlier footage that the police presence came well prepared. One photo actually shows a police vehicle with what appears to be a .50 M2 Browning machine gun mounted on a vehicle. Not your typical riot control gear.

So let us look at the battle terrain.

To the left is a kraal of some sorts. The miners were driven towards there by earlier water cannons and rubber bullets. Once against the kraal fence, the Nyala armoured vehicles boxed them in with a funnel formation to the right. A vehicle laying concertina razor wire encircled them.

It is very clear from the footage available, especially the full Al Jazeera version, which I found the most helpful out of them all, that the police shot tear gas behind the miners and opened up with rubber bullets to drive the miners like a herd of lambs to the proverbial slaughter. The Al Jazeera reporter said that she could see how the police were boxing the miners in between razor wire and armoured vehicles and driving them like animals to their slaughter. Remember that this woman was probably never military trained, but it was so clear to her what the police was doing.

A miner then returned fire with a 9mm pistol that they probably took off a policemen they killed earlier in the week. This appears to be their only fire-arm they had.

Most of the available footage only shows the part where the miners appear to burst towards the police in what the media made look like an attack.

In fact the miners, armed with makeshift spears, were trying to escape from the teargas and the rubber bullets hitting them from behind.

When they burst through the “spout of the funnel” the police waiting for them in the skirmish line mowed them down with automatic weapons, pistols and shotguns and the media made it look like an attack on the police, when in fact it was a well coordinated cold blooded Police Turkey Shoot.

Like I said, if anybody can shed more light on this let us know. We just want the truth of what happened on the 16th of August 2012.

The New SA's illustrious Navy

By Mike Smith
22nd of August 2012

Here is a scan from our local False Bay newspaper, the "People's Post", yesterday (21st of August 2012). Sums up the state of affairs in the laughing stock of the world's Navies. Click on the pic for a larger view.

21 August 2012

Malema's secret visit to London, the implications for SA and the vision of Siener van Rensburg

By Mike Smith
21st of August 2012

The Lonmin mining strike in August 2012 was not the first one at a Platinum mine. In fact in the last three years several Platinum mines lost major revenue due to ongoing strikes.

In 2010 there was a six week strike over pay at Northam Platinum's Zondereinde mine.

In May 2011 Lonmin fired 9,000 staff at its Karee mine near Rustenburg after they went on an illegal strike following a union dispute.

In Oct 2011 Aquarius Platinum was hit by an AMCU strike at their Everest mine.

In Jan-Feb 2012 Impala Platinum's Rustenburg operation was closed for six weeks at a cost of 120,000 ounces of platinum after rock drill operators went on strike. Three miners were killed in clashes between rival union factions at the mine.

In May 2012 NUM and AMCU union members fought for membership at Implats another Tow day strike followed

TIMELINE-Major strikes at S.African platinum mines

The Timeline of events between 10 and 17 August 2012 at Lonmin’s Marikana mine can be read here:

Lonmin Massacre: A timeline of events

Just a week before the Lonmin strike started, former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema and his sidekick Floyd Shivambu returned from a secret trip to London.

Nobody knows who paid for the trip or their stay at the five-star Corinthia hotel in Whitehall Place, SW London. The cost of a room at the Corinthia was between 571 pounds (R7 400) and 1 950 pounds (R25 250). During his visit he had interviews with the BBC's World Service and Sky News, but Malema refused to give any details of his visit.

Mystery surrounding Malema's London trip bill
Malema’s mystery trip to London

According to another report in City Press, Malema and Shivambu arrived in London to speak to “British investors” and convince them to invest in South Africa. Malema was reportedly expected to face a grilling from British businessmen about his stance on the nationalisation of mines and expropriation of land without compensation.

Malema, Shivambu in London to ‘speak to investors’

At first there were rumours that Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula paid for Malema’s trip, but he denied it outright.

Nevertheless, we will probably never know what was said between those rich London Randlords and Malema/Shivambu, but within a few days after his return a catastrophic strike broke out at Lonmin’s Marikana mine, the result was 44 people dead of which 34 were miners massacred by the police.

Half a day after the massacre, Malema was at the scene where he addressed the miners who received him as their saviour. He met them unarmed in an open field. He refused a police escort, saying he was not in danger. He was the only leader who could speak to the miners.

Malema takes charge

Malema spent the day visiting the hospitals and a mine facility where several of the arrested miners were allegedly being held. He further denounced President Zuma saying: “This is a disruptive government. When people ask you who is your president (sic), you must say I don’t have a president,” he told the miners.

He accused President Zuma of speaking only to whites and called for Zuma and the Police Minister, Nathi Mthethwa to step down.

Malema also slammed Cyril Ramaphosa who chaired the ANC disciplinary committee of appeals, which fired Malema from the ANC party. Ramaphosa’s Shanduka firm pledged R2million to help bury the dead miners.

In the mean time a report appeared on PRAAG website that Ramaphosa’s company, Shanduka was responsible for providing the mine with labour, pocketing 2/3rds of the pay themselves and short changing the miners. Of the R12,000 paid by the mine, the miners only got R4000.

The article was also quoted on Politicsweb by Musiuoa Lekota of the COPE party

But according to a report on the Black newspaper Sowetan, Both Solidarity union and Lonmin said that Rock drillers in fact earn about R10,500 a month. What the Lonmin workers are really earning

How much of this money is deducted for tax, medical aid, UIF, agency fees, etc is not clear. It can be that they only take home about R4000.

Nevertheless, today, 21st of August 2012, Malema went and helped the miners lay charges of murder against the Police. Malema to help miners open murder case

It is clear that the populist Malema is trying his best to rally the miners behind him.

What are the implications?

If power drunk Malema succeeds to get the support of the miners, he will have them eat out of his hand. If he calls further country wide strikes at mines it will paralyze the South African economy.
Not only that, if he succeeds in getting the coalminers to strike, power stations will come to a grinding halt. No trains will run. No fuel pumps at the petrol stations will work. No food will be transported. Total chaos and food shortages will be the order of the day.


As you know, I am very skeptical about the prophecies and visions of Nicolaas “Siener” van Rensburg and have always taken it with a pinch of salt. But once I started milling about the implications of Malema rallying the miners behind him, I remembered once reading about a massive strike…a mother of all strikes, in the book “Boodskapper van God” by Adriaan Snyman, which deals with the visions of Van Rensburg.

On page 300-301 we read under the heading “Stakings en kragonderbrekings in Gauteng”…[Strikes and power outages in Gauteng] about exactly this scenario.

Van Rensburg said that in the time after the NP disappeared, a massive strike will hit Johannesburg. Bigger than the 1922 miner strike. The strike will go together with massive power outages. None of the trains in the entire country will run except for the one between Prieska and South West Africa (Namibia). No motor vehicles will be able to run. People will gather wood just to cook food others will eat cold porridge.

The strikes and power outages will increasingly get worse until the economy is paralyzed. One salary increase after the other will be demanded until businesses won’t be able to afford it and be forced to shut shop. It will all form part of the communist plan to make the entire country ungovernable.

All of these things will only be the start and from here on things will pick up momentum…

Could it be that Siener van Rensburg was right all along? You be the judge…

20 August 2012

British slavery in Africa. Blacks selling blacks into slavery in 2012

By Mike Smith
21st of August 2012

In 1833 the British apparently abolished slavery throughout the British Empire with the “Slavery abolition act”.

Since then they stood there as the moral apostles about slavery and saw its supposed evils and that is why they abolished it.

Truth is the British saw the dangers of continued slavery after the successful slave revolt in Haiti in 1804 where the Black slaves exterminated the whites in their tens of thousands in the French Colony.

The only reason the British Abolished slavery was because they feared something similar in their colonies.

In South Africa, the Dutch speaking Voortrekkers saw through this nonsense and decided to trek and separate themselves from the British empire and founded their own Boer Republics. Until obviously they discovered Gold, Platinum and Diamonds…Then the British wanted that.

Their frontman, Cecil John Rhodes, wanted to turn the entire Africa British, from Cape to Cairo. You can read more about this despicable twat over here Rhodes the Racist who said:

“I contend that we are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. Just fancy those parts that are at present inhabited by the most despicable specimens of human beings what an alteration there would be if they were brought under Anglo-Saxon influence…”

“Africa is still lying ready for us it is our duty to take it. It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory and we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes that more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race more of the best the most human, most honourable race the world possesses.”

It wasn’t long after this vile racist arrived in South Africa that he started his London Rhodesia Company, LonRho. Today this company is called Lonmin. The company where the massacre of 34 blacks took place a few days ago...And it is still as racist as 100 years ago.

Why, because the miners were protesting for a living wage. They demanded R12,500 per month instead of R4000. That is right. These guys work their buts off in a Platinum mine to enrich the British mine lords who pay them €400 a month… or so it appeared.

Until it surfaced today on the Praag.co.za website that in fact the mine was paying a company called Shanduka, which belongs to ANC/Cosatu stalwart and chief negotiator at Codesa in 1994, one Cyril Ramaphosa the amount of R12,500 per miner. Cyril Ramaphosa is the one shortchanging the miners, paying them a pittance and pocketing two thirds of their money.

The miners felt they were entitled to the entire R12,500 and therefore their revolt.

It has further emerged on my blog by some experts in COIN (Counter Insurgency) that the tactics employed by the police at the Lonmin mine were classical Apartheid era SADF Special Forces tactics. I quote.

Anonymous2:16 PM

Fuck Mike, I just had another look at the Marikana mine video footage. After having spilt the strikers up into smaller groups, they concentrated on the most vocal group that hid in a small group of bushes close to the final police barriers.

This group was then completely surrounded by Nyala APCs ....with the main police force stopper group forming a skirmish line at the funnel of the only channel left `open`!. Tear gas was then shot at the base of the funnel.....forcing the strikers to run straight into the main police stopper group! Classic 32Bn TEINOPS tactics! .....The last tactical move by the police was the classic closing of the funnel/bottleneck....as can be seen on the video footage where the Nyala APC was on standby, on the left of the original video footage, and how it immediately moved to the right to in order to close the bottleneck after the miners were slaughtered like dogs!

Source and full comment

As I said a few days ago, It was a Police Turkey shoot . These miners had no chance.. As the evidence is mounting, it is becoming clear that this was not self defence from the police, it was MURDER!

Amazing to see that 180 years after the abolishment of slavery the British are still practicing it here in South Africa. Amazing to see that the already super rich ANC members are selling their own black brothers into slavery in the mines of the British and then blaming it all on the Boers. All so they can become even more rich...Bastards, I tell you!

19 August 2012

What all Facecrook Junkies should know

By Mike Smith
19th of August 2012

By Mike Smith
19th August 2012

The Facebook camera that can recognise you every time you walk into a shop

NSA whistleblowers: Government spying on every single American!

Wouldn't you just love to see him try?

By Mike Smith
19th of August 2012

These are the people whom I just chuckle about. Groot Bek. Don't go for old people on farms or unarmed women. Come for me and let us see how big your mouth is.

What he said was this..."I am going to kill all you whites like animals and all you white arse kreepers that kreep arse by the Kaffir farmer, when I come with my Machete, you will all shit.!!!"

Hate speech? Nah. just them saying what they always said for the last 360 years or so. Nothing to worry about. Let them come. Africa is not for sissies.

Having cake and tea with my friend Schadenfreude

By Mike Smith
19th August 2012

Sorry for savouring a moment of Schadenfreude as I read the article of where septic LWB Nadine Gordimer said she never imagined the police violence that killed 34 miners could ever happen in the new South Africa

Just the other day I wrote an article called Oh the pain of the liberals…when they have to admit that they wasted their lives in which I mention how Dame Gordimer’s fantasies and illusions/delusions were shattered one after the other since the ANC came to power.

She spent her entire live vilifying the whites in South Africa especially the Afrikaners and was awarded with a Nobel Prize in literature and a knighthood from France for it. So she fully believes she must have been right.

Since then she has been attacked by blacks in her home and said that it was childish to think everything will be OK if we all voted together and that she had to acknowledge that SA’s education system was a shambles.

Oh how the Illusions of the liberals come crumbling down in the face of reality and truth.

"I am absolutely devastated. I can't believe this terrible massacre between our own people, our own black people," she said in an interview. "Ghastly, completely unacceptable."

The 88-year-old writer, moonbat and political activist said as a young white girl she was made to believe that black miners were dangerous.

Flippen right they are!

But as she grew up and became politically aware, she got to understand the deplorable living conditions of black mine workers, who were kept far away in so-called compounds.

As co-author of the book On The Mines, she went in to understand first-hand the mine workers' living conditions, which she believes have not improved much.

"The compounds, the sleeping quarters, were concrete bunks, one above the other, concrete. And I don't know what the conditions are like now [but] I am sure they are not particularly comfortable.”

Allow me to explain.

Firstly the bunks were concrete so that the bastards couldn’t steal them and carry them away. This is the reality, just as reality has proved that those who tried to educate her as a young girl were right. Black miners are dangerous. We have seen it this past week at Lonmin’s platinum mine at Marikana.
Then she added that the black mine workers “have always been underpaid and under-cared for"

I wish she would define “underpaid”. Blacks never had a monetary system until the whites came. So any money they received for their uneducated, unskilled manual labour would be “overpaid”. Being a mine worker is totally voluntary. If they don’t like it they can go back to the rural villages they came from and sit on their arses the whole day like they have done for the last 40,000 years and enjoy the African sun with NO money and see what “underpaid means”. Nobody forces them to go down a mine shaft. Just like nobody forces them to sleep on the concrete bunks (that have mattresses)…Back in their huts in the rural area they sleep on the ground on animal skins.

It is clear that dame Gordimer is once again siding with her little nobel savages and simply fail to believe the inherent culture and way of life of the African.

Today she is shocked that none of her useless fictional books had any effect on the behavior of neither blacks nor whites in South Africa. She thought she could change the world with her writings and influence human behavior…

What has changed from 1652 to 2012? Nothing. South Africa is still as racially divided as it has always been. That is reality.

She is too old now, but maybe in her next life she will still learn that human behavior changes very slowly. Like Dr Crane Brinton mentioned on pg 244 of “Anatomy of a revolution”: “In some very important ways, the behavior of men changes with a slowness almost comparable to the kind of change the geologist studies.”

That is right. And you will see that even in another 360 years it will still be the same between whites and blacks in Africa. Only difference will be that nobody will know who Nadine Gordimer was. She and her rubbish writings would have ended up on the rubbish heap of useless liberal fiction.

Look at this Al Jazeera video called “South African President launches probe into mine killings” and see how the one bastard empties his pistol on the police. Well then they mustn’t ask why 34 are lying dead afterwards.

Meanwhile Julias Malema arrived and spoke to the mineworkers. Urging them to die for their cause which he called “Economic Freedom”, which I have explained several times is “Commie speak” for stealing all the mines, all the land from farmers, all the properties of all people until they have everything. That is what economic freedom means to a communist.

This Ballbag, said “Police should not have had automatic weapons on the scene of the protest on Thursday afternoon, when 34 people were killed. And even if strikers did fire at the police first, the police should not have fired back.”

Ah yes, they should have just died quietly, just like the police at Sharpeville, hey?

He dismissed outright any suggestion that the police had acted in self-defence and had reason to fear the armed workers, saying the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) had marched with similar weapons for years without getting shot.

HAHAHA. Until the IFP marched on Shell House now Luthuli House, the ANC HQ…armed with only traditional weapons. The ANC shot at them and mowed them down from the roof top with AK47’s. 19 died.

Malema at Marikana: Many will die

17 August 2012

Pussy Riot and taking the piss out of Communists

By Mike Smith
17th August 2012

There is one thing that we have learned about Communists over the years. Don’t make fun of them.
Communists are very serious people. They have no sense of humour.

They are actually very tolerant to political, economical and social debates and actually appreciate it to a point when you engage them on these spheres, but dare not win the debate…or start laughing at their crackpot ideas. Then you will see the true side of Communists.

They totally flip out. They will walk out and leave the room just to make you feel guilty that you have said something wrong…something that offended them.

Ten minutes later they will rejoin the conversation and wait for the next “insult”, then they will storm off again like petulant toddlers and make you feel guilty again that you are “intolerant” to their views when in fact the only intolerant bastards are they. Old technique…we all know it by now.

Communists are not reasonable people who can engage in an honest debate. It is there view or nothing.

Then came around the so called end of Communism in Russia and the farce they call Russian democracy.

One moment KGB agent Putin is the president and his buddy KGB agent Medvedev the prime minister, Next moment Medvedev is the president an Putin the prime minister…then they swap around again…and so it carries on…

Until a girl band called Pussy Riot woke the nation up to this KGB farce stormed into a church and started praying to God to just remove this imbecile Putin.

None of these girls carried AK47's. They had no knives or baseball bats on them.
For that act they were sentenced to two years in a Siberian Gulag salt mine.

Pussy Riot sentenced to two years in prison colony for hooliganism

The whole world has been backing these girls, but the Russians (still communist authoritarian) has shown their intolerance to criticism.

You can glorify Putin who holds a black belt in Judo and is an avid trout fisherman, but do not dare expose his mafia links and gross corruption he is involved in.

And like I said, never ever pull the piss out of Communists. They are seriously intolerant to criticism.

We have seen that with Brett Murray’s spear painting of Zuma and Jonathan Shapiro’s “dickhead” painting of Jacob Zuma.

Then you have people like Mike Smith…Sorry but I just do not give a phuq. If they hang their arses out the window they mustn’t complain when they get shafted in rapid succession.  I'm their huckleberry.

Why the Lonmin Massacre is only the start of the violence to come and why Africa will never have peace

By Mike Smith
17th August 2012

For most westerners it is unbelievable how wars in Africa never seem to end. Revenge is taken upon revenge, is taken upon revenge, ad infinitum…

If you have lived in South Africa as long as I have and grew up with blacks you will know that one of their “High Laws” is to take revenge.

Credo Mutwa, the Zulu Sanusi and Bantu historian explains it perfectly in his Book, “Indaba my Children: African Folk Tales” a book he wrote in 1964.

On Page 628-632 he explains this preoccupation with revenge.

He says that blacks believe that if you killed one of them, that person’s soul will die if you do not take revenge upon it.

So they go out and take revenge and kill ten people of the other tribe…

But that tribe has the same belief, so they take revenge for every one of their ten dead and kill a hundred. So the other tribe is obliged to take revenge again and kill a thousand, and so on and so forth.

Credo Mutwa also explains and give examples of how these feuds can last for 35 generations or 400 years and never end.

So let me tell you what is going to happen next.

Those blacks who witnessed their brothers being killed at Lonmin’s mine at Marikana are not going to just dissipate and let it be. First of all, they are obliged by the “High Law” of the Bantu to take revenge.

Secondly, they were humiliated. And that is a cardinal sin to commit against the Bantu.
I quote Credo Mutwa on page 627:

“The Bantu can tolerate the cruelest humiliation, even with a smile; they can take the cruelest beatings as a matter of course; the vilest insults slide off them like water off a well-greased duck’s back. Yet, when called upon, they will stand together with those who have treated them thus and fight with them a war to death. But if you touch a man’s wife, mother, sister or daughter, call them names, or refer insultingly to their womanhood, he is bound by law to kill you. If he fails he will make his children’s children take oaths to kill your children’s children.”

End of quote.

So you can see that the Bantu of South Africa has a fanatical preoccupation with revenge, especially when he feels humiliated. If you harm him or his family or even insult them, humiliate him or them, he is bound by African High Law to take revenge…even if it takes hundreds of years…and then it starts again in an ever perpetual orgy of murder and revenge…

That is why there will never be peace in Africa as long as blacks live here. And that is why the deaths of those 34 miners at Lonmin’s mine at Marikana will only be the start of bigger “Revenges” to come.

The effects of the Zuma Crime Tsunami

By Mike Smith
17th August 2012

About four months ago I warned of the coming crime Tsunami in South Africa after Jacob Zuma got it in his crazy showerhead to release almost 38,000 prisoners earlier than they were sentenced for.
The coming South African Crime Tsunami. The ANC to release tens of thousands of criminals…again

In there I mentioned the cases of Nelson Mandela doing the same and Thabo Mbeki doing worse.

In 2005, Thabo Mbeki did worse than Mandela who released 9000 criminals. He unleashed about 30,000 criminals on the public and within 3 months, 131 of them were behind bars again. A year later and almost all of them were in prison again. In their wake they left a trail of rapes, hi-jackings, murders, assaults, etc.

Jacob Zuma, who released 38,000 must be the darling of the prisoners. But as was expected, hardly a month later 43 amnesty prisoners were back behind bars. More followed. The report below said that after a month 47 were back behind bars.

They were arrested for a range of offences such as rape, attempted murder, robbery, assault, kidnapping, theft, stock theft, possession of drugs, possession of stolen goods and housebreaking. Two were women.

Another guy said he broke into a house and raped a woman because he was bored. Boredom made me rape - prisoner . I was quite surprised. What? Not the standard excuse of “the legacy of Apartheid” made me do it? For a moment there I thought I was in the wrong film.

In fact none of them blamed “The legacy of Apartheid”…I quote:

“When asked why they committed the crimes so soon after their release, they have blamed boredom, homelessness, hunger, poverty, drug addiction and unemployment as the reason they re-offended. One of the offenders arrested for theft said she had committed the crime intentionally to be re-arrested and put back in prison because she had nowhere to stay after her release.”

See? An inanimate abstract thought such as “The legacy of Apartheid” had nothing to do with it.
Back on earth Apartheid Legacy Trekkies will have to face the fact that people, physical human beings, are responsible for their own acts.

One guy committed murder two days after being released. “He is alleged to have gone home and found his girlfriend with another lover. A fight broke out and he is alleged to have killed the girlfriend’s lover. He handed himself to the police, who arrested him, but he later committed suicide in the cells,”

He killed the wrong one if you ask me. Should have done the bitch in. Nevertheless, he probably also blamed his act and that of his girlfriend on “The legacy of Apartheid”.

Another guy, wielding a screw driver was also back in prison within 48 hours

Anyway…murder, rape, attempted murder, robbery, assault, kidnapping, theft, stock theft, possession of drugs, possession of stolen goods and housebreaking…

Tell me…what has changed in the last 360 years since we first came here to South Africa? They still do what comes naturally to them.

You can teach a dog all sorts of tricks…to lie down, to give paw, to jump through fiery loops, etc…

You can even dress him up in human clothes, but you can never change his instinct. Dogs behave like dogs because they were born dog.

A few days ago I reported about the murder of the liberal activist Owen Charles at the hand of a gang of blacks. Farm murder: The lesson all "progressives" and "liberals" eventually learns

It turned out that four of the five suspects are children, aged between 12 and 17. Apartheid has been abolished for more than 18 years. None of them were even born during Apartheid or “suffered” under Apartheid. They know sweet blue nothing about Apartheid…but watch how the liberals will attach this to “The legacy of Apartheid”.

It wasn’t them. They are all innocent. They had nothing to do with it. It was that evil thing…”The legacy of Apartheid” that made them do it. It was the Apartheid Tokoloshe.

The other one (and ring leader) was 22 years old. So that makes him four at the time of the ANC taking over the government. He also knows nothing of Apartheid. Yet the media reported that he broke into the same farmhouse just three months ago and spent only a few days in jail before being released as part of President Jacob Zuma’s special remission of sentence.

“The juvenile was sent on a rehabilitation programme by the courts after being arrested for the burglary and has never set foot in jail. The older brother, who is still on the run, spent only a few days behind bars before being released,” a Jansenville detective said.”

The result…an innocent farmer is dead.

I hold Jacob Zuma personally responsible for this surge in crime and all these murders. They should add these charges to his already 700+ criminal charge sheets. I just hope I live long enough to see that bastard in court one day answering to his crimes against South Africa and its citizens.

Make no mistake. The day will still come that these ANC scum bags will be begging countries to let them in on asylum so they can lie on a beach on some tropical paradise and sip cocktails with the billions of Rands they have stolen from we South Africans…I just hope that we hunt them down like the Israelis did with the Nazis and deliver justice to their doorsteps. Mark my words.