17 September 2012

Documenting the South African Revolution part 4…developing into a holy war

By Mike Smith
17th of September 2012

The strikes are getting worse. Today the Chrome sector miners also started to demand R12,500 per month.

Mine strike spreads to chrome sector

In the mean time, SA Transport and Allied Workers' Union (Satawu) warned of a complete transport shuitdown

The police barred Malema from speaking to miners today

Malema to speak out on Marikana after police stop him talking to miners

Lonmin, the British mining company in South Africa said that they cannot meet the miner’s demands of R12,500 per month. Bollocks. All they have to do is sack the top management and their exorbitant salaries will cover the miner’s mediocre salary demands.

But the Mining bosses said that they got a wakeup call and would from now on have a different approach to the miners.

"What I can promise is that we are committed to playing our part. We have had our wake-up call, as has the rest of South Africa." Acting Chief Executive Simon Scott said.

Lonmin refuses higher pay demand, vows new approach in talks

What was the new approach?

Buying off the local priest to convince the miners to lower their salary demands. Almost the same way they bought off the corrupt NG Kerk Dominees like Beyers Naudé to convince the Afrikaners to let go of Apartheid and hand their country over to Marxist terrorist scum.

Marikana miners lower salary demands after Bishop spoke to them

“Earlier (Bishop Jo)Seoka had pleaded with the striking miners to lower their monthly salary demand.”

So the question beckons…What is so bloody new about “The New Approach”? They are just using tried and tested old methods. Use their religion against them. The most powerful weapon of usurpation.

Watch the mines buy off a few Sangomas to cast a few spells and mining will be back to normal…sorry, not this time. Problem is that the Commies know that trick. They played it for many years against the Apartheid government. They have already bought off a few Sangomas themselves.

This gives a whole new dimension to the South African revolution. It is developing into a religious or holy war. On the one hand you have the cheap Bishops sprinkling holy water; on the other hand you have the Sangomas throwing the bones…

Isn’t it just a wonderful time to be alive and witness such a spectacle?

16 September 2012

Documenting the South African Revolution – Part 3: When they start doubting if it wasn’t better in the old days.

By Mike Smith
16th of September 2012

By Wednesday 12th of September 2012 Three of South Africa’s biggest mines closed down.
Three of South Africa's biggest mines at a standstill

Amplats (Anglo American platinum) mine also stopped operations out of fear for the lives of their workers.

Amplats suspend Rustenburg operations

A new group called the “Democratic Socialist Movement” wants all mines in Rustenburg to come a halt next week.

Amplats miners target Murray & Roberts

Bringing the mines to a standstill is one thing, but the mines are serviced by thousands of sub contractors. If the mines die, they die. More people out of work and more people discontented.
The South African economy is being brought to a grinding halt. Of that there is no doubt.

In the past I wrote about what a company actually is. A company is only as strong as its workers, the Human Resource.

Without the people a company is just an inanimate piece of junk…a piece of paper, a building and a few pieces of furniture and computer equipment. A company is NOTHING without its people. The people are their biggest asset. But don’t tell anyone. They don’t want the workers to know this.

What makes a company successful or fail is simply the quality of the people it employs and the leadership it espouses. Lonmin, Anglo American, et al, knows this. They know that without their black slaves, they are nothing. I would like to see those accountants get the platinum and gold out of the ground themselves.

The Lonmin and Anglo American mining establishment in South Africa is now being confronted with their worst nightmare in the history of their miserable existence in South Africa. That stretches back to the First Anglo Boer War.

90 years ago (1922) General Jan Smuts declared martial law and used the military to crush the Rand Rebellion against striking white miners to protect the Anglo American interests in South Africa at all costs. He even deployed the Air Force against white South Africans.

Since then a lot of water has flowed into the sea. White miners became the loyal slaves of the Anglo American establishment and the blacks the crux of the matter and at the same time the Achilles Heel of the mining establishment.

When the Apartheid government of H.F. Verwoerd threatened their operations, they had him assassinated and then they conspired to bring down the Apartheid government, a culmination of which we saw in 1993 when Consolidated Goldfields organized secret meetings between Liberal enemies of South Africa and the ANC as I have documented in “Opening Pandora’s Apartheid box” – Part 29-31.

The Rand Lords thought that if they could appease the hordes long enough they could continue making their profits whilst raping the soil of South Africa.

They saw the Apartheid government as a threat to their richest resource, Black South Africans.

Without Blacks freely coming to work on the mines, the mines were going to die. The mines could not have any restrictions on this flow of cheap labour.

It resulted in the virtual slavery of black miners in South Africa and when the Apartheid government started implementing restrictions on the workers (Anglo American slaves) making them carry work permits and residency permits on them at all times, they panicked and decided to pool their resources and get rid of the Apartheid government…something they finally achieved in 1994.

So for years now they have supported the monster they have created... The very monster that now threatens their existence and that will determine their future involvement in the country.

They are throwing steaks at the monster, but they have found him to be insatiable…Now they are trying champagne and caviar…nothing helps.

Lonmin Miners rejected the pay increase offer, wants more

There comes a time in the life of every man when he gets confronted with reality; when he has to ask himself, “was it not better in the past”?

“When things tend to that state and condition in which, in any country under the sun, the management of its affairs and the customs of its people shall require men to entertain a disbelief in the virtue and honor of those who make and those who are charged to execute the laws; when there shall be everywhere a spirit of suspicion and scorn of all who hold or seek office, or have amassed wealth; when falsehood shall no longer dishonor a man, and oaths give no assurance of true testimony, and one man hardly expect another to keep faith with him, or to utter his real sentiments, or to be true to any party or to any cause when another approaches him with a bribe; when no one shall expect what he says to be printed without additions, perversions, and misrepresentations; when public misfortunes shall be turned to private profit, the press pander to licentiousness, the pulpit ring with political harangues, long prayers to God, eloquently delivered to admiring auditors, be written out for publication, like poems and political speeches; when the uprightness of judges shall be doubted, and the honesty of legislators be a standing jest; then men may come to doubt whether the old days were not better than the new…”

Albert Pike, “Morals and Dogma” – (29°; Grand Scottish Knight of St. Andrew)

Documenting the South African Revolution.-Part 2. Deployment of the army against the citizens of South Africa

By Mike Smith
16th of September 2012

There can be no doubt anymore. When the government deploys the army against its own citizens, you either have a civil war or a revolution on your hands.

Soldiers deployed in Marikana

At least a thousand soldiers were deployed in Marikana on Saturday evening, the SA Defence Force (SANDF) said.

“The soldiers were deployed at the request of the police to support them in their operation,' said SANDF spokesman Brigadier General Xolani Mabanga.

Mabanga said the soldiers sent to Marikana included members from the air force, the army, and the military health services.

Zuma must answer for SANDF deployment: Lekota

The message I read into this is that the government has lost control of the situation.

The deployment of the Army followed another clampdown and shooting by the police on the striking miners at Marikana on the morning of Saturday, 15 September. Images were sent into the world and broadcasted on senders such as Euronews. You can watch what the Germans and French saw on their televisions about South Africa.

Platinum Strike: Lonmin praises improvement

What will the next step be?

If one follows the classical development of revolutions, then we are now at the stage where the government either needs to make “efficient use of force” or fail.

This is a most difficult and critical stage, because if they fail, the soldiers and police will join the revolutionaries. When this happens the “old Regime” can kiss its own ass goodbye.

There is one more option that the Regime has if it fails, and that is the intervention of a foreign force like we have seen in East Germany in 1953 and Hungary in 1956 when Soviet Troops marched in to crush the revolution, and the West in one of their greatest moments of shame, did not come to the rescue of the Hungarian people.

In the case of South Africa and the ANC, their hope is a UN intervention to keep them in power.
Two months ago the ANC transferred $2-billion to the IMF as a “Firewall” protection…
IMF contribution positive: Busa
SA’S IMF money not a gift: presidency

…I am sure…

Firewall against attack from what virus? The Revolution virus as Dr. Crane Brinton spoke of in “Anatomy of a Revolution”.

If nobody in the international world comes to the aid of the ANC, they will look locally for mercenaries and they will find plenty who are willing to sell their souls for a few bloodstained Rands.

That will be a massive failure, as anybody acquainted with Machiavelli’s “The Prince” knows.

They also have their old friends Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Sam Nujoma (Namibia) and Armando Guebuza from Mozambique that they can pull favours from.

If and when the ANC has exhausted all their options and their contingencies fail one after the other, they will start looking for an escape route.

For their sake I hope the ANC has that red telephone linked up to order some helicopters to save them from the rooftop of Luthuli House like Ferdinand Marcos and family was whisked away from the rooftop of his palace in the Philippines back in 1986.

Another citizen killed by those magnificent MSM “robbers”

By Mike Smith
16th of September 2012

They are going to have to hold me back, because if I see one more stupid reporter referring to this murderous trash as “robbers” then I am going to slap him.

I wonder if the MSM actually realize how laughable they make themselves with this junk reporting. They are only shattering their own credibility with this rubbish.

Durban man shot dead by robbers
September 16 2012 at 01:57pm

A Durban father who was looking forward to celebrating his daughter’s first birthday will never get that opportunity after he was shot and killed by robbers at his home on Friday night.
John Dwanye Naidoo, 32, was shot in the back of his neck while struggling to open the safe in his bedroom.

His wife Mags watched helplessly as three intruders ransacked their house for valuables before shooting the father of their only child.
Still distraught, she said her biggest concern is explaining to 11-month-old Cara what had happened to her father.

14 September 2012

Learning from H.D.Thoreau: In the absence of justice, civil disobedience is the only option

By Mike Smith
14th of September 2012

Henry David Thoreau said that government is expedient and “That government is best which governs least”. Expedient means that government is there to serve a purpose and when they fail to serve that purpose we can get rid of them whenever we want to.

I fully agree. One only needs government for two purposes and that is to protect the rights of the citizens and to the best of their ability prevent the “initiation of force”.

Since 1994, on the watch of the ruling ANC party, almost 4000 white people have been brutally raped , tortured and murdered on farms in South Africa, by blacks.

Yet, the President of the country, Jacob Zuma said that farm attacks are not racially motivated.
Farm attacks not race motivated: Zuma

He used the normal excuse of, blacks also attack other blacks in the townships therefore blacks attacking whites on farms are not racially motivated.

By that same stupid logic, Adolf Hitler’s attack on Jews in concentration camps was not racially motivated, because he also attacked whites in Europe and Russia.

There is no doubt, the ANC is directly responsible for farm murders. They disbanded the Commando system and refuse/d to make farm murders a priority crime. In fact their leaders continue to sing songs like “Kill the Boer: Kill the Farmer” despite it being banned as hate speech by a court of law.

On top of it the MSM is downplaying these brutal murders and directly contributing to the genocide of whites in South Africa

The ANC, President Jacob Zuma, as well as his two predecessors, Mbeki and Mandela has released tens of thousands of prisoners onto the innocent public, many of them rearrested within days and weeks of being released.

The effects of the Zuma Crime Tsunami

The president of South Africa, just shrugged his shoulders yesterday and said that it was not his fault. According to him, none of the prisoners who were released had it written on their foreheads that they would recommit a crime if released early.

Zuma: 'Crimes committed by released prisoners not my fault’

I mean, why put them in prison at all? Why not just arrest them, give them a warning and release them? Why even bother arresting them and warning, let them just do what they want!!

Let us have Anarchy. Let us have the Wild West or the law of the jungle and we just all kill who we want to and nobody gives a hoot.

Further the ANC opened the borders to untold amounts of illegal immigrants especially from Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

There isn’t even enough work for our own people, where must these foreigners find work?

So the unemployment is compounded by the ANC’s immigration policies and other socialist policies that hamstring economic growth and employment. A further field where the ANC is directly accountable for high levels of crime in the country, especially those perpetrated by unemployed foreigners.

Then you have a case like the Muldersdrift teenager, Allyssa Botha (13) and her white family that was attacked in their home by a gang of 5 blacks ( 4 Zimbabweans and a South African)… Alyssa, her father Anton, 51, and older sister Meghan were attacked by armed men last Wednesday night when they arrived home.

The assailants are alleged to have shot at the family, fled and returned to shoot them again.

Anton Botha, who was in the car at the time, was shot in the abdomen, as was Alyssa. Meghan was shot in the legs. Alyssa died at the scene.

All five suspects were freed and let go…back onto the streets.

The National Prosecuting Authority did not think a memory card belonging to Alyssa that was found on the men was sufficient to prosecute them on charges of murder, armed robbery and possession of suspected stolen property.

Bitterness as suspects go free

Where is the justice for this family?

When you have this kind of situation, where the Government fails at its most basic function, that of protecting the public against “the initiation of force” …Then they should go.

When the regime fails to protect the constitutional rights of the public, and in fact directly contribute to the “initiation of force” against the citizens by releasing dangerous criminals on them or training rogue youths in military tactics who then go and attack citizens…then, I am sorry, they should go.

The shocking Parallels between Mugabe’s ”NYS Green Bombers” and Zuma’s NARYSEC youth brigade

ANC to military train another 20,000 youths

Exclusive: Military training of secret Youth Force in South African townships

When the regime further fails to bring those to justice who have initiated force against the innocent citizens, then, like I said, they should go.

Finally…When the President of the country says that minorities have no rights in a democracy…Then they have broken the social contract with the people and lost their right to rule.

You have less rights because you are a minority

Such a government is then unconstitutional, illegal and downright criminal. Such a regime cannot be tolerated for one moment longer. There cannot be any waiting until the next election. People should go out onto the streets in civil disobedience.

There is no stigma to civil disobedience. Henry David Thoreau wrote about it in 1849 in his essay Resistance to Civil Government (Civil Disobedience)

Civil disobedience is a necessary and integral part of a true democracy. In fact it is ingrained into the constitution of the country…Section 17 of the “Bill of rights”.

“Everyone has the right, peacefully and unarmed, to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket and to present petitions.”

As Thoreau said; “All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government, when its tyranny or its inefficiency is great and unendurable. But almost all say that such is not the case now.”

So when will it be the case in South Africa? How many more farmers need to die? How many more women and children raped and murdered in their homes? When will enough be enough? When will we draw the line in the sand and say, up to here and no further?

There comes a time when a people, reduced to slaves and second class citizens in their own country, as well as individuals must do justice, cost what it may.

As president Zuma said, as a minority we have no chance against a majority.

For us voting is a game where we express a wish, but it has no effect on what is right and what justice for our people is. Voting is a waste of time when the rights of a minority is not respected in a democracy.

Further, you won’t stand for it when your neighbor cheats you out of a R100; Why do you stand for it when your government cheats you out of a R100,million?...Day after day?

The fault the citizens make is that they think that before they can resist the corrupt scum in government they should first persuade the people and get the backing or approval of the majority. This is nonsense. It is misapplied democracy.

You go out there and you pick up a stone and you throw it with all your might at the corrupt regime, like I have done with this blog for instance…and Uhuru Guru and TRR have done on SA Sucks. Before long you will see that thousand stand behind you and throw rocks as well.

If government is a machine of corruption and theft then we should be the friction that wears it out and brings it to a standstill.

If unjust laws requires you to be the agent of injustice like the laws of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment for instance then I say break the God damn law!!

If the very constitution is the evil, and there is no other way, after you have picketed and petitioned the regime, then what remains?

You can only knock on a door for so long…if nobody opens up, you kick the damn thing down. That is how it works!

And take note of those who live around you who work for and uphold the regime, for they are not your neighbours, but your enemy.

When it comes to taxes, pay as little as possible. Pay onto Caesar what he is due; not what he asks for.

If it is at all possible to pay nothing to a corrupt Kleptocracy then pay them no cent. For if you give them ANY money they will steal it and waste it and come and harass you and your wife and your children again, for more. Besides if you start tracing your tax Rands you will probably find that it was used to shoot some striking miners at Marikana or an elderly farmer on his property.

Thoreau was imprisoned for one day for defying taxation, because he could not see why the schoolmaster should pay for the church minister, but the church minister did not pay for the school master.

Thoreau wrote: “As they could not reach me, they had resolved to punish my body; just as boys, if they cannot come at some person against whom they have a spite, will abuse his dog. I saw that the State was half-witted, that it was timid as a lone woman with her silver spoons, and that it did not know its friends from its foes, and I lost all my remaining respect for it, and pitied it.”

“Thus the State never intentionally confronts a man's sense, intellectual or moral, but only his body, his senses. It is not armed with superior wit or honesty, but with superior physical strength. I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest. What force has a multitude? They only can force me who obey a higher law than I. They force me to become like themselves. I do not hear of men being forced to have this way or that by masses of men. What sort of life were that to live? When I meet a government which says to me, "Your money or your life," why should I be in haste to give it my money? It may be in a great strait, and not know what to do: I cannot help that. It must help itself; do as I do. It is not worth the while to snivel about it. I am not responsible for the successful working of the machinery of society. I am not the son of the engineer. I perceive that, when an acorn and a chestnut fall side by side, the one does not remain inert to make way for the other, but both obey their own laws, and spring and grow and flourish as best they can, till one, perchance, overshadows and destroys the other. If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man. “

Thankfully we in this world do not live too long under a government. We take them far too seriously.

We give them far too much power. They should constantly live in fear of us, not the other way around.

I for one am not an anarchist. I am not anti-government per se. I am pro limited government. I will cheerfully obey those who know and can do better than I, but unfortunately the ANC has failed that test in my conscience.

Thoreau said:

“There will never be a really free and enlightened State until the State comes to recognize the individual as a higher and independent power, from which all its own power and authority are derived, and treats him accordingly. “

Until the government of South Africa commits itself to treat all its citizens with FULL equality and protection under the law, as stipulated in its constitution and rids itself of its discriminatory laws of BEE, Affirmative Action, Sports Quotas, University entry Quotas, etc…and actively commits itself to the protection of minorities in the country, they should include me out from their Rainbow Nation circus and deal with my FULL resistance and criticism as it comes.

South African functionally illiterate President Zuma on how democrazy works

By Mike Smith
14th of September 2012

"You have more rights because you're a majority; you have less rights because you're a minority. That's how democracy works," he said, provoking a huge outcry from opposition benches.

A page straight from George Orwell's Animal farm...

I think that the President of South Africa should go read Chapter 2 of the South African Constitution…that part that says “Bill of Rights”…especially section 9 that deals with “Equality”.

You don't understand democracy, Zuma told

I honestly do not know how this idiot can be in charge of this country when he cannot even get the elementary basics rights. No wonder it is going like a Boeing in SA, hey?

Factionalism and understanding the current political power play in South Africa in the run up to Manguang 2012

By Mike Smith
14th of September 2012

It was H.L Mencken who said: “Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage. “

The more I look at how the ANC misrules South Africa from their Luthuli menagerie in Johannesburg, the more I am convinced that Mencken was right.

The ruling party will hold its national elective conference from 16-20 December 2012. It is convened every five years and there they will decide who shall lead the party and therefore the country.

That it is going to be a simian ro-sham-bo of majestic proportions is a given.

It is still three months to go and the faction fights are in full swing. It is nothing new. It has always been like that in the ANC…for the past 100 years of their miserable existence they have always squabbled and elbowed each other out of the way for the prime position at the feeding trough.

In 1990 whites saw for the first time how the factions in the ANC came to loggerheads when former president Thabo Mbeki and SA Communist Party general secretary Chris Hani battled it out for the Alpha position in the country. Chris Hani lost…with his life, and as R.W. Johnson wrote in his book, “South Africa’s brave new world” he was taken out by Thabo Mbeki and “Bra” Joe Modise.

There are several factions in the ANC, Black nationalists, Communists, moderates, militants, liberals, BEE pseudo capitalists, etc.

When Mandela was President there were two camps on either side of him, that of Thabo Mbeki and that of Cyril Ramaphosa.

But Ramaphosa is a Venda, so he stood no chance against the Xhosa-Nostra of Mbeki.

This brings us to the other factional battles within the ANC political shambles, that of tribalism. Just under the umbrella “Xhosa-tribe” alone you have the sub tribes such as the Thembus, the Fingos and the Pondos…

Back to the political factions…

Amongst the Communists you have Leninists, Trotskyites, Maoists, Stalinists, Fabian Socialists… I will not go into too much detail about the differences right now. I once tried to explain it here: Zuma and the "Second Transition"

For simplistic reasons, see the SA situation basically as a tug-of-war between two groups.

On the one hand you have the NWO Globalists (CFR, Chatham House, Anglo American establishment.) who support the Black Nationalists/ BEE pseudo Capitalists.

On the other hand there is the Communists Internationalists fighting for the soul of the ANC.

Both have their own interests at heart so they can rape the mineral wealth of South Africa whilst the ANC keeps the majority black population under control and the whites marginalized on the fringes of South African society.

They have set their agents to work in SA. On the NWO (Western) side you have your CIA, MI6, French GDSE, German BND, etc clan. On the Communist (East) side you have your Russian FSB, Chinese, MSS, Former East German Stasi, North Korean SSD, etc mafia.

Ultimately they all strive for the same goal, enslavement of the human race under a totalitarian Socialist regime. The NWO globalists believe in doing it slowly and deceptively and believe you can give shit a vanilla flavor, sprinkle Smarties on top and sell it to the public as “freedom”. They call it “Democratic Socialism”.

The Communist Internationalists just believe in doing it a lot quicker. As they always say…”Socialism in our time”.

At first, when Mandela was in power, the NWO West thought they could win the ANC over to their side by simply buying them…to the disgust of the Communists.

The Communists used coercion and blackmail to keep their followers loyal.

Thabo Mbeki thought he could play a double game and keep both sides happy. He failed. He tried to get rid of the Communists and the Cosatu Trade unionists in the ANC/SACP/ Cosatu Troika after the Communists under Blade Nzimandi and Zwelinzima Vavi of Cosatu saw right through him and wanted to bring him in check.

Instead they got rid of him.

When he tried to fire and imprison Deputy President Jacob Zuma, they launched a crusade against Thabo Mbeki. They kicked him to the curb and got their loyal lapdog, Jacob Zuma in power by mobilizing the ANC Youth League through Malema (“We will kill for Zuma”) and the ANC Women’s league as well as Cosatu.

No sooner was Zuma (a Zulu) in or he started getting rid of all the Xhosas and surrounding himself with Zulus.
A break-away faction then went and started COPE…or the ANC-light.

But Zuma proved not such a committed Communist anymore. He started spending far too much time with wealthy Indians such as the Shaik family and the powerful Gupta family organizing scaly BEE deals.

People started turning against Zuma, but Gwede Mantashe stayed and backed him. The SACP took Zuma around the shoulders and had a quiet word with him. They explained to him that if he does not toe the Communist line, there is that niggly matter of 700+ fraud cases pending against him.

Zuma understood and at the SACP conference in July 2012 they nailed their colours to the Zuma mast. SACP endorses ZUMA

The Commies have two official horses in the race, Jacob Zuma, and Gwede Mantashe.

Kgalema Motlanthe is being backed by the ANCYL, but he is still two minded on whether he wants to contest Zuma or not.

To some it appears as if Motlanthe is anti Zuma, but only as far as two horses belonging to the same owner runs against each other in the same race. They are both Communists. That is all that matters.

There are those in the ANC who are fully over on the NWO Western side, who themselves do not understand the game being played. It doesn’t matter. They are not the ones who rule the ANC. The SACP is the brains of the ANC not the NWO . The SACP decides who will be the next president and who not. Zuma is a has been, but he is a Communist. That is all that counts.

Who will be the next president is what is currently being played out. The Communists want their man in. The NWO west want their man in. It is political jockeying of the worst order. The NWO uses the carrot approach and the Commies the stick approach.

The NWO has Tokyo Sexwale and Cyril Ramaphosa as their horses. Cyril Ramaphosa is actually also a staunch Communist. Don’t be fooled by his wealth.

Malema was roped in to escalate the Marxist revolutionary level and put the squeeze on the NWO gang. At the moment Communists are still just sending messages to the NWO crowd, telling them that if they continue their stance, their mines will be shut down and nationalized…they are flexing their muscles to show the NWO crowd that they have the capacity to do this.

So far the Communist tactics have always worked, but now the NWO faction has put its foot down. The Marikana Massacre was the result.

The biggest mistake people can make is to believe that Malema is Anti Zuma. He is Zuma’s big mate and he is a Communist Apparatchik.

Malema being “fired” from the ANC is actually a promotion for him. He was too old for the Youth League anyway and as an “independent” he can carry on pushing the Communist/ANC agenda without any fingers being pointed to them.

The Communist will use every dirty trick in the book to win the race and get what they want. They will use blackmail, coercion, violence, terrorism, strikes, even revolution to bully everyone into submission.

Communists are like naughty children who throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. A good rule of thumb in any country is to watch the levels of union violence and strikes escalate when Communist don’t get their way. One can actually deduce a formula from it. The level of strikes and violence is inversely proportional to Communists getting their way.

The less the Communists get their way; the higher the level of violence, strikes, etc.

If the Communist faction wins at Manguang, you will probably see a sudden decrease in violence and strikes. But if the NWO candidate wins, you will see full blown revolution.

It is after all just one free for all leftist, Communist pig-fight for the prime position at the feeding trough.

Nobody cares if the education system goes for a ball of shit or whether the hospitals are caving in. Nobody cares how many blacks die of AIDS or how many white farmers are murdered.

In the end it is all about who controls the mineral wealth of South Africa. That is how it has always been.

12 September 2012

Documenting the South African Revolution

By Mike Smith
12th of September 2012

By now, you would have noticed that over the past few months and especially since the Marikana Massacre, I have warned and pointed out the revolution in South Africa…or as I believe it is, a revolution within a revolution.

I will continue to document the revolution as it happens step by step and will give my comments and warnings.

For some background, you can read these articles:

Mines getting nervous as the revolution gains momentum
Is South Africa heading for a revolution within a revolution? What are the signs?
The Malema agenda
Julias on the coming mining revolution
Why the ANC wants the country to fail
The meaning of Malema’s declaration of “Economic war” on whites
Thoughts on Uhuru and the Economic Freedom Revolution

I have also documented the Lonmin Marikana Massacre in a lot more detail and analysis and explained why this is only the start of the revolution.

Mining Bosses’ worst fears realised
Three minutes, 18 bodies
Marikana (Rustenburg): The ANC’s Sharpeville
The run up to the Lonmin Police Turkey shoot
Why the Lonmin Massacre is only the start of the violence to come and why Africa will never have peace
British slavery in Africa. Blacks selling blacks into slavery in 2012
Malema's secret visit to London, the implications for SA and the vision of Siener van Rensburg
The Battle of Marikana: A preliminary analysis
Marikana: It is because they killed Bugs Bunny!
BBC Psyops about the Lonmin Massacre
The Marikana Massacre update: An intermediate report

Throughout the above you will have noticed that I frequently referred to the “Bible of Revolution” namely the book by Dr. Crane Brinton, “Anatomy of Revolution”. I have pointed out several of the “uniformities” in various revolutions as described by Dr. Brinton.

The question is, “At what critical point does the revolution start”?

Some lovers of revolution believe that violence is the start of the revolution. That there can be no revolution without violence.

According to Brinton, revolutionists sweep up the public into riots and protests with all sorts of promises of a Utopian future and all sorts of nice little revenges along the way, but they are limited to a certain point.

The government at this stage also fails to make adequate use of force.

Brinton said that a critical turning point is the moment the armed forces join the revolutionaries. For any revolution to progress from mere protests, discontented talks and discussions to actual revolutions, the armed forces need to be won over.

No government has ever fallen until it lost control of the armed forces.

When they do, the “old regime” can kiss itself goodbye.

This stage ends with a brief “honeymoon” period where people cannot believe how easy it was to overthrow the old regime. But it is quickly followed by the “ascension of the moderates” that are then shoved out of the way by the “extremists” who introduce the crisis period or “reign of terror”…more on that at a later stage.

When we consider the study of revolution as by Dr Crane Brinton then it is not altogether too difficult to know at exactly what phase we find ourselves and what the next phase will be.

That is why the people who know revolutions, went into a frenzy when it was announced today that Julias Malema is to speak to the SANDF soldiers

Top security intelligence briefings, involving several government ministers, were held on Tuesday night, the report stated as the Military was put on high alert

A later report denied that the military was put on high alert, but said that soldiers who attended Malema’s address of soldiers at Lenasia south of Johannesburg would be severely disciplined Soldiers who go see Juju ‘will be disciplined’

Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula said in an SABC radio interview broadcast on Wednesday morning that Malema wants to turn the soldiers against the state

It is all talk. She knows the agenda. Nothing will happen to the soldiers, neither will anything happen to Malema, because he already has the permission of the ANC to do what he is doing.

Malema has not fully won over the soldiers yet and they are not yet under his control, but the worrying factor is that they are already singing his praises, Soldiers sing in support of Malema
Malema also enjoys the support of the SA National Defence Union (Sandu).

Sandu national secretary JG Greef said that. “Commander in Chief (President Jacob Zuma) has not lifted a finger to address (the) dire situation of soldiers, nor even taken the time to visit their bases... to listen to their problems, concerns and frustrations. It is little wonder therefore that some soldiers would rather trust Mr Malema to at least listen to their concerns, rather than trust their own Commander in Chief, the President.”

In August 2009, more than 1000 soldiers defied a military and court order and embarked on a wage protest at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

The department of defence accused the soldiers of failing to obey orders, and failing to dissociate themselves from a violent protest and mutiny.

Remember that over the past year I have often reported about South Africa’s equivalent of the Zimbabwean Green bombers called the National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC) under the guidance of the Ministry of Rural Development and the Ministry of Defense.

Thousands upon thousands of black youths have since received military training at bases like Saldanha and Ficksburg on the Lesotho border. Whites are excluded from this program.

The shocking Parallels between Mugabe’s ”NYS Green Bombers” and Zuma’s NARYSEC youth brigade

ANC to military train another 20,000 youths

Also remember how I warned that all the ANC “service delivery protests” and Taxi blockades of routes around cities were just training exercises for the catastrophe that is coming.

In 2010 already Malema visited Zimbabwe where he met senior Zanu-PF leaders as well as the Youth League in order to discuss his “Economic Revolution”…as well as “strengthen relations, share experiences and map strategies.”

Basically Malema was schooled in Zimbabwe on the tactics that Mugabe used to kick out the white farmers and plunge the country into an economic disaster and famine.

Then shortly after that Malema was off to Venezuela where he met President Hugo Chavez for the next stage of his revolutionary leadership training.

Malema’s visit to Venezuela

Then a week before the Marikana strike started, Malema and his sidekick, Floyd Shivambu visited London where he had secret meetings with “investors”…Malema’s secret trip to London

Just ten days before the Marikana Massacre Hillary Clinton visited Nelson Mandela during her trip to South Africa where she had high level talks with the ANC. Hillary Clinton’s visit to Mandela

All the preperations have been made. All the chess pieces have been moved into place.

The Marikana Massacre was the official start of the Revolution. All the classical signs were there. From now on things will escalate. Watch this space.

11 September 2012

Mines getting nervous as the revolution gains momentum

By Mike Smith
11th of September 2012

Bobby Godsell, the former Anglo American boss, Eskom boss and friend of Cyril Ramaphosa, the ANC’s chief negotiator at Codesa, said that the deaths at the Marikana mine was “outrageous”.

“In an apartheid South Africa with no (democratic) constitution you can say that violence was regrettable and understandable,” he said during a discussion at the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Johannesburg yesterday.

“In a constitutional democracy, (violence) is not understandable. It is completely outrageous.

“People must be held accountable for those murders.”

Funny how Bobby Godsell seems to be concerned about 34 black miners, yet he has NEVER spoken out against farm murders. More than 3000 white farmers murdered since his beloved ANC took over in 1994…to date not a single word by Bobby Godsell.

Marikana violence outrageous – Godsell

He ain’t seen nothing yet. The situation at Marikana is far from over. Today they marched to the Andrew Saffy Memorial Hospital and had another standoff with the police and another dead body (hacked to death with pangas) was found.

Tense stand-off as Marikana miners bear down on hospital
Marikana: another body found

This morning at the Goldfields KTC West mines at Driefontein near Carletonville, Julias Malema said, “The mines are paying millions of rands of protection money into Jacob Zuma’s trust accounts.”

He called for a national strike, five days every month, and to make the mines “ungovernable” through peaceful means until their R12 500 wage demand was met.

Malema also confirmed that he was “under heavy police investigation” because he was accused of having instigated the violence at Marikana’s Lonmin mine.

Zuma, leaders in pockets of mines – Malema
Malema calls for national strike

Eight days ago the media announces with great fanfare that Malema’s arrest was imminent
At the time there was not a single newspaper in the country that did not run with this nonsense. Look now. Nothing happened to Malema. He was not arrested and he is still visiting mine after mine fomenting his hatred towards whites and inciting violence and revolution in South Africa and the ANC lets him be.

Like I have always said, Malema says the things the ANC cannot say openly. His so called banning from the ANC was just a scam. He is still their loyal agent and lapdog, carrying out the true agenda.

AT other mines, miners are also downing tools. More than 200 mine workers at Golfview Colliery near Ermelo have downed tools following a breakdown of wage negotiations with management.

 Miners down tools at Colliery

Zwelenzima Vavi of Cosatu said before Marikana he spoke of South Africa sitting on a ticking time bomb, but now we should be speaking of exploding bombs.

Vavi said superstitions and elements of backwardness on the part of workers also needed to be addressed. He obviously referred to the Sangoma “Nzabe” who promised the miners to be bullet-proof after taking his Muti and the miners blaming their slaughter on a rabbit they killed earlier in the day.

Just like the rest of us, Vavi is also waiting for the report of the judicial enquiry. If it come out that the police indeed shot miners in the back, hunted them down and drove over them, I am afraid nothing will be able to stop the revolution.

To Communists there can be no revolution without extreme violence. They believe brutal violence is the midwife of revolution…

Don’t take my word for it, but South Africa is in for a rough ride in the next few months…all we need on top of the current explosive situation is for Nelson Mandela to croak and it will be the catalyst to disaster.

10 September 2012

MSM downplaying brutal farm murders in SA…as usual

By Mike Smith
11th of September 2012

On Sunday the 9th of September 2012 an elderly couple, Johan Fourie (71) and his wife Cecile (72) returned to their farm from a church service in the Freestate town of Tromsburg.

Unbeknown to them…in there homestead were waiting a gang of savages who already drank several bottles of alcohol. They also cut open the gun safe with an angle grinder.

This is where the story gets strange because News24’s English report simply says that the couple were found in their bedroom and shot Trail of blood in Free State farmer's home

“So where does the trail of blood through the house come from... leading from the living room to the bedroom??” was my thought.

The report said the gunsafe was “broken open” and the couple shot. So my first thoughts and mental models were that the farm murderers shot the couple with their own weapons...almost peacefully in their bedroom.

This shows the power of Psyops and how we should guard against it. This is how the media creates false mental models in the minds of the public. When I read that report, I shook my head and just thought…another farm murder…one of so many…and I carried on.

The Afrikaans version of News24 in the “Volksblad” however reported a different scenario. Complete with photos.

Couple slaughtered like sheep

According to the “Volksblad” report, the elderly couple was not shot, but hacked to death with axes in their own home. Only a .22 caliber revolver was missing. The farmer’s other firearm and a knife was found on the scene.

Their bodies were discovered around 20h00 when they didn’t answer a call from the farm-watch.

First of all, I do not think the Volksblad reporter has ever slaughtered a sheep, because I can assure him that we do not hack our sheep to death with axes.

Nevertheless…Here you have another one of so many of these cases. You see the same similarities over and over.

• The murderers broke into the house while the people were away.
• None of the farm workers saw anything.
• The murderers did not steal what they want and leave unnoticed like a normal thief would.
• They waited hours for the couple to return.
• The victims were elderly.
• The farmer and his wife were murdered in the most brutal way. Possibly tortured beforehand.
• The murderers stole nothing except a .22 revolver, but left the other firearms.
• The police are following some leads, but nobody has been arrested.

Then the government assures us that this is “just ordinary crime”…nothing to worry about. There is no trend. Genocide??...Don’t be preposterous.

09 September 2012

Stéphane Courtois’, Communism, the Black African and the question of “Why?”

By Mike Smith
9th of September 2012

Let’s play Doctor-Doctor with taxpayer’s money in the New South Africa.

Sometimes you have to ask, “Where do they get these ideas from?”

No normal sane person would ever have thought of something like this:

Officials use ambulances for prostitutes

• medical vehicles have reportedly been used to transport prostitutes.

• corrupt officials were also using the fuel cards of damaged vehicles to buy fuel, despite the fact that these vehicles were out of service.

• A Port Elizabeth driver was dismissed in 2009 after he allegedly tried to rape a mother of a patient on their way to hospital;

• In Mthatha, Toyota Quantum vehicles are stripped of parts including mirrors, tyres and batteries.

• The ambulance will leave the depot with brand new tyres and when it comes back it has bald tyres.

And the best part is that nothing gets done about it. The spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo asked. “What must we do?”

Hmmm…let me think for a moment…Maybe firing the bastards would be a good start?? Then how about starting criminal prosecutions against them??

A few years ago the commander of the Metro Police in Gordons Bay (Western Cape) were using state vehicles to transport “meat products” (Viennas, salami, bacon, sausage and Russians) whilst on duty and even admitted it in court, but he denied that he was running a butchery from the office.

Gordons Bay Metro Police using official vehicles to run errands and smuggle meat

How can these creatures use every last bit of intelligence they can scrape together to do criminal things? Why is it that it never seems as if they can apply their intelligence for good and charitable work or to create something that would contribute to the improvement of mankind? No, it is always stealing killing, dealing, smuggling, prostitution, drug dealing, and destruction…etc.

Toward the end of the bestseller compiled by Stéphane Courtois, “The Black Book of Communism; Crimes, Terror, Repression” the author/compiler, who is an international expert historian on Communist studies and the human rights abuses of Communism mentioned how he asked himself the question “Why?” so many times. (Incidentally, Joachim Gauck, the current German President was a co-author of the German edition of “Das Swartzbuch des Kommunismus”.)

Nevertheless, Courtois mentions how during the Bolshevik Revolution, people would pour black powder into the mouths of their enemies and set it alight. Others would pour it in the anuses of their enemies…others would stick dynamite sticks up there and ignite it. He asked, what were the differences between the atrocities by the Reds and that of the Whites? In fact the similarity is that both sides were Russian.

Eventually the French author came to the conclusion that just like the British has a unique propensity to dry humour, Russians have a unique propensity to unbelievable brutal behaviour.

For instance, Ivan the Terrible, first Tsar of all of Russia was only 13 when he had the Prime minister ripped to shreds and eaten by dogs. He killed his own son (and heir) in a violent rage. He formed the Oprichniki, his loyal death squad dogs and secret police who would brutally murder all the Tsar’s enemies…And so it went all the way up until the present day with gross repression of human rights in Russia and the brutal assassination of Vladimir Putin’s enemies.

Over the last 360 years of history in South Africa, we have witnessed something similar in the behaviour of blacks. Women and Children raped and killed during the 9 Xhosa Wars, baby’s heads smashed against wagon wheels at the Bloukrantz Massacre. Whites skinned alive like animals at Makapaans Gat, etc…

All the way up to the present day where farmers are being brutally tortured for hours before they are killed. Hot water hoses shoved into their throats, burning the flesh white. A twelve year old boy drowned in a bath of boiling hot water. An old lady’s fingers chopped off by garden sheers, etc, etc…

Just like Stéphane Courtois, I want to ask, “Why?”

Where does this propensity to violence, theft, misrule and disregard for human suffering and human life come from? Just look to the entire Sub-Saharan Africa and you will see what I am talking about.

That the proof is there is undeniable. Famine and war, brutality, rape and murders everywhere, child soldiers and children’s limbs hacked off. The question is simply, “Why?”

08 September 2012

Fabrications against whites in South Africa

By Mike Smith
8th of September 2012

Over the years I have exposed the trend of vilifying whites, especially farmers with bullshit allegations of rape, torture and humiliation.

Two instances that immediately springs to mind are the Annelise Davids (a 22 yo coloured farm worker from Rawsonville) case against four white farmers who allegedly gang raped her and assaulted her 15 yo boyfriend into a coma so that he was permanently brain damaged.

It turned out to be a total fabrication. Eyewitnesses lied under oath. Davids later said the “Devil of Drink” made her tell the stories. The boyfriend was brain damaged from falling off a vehicle.

The two female farm workers were never charged at all -- and have never apologised to the four white farming families

You can read the story here ANC and Media Psy-ops against whites

In there is also the story of FOUR young black men from Blackheath in the Cape who have allegedly been raped by their white bosses and forced at gunpoint to drink urine from the toilet bowls in their workplace

It turned out that it was another fabrication and in fact The two “white” bosses, Hein and Enrico van Vuuren turned out to be coloureds

But such is the farfetched stories spinned together against whites in SA and published in the MSM. Total fabrications that encourages hatred against white people and lead to farm murders, rapes and tortures of whites. The MSM is fully complicit in this.

Then two days ago came the story of two white Afrikaans farmers Mathys (69) and Danie Cloete (34) who accused some black farm worker of theft and tortured him.

“The two apparently called two farm workers to a store room, accusing them of stealing two tyres and 25 litres of diesel. When the workers denied the theft, they were allegedly tied up with chains, assaulted and shocked with jumper cables. One of the workers died one(sic) the scene, and the other was injured.”

You can read this latest fabrication over here pair in court over electrocuted man

Also read the bullshit racist attack story on Sowetan and the hate-filled comments Farmer and son denied bail

However today the Afrikaans Beeld Newspaper reported that the black farm worker died because he was epileptic, drunk and breathed in his own puke and not because of some “racist assault”

The pathologist, Dr. Leon Wagner stated in court after the autopsy was finished that the eyewitnesses were lying. There were no bruises, wounds or burn wounds of any kind found on the deceased. It means the deceased was not burned with electric jumper cables, a cattle prod or any other electrical current.

The state prosecutor Maria Nteo doubted the case and called it a “racist attack” and an “attack against the new South Africa”.

Magistrate Christelle Mathews said the state had a very weak case and doubted the credibility thereof. After she allowed the two men bail of R2000, COSATU representatives stormed out of court.

The Cloete’s are considering a civil case.

These bastard eye witnesses who lied under oath in court should be brought to book and nailed!

You will probably find that the sensationalist English and black papers where very quick to publish the story when it broke as a “racist attack”, but now that the story turned out to be bullshit, the truth will not be published.

Even Beeld closed the comment section on the story.

07 September 2012

From “Robbers” to “Rogues”, the MSM Psyops on News24

By Mike Smith
7th of September 2012

By now you will know that we have been fighting a relentless campaign against the Psy Ops of the MSM that downplays crime in South Africa by calling murderers, “robbers”.

Those magnificent MSM psy-ops “robbers”

Farmers hunt down "robbers"

Black robbers brutally assault 81 year old white woman

How interesting when I noticed today that the Afrikaans Newspaper “Beeld”, which is part of the News24 gang started to call these bastards simply a semi-neutral term…“Boewe” or “Rogues”.

playing arround with semantics, it is.

It concerns a 13 year old white girl that was shot dead by black murdering scum in her house in Muldersdrift. She was a student at High School Monument in Krugersdorp. The reports say that the attackers got away and only cell phones were stolen.

Rogues shoot girl dead

Amazing…The way they put that headline together, I mean. Normally such incidents would be headlined as a “Botched robbery” or “Robbers kill girl”…

It seems like the MSM is taking note of us exposing their psyops agenda.

We might be a few, but we are making an impact. Do not let anybody ever tell you that one man cannot make a difference. This world was revolutionized by individuals who consistently made differences, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, William Shockley...to name but a few...

Like Mark Twain said:

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

What “Equality before the Law” means in South Africa

By Mike Smith
7th of September 2012

Section 9 of our Bill of Rights, Chapter 2 of the Constitution says that we are all equal under the law of South Africa.

For South Africans, we know that this is just academic bollocks.

There have always been two sets of rules for South Africans. One for Whites and one for Blacks.
This unfairness has been one of the biggest reasons why people have emigrated in their hundreds of thousands since 1994.

I am not talking about AA or BEE today. That is a level of unfairness on its own.

What I am talking about is our day to day existence.

In South Africa, if a white man wants to build a garage next to his house, or a granny flat, he has to get an architect, get plans drawn up, submit the plans to the town council and only after approval he would be able to erect his structure. All of this cost vast sums of money.

During the building process he is subjected to about five inspections by the building inspectors, from when the ditches for the foundations were dug to the final sign off.

The inspector will over prove the electricity the sewage connection, etc…

However, in the Black townships and squatter camps, millions of blacks erect structures on property they do not legally own and have no sanitary or electrical connections. Structures are allowed to be freely erected against the law with no inspections ever.

Likewise when you want to open a pub. You need a licence to sell beer, wine and spirits. You need to conform to legislative prescriptions of “X” amount of toilets for “Y” amount of customers, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, etc.

In the black township there is no control. Shebeens are a dime a dozen. Every second idiot can open one with no regulation and no inspections to control health and safety aspects.

The same thing when you want to open an eatery or restaurant. Strict laws govern restaurants in white areas, yet in black areas, they can do what they want.

Further, whites have to pay rates and taxes on their properties, tax on their earnings, VAT, etc, but black shebeen owners are exempted from these taxes.

It makes a mockery of “We are all equal under the law.”

Like George Orwell said: “Some pigs are more equal than others.”

Problem is that this is not a new phenomenon. Already under Apartheid we had squatter camps all over the country that never adhered to any building regulations and the authorities turned a blind eye to them. The same with these illegal Shebeens.

Come to think of it…Actually under Apartheid, blacks had more freedom than whites! They could do what they want, whereas whites had to conform to strict laws.

But it is still like that today.

If you go into a coloured or black area, you will immediately see a property owner who has one or more shacks in his back yard.

The better dwellings are called “Wendy Houses”…Low cost wooden constructions in the backyard of some person renting them out who never pays tax on these earnings.

During Apartheid, I never came across a single “Wendy House” for white people in the back of some White person’s garden. Nowadays it seems to be a common occurrence.

One such woman who is living in a wooden shack in Pretoria North in the garden of her parents is Ronel Fernandez (31). She has two daughters of 12 and 9. Next to her stay her two brothers and her sister who also has a 3 year old daughter.

They got notice from the town council that if they do not submit building plans for their dwelling by the 15th of September 2012, they would be evicted, put on the street and their Wendy Houses broken down.

Building plans are going to cost them R10,000. Money they simply do not have seeing that they are jobless due to AA and BEE.

Away with houses in the backyard

Take the council to court. Before they start evicting whites who are living in Wendy Houses and want to break down their homes, they should first go into black townships and demolish all the shacks they see there, because every single one of those shacks has been erected without building plans and should be demolished.

If the ANC wants to preach “Equality before the Law” then they should practice what they preach. They should start enforcing those laws they selectively use against whites against ALL South Africans. I want to see them break down all the illegally erected shacks around the country.

Until then, they mustn’t come talk shit to me about “Equality before the Law”...

The Stranloper Professor's Communist petticoat is hanging out

By Mike Smith
7th of September 2012

The government is building two new bush colleges universities, one in the Eastern Transvaal and one in Kimberley. The cost of which is already pulling at R16.5 Billion.

In charge of the project is our illustrious arch Communist Minister of Higher Education, Dr Blade Nzimande. Wonder how much of the tender he will pocket.

How times have changed. There was a time that our Afrikaner Universities were institutions of Christian Higher Education. Now the Satanist Commie bastards are in charge of our universities and destroying education all over the country.

So along came some Afrikaner Christian academic people and decided that there was a need for once again have an Afrikaans Christian University. They want to start a private, Afrikaans and Christian university. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The Constitution of South Africa guarantees the rights to freedom of religion and freedom of association.

…But it was not what Prof. Jonathan Jansen, Rector of the University of the Free State wanted to hear. He tipped over his pudding bowl and his plate of spaghetti went flying towards the nearest wall as soon as he heard the news. He had an extremely hateful article published in the Afrikaans newspaper, “Die Burger”.

Prof Jansen calls the idea of an Afrikaans Christian University laughable

Apparently to him…A Christian University is an Oximoron…I suppose, just like Johnathan Jansen is a Realmoron.

Such a university he sees is a threat to the country. He sees at as the equivalent of University home schooling. He calls it indoctrination of the youth by Calvinistic ideas…as opposed to what? Liberal and Communist indoctrination in government supported ultra left Universities?

The twat actually acknowledges his dream of indoctrinating the youth with his crap leftists ideas when he said, “Parents should be careful that they do not take their children back to the racial-middle ages under the cover of linguistic and religious exclusive education….”

And now for his real intentions of indoctrination…

“Children and young adults should be prepared for a new land, wherein they can learn next to and from those they think differ from them.”

How about just letting them be and not try to “prepare” them. Let them learn what they want and form their opinions like they want. Stop trying to indoctrinate the youth with your laughable Communist clap-trap.

Basically the captious and petulant professor asked:

“How dare these stupid Afrikaner Christians exercise their constitutional rights and want to erect a learning institution for themselves, when the ANC has tried so hard to destroy Christian Higher Education in the last 18 years?”.

May I add, that nobody asked him a cent to help build the Christian University. I seriously don’t know why his gob is so overstretched.

The concept of a Christian university was defended by the Christian Democratic Party on Tuesday
What the learned Professor does not even realize is that he is himself discriminating against a certain section of the South African public on linguistic and religious grounds. This is illegal and unconstitutional in South Africa.

What he forgets is that if it wasn’t for the Christian whites who came to South Africa and taught his ancestors how to read and write, the mere concept of a university would have passed him by and he would probably still be a Strandloper dressed in a loin skin collecting “Alikreukels” and other sea snails off the rocks of Cape beaches.

The professor should go on his knees and thank the good Lord for white Christians and that they still tolerate racial discrimination against themselves like Affirmative Action, because without it, people with his type of intellect would have been kicked to the curb long ago and would be emptying rubbish bins for a living. Now they are in charge of universities. God help us all.

See? It is all OK for them to build two universities with white taxpayer money where South Africans will be indoctrinated into the far leftist, Satanic Socialist thought pattern, but do not let any white person even suggest the mere thought of an Afrikaans Christian University.

You tell me who are the real racists and religious intolerant assholes here.

05 September 2012

Woolworths can go to hell!

By Mike Smith
6th of September 2012

I suppose it is not racism when they discriminate against whites, hey? No, that is fully allowed. Nailing Whitey is fully OK.

The up market shop, Woolworths owes its existence to its mainly white clientele. Yet they thought it good and well to blatantly discriminate against the very people who made them what they are. And they are totally unapologetic about it. To them there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

The past week they ran several advertisements for vacancies at their stores, blatantly and unconstitutionally discriminating against whites.

The retail group states that in accordance with employment equity requirements the vacancies are for coloured, black or Indian applicants. In one advert the vacancy was designated for “African black” candidates only.

Solidarity deputy general secretary, Dirk Herman, wrote to Woolworths chief executive, Ian Moir, on Tuesday charging that white, coloured and Indian applicants had been barred from applying for the jobs.

Solidarity gave them until last night to withdraw their racist advertisements. Failure to do so will be met with full scale campaign against the store. Solidarity's campaign: “Woolworse: Making a differentiation”, would be driven by social media and include protest messages to Woolworths CEO Ian Moir.

This is one campaign I will be joining with the greatest of pleasure. As far as I am concerned, Woolworths should be boycotted. I will pass them by.

I refuse to buy a single thing from them ever again. Let’s see how they cope being discriminated against. Woolworths can go to hell for all I care.

Solidarity slams Woolies
Preference ensures diversity: Woolies
Woolworths in racist job row

Whites in South Africa should stand together

By Mike Smith
5th of September 2012

I often hear simplistic solutions by simplistic thinking minds.

One of their favourite clichés is that Whites in South Africa should stand together…

OK, I do not have a problem with that per se, but then please just show me where I should stand and I will gladly stand together.

And that is the REAL issue amongst white South Africans. The lack of leadership. There is nobody that can communicate to the people what the exact plan for the future is. There is nobody that can mobilize the Afrikaners into a unit like Dr. D.F. Malan did.

Dr. Malan use to say back then in the 1950’s…”Every time I close my eyes, I see a united Afrikaner nation and a free Republic.”

His dream was realized in 1961 when we became a republic.

Where are the D.F. Malan’s today? Where are the visionaries who close their eyes and see a Free Republic for our people? Where are the people who can take these issues by the balls and drive it forward?

Maybe we should look at the youth and their ideas, because it seems like the old ballies are over the wall and cannot provide leadership anymore. Maybe the youth can show us how we should stand together and help each other…

Petrol price hike due to useless sheltered employment for blacks

By Mike Smith
5 September 2012

I once wrote an article about how South Africa is the king amongst countries with sheltered employment for blacks. I made a list of totally useless jobs in South Africa.

Sheltered employment for useless blacks

Number 5 on my list was the Petrol pump attendant. This is what I said back then.

“Number Five, The petrol pump attendant: By law we are not allowed to pump our own petrol in South Africa. Why… is a good question…Everywhere else in the world people are capable of pumping their own petrol, but in SA if a Black Taxi driver pulls up and pumps his own petrol, there will probably be an explosion. Black petrol attendants are “trained” intensively to pump petrol…a job a white person anywhere in the world do with no training and amazingly no fuck-ups.”

How damn amazing when I read in the Fin24 about the Petrol price shock that hit us at midnight last night and that it is because of a pay increase for the petrol pump attendants and the till operators at the garages.

Petrol price shock

The steep 8.4% increase that kicks in at midnight on September 5 is to partly to finance wage increases for pump attendants at garages, the Department of Energy said on Friday.

This increase‚ the department said‚ was necessary in order for service station operators to finance the wage increases for service station pump attendants and cashiers agreed upon at the Motor Industry Bargaining Council in September 2010.

So…here you have a totally useless job that nobody needs. You have a government that prohibits people by law to pump their own petrol…A government who then goes and taxes the people so that the useless petrol attendants can be paid more for a job nobody needs them for.

Where is the logic in that? It is theft. The government is robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Why can we not pump our own petrol? Why? I want the useless ANC scum to answer me that. What is the problem? In the rest of the world, people pump their own petrol. Why can it not be done in SA? Why this steep petrol price hike of almost a Rand/liter…its madness.

I have no problem to pay for a service. However, I have a problem paying for a service I do not want and do not need. If somebody stops at a garage and wants a black dude to pump his petrol, then fine, let him pay for it, but If I prefer to pump my own petrol, then I should be allowed to do so, and pay less.

Petrol has always been a favourite commodity for governments to tax. Half of the petrol price we pay is TAX. Directly into the hands of the ANC scum.

We demand to pump our own petrol and pay no TAX.

04 September 2012

How the Marxist ANC is manufacturing a Holodomor in South Africa

By Mike Smith
4th of September 2012

Dr Philip du Toit called it The Great South African Land Scandal in his monumental work that he made available on the internet.

It is a brilliant albeit a shocking documentation of the failure of the ANC’s “land distribution policies”…

The problem I always have with people like Dr. Du Toit is that they think that Marxists are rational people who have the best interests of the proletariat at heart.

Learned gentlemen like Dr. Du Toit think that when you explain to Marxists how commercial farming works, then they will understand and listen and follow your proposals and recommendations to ensure food security.

Problem is that the Marxist does not want any help or any advice. They are on a different mission. People who do not understand the Marxist agenda will quickly say, “Oh, but they are stupid! Can they not see that the entire nation will starve?”

Exactly. That is what the Marxists want. They did it with the Sovietisation of land in the USSR and the Holodomor followed in 1932/33 in which millions of people were deliberately starved to death.

Famine is still the best and fastest way to get rid of millions of your enemies without getting blamed afterwards (you just blame it on nature, God, whoever) and the Marxists know this. They are not stupid.

Remember that the Marxist agenda is “Power forever”, or as President Jacob Zuma said, “The ANC will be in power until Jesus comes”.

Seeing that Marxists do not believe in Jesus or his second coming, it means they will be in power forever. Or so they think.

The ANC’s policies of “redistributing land” is total bullshit. First of all the Voortrekkers and the local tribes bargained and dealed with each other for land. They fought wars over land. The Boers defended their land against the mighty British Empire and the South Africans defended their country against the mighty Communist empire.

The government does not need to interfere. The market will decide who sells and who buys and at what price. The further the government stays away from the business dealings between South African citizens, the better. Their job is to guard our rights we told them to guard in the constitution. Nothing more. They get paid for that reason only. Nothing else.

And those rights include freely doing business with each other. To own property and to sell it as we see fit…without any governmental intervention. In fact the further they stay out of the affairs of the citizens of South Africa the better.

But that is not their goal. Since the ANC came to power they have been waging a relentless war against the citizens of the country…only so that they can stay at the prime position at the feeding trough.

Once you start grasping and comprehending the ANC Marxist agenda, then all their so-called “Stupidity” starts to make perfect sense. They WANT to destroy food security. They WANT to starve the masses.

It has nothing to do with giving land to blacks, it is all about taking land away from whites and eventually consolidating it under STATE control…Communism…where the Marxist elite owns everything.

Dr. Du Toit documents how white farmers, after expropriation of their farms, offered the government to mentor the black start up farmers. The ANC rejected their help.

The ANC WANTS a national famine in the country. They are trying their darnest to destroy the farms and food security. It is only the tenacity of the White South African farmers who still hold the country together.

Once they go, the food goes and the country is another Zimbabwe where everyone is starving. But this is the condition the ANC wants, because when food is imported (donated) by the West, they can control the distribution and the ones not voting for them or supporting them will be starved to death.

Further, if you look at the Abraham Maslow pyramid of needs, you will see that a person eking out an existence, scratching around for food, will not be concerned with high moral ideals of justice and the brotherhood of man. He will be concerned only with his own survival.

Famine is the best way to get rid of and keep your enemies in control…prevent them from coming on stupid ideas such as a revolution.

Now you can go to a black person who is a so called “farmer” in South Africa and explain the basics of farming and the science behind it to him, but you will be faced with a blank stare. Blacks for generations have only hearded a few cattle and goats and planted a few maze plants to survive the next season. Then a drought comes and destroys all his maze plants and he starves to death…along with his animals.

There is no forethought on a scale of a few years. No contingencies in place.

If you explain the basics of agriculture to a black, that a commercial farm needs to be a certain size to yield a profitable crop or sustain X amount of animals, then you are faced with blank stares. When you try to explain animal husbandry and how you should separate your stock so you do not get interbreeding, because such animals are weak and prone to disease, etc, the black guy will look at you as if you are from a different planet.

That is why their crops continuously fail and their animals die at the first onset of simple diseases.

That is not so much of a problem if they stick to themselves, but when you refuse their sickly Nguni cattle to graze amongst yours, then they accuse you of racism. Then you are an arch racist who tries to even enforce Apartheid amongst your livestock…

Currently our Banana farmers are struggling in the sub-tropic Natal area.

During the Apartheid years we exported some of the best bananas available to the world. Our plant pathologists sorted out all diseases…speaking of which…how many plant pathologists are left in the country? This highly skilled and sort after job…I doubt it if the universities still offer the course…

Beeld reports that There is not a single Banana farm in SA that does not have a land claim against it

Dr. Phillip du Toit mentioned this in his book. There are more land claims against farmers in Natal than there is land available. This is the absurdity of the ANC policies.

Most of our Banana farmers buggered off long ago anyway. They can produce bananas at a quarter of the price in Mozambique.

SA Banana farmers now farming in Mozambique

On a personal note my own family who was farming with citrus in the Kimberley area buggered off to Australia where they are now farming with avocados…exporting it to South Africa.

Once the ANC regime takes over the farms, they neglect it. The animals die of thirst and hunger. As this report shows…Animals starve on govt-owned farm

“Around 48 pregnant Drakensberger cows were left to starve to death during the past month at the Mpumalanga government's farm Athole, near Ermelo.”

“Within viewing distance of the farm's offices and living quarters, there were five rotting carcasses on the ground, while at another location, several cows had become mired in a swampy area and been left to die. "It was horrific to see. The animals must have suffered enormously before they died," an anonymous witness told Beeld.”

“When workers were questioned, they said they had tried in vain several times to speak to the farm's managers about the lack of cattle feed. A large portion of the budget for the government farm, situated between Ermelo and Amsterdam, was allegedly used for the World Cup Soccer tournament in 2010, it was reported.”

OK, So let me get this mindset right…Stuff the dying animals, we have our soccer…

Not much different from your average Blue Bulls supporter. Stuff the dying Boers, we have our Rugby…

03 September 2012

The “Scorched Earth” campaign to burn down White owned farms in South Africa

By Mike Smith
4th of September 2012

About a year ago I reported on the return of the scorched earth policy against Boer farmers.

The return of the Scorched-Earth policy against Boer farmers

In there you can read about how two farmers caught arsonists red handed and when they tried to apprehend them, the two farmers were arrested and thrown in prison, whilst at the same time to black township went on a rampage and stoned the fire brigade.

The arsonists at the time had already destroyed 6000ha of agricultural land including stables and homesteads.

More than 300 white owned farms were deliberately set on fire by blacks in the North West area. Tens of thousands of livestock cattle burned to death. Some were unfortunate to survive the ordeal.
You can see the horrible results of this scorched earth policy against the farmers over here. The product of the black’s scorched earth policy against white farmers

The past weekend, heavy fires destroyed vast sections of land in the Bethlehem district in the Eastern Freestate. In the morning (04:00) of 1 September 2012 whilst trying to extinguish one of the fires, farmers caught an arsonist red handed. Police arrested the bastard.

In the South of the Freestate, in the Rouxville area, 10,500ha land has been destroyed by fires. The statistics for the past year shows 201,000ha of land destroyed by fires in the Freestate alone.

Source: Farmers caught arsonist red handed

But it is not just animals dying in these fires. Yesterday, 3rd of September, News24 reported of three children aged between seven and thirteen in the Dealsville district who burned to death in their home in the early hours of the morning. The fire started shortly after midnight.

Kids killed in farm fire

It is clear that arsonists are going onto farms in the middle of the night and start fires. It seems like an orchestrated campaign is being waged against the farmers to chase them off their land by burning down their farms.